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I make things. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time. YOUTUBE: FB: IG/SNAPCHAT: tomscottgo

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Welp, that'll teach me to double-check my scheduled tweets. The next video's on Thursday!New video! The zip line across time zones: (thanks to @Limite_rp!) @MrBenBrown Woke up to a Facebook message from @Evan_Hadfield saying I "look like a legitimate badass", and I'm like, "dude, we all do"..@mrbenbrown's Visual Vibes video from the Arctic is up! Put headphones on and watch, it's beautiful: @cr3 I can't believe you've done this
@SolDoesThings @ravenevermore That is an astonishingly good turn of phrase. @DuanePaulMagic @unnamedculprit Thank you! I’m not sure watching them back-to-back’s healthy, mind…! @DieWithDustin Unsettling! @Timtothewild I was thinking today that I miss the whole Khlebnikov team. This brought back some memories!Oh wow, @Timtothewild’s Arctic video from the Generator expedition is up and it is SPECTACULAR:
@FernBRichards @garybrannan I knew an American who kept a jug of cold tea in the fridge, and microwaved it when needed. No milk, mind. @thetomska So FYI @Hoolopee was entirely the right call for CGI and I'm hiring him for anything like that I make in future, thank you
On the Park Bench livestream this morning, someone asked "Trump or Clinton?". Here's my more comprehensive answer: @Bromley_1984 Ha! I think that's more likely just folks searching similar words, but thanks for sending it over :) @CraftByte Probably not: ultimately it's just a whacking great DDoS attack, and I've covered those before! @robmanuel Paging @unnamedculprit to answer this one!Well that was an experience. Thank you, internet! We'll do that again at some point.About to do a LIVE Park Bench at @unnamedculprit is bright and PERKY this morning.
@sam_cook There’s an RSS link on the site!The final bit of Tech Dif Live: our encore! @garybrannan, @unnamedculprit and Chris v classic trivia question cards: accidentally sent a DM to the wrong person but fortunately it was about tote bags, so, you know, that could have been much worse.
@nchan Tim Hunkin’s Novelty Automation, It’s sort-of all three…!
New video! The "world's most dangerous path" isn't so dangerous any more:
The last Park Bench from the US trip is out! @unnamedculprit controls the world's largest steerable radio telescope:
@marvelloustea Congratulations! @mrsmmartin Good duck. @jw_westcott Thanks - I think I've found someone now, but I'll keep you in mind for the future :) @IanCutress Fantastic! @mr_grass_man They made it! :) @BlobVanDam Not quite what I'm hunting for, but thanks for sending it over :) @tomek @FilmmakerMike Yes! I'll drop him an email. @iamdanw S1E7, Open Pass. @thetomska @Hoolopee Emailing now, thank you! @GamingSpeedy @xShellah I didn't know what to expect, but it wasn't that. Well done. @cr3 Could you notNeed a day or two of 3D/After Effects work done. Have a small budget. Earth from space, plus some compositing. Link me to your showreel?Surprising: Victoria Station is warning people about playing Pokémon Go near the railway. Also surprising: Pokémo…
Some of @jayforeman's warmup for Citation Needed is up on YouTube now, too! second half of Citation Needed Live! @unnamedculprit, @garybrannan and Chris take on the Ice Block Expedition:
@gbrannanarchive Well, that's a weird connection. Friends of mine wrote that, I helped proofread it!
@cr3 @iamdanw If Dan doesn’t take these I absolutely will! @v21 Congratulations!
To be clear, that wasn’t a joke. It was Monarch, back to the UK from Spain. Apparently they’re not the only ones:… cabin crew on my flight today made a special announcement: “any passengers with a Galaxy Note 7, please keep it powered off”. @hannahwitton @Hannahfgale It’s fairly high-budget, but I absolutely loved Cochon when I was there. The rabbit and dumplings were amazing.New video! Pod cars of the past and future: the Morgantown PRT: (thanks to @WVUDOT!)
I got in the sea.
@amadornes I don’t have any spare time, but thanks for the offer! @nillie_kj I hope so! @AndrewHerny1 Hasn’t worked in years! @MrSilva123 I briefly stopped by!I know there’s a typo in that, but I’m in a car park in Spain and I’ve been on the road for nine hours so y’all can deal with itPark Bench with @unnamedculprit and @iamdanw! Behind the scenes on the National Radio Quet Zone: @cdevroe @MrBenBrown Thanks :) @karaspita The café at the Showroom cinema, just across, was good for me a couple of years ago!
@jayforeman @Wheeze_nl @unnamedculprit I put it Dropbox for you! I’ll put it there again. @Vanfunfun Yes! Good eye :) @Aosher Rotterdam by the Beautiful South, surely?First bit of filming with the new GoPro 5 today. Very, very impressed. @travelinglens @nchan I’m so jealous. @peterambos I’ll let @cr3 know.
@Chayat It’ll be London, alas — YouTube Space is offering us free studio time, and that’s hard to turn down! Someday, though. @OrigamiMarie @cr3 That is an excellent wish, thank you! @Sparkalisha @cr3 Thanks!New Citation Needed: the LIVE SHOW! @garybrannan, @unnamedculprit and Chris take on Ruth Belville and Time Balls: @youngvulgarian I actually just said “ohh…” out loud in a crowded restaurant, so well done on spotting thatOff on an adventure with @cr3! Hoping I don’t get a scar, back injury, or unexpected fall through ice into a frozen lake this time. @spyrosdimi Thanks! YouTube says it should be mostly-automatic now, but I’m not certain how it works. Will check when I’m back in the UK! @Aosher I don’t know Sarah’s Facebook/Twitter details but you should forward this on to her! @mrsmmartin I remember being shouted at not to start sentences with "so" when I was filming the TV show a few years back :)
@ToastMaster If only.I’ll be fine; I’ve got options if it all goes “Children of Men“ here. I’m worried for everyone that isn’t as lucky.Checking the news, I feel a bit like I’m living through the early parts of a History Channel “how it all went wrong” montage.
I zoomed out in Google Maps satellite view on desktop and, er, it's got a bit shinier since last time I did that.…
@garybrannan FURTHERMORE KNOWN AS THE JAMS @merkinftw Always email! video! The town where wi-fi is banned: the Green Bank Telescope and the Quiet Zone: am extremely proud of my exit from frame here @cbetta That's the painting I usually keep in my attic.