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@drscriptt Trouble is, shortened URLs fire YouTube's "are you sure you want to visit this" interstitial! Hopefully they'll fix the app soon?@russss @mnowster @tef And I’m en route now!@alexhern Here you go, hope this helps
@Timotay_Johnson I did wonder whether I should include that sign, but it rather broke the narrative of being "down in the bunker"!@phowax @bbcbrit "Collaboration" :)(Also, @bbcbrit Lab's video on nuclear energy, with me almost getting my finger caught in a mousetrap, is here: )New video! Britain's end-of-the-world bunkers: (feat. @gregfoot from BBC Brit Lab!)@jonty I can recommend Dell's business laptops, particularly with the next-day on-site warranty: it basically leaves AppleCare in the dust.
@trappleton No, there's no way I could do anything better than the comprehensive footage already out there!@tef @kevinprince Other way round: the EU goes back, an hour closer to the US. PDT is GMT-7, so we'll be seven hours apart for a week.@cr3 Ploughman's lunch, or a suitably localised version thereof.@flashboy I've always sung "I've got soul but I'm still an arsehole" to that, personally
@BothersBar Just looked it up, and the built-in web view now supports content blockers, so: SOLD.@BothersBar Is it worth the upgrade? Even at half price, £3.99 for not many new features seems like a lot.@gbrannanarchive That photo looks like you're in the middle of shouting "Nice to meet you. Run for your life!"Based on a sample of "people in front of me in the queue", 80% of people lie to self-service checkouts about how many 5p bags they've taken.@tef @unnamedculprit @loureade @iamdanw [sounds all the klaxons]
@TRJeffries @flashboy I continuously giggled from “tweetybollox” onwards, well done.@BothersBar I’ve just realised “Do a Thing and Win Some Points” fits to “Camptown Races” and anyway now I’ve written your theme tune@youngvulgarian #getyourcoatloveNew video! Simulating a universe: the Eagle project at Durham University: (thanks @DarkerMatters!)
@jonty fiiiiive goooooold riiiings
@garybrannan Not a filming location, I reckon, but I’ll see if I can find them anyway…Thank you all for your suggestions! I now have a Plan. :)@tepreece @JamesFnord Yes! That’s perfect! Thank you both. :)@apexys The tunnel I’m filming on Monday — but thank you!@chrisapplegate I wish! But sadly, a weekend with no tour arranged probably won’t be fruitful. Thank you though!@ianvisits No, but I really wish it was! (I checked…)@ih8yh Definitely not something I could bring the right level of gravitas to.@Mattophobia Could have, but no: with a GoPro and iPhone there’s no way I could do it justice!My filming plans in Germany tomorrow have collapsed, so I’m improvising. Know any incredible or weird places within 2-3 hours from Hamburg?@tombuildsstuff The walk-up wait can stretch to hours on some days!@Anthropologish Fantastic, thank you!This is the control room. There are six people just monitoring the model railway network. This place is INCREDIBLE. Nope. Couldn’t beat the footage already out there!@Anthropologish Only for a day or two! Recommendations welcome but I’m likely to be too busy :)Miniature Concorde actually landing at the miniature airport just as the miniature dawn breaks THIS IS AMAZING It’s AMAZING and I’m only on the first roomI’m at Miniatur Wonderland. All I can say is: the hype is justified. (If you don’t know it: On reflection perhaps I should just own that high five. It will live on in our memories. And in the memory of anyone who saw it.@mushybees Mate there were two of us involved in that high five don’t you dare pin all the blame on mePast Me bought a low-cost, early morning flight. Present Me, groggy on an airport train at 6am on a Saturday, thinks Past Me is a cheap git.
@tef Oh for crying out loud, that's wonderful.@internetheroxD Thanks :)@ElCrinkled @BothersBar @DavidJBodycombe Six consonants in a row, then, but I'd never have got it otherwise!@SlackHQ The IRC gateway keeps failing; and I have to reconnect to get messages again! On and off for days now. Can you check it out please?
@EwaSR Relevant to your interests: Got in, just in the nick of time. Thank you for the heads up!
