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Shan @TNRLM Vancouver, WA

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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@EvilKirbySmart @ThinkingBulldog human sacrifice to the elder gods @BernieDawg I liked pretty much all of it, flaws and all, except what they did with Chandra. Just nonsense with that characterI see the kid is still alive on #TheStrain. Le sigh @saalon we gathered around the dorm common rooms to watch that at the top of every hour @saalon man, that’s tough. Animal House, American Werewolf and Blues brothers are all timers for me; no dipshit progeny can ruin thoseYou can be brave, principled, and free. And also nebulous, fuzzy-thinking, and outright stupid at the same time. Welcome to America.It's a bird It's a plane It's a flawed expression of emotion on social media This looks like a job for... THE GRIEF CORRECTOR
Retweeted by Shan @feedly And we're back! Great service and response! @feedly okay, thanks for the quick response. @feedly hey, what's up? All my web/mobile feedly feeds are down.Hahahahaha someone please buy this for me.
Retweeted by Shan @August95 The Magicians has a similar, if modern, feel. Have you tried that yet? @August95 it is. I haven’t read it but know folks who have and say it’s great (tho a bit different from the TV show) @August95 different kind of take on magic. Full of lively performancesOooooooo what a good show to binge watch (if you missed it).
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@ladydi7182 and YOU enjoy that. I’ll have another bourbon. 😜 @ladydi7182 maybe trying to play drunk; my accent ramps up and I expected hers to also but it didn’t. Also, falling zombies! @ladydi7182 watching it now and I think she’s fine. Being southern, I’m usually judgey about those accentsThe Night Of: a wrenching, sad look at the grind of the legal/penal system stuffed with a so-so (but amazingly acted) procedural. And a cat.
Retweeted by ShanAlso, #Westworld get in my eyeballs!I enjoyed that. Nice wrap up. Final shot 😻😻😻😻 #TheNightOfChandra - idiot Nas - idiot Cat - hero Stone - don't give up Box - finally doing something #TheNightOf
Retweeted by Shan @ladydi7182 I’ll listen for it when I watch later to see if it sounds off @ladydi7182 I’ve seen her on many things, and in interviews. She’s definitely got a twang @ladydi7182 she’s from Alabama. It’s real!And now the cat gets screwed. Thanks, Chandra. #TheNightOf
Retweeted by Shan @ladydi7182 which one? @artincircles that was fun!Sunday sundown over #UGA: counting down the days to Georgia Football (📷: Dr. Chris Greer)
Retweeted by ShanCongrats to @hollye83 on our Giants-Braves bet. Today’s game was a squeaker! 😲⚾️ @hollye83 this game is fun YOU DONT WANT IT UNDER THE COUCH STOP PLAYING WITH IT BESIDE THE COUCH (😹 not listening)No, YOU put it under the couch. Why do I have to get it out? (crazy cat-talking person) @hollye83 at least for another couple of hours. Before it spoils like milk in a single person’s fridge @saalon maybe he’s Tamarian (“Hitler and Goebbels at Berlin…”) @hollye83 fixed that for you @EileenShyler we know who's the boss @hollye83 nobody expects the spanish inquisition @hollye83 Lol, I like all those song choices. (but would enjoy shots anyway)RE that Thor short, Mjolnir jokes are always funny for me. Having to vacuum around it just kills me.We are legion. #GoDawgs the yes.
Retweeted by Shan @DerfelMarek I saw it last Sunday and loved it. There was a bigger crowd there than I expected.Man I miss watching SportsCenter when it was about scores & higlights, not politics and sob stories @hollye83 RUBBER GAME! ( I thought I would be buying something at this point)That moment when you realize this is the last weekend without SEC football for a long, long time.
Retweeted by ShanIt’s Jack Cassidy, Robert Culp, or Patrick McGoohan a Sherlock instead of a Sipowicz and I’d feel comfortable with receiving justice fo my murder days.
