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I make things. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time. YOUTUBE: FB: IG/SNAPCHAT: tomscottgo

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@myvirginkitchen @FreshandPrispy Alas, it's mostly the remains of the just-popped balloon, which have to go somewhe…
@cliffexcellent @myvirginkitchen @barshens It's been a vague plan for a long time, but our schedules never match up! @TaylorFBrim @myvirginkitchen @dailyblastlive Just to be clear, that reply is NOT permission to use the video, you… @PoliteIceCream @myvirginkitchen I now regret not including the line "if we all catch the Andromeda Strain, it's been nice knowing you"! @TaylorFBrim @myvirginkitchen @dailyblastlive Glad you like the video! You'd need to license it for rebroadcast, ha… @BothersBar I am 100% on board for Die Hard The Game Show.Brilliant! I suspected there'd be one out there; I've learned not to try and claim a world first on the internet. @DanNerdCubed You only win by sending your opponent through the suspiciously-weakened table of the baby-changing station thoughNew video! We sent garlic bread to the edge of space, then ate it: (featuring @myvirginkitchen!)
@cazm Either way, I'm taking it as a warning! @TeamPLF Twitter now may show tweets I like to all the people following me, which means I've got the same problem a… @DasGanon Hangouts on Air is a thing, but what I wanted was WhatsApp or similar to have an opt-in 'audience' option.So thanks to Talkshow (April 2016-December 2016) and Public (June 2016-no idea) for showing that "group chats with… came up with a brilliant idea for an app, did some research, and found out the same idea has already been launche…, here it is, the behind-the-scenes centrifuge video! Complete with terrifying description of what was going t… isn't so much a subtweet as just a really sarcastic way of giving a hint to any Adobe management folks following me @sam_cook Tom is not responding 🡺 Close Tom 🡺 Wait for Tom to respond[Adobe conf., late 2018] ADOBE EXEC: "Creative Cloud 2019 has no new features." [audience gasps] "Instead, this y… @eventbrite Fortunately I just checked the Internet Archive and these terms weren’t in place for Citation Needed Li… was expecting this to be an overblown misreading of legal terms but, no, it’s entirely accurate. I’ve sold ticket…
Thank you to all the #citationneeded audience today! Two shows done, and you were lovely. it’s gone wrong from the Citation Needed green room.
@soundofaspark No plans for that, but glad you like them! @cr3 See I would have replied to this with a picture of my air conditioner but you titled it "sext" and that makes it weird @alexhern Yes, but it summons Michael Buerk to do a slightly sinister voiceover of whatever's going on @tomblakeson I'll be honest, younger me would be very surprised to find out I'd ever have a job description of "millennial John Noakes"
There's a new Unfinished London from @jayforeman, and I have a brief but illuminating cameo in it: to update all the “select your country” dropdown boxes, and also update any code that insists all country name…
@pa3weg @InesLauraDawson I run a Dell Precision which is ideal for that but may not be in budget. Dell XPS is meant… @sallylepage Definitely worth it!
If you haven't been following the Windrush scandal, the sickening phrase "deported in error" pretty much sums up bo… the destruction of Windrush archives - *this* is why we have archives and archivists. *This* is why you need to…
Retweeted by Tom Scott @geofftech @cr3 Okay look I don’t want this to sound like a callout to either of you but it’s in the actual Adobe R…
@Cmdr_Hadfield Thanks! I’m glad you’re alive :) @Lixa123 @starrshiphope No long-term (or even short-term!) effects! @BronzeManul Fixed, thanks!New video! G-force, jerk, and passing out in a centrifuge: (thanks to the @starrshiphope team!)
@ianvisits Oh, yeah, agreed, I just resent being lumped in with "sourfaced arse" there. (I'm also against National… @ianvisits Controversial opinion: information boards shouldn't be used for things like that. Training people to ign…
@tef @cr3 I am in awe @tef @cr3 I just giggled out loud in a service station and people looked at me weirdly, well done
@jonty @cr3 @russss I think you can fork this as a start's found an earlier ISO standard cup of tea on the internet! I'll update the video description. video! Making an International Standard Cup of Tea: footage. I don't think @garybrannan is happy with me. @CharlesYarnold @InstantArcade I’m envious and impressed. Congratulations!
@ricardoautobahn @Phil_Gluvets Also “Pontypandymonium” is the sort of pun that’s so good it makes me a bit angry, well done @chrnochan @ricardoautobahn And many others! The Beatbox Saboteurs were the first tracks I heard.The European six-minute-slow power grid dispute has been solved! They ran the grid at 50.01Hz for a few weeks.…'s by @ricardoautobahn, who's been responsible for a lot of good Weird Pop over the years.)I didn't know that a Pet Shop Boys style-parody of the Fireman Sam theme tune was what I needed this Sunday afterno… @russss I think the worst part of that is his inability to thread tweets @CharlesYarnold You’re speedrunning Disney World. Amazing. Good luck!
Many many thanks to @MoragHickman for letting me use her workshop as a last-minute set today! She makes beautiful t…
@loureade @jonty @iamdanw @cr3 @unnamedculprit @MilitantHobo @tarmo888 @LucyBellaEarl Wow, that happened fast. Congratulations!
@tarmo888 @MilitantHobo Yes! Exactly. @tarmo888 @MilitantHobo Consider that there might be a difference between "it's technically public but it's incred… the very very best to everyone evacuating @YouTube HQ. I'm lost for words. @MilitantHobo For the overwhelming majority of people, this is not an international newspaper. It’s a little commun… @insimonated Well, it was either start subtweeting "hey, maybe you could Cool It A Little", or flat-out blocking pe… @The_Dipl_Ing That's... kind of how analogies work? @MilitantHobo "If you don't want your photo taken, don't walk down the street." Sure, that's true. But if I had a f… @tef The trouble is that at least here I know everything's public, whereas I'd be worried about accidental leakage… @meltymetroid There are a lot of great articles talking about that! This is from 2016, but there are more recent on… @The_Dipl_Ing Not really. It's like if someone in a rural small town didn't lock their door because it's almost cer… @geofftech Amen.If you are either a friend who has posted a selfie today, or someone who inserts themselves into other people's con… need to have a second, private Twitter account so I can post encouraging replies to friends' selfies without worr… @Thelaserbearguy @bertieglbrt Alas, I never really got the Mighty Boosh!
@chthonicionic @YouTube @YouTubeSpaceLon Thanks :) @NGamblin @Goldcoast_RR Nope, there wasn't a launch while I was in Florida! @QuizmasterDom @Goldcoast_RR Thanks for the heads up, I've updated the description!New video! The US president's bulletproof railcar: (thanks to @Goldcoast_RR!)
The @starrshiphope team asked me to try to explain g-force while undergoing g-force. So they sent me flying with…
Every year @TRJeffries, @tomscott and I go through every @Eurovision entry and rate them out of 100! Here are this…
Retweeted by Tom Scott @LucyBellaEarl @YouTube @YouTubeSpaceLon Thank you! :)