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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, my own. Dialogue, my goal.

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Exciting to see @UofT asking their @uoftalumni about their own personal impact! Are you alum? Take the survey!… for the #CanadaDay long weekend? Get one of these books this week and take it with you…! Missed this charity sector #leadership gem from @KathyDArcher in @CharityVillage cc @o_n_n @PeelLeadershipSuccess is never an accident, loved this tribute to @SebastianComedy who is on top of the stand up world right now.Awesome yes. Capital campaign goal reached? Your donors will develop gamer injuries before they make a major gift. they say He had no sense of humour.
Read then follow @terryoinfluence @AdamMGrant @AmyMorinLCSW @tferriss @patricklencioni to t… could die in a room like this. Easier to spend time in #libraries think it's a good idea to repeat this like 20 times a day. in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ~ Lao TzuVideo didn't kill the radio star. But Netflix is killing the Video star Listen to why with @mitchjoel podcast!Exciting to see @UofT asking their @uoftalumni about their own personal impact! Are you alum? Take the survey!… of those jobs that doesn't come around often! Work for @CanadianTire Jumpstart! at… sector peers - my top 5 picks for smart summer reading! via Canadian Fundraising eN… a war for talent you can't afford to just acquire the new. Slightly used is better via…, apparently we're weekending wrong?! Pretty nice read as summer kicks in via @qzHelp @RainbowRailroad provide refuge to LGBTQ living under threat of violence. RT using #ShareLove & @TELUS will… Canadian Civic philanthropy, the new board of @CommFdnsCanada ! Love this pic… will not appear in Justice League. #grammar #grammarnerd is a gift. But also #coffee 12 in "Why Charity:Water is Better Than You" today's loser, Syrian Refugees Is thi… good read for @CommFdnsCanada ED's - how @RogerLMartin inspired donor to become Foundation board Chair… @dailystoic profile of modern philosopher @alaindebotton Giving = Marriage Proposal Major Gift = Bring home to parents Annual Gift = Dating Crowdfunding = Tinde… @Lizbeth_City Glad I could make you laugh. You, make me think, differently, so often. Appreciate your insight 🙏🏽Help @RainbowRailroad provide refuge to LGBTQ living under threat of violence. Retweet using #ShareLove & @TELUS wi…
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThis is the title of chapter 5 of my autobiography. 😬, stoic @TEDTalks home run from @tferriss This guy doesn't just wrestle his demons,…
Yaay public we need this side-eyed #Millennial shade constantly? I think they'll also be killing… @JamesParakh Wow, that's downright romanticDoes your charity or nonprofit in #Toronto need to move? Jeff @Goodworldguy is your man. 👍🏽 Tips on How to Run Your Own Race via @HuffPost You'll sleep better if you do, believe m… know that feel. Me and the McRib are like the Time Travelers wife. curiosity is a thing for you - this is a must listen podcast by @terryoinfluence via @cbcbooksCongrats @SebastianComedy on your Emmy nomination. You're my favourite comedian because of your impeccable delivery…! Book lovers check out this @BookNet_Canada #Canada150 best selling book list! you've found value in my speaking engagements, hope these blog posts with resources linked are helpful too!… people are surprised to know I don't really like #networking events - these books really helped me!… you work in charity sector and one day want to lead a team or organization you NEED to watch… ado about #ManBunKen I'm more concerned a generation of men will be raised on untucked shirts… is upon us. But #GameofThrones friends know.... #WinterisHere @davidpleonard you're famous eh. to do some thinking this summer? Read @terryoinfluence @AdamMGrant @tferriss @AmyMorinLCSW @patricklencioni to see @UofT asking their @uoftalumni about their own personal impact! Are you alum? Take the survey!… there a Shazam for fonts?!
Toronto job with @CanadianTire Jumpstart program! at @CTJumpstart via @dibuonom cc… bird pricing open for the November @socialfinance forum at @MaRSDD #socialfinance you to the Food Bank staffer who quietly pulled me aside to compliment me on matching my outfit to the confer… as a solo fundraiser. Free July 12 event at @csiTO with @cindywagman & @alankay1 ho… read for a team lead: The Science of Pep Talks via @HarvardBiz #Leadership to share why I think peers will find value in these strategic reads this summer ! v… #Toronto? The CanadaHelps team is hitting the streets to hand out $3 Charity Gift Cards for the…
Retweeted by Paul NazarethTruly honoured today to be asked by @Hilborninfo to share my picks for smart summer reads for charity peers… visiting Calgary and tuning @CBCRadioCanada App to @CBCEyeopener , you're great @Graydio1 👍🏽 @cbcradio App! Local radio when I travel Cool #Canada150 @ParticipACTION playlist on @CBCEyeopener in Calgary… to hear @ParticipACTION on @CBCEyeopener this morning. For 30 years they have championed fun over shame, wh…
#UofT alumni, your alma mater wants to be proud of your impact. So share it with @UofT in this new survey!… on the porch. Need more of these. what wonderful work you're doing! Ontario and Canada is greater for your commitment, creativity and continued… gift to spend time at @foodbankscanada gathering with my predecessor at @canadahelps the charity champion Kirstin… to meet you @EeBranton President of Bcorp @link2feed ! Fascinating to learn about work you do with Food Ban…! cool to meet passionate President of @link2feed Bcorp @EeBranton at #FoodBanksConf17 who works with thousands… the #FirstDayofSummer in the best way. Give back with our friends at Engage and Change. #ProjectWater
Retweeted by Paul NazarethIt's the #FirstDayOfSummer! Enjoy the sun and sand, but remember to give back this summer. #GivingChallengeCA
Retweeted by Paul NazarethDavid Northcotte head of @WinnipegHarvest founder of @foodbankscanada honoured at #foodbanksconf17 for service sinc…! 👍🏼 Full room at #foodbanksconf17 for session on fundraising! Speakers from @ReginaFoodBank @Food_Bank'm in #Calgary and just heard about this award event celebrating elder entrepreneurs and innovators!…, this is quite a read on charity law and tax interpretation in @Phil_journal by former CRA employee.Itoah Scott-Enns of @arcticfunders explores how philanthropy can honour #reconciliation.
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSharing the important work of @CaringSociety on #NationalAboriginalDay today via… surprise "social innovation in #FoodBanks " is hosted by Vancouver @VanFoodBank Art Schuurman Hess. BC is just… fruit at @foodbankscanada #foodbanksconf17 breakfast! Food bankers an unsurprisingly healthy bunch. But… to see gift planning leaders gather! @CAGP_ACPDP champs @KeithStonegate @SandraDowTO @a_goks at… career architect @RobinSharma shares 5 rituals that will build your success. Watch/listen… for well known Canadian Tire Jumpstart program! at @CTJumpstart via @dibuonom cc…'t say enough about @cicgcshow with @JerrySeinfeld there's a lot of career wisdom being shared - watch them at…
A dream to have @JerrySeinfeld and @SebastianComedy together. Lots of learning from people who share a craft. Eve…