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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, my own. Dialogue, my goal.

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Looking forward to joining peers in the SEOntario area in Kingston next week!, that's a cool job.'t miss this chance to learn from the million-dollar-ask-master @EmpDialogue in Calgary! are fundraising jobs - and there are fascinating revenue roles in charities - subtle difference. Work with… of Comms at @ALSCanada via @afptoronto cc @CdnMarketingHave you heard? We're hiring! Do you live on Canada's beautiful west coast and want to join our team? Apply NOW:…
Retweeted by Paul NazarethOur champion 🙌🏽 thank you Derek! peers you still have time to join @CAGPVancouver this Thurs Jan 18 for Philanthr… state of charitable #bequests in Canada via @LegalWillsCA cc @CAGP_ACPDPLove love LOVE this @CharityVillage article on making your charity's office more livable by… yes! Your home page is no longer the web-panacea it used to be. Read by @mikemella vi… many professional bodies run #mentoring programs. All need to read this by… this new-school charity founder reflection by @BboyPiecez of @unitycharity in…
@BlueHorizonVan I'm staying with you this week after a while. Excited to see improvements noted online. Hope to h… tracking the storm system that is @jaimestein - the move announcement has arrived! to @ColliersNFP for the chance to share my perspective on place and space when it comes to Canadian charit… @MarcelLauziere for this @canadahelps shoutout in @Phil_journal on philanthropy in Europe!… huh? Light it up #Toronto this weekend at @DistilleryTO is the #TOLightFest ! Follow @tolightfest v… excited to see peers at @CAGPVancouver @AFPVancouver this week at January 18 session on Philanthropic Trends… @StarbucksCanada a barista convinced me to try the "Clover" for my drip order this morning. I had to go back… for a fascinating social-profit leader @paulm_taylor and public-impact charity like @FoodShareTO the @CBCNews breaking the unethical #Rogers sales practices - how can people in influence jobs stay in the lig… @UinvitedU: Work in a charity or NFP? Want to lead it one day? You NEED to visit created…
Retweeted by Paul NazarethDid you know our own @afptoronto is hiring a communications and marketing person full time? Check out the post to be presenting @CAGP_ACPDP Planned Giving fundamentals with Michelle Osborne in my home town of #Toronto in a charity or NFP? Want to lead it one day? You NEED to visit created by @o_n_n to hear @MarinaGlogovac CEO of @canadahelps in @KCIPhilanthropy podcast with @macdjb
I have the scoop on why these jobs in admin and HR at @FoodShareTO are serious career investments - DM for Deets… really didn't get it, for years. Thank you @tanialittle @johnlepp @KimberleyCanada @ligiafpena for your decade… @EmmaLewzey this made me smile: Do your personal opinions matter in strategic fundraising plans for our ch… declaration for daily heroism - a @RobinSharma morning manifesto sector profile of @MenaGain President of @AFPottawa in @Phil_journal @johnlepp @agentsofgood @agentjenlove @CharityVillage It is written with such love and care. As if the entire sect…, planned giving & estate planning professionals must navigate grief in all forms. This is a brilliant (& light…, thank you @NightShiftMD for sharing this brilliant and beautiful @nytimes pictionary dictionary on #Grief a beautiful collection of pre-dawn #Toronto photos by Taku Kumabe via @torontolife those who travel on business the season has begun. #Productivity tips for business travellers… is a good read for all staff at charities as we start the year by @johnlepp of… surprise, look who will thrive in the tech age (Also, who will run the rebellion… you work for a charity in Ontario, these are high-value (easy on the PD budget) education opportunities that app…
Charity sector profile: @ocharters CEO of @BGCCAN former @canadahelps CEO via @Phil_journalThere is no great genius without some touch of madness. ~ AristotleTo succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone. ~ Reba McEntireBrilliant read on #mentor programs by @nouraelmanssy in @FenderBenderMag to see things went well today for #ProjectWinterSurvival with @EngageAndChange today to benefit the important…, don't let your look just "happen". Curate the ages and stages of your life with your personal brand.… @Phil_journal for sharing new voices like @alyssaglai in your #Canada150 charity sector profiles!… friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. ~ Mark Twain Coordinator at @humbercollege via @afptoronto cc @HumberAlumni @FundraiseHumberYoung professionals in #Toronto this job at @walrusmagazine is one of those 'life experienc… read about #TimHortons in @TorontoStar by @shawnmicallef Nice to see @unitedwaytyr you @RaisingTheRoof for all you do! cc @mbraithwaite72 @afptoronto @CAGPTorontoArea into Canada's Influencer-In-Chief @terryoinfluence on @CBCRadioCanada at 11:30am (or like, right now at…, @Netflix_CA now has @JerrySeinfeld Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee!! There is #careeradvice in this hilarious… of difficulties grow miracles. ~ Jean de la Bruyere to see digital media expert @mitchjoel in @macleans on @facebook newsfeed cleanup. c… sector reporting joke. Foundation player, a board where you will deepen your knowledge of philanthropic granting and social impact.… Pee-based advertising?! Print is in more trouble than I thought. #finance peers, @CommFdnsCanada is looking for an analyst! Great team doing powerful work of impact… the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. ~ Jimi HendrixTwitter for #nonprofits in 2018 Rebirth or retire? By expert Beth @kanter harder for donations? I see what you did there @globeandmail The @CndnCanoeMuseum's you. YOU'RE judging yourself against the ability of others. Cut yourself some slack and be the best fish… video and resource site at is THE #futureofwork manifesto for the social-impact sector… to hear our own CEO of @canadahelps in @KCIPhilanthropy podcast with @macdjb CEO of… and Comms job in Toronto at @RMHToronto via @afptorontoDid you know our own @afptoronto is hiring a communications and marketing person full time? Check out the post fanatic fundraisers in the GTA - Major Gifts at @MLSEFoundation via @B_meaningful friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still… thoughtful conversation on mental toughness from retired 4 star General @StanMcChrystal f…, this is pretty awesome. One more reason to love @metromorning @CBCRadioCanada
Hit the @JJBeanCoffee at St.Clair & Yonge today. Very west coast contemporary vibe, it's neither Tims nor is it B… in Jerry McGuire when another athlete asked his agent "why don't we have a relationship like that?" --- th… eh @canadiancharity @theshanster ? the 1600's his great grandparents sold their property for tulips. #Bitcoin #BlockchainHype #SlowYourRoll, pee-based advertising @terryoinfluence ? I'm glad it's in print and not embedded mobile ads. Too many people u… is not enough to fight poverty by @troymedia featuring @CWP_CSP @publicjustice is one reason why when people ask me how to describe @HutchNetwork one word I use is - classy