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I make things. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time. YOUTUBE: FB: IG/SNAPCHAT: tomscottgo

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@cr3 @youngvulgarian I now have “bread sauce” going round my head to the tune of “Bad Horse” from Dr Horrible, so thanks for thatIn celebration, we’re going to make the moon go right in front of the sun on Monday. Hope you all enjoy it.
@qntm I get angry about bad pub quiz questions. "Which Star Trek film featured Khan?" The answer was "eleven" becau…
If your philosophy doesn't include equality, tolerance, human rights and social justice, your philosophy's on the wrong side of history.So my thoughts are crystal clear: to hell with Nazis, to hell with neo-Nazis, to hell with not-quite-Nazis-but-we-sure-act-a-lot-like-them.But there's a chance that some folks following me are just on the fence, thinking 'you know, some of that alt-right stuff makes sense'.I know I'm mostly preaching to the choir. And I know it's unlikely that I'll reach anyone who's already far into hatred.I'm in the US right now. I've mostly been on the road and offline, but I've just caught up with the news. And, well, silence is complicity.
New video! What counts as a mountain? (Filmed 14,000 feet / 4.3km above sea level!)Context: this is Mike Godwin, of Godwin’s Law:
@EwaSR Oh my god I just realised I put Vs instead of Ws in that I am so sorry @actuallynotmatt They're all on an iPhone SE. And thanks! @obscurascientia If you manage to guess both, I'll be very impressed! @Wheeze_nl That was an official crossing point, complete with alarm bells and lights if a train was coming! I did w… @EwaSR "Sorry Ms Jackson" just came on the car radio and I'd like to add "ForEva, ForEva Eva" to your list of potential display names pleaseStill mostly offline, but here's some photos from my last few days in Colorado. Two videos coming from there in the…
@dotwaffle “Should“. But alas…! :) @GrabMyProBow I was!New Park Bench! In which I rant about phone numbers for roughly 16 minutes:
Hello! I'm exhausted and travelling! Here's an update!
“Engineering is all about cooperation, collaboration, and empathy.” This is a great piece: @martinsteers Filmed there last year! @AlViBa18 I’m stunned the queue was short enough you managed to get a ride! Glad you survived :)
Today on the Park Bench: @unnamedculprit doesn’t film everything: @garybrannan @tuex_li Interesting. I don't track points much when we film. I wonder how many times points have been… @cr3 @iamdanw I fixed the vocal on that for you:
@SummerInTheCity (Just setting expectations.)If you're going to @SummerInTheCity this weekend, have fun! I'll be several hundred miles away at a friend's wedding. 🎉
@garybrannan And, of course, for the Bill Oddie arrangement of that in a Joe Cocker "Little Help From My Friends" s… @mattround I can absolutely believe that. @graysanborn It's not even, like, a Hot in the Nashville Hot Chicken scale. I don't even break a sweat. That's not… @cackhanded I genuinely, unironically like Waffle House. Not often because blimey, no, my arteries, but they’re great. @cr3 hi Paul @cr3 Are you saying he... bottled itJust to make it clear to Americans: ordering extra hot at Nando's literally signifies masculinity in Britain. I am… @travelinglens I mean, I just wanted to make it clear that I do actually order extra hot. Just got to be careful wi… @frameslip Ordering extra hot chicken at Nando's basically signifies masculinity in Britain. Not even joking. @geeoharee Apparently "order medium, ask them to stick an extra hot flag in it" is a common thing for men to do on dates. @AliJardz This is the first time I've ever done a tweet-thread story. It seemed to fit the format!Or, you know, just get some spice tolerance like the rest of us.Godspeed, Insecure Nando's Man. I hope one day you become comfortable enough with yourself to order Medium and be okay with it.He got up and left about the time my food arrived. One of the staff took the sauce bottle back to the dispensary, unused.That extra hot sauce bottle is not for flavour. It's a totem of masculinity, a big orange sign to tell passers-by "THIS MAN EATS EXTRA HOT".It. Never. Moves.His food arrives first. And my eyes are on my phone, but in my peripheral vision I can see that sauce bottle.Hold on, I think, I know what's going on here.Man goes and gets a bottle of extra hot sauce from the… dispensary? Sauce bureau? Whatever. Sits down, puts it on the table in front of him.Anyway, we end up sat at tables next to each other, presumably because that's the "Why Are You Eating At Nando's Alone You Weirdo" section.Name of someone I met two minutes ago? Gone. Nando's order of the bloke in front of me? High priority for memorisation there, brain.Anyway. He gets a chicken wrap, medium spice. I remember this 'cos I'm the kind of nerd who'll memorise any data on a screen in front of me.About three-quarters of y'all are probably googling "Roger Allam" now, so I'll give you a minute.Man in front of me at the cashier. Business type. Looks like a young Roger Allam, if Roger Allam constantly wore Bluetooth earphones.So I'm in this Nando's. I know, soulless corporate chain, destroying our high streets, whatever, I was hungry and tired and it was there.Settle down, ladies and gentlemen and all in between, and I shall tell you the tale of Insecure Nando's Man.
@ashens Video idea I had years ago and never did: race down the Royal Mile, but you must take all flyers offered to… @tef To be fair there are some lovely weird solutions coming in, I’m just typing on a phone and distracted by a level crossing @Alien2human That took me a few seconds, but once the light came on it was wonderful!Thanks to everyone tweeting their FizzBuzz code at me: I don’t have time to review them all but I’m really glad you’re all interested! @valoryfox Good use of the ternary operator too, that’s lovely! @PDMYoutube Begin and end! I haven’t seen those keywords in a while. Lovely :) @DerKork Blimey, that’ll be… interesting! @Fieoraa That is British English, yes! @ThePurpleDrazi That feels almost too much? Heck of a test, though! @DanTheStripe That’s ridiculous and I like it. @DexterCDC It was easier to skip over that — you’re technically right, though!New video! A return to the computer science series. Fizzbuzz: One Simple Interview Question @iamdanw
@coldclimate Taskmaster, on UKTV Play. Start with season 1 or 3.
The internet works fast sometimes. Thanks @nxmee and @syzygy! try-out shows done. Such fun! Some of them will the fullness of time...
Retweeted by Tom ScottNew Park Bench with @unnamedculprit! Please stop calling us: we're done! Thank you very much everyone - we picked about seven of you, so, er, good luck! @itsmepid @garybrannan And is it a chocolate hobnob? @itsmepid @garybrannan What's the fat content of the milk? Full fat? Skimmed? @itsmepid "Warm or cold milk?" asks @garybrannan.(Your replies to this may appear in a video! Obviously.)For the next half hour, the Tech Dif team are recording ADVICE to SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS. What can we help you with? @xmrsrabbitx @DasGanon