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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

The Nonsensical Ravings of a Lunatic Mind. TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and bourbon. Does not believe in Santa.

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@August95 need some windex for the crystal ball @hollye83 cute! And how old? @hollye83 my last 3 cats have been Mulder, Willow and Mal. I have a type. (What about Marshmallow?)In honor of his passing, read this great Random Roles with Miguel Ferrer, by @NoelMu
Retweeted by ShanPretty good piece on the Falcons, despite quotes from the moronic "Stews" successful on the fitted sheet no thanks to the “help” @patman23 LOL Mal the kitten lives up to his namesake "I aim to misbehave" @patman23 last time I fought the sheet diving kitten, too, and lost the war (wads into linen closet). I expect the same todayNew sheets just coming out of the dryer and I'm filled with crippling anxiety over folding the fitted sheet. @saalon baby steps @saalon an hopefully, no glowing beam to a hole in the sky. @saalon lord do I hate kids in movies, but even I am like YEP @GeorgeDoggett Ha! That's one of my annual Thanksgiving watches, along with Buffy's "Pangs" @HistoryofMatt oh yeah, that's awesome too. So hard to choose off the top of your head. BSG had many of those @artincircles Oh yeah. Or <posts whole final season of POI> @artincircles such a GREAT way to handle head-spinning exposition with wit and character. Brilliant. @artincircles LOL honestly you could just make a Best Amy Acker Scenes list that would go on forever. @sawilcox28 Maybe you'll turn into a demon goddess? :Dand of course, this #30DayTVShowChallengeand this #30DayTVShowChallengeAnd finally a couple of lists that show why Buffy remains my favorite show of all time #30DayTVShowChallengeDRACARYS #30DayTVShowChallengeFred & Wesley say goodbye, Illyria says hello #30DayTVShowChallenge"I'd like to test that theory" #30DayTVShowChallengeMal Reynolds in a nutshell #30DayTVShowChallengeThe whole opening of last year's Game of Thrones finale (that score!) #30DayTVShowChallengeSo here are some things I love. Hurley talks time travel #30DayTVShowChallengeOr it could be the time jump from "Lay Down Your Burdens Pt 2". There's just no way to choose. #30DayTVShowChallengeCould be Jack Sheppard & the dog, or "Not Penny's Boat" or the end of "The Constant." #30DayTVShowChallengeDay 9: "Best Scene Ever" really is the most impossible one to pick. Could be "Mr Worf...Fire." #30DayTVShowChallenge @jowrotethis hey I heard you mention discussing LOTR on The Canon, but all I find is the old pod feed with the Amy and the a-holeAs great as Aaron Rodgers has been during Green Bay's eight-game win streak, Matt Ryan has been even better.
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@hollye83 @ladyval75 I’d forgo a bed firstVery disappointed when I found out they weren’t responsible for “MMMbop” remains the goddamned best #SweetVicious @hollye83 you can’t consume yesterday’s entertainment with today’s mindset. You’ll drive yourself crazy.If you like shows about weepy breeders, congrats on getting more seasons. @patman23 frequent genre show stalwart, and always gives a terrific performanceFrain is awesome. Always good to see him. @NoelMu I never knew Thomas Dolby was on Foreigner 4. Great trivia! @saalon I went with my 2 fave FX joints, given that I didn't really have a place for those elsewhere and I love them so muchDay8: But I will recommend 2 brilliant (also underviewed) FX gems: #TheAmericans and #Fargo #30DayTVShowChallenge 8: Days 2 & 3 highlighted underseen shows I wish more people were watching. Not sure what's different about tod…
Retweeted by Shan#ThisDayInGAHistory in 1999 @AtlantaFalcons upset the 15-1 @Vikings 30-27 in OT of the NFC Championship and advance…
Retweeted by ShanTypos all over the place tonight. Lap cat suddenly obsessed with the iPad 😽 @NoelMu @AndyKindler of all the froyos in all the towns in all the world… @sitakatherine lol I was…uncomfortable…watching American Gigolo with my mom too. Young (hell, OLD) Geremwas smokin’ @sitakatherine when I was a kid, he and Paul Newman were my Mom’s freebies. Dad agreed. @sitakatherine Dr. YES amirite? @DerfelBarada I really like this little show but the ratings aren’t promising @Junkyard_Dawg1 I’m Mister Snow Miser @NoelMu my exception to my distaste for teen shows is a genre element (Buffy of course, The 100, Sweet/Viscous). I’ll give the pilot a shot @NoelMu is the noir angle of Riverdale appealing enough if you hate teens soaps (90210, Dawson’s, DeGrassi, ER al)? @girlgloaming @DocStar11 I’ve got a OneNote folder full of how to vids and PDFs. Still wad those fuckers up in frustration every singel time @Brassafrass I always ace the essay questions 😁 @Brassafrass this happens to me all the time. Polls don’t show up in tweetbot" ... and the agony of defeat."
Retweeted by ShanThe Houdini guy on the last #Timeless is really good. @NoelMu guess they sold out to Big Vatican. @NoelMu how’s the new album from Papal Kangaroos?
Retweeted by Shan @Brassafrass as a kid it was Old Yeller & Brian’s Song. As an adult, probably Requiem for a Dream @DerfelBarada with a guest spot from genre favorite Jeff KoberYesss
Retweeted by Shan“I love it when a ball deflation comes together!” we’re having fun 🙄 @jowrotethis Same. Also, isn't the lead like an Oscar Isaac that's been photocopied multiple times? @patman23 The Fantastic Four are overrated heroes. I'll build a wall around Latveria and charge Reed Richards. Rocks are lame. Sad! @artincircles fun as usual. Plenty of laughs. @Albatross117 what if I wanted sunglasses? :D @andygeoghegan77 2White2Jump Ghost Protocol @EileenShyler plus, Fran Tarkenton went to UGA. @EileenShyler yes! (I was born in GA, but spent several youthful years in WI and my first game was a Packers game. Still an ATL fan tho) @EileenShyler Welcome to the Falcons Bandwagon! @shefallsalot Indeed. What a cast! @shefallsalot lord knows we don't need another zombie show, but damned if I won't add this to my playlist in a hot second @hollye83 I'm glad you reminded me about the pod; I switched to Pocket Casts and had to re-add all my subscriptions. #OneOfTheFiveBut as with most things Buffy, even in a terrible ep there is a beautiful moment. Like this from Giles