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Sleep is the perfect drug.
My daughter just referred to Prague as "Český town". I'm *so* calling it that from now on! 😹(Unfortunately the converse holds, too.)It never ceases to flabbergast me how frequently tasks that I procrastinate in abject dread wind up being trivially easy.
Unsure which is tighter: last season's jeans or your naive Bayesian priors.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe painful truth about most crystals. They just look cool, don't heal you.
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Just because a planet is 'habitable' doesn't mean you want to live there. Just look at ours.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @lusis Linkage to a config?Sign of our times.
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Sometimes we chance to lose our blinders, that's all.When that facade is stripped away, it can be scary, but the truth is, we've always been dancing in traffic.Somehow we find the means to distract ourselves from these truths.We all live each moment of our lives confronting uncertainty (at best) and mortality (at worst). @blackswanburst I sent you a telegram this afternoon, bro. PFS over Morse, ftw.
Like an Uber, bearing an IV of chicken noodle soup... 😆Also, most people don't like confronting truth; our heads are typically sheathed in bouncy mental latex.Shared child custody is emotionally equivalent to shared custody of a limb.The more I grow, I realise just how cruel the old are to the young, and how inhumane the young are to the old. Let me die in my footsteps.
Barleywine investing => echo "$(shuf buzzwords.txt|tail -n 1)aaS";[ $[ $RANDOM%6] == 0 ] &&echo "You're bankrupt!"||echo "You retire!"Recruiters of the world: if a given position requires relocation, go ahead and mention that up front before wasting people's precious time. @OReillySecurity Just got a slew of phishing-like mails regarding your upcoming AMS event addressed to nonexistent accounts. Unimpressed.No, Twitter .. are YOU reaching the right audience? Maybe some DataSci help will tell you I don’t read your emails.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyIn case you haven't noticed, most of the Shadowbroker exploits target security appliances *cough*. :-) Who would've thought? :)
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I thought $50k for this @jetbrains RCE was a lot, but then I read the details. Critical vuln if there ever was one
Retweeted by Trey Darleythis quora answer to "What is it like to understand advanced mathematics?" is _wonderful_
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Evelyn and I found this awesome chest full of discarded art (dated from 1978) this afternoon. 😺
Decluttering, aka, it all seemed vitally important many moons ago. @sergeybratus Forced adoption of what? @sergeybratus But in all seriousness, I don't see how we get to a solid body of actuarial data without some correlation missteps en route. @sergeybratus Let none attempt to deprive us of cyberbacon!"People don't leave jobs, they leave bad bosses."
Retweeted by Trey Darley"And much more," the best app feature of them all.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @sergeybratus My point wasn't to knock red team or conferences but to highlight what a baby the profession is yet. @treyka @rejectionking These would be proofs of *unexpected* mortality, to continue the analogy. Surely, each new disease gets a conference.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyJudging by the present signal to noise ratio, I'd wager the heat death is nearer than we bargained for. 💥||❄️ @bodil A dusting of minced cilantro?Perseids
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe Olympic Games: bringing the world together since 1896 on an athletic pitch instead of, e.g., yet another world war...or DRM or whatevs.
Current development speed is a function of past development quality.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @biosshadow How about kinetic sand? @biosshadow Protip: avoid toys with batteries or risk the parents' ire! @biosshadow Yeah, it just occurred to me that is more appropriate in a year or so. How about a nice kids xylophone? @biosshadow Get her a set of Geomag! onion knew in 2003 exactly what the Iraq war would reap, but Hillary Clinton couldn't possibly have...
Retweeted by Trey DarleyA post-apocalyptic world in which celebrity chefs fight to the death for olive oil and garlic. @beast_fighter "thingularity" @dickveal @BrianHonan At least we have that going for us!Damn. Like, literally what I'm doing right now.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWe'll recognize true machine intelligence not when an ebooks account is sufficiently advanced, but rather when machines weep for humanity....a medical conference in which proofs of human mortality are continually presented as ground-breaking work.Go to any infosec conference, 95% of which is Red Team posturing, and imagine...In the 75-odd years in which Computer Science has been a thing, we've been stumbling around blinkered by alchemistic notions.In the two millennia between Hippocrates and Pasteur medicine progressed from humours, miasma, and bleeding to the birth of germ theory.
