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@thecultureofme We definitely didn’t think we’d be Tweeting for a living. 😉Marvel at this. We're streaming #SDCC2017 LIVE with @IGN, right now.
Retweeted by TwitterToday, we are sharing a results update on our safety work.
Retweeted by Twitter @QueenOf_Kenya Time to take matters into our own paws. 😉 @SyazzaIliya We’ve got your plans for the rest of the day. @TheNorthernNerd Hope your day gets better, Ron. @Chuck_Gekas Welcome! @KelseyProud Looking forward to bringing in 💥10💥 together, Kelsey. @Ummyhawa Go on… @xNikkiAsh_xo Right tho? @thebeff We all have our reasons.
@BlairImani Honored to have you spend time with us today! #LoveBlair @alexisremo Happy Birthday, Lex! @prodigyshivam Welcome to Twitter! The web is lucky to have you. @Love_sugglet The feeling is mutual. @SyedRezaMehdi Probably Tweeting about Tweeting #NewProfilePic in your #NewProfilePic 😏📱 @whitelybot Yeah Florida is pretty chill. @SyiraNatashaa @younglima_ It’s now officially your birthday. 😉🎈 @Metropolis @MJPritchard1 You’re off to an amazing start. @_diplo_ After careful deliberation and assessment, we’re satisfied with this proof.
@supahotfire_sam"When people are determined they can overcome anything.” - Nelson Mandela #MandelaDay @_aymay Say no more. @slomocha How about both? @ashleysosaaaa These things can’t either. 😅 @24johnpw What a smile! 😃 @gdanietz_rocks The best kind of adventure. Welcome! @eyetracking Blimey. That must have been a pretty great conversation. 😏 @ViNZiIIA You get a Twitter! You get a Twitter! x-ray vision than Superman. Don't miss @IGN #SDCC2017 streaming LIVE on Twitter.
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@LikeBentley Great choices. @xGummiezRBLX @ChelzP15 Stayin’ cool like @_tholliday_ That’s a fun one. @tracysusername It might even be the greatest of all time. @jc_russell @_jimgray No problem @xingcat ;-P @Rhonda0731 Love that. @KrystalMarquis That’s a good one. 💃 @kissIland Oh you’re definitely not alone. @Rep_loves_him No such thing as too much time. @Lo_LoLogan @DannyDeVito Welcome to Twitter. @omgjulia Thank you @matthewlesh You’re not old, you’re wise. 😏And the winner is... #WorldEmojiDay
Because #NationalIceCreamDay is nothing without these.
Finals time. 🏅 Advantage, you. #Wimbledon is happening.
@pancha31diaz Glad you like your birthday balloons! @thatslys @BringLightToMe Why, you’re welcome! @scittled @teyonie309 Twitter fam > Fam @Hispanic_Hustla Good thing joining Twitter is no work at all. 😉 @8thhousecomics Great first Tweet. 👏🐦 @ms_tendy
Vive la France! Happy #BastilleDay @soulxgd @kim_li keeping it 💯. Which emoji would up your Twitter game? The winner will be unveiled on Monday for #WorldEmojiDay. @xbakerx93 @chrissyteigen Then you’ll appreciate this. 🙏 @starkiiee @chrissyteigen That would have been the DREAM. For reasons like these… @DashingMoy Agreed 👇 @TommyCliver Then you’ll definitely relate to this. @mirr2times 😂 That’s on par with these. @dmcfa001_dave Too true 🚀 @dmcfa001_dave @triforce_8 recently gathered a group of amazing women from around the world. Poet @denicefrohman took the mic. Here’s what…
Come diving at the #GreatBarrierReef live on Twitter
Retweeted by Twitter @RyanPapaserge Very real. @TaylarFreitag Yes. Yes you did. @anndreajoyy @chancetherapper We agree. @TimmyDangles91 @chancetherapper It's lit. 🔥 @BenitaShae Very 🔥 @joyceeeeeeey Chance got Twitter doing front flips. 😎 @c_algorithm NICE.