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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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@artincircles I’m only 7 min in and Amy has already had 3 identities ♥️♥️♥️ @artincircles lol, does that fall into your internet acronym dead zone? 😄QSO time! #PersonOfInterest (I assume this ep is about cheese dip)I still want my Klingon West Wing show, dammit.
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@artincircles I’m just getting to last night’s. But happy I have 2 more on the DVR! @NathanFillion Since you're talking Firefly, this is my new kitten named "Malcolm Reynolds" (he aims to misbehave) @laci2517 That's a great cat name @laci2517 I love TV names. I have Willow Rosenberg and Malcolm Reynolds. @laci2517 Thanks! He's a handfulNap time #cats is going to keep an eye on Ray Lewis when the Super Bowl comes back to Atlanta?
Retweeted by ShanThere's something about Iain Glen that makes me think he should have been the dashing star of an epic network miniseries in the late '70s.
Retweeted by ShanSend your #GameOfThronesSeason6 comments and questions to our @TuningInToSciFi Small Council Matters - Tonight we podcast!
Retweeted by Shan @WendyHembrock I barely run this house as it is @WendyHembrock Bingo! (That's part of his personality that made me choose "Mal" over "Tyrion")What a great dude. He also says Bran looks like he sings for Oasis LOL 2 of Fetch continues #cats is a good clarification, and makes the update not as awful as originally feared @Jen_eration_x oh good lord...a feed full of "this airline sucks" @Jen_eration_x will we get every one of those? Doesn't seem like a good update (tho I like the not counting attachments/names) @Jen_eration_x right. And if you follow a celeb or public figure, and they tweet "thanks" to the millions of "great job!" tweets... @Jen_eration_x yeah what i've read thus far isn't too clear on that. @Jen_eration_x It seems "new" with an @ will go to all your followers, but replies won't? I think? (which would be slightly better) @Jen_eration_x There's some language around "new tweets" with an @, and "replies" with an @ that's confusing. @artincircles Right. Seeing every response, even from a follow to a non-follow, will feel like spam @Jen_eration_x So now everyone who follows ME will see this reply, not everyone who follows both of us? Yikes.And that's what I like about the South. No where else do you get a "Thank you, honey" with your order.
Retweeted by ShanKitten has discovered pawing the iPad. How long until scratching posts from Amazon start showing up in bulk? #cats @StormofSpoilers 1. Tyrion 2. Dany 3. Davos 4. Jon 5. Cersei
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Great Zeus do I want a mandate from on high to make stirrups mandatory @M_Magnus28 what did you think? @M_Magnus28 pleasant surprise our core group didn’t have casualties. Liked it quite a bit. Great mood and tone to it.Seems like I say it every week, but #Veep is the funniest goddamn thing on TV @Sockmonkey666 so sad, so tragic. Starks MEAN so well @NerdyAyna big fan of all four @NoelMu when the original came out, I thought it was a movie about furniture. Like "The Couch" or "The Nightstand"This is a great look at that fantastic set from Saturday's #Outlander @Jimeni79 LOL I know that feeling. It's gradually thawing, but I just heard a hiss from down the hall @hollye83 ...hear what the appeal and passion is for people who are into it. @hollye83 Oh good. I didn't want to be dismissive about something I don't really get or is probably not for me. Really do want to... @Jimeni79 Cute! Congrats on the expanded family @Sockmonkey666 Oooh it’s a FANTASTIC epAs a Falcons fan, I'll take this. "You know nothing" could often be said about the coaching staff, so...Doctor: so, you're here about a torn rotator cuff. Do you play baseball? Me: no, see there was a kitten and this stuffed mouse... #cats(we're closing in on 50 fetches now. I guess the kitten IS making fetch happen. Sorry)Mal is the first cat I've had to really embrace toys. Others have liked milk rings or crumpled paper, but turned