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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

The Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind. TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and bourbon. Does not believe in Santa.

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@ladydi7182 I haven’t but I just ordered one! @ladydi7182 me too. I’m just…west. 😁 @lafergs because of the power of love? @BernieDawg that’s a good setup, don’tchaknow @ladydi7182 I really like Badlands! (of course, on PT it’s all easier for me lol)wo-oah we're halfway there wo-oah
Retweeted by Shan @poniewozik Diet Coke goes with salty, fried things (bacon, eggs, hash browns) Milk goes with pancakes and waffles @DerfelBarada cutewowza @artincircles often embodied by my absolute most hated personality type - the humorless scoldOnly Twitter can make me annoyed with opinions I support by having such whiny, fuckwitted advocatesWell, damn, chickens. @ladydi7182 also not shameful! @ladydi7182 as a child of disco, I approve @sarahherring next sunday, right? @sarahherring isn't it next week?crying about this loving, penitent raccoon buddy
Retweeted by ShanI do miss the Fox Fanfare thoTFA just started on Starz. Damn the kick of the opening score is still a thrill, a million times later. @KCDawg34 it was on HBO. Had to see the train wreck. Even worse than anticipated, with bourbon and local cabbage to boot.Judd Hirsch is these movies almost makes me retroactively hate TAXI #IDRThe Four Roses is not deadening this dialogue #IDR
Oh my the script for this is dire. DIRE. Thuddeningly awful. Almost sharknado awful. ##IDR @ladydi7182 robots go to hell!Intriguing mess of a movie but a fantastic score. mean, I’ve heard it’s bad. But can it really be THAT bad? @KCDawg34 so, so quotable. Almost time for my annual preseason viewing.Think I’m going to “Resurge” with some bourbon. @KCDawg34 @KCDawg34 couldn’t throw it in the ocean. Kinda happy for the locals thoI don't know what you expected to see today, but I bet it wasn't "a flat-Earther urging a robot to commit suicide."
Retweeted by ShanCoors Original
Retweeted by ShanThis is glorious.
Retweeted by ShanBreaking News: "Boat capsizes off the coast of Miami carrying 1,300 pounds of marijuana" Me:
Retweeted by ShanStill marveling at the "Bolero" sequence from this week's Legion
Retweeted by ShanBULLITT (1968) Director of Photography: William A. Fraker | Director: Peter Yates
Retweeted by Shan @artincircles she also played a great one episode character on Elementary. Good actress. @artincircles not sure when she shows up, but... @artincircles it's like what we always wanted to watch on Showtime when we were playing Dungeons & Dragons in high school @artincircles YESYESYESYESYESYES @artincircles Also, Csokas is my idea of a great B-movie villain...E-VIL and ridiculous accent. (+ Widow & Tilda are awesome) @artincircles it is! and the S2 premier ups the ante on that in a huge way @artincircles sad I can only like this tweet once @artincircles family is baked into the premise of the show so I go along with it, and she's GREAT @artincircles Right? I wish all TV shows were set in the pre-baby Children of Men universe @artincircles well awesome as in no fridging, not so awesome as in yech, babies @artincircles She's fine and in S2 (so far) @artincircles do you want to know? @artincircles @saalon I thought it was amusingly self-aware for a dude surrounded by superpowered godz @artincircles @saalon I actually laughed at that! @saalon @artincircles Exhibit A: Most of Ridley Scott's movies @jowrotethis THINKPIECE: Would the Falcons have lost the Super Bowl with a Cyborg? My HOT TAKE @saalon @artincircles he's been *involved* in good things (Blade II, TDK) but on his own? Oof. @saalon @artincircles Yep, purely from a lensing/shooting aspect, Snyder is fine. Hard to edit a terrible, terrible script into somethingNot everyday you get to take a pic with a studly Georgia quarterback.
Retweeted by Shan @sgrantham19 unless you had been drinking Everclear or Gasoline
People are tweeting like something is actually happening in a soccer match. This has to be some type of war of the worlds type hoax @artincircles better yet, even BEFORE they get on my TVAdd bourbon and meat and I think that’s all the food groups right there @hollye83 saw this and thought about you @Super70sSports hubba hubba @patman23 hey, you might get to meet "Cersei" that way!BREAKING: Trump demands that AHCA be resolved in trial by combat, names Ser Robert Strong his champion
Retweeted by Shan @hollye83 (also, as an REM fan, I was perpetually perplexed with lyrics) @hollye83 or bought a newsprint mag off a spinner rack at the drugstore that had lyrics to popular songsThese guys are doing some of the best Buffy interviews out there.
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The GF has never seen Shaun of the Dead. About to change that #YouGotRedOnYouMaybe it’s like Westworld, or perhaps Multiplicity Dhavernas has a new show! Yay! And it’s on Lifetime? Huh. (watches promo). Oh. @NoelMu Is that a prequel or sequel to Sharkey's Machine?This explains everything.
Retweeted by Shan @August95 and it’s visually stunning. The most fascinating thing I’ve seen on tv in agesOne day, when I've won the lottery, I will live my geek dreams like this #StarTrek fan.
Retweeted by Shanman, he is so good at this, shohreh aghdashloo killed it in tonight’s #TheExpanseHoly shit #Legion that was STUNNING. What a fucking hour. @lafergs were you having cocktails at the bar with Gayle?
If you laugh, you too are a nerd.
Retweeted by ShanWoah, #TheMagicians just dropped an unedited c-bomb. Bravo.