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I make things. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time. YOUTUBE: FB: IG/SNAPCHAT: tomscottgo

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@AnnieMouse81 They're just regular Unicode characters!New video! ᚼᛒ: Harald Bluetooth and Your Phone: @cr3 @easyJet Okay, that's amazing, well done.(It’d play the 1812 Overture and you’d have to time your punches to the cannon shots, obviously.)It’s on mornings like this that I miss @UsVsTh3m, because we’d already be half way through coding “Realistic Nazi Punching Simulator 2017”.
Today I've been talking to the guest video presenters for March. They're all brilliant. They'll take my job soon.New Park Bench with @unnamedculprit, in which he tries an HTC Vive:
Walking through central London; so many #WomensMarch signs and so many smiling people holding them. Hope and solidarity are great things. ❤Four Citation Needed shows recorded, with thanks to emergency guests @WillSeaward and @standupmaths — and of course to our lovely audience!
Science communication folks: last call for guest video ideas! Details: Form:
@nchan Okay now I’m jealous.
@dracos I'd just use "ambiguous", but there might be a more technical definition out there. @Fijian_Scion Amazing, thank you! @njnerdymom Thanks! @IanFabricatore Interesting, thank you!
@KyleInSKorea I had no idea about that, thank you! @TopherXPwns @teslascience Thanks! @garybrannan [slow exhale] Bloody hell. Now I know what you feel like when I do my outro scripts for Tech Dif. @robotmlg Huh, I'd never heard of that. Thank you! @robotmlg Interesting, thank you!I'm now caught up on guest video submissions! If you haven't had a reply yet, you're one of the 3 people who mistyped their email address. @kpendolino Thanks - I'll have a look and see if anything might work! @mdspeedster It should be like what's normally on your channel. Your channel's basically your showreel here: that's what I'm looking at! @joeyheflich That's interesting! Not sure if it's quite right for a video, but I'll have a look. @Warp_Reality @BrookhavenLab Thanks! I'll have a look and see if that might work. @jjrrmm21 Thanks! I'll have a look. @reediekris Yes, although I don't have too much time spare. DM me if you've got lots of ideas :) @Warp_Reality Cheers! Probably not enough for a video on its own, but that's still interesting, thank you :) @mikelectricstuf Thanks, I'll look that up! So far you're the only person to reply with anything helpful :)I might be in the downstate NY / New Jersey area for a day or two soon. If anyone knows of interesting things there, let me know! @onetruejoker Good eye! @Fijian_Scion Are they? That’s news to me, which is worrying! is the address if they’re not sure :) But thank you! @jantede No, my videos lag my location by a few days or weeks! @kendfrey Oh, I see what you mean! Yes: I've fudged (quantised?) it to get the point over quickly and not have to explain a big equation :) @SurplusComma Thanks! Got to learn how to After Effects' camera tracker, which is really good given the right source footage. @kendfrey It says "assuming 10m·s⁻²" on screen. The pinned comment says that too. That's accurate enough for the video! @ze_Blau Interesting: that doesn't match the research I did, but then my translation wasn't always perfect either! @Fijian_Scion Thanks! If you can get me on a parabolic flight, let me know :) Also, great cover photo: I want to get to that crater someday!And here's the bonus behind-the-scenes Park Bench with @unnamedculprit: video! Zero-G Experiments on Earth: the Bremen Drop Tower: @Aosher Mrs Brown's Boys Live, then?Okay, just to be clear, that is not what I meant by booking tickets "over 3G". @allurbass Fair! @spamda 3G connection!I managed to snipe opening-preview-night tickets to #HamiltonLDN. Over 3G. While on a train. Haven’t really got a point, I’m just bragging.
@sleawnis @hughrawlinson @johnrh Ugh, I'm sorry. @doddleoddle Aww, thank you! (And thanks Sammy!)
@holly @cr3 To be fair I'm still properly annoyed my new laptop doesn't have VGA out so I can't really grumble @NeunEinser Turns out it was the best take, so I'm using it! @holly @cr3 actually managed to get that working. It just took a few wires: video! I'm looking for guest videos, and other 2017 updates:
@tef Good ship name right there @tef Name it like a ship from an Iain M. Banks novel, programming language names are all too short @superiorjello I got indoors before the hail started...! @simonhamp Yep, a friend. @a_alhadhrami YouTube's got a magic process for that now: once enough people who speak the language say "that's OK", it's auto-approved!That’s the first time I’ve had a rainstorm start in the middle of a take. If the audio works, that’s probably the one I’ll use… @EwaSR Call her Dan until she stops.
@mashedkeyboard Always email: I notice those! idea if it was “it’s that person off the internet” or “look at this prat in a red t-shirt” but either way, check your settings there mateWell done to the person who just walked past, trying to subtly take a photo of me but unaware that the flash on his phone was on. A+ stealth @Nard33n That might make a good video! I’ll see if I can put a good script together :)
@jeffreynye It may have just been “Polish” or something similar, then, it was muttered! @xek That tallies with what I’ve heard about their genealogy and archives! @aloomba That’s amazing. And also, logical, I guess.Bless you, confused Polish man now deep in grumpy religious bus conversation, you are the hero of this bus and everyone quietly thanks you.WHAT: Someone just muttered “no, Polish” at the Mormons and ONE OF THEM SWITCHED INTO WHAT SEEMS TO BE FLAWLESS POLISH to talk about Jesus.Full marks for optimism to the Mormons proselytising on the top deck of this bus during a tube strike. Amazingly, no-one’s decked them yet. @Directortoby Thanks! Really proud of this one. :) @CuriousGamer Well, the nearest three letters say "the", so I'm guessing it's a hidden message. Not really useful, more fun! @LavAudio @RNIB Interesting! I guess there isn't any official "here's what you need to know" that's given to everyone registered blind...?New video! The Little-Known Patterns on British Streets - - with thanks to the team at @RNIB!
@unsherlocked @unnamedculprit @garybrannan Thank you for coming - glad you enjoyed it :) @jolyon_russ Ha! I am not good at this affiliate-linking stuff. Thank you :) @sam_cook @cr3 That reminds me I've been meaning to revisit the WWT centre @jolyon_russ Sushi Go is wonderful; Set's classic but suffers from novices having no chance; Codenames and Dobble are both fun for groups. @Omnomnomnius @unnamedculprit I feel like the appropriate word is "congratulations"!
Day 1 of Citation Needed filming wrapped. Thank you to our lovely crew and audience! I'm going home to collapse. (That's not exaggeration.)Citation Needed recording, day 1. @garybrannan’s providing his usual scene-setting thread. Everyone on their way: s…