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Trey Darley @treyka Brussels, Belgium

Technical Director, IoT ISAO; Director of Standards Development, New Context; OASIS CTI TC SC co-chair; OASIS/FIRST Liaison; Tweets are my own, etc...

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@alexcpsec Godwin has a law, Boyle has a handful. My law is: “We all come out of the same hole and return to the sa… @alexcpsec Because if you’re poor, obviously you’re evil and/or defective as a human being. 😖Human social behaviour oddity #583: fronting as if you have a *surplus* of what you need is an efficient strategy for gaining what you lack.
Slides for my keynote “The Red Pill of Resilience” @rocsecsummit today are here: thanks eve…
Retweeted by Trey Darley @Iglocska @alexanderjaeger @Regiteric @MISPProject @TheHive_Project Don’t forget your Blockchain-NG ;-)Copied from @bcrypt. Something I worry about constantly and this is phrased so well I can't help but steal it.
Retweeted by Trey Darleyabandonment by authority is a harsh characterization of freedom
Retweeted by Trey Darley @Iglocska @shrekts @adulau Constructive criticism is constructive. Trolling, otoh, is a coping mechanism for folks… @puppetmasterd Julian Jaynes’ “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” is a right corker. @puppetmasterd @gigastacey I’d like nothing more, Luke. Will be on PDT for the next week so just pick a day, man. @gigastacey @treyka Nah, IoT is too compelling. Instead it will be the downfall of civilization
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThis may prove to be the downfall of IoT ....
Retweeted by Trey Darley👇🏽This. So much this. @mattblaze Standards work is hard: defining workable technological solutions is trivial compared with the Gordian k… just learned a baby porcupine is called a porcupette. That’s among the best factoids ever. Here’s a photo.
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@Tonsko @raistolo @halvarflake @el33th4xor Sidebar observation: the "new and improved" Twitter threading model tota… @raistolo @halvarflake @Tonsko @el33th4xor Who blocked you?Check out the published agenda for our December Technical Symposium w/ @OASISopen! Reg is open - see you in Prague!
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThis case (DOJ vs. Microsoft) will decide the international future of U.S.-based cloud computing.
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HI! My #BruCON 2017 set is up for your hearing consumption! Please share around and RT and all that stuff! @brucon<3
Retweeted by Trey Darleyhonestly I'm more excited by the gravitational waves than by the WPA2 and RSA things
Retweeted by Trey Darley @Tonsko @halvarflake @el33th4xor The point being raised is importance of free and open standards. Open vs closed so… should be retweeted much harder. Sunlight is the only useful disinfectant in security.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyZuzana Růžičková died. 😞 Quoth she, “Bach tells you: don’t despair – there is a sense in life and in the world.”
Best tech management advice you'll ever get: fire your Ricks
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ME: *dies in battle* CAPTAIN: We must keep fighting, or Matthew's death will be in vain. GHOST OF ME: Actually, t…
Retweeted by Trey DarleyMickens Mossad-NotMossad Threat Model (re Kaspersky):
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My favorite model -- check it out.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyOH: If I don't feel like the dumbest person in the room, I'm in the wrong room.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @rafi0t We’d be delighted to have your able assistance closing the gaps. ;-) @rafi0t <cough> 3/2 This will be addressed. We’re not actually idiots, it’s just that herding intransigent cats whi… @rafi0t 2/2 ...object, but people fell into interminable bickering about how to comprehensively describe a host and it got life-boated. @rafi0t 1/2 FWIW, we *do* get the difference between a hostname and a domain name. Hostname was originally a proper…"Automation and Estimative Language in Information Exchange" by @adulau
Retweeted by Trey DarleyRick & Morty should do an episode about how Rick's second favorite sauce is Universal Healthcare
Retweeted by Trey DarleyIt's important to categorise your children's books accurately
Retweeted by Trey DarleyDifference between engineering and management: If you deploy bad code, you break production. If you deploy bad decisions, you break people.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThis is just everything.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyMISP 2.4.81 released and includes an improved graphical visualisation, STIX 2.0 export, many improvements and bug f…
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actual tree deity
Retweeted by Trey Darley#Cloud #server #DataCenter
Retweeted by Trey Darley @hoofnagle Gottfried von Leibniz called, said he wanted his ridiculous moral philosophy back. 😜 @jwunder only similarity between car hacking and space security is the level of knowledge you possess about either subject.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyC is a bit like Latin these days. We no longer write everything in it, but knowing it affords deeper knowledge of more-recent languages.
