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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

The Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind. TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and bourbon. Does not believe in Santa.

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1 of my favorite perfomrnaces in 1 of my favorite films. Lovely remembrances of Bill Paxton from the ALIENS gang @saalon And Bloom is great in it! And much more of the Green/Norton aspect. A worthy epic. @saalon Probably the most impact another cut has ever made. Truly a classic film unbutchered.The surround mix on #TheHandmaidsTale is almost as bad as those on CW shows. First ep is terrific though. @saalon good point. (grabs adamantium cables) @saalon Let's gather people who can't act and have them say nonsense! @KCDawg34 @Airbnb THEY ALL FLOAT!All these ESPN cuts are awful, but if they don't have room for Jayson Stark anymore, something's gone horribly awry.
Retweeted by Shan @sepinwall Pardon The Interrogation @hollye83 speaking of soccer, this is kinda fun @prufrox best concert film ever (along with Last Waltz) @hollye83 lol. if you get a beer or pee, you might miss the only goal that happens. Also, I hate ties.Damn. RIP Jonathon Demme. @hollye83 but nothing happens during the actual game. And the timing of matches (no clock for mysterious extra time… @hollye83 I *should* like it. Good unis, drunk rowdy fans, I'm an anglophile, plummy accented PxP, deep traditions, great logos...Nothing like waking up in a blind fury because the cat has chewed off the blinds cords. GRRRRR. @hollye83 I was looking here (and I'm biased. I have a weird hatred for soccer) @hollye83 I can't find a non-world cup instance of any soccer breaking 1M viewers in the US in a cursory search @hollye83 Maybe they like ratings?
"You're the man now, dog." -- Dr. Moreau
Retweeted by ShanJust recorded the "preseason" episode of a new podcast. More details coming soon! #AmericanGods @artincircles Oh, you won't like that one either....tell me why it's ENTERTAINING.If I want a lecture, I'll watch a lecture. Or read a book. Messages and themes are fine, but if you want to sell me on entertainment...Great Zeus, critics, stop calling TV "vital" and "important." Entertainment should be...ENTERTAINING. @sgrantham19 Step outside and silently smoke a cigaretteSex. The physical act of love. Coitus. Do you like it? I was talking about my rug.
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Time to check out of the #BatesMotel for the last time. No matter how they stick the landing, Farmiga & Highmore have done spectacular workGood job #Hawks! @letloverule42 @saalon What she said 👍👍 @patman23 I can’t like this tweet enough @sarahherring Yeah, and it's perfect for viewing in my setup, all across the LR and kitchen, even with ambient light. Top shelf TV @sarahherring I thought curved was stupid, but this is so slight and the pic is closest to plasma for richness & blacks. Very happy with it. @sarahherring LGOLED55C6 and I love it. @artincircles I'm so used to "Mike" for a minute I was like "who is that?" :d @sarahherring Lol I love my new TV, but I need to upgrade my receiver for fucking HDCP 2.2Carrie Coon is goddamned amazing. @GeeAyCee I hadn’t been in many years. Loved going back @EileenShyler What gives you that IMPRESSION? (Rimshot. Sorry. And I actually go by my middle name) @artincircles That was interesting. Mind turned out
@GeeAyCee I just went last week. 👍🏻👍🏻 @HistoryofMatt I like em all, but really do appreciate the turns down these weird alleys from the offbeat books I read as a kid @Badlands75 Yeah, out of “character” instruments in with the orchestra.
Giacchino’s score is really superlative, too. Appropriately otherworldly. @Badlands75 I would think and hope so. The guy is established now, so they have free reign to get all Pink Floyd on us @andrewrjuhl Buy sensible khakis. Find a pantless cheese merchant in a trading mood.#DoctorStrange on blu was just as much fun as it was in the theatre. Ditko would be proud of the cosmic trippinessOh for fucks sakes #Braves @ladydi7182! Tie game #Braves👋 Uga! #REDvsBLACK
Retweeted by Shan @ladydi7182 Drop by and have a beer! @ladydi7182 @rxw0702 @HistoryofMatt @Dawgsfan34 @jrockdawg “I’m raising the prices on these cokes this much” @ladydi7182 Our robot overlords are apparently Hugh Freeze fans @NoelMu I did that in the 80s. We were a tiny school (84 seniors) and made it to the finals. Now I’m just horrified… to grab a pack of these after mom drove me to store without a seat belt. Then I'd get on my bicycle using only…
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The road ahead 🔥 the @Starbucks #unicornfrappuccino until company proves it's using every piece of the unicorn, and raising them humanely.
Retweeted by Shan @jowrotethis Looks like Grimace’s murder scene @DerfelBarada it’s always a good time for that.The Matrix, Terminator 2, and Gone With The Wind @rural_juror Awww, so sorry for your loss. She was beautiful.Lots of devices, lots of remotes. Unh-unh. Go universal, and do it with Logitech Harmony, says @mdrndad.…
Retweeted by Shan @Sockmonkey666 Also, congrats on your recent non-smoke-iversary! @Sockmonkey666 awesome! Great food, fun, gambling and shows. Still recovering. The Cirque Beatles thing was A+ @Vims8 agreed. It’s my favorite book. Excited about Villeneuve adapting, but don’t think it can work as a single flick. @Vims8 lol they both were Professor X. ( I also love Atonement and the underrated SyFy Dune minis) @Vims8 oh no! Psychically omnipotent! Sir Pat! McAvoy! @Sockmonkey666 lol. Substitute trivia/cards and college football and we’re twinsies @Brassafrass @ladydi7182 my appreciation of rap died around Sugar Hill Gang @Sockmonkey666 I’m only 2/4 on that scale, but definitely approve @Vims8 maybe you’re Charles Xavier @ladydi7182 #ReusableTweet
@ladydi7182 @Brassafrass I had to google it, and I’m old. (Warren Spahn? Warren G Harding?)Well shit
Retweeted by Shan @NoelMu like the passion and tradition of the Cards. The sanctimony and humorlessness not so much. @NoelMu like Strasburg. HAAAAAAAATE Harper (tho he’s damned good). When I lived in MD and didn’t have Extra Inning, I watched too much Nats @NoelMu despite his “Natitude” I can’t hate Werth…for several seasons at home he always came out to the Game of Thrones themeIt hasn't helped the Braves win yet, but the @bravesorganist troll game for the Nets series has been strong.
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