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@mcgc1998 🌺🌻🌷🌼🌎 @WendyWings 🙃 @CarolynMaitland You’re welcome 💞#FirstDayOfFall is happening. What does autumn Twitter look like for you? @artistbernross Love you! @tseymat We’ve all grown. @ang2lica Agreed. 😉 @Dolan2U Twitter be like @emp3playa That’s dope. @RceLoveSuga Anytime. @Lilylauren Got it. @McJesse We all do, Jesse. We all do. @ryantaylorbmx That’s weird. @Mike_PiFF03 😍 Happy anniversary 😍
“Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.” - Albert Einstein #PeaceDay @javadahunter 😏😚 @laceynygard The most precious gift of all. Happy anniversary! @janeluuuh They’re the best. @Tauseef2002 Definitely not cringe worthy. @bobbycblanchard 5,000% better for sure. @tompowercbc @RahRahRaina Tbh that’s impressive. @NPDMattPowell Congrats, Matt! @ranzkyle Nm, what’s up with you? @caitmarieg9
@modelishzayn It looks very nice. @emabekassini Np 🤘Celebrate 5778 with apples, honey and an emoji! Tweet using #RoshHashanah or #ShanahTovah to unlock a sweet emoji.
Retweeted by Twitter @crabandlobster Congrats! @bookoisseur Sounds like a plan. @paulinexchan Twitter friends are the best friends. @Kelia_KeliaC ❤️Watch the #streamys LIVE, right here on Twitter. We’re ready… are you? 🌟
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Retweeted by Twitter @_roryturnbull You’re doing great. 👏 @Painting_Nerd Twitter balloons are the official, conclusive, legitimate indication that a birthday has begun. 😉 @WilshereQuality Good game ✋ @k3v2 Looking forward to it. Thanks for remembering. 💞 @KattFunny @live_love_maria The future is here. 👶 @_immywoood is streaming LIVE on Twitter. Tap below to watch ⤵️
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@Kathryn_Habashy If that’s your first Tweet then we can’t wait for #2. @marcusmartinus We’ve missed you. @tonipayne Fantastic mood Tweeting is the best Tweeting. @RachieMargaret Have an amazing birthday, Rachel. @RealCrazyJakey What do you think @tacobell, should he do it? @JanThornburg Happy anniversary, Jan. 💓 @pkligerman @Oprah Still trying to figure out the meaning like @LoveBirdsPost Sounds familiar. @eek192 Hallo! 🐿️ @PlKAXIU They’re all yours. 😘Are you ready? Get your @BuzzFeedNews fix every morning. Watch @AM2DM LIVE on Twitter weekdays at 10am ET, startin…
Retweeted by Twitter @writingimpaired @jk_rowling A new high res swan for your header. The most cherished Twitter gift of all. @tsunami0613 #Blushing
These stars are bright. 🌟 Some of TV's biggest names gave @smrtgrls inspiring answers on the #Emmys Red Carpet. on the prize. @TeamLiquid and @FaZeClan face off in the #ESLOne Counter-Strike: Global Offensive finals LIVE!
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@MistK1ller @TwitterGaming @astralisgg 👀Only one will make it to finals. @Cloud9 vs. @FaZeClan is LIVE from #ESLOne!
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Retweeted by Twitter#ESLOne Counter-Strike: Global Offensive semi-finals start now! Watch @TeamLiquid take on @SKGaming LIVE!
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12 songs, 12 Tweets, 12 Lovatics. @ddlovato's track list announcement was 🔥
Retweeted by Twitter @RonaLPLuvr Enjoy the balloons. 😚 @JP_Chima 💪📚 @WendyFry_ @rcnee @SDChamber Happy anniversary, Wendy. 🤗 @nktpnd @madialder @joycebieberomeo Love you. @ThreeEyedLion @burrow_JohnR @ariannecdavey Welcome! Good luck with school. @chlomorr Agreed.
@ShazzaCook Well said, Sharon. @JamesCorneille Let’s hope not. us inspiring questions using #SmartGirlsAsk for Sunday's #Emmys & tune in to see it answered live on the red…
Retweeted by Twitter @RohanNagel1997 You’re doing Twitter right, Rohan. 👏 @RochelleBurke7 Have an amazing birthday. ❤️ @Hunta_87