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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, my own. Dialogue, my goal.

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The movement is strong. But there will be no march. #Introvert #introvertproblems must-read on #networking via @nytimes @the2scoops love your profile pic, is it new?Yes, so #Shomi is shutting down via @CBCNews Breaking: Netflix & Chilling on the rise.Congrats @monaawadauthor on making the #GillerPrize shortlist! cc @PenguinCanada crap, there are some national Canadian brainiacs hanging out at @banffcentre for: #AltNow gathering Surf this hashtag people.If you are part of the "thinking class" then you should follow @livequiet and subscribe to #introvertThe qualities of an introverted leader @livequiet we have an angel complex when it comes to race Canada? cc @InclusiveGiving leadership peer in @CAGP_ACPDP demystifies this Canadian Planned Gift @CharityExec for asking about challenges of the charity sector {video}Oh be still my jaded heart. Finally an actor with access to enough bile and spite to play the Donald. #SNL here w… that @DGlenwright was appointed editor of @Phil_journal ? Congrats Danny!4 solid planned giving marketing tips from expert @frasergreen of @_GoodWorks_ @Hilborninfo cc @CAGP_ACPDPCharities, and their impact on Canadian quality of life via @ImagineCanada cc @o_n_n @vantage_point @nonprofitvoiceFriends, peers from @UofT will know how much this award meant to me very gratefu… news! @csiTO Announces New Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer! Congrats @dildhalla & Karine Jaouich're a busy leader. How can you help your team be more creative? [ @HarvardBiz podcast] social-profit sector career profile in @globeandmail @CathyLoblaw CEO of… want charity leaders to thrive! Please give input fundraisers, 4min survey cc… applaud you @Grammarly
Huh, Wealthsimple into estate planning too eh? network should do these 2 things @LianeDavey via @HarvardBiz #networking page, breaking news. cc @afptoronto @GFundraising @FundraiseHumber @CAGP_ACPDP @CharityVillage @Hilborninfo, @tonyasurman massive kudos on your leadership with @csiTO & on securing great successors! continued success :)Breaking: @csiTO Announces New Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer! Congrats @dildhalla & Karine Jaouich peers in @afptoronto please help @KimberleyCanada @ConstantChanges by taking this 4 min survey believe so strongly in what you do @B_meaningful great to reconnect! Also, forgot espresso quality of… social-profit sector career profile in @globeandmail @CathyLoblaw CEO of… 3 session in Toronto for charities! Via @GrantThorntonCA cc @CAGP_ACPDP @cagptoronto
Congrats @monaawadauthor on making the #GillerPrize shortlist! cc @PenguinCanada to spend team time today volunteering at @Furniture_Bank - exciting to see @canadahelps charities at work! powerful to not just learn about but have our team work in your social-enterprise workshop @Furniture_Bank ! at this warehouse! Pumped to be volunteering with my @canadahelps team at the @Furniture_Bank today. @canadahelps staff piling in my @ZipcarOntario Van heading to volunteer at @Furniture_Bank this morning! See yo…, and their impact on Canadian quality of life via @ImagineCanada
"Less of a surprise" wow @monaawadauthor that's high praise from @GlobeArts on your… a great talk tonight for @canadahelps at @MyProvidenceTO Foundation board! Was a treat to spend time with Catholic charity family.Missed seeing #BGBSYR tribe @yazmaziar @ConstantChanges @KaveetsD @itscherjones @FrankieChow @SVermezyari @thpcheng @brockwarner next year!The elusive purple unicorn poo-moji makes an appearance via @KaveetsD at #BGBSYR ! Man this picture requires cont… sad to miss friends @ConstantChanges @KaveetsD on stage at #BGBSYR said @theGriepsma! #BGBSYR
Retweeted by Paul NazarethGreat career read for anyone in charity sector CEO of @RMHCCanada @CathyLoblaw in…"Paul Nazareth clearly loves Planned Giving more than ZZ Top loves beards" Greatest evaluation survey compliment e… you registered for the Up Close & Personal Dinner at #PF2016?! We have a # of great hosts to choose from!…
Retweeted by Paul NazarethEY to honour @MarinaGlogovac @ryanglittle Aaron Pereira and Matthew Choi at #EOYOntario gala
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSharing my 5 networking tips for charity peers working on corporate gifts via @CPBaylis cc…
After Monday's #debatenight we'll need a lot more of these signs.... latest from @globeandmail #ColourCode by @HannahSung @balkissoon philanthropic story of one of our own @afptoronto in @globeandmail by @pwaldieGLOBE this years @GillerPrize events! #GillerPrize’s been a great night celebrating @GrantConnectCDA‘s 50th anniversary. Thanks to all who came out to #SectorSocial
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWow @BGCC_CEO @hollymTO it's real, @MacleansMag potty parties the terror of parenting in 2016.Was just telling a peer today @MHMasonBHT that @TELUSGarden may have the most amazing networking spot in #Vancouver @YPI_cares your team lead @hollymTO was in fine leadership form at @ImagineCanada #sectorsocial tonight! event! @ImagineCanada brings west/east Titans of Charity-Law @SusanManwaring @MHMasonBHT together (over cup… crowd, diverse backgrounds some heavy hitters and new voices in the mix at #sectorsocial well done… much do you think you will win at the #AvivaCommunityFund this year?
Retweeted by Paul NazarethBreaking #Shomi is shutting down *turns, glares at Crave* *blows kisses at Netflix*I want to call out @PwC_Canada_LLP and @CSRjames for funding NFP leadership investment for 10 years! #sectorsocialPowerful passionate comment on leadership (invest in reverse mentorship!!) from @CSRjames at @ImagineCanada, and their impact on our Canadian quality of life via @ImagineCanada cc @pwaldieGLOBE @SEEChangemagHere's article from @ImagineCanada on 4 myths of youth work in NFP sector @hollymTO mentioned #sectorsocialQuestion on charity impact at @ImagineCanada #sectorsocial out @canadahelps team contributing to this conversation question from @tanialittle at @ImagineCanada #sectorsocial on impact, outcomes, measurement in charity sector… @CSRjames comments today at @ImagineCanada #sectorsocial ? Read does @CSRjames MEAN when he talks about value in charity sector?! #sectorsocial read cc @ImagineCanadaWhat?! @CSRjames of @PwC_Canada_LLP come out the gate at @ImagineCanada #sectorsocial with a positive message about… from @bobby_sahni via @tanialittle at @ImagineCanada #sectorsocial in the future of Canada & philanthropy from @bobby_sahni at @ImagineCanada #sectorsocial @DGlenwright on appointment as editor of @Phil_journal ! cc @malburrs @SusanManwaringSome very interesting insight from young people's perspective from @hollymTO at @ImagineCanada #sectorsocial! @hollymTO leader of @YPI_cares shares secret of #YouthPhil < surf this hashtag! Thanks @ImagineCanada @ImagineCanada panel with @BGCC_CEO @CSRjames @hollymTO @bobby_sahni at @csiTO for #sectorsocial of @ImagineCanada board @BGCC_CEO opens the #sectorsocial house at @csiTO for @ImagineCanada #sectorsocial with great speakers! @monaawadauthor on making the 2016 @GillerPrize shortlist! cc @PenguinCanada cc…'t miss great speakers & experts in Planned Giving in Burlington! -Oct 5 registraion clo…