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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

The Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind. TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and bourbon. Does not believe in Santa.

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HOW BOUT THEM DAWGSDawgs D is HANGRY #GoDAWGSWould have been better, like most things, starting with “u bum” @Junkyard_Dawg1 This is great!Amazing. #UGA
Retweeted by ShanGoggles! non failures. junkyard dawgs! #GoDAWGSJim Chaney you beautiful pagan god
Retweeted by ShanGuess he practiced hard this week. Awesome. #GoDAWGSBaker having a hell of a game y’all #GoDAWGS @sambrooklyn Oh boy isn’t that nice?Roquan still EVERYWHERE #GoDAWGSJust keep trying, and the hundredth time it’s golden Wild Dawg success! #GoDAWGSMan Swift is so promising. Like they said, also has a great professional name. Like Lake Speed.When you're two shots off the lead at Tour Championship, but still made a Saturday night in Athens @K_Kisner
Retweeted by Shanvery good dogs
Retweeted by Shan @saalon @DerfelBarada I’d be in favor of a good bottle of rye @ugajovigirl Lol. Autocorrect is not programmed by a Dawg @sambrooklyn Yeah from that one angle. But I don’t think they *want* to change it unless it’s glaring. Sucks because it killed some moIndeed. But once it was called fumble on the field, there wasn’t “enough” to reverse it. from the #UGA crowd on the previous 3 plays: "Boo." Yes, that's verbatim.
Retweeted by ShanGrrrrr. #GoDAWGS @sambrooklyn @ugajovigirl I remember being really happy for most of the Super Bowl so…Go Dawgs!!
Retweeted by Shan @djohnstonuga Nowhere to go but down damn that’s the way to start! Touchback, 3 and out, 1 pass for a TD. #GoDAWGSWell now ...hell-the-fuk-o!
Retweeted by ShanGreat start on D #GoDAWGS @sambrooklyn Good call. I’m going with Woodford Double Oaked m’self @ugajovigirl In 20 minutes!To all my Dawg tweeps ‘tween the Hedges…GIVE EM HELL #GoDAWGSOuuu Vandy...
Retweeted by Shan @Jen_eration_x Saban signed the squirrel yet? @SethWEmerson Hopefully “I Ran” will apply to Chubb, Sony, et al @JesseJacksonDFW @bourbonblog @BourbonDaily Nice! @WSLSpodcast USFL had some very underrated togs @laci2517 Right. Don’t need it just gets more so 👀This pigs and ags game is v. entertaining @EileenShyler Yeah I’ve got to catch the right mood or let the vet do it. @EileenShyler You need these @HistoryofMatt It’s just great. The u makes it even better.I’ve never really been a fan, but “u bum” is just so delightful in its pithinessNot sure who my alma mater plays today, but we've already won
Retweeted by ShanLouisville looking ... normal for a change. @UniWatch @PhilHecken
Retweeted by Shan @saalon A great persian rug over the stain on the floor @saalon Loved that show. And the *idea* of that season. But oooof that casting just torpedoed it. @saalon Not sure. All the other Crowes were so great! @saalon Can we get an apology for Justified season 5 too?Samuel L Jackson as a Klingon with a Bat'Leth that says "Bad Motherfucker" @saalon MMMMMMMMMM @hollye83 cats apparently share my views on soccerspeaking of unis, hey @nike we're STILL waiting on silver britches #GoDawgs(although if they were truly Cowboys accurate, all the reds wouldn't match)Not a huge Jerry fan, but I do dig the Hogs special unis today. Dymo labels! @fox12oregon did you work things out with DirecTV?well, I WAS enjoying Keegan Michael Key picking games #GoDawgsThat's a good deal on an OLED and I luuuuurve mine of our AWESOME NYC Dawgs showing up for @CollegeGameDay. We run this town!!!
Retweeted by ShanLive dawg in NY bar. Awesome #GoDawgs IS HERE! #GamedayinNYC @CollegeGameDay @ugaalumniassoc
Retweeted by ShanNew thing…vase filled with bourbon and wine corks.
How bad could it be? is my favorite novel. Honestly think it deserves the Thrones treatment as a series.goddamn #bsg was such great science fiction. We need more of that. Expanse is ambitious. Discovery is coming. Maybe Dune.Flipped to SyFy just in time to see Adama tell the crew about earth. SO SAY WE ALL. #bsg @saalon My first 45 was “Shake Your Groove Thing” so I’ll just sit over here in my leisure suit @saalon Then it was all classics because it was a new format (I’m old). Floyd, Zep, Stones. But it’s weird to remember first purchases @saalon @sippyscenes Say hello to….well you know @saalon Their greatest hits was the third CD I ever bought. ( 1. Murmur 2. Stop Making Sense)god Boise home games are unwatchable. Not always a stodgy traditionalist but fields should be green for fucks sake @CravensisaDawg I like zaxbys fries better. But I LIVED at that Guthrie’s as an undergradreading is hard with cats
Retweeted by Shan @jowrotethis It’s great. But I always feel bad when I read how much the cat hated it. Lighten up cat, it’s Oscar and Joel and Ethan. @BernieDawg Lol I knew that but feel exhausted with that many steps again. #tiredthumb #gottasavethatbattery