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Michael Burgstahler @twotribes Stuttgart, Germany

Theoretical physicist gone designer since 1992. Founding member of @thevirtualbrain project, lover of everything @rikiki_bonjour does.

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Yay, Scotland! 😜 #whisky #auchentoshan vodka menu is about 100 varieties 😱😛 @ Arcade Bar, Haggis & Whisky House's Close @ Arcade Bar, Haggis & Whisky House wears a funny hat @ Royal Mile of Remainers @ The Scottish Parliament Scottish breakfast @ Edinburgh Larder
Thank you @mattgemmell for the excellent recommendation! 👌🏻 Scottish Angus @ Wildfire Steak and Seafood Bistro @ Wildfire Steak and Seafood Bistro Beach, Edinburgh
Norman Rockwell's classic painting, "Free Speech on Twitter"
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerSometimes it's worth reminding everyone what free speech means ;) via @xkcdComic
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler @grumpusnation Just no tissue samples. Please. @GrumpusNation Thanks, Canada! 😱 @theantiquesdiva Tip: When doing Twitter cross-posts from FB, make the original text longer than 140 chars. Otherwise no FB link appears.Shit just got real – starting at 15$/month
@mattgemmell Thank you. Will check them out! @mattgemmell Going to Edinburgh from Thursday to Sunday. Where are great places to eat local food? @grumpusnation But of course.
How terrorism in the West compares to terrorism everywhere else–
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler @grumpusnation @thijs Am I doing this right?"Every bit of precious data we have about display advertising tells us that it's a complete and utter joke."
Gun Deaths in America. Terrorism and mass shootings are only the tip of the iceberg. that Trump logo. :D Don’t be the asshole, America.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerGreat flight with @TurkishAirlines. Seem to have arrived during some sort of festival.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerTwitter is all like "I could totally plan a better coup than this"
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Interesting: "Why Do We Haggle For Cars?" – it goes back to the practice of horse trading. "Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it."
Best Pie Chart I've seen in a while
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"The Tory party seemed to have been blown apart by Brexit, but coalesced like the T-1000, this time taking the form of a woman."
This photo of #LeshiaEvans is America's Tiananmen Square moment, when the ludicrousness of the authorities is clear.
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@thijs Think Different, Mercedes!
Calm down with some magical fireflies from Japan.
@janl LügenWordpresse
An empty Boeing 787 looks like the future.
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Happy Canada D'eh, especially to @GrumpusNation!
@monteiro If each page made about 1 sale per day, you spoiled almost half a million gun sales per year."In 2015, out of 4,148 total wiretaps, only 11 encountered a form of encryption law enforcement could not break" future of transport is all about perspective. Sometimes what appears clever now isn't really progress.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerBoris Johnson, explained: @drpizza "What has the European Convention on Human Rights ever done for us?"
Now Microsoft went too far.
Over 20 years of misinformation on the EU by @DailyMailUK @Telegraph & co via @TheEconomist
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerEU Referendum Local Results 2016 vs Mad Cow Disease Outbreak Areas 1992. Perhaps we shouldn't jump to conclusions.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerWhen you ask people if they speak "Chinese"...
