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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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Where can I buy my friends' poop? and crucifixtions seem like a lot of effort when you can just wait until tomorrow.More unbelievable than Wesen & monsters? #Grimm had a plot where they were doing human sacrifices to make it rain. @TVandDinners yep, that happened. I started quick and had time to record another feed.Maybe Hulu?
Also, the actress they cast as Fiona is wonderful. Really dig her and the character. #Elementary @lafergs Goodbye To FluThe Joan and Sherlock scenes discussing Fiona are pure gold. So layered and fun. #ElementaryIt gets overlooked because it’s a CBS procedural, but the #Elementary cast kills it every week.Lady just called in @finebaum show said. She wanted a new lawnmower or weed eater for Valentines day ... I love the south
Retweeted by Shan @EileenShyler Leo was frozen like Captain AmericaPerd Hapley still reporting from an alien colonized earth! #ColonyThis is 100% CORRECT @artincircles every few years (TNG was nominated for Emmys for example). @artincircles BSG was beloved by critics (Peabody winner!) but not by ratings and Emmys. There's occasionally the "token" genre show... @artincircles GoT, X-Files, Lost and a few others have, but most think "genre" is a gutter from which occasional gems escape. @artincircles has almost always been hard for "genere" shows to break out into critical and cultural conversations. @EileenShyler is it just "blood and bones of enemies. And herbal tea."?Yesssssssss
Retweeted by ShanThere are many things I hated about my time in Maryland. Living close to a Wegmans wasn't one no one @d_m_elms yes, you did. It’s all good. And brands will appear on unis sooner Vs later, people will bitch, and it will work. @d_m_elms lol I’m used to it. People always think it doesn’t work on them. But billings keep rising, ads get placed & the world turns again
@d_m_elms right. I’m not stupid nor unobservant. Just offended and perplexed why anyone would think that. 😄 @EileenShyler @d_m_elms maybe? Seems like lunacy to me (of course, in this cartoon I’m probably the smack and the urine 😄) @EileenShyler most any space with eyes on it can be sold. And when it stops working they won’t sell or the price will go down. @d_m_elms I don’t understand that at all. @EileenShyler people subconsciously remember those. And exposures add up like drops in a glass. And that’s worth something to advertisers @EileenShyler @d_m_elms the point is when people stop buying them (such as in newspapers). @EileenShyler @d_m_elms yes. Brand/logo exposures are worth money because they are effective. If,they weren’t they couldn’t charge @d_m_elms tacky, but who cares? NASCAR, soccer and many sports do this. @GeorgeDoggett lol,right onEvidently some strong feelings about #The100 tonight.Did I ask? Did anyone ask? Goddamit, ASP.
Retweeted by Shan @artincircles always great to see her (and worthy!) pop up in stuff @katiedoubleyew the cast is so, so goodSMOKEY AND THE BANDIT is on Encore. I haven’t seen this uncensored in years. My youth. My South. 😍 @TheTeleverse Grimm is okay. It’s like the Tab version of Angel, w/great supporting cast. POI is awesome with Acker and Shahi. @ladydi7182 no, and I hated him on TGW for a while until he finally won me over lol @ladydi7182 I usually am so NOT a shipper but great Zeus I hated Jess. 😁 @artincircles Magicians, OJ, Expanse and my guilty pleasure, Lucifer @DerfelMarek who wouldn’t be? @ladydi7182 OMG. And I liked you until now. 😂 @HistoryofMatt a karadashian husbandCan’t believe I haven’t added a mute filter for that “artist” until now.Third episode of #Lucifer. Still preposterous. Still preposterously fun.And FAIL. At least now we all know I don't spend a lot of time looking in the mirror!
Retweeted by Shan @DerfelMarek I read him until his column turned into a day care center @DerfelMarek Given the lady villains + Chastain, I'm perfectly fine with that.Appropriately timed, a lovely appreciation of #Bunheads hope JP plays Sam Winchester on #GilmoreGirls and kills Jess like the demon he is. Be careful and burn his bones too. @lafergs swoon
@saalon and horrifyingly she will probably lose the accent for itThe realization that people are just going to keep fucking talking about politics #MoarWhiskeyPlz @lafergs keep preaching sister. I keep seeing cheers to this in my timeline and need to drink to keep my sanityListen to the fans, Amy Sherman-Palladino! Bring back the swan to finish Jess off once and for all!
