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Tito Jackson @titojackson Boston, MA USA

I am running to be Boston's next Mayor because we must put people first, not profits. I am the District 7 Boston City Councillor, and the Chair of Education.

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#Boston, we can learn from #Memphis: $175 Million Memphis Convention Center Project Creates Robust Opportunities fo… biggest fans this week: @stacos, @RWwatchMA, @JamieEldridgeMA. Thank you! via
#Roxbury #Boston has a new super Shero Lego Bat Mom. Super sheros are real! She was out shoveling sidewalks in… Good Luck to Frank Pryor my friend, colleague and the next 74th District State Rep in Pennsylvania! Make bi…
@whentojump Mike, great job at the @BPLBoston tonight! You are an inspiration to so many people who need encourage… @AyannaPressley You are trying to start a war lolAnother Reason why we need to back @JamieEldridgeMA legislation calling for a State Wide Trust Act! Unacceptable! @linamariacanon @bostonpolice @MassStatePolice @marty_walsh @MassGovernor @universalhub @CampbellforD4 in 2018: 73 schools in #BOSTON out of 126 do not have a working library. #BPS Plans to fix by 2021, a fresh…
Some say this is MLK's greatest sermon: "The Death of Evil Upon the Seashore"
Retweeted by Tito Jackson“This is no time for romantic illusions and empty philosophical debates about freedom. This is a time for action.”…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"For the majority of white Americans, the past decade [of the Civil Rights Movement] was a struggle to treat Negros…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"The great majority of Americans...are uneasy with injustice but unwilling yet to pay a significant price to eradic…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson#mlk #BlackLivesMatter"I remember when Negros would go around laughing when they didn't tickle and scratching when they didn't itch. That…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"All we say to America is be true to what you said on paper." - Martin Luther King, Jr. (April 3, 1968)
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"The problems of racial and economic injustice cannot be solved w/out the radical redistribution of political and e…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"I have fought too long and too hard against segregated public accommodations to end up segregating my moral concer…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"I must confess to you this morning that since that sweltering August afternoon in 1963, my dream has often turned…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"In our struggle, we realized that people were more outraged at the actions of Bull Connor than interested in true…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"People cry at my sermons and the next day, America is still segregated." - Martin Luther King, Jr. (according to h…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"If something isn't bring the colored peoples of the world out of their long years of poverty...the whole…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"I was a slave through my fore-parents and I am not ashamed of that. I'm ashamed of the people who were so sinful a…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"Power at its best is love implementing the demands of justice. Justice at its best is love correcting [all] that s…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson"We can NEVER be satisfied as long as a negro in Mississippi cannot vote and a negro in New York believes he has no…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonAmen! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was preaching today, he would be speaking the idea that we are one people, one family…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonCOMMENTARY | @calliecrossley is struck by how Rev. King’s words of a half century ago speak to today: “God never in…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonHappy #MartinLutherKing Day ! (#stacoteam)
Retweeted by Tito JacksonWe have to keep moving forward. We have to carry the torch of activism into the future, for which so many great sou…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Never forget! We must stand up against injustice, where ever and whenever it rears its ugly head. We must acknowle… forward, never backward. -Pops from #LukeCage #mlk #mlk2018 #inspirationbytito #motivate #Boston #617 to live, really live by! Your voice and choice matters. #MLKDay #mlk2018 #SeizeTheDay #inspirationbytito