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This is awesome
Retweeted by Trey DarleyIf men got pregnant they'd sell birth control pills in tubs at Costco.
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This is what @travisgoodspeed says about backdoors vs. crappy QA right?
Retweeted by Trey DarleySilence is as shallow as time.
Retweeted by Trey Darley2016: Ppl can't understand POTUS bc he talks like a professor 2017: Ppl can't understand POTUS bc he talks like a…
Retweeted by Trey Darley @denartha Also, prefer “Thingularity” over “IoT”. 🐿 @denartha I’m a big fan of “computational” as an alternative to “cyber”.
🌟Emergency mandatory midweek otter break, everybody.⭐️ Pretty sure this pair is working on a protocol for two-boop…
Retweeted by Trey DarleySecond star to the right and straight on 'til morning. 🦉 cat who thought sunglasses would stop Medusa
Retweeted by Trey DarleyUm, dude, have you not heard of @shodanhq?! adapted it.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyOct 4, 2017: Sixty years ago today, the Soviets successfully launched Sputnik. A triumph of science, technology, & ambition.
Retweeted by Trey Darley“he was a goddam stupid moron. He hated it when you called him a moron. All morons hate it when you call them a moron.” --Catcher in the Rye
Retweeted by Trey DarleyYou’re watching television. Suddenly you realize there’s a wasp crawling on your arm. What OSI model layer is ICMP?
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Retweeted by Trey DarleyTo car driver friends, here is why cyclists can’t always be on cycle path! No the right drawing isn’t incorrect! 🙂
Retweeted by Trey DarleyOH: "How can you tell you’re logging into a critical piece of infrastructure?" "You get the Security Warning for SSL cert mismatch."Oh my god yes.
Retweeted by Trey DarleySometimes you just need a little bit of love in your life. #love
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@Walshman23 @daviottenheimer A/B testing at its worstThe purpose of knowledge is to appreciate wonders even more.
Retweeted by Trey DarleySome say satire’s the wrong response to horror. This genius from @TheOnion, repeated ad infinitum, proves them wron…
Retweeted by Trey Darley“It’s too soon” if I am ever gunned down in a senseless act of slaughter please wait 0 seconds to wonder what could have prevented it
Retweeted by Trey Darley5th IEEE LangSec Security & Privacy workshop has been approved. CFP will be coming soon, but mark your calendars for May 24, 2018.
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I keep coming to the inescapable conclusion that a certain portion of the population flatly refuses to think about stuff that's complicated.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI'm increasingly suspicious that the rise of autism, asperger's and other empathy-related conditions might just be a survival mechanism.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyIf choking on postage stamps were a major cause of death, most of us would probably be willing to rethink the cultural value of philately.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe challenge with adding more engineers to a project. Just moving from 3 developers to 4 doubles the number of lin…
Retweeted by Trey DarleyGetting up to speed on STIX Patterning? Download New Context’s quick, handy reference card #OASIS #openstandard
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If you don't know why things fail, you don't really know how things work. Working things are systems that contain…
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If people aren't actively attacking you, your work probably won't make any difference. Stay focused on the long game and ignore the haters.Not feeding the trolls, for fun and profit :-POMG. this is the ultimate 100+ page crypto hardening guide for sysadmins. thanks @BetterCrypto!…
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