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Dogs putting the "iterate" in "obliterate."
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe Circle of Life is now complete: XPath for JSON is a real thing used in shipping code, complete with selectors and axises.
Retweeted by Trey DarleySometimes having a kid is like living with a little tiny lawyer. An opposing lawyer. With about the same hourly rates.
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It’d be great if all the ppl that have alternative hypotheses would do an analysis of competing hypotheses.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyObserving so many friends and colleagues wading into the Vegas morass, I cannot but help feeling smug to have dodged that bullet yet again. @jonty @emfcamp Y'all need any volunteers for the kids' programme? @jonty @emfcamp Sweet, thanks! @emfcamp Will there be a children's programme, as in 2014? (The FAQ is a bit vague on this point.)Man searches for ISBN number in the digits of Pi to FIND BOOKS to read. Info:
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe moon passed between @NASA climate observatory and the earth. Almost unbelievable that this is a real photo
Retweeted by Trey DarleyAnd this is why 2016 feels like the portal to the Twilight Zone
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThose who would give up essential completeness, to purchase a little temporary consistency, deserve neither completeness nor consistency.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @xeni Our Lady of The Doge?This is actually a thing. The bot is sentient
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Ah the curse of academe.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyElevator pitch for explaining security risks to executives
Retweeted by Trey Darley"As a central point, survey research is vulnerable to idiot respondents." --Dan Geer 😹😹😹😹😹
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This is both courageous and necessary from the Washington Post. Impressive.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyEvil was deciding to make trailing commas invalid in JSON.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyDogs nailing ninety-five theses to your door, all of which read: "Fuck you."
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Shit. #RNCinCLE was off the hook.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyTrump's RNC speech will probably go down as one of the most frightening pieces of political rhetoric in U.S. history
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Retweeted by Trey DarleyGrace Hopper at UNIVAC keyboard
Retweeted by Trey Darleyyes, the US nuclear arsrnal should be driven by Tesla's autopilot on a blockchain. frictionless. in nodejs and scala
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Retweeted by Trey DarleyOk, now I need a picture of a hipster on a type writer typing out IDS signatures. Please send as soon as you find one. Or make one. Thanks.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyLinkedIn recruiter just emailed me interview offer with the job description I wrote for my customer who needs more people on their project
Retweeted by Trey DarleyStop letting the ignorant people be the loud ones. Y'all I got more love than hate but they louder. Fuck that be louder.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyHarvard Law professor Roger Fisher, writing in 1981 about how to prevent nuclear war:
Retweeted by Trey Darley @marshray @scandalous_anon Hrm, excellent point!Why does everyone, including themselves, refer to Trump by his last name and Clinton by her first name? That's some subconscious sexism.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI really don't get the whole Pokemon thing but this is awesome.
Retweeted by Trey Darley🙀😹🙀😹🙀😹🙀😹 #langsec is pretty fucking amazeballs!
Today in Geek History: Apollo 11 lands on the Moon in 1969. It's high time for another giant leap, wouldn't you say?
Retweeted by Trey DarleyImagine the tension in an IT group in the midwest where the managers are white Trump voters and the staff literal Muslim immigrants
Retweeted by Trey DarleyCaptchas were always terrible. This is obviously a much better method.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyBjork should release a Pokemon copycat where you walk around and sing in a child-like conlang around various interesting locations.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI take it, it's a bad idea to use Metasploit instead of Ansible to do a mass software deployment without having to deploy an agent first.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyIf you're considering a major role in a public standards body, be advised that it's a thankless task. @cq_cla Yup!I didn't think anything could anger me more than unauthenticated encryption, until I found men's restrooms without changing tables. #dadsec
Retweeted by Trey DarleyDogs frantically operating any machine that seems like it might kill fascists.
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gaze upon my 'works on my machine' ye mighty and despair
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Might be a good time to think about getting those nukes out of Turkey.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @nilsgeylen :hugs:The CISO, as they “lead” the security team…
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWithout customers, we don't have jobs. Marketing closed the sale, but product makes customers fall in love with you. Which pays your salary
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Get off my lawn, Pokemon Go edition
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThe Olympics are cheaper than wars. And yes, that's the idea.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @fbz Nom, that looks delish!
