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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, my own. Dialogue, my goal.

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I want to help peers find their career super-power and maximize it! Join me June 8 at @afptoronto #FD17ideas to see @metromorning @TorontoStar @torontolife @globetoronto interview new @FoodShareTO leader @paulm_taylor master of etiquette and networking-Jedi Leanne Pepper of the @TOFacultyClub - a mentor for life thank… moment as America Ferrera articulates the difference between #bossy and being "the boss"… @JenJaDi Yes! Church parking lots are where the rubber hits the road! For me it's like the world hits me hard after a spiritual break.Hmph, an interesting read for those who are fed up waiting for the world to change the board of a Canadian Community Foundation? Check out @CommFdnsCanada #Belong17 program this May in Ottawa!… you miss the latest issue of @OffordGroup magazine? Some really advanced fundraising insight! Read it online a… @Phil_journal profile - legendary charity lawyer Arthur Drache of @charitytax ! to my fundraising network - this is an amazing job at @Furniture_Bank in Etobicoke. DM for deets!Interesting read on returning ( boomerang ) employees in @WSJ #talent #talentmanagement on the Franciscan website in Hip Hop style @CatholicNewsSvc cc @archtoronto @CatholicRegistrWe had someone leave, come back 18 months later transformed and 3x value. Boomerang talent!… Franciscan website in Hip Hop style?! @Crux cc @archtoronto @b2us2 cold studio? Will you BE there? @SueLubowitz yeah but it's usually mildly hateful crazy radical stuff on my car which is the opposite of the message inside my Church 👎🏾Going to have fun this week at @CAGP_ACPDP Toronto conference! Speaking with @RyanCFP to simplify Planned Giving… great mentor once told me "seek to understand and help your manager & they will reward you" via @HarvardBizSo much for executives, managers and gifted young professionals to learn from here via @HarvardBiz cc @o_n_n*whispers to self* It's happening! *breathes into paper bag* Looks around shamefully in library... cc… flyers on my car at Church make my blood boil But I respect marketing strategy of up-selling Jesusites Vs. C… showed up in my parish lobby. When asked the Pastor and I chuckled about "in-kind" gifts.
Powerful opportunity to create national change with @TheCircleCanada cc @CommFdnsCanada @Energized I'm being a cranky old man on this, its positive change but growing pains are bumpy. @Energized I don't ride the GO, ever. I was born downtown and want an unlimited convenient reliable one-purchase pass for daily ridership.All of my favourite #TTC entrances converting to #Presto only. A disaster of a system. Please cover more… @analyticeye I think it's one of the rare enlightened things about employment in this decade.This is a brilliant read on boomerang employees in @Forbes Talent can return!… the past decade, I have referred my network to @NizamStudios for headshots. More info at… could be one of the most fascinating jobs in Alumni Services growth in Canada. At @humbercollege read on #Millennial leadership from a peer in @CharityVillage this in accidental Google search @indeedemma You are a star as always, you are an inspiration to me too!Interesting HR study on the idea of boomerang or returning employees and #networking A Paul Nazareth podcast... at this. Young professional fundraisers, they are hiring at @Furniture_Bank Join a… news Toronto! Food champion @FoodShareTO has a new leader @paulm_taylor ! More at cc… you heard of the awesome charity @girlsmentorship ?! They are hiring a fundraiser in #Toronto !… the board of a Canadian Community Foundation? Check out @CommFdnsCanada #Belong17 program this May in Ottawa!… 100% with @JaniceCunning ( fundraising coach ): In a world with limited capacity it's important to say NO… @CAGP_ACPDP peers! See you in Toronto for #CAGP17 next week! Interesting podcast with CEO @RuthInOttawa a book is just having a conversation with the author. Who are you conversing with?… is getting attention with the people of power cc @dtapscott @alextapscott via…
Good to see you today GG of @CPAcanada ! Nice to hear my @CAGP_ACPDP Planned Giving session at forum was of value t… internet meme-wind is strong today. #Friday painful-true-tweet brought to you from NFP tech conference @NTENorg #17NTC speaker & author Beth… peers, follow @NTENorg and @kanter 's #17ntcwecare to gain some NFP self-care insight & strategy! We made it, but barely. this in New Brunswick last week. Planned giving signage with a name and phone number! On the wall! BOSS. this drink at @somachocolate in #Toronto that was equal parts #chocolate #espresso and cream. Ecstasy. to be featured in @afptoronto #FD17ideas e-Blast today alongside some great peers's to our talented National CEO, 4-years in April 2017. A spotlight of her story. @CAGPTorontoArea @CAGP_ACPDP
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWe had someone leave, come back 18 months later transformed and 3x value. Boomerang talent!…! A powerful session on career architecture with three fundraising leaders at… @biketo I feel you on NFB Vs. Hooters point. Hooters is a 1996 throwback to an Entertainment ( see "Club") district that no longer exists.Yes. This. via @Globe_Careers #futureofwork #careeradvice #work peers the @MacleansMag article at heart of the #andrewpotter debate includes 'donations as civic health'… kale batman! For a bunch of lettuce-eaters @freshii made a pretty carnivore move on Subway with these full-pag… face scrutiny that is without sense or strategy. This is what it feels like. cc @CharityDefense to meet whole team at @TorontoFdn this week! So exciting to learn how you engage all of greater #Toronto
On the board of a Canadian Community Foundation? Check out @CommFdnsCanada #Belong17 program this May in Ottawa!… 100% with @JaniceCunning ( fundraising coach ): In a world with limited capacity it's important to say NO… sure Canada celebrated this enough. #TEACHers #Teaching #Budget2017 thought from @RobinSharma @Communic8nHowe no, crashing by hashtag as usual. My chief tech from @canadahelps is and I'm trying to get more Canadian contacts for himNow here's a #conference that gets its attendees: As seen at #17NTC @NTENorg cc @techsoupcanada you @KimberleyCanada for great work as editor of @Hilborninfo Fundraising eNews. Welcome @AnnBRosenfield ! @cbcradio you've been with me since birth. But before app I was fiddling with clock radio in hotel and had to call front desk (then Google)For all lawyers, journalists, pundits and wonks who spent all night going over #Budget2017 Canadians thank you. D… summer student positions in Fundraising Research, Marketing & Comms, Research & Evaluation, & Standards…
Retweeted by Paul NazarethMore Canadians at @NTENorg ! @lorna_e_lindsey yaay! My @canadahelps team member is Mike. If you see him please s… a business traveller I live by the @cbcradio app. After Federal #Budget2017 surfing Provincial morning show co… @charityjune30 picking up all the budget analysis. Transit credit gone immediately.Our @CanadaHelps chief tech is at @NTENorg today. Any other Canadian charity peers at #17NTC ? cc… I cross Canada I bump into Steve of @primedatainc at fundraising conferences often. Wise insight cc @afptorontoThanks for shoutout @mattgallowaycbc ! I'm always astounded by @metromorning @cbcradio ability to find perfect guest for nuanced issues 👏🏽 @emilydawnlove @elamin88 the "reading class" ?!?We have two little ones @metromorning and we both work. Your guest is 100% speaking for me. Daycare or financial health, either/or.