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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

The Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind. TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and bourbon. Does not believe in Santa.

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@saalon Michael Pena is a gift
@Badlands75 All 3 were so wildly out of character for the purpose of a contrived conflict. When you make me rue see… @Badlands75 Agree about the Lex/Clark dynamic. But if JL had done Joker/Lex, it would have been Eisenberg and Leto,… @Badlands75 Yeah Steppenwolf made Malekith the Accursed look like Hans Gruber @hollye83 They’re in my short list of greatest onscreen couples. ❤️🍸🍸That does not belong on this shelf.
Retweeted by Shan @hollye83 I remember as a kid, my parents always saying Asta was a frequent crossword answer. When I asked what it… @TheNakedPun Whatever you want to say about plot holes and narrative missteps (and I have) he can shoot some hella gorgeous images. @NoelMu Yeah I’ve come back to doing some in Illustrator now. But hot damn it’s hard. Old dogs, etc. I’ve been impr… @hollye83 I suggested that on these here twitters. Nick and Nora are the fucking best. @NoelMu How old? I used to illustrate comics and airbrush tees in HS, but let my skills erode when I focused more on writing. @NoelMu Wow that’s quite good. 👍 @ladydi7182 I hear ya. Constantly sneezing and coughing. I’ve done DayQuil by the 55 gallon drum. @ladydi7182 I’m just getting over about two weeks of it. Ugh.Definitely need to keep this one handy for football season #NationalPuppyDay to our newest favorite good boy, @UGAAthletics Uga X!
Retweeted by Shan @TylerDawgden are you aware of this podcast? Lots of improv-y nonsense (which is often funn… @TylerDawgden Yeah, a fantastic album. Murmur was released the year I started, so I was with them for the whole jou… I was just talking about that this week. A top 10 R.E.M. for me, and kicks so much ass I've heard of this. Interesting. #braves @WendyHembrock @IronSmoke Not at first blush from one glass. Obviously more tasting is required. :DIt is frankly unacceptable that Stacker Pentecost named his son Jake. Fucking JAKE. His name should be, like, Hai…
Retweeted by ShanThat had a lot of potential. Season pass set.Received this as a gift. Very smooth and crisp with real distinct smoky notes. 👍👍 cc: @WendyHembrock @jowrotethis I look forward to arguments about The Last Shelfhanger for years to come. @HistoryofMatt Oh I’m with ya on IM3. I love it despite a moppet. And I’m a huge Black-head (wait…there’s gotta be a better term). @HistoryofMatt I haven’t done that in a while. I like your top half. But I’m also a much bigger Ultron fan than most. @HistoryofMatt But DC squandered a lot of critical and fan goodwill with the one-two punch of the awful, awful SS and BvS. @HistoryofMatt I like MoS quite a bit, other than the nonsense around Pa Kent’s death. WW is terrific for the first… after an unexpectedly not terrible visit to DC land earlier, let’s see what Krypton has to offer. @amandamull I’m a long suffering Dawgs (and Braves and Falcons) fan and that’s exactly right. Between the Falcons S…
The cast was aces. Miller was a delight. It moved pretty well, had some decent moments of humor, and never really b…, it was surprisingly entertaining. The plot was on the lamer side, as far as maguffins go, the villain was awful… @pocketcasts Yeah I minimize it unless I need to see where I am or select a new podcast. The best news is my keyboa… going to make a Ramsay Bolton joke, but I see half the internet has already beaten me to it, so I'm just gonna…
Retweeted by ShanHow bad could it be? she was bored. She was at a soccer game. @hollye83 It's gotten better and richer each season. This year has been (cough) magical! @hollye83 The 2 things I look forward to most each week are Counterpart and The MagiciansAn all-day #Counterpart marathon is not an operation to be taken lightly. Begin your preparations now, and tune in…
Retweeted by ShanVery funny. Welcome back DP2 @pocketcasts it's fantastic. My only suggestion would be the ability to make it a "mini-player" or make the window/…
Holy shit everyone was right…the Simpsons TOTALLY committed to a parody of Banacek. It was magnificentI love the idea of another season set in the past: 'Fargo' Creator Reveals First Season 4 Details via @thr
Retweeted by Shan @hollye83 Speculative Fiction 101? @HistoryofMatt @ladydi7182 He's fantastic on the show. And it's honestly one of those that truly gets better, deepe… @andymannion77 That's a cool tidbit to learn. (Also, Marla still my heart. Maybe it says something abo… @Brassafrass @ladydi7182 Oh wow. That's a Sophie's Choice.Long awaited, and this is awesome. Plus keyboard media keys work with this. THANK YOU. #PocketCasts is the very bes… Game of Thrones bit in Logan Lucky had me howling. 😂
Wow. This was a rousing success. Crispy skin, tender inside, smoky flavor. If that’s a maiden voyage, I can’t wait… these TNT players only broadcasts are unwatchable. You NEED a good play by play guy. @BernieDawg My first attempt. And only my second time using the KJ. We’ll see! @sitakatherine Well, that’s cost effective @NoelMu I just watched that! And had no idea either.Plan for this evening: first attempt at smoking wings on the Kamado Joe, glass of bourbon, and Logan Lucky. @NoelMu Was it the one on AXS about him singing on Cigar?"Spock, let's drop off this loser and go pick up Bones."
Retweeted by ShanI think about this mads mikkelsen quote at least once a week
Retweeted by Shan @Badlands75 We'd throw confetti for that @Badlands75 We're so desperate for just a modicum of success. Basically, get a couple of recruits, play exciting (s… @andymannion77 It also helps that Raising Arizona is a fucking fantastic film. That was in heavy rotation in college. @Badlands75 Well, he's winning the off season for sure. As an IU fan, what was your take on him? @andymannion77 That was my first exposure to her. Hot damn, she was good in that (and everything since). Plus, as a… IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU FIND A STRANGER IN THE ALPS! (tv edit)
Retweeted by ShanJUDGE: the charge is murder, how do you plead VIDEO: not guilty FAMILY OF RADIO STAR: this is bullshit
Retweeted by Shan @DerfelBarada Yeah, anthologies seem to drive that comparison too. OJ *was* fantastic, and something so many of us… @DerfelBarada I've quite enjoyed it. Maybe it's A) in the title - expecting more Versace? and B) bound to be a comedown from OJInsisting that someone be knowledgeable in their field is not gatekeeping. I don't want math teachers being ignoran…
Retweeted by Shan @jowrotethis Did you ever Bates Motel Jo? I was so skeptical but it was soooooooooo good. Farmiga was astonishing,…
If we can play as fast as @UGAAthletics got this poster up in Stegeman Coliseum we will be FLYING up and down the c…
Retweeted by Shan @sepinwall A lot of those 70s flying saucer stadiums in my list too"go back to bed. this doesn't concern you."
Retweeted by Shanwe have to wait two weeks for the #Counterpart finale? Dammit! Tonight’s ep was exceptional @Badlands75 I think his reach for profundity exceeded his grasp. I’d have loved a Micheal, AI, type story with no a… @Badlands75 @LelandOrser He brought his twitchiness to the next one, that’s for sure @Badlands75 Oh agreed. Despite some interesting casting, the scripts let them down. And def different feel. Trucker… @Badlands75 I’m with you on 3 and 4. But the last two aesthetically dull? I think the scripts are not very good, bu… new Doctor Who intro is a bit shit
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