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@RCISCwendy Bummer!
Would the USSR have collapsed if the west had outsourced all manufacturing to them?
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeCray Urika-GX runs Spark, Hadoop, OpenStack cc @cynicalsecurity [1728 cores, 22 TB DRAM, 35 TB PCIe SSD,192 TB HDD]
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeStudy: "83% of available [Web browser] features are executed on less than 1% of the most popular 10,000 websites.”
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeWe have to stop thinking of the network as the attackers entry point. The entry point is software. Attacker either has creds or an exploit.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeDeadlines have a definite tendency to cluster. Physicists speculate that this may be related to the emergence of supermassive black holes.I just found out that '4' used to mean 5 and now I don't know what to believe any more
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeWhen do you talk to your children about character encodings?
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeI'm confident that if humanity survives the forthcoming millennium, our fairytales will substitute javascript in place of Pandora's Box.I watched chicken gizzards glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like
this is Modern Infrastructure Development i guess i miss LDAP. they made me miss LDAP. the monsters.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae[realistic Terminator] Skynet has become self-aware “Oh no, what’s it doing?” Nothing it’s just sad now
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @Beaker Dreams are hash collisions.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeca. 2,350 year old Etruscan bronze oval cist with Amazons from Vulci #Italy #archaeology
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeDogs living your same life exactly, only with the benefit of hindsight.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaecc @concinnityrisks @wimremes Good food for thought here, y'all... to Create New Agency Charged with Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Cyber Attacks via @DMBisson
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeApparently a lot of people still don't know about devdocs. Devdocs.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeTIL that Gertrude of Nivelles (7th century Pippinid-era abbess in what is now Belgium) is the patron saint of cats:
Life is an unripened avocado wrapped in an M-80, wrapped in a dirty diaper, wrapped in a winning lottery ticket, wrapped in a trashfire. ^_^Process monitoring console is back online.
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#_Sunset_ is 1! Get it for $1!! Only today!!!
Retweeted by lapsus linguae"The punk of the future is the person who Amazon cannot recommend anything to" #bigbangdata
Retweeted by lapsus linguaetrue fact: more than six hundred typographers have died at this exact spot but no one knows why
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeThis is clever. Someone has curated Internet content into specific topics and printed it out.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeWant CVs from devs? Here's the perfect job ad. "An Office with a door you can close. No meetings." That's it. Nothing else. Try it.
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Or, depending upon the US presidential election results, 35,064 hours of contiguous sleep would be an acceptable alternative.The only thing on my mind is that I would like very much to sleep for 24 hours straight. Wish me luck, probably catch y'all about 05h. :-PThank god for LaTeX, otherwise we’d be screwed as a society, aliens would view us as thumb-less fools because we couldn’t typeset our math.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae'Make me feel pain like I've never felt,' she pleaded, blindfolded and naked. 'OK,' he said, emptying his Lego bricks on the floor . . .
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeAn interactive command-line HTTP client featuring autocomplete and syntax highlighting
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeWhen you been purging the intelligentsia but you still got time to drop a mad Snapchat
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Polish archaeologists discovered dozens of paintings in Sudan from the turn of the VIII/IX century
Retweeted by lapsus linguae is what counts as security humor inside of Microsoft:
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @treyford +1000, bro!!! @taosecurity @thegrugq just watched The Grugq's presentation and saw this!!
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeYou haven't finished fixing it until you have a monitoring check which is red before you've applied the fix, and goes green afterwards.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeLook forward to when hipsters start using vintage software technology. "Yeah, YAML's OK, but XML really has a warmth newer formats lack."
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeReally proud of the work the OASIS CTI Technical Committee is doing on STIX and CybOX. Trying to make this as open and "correct" as possible
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Retweeted by lapsus linguaeRelease engineering's emergency preparedness supplies
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeA BugBounty Hunter walks into a bar, drinks <script>alert('a')</script> beer' or 1=1 --. Gets told he's in the wrong bar, gets free tshirt.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeSo many communication apps, maybe the terrorists won't be able to find eachother. "add me on telegram" "lol 🐶 look at this snapchat filter"
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeDogs arguing, "A million dollars isn't cool, you know what's cool?" and pulling on a ski mask, noting, "Stealing a million dollars."
