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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, my own. Dialogue, my goal.

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Well this is going to be an infamous #Oscars moment. crazy photo finish madness at #Oscars How you feeling @Elevation_Pics ?!! #Oscars
So is every guy is in Blue Velvet at #Oscars tonight?! to this. #Oscars David Ayelowo gets big points for the subtle paisley on his white #Oscars tux. #menstyle #Oscars2017 @jimmykimmel to make it awkward and way too long. #Oscars @jimmykimmel this schtick is adorable. #Oscars svelte after being in #HacksawRidge guy. Holding down style for the men at the #Oscars Woman at the #Oscars brings the funny. was like, NOICE. But all casual, because you know. He's Sting. #Oscars folks at @Elevation_Pics should be so proud to have 5 amazing movies at the #Oscars tonight! cc @TIFF_NET the #Oscars landslide for #MoonlightMovie begin! Well done @Elevation_Pics !❤️ #Oscars2017 velvet! @TheRock looking crisp on the #OscarRedCarpet Never a wasted moment for Mr. Johnsons style.… #menstyle for the #Oscars2017 who do you think is rocking some character tonight?Are you watching The Oscars? Five of our phenomenal films are nominated tonight! Which film are you cheering for?…
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAwesome to see @KarlynPercil in @CBC #herstoryinblack list of 150 Canadian Women making history!… news? Pope Francis is more worried about fake Christians via @cnn Love my CSO. cc @archtorontoAny Goan in my network will get this. Via @CatholicRegistr #Goa #Catholic @goatoronto is the fireworks of the soul. ~ Josh BillingsBorn again predators, insufferable. Piety, overrated.
At a time like this (& renewed relevance) its painful for @nbcsnl to be off again this week. Looking forward to… cool to see @itscherjones on this list of 150 Black Canadian Women making history! you looked through the list of 150 Black Canadian Women making history? via @CBC sector CEO @EugeniaDuodu in @cbc #herstoryinblack cc @ImagineCanada @CharityVillage We have a kids playland in @DUKEHeightsBIA ? Thanks for sharing will visit this weekend!Seriously, this is a very unique opportunity for charity finance staff in the GTA from… thrive in life you need three bones; A wishbone. A backbone. And a funny bone. ~ Reba McEntireI respect @philscareers as a Canadian charity sector recruiter. Great advice from him in @CharityVillage
Massive opportunity cultivating under 40 philanthropy with @UJAFederation cc @afptoronto @B_meaningfulGrills grills grills at @autoshowcanada - another impressive year at @MTCC_Events visit to #CIAS2017 this weekend! you haven't been to @autoshowcanada this year, go this weekend. Gorgeous ride from @CadillacCanada at #CIAS2017 why didn't you share this? Was what I heard last year. NFP/Charity finance education event from @CPAcanada you @afpnb @GSJCF for hosting this session in Saint John on March 16! can't wait to m… @OpinionatedLizz potluck! to see several charity sector leaders in list of Black Women making history in Canada…
Solid start, micdrop finish @Trevornoah @Netflix_CA thanks for changing how we laugh. @Turnstylin that hits me. Where. I. Live. But Voicemail is the real evil here. An immortal troll. @mo_flow I was loyal to Tarzan Dan on 680 CFTR AM It was a gaudy time. Only the McRib survived.I think #TO4E is going to be a legendary #Toronto moment in history. Any who goes will remember it forever as a once in a lifetime thing.This is fascinating and moving - 150 Black Women in Canada making history via @CBC 🎶 on the radio causes '90s #Toronto flashback: Chris Sheperd on 📻 Monica Deol, Electric Circus on 📺 David Bronstein,Prince of ❤️Hey @DUKEHeightsBIA thanks for sharing Bunch of Fun Playland! nice to know it's in area. We keep going to Vaughan.Fundraisers! Our own @InclusiveGiving fellow @EugeniaDuodu CEO of @visionsofsci featured in @cbc #herstoryinblack charity sector leader, @Trust15Official named in @CBC #herstoryinblack as a Canadian Women making history!… peers! Surf #sectortransform17 , then follow @stephenhuddart @pwrd_by_data @p2173 @mlenc @AllysonHewitt you know @salesforce has a Chief Philanthropy Officer? via @FastCoLead cc @ImagineCanada @B_meaningfulCongratulations Toronto. Drivers in this city reached a special level of arrogance, ignorance, cowardice today.… nice @torontolibrary ! Helping #Toronto library users chase away the blues via…, follow #sectortransform17 out of @MaRSDD to gain some big insight! Our @canadahelps team is presenting too! to be at @csiTO with @cpar & @betternxt to share how @canadahelps can help charities with online giving str… have time to join ( or get content after ) this personally powerful @CharityVillage webinar with… charities and NFP's please share this with your finance staff a groundbreaking educ…
6 Brilliant Productivity Habits @Forbes via @PeterAcetoLaughter is the fireworks of the soul. ~ Josh BillingsBig news as @BrendaRideout named incoming CEO of @TangerineBank succeeding @PeterAceto cc @globebusinessIs your Ontario charity's finance staff going to this amazing @CPAcanada education event? is critical career reading by @philscareers via @CharityVillage! Really like this confidence webinar with @KathyDArcher via @CharityVillage'm honoured to be mentioned @KasiaMikola in your @Medium epic career journey story also a testament to @afptorontoLearn to have the giving conversation with major donors. Read by @EmpDialogue via…
Want to raise your major gift conversation skill level? Read by @EmpDialogue via…
The @FordCanada GT then and now. Great cars at #CIAS2017 @autoshowcanada ! #CIAS2017 at @MTCC_Events today on #FamilyDayWeekend ! Rocking show again @autoshowcanada excited to meet more charity peers who work in finance at the @CPAcanada forum in March…
Nice, @norm has launched a clothing line Proceeds to #Toronto charities and Nonprofits… walk backwards in your life? Spent some time at @NewCollegeUofT last week. Found my life here. Proud to b… @InclusiveGiving is your must read for #canada150 by @balkissoon in @globeandmailSunday night long weekend. No work Monday. High life: Living. @PenguinCanada tribute to #StuartMclean in @globeandmail @balkissoon I was born downtown in Toronto and am on a similar Canadian adventure, but also struggle with similar issues.Master career architect @RobinSharma shares 5 rituals that will build your success. Watch/listen… wonderful read on #Canada by @balkissoon in @globeandmail good #canada150 reading.How NOT to work for a bully again in your NFP career @susanfishy in @CharityVillageWow @JustinsNoFrills loving the new direction for your @nofrillsCA store. Highly appreciate the social engagement… @nofrillsCA Jesus price-matches. a board member of @OntarioPrayer excited to share our musical guest is world renowned @S_Aglukark