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@EwaSR It took me ages to work out why there wasn't an arm connected to that hand.
@ZimmbyTweetz Probably the "variation sequence selector" - @unnamedculprit Careful, that's the sort of plan that created the "bloody mary with entire meal as ridiculous garnish".@margotlily @cr3 Pingvinen! Reasonably priced (for Norway) local food. They're all over! And those pizzas are basically the cheapest hot food you can get in the country.
A full but readable summary of the VTech hack from @troyhunt. Name, age, and home address of 200k+ children leaked: @ddiasco Thanks :)@jonty Can I... can I please get some context on this?@GilTheVlogsmith @bloodyalbatross @Ryon_D The Echo Park Time Travel Mart is a lot of fun :)@helloiamdalton If I'm ever in the area, I may just do that :)@random_addendum Whoops! Fixed. Thank you!@cackhanded The man knows his soda pop.@whoisdanw Am I being subtweeted hereNew video! 700 Flavours of Soda Pop: Galco's in Los Angeles: Also it turns out the Maze music from 4Square is on TV Ark and now suddenly I'm VERY STRESSED: I won't, but have fun if you're going!@marvelloustea My response to that sort of thing is always "oh dear", for some reason. Thanks for the heads up :)
This is one of those things that made me laugh uncontrollably and will be lost on the world. I’m tweeting mainly for posterity.“Lightly agitate the weasel,” says @metabrew, as we work out the technical details of mustelid-based beer delivery. @flashboy @chrisapplegate @jamesrbuk @rey_z @youngvulgarian ROCKY@Mattophobia @DanNerdCubed I did start it out with "Hello person who checks Nerd³'s emails!" after reading his site...@Ricky251294 @xSke_ @Mrbb_55 @DanNerdCubed Sometimes I forget that Twitter is public for messages like this and it gets really weird.@DanNerdCubed Hello! Dropped you an email a few days ago a live-game thing: check your inbox? No worries if not, of course! :)
@thebug25 The flip answer is “don’t do it in PHP”. But no, I can’t help with that!@cr3 @youngvulgarian Fairly sure "Pothole Website" is a 19th-century American industrialist.@cr3 @youngvulgarian This joke's a bit too niche for me but if anyone else wants to take it feel free
@fridgehead Laser cut your own and have it play trololololol please@whoisdanw Sorry to ruin your lower case tweet rant with a boring personal story@whoisdanw I use the one near me as an Amazon pickup point. It’s pretty good.@Pearfalse Hi@cr3 I’m not in London! But good luck. Make sure you include the story of how you joined and then I immediately took two weeks off.@swinstead Small world. See you in 2030, I guess!@AnteDaxAra Oh blimey, that’s one of the worst disclaimers I’ve ever seen. At least it’s behind some sort of password? I guess?Huh. A reasonable response from Dell about their security blunder: no denial and an immediate patch. Could be worse. Try next year. There’s no point russian.
@TRJeffries That's a wonderful story!@gabrielsainhas Definitely :)New video! How the Rosetta Stone cracked Egyptian hieroglyphics: (with thanks to the team at the @BritishMuseum!)@DavidJBodycombe No, it’s a big security hole. Which is a shame because their business laptops are really good. :/Oh, for crying out loud. I always liked Dell, and now they've gone and done a Superfish: (via many people, thanks)@cds501 It’s been years, but yes.@JimNomm They didn’t! But a good part of it was my 2030 talk, which you can find online.That went well! If anyone at #AutonomIT wants to talk to me, I’ll be near the food. Obviously.@EwaSR [adds to filming list]@youngvulgarian @cr3 [cancels tweet] Calling it now: it’s the return of Scavengers.@marzman95 I hope too :)@quixoticgeek Automation and the future; not this time; thanks :)Giving a talk to several hundred Dutch students later today. No pressure. #autonomIT Ooh, possibly! Thanks for the heads up.@JimNomm Not this time! I'm speaking at a conference and won't have time.@mrthorntonuk Glad you enjoyed it. Good luck with your channel!
@marzman95 I’m here often enough, I should really start learning more than a few words :)The greatest wifi network name ever, by the way, still belongs to @cr3: Good luck, I’m nowhere near :)@Sparkalisha Oh, I realise! It’s just one of things that sounds really lovely to a non-Dutch speaker :)@svenluijten Conference!@cbetta It’s a fine line between “friendly accent mocking” and “going all UKIP” and I’d like to stay on the right side of it.This is the most joyous wifi name. Mostly ’cos I mentally pronounce it like the Swedish Chef. #sorrythenetherlands Huh. Just tried to make that work and it didn't. Not sure it can be done with "combined glyphs".@heatherhattrick Likewise - best of luck with the channel!@mukeproblemss Good to meet you too - good luck with the channel :)@tajasel About three hours, to be on a panel yesterday. I’d have been in touch if I was staying there :)
@InadequateChris Thanks! Good luck with your channel :)@onetruejoker Good to meet you too! Good luck with your channel :)@iamdanw …and how was it?@pkqk @marvelloustea @hyper_linda Well that's on my list now.@youngvulgarian That's quite a read, thank you for linking it.@edjeff @cr3 When all you need is a knife@computercam123 Yes! Also right now.@unnamedculprit That sounds like a playground insult. “Aaaaaa, you spon.“@grantbradley Conference at the Sharp Project!Anyway, if any of you with loose morals want a giant teddy bear at a knock-down price, there’s a bloke near Newton Heath you should talk to.The stolen goods in question were a £50 teddy bear (“my girl dumped me, yours for £20”), price tag still on it, so it’s a surreal morning.I’m in Manchester! Someone has already attempted to sell me stolen goods. (That’s not just a joke about Manchester, it actually happened.)@OblivionThing No, that’s British scenery :)Dashing through the snow / on a high-speed tilting train / looking at my phone / oh no motion sickness no no no no Do we have @paulsnewbroom yet? Because we should.
Found out my office doesn't use energy-saving light bulbs. I'm not just angry, I'm incandescent. #boomboom@coldclimate Faxes don’t work with mobile or VoIP compression. They need an uncompressed, old-school land line.@standupmaths That’s a better excuse than I’ve ever come up with.@patrickewen @BounceBelowUK That's great to hear :)@ThisIsJoFrank Ha, thanks :) At least this way I can use the take where I don't look completely gormless...@imran @richgibson Nope. Nope nope nope nope nope.@zironofsetesh I'm hoping to put something together about grid stability soon, if the location works out!@wesleybuurke Not my kit :)If anyone wants a massive blow to their self-confidence, I can thoroughly recommend editing a close-up video of your own face in 4K.@cr3 Sometimes I see a thing on the internet and I think "I know who would like this". This is one of those times: now shows you when someone's clicked on your event invitation but not replied. Which is a little awkward.
@gabrielsainhas @2ndthoughttank Pleasure working with both of you, thank you :)@ThePurpleDrazi They know what they're doing!@ianvisits Much as I’d love to: no, not this time :)@LewisH_FTW @britishmuseum No, all their crew and all their equipment. Good eye though :)Late-night filming after hours in the @britishmuseum. Blimey. Exactly! There wasn’t an easy in to bring that up, though. Interviews are short :)@TambaDragon Thanks! :)I’ll be on @BBCRadio2 at about 1:30, talking to @theJeremyVine about emoji! Listen live:
@dreadpiratedrew @reediekris @DrFidelius WHOA. Those are amazing.The trouble with asking people to email me is that lots of wonderful people then email me. Inbox zero is going to take a while...!
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