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Andrea Mantegna c.1465-1474 Camera degli Sposi, Ducal Palace, Italy.
Retweeted by True IndologyThe Crossing of the Red Sea (Detail), Agnolo Bronzino
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Even today when a leftist's kid doesn't sleep, the matriarchal mother says , sleep or else @TrueIndology will come…
Retweeted by True IndologyThis SC lawyer must be genius to think that @TrueIndology needs many account, his one account is enuff for his crow…
Retweeted by True IndologyThe unfolding, lush beauty of Italia... Anacapri, Capri, Napoli, Campania, Italy ... ( portra 400 film - analog )
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Alt News or Fraud News? @trueindology takes @altnews to gutters. via @wordpressdotcom
Retweeted by True IndologyNow this is bound to happen a coterie overwhelmed by west Kripa is surely going 2 show a reflex @TrueIndology
Retweeted by True Indology @AskAnshul Thank you very much @ranjandubey999 I have kept my profile private as I will be offline for sometime
Thank you very much. I am working on something which needs my fullest attention. Hence shall be inactive on social…अंतर्राष्ट्रीय योग दिवस पर लखनऊ के रमाबाई पार्क में आयोजित योगाभ्यास कार्यक्रम में । #InternationalYogaDay2017
Retweeted by True IndologyAmbedkar was no fan of Hindu religion.But, he believed in what he called "Hindu culture". He placed Sikhism and Bud… if Shri Ramnath Kobindji indeed spoke what media wants us to believe, he was only repeating Ambedkar's wordsAmbedkar-"Dalit converts to Christianity are mean and self centered""If depressed classes convert to Islam, Muslim domination becomes real. If Christianity, they will strengt…"If suppressed classes convert to Islam/Christianity, they'll no longer remain Indian.They become denation…"Indian Muslim country is alien to India". Would you lodge a complaint, now, against father of Indian cons…
@sushil_bgk Please DM me on my FB page @nation1st Please drop me a DM at @nation1st example of why patriots need to awaken Indians into action! Do support @TrueIndology expose of sickular lies
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@sahi1_11 @vinod_sharma Thank you very muchI said this earlier: you should get your book published in Indian languages too. Your work needs to be read by max…
Retweeted by True IndologyThe opponent knows how to selectively target people who do work of considerable impact. Case in point @TrueIndology and @pranasutra.
Retweeted by True Indology @Madame_Micawber @Raven_krishna @HartoshSinghBal @sanjayuvacha @altnews_in I guess that is what Naga Vagga means by… @Madame_Micawber @Raven_krishna @HartoshSinghBal @sanjayuvacha @altnews_in Okay. Buddha placated the anger of a fur… @Madame_Micawber @Raven_krishna @HartoshSinghBal @sanjayuvacha @altnews_in I am sure you agree with me that Buddha… @Madame_Micawber @Raven_krishna @HartoshSinghBal @sanjayuvacha @altnews_in Buddha does not control, suppress and us… @Madame_Micawber @Raven_krishna @HartoshSinghBal @sanjayuvacha @altnews_in I used the word taming ad-verbatim from… #TuljaBhavani
Retweeted by True Indology @A_prachya @altnews_in @Antevasin10 @Chandrapida1 @sanjivkm It will be out in November @dumbdevil8 Thank you very much @vikramsampath Thank you very much. My book will be out in November @TrueIndology hits back at Alt news. Eagerly look fwd to reading ur forthcoming book @TrueIndology! When's it out ?
