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You want to make gov run like a biz? Fine. Make voting like a sales funnel and minimize opt-outs.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly @atduskgreg Yes, it does always get more complicated the longer you think about it. @rashmi @Atul_Gawande @NewYorker When I said "catastrophic," I was assuming "care above a large dollar amount," of any kind. @Farzad_MD @johnolilly Good point.If this were paired with universal catastrophic coverage, I could be convinced by this argument. combinatorics of human DNA and experience are staggering. You will never meet any two humans who are substitutable for each other.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyMinnesota Nice
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWhy Evil Robots Are the Least of Our Problems w/@AndrewYNg via @FortuneMagazine
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyI can't get over this quote from @RepJoeBarton after the #AHCA failed.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyIf Krugman has correctly explained what @ryanavent means, then I get it now: Math is helpful for explanation!
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly @paulg It isn't just people whose jobs can't be replaced. AI can be used to augment people in new ways.Provocative thread here. But I'd add that AI won't just compete with people for jobs. AI can be used to augment peo…
Serving as a key part of a leader's pre-arranged campaign against political enemies is pretty much a primary function of state-run media
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly66 percent favor an independent commission to investigate #Trump campaign/Russia ties. Only 29 percent oppose.…
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly @BetterCeo Agree.So often it seems that the biggest divide is between those in the halls of power and those without, not between left and right. -@hmcghee
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyEliminating federal funding for int'l climate change programs: Good idea 34% Bad idea 63% (Quinnipiac U, RV 3/16-21)
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyShe was GREAT. @ericpliu @CitizenUniv Can you share the text of her poem? Want to read it every morning. :)
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"We live in a fast food culture & we have digested the values of fast food. We think everything should be fast, easy, & cheap" @AliceWatersLunch at #CitizenUCon17 conference was courtesy of Alice Waters and the Edible Schoolyard Project. Delicious recipe… also James Bessen's gr8 book Learning By Doing, which compares the skills of artisans with 1840 factory workers's the list of Republicans who actually voted for TrumpCare in their committees. Will they be defeated in 2018?
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyCompletely coincidentally, by random chance, apologizes and backtracks on the *very* day Texas law would open him u…
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"Constituent power is the reason that the GOP was unable to pass their healthcare bill." @IndivisibleTeam how to, that was the quote."Donald Trump's agenda does not depend on Donald Trump. It depends on individual members of Congress going along wi…
@atthatmatt @WIRED That's a fair commentRead this whole thread. I wish @realDonaldTrump would read and act on it. It would be a win for the American people. Chairman just cancelled open Intelligence Committee hearing with Clapper, Brennan and Yates in attempt to choke off public info.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly @michael_nielsen Yes, that was the heart of what I liked about the article. @michael_nielsen That's fair. But despite the rhetorical excess, there is a core of truth.An excellent critique! management and life advice here. @ediefr you will recognize an echo of things I said long ago at…'s like climate change. We can only surmount the problem if we recognize it and respond. These guys must want to…
If the health bill passes, I get a tax break. I don’t want a tax break at the expense of health care for all. RT if you’re in he same boat.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWalking the walk! @meganegarcia intros @NewAmericaCA (w/ baby Evie) @UCBerkeley #civictech event . Cc @SlaughterAM
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThis is quite a picture. These are the people who are going to take away maternity care.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly“Move fast and break things” doesn’t always work.
if Nunes' objective was to highlight the need for special prosecutor, mission accomplished.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyMedium launches memberships for $5 per month. via @verge
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyIf Gorsuch had any honor, he would have politely declined the nomination out of respect for our Democracy & prior nominee Merrick Garland.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"The problem with journalism is that it covers the waves but misses the tides." -@DrewOCCRP are top predators, consuming as much of other animals by weight as humans and whales! Via @checker the @make slogan says, "If you can't open it, you don't own it.” Shameful to see DRM invade the heartland
Predictive policing requires a high level of algorithmic transparency, say @CivicScape and @ekisticventures shows you respect the rule of law like holding a Supreme Court seat hostage for a year so Donald Trump can fill it
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly
The House GOP showed again today that it can't be trusted to investigate Russia & Trump's Kremlin ties. A special s…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThe house is on fire, Trump is running around with a box of matches, and the GOP demands to know who called the fire department.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly1. Everyone should take 8 minutes and listen to Schiff's crisp summary of the evidence linking Trump and Russia
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyProvocative Q&A with the historian & polymath Yuval Noah Harari.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyOver the long term, the future is decided by optimists.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly#Bots Podcast: @brada @jonbruner & @peteskomoroch discuss developing actions for Google Assistant #AI
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyNow in its 8th year, ARPA-E’s investments in new #energy technologies continue to pay off. Here’s a few examples:…
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly
At Hal Varian's 70th birthday party. Happy Birthday to a great friend and "the Albert Einstein of digital clicks" (… post about the way to fix gender discrimination in tech from @SusanWojcicki @SatcomPost Just to be clear, that's a quote from 12 years ago. We're long past that point.The best on Russia I've seen in a long time and one of the best articles I've read this year. Essential @jkirchick:
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyHow @amnesty uses satellite imagery (including @planetlabs) to track violence and refugee movements in South Sudan:
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyActivism works. Here's a portion of an email I received this morning from a Kansas politician who left the Republic…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThe Pentagon directive that humans make all lethal decisions is expiring. Here's why robotic weapons imperil us all:
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyRe-reading this oldie-but-goodie by @pahlkadot. How can platforms reinvent local economies, making cities better? Arms Race Humanity Won't Win brilliant #WomenInTech: @codeforamerica's @pahlkadot
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWant to be President Obama's front-end developer? Check out this opportunity to work for his foundation…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyIt’s a major bug that Google Docs doesn’t provide a way to search within comments or to step through those still outstanding.
A frightening historical perspective on the risks of current geopolitical trends. Perhaps too hawkish but worthwhile
"Hoffman may be the Valley’s heart" Agree! Great piece on @reidhoffman joining the MS board by @jessiwrites
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyEnjoy libations, snacks & check out the Expo Hall at #StrataHadoop. Booth Crawl starts at 5:50pm tonight
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyInterestingly, Andrew Jackson perpetrated genocide and his economic policies led to a devastating depression.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThe frontiers of attention and memory in neural networks: @Smerity @salesforce is giving a great talk at…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyLovely visualization! durability of the CBO remains to me a marvel of institutional innovation. Governance is far, far better for the consensus around it.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyMcMaster — combat hero, PhD, 3-star general, celebrated author on mil-civ relations — overruled by Bannon **and Jar…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyGreat to see @reidhoffman join the Microsoft board. I love Reid and @satyanadella's shared vision of human potential is so true. A TRILLION dollar problem, but more than that, a tragedy of wasted - no destroyed - lives are effective when a win in 1 place raises bar everywhere: @nneditch @pahlkadot on CfA Brigades…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyImportant report from @knightfdn on access to government information
All ideas are made from other ideas #danceotp
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyI think Twitter's best chance right now would be to open it all up to developers again and give them a sincere chan…
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly