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My response to rich survivalists: don't try to escape. Make the world work better, so no-one needs to fear!
This is very cool, @beaucronin. I can't wait to see what visualization nerds bring to life with it! background on Aetna's claims about the cost of Obamacare. could I have never read Andy Haldane’s brilliant speech on financial regulation, The Dog and the Frisbee? @wordspy Do you know who first used the word "algocracy"?Transparent Predictions - a good paper on why it’s important for the models produced by algorithms to be explainable is a joke right? So are we to just accept he will just bring his own cheering party everywhere he goes for mor…
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Interaction: Mobile native: Imaging as UI: Video is the new HTML:
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThis a really important thread. Media take notice. If you need help counting crowd size from photos, I'm sure there… Thousands of satellites in orbit. 80% of us have high resolution networked cameras. Millions of people debate event crowd size data.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyTo get a sense of scope of today's marches, see this pictures:
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThis is a very fine piece. It brought tears to my eyes more than once. outlets: stop calling neo-Nazis "alt-right" or "far-right." They're not out for lower taxes. Call them what they are. /cc @abcnews
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyI love this! “Fight for something better, something we haven’t seen yet, something you have to invent.” @pahlkadot son, Noah Brand, explores AI emergence iambicly and profoundly in a short Gilgamesh variant.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThis is an inspiring video! Well worth watching. And the work of @usds is important in the new administration. More…
For #civictech, hope and fear in the age of Trump @codeforamerica @pahlkadot @timoreilly
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Timeline of Earth's average temps: when people say "climate has changed before..."
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyGoogle’s best practices for Machine Learning Engineering looks really useful
@alex FB was profitable fast. Always had a focus on revenue. Early interview with their Series A lead worth a watch
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly @MeredithFrost @chrismichel Wow!As a resident of an inner city, I feel like there's a good probability our president-elect hasn't been to one since…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyA Farewell Letter from Mikey Dickerson, Administrator of the U.S. Digital Service.
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWho has been making copies of federal open government data in advance of the transition? Pls point me at any efforts you know of. #opendata
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyAre you a full stack engineer looking to do work that matters? Join my team at Code for America.
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.@theinformation at its most provocative. Great prod for thinking about what we value. case anyone doubts that income inequality is returning us to the Gilded Age… sad commentary on US healthcare. GOP is right that Obamacare is no good. It's a patch on a broken system. We need…
Hidden Figures is a moving and very timely reminder of how far we've come, and why we don't want to go back. An inspiring, must-see movieWords to ponder from the first Republican president, who helped fend off the original Know-Nothings. Also appropria…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyChief Data Sci take on loss of ACA ➡️preexisting conditions=loss of insurance ➡️no data donation ➡️no genomic medicine ➡️NO CURE FOR CANCER
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyI hope @Nicolas_Colin is right. Regardless, this is a fascinating analysis. analysis of the constraints on the future rate of US economic growth, despite Trump’s promises analysis of the limits of competition as the central fitness function for managing the economy computer systems for #deeplearning and #AI: a conversation with @GregoryDiamos @BaiduResearch
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interesting debate between @MFordFuture and @timoreilly on the future of automation on jobs
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyHow to be an effective director of a public company. Smart, morally and legally sound advice from Leo Strine. @johnchavens @dmonett No one said that it was the only solution. The point is that that’s what technology is for.Sobering: “A message to my doomed colleagues in the American media” from @Alexey__Kovalev @Noahpinion Much earlier. My vote is 1981, when Jack Welch embraced shareholder value at GE. Or maybe 1976, with Meckling and Jensen's paperWhy the End of Pax Americana? More this than Trump:
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyThank you @kirkborne for adding @timoreilly in addition to @Doug_Laney @GilPress @VanRijmenam. Tim, thanx for yr g…
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly#Tech is the solution to human problems. We won't run out of work till we run out of problems -N.Hanauer…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyHow do we get more immigrant entrepreneurs? @potus has a plan. Glad to see this one come through under the wire'll create economy of the future when we remember future of #tech is to empower people to do things that were pre…
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Best. Opportunity. Ever. Head of Product for @codeforamerica!
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly @timoreilly metaphor on fitness peaks and migratory nature of organisms, nice touch, great day at #G20digital And…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyDonald Trump’s Bogus Jobs Number, via @nytimes
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyVery on point. I share many of these critiques, and so should you. Unfortunately, the cure was worse than the disea… U.S. Digital Service 2016 Report to Congress: a comprehensive rundown of our most important work to date. Read:…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyA Next Economy company doesn't just disrupt legacy businesses, it augments people so they can do the previously impossible - @timoreilly
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly @WeEntweet Why is that different from your fear of steamshovels and tanks?
@kimalderman Not like I am. She's my wife. :-)Ok, I’m biased, but even so, trust me, you will find this account of #ObamaFarewell to be moving and inspirational. @polarweasel @frankgerhardt Sorry about that. Just uploaded the ppt version of my talk as well #G20digital @Rick_Mason @VeronicaCretuMD That would be great. My question: how do we turn refugees into settlers.I love @howtoons. Learn while having fun, with kids or without. idea from @jamesjoaquin - aligning VCs and entrepreneurs around company values. #nexteconomy Shows How to Smother a Scandal: With a Bigger Story - my new @UpshotNYT on how Trump overloads the news agenda
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyA hermit in a cabin changed climate science forever (this is the most romantic science story I've read in some time)
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyAnd here are the slides from the talk, with speaker notes #G20digital was quick! The video of my talk this morning is already up on YouTube! #g20digital made an interview with @timoreilly about #Alexa, #GoogleHome & the shift away from the display. We will publis…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyNever been a greater contradiction between agile digital design and regulation design - Dorothy K Gordon #G20digital
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyDownload-Link der #g20digital Studie der @OECD beim @BMWi_Bund: #lasttweet
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"Digital issues are whole government issues. Everyone will need to be retrained" Dorothy Gordon on the need for agile government #G20digital"The way we [government] do business are completely out of sync with the speed of technology." Dorothy Gordon… perspective! Lots of food for thought. if you have more followers than the band playing Trump's inauguration.
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"Journalists must get back to being arbiters of the facts in an exposed way that isn't really open for debate." - @OCCRP #iftfdemocracy
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyGabriela Ramos highlights that we need to think about technology diffusion, not just innovation. #g20digital makes an important point at #g20digital - "a successful ecosystem creates opportunity for everyone, not just a few"
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"Worrying about killer #AI robots today is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars." @AndrewYNg via @FortuneTech
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyWe won't run out of work until we run out of problems - @timoreilly at #G20digital
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly @timoreilly How do we turn the refugees crisis into an opportunity?!
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly“We have to move away from believing what's good for finance is good for the world.“ @timoreilly at #g20digital #g20 @BMWi_Bund @OECD
Retweeted by Tim O'Reilly"today so many government statistics are like crossing the street with information that is 5 seconds old" says…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyBREAKING: Two former lawmakers on opposite sides of political spectrum call on @POTUS to grant Chelsea Manning clem…
Retweeted by Tim O'ReillyGoing on at #g20digital in 5 minutes or so. The introductory remarks are winding down. I'm up next.