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I make things. They'll probably come back to haunt me in a few years' time. YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: IG: tomscottgo

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@psymon_green I can't catch every tweet! Email is the best way to get in touch — :)
@letao_nox They'll have used the "other type", a signed integer, or some other way of storing it. :) @Tycoon282 iPhone, mostly.(Many thanks to @mike220889 for letting me into a conference room to film that, at very short notice!)New video! Why 1/1/1970 bricks your iPhone: @stecks I wasn't prepared for how funny that was, that's brilliant. @grottotree Working on a video! @dwm I've now got somewhere, but thank you! @mike220889 That sounds great! I'll DM you. Thank you :) @SocksPls A bit too far, alas - wouldn't be able to get there in time. Still got to finish writing! @Willeth I probably wouldn't be able to make it before you're done for the day, alas - still got to finish writing this. Thank you, though! @OmgImAlexis @RogueCoderHF Working on it! @edjeff I can't explain why I'm laughing so hard at this. I don't care if that was all set-up shtick, that last call is amazing.
@ivanfzy Not enough to go on, but this sounds plausible: Citation Needed! Last in the season, as @garybrannan, @unnamedculprit and Chris take on Victor Lustig: @adamswbrown Glad you like it :)
Watching Game On rough cuts. AMAZING. I know how it ends and I'm getting tense. @mrsmmartin is an amazing editor! @CharlesYarnold @cr3 @jonty Damn, I would completely fall down this rabbit hole but I already have filming booked in that day I can't move!
New Park Bench with @unnamedculprit! That time we bought a pair of ducks: met @geofftech from @Londonist, and filmed a collaboration with him! High-vis required, of course.
"Is this a good enough gag for Twitter?" – @tomscott #personalbrand
Retweeted by Tom Scott @angusprune That must have looked wonderful in person! @L_Geeves Ironically, it actually was, it took me several takes in the freezing cold to get that script right :)New video! What counts as the world's largest clock? @alexhern @youngvulgarian It was either that or Bertie Ahernia, take your pick. @alexhern @youngvulgarian Burny Ahern. @youngvulgarian @alexhern What do you get if you put a former Taoiseach too close to a fire?
@cr3 Facebook lets you edit and choose which photo goes in which slot #inwhichtomruinshumourwithrealism
@Edgemaster Not this time! @garybrannan An old village jail, apparently! @chaquator I didn’t want to use that gag. Someone might take it seriously.Come to this park bench before 4pm if you want to see two very cold men trying to record a video in 40mph winds @stecks @unnamedculprit We are both so unqualified to answer that question. @oxguy3 Tell folks about it, if it’s relevant and not spammy? Otherwise, keep watching :) Thank you!In other news, @tomscott and I will be filming some Park Bench Action today. Let us know if you’ve got anything you’d like us to cover.
Retweeted by Tom Scott
If you're an outgoing science and tech person from the US, there's an opportunity for you here: @jamiemnorton No, I just could never quite get the Norwegian pronunciation right!New video! The Biathlon: firing guns under pressure: (the final #ad I made with @lillehammer2016!) @Alex91_CY Not all at once! (And maybe start with Season 2.)
