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@sbangarp @subhashkak1 Not accusing,. you accused me of condescending.I am telling you a simple thing. Native basic… @sbangarp @subhashkak1 You need to show some honesty. The word you have given me is an adjective. It denotes nothin… @sbangarp @subhashkak1 If it is the rootword, it has to be exactly the same with the same root. You cannot have a s… @UnSubtleDesi Great idea. Those idiots are not worth a second of your time. If they think they can intimidate you b… the snippets are excerpted from Thomas Roe's journal, which is available online. Why is @Javedakhtarjadu resort… Thomas Roe- "In India, there is no law of inheritance. The king inherits everything. He is the heir to all. He… Thomas Roe- "The present Mughal (=Jahangir) and his ancestors, the descendants of Timur, have ruined all ancient… Thomas Roe writes -"In India, the buildings of all inhabitants are all base, made of mud and not fit for residen… Akhtar claims Thomas Roe (English Ambassador to Jahangir) wrote that an average Indian's standard of living w… am writing about Mughals. How are YOU related to them? Why exactly are you embittered? Just because they belong…
@thewire_in In 1753, Mughal Governor of Punjab Mir Mannu attacked devotees who gathered for Diwali and killed/tort… How Mughals celebrated Diwali according to @thewire_in Right:How the Mughals actually celebrated Diwali "Shah" in Amit Shah's name is NOT Persian. Shah is a surname used by trader communities. It comes from Prakrit… @Aryanna777 Aapko saparivaar samet shubh deepavali. Bhagwan aapko aur aapki parivaar ko sadaa sukhi rakhe @YungBhujang @radharaju18 Thank you very much. And a happy Diwali to you and your family @YungBhujang First of all, I am only contesting your statement "Persian was never a problem for Sikhs". I am not ar… @YungBhujang Not into Diwali Mubarak argument but only challenging the historical statement. "Anybody who learns pe… @thewire_in has already labelled Diwali a "Mughal festival", read this thread to see how Mughals really celeb…
@jogakhichudi Thank you. Wish you a great Deepawali with lot of sweets, crackers and fun @krisa0540 Thank you. Wishing you and your family a very happy Deepawali. Best wishesThis Deepawali, Ayodhya welcomed ‘Ayodhya Ke Ram’ 😍😍😍😍🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️😭😭😭🤩🤩🤩🤩😍😍😍😍
Retweeted by True IndologyMumtaz Mahal, for whom Taj Mahal was built, had died giving birth to Shahjahan's fourteenth child. Fitting tribute… ceiling of Chandraprabhu Temple. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. Rebuilt in 1509 CE. Elaborate carving depicts Gan…
Retweeted by True Indology1)An early Chess board discovered in Lothal(Gujarat) of erstwhile Indus Valley Civilization(Period 1, c .2300 BCE)
Retweeted by True Indology @sanjogkawade It is going to be in this winterAfter 490 years, Yogi Adityanath brings Ayodhya back to life. @YungBhujang Atleast in Kabul, Hindus ans Sikhs together celebrate Diwali @sidhisadhiladki Hey. Now you can. Happy Deepawali to youShahjahan with a sex slave of his harem. One of thousands of sex slaves of his harem Mughal painting (speech bubbl…
Retweeted by True Indology @theepicmexico Thank you. Happy Diwali to you and your esteemed family. God bless @SwamaniPadhya Now you can. Shubh Diwali @MedicalActivist Now you can. Happy Diwali @MakodiPehalwan Now you can. Shubh Deepavali to you @vibhu_prabhu Thank you. Happy Deepavali to you. Best wishes @nayanikaaa @Nitin_Khatrii Now you can. Happy Deepawali to both of you. @ahindu_ Thank you. Shubh Diwali @shivanginipatha Thank you very much. Happy Diwali to you and your esteemed family. Best wishesThank you. Please check now @mohit_tiwari56 Enabled it. Please check @dehydratedpaani @listakista @dimple_kaul Thank you. It will be worth all the wait. I promiseHappy Diwali to my friends, supporters and well-wishers. You are my strength @dehydratedpaani @listakista @dimple_kaul There are some delaying factors. But it should be out this winterShahjahan with a sex slave of his harem. One of thousands of sex slaves of his harem Mughal painting (speech bubbl… @listakista @dimple_kaul Happy Diwali to you, Ravneet. Best wishes
