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This newspaper has been seized by the Turkish government.

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#LATEST European Parliament adopts Turkey report deploring serious backsliding on democracy
Retweeted by Today's ZamanUS human rights report slams Turkey over restrictions on freedoms, politicized judiciary
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Obama: The approach Erdogan has taken with press could lead Turkey down a "troubling" path
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Instead of condemning Zaman takeover "EU leaders are giving Erdogan opportunities on golden plates" @sevgistanbul
Retweeted by Today's ZamanPlease share it with as many people as possible to make our voice heard.
Retweeted by Today's Zaman @nipped @BBCHARDtalk BBC Hard Talk youtube link:
Retweeted by Today's ZamanSweep these people off the floor @sevgistanbul @todayszamancom
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German, Brit, French, Swiss, Spanish, Bulgarian, Greek, Dutch, Belgian, Brazilian, US, Japanese, Aussie, Canadian... all YES! Turkish? NO!
Retweeted by Today's ZamanPlease see and spread the final moments in our newsroom:How we prepared the last FREE front page of Today's Zaman
Retweeted by Today's ZamanMedia crackdown in #turkey is real. Will EU really turn blind eye in return for a #refugees deal?
Retweeted by Today's ZamanThe Erdogan Administration continues to target the press & limit the Turkish people's freedom of speech. We cannot tolerate these acts.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanI'll appear on Al Jazeera English's Listening Post at the following times starting from tomorrow Morning:
Retweeted by Today's ZamanAll my columns for Zaman has been deleted when the new admin installed by the gov't deleted the archives! I feel as if we are in 1984!
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Yet another black day for media freedom in #Turkey : Latest front page of @todayszamancom
Retweeted by Today's ZamanTurkish police raid #Zaman HQs, fire tear gas on readers after gov’t takeover via @todayszamancom
Retweeted by Today's ZamanThe NEW Today's Zaman after the government seizure: An AKP, Erdogan and Davutoglu mouthpiece! RIP old, critical TZ!
Retweeted by Today's ZamanYears ago I wrote some articles for Todays Zaman-now after Friday's gov takeover, no longer available! Archive gone!
Retweeted by Today's ZamanWhy couldn't Obama/Kerry say more than that Erdogan's silencing of #Zaman was "troubling"?
Retweeted by Today's ZamanTurkey: Govt seizure of media group is an extraordinary threat to freedom of expression - @UNHumanRights @davidakaye
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Zaman: The murder of a newspaper @P24Punto24
Retweeted by Today's Zaman#Turkey's best selling weekly news magazine #Aksiyon with over 50,000 circulation seized by gov't. Its last edition didn't go to newsstand
Retweeted by Today's ZamanMy marathon with Today's Zaman is now over after Turkish government occupied the paper. It's been an exciting and enriching experience.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanFollowing #Zaman takeover, #Turkey authorities seize #Cihan news agency
Retweeted by Today's ZamanIn case you have missed my op-ed in the @nytimes on the brutal take over of our media group in Turkey:
Retweeted by Today's ZamanAnother powerful frame from @ozannkosee made this week's @Newsweek Big Shots:
Retweeted by Today's ZamanAfter the brutal take over, Zaman's circulation plummeted from 600K to only 7K! Zaman readers refuse intervention in editorial line.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanCPJ writes to Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoğlu to protest takeover of Feza media group. #Turkiye
Retweeted by Today's ZamanStrong and impressive cover by @ozannkosee on Nytimes.
Retweeted by Today's Zaman @SevgiAkarcesme speaks truth to power. We stand with you. #FreeMediaCannotBeSilenced Erdogan's Despotic Zeal
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My interview with Canada's CBC on the brutal takeover of my newspaper Today's Zaman: As It Happens, Monday Edition
Retweeted by Today's ZamanListen to @sevgistanbul, chief editor of govt-seized TODAY'S ZAMAN, speak @ Canada's CBC Radio on latest crackdown.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanRecep Tayyip Erdoğan's despotic zeal/ New York Times op-ed by @SevgiAkarcesme #Turkey #Zaman
Retweeted by Today's ZamanThis is the end of journalism in Turkey | Yavuz Baydar
Retweeted by Today's ZamanA brazen takeover of a newspaper is just the latest power grab by Turkey’s president.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanIn case you haven't seen, here is my op-ed for @nytopinion : Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Despotic Zeal
Retweeted by Today's ZamanTurkey's biggest newspaper to publish in exile after government seizure @TIMEWorld aracılığıylaTurkey's biggest newspaper to publish in exile after government seizure
Retweeted by Today's Zaman4th of March, 2016 was one of the darkest days for Turkish Democracy Brutal government takeover of Turkey's Zaman !
Retweeted by Today's ZamanCrackdown uninterrupted: AKP Gov’t seizes Turkey second largest, independent news agency, CHA, over night. Over 1.400 journos face sacking.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanThese things don't take long: Seized by government, Turkish newspaper begins publishing pro-government articles.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanTurkey's crackdown on journalists: "the darkest and gloomiest days in terms of freedom of the press."
Retweeted by Today's Zaman.@MustafaEdib "Our editor in chief has already been fired. And we're prisoners in our own newspaper" #Zamandaily
Retweeted by Today's Zaman#INPHOTOS: Police fire tear gas, water cannon to enter #Zamandaily after seizure order
Retweeted by Today's ZamanBefore @todayszamancom, it was BGN News. What's next? Maybe @HDNER? Dark times for #Turkey. #Zamandaily
Retweeted by Today's ZamanOn media in Turkey: we cannot stay indifferent to concerns raised in this context. Freedom of speech & expression is a fundamental right.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanTurkish police stormed the HQ of Zaman, the country’s highest circulated newspaper
Retweeted by Today's ZamanSeizure of Cihan News Agency also means the end of fair elections in Turkey. Who else will report accurate results? AKP controlled agency?!
