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@Harlso A hotdog. It’d be beautifully ironic. 🌭 @iTaylorGibbs @disco_cola We’re at a loss for words. 😶 @Maven @CouRageJD Play nice, Clint… @Indians @Rockies Friendship goals. 🙌 @ninaandreag This is everything we want to hear. Love it. 😍 @skye_dlynne @abby_lauer @david_lauer Awwww, this is too sweet. ❤️ @MsCarsonelle Actually, yes. We’re pretty happy now. 😍 @merchglow We expect a play by play Tweet storm of your shopping experience. @elspetheastman @tomhanks is all of us, except for the A-List Hollywood actor part. @CouRageJD Momma Dunlop knows how to cut deep. Stay strong, Jack. We’ll get through this together.
@NoLoveJustLUST_ Quality Tweets call for quality grammar, right @MerriamWebster? @Eat_Taeee Ooo tell us more. 😍 @jacobsartorius @angellawson_ Our teeth hurt just looking at this. 😉 @my2k For you, we'll stick to one americano. @LaniDianeRich Looking for the people who said GIFs are overused like @yayitsrob @beep From 2007 to 2017. 🙌 Things have changed quite a bit, but we’re glad to have you around, Rob. Cong… @RichOToole Yes please. Also, make it your next album cover. 😉 @sqwarlock @ktjnwow A modern day love story. 😍 @SonnyPriceMusic Ayyy, congrats Sonny! @rkellett Also, in the experience section all that's needed are examples of your most fire Tweets…Kidding, don’t do that. @JackSewell_ These student athlete memes are way too accurate.
Who’s walking away with a million? Catch the Halo World Championship Finals, streaming LIVE right now. #HaloWC
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@13adh13 50% cheeseburgers, 50% dabbing. That's a nice even mix. 🙌 @ArelyAguirre94 Anything your heart desires. ❤️ @samsheffer @AlexHH25 Will the real Clark Kent please stand up? @Iashtnight What class is this for and how can we participate? @elonmusk @nextspaceflight @inversedotcom 👽😱 @devidy_wright Not sure what you mean... @JamesBlunt Your baby is…beautiful. 😍 @Ronnatullis12 Today is your day, live it up girl! @thomaspluck This is the greatest Twitter metaphor we’ve ever heard. @A_W_Gordon You should Dog Twitter Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Just our personal opinion though. @G_Eazy I won’t tell the truth ‘bout you. 🎤
@katelynmcmahon_ Leo's a star. @elizabeth4kids "Maybe if I lay here long enough, they'll take me with them." @OPDK9Kane @OmahaPolice That is one happy floof. We rate him 12/10. 😊 @Queen Rosie looks like she's never had a thorny day in her life. ❤️🌹 @Miles_Teller We share similar interests with Bugsy (and we also might have the same dress) 💃 @Jet_TheCorgi How is this level of cute even possible? @Lin_Manuel @VAMNit We're not crying, you're crying! 😭 @ELutz14 Ask and you shall receive. @IAmBearTheMally Either you grew or your owner shrunk. @kelseyjharkness No thumbs, no problem. 🐕 @taniaaardz Did somebody say chicken?Mute words, phrases, hashtags & more for a specific time period in your timeline & notifications. On Web & Android.…
Retweeted by Twitter @heymichellelee If there’s anyone that knows a thing or two about high fashion it’s @ChloeTheMini. @eddielack This dog is the human personfication of Cher Horowitz. #Clueless @RyanSheckler Walter’s looking quite Vogue in this shot. @BettyMWhite Only fitting that a Golden Girl have a Golden Retriever. 🙌 @katehumble If Teg has any more pups you know who to Tweet. 😉 @2pingz Some call it a side eye, some call it puppy love. @coereba Our heart can only handle so much. Glad to see you and Boulder together and happy #NationalPuppyDay 😍🐶 @Chelsea_Fagan This is love at first sight #NationalPuppyDay @_bree05 We need 2 of each of them in our life. 😍 @_meganhaller Puppy is a broad definition. We’re calling Hunter a puppy in our mind too. 😊 @RickKing16 Clash of the Corgis – the kind of movie Hollywood needs right now.Having a ruff day? Look no further. #NationalPuppyDay 🐶 👇*Opens Twitter* #NationalPuppyDay @itsdougthepug What's better than one pug? TWO PUGS! @JulieAndrews Julie, we need to talk about Toby... #NationalPuppyDay @dpanabaker What did we do to deserve #NationalPuppyDay? @MrTommyCampbell Is he okay? He isn’t moving…
@EmpireFOX Goals. #Empire @EmpireFOX You can't deny destiny. #Empire @prozdkp This reply feels ironic now. 😐 @FaZeBlaziken It gives us more life than Drake playing golf in flip flops. @itsMarioSelman *Trying to figure out what this spoon and fork talk is all about* @rBrianForrester It only seems fitting. Well done, Brian. 👍 attack latest: - Death toll increased to 5 - 40 injured
Retweeted by Twitter @ryangreen8 *Patiently waiting for the answer* @BrouilletteAl @SportEventsCong Keep Tweeting and they will come. Just give it time. @baldemo96 We’ll act as your support system. 😎 @mollysoda @NejedlaMichala @xTrinks