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XKCD being brilliant as usual.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerGoogle Trends: "You can look quite foolish by solely depending on it." /via @iA
@rastadler @secretcoauthor @mylifemysay @skydata Zugegeben, ja. Aber was machen wir mit den vielen Nichtwählern, die soviel ruinieren? @secretcoauthor @rastadler Es wäre sinnvoller, wenn man eine Wahlpflicht ab 18 einführen würde. behind-the-scenes reporting on the Remain campaign. How internal turf wars & strategic blunders ruined it. @carnage4life While old people get blamed for this mess, the young apparently had better things to do than voting. the British youth + young adults, albeit now howling like hurt puppies, couldn't be bothered to vote. twist: British youth overwhelmingly voted Remain but hardly went voting. Old people voted in droves, for Leave., yes. This thread sums up the reason and outcome of populist movements. /via @KuraFire of Lords on #Brexit in May 2016: “The long-term ghastliness of the legal complications is almost unimaginable” guy nails everything wrong with politics right now.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerExcellent read: "Britain’s Democratic Failure""Any action to redefine a long-standing arrangement on a country’s borders ought to require a lot more than a simple majority in a one vote""The current international standard for breaking up a country is arguably less demanding than a vote for lowering the drinking age.""Most societies place greater hurdles in the way of a couple seeking a divorce than Cameron’s government did on the decision 2 leave the EU"The Trumps of the world are the result of three decades of unleashed neoliberalism. "What has the European Convention on Human Rights ever done for us?" 😂A sober look at our age of mood vs. facts and the consequential suicide of hopeless people irony of Britain having an Independence Day from the EU when they're the reason Independence Day exists for 75% of the world.
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Over 50% of Brits basically supported the agenda of this asshole. Greenland voted to leave the EU in 1982, there was no Euro and no single European market. The divorce negotiations still took 3 years.It's officially time to stop using British accents in movies to indicate high intelligence. #Brexit
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerVOTERS: we want to give a boat a ridiculous name UK: no VOTERS: we want to break up the EU and trash the world economy UK: fine
Retweeted by Michael Burgstahler @glennf "millions more white, older working-class voters went to the polls in 2012 than was found by exit polls""Britain left the EU decades before the referendum" the 27.8% of Britons who didn't bother to vote: How does your shit sandwich taste which you got served for free?"Fuck you, we're leaving." I wonder whether exercising voting rights should require a license and an intelligence test. @soxcitedtotweet A parliament doesn't have unaccountable power. And free markets aren't the magic fix for all problems. @soxcitedtotweet No, it's not. A parliament is a firewall against knee-jerk feelings of fear and rage in the populace."It’s like when a child desperately wants to pee in his pants and does it.…”“A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”Meanwhile, in Canada
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerI think we can all agree that David Cameron is the biggest dickhead in recent history. @promscuouspanda The parliament can still decide to ignore the result. democracy hinges on the assumption that every voting citizen makes calm and informed decisions. That's why parliaments were invented."The EU referendum result, by itself, has no legal impact. It was an advisory not a mandatory referendum." tenets of Neoliberalism, cutting expenses for social security, healthcare and education to boost the economy have achieved the opposite.At least #Brexit voter demographics make it clear that every investment in education and to help low earners is beneficial to a society.Twitter is great if you ever need to watch the world go up in flames in real time
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerThis is a superb comment on the Financial Times. Sums it up perfectly.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerInteresting fact: The country has lost MORE money in the hours since the OUT result than it could ever save from not paying into the EU.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerIt's not immigrants who are destroying Europe, it's uneducated Europeans.
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerThis chart shows the less well educated voted to leave in the highest numbers in the EU vote
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerFuck you. No, really. Fuck you. next James Bond will just be him spending 2 hours in passport control at De Gaulle
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerFascinating poll on Brexit. Broken down by age. @YouGov #Brexit
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@kurafire We've worked with the research department of @Baycrest for years. Maybe @ar0mcintosh knows of a job opportunity for her. @grumpusnation Be quiet about edge cases. Seniors, ruining innovation again.All digital music platforms should consider the volume at which you play a song as a stronger signal of preference than arbitrary stars.I've long since stopped caring about Firefox. For a developer, it's become a sheer testing liability. No *meaningful* innovation there.Obviously, the workers at the construction site waited for the hottest day to use their jackhammer, when everyone has to open windows 😡😡😡
Current status: #AdobeIllustrator #Sucks #So #Much #Compared #To #Freehand
once people start having babies through dating apps, artificial intelligence algorithms will technically be selectively breeding humans
Retweeted by Michael BurgstahlerWhat clients believe how designers solve their problems.