Our biggest fans this week: @AndreaFaythe, @KsKM3, @InventingLiz. Thank you! via
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#BlackPanther breaks record for Marvel Pre-Sales! If you plan on seeing it open day, you better get your tix asap!… to Chystal Kornegay! Very strong pick for New MassHousing Chief: New MassHousing chief has an atypi… up for the Islands in the Caribbean. #Caribbean #PuertoRico #Honduras #Nicaragua #Jamaica
@BOS311 @MBTA Please send crews to remove snow at Roxbury Crossing and send a confirmation when it's cleared. Than…
@shondarhimes .#Preach @shondarhimes! #factIf you feel you have to TELL the world you are a mentally stable genius in order for us to know?Maybe look up the d…
Retweeted by Tito JacksonOur biggest fans this week: @eligerzon, @JonathanCohn, @caulkthewagon. Thank you! via
#BPS Closed on Friday, January 5, 2018. #Boston #Boston
@realDonaldTrump Playing King of The War Head with N. Korea is beyond reckless @realDonaldTrump! Twitter is not f…
Nichelle, Heshan, Justin, Ann & Enrique I'm eternally grateful to u. Ur the most hardworking, talented & passionate… to the @BOSCityCouncil Central Staff for your amazing work! You are the glue, although so often unseen, you… to the City of #Boston on Electing the Most Diverse City Council in our City's History. It is critical tha… to outgoing outgoing Council President @wutrain on creating a more cohesive, fun, and united council. You ma… to the New Council President @CampbellforD4! #BlackWomenLead Kudos to outgoing President @wutrain o… Inaugural to returning Boston City Councillors @AyannaPressley @joshzakim @MattOMalley @wutrain @MarkCiommo Inaugural and best wishes to to the New Boston City Councillors @LydiaMEdwards @EdforBoston and @Kim_Janey! #Boston #bospoli #mapoliCongratulations and Good Luck to my friend Mayor @marty_walsh on your reelection and second swearing in. Psalm 82:…, I am wishing my friend @Kim_Janey good luck and great success as she is sworn in as District 7 Boston City… New Year! Our Next is Greater Than Our Now! #2018NewYear #NewYear
@caulkthewagon I missed the word "did"! @JonathanCohn @Kim_Janey @votemikekelley @Vatsady @BenForWard3 @PaulFeeneyMA @RepAndyVargas Jonathan you rock broth… @caulkthewagon You rock! Ur the! @caulkthewagon the woman, the myth and the legend! You are the and I am so grateful for al… @universalhub Thank you for all you to keep us informed in real time about what is happing in EVERY neighborhood on… @BayStateBanner Thank you for being the voice of the Black Community in #Boston. Your reporting is thorough and to… @stacos Thank you and your team for the valuable public service that you so faithfully provide to #Boston! We are… In Peace to all of those who were murdered in #Boston in 2017. We hold your families, friends and our City up… @JonathanCohn @Kim_Janey @votemikekelley @Vatsady @BenForWard3 @PaulFeeneyMA @RepAndyVargas One of the best parts o… @JonathanCohn @Kim_Janey @votemikekelley @Vatsady @BenForWard3 @PaulFeeneyMA @RepAndyVargas #10peopleontwitter are game changers! @nobrtshnyobjs @wutrain @BostonSchools It's true at many BPS schools. Some are freezing one side of the building a…
Prayers up for the Garner Family! Godspeed. We honor Eric and Erica with our daily walk, work and struggle to ensu… New Year @NadineHack and Jerry and my @citizens_circle family! #HappyNewYear2018 biggest fans this week: @chillajones, @zuriberry, @anghiari34. Thank you! via
@hollley @AyannaPressleyYou aren't middle class if you can't afford housing and sleep in your car! #Boston beware if we do nothing this wi… other news, still no potable water or clean air in @BostonSchools. #lead #asthma #priorities #PoliticalWill
Retweeted by Tito Jackson#ItsSoCold🌬 in Massachusetts I turned this cup of water into snow ❄️
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I'm visiting my mom in Jacksonville and today was 50 degrees and rainy so I was about to complain and then I watch… #RecyTaylor ur courage made America better! U had #MeToo boldness in 1944! Recy Taylor, Catalyst for Anti-Rape… 30th Birthday Justin Brown! We love you brother and I am so proud of the leader that you have become.… you know any African Americans between the ages of 15 and 22 who are already making an impact on the world? Nom…
Retweeted by Tito Jackson#TBT #ThrowbackThursday Family Potrait from #backintheday! #Boston #Bospoli Moore aka The Human Cold Sore just refuses to go away! #goaway: Roy Moore files lawsuit to block Alabama Senate…