Retweeted by True Indology @UnSubtleDesi Thank you very muchStand firm n steady ur heart @TrueIndology. Attacks will worsen once your book is out. But in the end, your credibility will stand untainted
Retweeted by True IndologyWorth reading this rebuttal. This battle is not about fake news but 'faking the real news' that other side is adept…
Retweeted by True IndologyWas waiting for this brilliant reply @TrueIndology 👇🏻 Shameless campaign of lies and defamation
Retweeted by True Indology @TrueIndology "It is not just the Emperor, but the entire empire of pseudo intellectualism that seems to have no cl…
Retweeted by True Indology @radharaju18 Thank you very much @TrueIndology "Alt News or Fraud News? Shameless campaign of lies and defamation" @TrueIndology SLAPS THEM WITH FAC…
Retweeted by True Indology @PunyaPrakop_ @vyangyanik @dimple_kaul @unfeignedmeonly Thank you very much for the info. I stand correctedI propose that all liberals digging up my old tweets be awarded Ph.D on TrueIndology TL for their painstaking and unfruitful researchHere Munda prescribed punishments for those who slaughtered cows. You may find it hard to appreciate it, but this is an irrefutable factBirsa Munda was indeed a "Gaurakshak" and there is nothing "stupidly erroneous" about it. Ask your AltNews rag to r… @Pulippaani @wordpressdotcom Thank youFrauds & lies of @altnews_in exposed by @TrueIndology
Retweeted by True Indology @TrueIndology challenges us to rethink history, opens up the terrain of debate & analysis; those seeking to discred…
Retweeted by True IndologyNot only do I believe True Indology, I believe in True Indology. This sort of raw honesty and passion long missing…
Retweeted by True IndologyCall them with their names- Pratik SInha and his father Mukul Sinha of Truth of Gujrat and Mohd. Zubair of Unoffici…
Retweeted by True Indology @altnews_in or Fraud News? Shameless campaign of lies and defamation – @TrueIndology demolishes Fiberals' favourite
Retweeted by True IndologyLiberandus don't want you to Know "TrueIndology". New book is scaring them.Rozi Roti band.Hence attack like hyenas
Retweeted by True Indology @TrueIndology #AltNews site changed their "About Us.:" Spot the differences. Now out to get "fake propagandists" (s…
Retweeted by True Indology.@TrueIndology takes apart ""alternative facts" site run by propagandists #TruthOfGujarat & "Unofficial Sususwamy."
Retweeted by True IndologyIf this Altnews crap is backed by @ShekharGupta @SagarikaGhose @VikramChandra that itself is proof of its FRAUD..
Retweeted by True IndologyFor those doubting authenticity of @TrueIndology 's work based on a fraud article, here's a detailed & well writte…
Retweeted by True IndologyFinally read this by @TrueIndology and the original hit - cant wait for the book. Set up pre-order if possible
Retweeted by True IndologyReal heroes of our times are intellectual lonerangers like @TrueIndology. Keep up the great work.
Retweeted by True IndologyFirst @TrueIndology and now @majorgauravarya Both exposed altnews for what they are- Pathetic scum.
Retweeted by True IndologyDetailed response by @TrueIndology to the 'exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lie…
Retweeted by True IndologyRead this brilliant rebuttal by @TrueIndology To see one specimen of altnews stupidity do n…
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@sreehari08 @tjoseph0010 No. What have today's Jews got to do with ancient Israelites?Hermes Ordering Calypso To Release Odysseus. Gérard de Lairesse (1640 – 1711, Dutch)
Retweeted by True Indology @trueindology tearing apart fake propaganda of liberal gang, a lengthy but good read👇
Retweeted by True IndologyBrutal take down of the @altnews_in 's stupid propaganda against him, to defame his credentials before his surely b…
Retweeted by True Indology @TrueIndology 's response to the lies, insinuations, fabrications of alt news (fraud news). Read & share!
Retweeted by True IndologyMy response to the defamatory campaign carried out against me by fraudulent secularatti
2017 @Retributions No, I haven't written these excerpts.Neither did anyone from RSS. This article written by Muslim his… @Retributions Faiz must be a very strange atheist to teach Quran and Hadees to prisoners in Jail and identify himse… @Retributions Faiz was a self declared Muslim. He supported Islamic revolution of Iran and imposition of Sharia in… to take your words seriously @Retributions when you make such blatantly false claims that Faiz was an atheist.… shameless defamatory campaign full of lies by @altnews_in