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI'm very good at bad examples.
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The rumours are true! The moustache is hosting 10 min lightning talks @emfcamp You can apply here: Imposters welcome!!
Retweeted by Trey Darleyinner monologue when learning new tech stacks
Retweeted by Trey DarleyDear 2016: more of this sort of news please
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWhat the world really needs is the iron fisted rule of Theo DeRaadt to bring it back to sanity
Retweeted by Trey DarleyMan, Trump's new (and surprisingly graphic!) logo really, uh, pounds home his message.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @rattis Have a look at @jwunder Control is such an ephemeral notion.It's time to accept that 2016 is not going to slow down, and that we should all go and make another espresso and hold on tight.
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Poor @nudehaberdasher. Every time @travisgoodspeed says "radio" he has to drink.
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"Just like a dog, pigs can work with the police: there are actually police pigs." You learn something new every day.
Retweeted by Trey Darley @MarieGMoe Do give my highest regards to @sergeybratus (aka, the security silverback) won't you please? 🐒Tickets are flying out the door. Remember...August 1st our early bird ends
Retweeted by Trey DarleyGood gravy, Boris Johnson...better put up your umbrella before the sad clown derp smegma commences to raining down upon the world. 🙀
@hrbrmstr @rapid7 Other binding specifications are permitted (even welcomed!) but JSON is the official MTI (mandatory to implement) binding. @hrbrmstr @rapid7 We definitively settled that question December 2015. STIX 2.0, CybOX 3.0, and TAXII 2.0 will be JSON-based. @hrbrmstr @rapid7 Over in OASIS land, we're mere weeks away from publishing the draft specs for STIX 2.0 et al =>
“How and Why God Made Various Animals”
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWait, so #pokemongo is about POKEMON? Jeez, I was all excited to have a game about Poking MongoDB instances. #disappointed #gottashardemall
Retweeted by Trey DarleyRefactoring in a nutshell:
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Pack up the internet, the singularity has been achieved
Retweeted by Trey DarleyMorning at Passchendaele by Frank Hurley, WWI photographer
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When someone says "You don't need a library for that!" then shows you how to implement it manually.
Retweeted by Trey Darley“What do you think of modern JavaScript development?” “I think it would be a good idea” - Ghandi, on the state of front-end development.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI wonder what people who write "u" instead of "you" and "r" instead of "are" do with all of their free time ...
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Karel Koecher, former Czech spy: “The world is really fucked up and intelligence services have a lot to do with it.”
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWhat a goddamn dumpster fire of a year.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyPlease hug a human. We can all use it.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyIf American Muslims can be asked to denounce "radical Islam," seems only fair American police be asked to denounce "extremist cops."
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@RCISCwendy Very nice! Please give @sergeybratus and @travisgoodspeed my regards. ^_^I judge people based on their X-Mailer.The NRA is a single-issue org and that issue is clearly white supremacy or they'd be denouncing the murders of black men with legal firearms
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWow. A black female cop stands up. RT @_Kimchanel_: This gave me chills, I felt this.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyAlso, they were named by Simon Marius, not Galileo, and that naming scheme didn’t catch on until the *20th century*.
Retweeted by Trey DarleyIt's amazing that anyone else would be in prison for this. #VoteNoneOfTheAbove #FreeChelsea
Retweeted by Trey DarleyBack in the sixties
Retweeted by Trey DarleyThis is really insightful! Pause now and take a minute to reflect on your communication style. who habitually equivocate when confronted by a yes/no question raise my hackles.Dogs taking a long drag on a cigarette and rasping, "Did I ever tell you kids about the decline and fall of Western liberal democracy?"
Retweeted by Trey DarleyWhen I meet someone w/ SUPER ADVANCED RegEx skills I can't help but assume they've had a hard life. It's the coder equivalent of facial tats
Retweeted by Trey DarleyI can't help myself. Please love this.
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Still on point. 👇 me cynical, but I rather suspect that overall ecosystem security diminishes inversely proportional to governmental infosec spending. @Dymaxion Nice work! Chapeau! It's been a long road.Belgian Neanderthals 'were eating each other 40,000 years ago'
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