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I make things. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time. YOUTUBE: FB: IG/SNAPCHAT: tomscottgo

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@MxEmmaBen @me_ander @kaberett That is clearly the correct answer, well doneSix quiz show episodes filmed in one day! Thank you to: 👥 @helenarney, @Kat_Arney, @Smallishbeans, @LDShadowLady,… Park Bench with @unnamedculprit, who has bought an instant camera!
Damn it, this is why direct democracy is a terrible idea @travelinglens SAME @ChrisHanel I think this is probably the best summary: @captain_bunny @abigailb @flashboy "my shot" sort of rhymes with "extra hot" but frankly I'm regretting this poll more as time goes on @Zikes YES but apparently the majority disagrees @flashboy I've been working on a "waiting in the wings" / chicken wings joke for like two minutes and it's just not happening @doctor0710 Not planning on it - there's nothing but speculation!POLL: Help me settle an argument. If Alexander Hamilton went for a cheeky Nando's with the lads, his correct form of address would be: @rosieatlarge
@_TomArnd You're right, I should!
@tef I mean, that's a better joke right there, well done"Violets" has two syllables, don't @ meRoses are red, and violets are blue; this poem's also a haiku
@ThunderNet No idea, I didn't do the edit for that one!New video! Making artificial earthquakes with a four-tonne steel ball:
Ouch. The UK privacy regulator. (I've confirmed this. Site loads JavaScript from browsealoud.​com which is used to…
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The same person who did the Nicolas Cage / Amy Adams faceswap has fixed my own attempt with @standupmaths. The resu… @RealDerpfakes That looks… weird but seamless! Thanks for going to the effort. (Please don’t use our faces for anything else, though!) @flieg93 @unnamedculprit @Atul_Gawande I’ll add it to my to-read list!Today on the Park Bench with @unnamedculprit: it's OK to screw up sometimes (we hope): @cr3 I know who can help with that
@svenluijten Not without knowing what it is (and even then, probably not!): send me an email? @cr3 @tef I regret this thread immediately @cr3 That's his friend, uh, [googles "famous MCs"] ...Run DMZ? Never mind @stoncic31 Thanks for the link! @cr3 I once went to a club night where there was a DJ by the name of Tripp Hazard, hth
@TRJeffries PhrasingYes, I just googled "wrestling moves" in order to make that joke.Pro wrestling would be a much more natural fit for YouTubers. I don't care about proper fighting but I would happil…'m a bit disappointed that big pop-YouTubers are starting a trend for boxing matches and actual bloody violence ra… @4onthefly Glad you like the videos :) @Idfreaper @unnamedculprit News to me! @4onthefly It hasn't existed for a long time now! @Idfreaper @unnamedculprit Ha, thanks for sending that over! @kswri Thanks! @SephyHallow I feel like this is a bit too accurate
@louisjdr @geofftech Thanks - I think I've found someone, but I'll keep you in mind if it doesn't work out!
@bowersbros @standupmaths I think the fake will be pretty clear, but sure, I'm okay with a demonstration! @g_durey @fyfluiddynamics Thank you! I believe I may have a researcher, but I'll keep you in mind if it doesn't work out :) @bowersbros @standupmaths I'm a bit uncomfortable with this, but sure, if you're just using it to try to train one… @DrVictoriaLou @pyrotyger Yes! Drop me an email - - I'll send a message back (probably tomorrow!)…'m looking for a French-speaking professional researcher for a day or two's (paid!) work. They may need to be BnF-… @cyborgk9 I remember it well! Because it had command-line options before Stepmania, that's what my program was set… to @standupmaths for lending me his face, by the way. Or at least, some version of it!New video! Faceswapping, unethical videos, and future shock: @smartereveryday It was before I showered, thankfully, but suffice to say I was not fully dressed. @SDenew Doesn’t work so well with towels and a tiny bottle of shower gel, that. @matmanmad And the hotel manager later, but they were okay with it. @HSouthwellFE I don’t even know why I locked it, it’s not like anyone was going to come inDo not kick down doors in actual escape rooms.“Kick the door down” is a bit strong, I kicked the frosted-glass window in the door hard enough that it popped out… appreciated the escape-room experience in my hotel this morning. By which I mean the bathroom lock broke and I h…
@CCriadoPerez @chrisapplegate I’m still halfway have-a-go, I could talk about implementation but not history! All t… @AlexVKlimov @unnamedculprit That’s lovely, thank you! @hannahwitton Welcome back! :)
Today on the Park Bench with @unnamedculprit sadkjhaweiufhawl cjh aldkjahdljaw e oijawlcjh
Might have gotten the day wrong on that scheduled tweet. Enjoy knowing the title of Monday's video in advance, whoever saw it!
@Sc1naps That was an odd conversation! Hope you're doing well :) @ruthofallevil @AEOUD Glad to hear it — enjoy Worlds! @PatrickFancett @AEOUD Thanks very much! @IamAndyVogel @AEOUD I've sent a DM, thank you! @w7amy @AEOUD Thanks! Glad you liked the show :)
@AEOUD Update: nope, the audio's unusable because I forgot to check a setting. WELL DONE METhanks to the lovely audience at @AEOUD tonight, and to everyone I met — sorry I had to sneak off before the end of…
New video! Controlling an airport from 80 miles away: London City Airport's digital control tower:… @mrsmmartin @gregfoot @editvideofaster I remember trying one of those a few years back, and… well, yeah, turns out…
@ErianDragonborn @unnamedculprit @garybrannan Amazing! @elementhunter76 @unnamedculprit ...I'm going to repeat my warning: don't make those ideas :) @BoterBug @unnamedculprit @raefwolfe Ah, that's fantastic!On the Park Bench with @unnamedculprit this week, we dive back into my Ideas Board. And also, we shout the word "PL…
New video! Canada's Most Successful King (with @Evan_Hadfield):
On the Park Bench with @unnamedculprit today, Quickfire Opinions:
@OrigamiMarie @NinjaGoaty Thanks both :)I can now put "Shorty Award-nominated" in my bio. I mean, technically I could anyway, it's just that now it won't b… @frameslip It was an old, now-long-dead Windows XP laptop running some off-the-shelf software from the mid-90s! If… @TRJeffries This is a huge amount of effort for a joke very few people will get, but it's worth it for the key change. (paging @garybrannan)