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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, my own. Dialogue, my goal.

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Today is my birthday - I have no wishes left. Let tell you a story about how my greatest dreams came true… you want to get a step closer to being in a leadership job - you will find HUGE value in this @HarvardBiz podcas…
Damn @thattomahern - that is both epic and almost like a Haiku poem. to @cbcmusicblues tonight? Did you know there's career power in the #Blues ? can hope to reach professional mastery and have opportunity to lead by giving back. I admire, respect these… does @JerrySeinfeld know about career mentorship? Surprisingly a lot cc… conversation with fascinating fellows - @tferriss speaks with Malcolm @Gladwell on his success & proces… and Spaghetti sauce was in fact created by a millennia-old secret society of dry-cleaning illuminati bent on pr… with @hootsuite social strategy leader @jaimestein speaks at @rotmanschool on branding. Keynote main message :… who ever played Mario-Kart will be heading to @NiagaraFalls for this AND candidates need to read this #career fear You can get where you want to go. @DanKershaw and @Furniture_Bank team on winning @tricofoundation award! cc… this 5 min assessment to learn about your leadership profile and where you can improve!… the love of all that is good - please don't start another charity cc @ImagineCanada library of #networking books to a Canadian Community Foundation? Insight & interesting reading in @CommFdnsCanada annual report!… I think this book is a must-read you didn't Tweet more during the summer - please stop beating yourself up. Read and fe… is an author and free resources that will help you master your world (hint, it's…
How do introverts survive in the extrovert profession of fundraising? Learn from @UinvitedU @afptoronto:
Retweeted by Paul NazarethExcited to speak at @CPAcanada event today with NFP leaders! Before summer is out, take your CFO out to lunch… No. This book is about work, personal growth, professional success and turning passion into profit…, extreme #resilence ?! via @HarvardBiz
Every library can do this - it's essential and easier than you think!
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWishful thinking - what strikes you as insightful on this wishfographic? #Productivity is this @DowntownYonge ?! @metromorning have you featured #ParkletTO with @RyersonU ? A aesthetically awes… so we have poster promises up on the #TTC now eh. You'll be held to this date @TTChelps - Either it opens or I… proud to be part of our @canadahelps team who volunteered at @FYfoodbank ! Great to learn more about chariti… to be featured in @AFPIHQ Canadian eNews on #Introvert fundraisers featuring… If you want to hang out on the midway at #CNE tomorrow you'll need a canoe. Let's float to the Ex!…
Look at these speakers! What a lineup at NFP leadership event Sep 8 in Montreal by… @Furniture_Bank on winning the @tricofoundation social-enterprise award with @fogoislandinn !… you read this book? This is why it rocked my world Could you add your comments? can't watch this trailer and not want to watch this jubilant movie Love @JohnLeguizamo remember this delightful movie from 1996? you, NFP-martyr type person! You still have time to book #vacation via @HarvardBiz wisdom. wow, this is a pretty cool #networking idea @ShepaLearning !, extreme #resilience ?! Upon reading I see some direct connections to the NFP sector here… discussion on success and process with Malcolm @Gladwell by the insightful @tferriss cool of @dailystoic to give away 361 year old book and other #Stoic swag in their contest…
5 books every young businesswoman should read @WomenatForbes via @stewarkrIf you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment. ~ Carlos SantanaNice to see head of @AFPIHQ sharing @afptoronto community content!'s make it the summer of #selfcare - happy to confess my tips via @CharitySavant The l…
#Board training and #management consultants... Caption this photo.... I think this book is a moving tale of management, leadership, business and a human-centered workplace… the success of the fascinating Malcolm @Gladwell by the ever curious @tferriss No. This book is about management, leadership & turning passion into work then work into winning.…
Another book I can blame @tferriss for convincing me to read. A moving tale of vital business insight… master, a perpetual student, is always humbly aware of human weakness. The fool always confident, ignorant of his ignorance.When the Boomers go en-masse estate sales will be flooded with 'good chinaware'. When GenX dies it will be Beanie… you seen this book on best seller lists and wondered why? Here's why believe this book has been totally sold wrong. It's not about creativity - it's a business book!… #Toronto festivals in one day: #FeastofStLawrence , #TasteoftheDanforth , #NightMarket - this is what summer… named #FeastofStLawrence in @OldTownToronto at @StLawrenceMkt this weekend a feast of sights, smells, sounds… not have been a more beautiful day for #TasteoftheDanforth today - delicious fun for the whole family in… beautiful night at #Toronto #NightMarket tonight, stinky tofu and squid on a stick a summer tradition - huge numb… fire deems #NightMarket at Hearn unsafe and they pulled it off outside anyway. W… best conversations are open ended and together we both find our answers in the shadows cast by speaking our prob…
Two giants of personal progress together: @tferriss and @BreneBrown you don't stick to your values when they are being tested, they're not values: they're hobbies. ~ Jon Stewart, Comedian.File this under fascinating - every #SongOfTheSummer since 1975 via @businessinsiderObstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ~ Henry FordThe dangers of over-complicating fundraising [TED Talk] via @CAGP_ACPDP quick video story about the effect transparent leadership makes in your life via…, burnout-risk peers - GO AWAY Read via @HarvardBiz a war for talent you can't afford to just acquire the new. Slightly used is better via… is going to the Night Market in #Toronto tonight? Please share @cbcfreshair !
There's a reward, hidden in the fog. Do you have a vision to drive? Me too. I'll see you out there friend. On the edge of uncertainty.Break your phone addiction this summer vacation via @HarvardBiz cc @sparkcbc @99u excited for the new location of the Waterfront Night Market in #Toronto Will you be the…
Man I have to pick up mattress - said over dinner 😓 Seriously I can book @ZipcarCan #Zipvan by phone right now for… cultural food experience in #Toronto - do NOT miss it this weekend at new location! cc… passengers on streetcar/bus who got a seat - please WAIT for poor souls who had to stand to debark befor… write this in Sharpie on my palm and then stare at it every time I visit my Mother.
#Toronto - Do NOT miss this weekend's Waterfront Night Market! Now at the Hearn Station! Dolce Vita and other #Summer Stories @agentjenlove of @agentsofgood via @CAGP_ACPDP