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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, my own. Dialogue, my goal.

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THE course on finance leadership in social-profit by @bettyferreira @CPAcanada (Sept 2016) refreshing annual fundraising letters @CharityVillage feat @_GoodWorks_ @vanessaechase @SOFIIisHOT @PenelopeBurkWould love @canadiancharity @CPAcanada @charitytax @ImagineCanada thoughts on this great post in @npquarterly
This isn't about watching, @jagmeetNDP shares some profound personal history of great wisdom. Love #SleepoverCBC !, a rant I can get behind. Damn the key-fob! via @globedrive, @SeanIngram4 I was really inspired by your quote... #hardwork #work #workhard #career @michellestef public netwalks are rare. I walk almost daily one on one! Send a DM and well schedule 😀I was a kid watching the Blues Brothers movie when I heard #JohnLeeHooker and thought, what IS that sound? is John Lee Hooker's birthday. #Blues lovers, raise a glass to a great talent. cc @cbcmusicblues @CBCMusic Sept 15 @MargaretAtwood is matching up to $3,000 in donations to @valleylibs library! cc @chronicleheraldHuh, Bob Egan leaves Blue Rodeo to become a library fundraiser?! cc @afptoronto @Hilborninfo @CharityVillageVery nice @SeanIngram4 "Don't be disappointed at the results you don't get from the work you didn't do".A quick video interview with @CharityExec talking about Planned Giving cc @CAGP_ACPDP @CAGPTorontoArea @LAL_CanadaWhat?! Thanks @jacobf_oconnor for spotting the one-day fundamentals at @o_n_n - good value!! An alternative to the charity overhead pie-chart! via @npquarterly @CharityVillage morning #netwalk : Excitement of seeing peer gets me up on time, inspiration to discuss career starts the week off right!John Lee Hooker's birthday today. What's your favourite JLH song? cc @cbcmusicblues @ErrolNazareth things I love deeply, Libraries and Margaret Atwood. I'm in! #Libraries @JeffGignac thanks Jeff. I was celebrating by purchasing golf shirts and casual clothing for a more casual phase to my career.Be still my planned giving heart. Now, when you return from that trip, call an estate planner! co-founder and co-chair @APClarkson's latest contribution to the @6degreesto essay series in the @globeandmail:
Retweeted by Paul NazarethOntario nonprofits, this is going to be a powerfully valuable conference by @o_n_n this year to be YOUR career year? Fundraising mastermind with @JennyChavender
It's August, the cicadas are singing loud in the heat. I look to the heavens, in gratitude for @Motts #Clamato, @thehipdotcom is Canada's house band. Thanks @cbcradio for this #CBCTheHip to be productive in the week to come? Focus and productivity tips by @BradleyTusk via @IncWhy side projects should be .... stupid? @vanschneider in @Inc heart suffering a massive hangover from #CBCTheHip last night. @cbcradio has the cure're a busy leader. How can you help your team be more creative? [ @HarvardBiz podcast] you know a nonprofit in Ontario? They need to be at the @o_n_n conference! expert @CDowdHiggins shares her vision for the #futureofwork in @HuffPostBiz T3010 @CanRevAgency reporting infographic! via @CharityVillage benefits of mentoring via Canadian banking leader @TuulaJalasjaa of @HollisWealthWhy philanthropy is a good alternative investment @financialpost via @mjstrathdee of @MennoFoundationJust got up and already thinking of your afternoon nap? The pro's and con's of "How Long to Nap?" via @raehanbobby
Retweeted by Paul NazarethLaw of grocery carts: Wherever you leave yours as you peruse produce will INSTANTLY become the most important place in the known universe @RobinPadanyi I use Tweetdeck to schedule, Hootesuite to listen. @Seanmaire thank you! @BobBaker62 thank you! @YYZdesign thank you!NOT for everyone, read why only 3 types of people should read this book by @PeterAceto 40 today, what a gift from @cbc to listen to #CBCTheHip live. Thank you @cbcradio @CBCMusicI'm singing along with Gord. Are you? #tragicallyhip
Body language tips for your productivity and communication @Inc by @jeff_hadenI schedule my Tweets because it's about the convenience of YOU the reader, not ME the Tweeter. #socialstrategy #socbizOn refreshing annual fundraising letters @CharityVillage feat @_GoodWorks_ @vanessaechase @SOFIIisHOT @PenelopeBurk @nelson_jill turning 40 today!An important listen anyone with a cottage in the family @TheCurrentCBC cc @allaboutestates to email busy people @vanschneider via @Forbes really believe in @JennyChavender power to advance career. Consider joining this fall can't believe how many small charities & NFP's haven't heard about the @o_n_n conference! leadership at its best. Why you need to read #Weology by @PeterAceto @changepaths of @Challengfactory on being featured in @CBCNews on Canadian "legacy" careers are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. ~ Buddha8 ways body language can build energy and help you achieve more @jeff_haden via @IncI really think this book is an important read for fundraisers. More on it from @hilbornecs on work-life management from a highly successful financial services leader @TuulaJalasjaa of @ScotiaWealth
Sigh. The awesome @AnnBRosenfield bravely has the "overhead" talk, on LinkedIn nice comment @claremcdowallI'm SWOONING people. Just got the most personal, deep, impressive birthday card from head of a charity I have a bequest to. Stewardship!I mentioned valuable @o_n_n yesterday #CCNPsummit here is the conference I mentioned! @VassB besides @rcarrick ? It's his topic in @globeandmail today...This man is disrupting the world of business. Do you know @PeterAceto ? cc @jaimestein
@johnlepp um, is this in Dublin Ireland?!Well thank you Paul. Very very kind.
