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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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Back in my day when we found a Pokémon we had to beat it to death with a rotary phone
Retweeted by Shan @hollye83 not this? @saalon maybe like certain Cage or Oldman perfs; you KNOW there’s immense skill there and still wonder WTF is going on @saalon that JA performance is so weird and off putting yet so committed it circles back to entertaining for me.
@DrJtotheMastro that’s stupid fun!I love that Gumball Rally is on this. e-mail ever?
Retweeted by Shan @jowrotethis @patman23 @Carlos_Adama @Carlos_Adama @frinklin @jowrotethis @patman23 In space, no one can hear you exhale @frinklin @jowrotethis @patman23 @Carlos_Adama Keeps your pants up. With staples. @DerfelMarek was it in a low rent video? @jowrotethis @patman23 @Carlos_Adama I think dad knew how it would all turn out @andymannion77 but he did everything for YOUMoving image to be sure, but any kid who touches the TV should be given to that guy from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang @jowrotethis After years of building plastic Enterprise models in my basement, I was SO THERE for 1701 Porn @jowrotethis DEEP ANALYSIS: The 70s, man. Wow. @patman23 @jowrotethis @patman23 @jowrotethis Ye godz. And the Starfleet unis Mr Furley would wear? @jowrotethis the outfits are AWFUL and pace is languid, but I'm an unabashed TMP fanJack Davis tribute piece by Dave Helwig. #RIP #GoDawgs
Retweeted by Shan @artincircles Maybe I'm just a robot. I always think contract's up. Wanted to leave. Story exhausted. Drama needs a jolt.
@hraptis72 😻😻😻She said "clear eyed" without "full hearts" or "can't lose." Vote Trump.
Retweeted by ShanTHE ROAD SO FAR… ::Carry On Wayward Son plays::
Retweeted by Shan @LouWSytsma probably for me, too. Beyond > Trek >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Darkness @letloverule42 @saalon Yung is terrific. I still think about her saying “Matthew” 😍Gave my oldest kitty the “lion cut.” Not sure she’s sold on it yet. @artincircles That's true. @artincircles I'm more of a cat person, but dogs are better actors. :D @artincircles right. And then they feel obligated to have babies. (just adopt a kitten, y'all). @artincircles I'm a fan of forever flirting. I don't believe in the Moonlighting curse, but ROMANCE gets so serious & sappy. Blah. @artincircles But they should flirt (tho never consummate it). @artincircles Very much a dad show. But my dad also indoctrinated me into Trek, so I shan't quibble with his taste too much @artincircles My dad watched the original Macgyver before Monday Night Football @artincircles Don't think I'd set a season pass (and I've even watched NCIS for Bakula, so my standards for faves are low) @artincircles lol I'm with ya. I want a headlining show for her from a great showrunner. But if she wants a new pool, what's a week of work? @artincircles True, but I'll never begrudge someone I like and respect getting a check.Where's Chris Sale when you need him?
Retweeted by Shan @HistoryofMatt @ladydi7182 isn’t she In the new Thor as a badass warrior? @ladydi7182 appears to be a sequel (even though many are erroneously calling it a reboot). @patman23 @StormofSpoilers same! Just finished listening. @patman23 @jowrotethis and his poor brother Billy. (lol JK I’m from Georgia. We ALL knew about Billy)Admittedly, every time I see Bradley I'm a little upset he's not a space raccoon. But I deal.
