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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, my own. Dialogue, my goal.

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Rather than resolutions, spend some time trimming your #LinkedIn connections before 2017. It's the company of "YOU… #DoctorWho is the greatest networking expert in history. @AdamMGrant book is why cc… judicious about people who ask of your time around New Years. This is askhole superbowl season. #careeradvice my children who are on Christmas break to visiting family. want to hit reset or turbo boost n your career in 2017? Read by @dorieclark of… you're home for the holidays" with a lot of people asking about why your job isn't paying off. Smile. Then ret… 5 in the 2017 challenge of adapting to the mobile workplace: Fit. #futureofwork #telecommuting career architect @RobinSharma shares 5 rituals that will build your success. Watch/listen…
@barrychoi @gunnarolla priceless 😅 I spend my life being mistaken for Russell Peters, who I look nothing like besides being brown.Getting mentally ready for 2017. Turn to and follow @RobinSharma he'll help. #2017 #Resolutions2017 telling my children tales of the "old days" is hilarious. Should be a special +… I'm one of the only men using Pinterest - and I've assembled a huge cache of business/career articles for you! uninspired can never help you build the unimagined. Brilliant @HarvardBiz podcast on superconsumers this beautiful piece by @UinvitedU and nominate someone for the Friend of CAGP Award:…
Retweeted by Paul NazarethNice to be mentioned @CityNews story on a mentor of mine, Sister Susan Moran founder…, holiday philanthro-reading from @malburrs @SusanManwaring @GordonFloyd &… @raymundf23 just watched Passengers - thanks for the Age of Adeline recommendation!#Jesus rocking his birthday still. 2000+ years young my man. Well done.
Was revisiting Xmas past here 😉 This year was wonderful. #BlessedBeTheDramaFree @elamin88 loving this more than sports centre was a chance to insert more #StarWars into the holidays. For that, @CineplexMovies I adore you. 🙌🏽, where that person who knows what they shouldn't say - doubles down and blurts it at dinner. *this tweet… holiday reminder. GI Joe with the Kung-fu grip, not required. Quote via @IntricitiALANA A Christian leader to… one foggy New Years Eve The VP advancement said Rudolph the red donate button Won't you save our revenue line… @FundraisingYoda @johnlepp @FundraiserBeth @fundraisermaeve @sldoolittle you asked! I take requests ✍🏽Willy the bequest A wonderful surprise Donations far off track He put us back in black & made staff spirits rise!… : We still seem to have wine, did you give out all the #Christmas gifts? Me: Still one bottle left. *uncorks… stop the Mail 🎼 Get off my phone Don't know your cause No opt-out clause Swig from a flask Too many asks… in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ~ Lao TzuNice @Forbes article on how to give before Dec 31 (Ps. All applies to Canada too!) but bet… @cbcradio on all day with family driving and kitchen time. Really loving all the @CBC hosts sharing their Hol… this @archtoronto for those of us who celebrate #Christmas it's a blessing to have you on Twitter! #Catholic city mall at Spadina and Dundas is a gift to #Toronto A semi-crusty urban landmark. Topped by 👌🏾Dim Sum sp… the kids to Sky Dragon Dim Sum in #Toronto China Town before a day on the road... #Christmas #Christmas like... friends will get a kick out of this #SNL skit everyone gets roasted: Lectors, Pastor, Parishioners...If you're heading to annual #Christmas church visit you'll love this @nbcsnl skit's hoping your gifts are..... #ChristmasMorning #Christmas the naughty list? Don't worry, Somp'n Claus has your back #ChristmasMorning Daddy looking smug and taking full credit for all Mommy's shopping/wrapping work on #Christmas morn'. #Christmas friends! Pace yourself today eh.
T'was the night before Christmas and all through the land... Planned giving nerd game, strong. #ChristmasEve friends. Stay safe, sleep tight. to this. #ChristmasEve to #Netflix some beloved Xmas movies - what are your interesting favourites? secret of great leaders - shared by international coach @RobinSharma (watch or listen) read for #Toronto boosters by @s2avery CEO of @TorontoFdn on resilient cities cc @TorontoComms @100ResCitiesWow @ThatEricAlper this is an awesome ornament! Bad ass #ChristmasEve you for doing this @shawnmicallef ! I love some of the beautiful trees corps put up. Creative and inspiring. in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ~ Lao TzuNice, holiday philanthro-reading from @malburrs @SusanManwaring @GordonFloyd &… I co-wrote a @CAGP_ACPDP nerd poem for Christmas. much wisdom here @RobinSharma rules.Master career architect @RobinSharma shares 5 rituals that will build your success. Watch/listen… to Brain: Why do you let us eat so much garbage?! Brain: I'm sorry b... Stomach: I SMELL MANCHU WOK!!! Heart: I hate you all.
I have a 0-tolerance policy during the holidays @LeighNaturkach call out and shut down all ; why aren't you married… humanist holiday entity will hear your solstice wishes. *Jesus laughs with love* #Christmas #Advent #LikeABoss #Christmas Giving nerdery, Christmas style! cc @CAGP_ACPDP @CAGPLondon @CAGPManitoba @CAGPTorontoArea @CAGPVanRT's NSFW but this @nbcsnl Adult Christmas special with Al Pachino as Charlie Brown is priceless #ChristmasEveEveAlso outfit earlier this week was based on my own Xmas hero : Sumpin' Claus via @nbcsnl highly value Canada's most-read fundraising eNews @Hilborninfo If you do too, please take this quick survey…, holiday philanthro-reading from @malburrs @SusanManwaring @GordonFloyd &…
Went full tilt Xmas this week at holiday networking events... CEO of @canadahelps featured in @globeandmail today on GenY giving cc @ImagineCanada @CAGP_ACPDP @AFPIHQSuspect is a "preppy", little scamp who can't help himself. Solid @DesmondCole in @TorontoStar cc @mattgallowaycbc @erejman Brother-In-Law EstatesMe: Heading to liquor store! Wife: For holiday gifts? Me: Yeesssss 😬😬😬😬 @balkissoon I had very good memories of these. They were played on loop at my house. Immigrant parents played casse… kind of Scarboro Missions to host the funeral mass for Sister Susan today. Titans of Catholic fundraising in t… to see Out of the Cold movement friends at service for Sister Susan today at 10:30am in Scarborough… @TorontoStar ? Front page story about Toronto house prices creating stress, and bottom of same page underpri… @TorontoStar article on Sister Susan Moran who dedicated her life to the homeless. cc @archtorontoAnyone looking to attend funeral mass of Sister Susan Moran today its at Scarboro Missions at 10:30am… @RobinSharma show you 5 rituals that will build your success. Watch/listen and prospe… highly value Canada's most-read fundraising eNews @Hilborninfo If you do too, please take this quick survey…"Contact Us" - the most BORING and yet vital page on your website. Spice it up in 2017, here are some cool ideas agree. But that makes who I talk to, when and why more important.