@garybrannan Good typo with "livesteam" there, we will of course be coming to you LIVE from a sauna. @JonathanSkipp @unnamedculprit @garybrannan I missed that entirely, but it’s so obvious now! Glad I kept that in the edit :) @angelina_licca If it works! @Oxxygen_ Definitely not, for both technical, legal and "not bricking ourselves" reasons! @tehabe @cr3 On his contract? Almost certainly free. On pay as you go, anything from 5p up to 14p.Yesterday @cr3 discovered he could send me cheap texts by using £0.01 PayM payments. This is my bank statement. @rucdoc Oh, definitely! @WillPeace_98 @unnamedculprit I've had occasional reports of that on a few videos. Seems to be a transient YouTube bug! @_mattwill_ It may well depend on the policies of wherever we film it!AND! We're thinking about doing Citation Needed with a LIVE AUDIENCE. Want to join us? We've got a poll running: Citation Needed with @garybrannan, @unnamedculprit and Chris! This week, we take on Shanghai Fugu and Mucky Fat: @sophira Sometimes I forget! Fixed, thank you :)
@OiItsBen There's one in there. And in all the social posts that link to it :) @Vewser Have a look at the description: it's linked in there too :) @OiItsBen That's a flag for "advertising content", not "audio description". Sorry!New video! The Second Largest Freezer in Norway: (it's also the second #ad for @youtholympics!)Yes, Craig Charles had poems to read after the scores but it's Dara Ó Briain hosting new Robot Wars GOOD NIGHT @TonksMoriarty That's what Citation Needed is, sort of. Beyond that, no :) @Imbecillis And as usual, I was oblivious! Sorry :)
@hassall26 I don't, and hopefully I'll remember to say why in part 2! @ThisDamnScots @unnamedculprit Thanks :) @jortdebokx After Effects for the non-interactive ones; for the fancier ones, it’s actually a web page running in Chrome! @muffinnuffin That was me! Took us ages to get rid of that custard…New Park Bench with @unnamedculprit! The Ballad of Mad Cap’n Tom, Part 1. Yes, it’s finally time. @brianftang @markhlyon That's astonishing!In a wonderful research-hole in the @britishlibrary. Anyone want some asbestos? @unnamedculprit The Shepherdess near Old Street is, I believe, where those "chip garnish" Instagram photos have been coming from recently.
@flashboy @katherinemiller Excellent use of “shat the bed” there, well done @alexhern I'm kind of hoping you don't actually live next to a train line, 'cos that would be properly sinister @TheButtonz That's already on the list to film soon, although - for technical reasons - it won't be from Southend! @TheButtonz I'd love to, if I can ever think of something to film there. Thanks for the idea :) @KerpalSinghfou Missed the story -- don't know enough to have an opinion! @cdigames @WhoStoleHonno Thanks :) @GFJmember @lillehammer2016 Thumbnail, description above the fold and #ad in tweets is the strict UK regulator’s guidance I’m following! @ntfc2 I'm being deliberately vague :) @ghostdirector Yes, definitely -- and it's good practice to do so!New video! How To Make Snow, in spectacular Norway: (with @lillehammer2016, for whom it's also an #ad!) @TheHodge It ain't me, let's put it that way."Hey, Tom, is that link you just tweeted anything to do with that thing you did on YouTube about 18 months ago?" "Maybe, internet. Maybe."Reckon you and your partner, colleague or friend would be good on a game show? I have a link for you. First entry: inventor of zeugma has died. His funeral will be held on Friday and up by traffic.
Retweeted by Tom Scott @iamhausfrau Fixed, thank you very much!
@vickyjo I was really tempted to find out, but... no. Not dealing with that :) @lukemoll_ I think it's called "not being arrested"...Yes, I reported it, but I was sorely tempted to see what “access” would do.
@russss @jonty Oddly, I wasn’t thinking about nav solutions, I was just trying to express 13 microsecond in a weird way!A glitch yesterday meant that GPS time briefly shifted by 13μs, or about 3.9km at lightspeed (via @jonty) #fixedlink @Agoldsmith1493 No idea. You'd need whoever was behind it, or whoever ran the server, to tell the world! @mushybees @edjeff I added a proper "oi!" at the end as well, natch. @mushybees @edjeff Was that intended to be to the tune of "Knees Up Mother Brown"? Because that's how I just sang it. @AdamPlaysYT Thanks :)
@linkviii Nope, that's just YouTube being weird!New Citation Needed! This week: Cello Scrotum and Radium Water, with @garybrannan @unnamedculprit and Chris! @cr3 @youngvulgarian @rey_z If it helps it took me multiple readings before I realised it was "sclerotic" and not "sci-erotic".
@alexhern At this point I'm expecting Google to announce that @dril is a Google neural network experiment that counts success based on likes @arsatiki Small, quiet, and filled with canals. Vastly preferable to Amsterdam! @mseckington I still regret never making it to the roof of my old university’s big tower :) @Wel_Kevin @TimvdLippe @vidm96 Already well out of town. Just a quick visit — been busy filming all day! :)Windswept and rained-on, but finally standing on the roof of TU Delft. I’ve wanted to do this for years! @EwaSR There’s a “sliding into DMs” joke somewhere there but I presume someone’s already made it
@readwriteerase I did say, there are some parts of the world where they work! Just not many.
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