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Trey Darley @treyka Brussels, Belgium

benevolent misanthrope; bit-flipper; stochastic admixture of signal and noise; kicking against the pricks;

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Retweeted by Trey DarleyA.Masow Architects designed a tubular home in a Kazakh forest that includes a tree inside.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @blackswanburst When are we announcing our new commodity hedge fund? a washing machine causes a home fire today the vendor is liable. That should not change just because it is connected to the internet.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyIn a darker alternative universe, CDNs surreptitiously fund DDoS botnet development in order to drive additional revenues.
If you can look at this and not wince... lucky you, keep it to yourself.
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Smažák a bramboračky, mnam!
"You will not be punished for your velocity, you will be punished by your velocity.” - @CatSwetel
Retweeted by Trey DarleyNothing truly innovative has been invented since the curly fry
Retweeted by Trey DarleySometimes it wrong to use 140 characters, and it's my Markov Chain, but then you never do know.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @nebogeo Mongeese?If you read one thing trying to explain the 'anti-elite' voting trend, make it this op-ed by Stephen Hawking:
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OH: Of course X is integrated with Y. They bought them, didn't they? 😂
Retweeted by Trey DarleyAs a goat I want an alternative to Goatomeeting so that I don't have to goat to meetings. Thanks, @bartram,…
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI find your ability and extraordinary patience to find niche circus performances slightly disturbing.
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Retweeted by Trey Darley"how many layers of agile are you on?" "like maybe 5 or 6 right now, we use trello, do standup" "you are like a lit…
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Homo sapiens are generally so unreliable, it's a wonder that we even bother to respirate for ourselves.TFW a spider comes creepy-crawling down a strand of your hair into your field of vision[Suggested Reading]: “Leaked Europol terror data found online” …damn
Retweeted by Trey DarleyVote for @gattaca! He's good people. @gattaca Unfortunately people who already voted cannot amend their ballots. :-(Winston Churchill was born #onthisday in 1874. Read the writing advice he sent to his officials when he was Prime M…
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWolf's Razor: the least possible malice is the most likely behavior. Assume misunderstandings. Assume the good.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyVote for @gattaca - he's magical! #VoteDave #fantasticCISSPsandwheretofindthem
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Related: If you ever wondered how a journalist says "Fuck you." when their publication's style guide prohibits cursing, now you know!
Retweeted by Trey DarleyToday the only man I ever put on a pants suit for finally walks free out of a Texas prison. Welcome back, #BarrettBrown
Retweeted by Trey DarleyHopeless battles aren't hopeless yet, so long as there remain one or more curious observers.12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory - pushing out new features ≠ validated learning
Retweeted by Trey DarleyGreat piece from War on the Rocks about moral discernment-- "A Moral Guide to Serving in the Trump Administration"
Retweeted by Trey Darley"...but we still possess one power, and we must defend it with all our strength...the power to refuse our consent." --Primo LeviHacker ski mask fashion
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Each year on Cyber Monday we pause to remember the 90s.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI didn't introduce a bug. It's always been there, we've just been on the other side of the race condition until now. #scaling
Retweeted by Trey DarleyAnyone looking for an infra/network security engineer in Berlin, Melbourne or Wellington? Hit me up, DMs open. (please do share)
Retweeted by Trey Darley“Never ascribe to a nation state attacker that which can be adequately explained by an angry teenager” by @Defensivesec << LOL, spot on
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThey say font design is a thankless, hard job. I disagree, I say it's character building.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe best have nothing better to do than piss their lives away on animated stupidities, while the worst are full of passionate intensity." tiring to walk those few steps and then, meeting each other, to remember and to think. It was better not to think." --Primo Levi
@dakami What about the CyberGreen initiative? => @mortman Yup!I hereby motion that the Chinese zodiac be amended to include "The Year of the Dumpster Fire". Can I get a second to the motion?TIL that, according to Wikipedia, "David Blaine has Primo Levi's Auschwitz camp number, 174517, tattooed on his left forearm."
2016 @encthenet I would submit that any set of phenomena, considered by humans as comprising a system, should be deemed unreliable.Staking one's political career on the outcome of a popular referendum is proving to be quite the losing gambit.
@halvarflake Beats the heck out of trying to just use Bash!XKCDE
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe iron law of parenting: stay up as late as you want, drink as much as you want, but the kids are waking up the same time regardless.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyProgramming is like doing a puzzle where the picture on the box is a better puzzle
Retweeted by Trey Darleyhow many chicago school economists does it take to change a light bulb? - none. if the bulb needs changing the market will take care of it
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sleep is a futuristic designer drug
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I am NOT a grammar Nazi! I'm alt-write.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyA Breakthrough in C-Section History: Beatrice of Bourbon’s Survival in 1337, via @nytimes <= Cool!
This is on the memorial in DC to the Japanese internment camps.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyScientists Find Amelia Earhart on the Moon
Retweeted by Trey DarleySubmit those talks for #FIRSTCON17! Dec 1 deadline is just around the corner! Remind your peers! #infosec #csirt
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWe put HTML in the Javascript. Let's see if anyone notices.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWhat will the Trump Presidency mean for the US role in Asia -- my thoughts in Financial Times
Retweeted by Trey Darley @wireheadlance @peteherzog @hackerhigh @ISECOMacademy Correct response: specify your numerical base. 😜 @blackswanburst Blockchain IoT Startups, anyone? 😹 @KrisBuytaert Depends entirely on what's interesting to you, man. Have a look, they cover a bunch of topics.TIL that @enisa_eu make a ton of infosec training courses available entirely for free => @wimremes you do a Nazi salute when you get "exuberant," you may be a Nazi
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Some reciprocate, some do not. Narcissists need friends, too. You'd be daft to expect a bishop to play a rook's part.At @SlackHQ we use Linux Audit to continuously monitor thousands of hosts. Today we are open sourcing our tools.
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Retweeted by Trey DarleyENISA Examines Insurers’ Assessment Criteria and Best Practices
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@secvalve What's the book?
Learning is mental trauma. If you're comfortable, you're not growing.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyAbout MISP and how you can contribute #dfir #infosec @MISPProject
Retweeted by Trey Darley @kylemaxwell Holy wow!You see, we're on a mission.. Big up to @treyka @halvarflake @MarieGMoe @dakami @adulau & @selenakyle #MakeSecurityEasy #OReillySecurity
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Wired: Dunning-Kruger Tired: Machiavellian leadership Expired: Humanity“You see an immigrant in the desert."
Retweeted by Trey DarleyA+ headline/article /ht @kylemaxwell
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