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth @PeterAceto most welcome. 1) This book took courage to write, I really respect that. 2) It's going to help a lot of people in my network.New T3010 @CanRevAgency reporting infographic! cc @MHMasonBHT @Blatchford_BHT @CAGPVanRT you @TheArtOf @SpeakersDotCa @HarvardBiz @globeandmail @Forbes for showcasing the wisdom of @PeterAceto leadership takes courage. @PeterAceto of @TangerineBank is the real deal's the porkopolypse! The ultimate shoyu #ramen via @KintonRamen in Montreal. the addictive escapism of following @TlNYHOUSES Miniature minimalism dwellings.Great advice for young boomers on a 50+ career change @globebusiness featuring @ChallengfactoryThank you @sociallystacy for a great panel moderation job at #CCNPsummit ! Wonderful job, great questions! you @britnyreic ! Glad it was of value 😃 kind @sandydee13 ! 😊 is the @canadahelps course I mentioned #CCNPsummit Lots of great education on online fundraising!It's coming #CCNPsummit ! #GivingTuesdayCA 2016 is on November 29! Details at & follow @GivingTuesdayCaYes #CCNPsummit your charity can accept stocks and mutual funds through @canadahelps right now! is how @canadahelps can help your charity show impact! #CCNPsummit's that article on crowdfunding for charity across Canada via @CharityVillage #CCNPsummitWant to download the @blackbaud Canadian charitable giving report? Here's the link #CCNPsummitHere's that global non-profit technology report #CCNPsummit ! via @nonprofitorgsOur man @VitoMarchese partner with @ConstantContact teaches us about marketing at #CCNPsummit for Nonprofits favourite thing about @sociallystacy is her love of LinkedIn! A must-have at #CCNPsummit media specialist @sociallystacy starts #CCNPsummit with @ConstantContact @bargainsgroup & @canadahelps yrs ago @JodySteinhauer of @bargainsgroup helped my charity care for homeless. We share a stage at #CCNPsummit ! @StephNics0912 great to see you today! Always wonderful to see @GFundraising peers!Any peers coming to #CCNPsummit in Mississauga this afternoon? Look forward to seeing @JodySteinhauer @sociallystacy @VitoMarchese soon!I'm sick and tired of telling people face to face about why to read @PeterAceto 's book. So, here Pick it up.Been a little while since I've visited @csiTO Annex. Welcomed by a @LovebotTheRobot - love the church pew. peers - @OpenStreetsTO magic moment this Sunday - don't miss it! #OpenStreetsTO the streets car-free at #OpenStreetsTO this Sunday, 10am-2pm!
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth @faceintheblue drivability review please! Peppy? Always wondered.Still time to join us today at 1pm for the NFP marketing summit with @ConstantContact ! #CCNPSummitNew T3010 @CanRevAgency reporting infographic! cc @charitytax @charityupdate @CAGP_ACPDP've personally recommended @JennyChavender to advance fundraising careers! Check out
Buckle up #Toronto @LetsGoToTheEX has a foodventure in store for #CNE2016 !! Via @blogTO cc @metromorning @cbcradioq for sharing #TheGetDown ! Fascinating story of history of Hip Hop more, stay inspired, be a leader. Subscribe to @RobinSharma podcast design lead of Spotify on why side projects should be....stupid?! @vanschneider via @FastCompanyThe DNA of modern Canadian #philanthropy - @UinvitedU reviews The Philanthropic Mind CAGP members get 20% off!
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