Retweeted by ShanThe acting in #ThePeoplevOJSimpson is so, so good. Yes, even BarbarinoJess Mariano was trash and probably still is
Retweeted by ShanWait, what? #Bunheads4ever @saalon lol yes I just have to hear it in my head to keep my sanity @saalon some days, I feel like that judge on TGW and want to make everyone start a tweet with “in my opinion…”The worst thing about watching Shannara (other than the show itself) is seeing ads for other MTV programming @saalon are you cosplaying as one of your followers? 😄UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Retweeted by ShanUgh. Jess. Nope. #GilmoreGirls @HistoryofMatt I recommend all of those! @HistoryofMatt Yep. Have you seen her Black Mirror? Awesome. @HistoryofMatt I don't hate SHIELD, but AC is absolutely a cut aboveI agree with just about all of this list wish someone would tell me how great the musical Hamilton is.
Retweeted by ShanI VERY much hope #AgentCarter is able to continue. It's truly a major treat, please watch it.
Retweeted by ShanThe winner looks pretty sharp
Wait…someone named “Emma Frost” is the showrunner for “The White Queen”? @August95 nope. An anthology series like American Horror Story. I lived it too but it’s pretty entertaining thus far. @August95 the pilot of the FX show was really, really goodYay, a new Trek series from Bryan Fuller! Boo, the identity politics whining starts seconds later! Arm ThinkPiece Torpedoes!I'm going to be on the new Star Trek series. I'm going to be on the new Star Trek series. (new affirmation)
Retweeted by ShanSometimes the hiring folk hire the exact right folk. Congrats to @BryanFuller. A real writer. Can't wait to see what he does.
Retweeted by ShanWow, this is great, great news. I remember being like, "In general?" And he said, "No, I mean for the show." in this is classicAlso, I don't give two shits about the kid, but Anderson made me feel everything.Another good #XFiles last night."You’re a dark wizard, Mulder" and DD's laugh just wonderful. @artincircles wow. Surprising. I thought that was smart, fun, and witty (if a little long)Okay Mulder & Scully time. #TheXFiles @artincircles what do you mean? That was a fantastic adaptation @Sockmonkey666 me too. But the show is its own thing. Think Buffy or Fargo. @Sockmonkey666 totally agree with that. A total delight. Who’s not in love with Peggy? @Sockmonkey666 Shannara is not good at all. But I highly recommend the two SyFy shows. With those and 12 Monkeys they are on a good streak @Sockmonkey666 no but that’s awesome. He can sell some BS. Very Tony Headish. Never stoops. @Sockmonkey666 I’m like Steve Rogers…I GET THAT REFERENCE. He’s so good. Like a House or Sherlock that’s all charm. Spike-ish even.You don't even have to read the story to know this happened in Florida...
Retweeted by Shan @Sockmonkey666 Miller, Routh and Darvill are great so I keep watching. What do you think? Have you sampled them? @Sockmonkey666 charmed by it and the leads that I love it and IDGAF. LoT has major plot and script issues for me, but Lotz, Garber, … @Sockmonkey666 let’s see…I really like The Expanse and The Magicians. Lucifer I have no idea if it’s objectively even decent but I am so…
So #TheMagicians is doing “Normal Again?” @saalon @DerfelMarek I’m not familiar with the source so perhaps I just enjoy the sugar rush for what it isTerrific casting on the tax deductions and Bird directed the hell out of it. Great art direction too.I watched TOMORROWLAND last night and the script was an unholy mess. But (SHOCK!) I was completely enamored with the urchins. @saalon ha. I can say many things but since switching from a blackberry I can’t mobilly type shit @DerfelMarek @saalon LOL I’m sorry I *know* it’s not good but I am completely charmed by it @saalon absolutely. Love her. (And I admire you spelling it multiple times)
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