@timesofindia @quizzicalguy Mirat I Alam was written by Bakhtawar Khan who was a noble of Aurangzeb's court. The fa… @timesofindia @quizzicalguy Further, the article says Aurangzeb never banned Diwali fireworks. This is a LIE Aurang… @timesofindia 2) This @quizzicalguy article blatantly and unabashedly claims the Aurangzeb Diwali Farman, whose scr… lies and Fakery about Diwali by @timesofindia and historian Katherine Schofield @quizziculguy article say… @prakharevol @SMHoaxSlayer @koyal19 @iamrana @NakhuaSuresh I had asked @SMHoaxSlayer to verify this blog. He has n…
Shahjahan imported theologians from Persia, granted them vast lands. He sold Hindus as slaves in markets of Central Asia and Middle East
Retweeted by True IndologyOf course, Shahjahan continued to extract revenue. His officers continued to harass poor Hindu peasants. he continued to break Hindu temples
Retweeted by True IndologyDuring Shahjahan's rule,there were severely drastic famines in Gujarat and Deccan.People were managed to be alive h…
Retweeted by True IndologyMughals had nothing of their own but tents. Shahjahan built this Persian monument after taxes on poor Hindu peasan…
Retweeted by True IndologyMughal Jihadi emperor Shahjahan built Taj Mahal at the cost of 4 crores when people of India were dying of Famines
Retweeted by True Indology @mjhinger @RishiIndiana @hhlvs @imdharmic @hhlvs @RishiIndiana @imdharmic @the_prof74 @RishiIndiana @imdharmic The discussion was not about me. He >@rishiindia claimed that Hindu rulers and… @NotSilentHindu @RishiIndiana @imdharmic He is more shameless than I thought. Was demanding me for 10 paintings wit… @RishiIndiana @imdharmic 2) I will give you 10 paintings where Muslim rulers of India flaunt enemy heads. I promise… @RishiIndiana @imdharmic Why are you being so dishonest now and beating such a hasty retreat? Where did I even talk… @boloDubey Sorry that tweet was not meant to you. I confused you with someone else who has been troubling me @RishiIndiana @imdharmic Why don't you cut out these empty ramblings and show us one painting commissioned by any…*Jhujhar Singh's sons were beheaded by Shahjahan because they had refused to accept Islam. They were ready to die bu… ISIS: Shahjahan's commander Khan Dauran receives heads of brave Hindu king Jhujhar Singh and his son Bikramjit… @swayamt I am giving you a table from ASI list of monuments that shows no temple has been built in Shahjahanabad (D… @swayamt What is incorrect? What Jain? And who is talking about Jains? I challenge you to show me one Hindu temple… @gujjar_nma If you check the period between 1639-1739, there were 28 mosques but not a single temple was allowed to… Shahjahan built #TajMahal at the cost of 4 crores using Hindu taxes, he made sure his capital Shahjahanabad… @authorAneesh @shilps_says Ramayana is clear. Gandhara is the fertile region on both sides of Indus river in Pushka… @shilps_says Actually, we are not sure about the etymology of Qandahar. It could not be Gandhara because Gandhara r… @DharRenuka Painting by Bishan Singh. 1872
Srinagar 1872: Pandits offering Surya Namaskar in Jhelum , putting on Tika and Janeu. Female Pandits wearing knee l…
Retweeted by True Indology @practicalnri @TrikaBhairav I dont know what you mean, image is well known and used all over @AmritBalaguhanThanks to @TrikaBhairavSrinagar 1872: Pandits offering Surya Namaskar in Jhelum , putting on Tika and Janeu. Female Pandits wearing knee l… check: was Aurangzeb a secular ruler as his sympathisers claim he was?
Retweeted by True IndologyThis "Bengal expert" may not know about the date of Bargi invasions, but she is still an expert Nobody can beat her…