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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

The Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind. TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and bourbon. Does not believe in Santa.

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Days like today require perspective. We shouldn't let 18-21 year old kids ruin our day. They just ruin 3 months, if not the whole year.
Retweeted by Shan @HistoryofMatt maybe that’s it. I’ve always hated him. (Plus, I want my “bad boys” funny-think Sawyer or Spike) @HistoryofMatt petulant, whiny, rebel without a clue. And that crooked mouth irritates me. (also better than Dean is a low bar to clear)Well, if she ever has insomnia…'s a lot going on in this head shot for Iowa State QB Jacob Park
Retweeted by Shan @BernieDawg the good news is that the bottom of one leads to the top of another!I preferred Castro's earlier funny films.
Retweeted by ShanHe got there with grace, humor & enormous heart. He was, among so many other things, my Shepherd. Raise, appropriat…
Retweeted by Shan @shefallsalot 2016, man. Fuck it right in the ear.I honestly had to go double check this and WTF.
Retweeted by ShanJoe Namath is going to kiss Verne.
Retweeted by ShanThe penknife and apple in Firefly was a tribute to Ron's Rashomon All in the Family episode. Xoxox.
Retweeted by Shan @DerfelKatarn love it. Belongs on TV I think. (and intersects with Witches, too, I hope). Casting will be keyThis (along with her Mayfair Witches) and Dune have been my most wanted TV projects.Ron Glass was one of the greatest actors to work with. His laugh was beyond infectious and his generosity was ever present. #ripronglass
Retweeted by Shan @Jen_eration_x first knew him as Harris watching Barney Miller with me parents, and of course from Firefly. What a shit year.Ron Glass will rightly be remembered for Barney Miller & Firefly, but he also made a startlingly cool Felix Unger
Retweeted by ShanDammit. RIP Ron Glass.What a fucking gut punch. #GoDAWGSCersei >>>>>> Searcy #UGAvsGT #GoDawgs #HunkerDown
Retweeted by ShanOh for fucks sakeHUNKER DOWN D #GoDAWGSOh fuck no #GoDAWGSNo time to get complacent #GoDAWGSTake that shit down, dawgs #GoDAWGSAlso, Petrino is a dirtbag #GoCats🤓🏈3️⃣ #GoDAWGSTouchdown.
Retweeted by Shan#UGAvsGT
Retweeted by ShanMan I’m gonna miss Chubb and Sony. Damn Good Dawgs. #GoDAWGSPunch this mother in 🏈🏈 #GoDAWGSSic em dawgsGOGGLES back on track #GoDAWGSJunkyard Dawgs! #GoDAWGSPick it baby! #GoDAWGSOption football is so, so uglyKeep calling those chop blocks, refs #GoDAWGSOh lord. Gonna be a chippy game. Clean old fashioned hate will do that.
Retweeted by Shan🕹🕹🏈🏈 #GoDAWGSDamn fine running from Sony #GoDAWGSIt’s gonna be one of those days isn’t it #GoDAWGS @Junkyard_Dawg1 “fewest” -Stannis BaratheonBreakfast bourbon is good for the soul, right? #WestCoastProblemsJAZZ HANDS! #GoDawgsEason to Nauta is just great y'all #GoDawgs...and kill Jess and Logan, as they are both clearly demons.A complaint about the #GilmoreGirlsRevival I wanted Padalecki to show up in character as Sam Winchester...Well, shit. #GoDawgsA drop and a miss for Goggles. Bad omens. #GoDawgsdropsies. hope we don't see more of that. #GoDawgs @ladydi7182 a combo platter I think @girlgloaming ...and several on Westworld and Game of Thrones. Hope that helps! @girlgloaming You Must Remember This, Nerdist, Pop Culture Happy Hour, I Was There Too, Children of Tendu, Here's The Thing... @girlgloaming My faves are: Doug Loves Movies, Extra Hot Great, Ask Me Another, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, The Empire Podcast, Writers Panel @girlgloaming Mine are heavily slanted to TV and Movies and geeky pursuits, if that's your bag @girlgloaming happy to share the results of my frustrations lol. I just can't fathom how anyone thought the Apple podcast app was functionalNow, back to your regularly scheduled hatred of Georgia Tech. #GoDawgs #FuckTechAnyway, if you're a podcast junkie and iTunes has let you down, Pocket Casts is a great substitute and completely meets my nitpicky needs.There is a cost ($3 for the app and $9 for the web player - and that has a free 2 wk trial) but for more info had to reenter all my subs, but every one I wanted I found and added easily. The app is very customizable and works like a charm.There's an iOS app, and a browser based player/manager. You can add subscriptions from either and it syncs subs/playback to the second.between listening on the go and listening via desktop. So I did a bunch of investigation and decided on PocketCasts. I'm completely in love.So no desktop iTunes at all for now. I tried the podcasts app but I defy anyone to defend it. And with no iTunes, there's no way to sync...So with a recent update, iTunes for Windows got completely fucked. After uninstalling and trying reinstall to fix it, now it won't installthe ancient iPod list of podcasts is functional and great. (The iPhone podcasts app is 100% garbage and virtually unusable).and volume quality, but can sync to the ipod for on the go listening. The iTunes podcast interface for managing subscriptions is fine, andI used the Windows iTunes app on my desktop, and synced with an old school iPod. I love this because at home I get the surround setupSome thoughts about podcasts and how to play them. I listen to podcasts virtually all day at my desk and while out running errands.beautiful #GoDawgs, you can add "Reggie Ball's situational awareness" to that list)Here's a complete list of great things about Georgia Tech: You can get Varsity before the game. #GoDawgsKaep’s nonsense, especially in light of Castro’s death, shows him to be a shallow, narcissistic dimwitI’ll always support a smart, well considered, and articulate position even if I don’t agree with it. But… @missclaraturing so good. And Lorelai’s call to Emily? Ugly cry. 😭😭It’s thanksgiving we’ve all been there no is the terrible, uneducated QB gonna cry over the dead dictator?
It was a bit of a bumpy ride, but I’m so glad they did this. My heart is warm and my eyes are damp. Welcome back #GilmoreGirls @sarahherring I finished. And I’m sniffly. ♥️ @KCDawg34 @ugakerri a fellow Dawg who spotted a kinsman in the wild. Or a 30 year homicidal stalker who just tracked me down. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