Retweeted by Shan @HistoryofMatt yeah, but with different expectations further south @DerfelMarek words mean things. It's not that hard. @DerfelMarek drives me crazy.Season is almost here, y'all. Let's get mad!, as someone who had several German cars, their cupholders were always hot garbage.America. Fuck Yeah., I really liked BEYOND. Best script, fewest head scratching, drive an Enterprise D through it plot holes, and a cargo bay of funAnd how hard is it to make an iconic theme to a property with several already iconic themes? Giacchino is a genius.And how have we never seen a ship *in* a warp bubble before? So lovely.Another selection of artwork from our Jack Davis collection (MS2964). #DGD
Retweeted by ShanPastor Tim Kaine
Retweeted by ShanMy only quibbles: villain was a bit undercooked, and I didn't buy Kirk's ennui (despite being very fond of Pine's interpretation).It looked gorgeous, and that cast remains impeccable top to bottom. Liked them being on the mission & sense of exploration.Loved the teamwork and attention each character got. More of Urban's spot on Bones is always welcome.Jaylah a wonderful addition/allyTalking Trek with tweeps this morning. So I did see #StarTrekBeyond yesterday. Really enjoyed it! B+ or A- for me. Some add'l thoughts... @patman23 Do you listen to the EHG pod? They just did a Trek "draft" Good fun, and with guest Mo Ryan. @patman23 Definitely check out the Mirrors. Work as relatively standalone. And Peter Weller was in the final eps, similar to ST:ID role @patman23 Lol, I didn't mind. It *is* canon, and they referenced Archer's dog before, too. @patman23 Mirror universe eps were sensational. @patman23 S4 was actually entertaining. More mini arcs, more threads of Federation/TOS, but too little too late @andymannion77 Was worried with Lin (I hate the F&F movies), but he did great with the Jung/Pegg script and made use of the team @patman23 Agreed. what a shame. (still watched every episode). @andymannion77 saw it yesterday and loved it. Urban was FANTASTIC and adored Jaylah. @patman23 @StormofSpoilers "squandered opportunity" is what always comes to mind with ENT @patman23 @StormofSpoilers yeah, the Temporal Cold War was a botch from the go. I enjoyed it more when Manny Coto had more say @patman23 @StormofSpoilers Hell, I even occasionally watch NCIS:NO for him and his spotty accent. @patman23 @StormofSpoilers Agreed. If it was virtually ANYONE else, I would have hated Archer. Bakula did all he could with it.Biggest question: will they stop the god forsaken autoplay videos? Typography of ‘Stranger Things’
Retweeted by Shan30 years ago today, #REM released their 4th studio LP "Lifes Rich Pageant" featuring singles "Fall On Me & Superman"
Retweeted by ShanGoddammit once again my #AmericanGothic recording is starting with the idiocy and human garbage of a reality show.I’m assiduously avoiding politics but this made me laugh
🚨ALERT!🚨Francie caught eating COFFEE ICE CREAM! (espresso gelato but same diff) 🍦☕️
Retweeted by Shan @andymannion77 (with Julia Stiles as Mary Magdalene)More Black Mirror! // Black Mirror Season 3 Premiere Date Set at Netflix — Get Details via @TVLineAbout to go BEYOND @artincircles That's how to have fun with it. Thumbs up.Another classic from Jack Davis. #RIP #GoDawgs
Retweeted by ShanTowers: Jack Davis belongs among greatest Dogs ever
Retweeted by Shan @jowrotethis I know a LOT of useless trivia, and had never heard of that @andymannion77 Also a grad of my school, who did countless classic illustrations for our teams. A real legend.Elizabeth Marvel on anything is welcome 2 of the #SmallCouncilMatters #GameofThrones S6 Review is up! Jack Davis. Mad Magazine & #Dawgs 2 important parts of my childhood.Still see his work in my house every day.
Retweeted by Shan"They told me if we're leading in the 4th quarter light a cigar. We've waited late. I mean late. I've lit the cigar"
Retweeted by ShanCatching up on my TL and it’s GA-Fla game and Police Academy. I ♥️ Twitter y’all @djohnstonuga great, great athlete and natural runner. What a shame.
Before any life decision, ask yourself… #WWBD #StrangerThings
Retweeted by Shan @Brassafrass in stunning HD! (Half Def) @djohnstonuga the broadcast has actual video garbage at the top lol. How did we even watch then? @saalon most of them good! @hollye83 I get it. Despite 142 filters, I still see references to those reality show people and my BP elevates to dangerous levels. @hollye83 lol. Isn’t some of that self inflicted tho? I just mute/tune out/ignore things that actively & consistently annoy me. @andymannion77 wonder who gets his vote: The Stunt Man, Daniel Faraday, or King Renly? @iontrone he was into Rhollor!Happy for those whose demographic has been nominated. When we can have a candidate who doesn’t believe in fairy tales, wake me from my nap