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This time next week we’ll be neck deep in bourbon and college 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 #GoDawgs @TVandDinners I really liked this season. @artincircles @saalon Yeah, certain people are just really good in that narrow lane. @artincircles @saalon I still really like Dushku. Wish she had more range for what the premise required though @saalon @artincircles the ep where she under covered as a Brit? Charming! I liked her on Who, too. @saalon @artincircles what an awesome cast! They killed the lead’s charm making her do US accent @artincircles she was great as an OTT villain on that terrible Bionic Woman reboot @artincircles lovely. /fans self/ @CarolPinchefsky is that the McQuarrie cover art? Nice. #MayTheForceBeWithYou @saalon @artincircles sure. Say this is an elseworlds and unconnected and go to town. @chrisdole86 @saalon @artincircles that’s fun. GJ certainly has the grin. @saalon @artincircles yes to center but I agree I’d love to see her range in a character like HQ @artincircles or Tal as Canary, and one of the Banshee ladies (Simmons or Dunn, depending on age) as Huntress @BernieDawg I do SS with my usual rocks and water. Tasty! @artincircles Amy Acker as an older Oracle. Alona Tal as Huntress. @artincircles Jane Espenson. Or Butters & Fazekas. @BernieDawg really? Interesting. My go to cheapie is SouthShot.Much respect to Bryce Harper for credibly pulling off the haircut Tom Bailey had while in the Thompson Twins. MVP.
Retweeted by ShanScattered, covered, and chunked. Agree with drunken topping. @saalon aw that’s clearly a typo. (He meant standing in LIME, as all voting precincts are in the bar of an On The Border)ONE. MORE. WEEK. #GoDawgs #ATD #CommitToTheG
Retweeted by Shan @ladydi7182 that’s what I put in my vodka tonics @ladydi7182 what time should I show up? @EileenShyler the way my Dyson picks up cat hair puts me pretty close to euphoria @TVandDinners Yeah, he was great on that. Also Crashdown on BSG @TVandDinners I always like to see him pop up @EileenShyler not all it's crocked up to be @Jen_eration_x @ugakerri I can multi-task! @Jen_eration_x @ugakerri Glad I'm out here. I'm undefeated in SECCG, but I also went to WVU and Boise. @hollye83 Any thermostat setting starting with a 7 is "sauna"Ready is an understatement. #CommitToTheG #GoHeels #CFAKickoff
Retweeted by ShanIn related news, I have good money on the Washington Generals, Thomas Dewey, and General Custer.So I had some bourbon last night and made a bet with @hollye83 on the Braves-Giants series. @artincircles I loved The Nice Guys and Hell or High WaterCarving on a rock about flame privilege and how fire is classicist
@hollye83 I think any of my possible trash talk has been rolled to the curbBeing in the PNW I kinda miss the Pac 12 After Dark being…after dark. (still converted to PT sports viewing tho) @hollye83 Jeff Samardzija is Eric Balfour drunk at WoodstockOf course I complain about 🏈orange and the Giants ⚾️ are wearing it #eyesore @NerdyAyna And you people, you’re all astronauts, … on some kind of star trek?It’s college 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈 @KCDawg34 he’s probably my number oneI know why sports broadcasts do the Up Close & Personal weepy bullshit. But I hate it. It’s like a (gag reflex) reality show. @jowrotethis @twpolk Awesome. I hope the rest of the Christie’s they optioned turn out as good as this one.Bucs have such an interesting uni history. Awful, yet now classic creamsicles. Great deep red and pewter. Now an abomination. @laci2517 yep. I have it for screwdrivers; other than that there’s not a BIT of orange in this casa @laci2517 the dog emoji works because of Russ 🐶👍🏻🏈 @hollye83 I know. That’s pretty amazing. At least we’re consistent (draft pick! Draft pick!) @laci2517 was just listening to Dawgs podcast and thinking about that. Scared, but think a W there