Retweeted by Today's ZamanA short video on how the AKP took over Zaman.MUST SEE! Couldn't hold my tears.Zaman will remain ours no matter what!
Retweeted by Today's Zaman
Önemli bir isimden #Zaman'a destek...
Retweeted by Today's Zaman#Zaman's circulation was 650,000 last week before #Turkey gov't takeover. It dropped to 4,000 on Sunday. Readers turned off with gov't move.
Retweeted by Today's Zaman#Cihan has been the most reputable firm in exit polls in #Turkey elections. Now Islamists can manipulate elections as they please.
Retweeted by Today's Zaman#Turkey gov't today seized the nation's leading news agency #Cihan, following the violent takeover of #Zaman daily last week. NO STOPPING.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanI'll join @BeckyCNN on @cnni at 4.45 London time (6.45 Turkey time) to talk on media crackdown on us. TSİ 18.45'de CNNInternational'dayım.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanZaman's unpublished articles can be read on @TurkishMinuteTM
Retweeted by Today's ZamanTurkish court orders takeover of critical media group. PM @Ahmet_Davutoglu told me press freedom was a “red line."
Retweeted by Today's ZamanTurkish Minute publishes articles trustees refused to publish at Today’s Zaman :
Retweeted by Today's ZamanHere is one of the censored articles at Today's Zaman that is published by a new news site:
Retweeted by Today's ZamanApparently some free souls are working:Trustees censor Today's Zaman articles after takeover, editors defy pressure:
Retweeted by Today's ZamanAnother news from Indonesian online newspaper about Zaman seizure @abdbozkurt @SevgiAkarcesme @MustafaEdib
Retweeted by Today's ZamanFrance says seizure of Zaman newspaper by Turkish authorities 'unacceptable' via @ReutersUK
Retweeted by Today's ZamanErdogan, prince of Europe, took my newspaper Zaman
Retweeted by Today's ZamanI'll be talking to @BeckyCNN on @cnni at 4 .45 pm London time about the forceful seizure of Today's Zaman and Zaman.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanNiets meer over van kritische Turkse krant Zaman
Retweeted by Today's ZamanFellow journalists, thanks for your interest on Skype (sevgistanbul), but please introduce yourself and tell briefly about your request.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanI also do not recognize the new admin that replaced the independent one at Zaman media group. I refuse any censorship and intervention!
Retweeted by Today's ZamanOnce again, I refuse the 'terrorist propaganda' allegations of the court and consider the court illegitimate, a puppet of the government!
Retweeted by Today's ZamanThere is an outpour of world media's interest in the brutal take over of our newspapers, but the Turkish news outlets are mostly silent.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanArticle 30 of the Turkish Constitution #PressFreedom 1982 original & 2004 amendment source:
Retweeted by Today's ZamanThe Guardian view on the Turkish crackdown on the media: unjustified and undemocratic | Editorial
Retweeted by Today's ZamanWriters and artists condemn seizure of Zaman news group @indexcensorship
We expect a clear statement of European leaders against Turkish Prime Minister. #Zaman #EUCO @EPPGroup
Retweeted by Today's Zaman News - Zaman newspaper: Defiant last edition as Turkey police raid less than 48 hours, the new admin turned seized Zaman into a propaganda piece of the regime in Turkey.
Retweeted by Today's Zaman.@ISTANBUL_THEMES we will miss their work and we will support @abdbozkurt @bkenes @SevgiAkarcesme
Retweeted by Today's Zaman#Turkey gov't caretakers refused to print op-eds by @otaspinar, @gkursun, @GokhanBacik, & @aydogan29 in unlawfully seized Today's #Zaman
Retweeted by Today's Zaman- Suriyeli mülteci misin? - Hayır, Türk gazeteciyim (@Koufogiorgos)'s Zaman journo @karataszeyno told me: "They're doing intimidate us&entirely prevent us from producing the news" #Turkey
Retweeted by Today's ZamanToday's Zaman journo @karataszeyno said she was worried-"Ive become paranoid & its not even paranoid anymore because its the reality"#Turkey
Retweeted by Today's ZamanToday's Zaman journo @karataszeyno told me "We feel police r watching our every step..they shut down our email accounts yesterday"#Turkey
Retweeted by Today's ZamanAfter brutal seizure of Today's Zaman, the new admin did not approve our last issue. We refused censorship. Our names are removed from paper
Retweeted by Today's ZamanThis is what tomorrow's Today's Zaman will look like after our names were removed when we refused censorship!
Retweeted by Today's ZamanErdogan Declares: Freedom of Speech is DEAD in #Turkey! @todayszamancom
Retweeted by Today's ZamanShameful day for free press in Turkey #Zaman #FreePress @abdbozkurt @todayszamancom
Retweeted by Today's Zaman gov't takeover of #Turkey's best-selling daily, a counterfeit copy done outside of #Zaman newsroom, dealing a blow to the brand name.
Retweeted by Today's ZamanSunday edition of @todayszamancom, an English daily, was not allowed to go to the print after #Turkey gov't takeover. Feel quite frustrated
Retweeted by Today's Zaman newspaper has been seized by the Turkish government. Follow @TurkishMinuteTM.