@EwaSR It’d probably look prettier, to be fair, but it’d slow traffic on the King’s Road even further.Unless there’s been a heck of a natural disaster, Google, I’m fairly sure the Brecon Beacons aren’t in Chelsea. Nicely done!Note to self: in polite company, the past tense of “take a screenshot” is not “screenshat”.@jonty I want the opposite of that for if someone farts in the car.@holly @cr3 I used “RECTALSEEPAGE” once to pay a friend. He had to show the statement to a new landlord.@flashboy Is it me, or does he look a bit like Derren Brown with some grey hair dye there? Which, come to think of it, would explain a lot.@bear_foot But that requires interaction with other people!@cr3 Good #numbers, well done. Hope your mentions are usable soon.@bear_foot SoundHound. It usually doesn’t work, but once in a blue moon it will actually solve humming.
Oh my god I accidentally set my wifi name to 🍆 and I'm never fixing this
Retweeted by Tom Scott@mushybees I should actually learn app development at some point, probably..>!
@BothersBar "a team of three friends rides an elevator … one player must get out on each floor". It's Incredible Games gone wrong, surely?@realnzall Thought about it! 94 keys + Shift/Ctrl/Alt/AltGr combos would allow up to 1504 emoji, but the key images would be tiny :)@Mattophobia My badge is back! I helped with the British English translation for a while, but mostly just griped about it and then quit...!@NerdDapper @tweetsauce Nope, emoji. I write in much the same way I speak :)@tweetsauce Thanks for sending that out to your folks :)@Fluxiton They make a good punchline.@K_Burn87 I only just had time to visit the Kelpies — next time!@CaptFlameRate Oh! That's lovely. I'll drop them an email, thank you :)New video! Archimedes and a Boat Lift: The Falkirk Wheel: Probably just changing the exposure on the camera so you can see the red?
@MDisraeli Thanks! So am I :)@coldclimate Thanks! (I keep having to translate things you send me. I’ve been in the south too long.)@evaryont There’s inertia, too, and the fact that Adobe CC doesn’t work on it!@robertskmiles I was facing away from you for most of it :)Six months on. For the first time, I looked in the mirror today and thought “this scar might look OK in the end”. You would be correct! That’s brilliant.
@thomasslee97 Nope: one of Luamacros' really handy functions is that it just deals with that for me!
@madaboutrains Not quite! It's (256^3)^1474560 :) Have a look at the concept of the Library of Babel:
@Pridexs Glad you like them!@MDisraeli Thanks :) I'm always a bit worried about the longer ones. Glad you enjoyed it!@whoisdanw Bounce Below. Electric Mountain. The zip-wires are OK, but Bounce Below is a must-do.@hannahnicklin I wish I could offer you advice about surviving a wait in Holyhead but there wasn’t much there in the daytime when I went…@Al3xT1 Filming next month, with luck!@denullru It had issues with releasing the Control keys afterwards — I skipped over that part :)@GatekeeperCalvn I did! :)@brandonjcscott Glad you liked it :)@cds501 The folks I know who've used them don't give them good reviews: underpowered with a lot of odd requirements. I'd avoid them!@olivervscreeper And now I'm marked as "mobile-friendly" on Google, which I'm told is a good thing!@olivervscreeper @ElKomic @Timotay_Johnson @Wrexis Thanks all - that's nice to hear on such a long video!@quixoticgeek I edited out a couple of fluffed lines that I had to repeat, but yes, more or less. I decided not to confuse with the wood :)New video! The Art of the Bodge: how I made the emoji keyboard:
@kevinprince @BPScott That's good, it's a big thing to suddenly lose.@sheilamu Suspect that might be a bit far :)@Aosher They found a freeze-frame where I don't look like entirely gormless, that's an achievement in itself.I have a note in my to-do list that says "check Canada". I have absolutely no idea why. Canada, are you all right?@aljwhite @cr3 "Ten minutes into Buzzfeed and chill and he gives you this look"
@YouTube Thanks for tweeting about the emoji keyboard. Glad you folks like it - @youtubespacelon was a great place to film :)Okay, own up, who performed the summoning ritual over west London? @BinxTweets Oh crikey. Probably PHP? It was quite a few years ago!
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