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@_morphiine_ @Sat_S_123 Aurangzeb had Portuguese, Hindus and English in his Army? Does it mean Aurangzeb who killed your Guru was Secular? @_morphiine_ @Sat_S_123 You give me a book a book and I accepted it. Please don't give me this wikipedia nonsense @_morphiine_ @Sat_S_123 3)No Sikh Khanda symbol on ANY of Ranjit Singh's flags or coins @_morphiine_ @Sat_S_123 2)Ranjit Singh was not secular. He desecrated Badshahi Mosque. He banned cow slaughter and Azaan @_morphiine_ @Sat_S_123 1) What have you done? The book you quote actually supports my point that "Sikh royalty WO… @Sat_S_123 @ersakthivel1 @ManshiSwiftie @_morphiine_ @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @Sat_S_123 @ersakthivel1 @ManshiSwiftie @_morphiine_ @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @Sat_S_123 @ersakthivel1 @ManshiSwiftie @_morphiine_ @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @Sat_S_123 @ersakthivel1 @ManshiSwiftie @_morphiine_ @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @_morphiine_ @EkPrerna @prasadgumaste @ManshiSwiftie @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @_morphiine_ @EkPrerna @prasadgumaste @ManshiSwiftie @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @_morphiine_ @EkPrerna @prasadgumaste @ManshiSwiftie @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @Sat_S_123 @ersakthivel1 @ManshiSwiftie @_morphiine_ @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @ersakthivel1 @Sat_S_123 @ManshiSwiftie @_morphiine_ @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 Pandit women: Women's self defence corps moved in to defend Srinagar against Pashtun Jihadi Kabalis(1947)
Retweeted by True IndologyIn 1971, Pak army slaughtered cows inside Dhakeswari temple simply because Bengali Muslims were fed up with Punjabi… past 1000 years, Jihadis have provoked Hindus by killing cows whom Hindus consider their mother And they wonder… your school History books will never teach you . Secularism will be in trouble 😂😂😂
Retweeted by True Indology @_morphiine_ @prasadgumaste @ManshiSwiftie @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @nontolerantman @_morphiine_ @prasadgumaste @ManshiSwiftie @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @nontolerantman @_morphiine_ @prasadgumaste @ManshiSwiftie @zakeer3328 @ChhotiGoldFlake @PhotonicFab @Weirddave0 @nontolerantman @rohit_april There are all dead. You talked about "fighting invaders". How are you going to fight dead people?Dec 25 is not mentioned in Bible at all. This was actually a pagan festival Some christian groups like Puritans and… @prasannchit @ROFL16745585 True, no harm. But again,what is the harm of identifying oneself as Brahman? To each hi… *30,000 not 20,000 if Hindus believe in "Pushpak Vimaan", they haven't killed anyone mocking it.Harmless beliefs. Precisely why you ridicule only HinduismOf course, the "Holy relics" were later "found". But can lost lives be restored? Which "myth" actually needs addressing, Ramayana or Relic?Over 20,000 Hindus were killed, women brutally raped a million driven out. Why? "Holy relics" were lost in another… the other hand,loss of so called "holy relics" at Hazratbal lead to mass murders and complete ethnic cleansing of Hindus in BangladeshStarting from Jesuit Missionaries 400 years ago, everyone has been telling Hindus Ramayana is a myth. Nobody was ever killed for saying itDear @mylantorres_ I am shocked how @Cosmopolitan has used the image of the Sikh cab driver but have shown him as a…
Retweeted by True IndologySecularism 101 Remind Hindus EVERYDAY Ramayana is a myth NEVER ever ask if the hair/relics of prophets all over the… @rohit_april That said, I personally prefer Hinduism and Jainism over all other religions
