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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, my own. Dialogue, my goal.

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Very cool to see @CharityVillage team up with @TalentEgg to post volunteer opportunities across Canada! #CareerFear You owe it to you! Read, this is big a new " .art " domain name announced! Would love to see a story @GlobeArts @Hilborninfo !I like the clickbait aspect of this post but also @LeahEustace & @harveymckinnon mentions.Career learning pro tip: Don't just read the greats, follow experienced leaders (like @RoyOsing ) who curate the be… in Ontario do you know about the "office supplies purchase program" from @o_n_n ?!… tips for charities on how to communicate better online by @CharityVillage ( webinar Dec 8)This is 13 year old Matt Damon. His face is how #Mondays make me feel. Good luck friends. *wanders in search o… pic @CAGP_ACPDP board meeting this weekend! Thank you @RuthInOttawa @dpklassen & team for all this… hit Costco before @metromorning #SOTS for 30lbs of food but also gave to @DailyBreadTO here… right here is a great metaphor for @metromorning #SoTS a day for fans to become friends ( @mattgallowaycbc is… in line from 2:30am for @metromorning #SOTS meant front row seat for seasonal natty @ScottRegehr & warm smi… high of live @metromorning #SOTS with @choirchoirchoir on Friday. Please give to local foodbanks here…'s me in red tie @mattgallowaycbc I was at @metromorning at 2:30am because I believe and love public radio!… ironic but valuable @forbes 1.5minute video on career power of patience but can you make it through video?Value 4 min read on networking via email by @FastCoLead But it totally applies to face to… ProTip: If you met with people on the job hunt, let them know (it's a relationship building moment) when you got the job! @brittblack18 this is why the sacred cow TTC must be handed over to Metrolinx. One integrated transit Ontario.CEO of @TorontoFdn leads by engaging philanthropic advisors @s2avery cc @CAGP_ACPDP
This is insane. I watch people get on streetcars, Presto doesn't work and they're told to pay cash. Transition?… @charityjune30 exactly. Easy to give consent, impossible to get off lists. Mildly unscrupulous practise. 👎🏼 @aeroportsMTLHate holiday office parties? Read these networking tips in @Globe_Careers by @ShepaLearning cool to be featured in this @Forbes article on personal branding by @LinaDuqueMBA @aeroportsMTL your data collection (create account OR give up my LinkedIn credentials?!) for free Wifi is offen… counted 310 people in line at security, efficiently processed in less than 12 minutes. I'm impressed @aeroportsMTL . Well done.This is my pledge, I will not share the ignorant ravings of K Leitch. Canada we need to ignore this civic hate-tr… Martha you need to be more like Mary. Martha: Jesus, I can't even. @Forbes ! I have to know if you deliberately made this clickbait on productive power of #patience a video ?Thanks @itscherjones for sharing this solid @FastCompany read on networking by email! Really good advice.4 Myths about Young People and NonProfit Work @ImagineCanada featuring @o_n_n #mentors don't want any credit for your success, but it's a powerful gift (& teaching moment) when you share HOW they were of help.I've invested time/energy in great people early in their career journey. A decade in, fulfilling to see my fingerprints on their success.Wow, this is #futureofwork insight inside a question on #menstyle from @Coach lead @StuartVevers in @sharpmagazine the power of sharing your goals with your network's leaders get it. Read close to me have shared troubles - in doing so have taught me SO much about the tools of personal resilience… you use #radio for your career development? You should, here's how cc @cbcradio privilege in other people is one of the tragedies of the human condition - and is a privilege unto itself. Run your own race.A gift we can give to those who care about us is letting them in, sharing our troubles - giving them permission to fight by our side.Fundraisers, this is an important read by @LeighNaturkach in @globeandmail cc @AFPIHQ acts can have a big impact my contribution to this @globeandmail article cc…
@juliepplett another Twitter user at #mclevywedding ! I'm a Torontonian & frequent business traveller Julie! Hope to meet you!Hooray for love indeed. Loving #mclevywedding ! really love to see GTA charities at this @ConstantContact NFP marketing education event Dec 8 outdoor fire, Christmas market & prayer at Notre Dame. Slight flurries make it a perfect start to Advent in Mo… would a Montreal visit be without a visit to @SchwartzDeli ?! Heaven, in meat form. @MarijanaCuvalo and the tastes! *heaven* weekend in Montreal: Construction tourism at its best. This city is inhabited by orange cones. The people just li… who knows the powerhouse that is @SAPL will love this @CTVAtlantic philanthropy @GivingTuesdayCa video… or #Extrovert ? It's not as simple as that. See @susancain on @CNN cc… up on greater Toronto Planned Giving news via @CAGPTorontoArea ! @susanfishy on your work profiled by @PeelLeadership alongside @HarvardBiz @npquarterly @ImagineCanada !Planned giving peers, we need to keep reading on dying well. See by @LeighNaturkach in… @jesswroblewski ha ha I love subtweeting, everyone thinks it's them. No, you are a master tester! You're very in tune about skill/strengthWell done @a_goks of @TorontoFdn & @CAGPTorontoArea on hosting advisor event! cc… done @a_goks of @TorontoFdn & @CAGPTorontoArea on hosting advisor event! cc… the troops! Hit by a bus! Keep what you kill! & more bizmetaphors we can all do without… #CareerFear You owe it to you! Read business people here on Twitter, it's not about being social
@NoahAikenKlar dammit. I didn't have the foresight to take boss-epic pictures like that with tech. I need headshots with Google-glass. @JasonShim dang, I missed these!Awesome @NoahAikenKlar (via @LinkedIn ) But, that flip-phone? Was that for real?! #BeBold you fly for work or often you'll find this 'plane boarding' skit very close to home via @nbcsnlHonestly @sharpmagazine I am floored at the globally competitive quality yet Canadian focus you consistently bring… is world-class Canadian quality @sharpmagazine : You managed Rolling Stone level interviews with BOTH… @tompowercbc just hit Xmas like a BOSS That hat tho. #SOTS via @CBC_TOCommunity sentiment from internationally renowned brunch hater. Agree 💯 % @heathernelson12 @CathyJMann thanks, I'm doing some 2016 bucket list crossing off too. @CathyJMann 2:30am!Proud to join @FabFridaysCAN in support of @CFHS @tenoaksproject #FabFridays a fundraiser who has found success and meaning in prospect research. Follow @erejman @APRACanada! @choirchoirchoir brings down house at @metromorning #SOTS ! If you're moved by this please give at… is our latest person to join #FabFridays sporting his @CFHS bowtie from @TheKnotLab
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWow! Congrats on new gig! house as always for @metromorning #SOTS Final 1/2 hour! A glorious morning with @cbcradio for #cbcGIVES cameo from @TheCurrentCBC & @davidcommon of @CBCWorldReport at @metromorning #SOTS asking you to give!… left @SimuLiu & @KimsConvenience cast challenges you to give #Toronto ! Cast prizes! #cbcGIVES at… you know a charity in the Peel area? Please share, Dec 8 @ConstantContact NFP marketing summit cc @PeelLeadershipWhy have I fundraised, donated food, my own $ and arrived at 2:30am? I am so grateful for you @metromorning