a nose to bought ones @patman23 Congrats! (and I like individual kids sometimes. I have a godson! Just not the general concept. Like rap songs, I guess) @patman23 YES! 5:30 my timewe're up to 20 returns now. I'm not sure who is actually winning this "game" #catsI think the kitten & I have a game of fetch going. returning the catnip mouse 8 times in a row constitutes a game, right? @patman23 It's all gloriously about ME @patman23 Yeah, I just need this for a few more years. Then everyone can go back to breeding. :DGood grief. Shouldn't it be the reverse? @jowrotethis enough salt to make a throne?The new to #GameofThrones directors (Sackheim and now Bender) have been killing it this year. @artincircles It's Amy Acker! Of course I loved her. I watched Happy Town for fucks sakes @NoelMu Withnail and I(ce zombies) @shanarosenberg No, it was a weekend for me. Tours and some activities. It was the 70s. @shanarosenberg I did that when I was a kid and fascinated with the space program. It was fun!Cause of Death: kitten too curious about wires behind monitors and laptop @WendyHembrock @GOT_Academy @JesseJacksonDFW Also fascinating to watch major events happen for book/non book fans at the same time @hollye83 I empathize. That's how I feel about soccer, vegetables, or religion. @hollye83 Or at all, if I'm really honest. (It's not my thing, but I don't begrudge it for others until it gets vitriolic) @hollye83 Indeed. My befuddlement is why people care about THAT, to the seeming exclusion of all other aspects of a work. @hollye83 Also, my Riley/Buffy thing was based ONLY on logic, not chemistry. Because there was none of that. (I'm not insane) @hollye83 I hope mine didn’t come across that wayBetween #Preacher and #CivilWar it’s been a good weekend for HUGE transition text#spoilers
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@jowrotethis more like Caruso taking off his shades @jowrotethis no! Just playing with blowing up and explosive. (I thought you loved stupid wordplay like I do)I thought my friend Jack Bender, who directed so many great LOST episodes, just turned in the episode of the year on GAME OF THRONES.
Retweeted by Shan @jowrotethis so are pedants…blowing up…your mentions?Little “Winds of Winter” shout out there lol #GameOfThronesCan we make this happen, @realmichaelpena ?
Retweeted by ShanNope, not camouflage #cats
#Dune humor. Laugh.
Retweeted by Shan @DerfelMarek as are, sadly, about 99% of villain plans. I’m inured to the mouse trap nonsense and just go with it @Junkyard_Dawg1 tell ‘em all “hi!”Also, as I’d heard, T’Challa and Spidey were A+ intros #CivilWar @LouWSytsma @jhoffman loved how that looked.It’s right there in the name! #BlackWidowOnly #CivilWar nit picks: action can still be blurry/too close/not as spatially considered as I’d like. And Natasha should never wear brown @ladydi7182 I’m a vegetable rights activist. I just want them to be safe and uneaten. 😂Loved #CivilWar Lots of great character moments amidst the plot and fights. And Vision in a sweater! @ladydi7182 what’s that green thing mucking it up?#CaptainAmericaCivilWar time finally @patman23 jinx! I’m drinking a beer about to do the same.A fantastic list. #BuffyTheVampireSlayer @jowrotethis why did the word "stevedore" suddenly pop into my head? :D @hollye83 LOL. Bourbon or no, he does fall into my theory that anyone ever appearing on a reality show should be catapulted into the sun @hollye83 as a bourbon fan, I can't really condemn thatMy TV won't be the same without @BansheeTvShow! That's 1 box set U Mughpfuqahz need to have!!
Retweeted by Shan @ugakerri is this "on a scale of 1-100, how much do you hate that our new coach wears a visor?" @KenFromChicago Why not just make the Captain the drummer from Spinal Tap?Today in things I've said out loud to a kitten: "I don't come watch you pee!"New #StarTrekBeyond trailer big improvement (still, little tired of ship getting blown up, but fingers crossed) @kbachelder @WynonnaEarpPod Enjoyed the Tim Rozon interview pod. He's a great guest“This is where I leave you, Banshee, Pennsylvania. Suck my tit!” Remarkable finale, and series. #Banshee