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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

The Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind. TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and bourbon. Does not believe in Santa.

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Today in 1982, after an intense game of Wiffle Ball, you chain eat a whole pack of Lucky Lights.
Retweeted by Shan @sitakatherine yeah...also I love 80s music so the soundtrack was on point @sitakatherine The cast was great, too. I liked pretty much everyone. Hits a nice sweet spot; perfect for light summer viewing @sitakatherine I know! I almost got misty watching it.Here's how they pulled off those perfectly timed stunts in "Baby Driver," opening today
Retweeted by ShanI finished #GLOWNetflix yesterday, and it was utterly delightful. 10 eps, ~30 min no typical Netflix pacing issues. Go watch it!Also…I loved how “Atlanta” it is. The accents weren’t always there, but I knew those roads and locations.Right now, I’d put it with World’s End and Scott Pilgrim, just a skosh below Shaun and Hot Fuzz.Still gotta rewatch and think about the last 30 min of #BabyDriver But the performances, music, driving action, and pace were exceptional
They removed the Ottomans from my favorite theatre’s balcony. “safety” issues. Fuck that noise.Time to kick the tires on #BabyDriver @TaraAriano @PreviouslyTV @sepinwall Ya know, that’s a damn good listWhat the hell is going on this season on #iZombie? A thread (That is coincidentally just in time for tonight’s fina…
Retweeted by ShanWelcome home.
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@jowrotethis 🐍Time to take a big sip of my coffee and then open this starbase storage compartment, which I'm sure is still full of quadrotriticale grain
Retweeted by Shan @BernieDawg Was trying to explain to some PNW locals about Georgia humity @patman23 have fun! We just wrapped our GoT pregame...Jessie is on his wayThe #SmallCouncil is back in session, we recorded our #GOT7 preshow tonight - @WendyHembrock @C_Peruski & @TNRLM so much fun!
Retweeted by ShanEven Trump & Pelosi agree: Athens named No. 1 college football town by experts via @UGA Football |Georgia Bulldogs
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@marcbernardin Putting the colony up front is a big error for me (tho I do like the remote guns) @marcbernardin he HAS aged very well. Hmmmm.Lance Henrikson wasn’t an android either the 2000s edition of Trivial Pursuit last night, and the gameplay was COMPLETELY different. Fun, though.Black Panther (2018)
Retweeted by ShanThis is me whenever I accidentally see 30 seconds of the current 6 pm SportsCenter.
Retweeted by ShanNo new @AmericanGodsSTZ but here is @RoadsideSMG discussion of #cometojesus @C_Peruski @TNRLM
Retweeted by Shan @EileenShyler You’ll die without ever getting the third one
@ladydi7182 @HistoryofMatt Check your mailbox next week. Probably in a hazmat suit.Hello gorgeous @BernieDawg Excellent choices past and present. @lafergs No teens unless there are vampires.These are fun “fauxbacks” and a very nice Falcons one in there to boot.And lo on Twitter dot com, amidst the darkness...there was a light
Retweeted by ShanHank Aaron used batting gloves too. They were called "dirt."
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Great win for the Bravos. Now it’s dinner time. @DerfelBarada I kinda agree on that one. I enjoy the respectful discussion, but I gotta put a pin in it for now. @DerfelBarada I think fun is great and what I want from most of my entertainment. I think the Coens are fun. It’s j… @DerfelBarada And FWIW, I would say WW is really fun too. @DerfelBarada Then why constantly crap on Marvel and rail against critics who enjoy their films? It doesn’t make DC… @ladydi7182 Well, that ended with a Dans-Bae @DerfelBarada And that’s fine. Who hates fun? They’re (mostly) engineered for fun. They’re owned by Disney! @ladydi7182 This makes me laugh @DerfelBarada Reviews aren’t just one word. Fun, and….(whatever). And honestly, they ARE fun. Even Thor TDW is fun.Breezing thru #GLOW 6 episodes went down easy, like a fruity drink at the beach. @DerfelBarada Of course. But if people (and critics) respond to “fun” that’s not an indictment. @saalon @DerfelBarada We can just disagree on that. They are, to me, very lecturing in their POV. But I’m allergic… birth of the modern passing game.
Retweeted by Shan @DerfelBarada We’re definitely in opposite camps of studio/style preference. Which is fine. @DerfelBarada @saalon I’ve seen almost all of them (vampire thing exceped) and boy do I agree. I am firmly anti-lec… can’t stop watching #GLOW @DerfelBarada I don’t know why critics and bloggers and such rankle you so much. You like what you like. Critics an… @DerfelBarada But many (me included) appreciate fun and entertaining. @DerfelBarada It means what it says. I had fun with this movie. to me it’s a good thing. Not everyone looks for the… @DerfelBarada People like fun. People like Marvel. Why is that so bad?This kid never figured out how the "Sky-Sicle" maker somehow always found its way to his mom's dresser drawer.
Retweeted by Shan @HistoryofMatt @ladydi7182 I’ve been mixed on him, but he’s great here. Also, ep 3 has a robot. Because 80s. 👍👍🤖 @ladydi7182 2 eps in and it’s pretty good @ladydi7182 MLB TV app or for Roku is pretty cheap, if you want a cable alternativeThe period soundtrack for #GLOW is awesome. Music where they sing lyrics! What a throwback @KCDawg34 @CoreyRForrester @traecrowder Nothing but Chicago’s best! 🍻I've never related to a vending machine more in my life
Retweeted by ShanOoooh Seger on digital. To the downloads! @SethWEmerson @stephsmith SPIN THE BOTTLE!!!I mean, I AM wearing this today I welcome this I didn't like book Cersei that much, but Heady (& writers) have done astonishing job with her @HistoryofMatt That's a top 5er as well @StormofSpoilers It's right there in the title. Don't cater to toddlers.Seriously, just listened to "Radar Love" cranked to 11 and want to go do donuts in my neighborhood. All other driving songs compete for #2 @moryan since we share a birthday, have a happy one and enjoy your vacation! @andymannion777 Blues Brothers has to be their Cannibal Holocaust, too @andymannion777 lol. GENOCIDE!And of course "Radar Love" is on this. Can't wait to see this next week. article also mentioned THE GREATEST DRIVING SONG OF ALL TIME realized "No Diggity" sampled Bill Withers Here's the original… All Time, Hall of Fame crush escalated quickly.
Retweeted by Shan @hollye83 Thanks for playing! I will get something frivolous for my bday. At least the games were fun :D