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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

The Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind. TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and bourbon. Does not believe in Santa.

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They've identified the #Oscars employee who gave Warren Beatty the wrong envelope.
Retweeted by ShanStill too soon LA LAND BLEW A 3-1 LEAD #Oscars
Retweeted by ShanHe wan’t nominated but apparently M. Night Shyamalan directed the #Oscars productionWHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENEDHow the hell did Amy Adams not get even nominated? @rural_juror he seems like S3 X-Files monster of the week
Let's pretend Gosling is nominated for The Nice Guys. #oscars
Retweeted by ShanWhat is the Winchesters’ dad doing with Meryl Streep? #OscarsPeter Bogdanovich has extensive notes on Orson Welles’ sadly unfinished version @lafergs maybe they knew you’d get it…in the futureAs relevant tonight as it always is @lafergs I too was surprised by the BFF thing. Whut? @NoelMu two all beef patties special sauce pickles cheese lettuce photoshopped on a sesame seed bunPlease donate to help victims of Les Miles Syndrome @NoelMu a Fence FreyThis is a quality tweet set design and graphics very good tonightI didn't even see Hacksaw Ridge but I am so happy for the Susan Lucci of sound mixing
Retweeted by Shan @EileenShyler that was another JimmyMake sure we save time for politics later by bum rushing a guy thanking his dead wife #Oscars @jpreyer he was! Lots of really good folks in that. Ended too soon.(I follow the right people since I just saw dozens of references to The 4400)Loved this guy since The 4400. #OscarsRemember when they had the nominees talk about each other? Lord that was awful. #OscarsOscar twitter might be fun if people talked about movies instead of trying to earn their woke merit badgeStorm spotters are creating a 'BP' right now, in honor of actor (and star of "Twister") Bill Paxton. Paxton died to…
Retweeted by ShanMo & I share a birthday. Now we share appearing on @TuningInToSciFi podcasts. dog? the shit 2017? Bill Paxton, Miguel Ferrer, John Hurt, MTM. Knock it off already, will you?
Retweeted by Shan @artincircles a flawed, flawed show chock full of amazing performancesThis is another tough one to take. @jamescdyer and I worship ALIENS. We quote Hudson on a near-daily basis. He was…
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Tom Selleck was so cool, modern analysis reveals he was the 4th most valuable guy on the 1984 Tigers without actual…
Retweeted by ShanHere's a rare shot of @DaleMurphy3 playing first base for the Braves. Lookin' good, Murph!
Retweeted by Shan🤙🏽@Nick_Offerman
Retweeted by Shan @HistoryofMatt idiot Cloons is great. I need to rewatch HC! Saw it in theater and felt…charmed but underwhelmed?Due to childproof caps and the thumb thing.
Retweeted by ShanThe Big Lebowski Millers Crossing Raising Arizona O Brother Where Art Thou Fargo much space on its more limited GB is a fucking challenge.Finally 98% done with configuring the new laptop. Love the SSD speed and performance, but setting things up as not to take up...So many versions of this cute joke. As far as I can tell this is the source. "How long did…
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@saalon @sporks when you don’t have enough nad, it’s how you request additionalI listen to a lot of podcasts, which explains why I am currently resting on six mattresses, eating meal kits and well-engineered underwear.
Retweeted by Shan @patman23 this LMD arc has been just fantastic.*extremely David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian voice*
Retweeted by ShanCan’t move. Leg trapped. @hollye83 oh man, he's great. @saalon it's a slash thing. in more ways than one. @DerfelBarada Maybe I need to give that another shot. First viewing I thought it was by far Nolan's worst @DerfelBarada you like Interstellar more than Inception? (agree with MMFR and EoT though) @WunderlistHelp okay, thanks! @WunderlistHelp I'm on W10 and just installed 3.19.17 Monday. Says it's up to date. Is this the most current? @WunderlistHelp got an an email about update for windows. I have 3.19.17 and it indicates it's most current. Is this different?Next week's "Legion" may be the weirdest damn episode of TV I've ever seen that didn't involve David Lynch.
Retweeted by ShanPellegrino is great. Never gives a half-assed performance. #SupernaturaIWednesday night Teevee is the bomb yo #TheExpanse #TheMagicians #LegionFXThis week turned into a stress bomb, but last weekend’s vacation was sublime. ❤️ customized to my liking still can’t accept the SB result, but these are indeed glorious togs @ladydi7182 not inaccurate
@saalon stylish, cold, fascinating, beautifully shot with an enigmatic lead. Worth checking out. @saalon oooh shit, being away so long I spaced on Outlander. And I enjoyed GF Experience too @saalon we can disagree on that. Veep is the best comedy since Arrested and Thrones is in my all time Top 5. @saalon I’m a fan of course. But I can’t overlook Thrones, Veep, Silicon, Night Of, Westworld and Oliver, among others.Super B-Day to Fred Biletnikoff. I miss the days when u could be an All-Pro wideout &also look like a guy who talks…
Retweeted by Shan"Tangled Up in Blue" is the best Dylan song and there is not a close second.
Retweeted by ShanI wanna tell everyone about my boob infection but no one really wants to hear about it. Now I know how people who went to Coachella feel.
Retweeted by Shan @saalon between this, Sparty and Party Down, Starz has had some real UTR classicsOnly packing the essentials
Retweeted by Shan @saalon Man, is that hard for a series you've binged the first few seasons of and loved. Also, new season is A+. @hollye83 at least you're prepared for ghosts then @saalon "I am an exceptional Nazi Mrs. McClane..."GOOD KITTIES
Retweeted by Shan @NoelMu (pulls back robe, waves hand) "These are not the sickos you're looking for..."(But why wasn't there any goddamned disco on that quiz. I would have MURDERED that section)(as expected, I was terrible a new indy rock and hip hop. Perfectly okay with that)My Esquire Music IQ is 224. What's yours? @hollye83 yeah, typing is an issue for me too on a screen. I have the keyboard cover for iPad but it's not a *great* solution @hollye83 Ah, that's what I use my iPad for. I got a new high powered laptop for work and stuff.