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Innovator, Visionary, Rain Maker, Compassionate Leader, Activist, Do Gooder.

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I love this little dude @fistbumpkid! This is exactly how I fely about last night's @NHLBruins win in Game 7!…
@caulkthewagon I am so happy you made the move and caulked the wagon before typhoid. You rock!James Shaw, Jr., the Waffle House customer who stopped domestic terrorist Travis Reinking’s rampage, has raised mor…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonTOMORROW in #CambMA | Change makers @titojackson, Justin Kang @CityAwakeBoston & @bostonchamber, @cullenschwarz
Retweeted by Tito JacksonA preview of the @Workbar Speaker Series ft Q&A with #activist and former Boston City Council Member @titojackson c…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonLooking forward to this awesome panel tonight @Workbar Cambridge!
A preview of the @Workbar Speaker Series ft Q&A with #activist and former Boston City Council Member @titojackson c…
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@fistbumpkid @Teamsters25 No, you are the best and you did your thing on thr dance floor last night! Keep shining…
@fistbumpkid and I doing what we do, fist bumping at the @Teamsters25 2018 Autism Gala! Raising funds for awesome,… biggest fans this week: @dbackfan. Thank you! via
Philly's prison population has dropped 9% in 3 months.
Retweeted by Tito JacksonTuesday's page 1
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#BREAKING: American elite runner Desiree Linden wins the women's #BostonMarathon race. She is the first female runn…
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2 months ago, I was giving out Proclamations of Love during lunch at MSD so people could tell their friends or sign…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonOur biggest fans this week: @GOGETIT247, @RWwatchMA, @WelcomeToDot. Thank you! via @omekongo Thanks so much my brother! Hope your camapign is going well!
BREAKING: Interested in the Cannabis industry? Come out to the Bruce Bolling TONIGHT 4/11 6-9pm & complete your ap… @NotoriousVOG Thank you for your kind wishes and for #always keeping true to the community! #UrbanAgenda #Bospoli might be Apple Crisp! Thank you you my friend for the Birthday wishes and for your honorable service to keeping… so much @JonathanCohn !, I was so bummed they didn't have my favorite sandwich that day and it showed. Thanks for capturing this! so much my good friend @wheresmyporsche! you to the man, myth and legend @chipgoines! You are awesome bro! you my brother and friend @JacksonCDavis! Always forward, never back! #onward
Great turnout at the @jpprogressives @BostonNAACP1911 Suffolk DA Forum at English High School. This is the most im… @MrComeau @notthisgirrl Go on their website. They post jobs on their site on a regular basis.Breaking #MA #Boston News: If You or anyone is interested in becoming a Cannabis Entrepreneur through the Economic… Safe & Active Garrison Trotter Neighborhood Community Discuss. April 10th 6:30-8pm Crispus Attucks Children’s Cen…
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Our biggest fans this week: @eligerzon, @caulkthewagon, @mchallamlaw. Thank you! via
On the same day as the 50th Anniversary of the death of Rev. Dr. #MartinLutherKingJr -NYPD officers shoot, kill men… best #MLK Article I have read today! A MUST READ! -From Most Hated to American Hero: The Whitewashing of Martin… up for this workers family, friends and all those on the work site.- Worker killed at Wynn casino site in E…
The YouTube HQ shooting is proof that this is NOT just schools. Our country has a GUN problem. End of story.
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@NikaForRep @titojackson And now you have an official campaign chant! 😍
Retweeted by Tito JacksonI am very proud to support @NikaElugardo for State Rep for the 15th Suffolk. You will be a great progressive, acce… biggest fans this week: @Spacekatgal, @ColinMossSA, @eligerzon. Thank you! via
Do not rush to Sunday. We are still in #GoodFriday and another young man is dead in Boston. Will we not sit with th…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonWe do this for little ones like Nevaeh. #MarchForOurLives
Retweeted by Tito Jackson @bostonsfavson Yes. Mid April is special. April 11th is my BDay!
We are incredibly proud of our @the2020club Dir of Strategic Partnerships @TerriBWilliams for her launch of her web…
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A must read piece from #BPS teacher Neema Avashia "In the span of 12 months, I lost more students to violence than…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonShout out to @Emma4Change for representing our beautiful island of Cuba, by wearing the flag on her sleeve. I’m a a…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonGood morning ! If anyone wants to know what the 5 main things we are fighting for are, this link has a p good descr…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonThis is an assault on the accuracy and integrity of the census.
Retweeted by Tito JacksonIn the first 6 months of 2017, Facebook received law enforcement requests for backend data on 52,280 users; it comp…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson🚨Attention🚨 This is disgusting. ICE uses Facebook data to find and track immigrants, internal emails show
Retweeted by Tito JacksonDanger: ICE under Trump is using Facebook to track down immigrants. “ICE, the federal agency tasked with Trump’s p… resounding yes! #bps #artforall #artislifeitself #Boston #bospoli must read piece from #BPS teacher Neema Avashia "In the span of 12 months, I lost more students to violence than…
Tell them while we are listening @Emma4Change! #neveragain #MarchForOurLives #enoughisenough #preach Linda Brown Plaintiff in Brown V Board. We are indebted to you and your family!- Linda Brown, at center of land… Anthony bussed over 4K Baltimore students to ‘March for Our Lives’ rally via @theGrio #MarchForOurLives
@bostonsfavson Yes sir! I look forward to it.Very cute! If you need a smile t9day here it is. is Martin Joseph Palla A police officer Currently, he lives in Belle Vernon, PA; and previously lived in Irwin…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonExactly! #preach, 17-year-old Draylen Mason would have learned that he had been offered one of 130 spots at the renowned Oberl…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonHappy Birthday Aretha Franklin! course, each of us has to determine whether we stand for justice or for injustice, for love or for hate and fear…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson#TrayvonMartin should be alive. So should the students in #Parkland. #Flint should have clean water. #StephonClark
Retweeted by Tito Jackson @AyannaPressley Happy Birthday Zeke! So cute!Fenway students #DoTheRightThing in DC at the #marchforourlives today. Well done! @AMarch4OurLives @SoniaChangDiaz
Retweeted by Tito Jackson @thehill @NRA I am dead certain Emma and David and every kid at MSDouglas High School would happily trade their sud…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"I am here to acknowledge & represent the African-American girls whose stories don't make the front page of every n…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonMe in 2004 carrying an M16A2 with an M203 grenade launcher. Should civilians also be allowed to have access to this…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson~1000 in Brunswick, Maine, standing on 4 inches of snow.
Retweeted by Tito JacksonPhil, a college student at George Mason U #MarchForOurLives @BuzzFeedNews
Retweeted by Tito JacksonYes!"It won't be easy to change things. The immoral, the obstructionists and the complicit are already lining up to blo…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonBask in a good day, in hoarse throats and sore feet. Grateful to be alive, to march, to fight, to remember those wh…
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Voting stats in 2016 and what we need to do to change Nov. 2018! We must vote our butts off! #MarchForOurLives 5 weeks ago but standing and speaking today at #MarchForOurLives we salute you Samantha Fuentes @funkpuncher! @anvilwonk #BlackLivesMatter set this stage 4 over 5 yrs.Youth realize that we are fighting for the same thing, not…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonListen to the voice of Youth from #Chicago at #MarchForOurLives ! sign reads: "As a black boy, I hope that one day, I have as many rights as a gun." Can you hear him now?… @SacramentoKings star Boogie Cousins is dogged by a bad reputation, much of it undeserved. I’d rather judge…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson#StephonClark: While Activists Take to the State Capitol, NBA Player Offers to Pay For Funeral…
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