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NACSI: Narcissists Anonymous Club for Self-Improvement :: OFMMCO: Oxymoronic Fscking Mickey Mouse Club for Oxy-morons.Very nice list of #ThreatIntelligence resources by @hslatman: #infosec #dfir #security
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeYou get a $10 iron, they give you an 11-page instruction book. You get a kid and they say "Good luck with that".
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeDo you have a minute to talk about our Lord and savior Edgar Allan Poe?
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Q: "What's the blockchain?" A: "Like git but simpler"
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeReminder to security folks: being good with a sledgehammer does not make you smarter than the engineer who designed the bridge.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeThe Ж files.
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If you haven't seen this 2012 talk from Richard Cook: How Complex Systems Fail, give it a half hour of your time:
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeor is this the best vine
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Retweeted by lapsus linguaeOH "The one nice thing I can say about vegans is that they never order a steak well done."
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @bfist Exactly why do you think that lighters and matches are banned? :-P
Go home, Twitter, you're drunk. #eurovisionSpanish: The h is silent English: Many letters can be silent French: All letters are meaningless, every living thing is born without reason
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @pendrift Does that bear have a name?The boring thing about talking about leadership is that it's hard to even get past the basics of being a good human
Retweeted by lapsus linguaemaking mistakes is human automating them is ops
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeThe @hack_lu CFP is still open => #brucon CFP closes tomorrow at midnight CEST. There's still time to get your submission in!'s still time to submit for the 1st #oreillysecurity conf! NYC RFP: AMS RFP:
Security: a set of critical guidelines that will be enforced to the letter until any business requirements make them disappear.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeHow to make sushi (a profound life lesson via Dr Kron Thomson)
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@docsmooth @arclight Sure thing! I'll just ask Jeeves to have the Gulfstream refuelled and be there in a jiffy. 🛩 @docsmooth Have you tried offlineimap? @docsmooth mutt?[FOR IMMEDIATERP RELEASE] The Threatbutt #DZIR is out! - download your copy today for the best #APT #ThreatIntel:
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeThe entire history of JavaScript
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Once was a game called fortune. Everyone played. Everyone won. Everyone lost. The game endured, unabated. Empathy was one of its many names.I read the book front to back. I couldn't put it down. I was dying for the ending. Every page was in the right place. — Shit readers say
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeHoly shit you could run a modern fridge for over a WEEK on the energy in your hot water heater I had no idea
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @botchagalupe Just watch them ears flapping in parallel!"Embedded systems should come with a suicide date" - Dan Geer
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @bascule @curtisogden @hjarche As do you. @bascule @curtisogden @hjarche Sorry, bro, but your hierarchy doesn't fit into my taxonomy. 🐿"Thinking like a node in a network and not as a position in a hierarchy is the first mental shift required to address complexity." @hjarche
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeCreepy ice cream truck is creepy. "I think the US is already the world’s largest offshore centre. It has done a good job disabling (...) Swiss banks.”
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @sergeybratus @dakami @matthew_d_green Albeit an invaluable canary in the mine... @sergeybratus @dakami @matthew_d_green Sergey, you're a bit of an edge case in terms of interactions with social/governmental institutions. @matthew_d_green It's a serious loss. We should not be replacing institutions with individuals.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaewhy the fuck is the twitter timeline completely fucking random now? I can't tell WTF is going on.
Retweeted by lapsus linguae”Operations and Developers agreeing on Git workflow” Jacques-Louis David, 1796-1799, Oil on Canvas
Retweeted by lapsus linguaethis is hilarious!
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeJust over two days left. No "dog ate my homework" extensions.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeMe voting in November 😰
Retweeted by lapsus linguae“Multiple inheritance in C++”, Jacopo Ligozzi, ca. 1590
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeFeb. 1948 "Popular Science" article highlights various physical security measures protecting secrets inside AEC HQ.
Retweeted by lapsus linguaetoday's @djangogirls Your Django Story interview is 💯 for so many reasons
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeUnderstanding the bin, sbin, usr/bin , usr/sbin split:
Retweeted by lapsus linguaeAmazingly comprehensive map of every country in the world that uses the MMDDYYYY format
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @xeni My kingdom for a mute button on the troll inside my own head! :-P
0 slacks: Someone invite me to a Slack 1 slack: Slack is awesome 2 slacks: Oops, that was for the other Slack 3+ slacks: Oh god make it stop
Retweeted by lapsus linguae @uberbrady @snipeyhead "Your eminence" is gender neutral but lacks pizzazz.