@vasumunish Khalitanis killed 15000 Hindus in Punjab.They abuse Hinduism everyday. They gave me ma behen gaalis All… @ROFL16745585 I have never identified myself as Brahman, Hindu or Indian. I identify myself as a global citizen hav… @rohit_april As for your belief that Sikhs are Hindus, I agree, but please tell this to the Sikhs, not me. And see what they say @rohit_april There is no invader.I have no enemies.I consider Sikhs, Muslims, Christians everyone as my brothers My… Charitropakhyan on display,two dates in bible One verse says Jesus was born before 4 BC(4 yrs before himself) Another verse says he was bo… aren't supposed to say there could be truth to Ramayana While Hindu Children are taught in schools Jesus the… @jogakhichudi There is an eight century chinese text which talks of his founding of ShaolinNow look at these lies and ignorance peddled by this immoral,ignorant and dishonest person looking out for cheap p… are irrefutable facts, and most modern historians indeed believe that Bodhidharma was a Brahman monk who hailed from South IndiaAnother Chinese chronicler mistook Bodhidharma for Persian/central Asian, confused by fact that Bodhidharma entered China from central AsiaThread never intended to "assert the supremacy of Brahmins" . It was in response to a khalistani mocking Brahmans that they can't fightAnother Chinese biographer Tao Hsuan (died c.667 CE) speaks of Bodhidharma as "Son of a Brahman from south India" must be remembered that contemporary Pallava kings of Kanchi recorded in their inscriptions that they were Brah… 577 CE, the Buddhist monk Tan-Lin wrote that Bodhidharma was "third son of a Brahman king from south India" chronicles as early as eight century, Bodhidharma came to be associated with the Shaolin temple uneducated, illiterate Crypto-Khalistani handles seem to have a problem with my tweet. Let me expose their l… @devadityaa @EkPrerna Dont waste your time with fake Khalistani handle with 8 followers created this month and acti… @Dhriyamana I mentioned his father Chach, who held greater empire than Dahir @MadhujaSawaiker Sorry! No hard feelings, no offence intended to you at allShould you wish to tune in, pls do 👉 as I talk about my writing, especially, 👉…
Retweeted by True Indology @SangramYahoo @drajayssharma Of course she does. Every living being in the world belongs to everyoneThose who can't differentiate Muslims from Sikhs preach Islam to ISIS, tell the world who is a real Muslim and wh… you go The reason why they have sympathy for ISIS. Their catholic forefathers were just like ISIS "fanatically misinterpreting catholic religion and burning people alive" include every pope from 4th century… @suprema_she Thank you @Charming57 Frankly, I don't care for "the threat they pose to nation". They have already killed 15,000 Hindus in P… Khalistani claimed Hindus are idiots regurgitating "Puranic myths". I thought it would be better to give hi… to Chinese Tradition, a South Indian Brahman named Bodhidharma(c.500 CE) went to China, founded Kung Fu… @mohan_nik @ssharadmohhan @nk_Dutt @GPsingh_o @TRobinsonNewEra Jai Mohyal! (I'm not a Mohyal)What a great lineage! The off-spring of great men of Bharat who fought injustice live amidst us @GPsingh_o @CuriousKudi @abhishekthakur @thisisdips @KatarHero @TRobinsonNewEra Mati Das was not shastr dhaari"Brahmins never touch weapons" Read up 1)Pushyamitra Sunga 2)Gautamiputra Satakarni 3)Mayurasharman 4)Raja Chach 5)… Japji Sahib, Nanak asks us to sing these beautiful verses everyday-"Guru Ishwar Guru Brahma Guru Parvati Mai. Gu… Nanak Ji wrote Japji Sahib. His first composition. This is considered the most important prayer of sikhs , recited by them everyday"The Guru's word is Veda. Guru is Brahma, Guru is Vishnu, Guru Is Shiva. Guru is Parvati"-Japji Sahib This verse re… @sapnasandhu1981 Thank you very much. It was my pleasureI wrote the piece after reading 8 primary sources. You don't have to agree. Search and find the truth for yourself No point abusing me
@EkPrerna Not just in Dasam Granth, I will not find any such thing anywhere in any historical book. Because you are… @EkPrerna "Hindu" does not even occur anywhere in that Page 131 of Dasam Granth. Continue lying. Reflects on your i… @Infropy @rohantw Muslims are our brothers too. As are Jains and Christians. Infact everyone on earth is technicall… @EkPrerna You are still ranting. You claimed there is mention of Kirpa Ram in Dasam Granth, which is wrong. Prove… will happily correct myself if you prove me wrong with sources. If you have nothing to show, cribbing on my TL only makes you a loser @EkPrerna @IndianKashmiri No Dutt among any of 517 Kashmiri Pandit Surnames . You guys are all a joke, not worth my… @hotleo2222 @EkPrerna @IndianKashmiri And since when did Kashmiri Pandits start having Surname Dutt? Here are all 5… @hotleo2222 @EkPrerna @IndianKashmiri What a joke! Where is this mentioned? I read all contemporary accounts from Kashmir. Name one(1)