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Michael Burgstahler @twotribes Stuttgart, Germany

Theoretical physicist gone designer since 1992. Founding member of @thevirtualbrain project, lover of everything @rikiki_bonjour does.

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How Far is Europe Swinging to the Right?
Nice: A list of everything that goes into the <head> of your document. And what's already deprecated. the clients see photoshop
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Ransomware is the best thing to happen to corporate security in my (short) career. Finally, a non-abstract threat, with a villain! Awesome!
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When I search for a bug in an old piece of legacy code.
Jeff Bezos: Amazon has some huge flops in the product pipeline and we can't wait to show you them.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerPavlok: "You can even increase the zapping you inflict on you! Isn't it amazing?" Russian Hacker: "Nice."An IoT device to give yourself electric shocks. 💀💩 #innovation #SkyNet /cc @internetofshit simple: HOW TO MAKE YOUR TEXT LOOK FUTURISTIC /via @daveaddey @tehgrumpydude @getwired No, it's pretty common everywhere. Fast Casual chains like Vapiano 4 instance. Also variants 4 pickup notification
The Amazon Economy. $AMZN
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerMeanwhile in mobile gaming
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler"Data… is the lazy way to figure out what to do next. It's obsessed w/ the short-term. Data gets us the Kardashians""It's a routine Windows system update! What could go wrong?"… a client ran a routine system update of their Windows 2008R2 server. Result: 50% of their files got mixed up or replaced with garbage.
@grumpusnation Awwww 👍👏Incredible: The Neon Glow of Tokyo's Nightlife by @liamwong /cc @r00p
UX failure: "How do I turn off the screen?" regular architecture was like software architecture
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@hteumeuleu I'd say "soso, go go!""Sue Sue Googe, Google!" #poetryThe GOP congress candidate for NC, @suegooge has some serious balls by provoking Google's copyright lawyers. @tehgrumpydude Das sind bestimmt die Geschwister der Handwerker hier hinterm Haus, die den gleichen Drang verspüren.When computers used to be beautiful.
I firmly believe that even the best codebase will turn smelly, crusty and messy after 5 years in production at the latest. 🙈
It's barely been a day and already the Queen is wearing a hijab #LondonHasFallen
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerDuring the trip to #SfN16 this year, no neuroscientist should do work. /cc @thevirtualbrain @ar0mcintosh @ldomideDon't look at this tweet in a plane. #CodeOfTerror @akarve Counting dollars is fine, just Algebra should be outlawed. It's of evil Arabic origin anyway… الجبرProtip: Don't write differential equations when sitting in a plane. Because that's TERRORISM! 😱 💣
People in all countries overestimate the size of the the foreign-born population in their country.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerGet rich quick with Inception.
If your mobile app designer can't think in scalable UIs, architecture, edge cases and OS UI frameworks, you've chosen the wrong one.Bullshit. This is not a mobile development projects failing, but having a clueless, bad designer. froze over: We've suggested to use QR codes for this project and it totally makes sense and will be awesome. 😱🙈Fresh & unusual: The case for using many, many different typefaces in a design. /via @khoi Trump was elected in another country, the US would put it under sanctions and isolate it until he was kicked out.
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@r00p I would say watch 4 Koken's reply a few hours, keep a full backup at hand + an eye on site monitoring diagrams before going ballistic @r00p Nice! @grumpusnation OMG /cc @picofoundry @r00p crossing fingers for you @r00p Make your report urgent. Exploits are already happening, becoming widespread tomorrow. @twotribes So it's a fake, alright. Sounded completely believable though. in Evolution versus National Wealth One clear outlier (From: )
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler @r00p Yep, agree. @r00p hm… that stinks. @r00p ah, great. Didn't remember that it had options. @grumpusnation and more in line with our beloved Christian-occidental heritage. @r00p Is Koken still using ImageMagick in the back-end? @r00p Yes, made of male pussiesAmerica's most pressing issues: 1: Who pisses where 2: My penis is sized ok 3: Do you even have a penis … 8: My hands are normal … 48: ISISTL;DR: America has become one giant, literal pissing contest. /via @lriversActually pondering whether a Bratwurst icon would be an instructive solution.When your client explains industrial proportional-integral-derivative controllers using #Bratwurst production as example: Welcome to Germany @thijs Makes sense @thijs @thijs Interesting, because I see header analysis as the only sane way to set language. A proxy messing up HTTP fields? @thijs How do you determine initial language anyway? HTTP Accept-Language? @grumpusnation @grumpusnation The opening quote has both languages linked within. @thijs @thijs .vcf downloads are still a thing? Haven't seen those in a while although they're handy."Surveys yield responses that are easy to count & counting things feels so certain and objective and truthful. Even if you're counting lies""It is too easy to run a survey. That is why surveys are so dangerous."
Nothing is original, esp. in #design. (btw, these are NOT the logos of Medium AirBNB, Flipboard, and Beats)
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@r00p @grumpusnation You should have bought a Swatch 18 years ago. @grumpusnation I think I do. suck, Imperial units.
Stunning: Essential Kung Fu. encourages us to pierce our eyeballs and inject a device for "improved vision". FREE!! * *ad-supportedSamsung cyborgs kids at bedtime. @JZdziarski Bosch Automotive is huge, lots of different contact options. Any more detailed hints about which kind of systems are affected?
@jzdziarski Fired off a request for proper contact. Might need a day or until next week to get a reply, depending on staff presence. @jzdziarski I could ask our client representative for a proper contact within Bosch Automotive. We're in Stuttgart where their HQ is. @jzdziarski Bosch is a major client of us, although a different department (Power Tools). I guess you're referring to the cruise control?Roomba long exposure shots...
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Ad blockers are the new antivirus. #parentalconsultingWhen you discover that someone you follow on Twitter as a respected, sane professional is supporting Trump and other EU right-wing parties 😑
@agebhard "What do you mean Getty charges 250€ for an editorial shot???!? We won't make that up with pageview monetization!" @agebhard "Hey, Prince died, we need to get our post out quickly! Get a photo of him!" "But I need to check the guide…" "Fuck it! Use it"Again, a recommendation from the "Have fun with airport security!" department. @SwiftOnSecurity They made some interesting infographics about you.
"Your problem is that you make shit. A lot of shit. Cheap shit. And no one cares about you or your cheap shit." new ride with the Prius 2016 😎 do not post personal info online 2016: invite strangers from the internet to stay in your home
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler @grumpusnation @getwired I know, I know… she had blessed me too recently. Even twice.
@thijs Actually, I hope this would be illegal too, just for the sake of burning down this insane law once and for all.Plot twist: Detecting ad-blockers to stop users from reading webpages could be illegal under European law."Under EU law in force since May 2011, people must give their consent before an anti-ad-blocker script can run and hide content on a page."Walk on art by Peter Zimmermann. Museum für neue Kunst, Freiburg
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerAny debate about justification of government and law enforcement collecting citizen data needs to stop until they can properly secure it."93.4M Mexican voter records leaked! Take it down!" Mexican gov: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ U.S. gov: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Amazon: Meh, really?
When the client has slashed the budget and asks us to stage a convincing demo anyway. @alvar_f Hallo FocusOnline @snowcoda @malarkey AFAIK AlexaPro requires a tiny bit of JS, basically an API call (google for "_atrk_opts") @snowcoda @malarkey Good point. I don't know. Couldn't find any trace of Alexa's tracker in Wired's source code, with + without adblocker..@malarkey Wired is already getting lost, as most other sites which are blocking adblockers. Big, big declines.
@reichenstein "Ongoing death investigation" Prince DEAD at 57.
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler @GrumpusNation Get your wife some roses.