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I make things. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time. YOUTUBE: FB: IG/SNAPCHAT: tomscottgo

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Mystery park time! About to start filming Park Bench with @unnamedculprit. If you can get here before about 5:15pm,… @ElliottLiu95 Thanks :)
ATTENTION BRITAIN: If you're not already registered to vote, you only have three hours before the election deadline: @danirod93 FIxed, thank you!New video! The world's most powerful tidal current, the Saltstraumen Maelstrom: @geofftech @proogs @allthestations Yes, but with reserved seats! There were a lot of folks standing...
@Nash_Bandicoot Ha — good eye! Glad you like the videos :) @proogs @allthestations Also if Geoff was on the 1020 from Euston today, then so was I… @proogs We all had a great time, thank you :) @cubicgarden Good eye! On the train headed south now though :) @sir_soul No, this was just the live experience! @hassall26 It’s brilliant! This was the Manchester one — given the choice, I’d pick that over London!Today, the Technical Difficulties team went TO THE CRYSTAL DOME! (No, we couldn’t film it.)
@coldclimate @jonty Well volunteered @SignpostMarv @unnamedculprit Interesting - I wonder if those are based on your history or subscriptions? It seems an odd set of choices.It took @unnamedculprit and me a few minutes to work out how to spell the title of the new Park Bench. Soobtitlays:
@Evan_Hadfield Good luck with the series! Going on location is totally worth it :)THURSDAY @danielpeake Lovely! (Not inexplicable though — what other six-letter word goes with “journalism”?!)
@garybrannan This just made me laugh out loud on a crowded train, well doneThere had better be a hotel room behind this door
Nine years at #TDC17 and they’re still a lovely crowd. Thanks, everyone! @SLSingh @ThinkingDigital Yes! Hopefully we’ll bump into each other at some point :) @imranghory @raganwald @codinghorror Blimey, that’s ten years ago! @flashboy That’s for the “I NE-VEEER” refrain in the outro. (Which I always hear as “paella” anyway.) @imranghory Wait, that was you? That’s amazing! @flashboy It’s no “Sheffield Brightside” URL pun though @flashboy Fairly sure I just did the thing where I attempted to improve on someone else’s joke, failed, and made th… @flashboy “I’ve got soul but I’m going to Salford”
Heading north to this year's @ThinkingDigital conference. The first time I attended, there was this weird new thing called an "iPhone"...
@xBytezz Thanks! :) @brotherbaldric Whatever that reference was, it wasn't deliberate! @mattround Ten hours to render, more or less. Motion blur takes a long time to calculate!New video! Why the YouTube algorithm will always be a mystery: @LukeMoll_ @Thelaserbearguy It seemed like a good idea to reuse graphics where possible!It also contains a really obscure Elton John reference that took me ages to get right and which almost no-one will get. Video's up at 4pm.This afternoon's video is a fancy-graphics one. It includes this wonderful cartoon of me by @Thelaserbearguy and I…
New Park Bench with @unnamedculprit, on being recognised and Radio Voices:
And that’s it, folks. First place to Portugal’s gentle ballad. And a night in a Kiev jail cell to an Australian and his arse. G’night all!(The previous record was the 1.4 million who watched “Tony Abbott’s Live Charity Arse-travaganza” on the ABC in 2014.)That may be a world record for “most viewers simultaneously seeing an Australian’s arse live on television” #eurovisionNOT NOW NORTH KOREA IT’S EUROVISION me tell you, getting hair caught in chainmail can be really painful. She’s taking a risk there. #eurovision @willhowells @garethgwynn A+ reference, well doneGermany’s got a bloody great song, but I’m fairly sure whoever wrote Sia’s “Titanium” has already called their lawyer #eurovisionI don’t know how Romania’s yodelling made it through the semi-finals, but the entire continent of Europe thanks them for it. #eurovision @travelinglens This is a really mild year. Remind me to send you some highlights from past years at some point…!Eurovision songs are limited to three minutes. That’s an objective three minutes; subjectively they may seem much longer. #espI’ll say this for #Eurovision, at least you know they’re not using auto-tune. Very, very definitely not using auto-tune.Trouble with Azerbaijan is if you piss off the wrong person, you wake up to find a horse in your stepladder
Retweeted by Tom Scott @mpitt79 That’s a better punchline than mine and I wish I’d thought of itFact: if you replay the #Eurovision Italy performance and watch carefully, you’ll see there was a man in a gorilla suit on stage all along.This was @TRJeffries and my ratings for this year’s songs. Hungary is the one at the bottom left with “NO” pointed…’s the same sax guy! Last time they came 22nd, so they thought they’d try it again. Maybe they’ll make 21st this… you’re wondering when the good songs start at #Eurovision, I’d guess probably about 2018. #notagoodyearFairly sure this is Ed Sheeran in the wrong aspect ratio #eurovision #aut @mattround And it’s ten times as much to renew, so it’ll inevitably expire @mattround It's £3 right now to get to point to for a year and I am SORELY TEMPTED
@sallylepage You and @astVintageSpace should definitely meet up! @TRJeffries Only if it's a Joan Jett cover, and even then only if I don't listen to it and just provide sarcasm(I know "ill-thought-out, exhausted, rants about tech by a British dude" is a really goddamn popular YouTube genre but I'm not going there) @OiItsBen But thank you for asking :)The number 1 takeaway from the #NHScyberattack, though: when Windows says "please restart to complete updates", RESTART TO COMPLETE UPDATES.Not planning to, because: ❥ It's dull to explain ❥ The 'how' is mostly speculation ❥ I've got a computery video on… anyone interested in the #NHScyberattack today, go look at @MDisraeli’s timeline: there’s some really good disc…
Do you remember us electrocuting drones w/ @tomscott? We took a closer look at the damage in our latest blog:…
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@ashens @computermuseum Message delivered :).@computermuseum Windows 3.1 and QBasic in DOS mode. [incoherent noises and emotion] @computermuseum in Cambridge. Found a cousin of my first computer. I was unprepared for this amount of nos… @cr3 I’ve considered writing a script to test this, Wikipedia-philosophy-loop style, but never got around to it.The first Citation Needed subtitling script is back and @garybrannan is on fine form
@alexhern @flashboy @youngvulgarian @jamesrbuk It's a fine line between mansplaining and factparachuting @flashboy @youngvulgarian @jamesrbuk @alexhern This has been Unnecessary Linguist Parachuting Into Conversations To… @flashboy @youngvulgarian @jamesrbuk @alexhern FUN FACT: ð is used for a voiced 'th', like "this'll"; þ is used for…
@doddleoddle @WaltDisneyWorld You got a preview?! I am really, really jealous. @Sparkalisha You're right, though: both feelings are important :) Thanks for sharing! @MoonsMat @mrsmmartin @unnamedculprit Seriously, thank you so much for all your help -- the result looks amazing. I… @Sparkalisha Might be reading too much into it, of course, but as someone who's had both those feelings on smaller… @Sparkalisha Compare with where he absolutely NAILS the last part. I feel like I recognise…