Despite surreality of current events, remembering that security is an illusion is important when those in power are always gas lighting.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyCurrently punting round Cambridge with @blackswanburst and the wee sprog. ^_^
"Many people." He cites "many people". Because I can't even anymore.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyJust look at this awesome Emacs mode. (It's and @_wilfredh did it)
Retweeted by Trey Darley @saintaardvark @bitfield Terrific read!i saw the greatest minds of a horse distributed in hex codes in our memories.
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Submissions for PoC||GTFO 13 are finally starting to roll in. Send us yours, and bug your friends to send in theirs!
Retweeted by Trey Darley#notallpowernaps
@blackswanburst Who the hell is this imposter and what did you do with the real @bsb_ebooks?!
I'm pretty sure Thom Yorke is actually an epic performance art project by Tilda Swinton.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyA monitor lizard being used to monitor other monitor lizards. [photo: Gisela Kaufmann]
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If I could have *three* superpowers, right after flying and invisibility would be the ability to cultivate ripe peaches all year round.History would be a good deal more of a lark if it weren't for all the slaughter of innocents and immolation of libraries. @haroonmeer @thegrugq Not saying there hasn't been plenty of devops fail, just that's a bad example. 🐒I shall call her... Mini-Rey.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @haroonmeer @thegrugq If you read the article, the failure was a manual deployment with no checklist and paltry monitoring.
BTW: when talking to a female at defcon. DO NOT ASK "Who are you here with" b/c they'll pop a shell on your phone faster then you can blink
Retweeted by Trey DarleyKnock knock! Who's there? Casuality Casuality who? Casualty!
Retweeted by Trey Darleyi have reached the final stage of imposter syndrome where i am afraid i dont even have imposter syndrome and am just acting like i do
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“Hillary’s speech was like watching the moon landing” @xeni on what she felt watching Clinton accept the nomination
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe original pulsar map, which eventually flew on Pioneer & Voyager, lives unceremoniously in an old tomato box.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyBox/Dropbox and HATEOAS are just terrible, half-assed versions of Gopher. There, I said it.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI wonder what the 4 elements would have been had the Greeks been a vacuum-adapted species living in the asteroid belt? Or Oort Cloud?
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI have a lot of differences with @Snowden, but his fear about a batshit insane dictator using the NSA infrastructure seems less farcical now
Retweeted by Trey DarleyOH “The Groundskeeper Willie of devops”
Retweeted by Trey Darley"You can have any API format you want, as long as it is JSON" -- Henry A.P.I. Ford, digital pioneer. #API360
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Retweeted by Trey DarleyChoose your own invention... :)
Retweeted by Trey Darleyin complete baller move, Rep. Joyce Beatty wears Melania Trump’s RNC dress at DNC
Retweeted by Trey DarleyDefcon is like a Burning Man where everyone is walking around naked whether they know it or not
Retweeted by Trey Darley @lusis I can't tell you how many times my daughter has dried her hands on my pants leg. :-/The asshole who invented air hand dryers never had kids. And fuck bathrooms that only have air dryers.
Retweeted by Trey Darley“I’m so angry I could write Perl right now!”
Retweeted by Trey Darley @megapint I hate self-evaluations. Honestly, if I'm working to meet YOUR expectations, shouldn't YOU tell me how I'm doing?
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Dogs putting the "iterate" in "obliterate."
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe Circle of Life is now complete: XPath for JSON is a real thing used in shipping code, complete with selectors and axises.
Retweeted by Trey DarleySometimes having a kid is like living with a little tiny lawyer. An opposing lawyer. With about the same hourly rates.
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It’d be great if all the ppl that have alternative hypotheses would do an analysis of competing hypotheses.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyObserving so many friends and colleagues wading into the Vegas morass, I cannot but help feeling smug to have dodged that bullet yet again. @jonty @emfcamp Y'all need any volunteers for the kids' programme? @jonty @emfcamp Sweet, thanks! @emfcamp Will there be a children's programme, as in 2014? (The FAQ is a bit vague on this point.)Man searches for ISBN number in the digits of Pi to FIND BOOKS to read. Info:
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe moon passed between @NASA climate observatory and the earth. Almost unbelievable that this is a real photo
Retweeted by Trey DarleyAnd this is why 2016 feels like the portal to the Twilight Zone
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