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Last night was cute or whatever.. seeing @monicabrown & the fam... my God child so cute…
We turning up for Princess Heiress the right way!!! heiressdharris 1st birthday👑💜 we singing Happy Birthday to Princess Heiress Diana #PHD Mama's girl... we ready to… today my Sunshine was born at 34wk 6days weighing an even 5lbs. Look at u today my big…
Yas my friend @brittneyreshun out here looking cute riding to that #LoveJonesEp 1st song… Man we was really crazy in our day! My Day 1 showing off our 1st baby belly! @shamrastar
Well @IamDomani does it all with his team but had to mention his new project & @star_omg 1st…!!! & The Story Goes... @kashdoll this 💩 go hard 👑🏆😏😁 @star_omg Out today everywhere if you don't have it u should go get that & support… Out today @star_omg #Ghost I can't pick a favorite cause they all go hard! She got… my baby @qtjazz riding round to that #LoveJonesEp by my 1st💙💙💙 @star_omg if this song gives… can imagine how these families feel about their girls just up & missing! Pray we find these… I am losing sleep over this right here tho!!! My baby @star_omg 🔥 If u was suppose to be… before I lay it down I had to post my baby's @star_omg 1st solo Ep charting on All Genres… moving #12 right now thx to everyone who went & supported my 💙💙💙 @star_omg we working our way…
Turn up Niq Niq @star_omg that's the mama voice! Thank u guys for support..I hope u continue to… can't let the night pass with out wishing my Babydoll always & forever a Happy Birthday... I… that Ep out right now guys!! #LoveJones support my 1st💙💙💙 @star_omg 1st solo project! I'm too…'s my baby @star_omg day tomorrow we celebrating the release of her 1st solo ep #LoveJones &… be aware this has been going too long but swept under the rug. Protect your kids frm the…
If u guys haven't heard my baby's new song Too Good u should go to sound cloud right now & check…
Today is one of the hardest days our family had to endure when we lost thomasvillerollin my…'m flooding the timeline wit my baby cause it's your Gday Luv🐞 @star_omg & of course u hitting…
Baddies bahjarodriguez @star_omg It's your Gday girl! My baby's 21yrs old👑😩💗💙 mother like daughter! bahjarodriguez @shamrastar @star_omg Ayeeee my 1st born 21 today!!👑🏆 but family.. @BEAUTIFUL_ROSE andimlourdes @reginae_carter1 bahjarodriguez @itskelsiee &… put together some of my favorite pix of my 1st 💙💙💙 who is 21yrs old today @star_omg words…
Ayeeee! Ed Sheeran "Shape Of You" Blessed.. @kandi 👑🤑 Mexico turning up to another #1 hit single that @Kandi & I was able to be apart of thx to… & I Ridin to The Constellation by my baby @IamDomani if u don't have it you should…
March 24 my baby's ep #LoveJones comes out! She worked so hard at putting something great… morning 🌎 gonna be a great day👑♋️🤑
Look at this cutie majorpharris on St. Patrick's Day👑💚's that time guys as we promised @star_omg first Ep project #LoveJones u can preorder now!…👑
#Tbt Not to many had it as a youngin that can say they still got it 20+ years later. The Lord… shining ⭐️@IamDomani birthday is today! U gotta love this kid. I'm so thankful to have been… That girl bout to be 21...& that LoveJones Ep coming! Turn Up My Queen 👑💙💯🙌🏽
My son @tinymajormama out here on his little hustle..doing what he like to do. Show him some… morning 🌎 had to post u @juliusdagreat1 to start the day of right listening to his #Xscape
OMG... #MyLoveJones Ep coming this month! Long time coming but Good things come to those who…
All white everythang! All for heiressdharris My #PHD My Sunshine👑💜 Sunshine #PHD at her Christening party heiressdharris day! Bless the baby 🙏🏽👑💜 why is my sign under all of them! Something about them Cancers ♋️♋️ they can never go to… baby majorpharris hate to get this head cut but boy he looks so handsome wit a fresh cut! Thx…
So proud of this young man.. my son @IamDomani gotta get his new project "The Constellation" if…
That baby so ready!! heiressdharris finally taking steps without anyone holding her hand! Yay👑🙌🏽💜 can't say enough about my grown up baby, my 1st 💙💙💙 @star_omg on this cover of @rollingout
My boo @malcolmjamalg said he gone be at his Xscape concerts like... 👑💯
Didn't know we had our own day! Love it!!! Happy Women's Day to all the amazing women out here…
What a perfect combination @star_omg my 1st💙💙💙 👑 know it's something special going on when we're together @officialTScott @kandi @iamlatocha
When your babies all grown now & they're all Bad & Bougie @reginae_carter1 bahjarodriguez &… Toots & I are twinning today!! heiressdharris My Sunshine 💜 thx @shamrastar for hooking up…
Happy Sunday...Blessings 🙏🏽👑 these Queens @toyawright @RASHEEDA @kandi 👑
My new favorite doctor rambrozic to take care of my skin & make sure it keeps that glow! Not…
Proud to be the first female owner of a co-ed professional basketball league. Thx to everyone in…✔️...Real ♋️ ssh...👑 your 1st 💙💙💙 @star_omg about to be 21 this month.. 👑#Birthdaycelebration #BirthdayEp
This is fake AF...I don't currently run a FaceBook page & definitely wouldn't be speaking so… sure y'all tune in today at 11 am to see my love my bestie @thatshekinah doing her thang on… this talented beauty!!!!
Thank you fans for the love and support for the return of Xscape🎤 @kandi @TinyMajorMama
Retweeted by Tameka Harris @Kandi @TinyMajorMama @iamlatocha @officialTScott got me flipping out! Xscape reuniting is the Best Black History M…
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisHow I'm going to be in the stadium at #Xscape concert!! @TinyMajorMama @iamlatocha @Kandi @officialTScott THANK YOU…
Retweeted by Tameka Harris @TinyMajorMama I'm hella excited Xscape is back!!!! ALL of y'all!!!! #realmusic #Xscape
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisMy day is complete! My favorite group of all time is reuniting! Thank u @Kandi @TinyMajorMama @iamlatocha
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisThe return of Xscape @Kandi @TinyMajorMama @iamlatocha @TinyMajorMama @Ladiesofxscape follow us on Instagram the na…
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisExcited and proud of my girls @Kandi, @TinyMajorMama @officialTScott & @iamlatocha of #Xscape are officially back together!!
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisBut y'all don't hear me tho! Xscape🎤 @kandi @iamlatocha @TinyMajorMama @officialTScott has…
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisXSCAPE reuniting is the perfect way to end #BlackHistoryMonth 2017! @Kandi @TinyMajorMama @iamlatocha
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisXscape is reuniting after almost 20 years 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisRT @Kandi @V103Atlanta @TinyMajorMama Please tell me you ladies of Xscape are going back in the lab!!!!
Retweeted by Tameka Harris#Xscape is coming back 4 real @TinyMajorMama @iamlatocha @Kandi
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisWELL DAMMIT IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!! #XSCAPE #HUMMINCOMINATCHA It's about to be a #TAKEOVER I cannot wait! @Kandi
Retweeted by Tameka Harris @Kandi @V103Atlanta Well look at God! Praise Him y'all...He did that! 👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌 @officialTScott @iamlatocha @TinyMajorMama ❤️🎼🎤❤️
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisXscape🎤 has reunited @Ladiesofxscape @iamlatocha @Kandi @officialTScott @TinyMajorMama show love and RT
Retweeted by Tameka HarrisThe ladies of Xscape🎤 @kandi @TinyMajorMama @iamlatocha @officialTScott is about to make R&B…
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