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Trey Darley @treyka Brussels, Belgium

Technical Director, IoT ISAO; Director of Standards Development, New Context; OASIS CTI TC STIX Cyber Observables co-chair; Official OASIS Liaison to FIRST;

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Congratulations, Allan, well-deserved recognition of your efforts! pressure on @POTUS to improve critical infrastructure #cybersecurity // #ICS #SCADA #infosec @DragosInc
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The 600-pound preserved blue whale heart
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Read this, y'all! 👇 now and then, reflect on what is driving you. What you value. What you stand for. If it still means something, be bold and keep going.
Retweeted by Trey DarleySomeone fuzzed OpenVPN after two manual audits. The bugs he found were magnitudes worse, also he did it for free.
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Announcing Flaw Driven Development: You write all the security bugs first, that way you don't have to spend time scanning for them later.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThey really get you on the missiles though; it's a racket even worse than printer ink
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Tots psyched waiting on mine to be delivered! So much this. 👇 proposes banning encryption backdoors
Retweeted by Trey DarleyQ for Trump fans who are also Alex Jones fans: Why hasn't Trump exposed the conspiracies yet? (He can declassify pretty much anything)
Retweeted by Trey Darley @mattiasgeniar But the taxes and social security payments, egads!This is insane. For comparison, 1 bedroom appt in most of Belgium starts at roughly 750-850$.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyDon't sell spyware to corrupt governments. Don't sell spyware to corrupt governments. Jesus. Why are people so morally empty.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @willardlibrary @doctorow Perhaps because we're already full of hot air?! 😹Banks to be forced to reveal all cyber security breaches to the European Central Bank,
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ZOMG 😹😹😹 are posted for the 2017 Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS)!
Retweeted by Trey DarleyCasual racists become the juries that set murdering racists free. Don't abide casual racists. Challenge them. Ruin Thanksgiving Do something
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Retweeted by Trey DarleySadness envelopes the land. Soon eternity's gates will open wide and time shall be no more.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI hope this fish trapped inside a jellyfish reaches memehood somehow.
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Roald Dahl's creative, sometimes twisted approach to food wasn't contained to his books, his daughter, Lucy, says.
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Retweeted by Trey DarleyWe're all one place: apparatchiks who think they're iconoclasts.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyToday is the anniversary of the first woman in space
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Retweeted by Trey DarleyThis thread 👇 +100 your bio claims you are a "thought leader," that's probably the one thing you are not.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyPoC GTFO 14 will be the death of me, I burst out laughing at this
Retweeted by Trey DarleyCongratulations to Gaus, Thomas, Adli, Margrete and Maarten on their election to the 2017-2019 BoD. Thanks to all candidates.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyDev #protips
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThat's what happens when you have no ground truth and no independent peer review.
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Seasons come, and seasons pass. The winds hint, but sometimes lie. Betwixt the future and the now, all we can do is try.I used deep learning to cross a book of dinosaurs X a book of flowers
Retweeted by Trey DarleyPoC||GTFO 15 will debut this week! It has 100 pages to keep you busy until the book comes out. Bibles available a…
Retweeted by Trey Darley😹😹😹😹😹 written policy is scar tissue from a disastrous incident
Retweeted by Trey DarleyBeing exceedingly busy doesn't equate to leading or being impactful. Phytoplankton are busiest mofos on the planet. Slow down and think!
In other news, stop trying to cure lung cancer, it just encourages people to keep smoking. Gods, do people think M…
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI can hear @joshcorman's screams across the Atlantic #owaspsummit
Retweeted by Trey DarleyMy producer just sent me this... ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! This makes every hard day worth it. Thank you to whomever w…
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Retweeted by Trey DarleyGood point on the Google privacy talk at #FIRSTCON17
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWhy are we going so slow? (Ignores large elephant walking across room) #agile #kanban #kaizen #retrospective
Retweeted by Trey Darley @Hacker_Horse All the stuff, all the things! 🙃By Gödel out of Chaos, the galaxy is, in other words, sorry I wish your girlfriend was a disguised space monster from the Andromeda.
Retweeted by Trey DarleySunny afternoon in Brussels, Fela Kuti catalog on repeat, Club Mate at my elbow, rockin' out some work... ^_^ @wendynather "Except that in this box, I've a dead slug as a brillaint false moustache."
this is the first question you should ask about *anything*
Retweeted by Trey DarleyGeorge Soros discusses how activism and #Brexit can change the #EU for the better.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @sergeybratus Thanks, man! @KrisBuytaert What, leave Brussels?! The very idea! ^_^ @selenakyle Thanks!Thanks, @Beaker! Wtf does this mean? It’s like “MilkOps: bringing continuous spoilage to your datacenter DevOps.” … weird mar…
Retweeted by Trey DarleyHow to fidget in bed: Duvet on: Too hot Duvet off: Too cold One foot out of Duvet: PERFECT BUT SUSCEPTIBLE TO MONSTER ATTACKS
Retweeted by Trey DarleyGreat insight from @quine and @markstanislav in the latest Infosec Insider post covering IoT blindspots.…
Retweeted by Trey Darley30+ years of design.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyJust made this flowchart w/the 6yo and may need to pin it on my wall for... myself.
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Dress for the job you want
Retweeted by Trey DarleySo much this 👇
Life beyond Comey. Baby sharks in the lab today.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI wonder if Elliot Smith and David Foster Wallace hang out together in heaven
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWow, this is quite incredible coming from the former director of intelligence!
Retweeted by Trey DarleyToday we remember Alan Turing, WWII codebreaking hero and father of the modern computer, who died on this day 63 ye…
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Stop what you are doing and read this powerful, insightful piece from @benjaminwittes immediately.
Retweeted by Trey Darleythat a person named "Reality Winner" is ruining the life of someone named "Beauregard Sessions" is how u know we live in a rough draft
Retweeted by Trey DarleyHuzzah! Wonder Woman movie that doesn't recreate this panel isn't worth watching.
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"You fear my limitless emotions. I am bored of your apocalyptic obsessions" - @bjork
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Many feeds are now included by default in new MISP release don't hesitate to propose new feeds #ThreatIntel #OSINT
Retweeted by Trey Darley to contribute this code to the community and looking forward to suggestions and PRs. H/T to…
Retweeted by Trey DarleyReading about the Parthenon & Propylaea and thinking: perhaps some day our descendants will be studying the ruined remnants of our software.
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Scientists: We built a machine that can measure the warping of space to 1/1000th the width of a proton Politicians: Let's go with our guts
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To all scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, responsible citizens who were disappointed by the decision of the US:
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