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Front pages from the UK .... now including Aus & the US I neither agree or disagree with posts & I'm not responsible for their content. Thanks for reading -

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Texan Tapped As Intel Chief. Trump ignores critics in picking politically to head spy services -… Reported In Wider Region Of The West Coast. Cases in Oregon, two areas of Calif. CDC promise to provide more… Price Of Oil Drops, Texas' Energy Sector Get Anxious. Chances of bust rising amid virus outbreak across globe -… Officials In Illinois Details 2 New Test Labs, Low Risk Level - @SophiePSherry For Bernie. Sanders to bring Bros to common today - @lisakashinsky 2020: Voters Slow To Mail In Ballots. Confusion, indecision seen; Tuesday bottleneck feared -… vs Bloomberg: The Back Story. The two billionaires, indulged in years of pretence, now trade insults ahead of… Papa: 'Nada!' Pop star's father won't pay Grand Central rent until MTA fixes homeless problem -… Migrants Are A Lifeline For Former Top Prosecutor - @MoniqueOMadan #frontpagestoday 1947, A Black Woman's Testimony Sent Notorious Mobster To Prison - @Cortlynn_Stark Coronavirus Staff Were Untrained And Unprotected, Says Whistleblower - @holpuch Sexual Assaults Reported At Penn State In One day - @Spaez7 #frontpagestoday #USA Hysteria. Blaz rages at Trump: Let city do its own testing to speed fight against virus - #frontpagestoday, we have some U.S. frontpages & in attendance in 15mins are @SophiePSherry @Spaez7 @greene @MoniqueOMadan‘It’s just basic survival’: the financial toll of being a carer. From quitting a job to care for a spouse to suppor… myths: 9 myths, scams and conspiracy theories that have gone viral. As fears about outbreak grow, so to… Laws To Help Fight Against Coronavirus. First British death as fears grow over contagion -… Cross To Help NHS Tackle Virus Outbreak - @denis_campbell @matthew_weaver Could Leave One In Ten In Hospital. MP hints at plans for 'Hyde Park morgue'. Larger classes to cope with… Laws In War On Virus. First British death. 20 infected in UK. Ministers forced to act -… War On Virus. Osborne urges PM to put UK on war footing as 1st Brit victim dies. First case of disease contrac… Shock To Global Economy. N=Biggest hit to markets in one week since 2008 crash. £210 billion wiped off value… Fears Over Virus Push Stocks To Worst Week Since 2008. WHO raises risk assessment. New cases from Iceland t… Kills First Briton As Infections Rise. Cruise ship passenger from UK dies from illness in Japan. Financ… Claims First Brit. 4 New cases take total to 20. Prem league may be canned. Biggest FTSE fall since 2008 -… Virus: Battle To Keep Us Safe. Fears GP has caught disease. PM says crisis is 'top priority and great concer… Scots Tests For Coronavirus. Latest measures come following news of the first British national death… Million Tress Axed To Make Way For Wind Farms. Fears over finding balance between green energy and sustaining fo… Virus Spreads To Dogs. Bug mills first Brit. Fears For Spurs Ace - (LINK??) @jimmyacaven #frontpagestoday Everyone. Frontpages today from the UK enticing their way onto this timeline in 10 mins. Do join us if you… frontpages in 35mins. Today's artists are @richhend @gordonrayner @TozerJ @matthew_weaver @MartinBagot Contagion: Recession. S&P/ASX 200 down 10pc in a week. Weak tax receipts blow $3.7bn hole in budget -… Toxic Tip Exposed St Albans Residents To Cancer Risks - @paulsakkal Checks To Be Ramped Up. Coronavirus: Australia's border screening to be ramped up to slow spread -… Chaos As Virus Soarks $210b Sell-Off. Australia set to widen travel restrictions - Pinched. Revealed: Clive charges with fraud and could face jail - but says it's 'nothing to worry about' -… To Riches. Exclusive: Melbourne councils' fat cat wage bills spike as your bin collection costs and tip fees… Case. Co-captain unleashes on departing coach. Accusations of racial divide. Club probed assault claim -… Crippled By Religious Backlash. Women seeking to terminate pregnancies in Wagga are being forced to go else… Too Far. $600k consultant hired to save cash on major project - #frontpagestoday On Johnston. Candidates in last-ditch push to enter parliament - (??) @HayleySorensen Puts Users In The Freezer. Report points to stigma, lack of resources on Nth Rivers - Cheat Banned. Swim star Sun rubbed out for 8 years for doping - #frontpagestoday Killer DNA Farce. How seven blunders at forensics lab could derail trial of the century -… Down In CBD. Witnesses tell of moment driver allegedly rammed couple walking through city centre - ★(LINK??)★… Fight. residents take on tavern over access - 彡(LINK??)彡 Bill Hoffman #frontpagestoday #Australia
Morning Oz, Sat papers via @ComminsP @JMasanauskas @paulsakkal @cvanestrop @matt_killoran @HayleySorensen Crews Wary Of International Routes. Spreading coronavirus is making some American Airlines crews nervous abo… Workers Not Trained In Virus Aid. Whistleblower alleges retaliation after concerns about evacuee contact… Main Break Triggers Widespread Disruption. Massive pipe burst causes water notice, shuts down schools -… Aldermen Accuse CPS Of ...Chris Dis. Outraged Italian Americans on Council vow 'war' with schools after vote drop… Has Worst 1-Day Dive Over Coronavirus. Worries about epidemic's spread cause 'free fall' -… Sinks Stocks Into Correction. Dow, S&P, Nasdaq all drop more than 4% in largest one-day point declines on re… Strikes 12. Guregian: Brady has foot out door as Pats have yet to make contact - (??)…'s That Man? ... Unrecognizable as ‘The Man’ in new music video - @saraknathan Police Face A Strange new Reality: Peace. Scarred and Weary, an Afghan Force Wonders: What Is Peace? -… Amused, Unafraid Of Democratic Field. CPAC Activists use election year to fight socialism In America -… Exec Says Grant money Went Into CEO's Pocket - @samanthajgross @MaryEllenKlas HS Staffer Settles Sexual Misconduct Suit - @kaitlynschwers Cancelled; Travellers Urged To Be Wary Of Outbreak - @Spaez7 #frontpagestoday #USA Justice. Vagrant busted for vandalizing MetroCard machine 152 times in 4 months is in and out of jail und… frontpages soon with @JessicaMenton @NaderDIssa @Spaez7 @PageSixEmily @nkhensley @ceostroff @kylelarnold Sports Events Under Threat From Cornoavirus. Doubts over mass gatherings. Illness could spread for months. Army… Threatens EU: Play Ball Or It's No-Deal. Britain will quit talks in June if Brussels insists on meddling with ru… Panic. Three more Brits test positive as schools shut & FTSE 100 falls £125bn. NHS won't be able to treat 'we… Outbreak Poses Shutdown Threat To Britain. Coronavirus now has 'pandemic potential' and is at 'decisive point… Triggers Worst Run On Markets Since Financial Crisis. European & US stocks plunge into correction territory.…'s In Your Hands. Wash to head off pandemic, Brits told. Health chiefs warn of 'decisive moment' -… Events In Doubt As Coronavirus Fears Grow. Festivals, sporting fixtures and other large gatherings may face t… Judge Me Fairly'; Plea Of Man Who Died After Benefits Cut - @patrickjbutler'A matter Of Time' before Virus Spreads Within UK. Chief medical officer warns of likely challenge facing Britain -… We Won't Protect Harry & Meghan. Host nation pulls plug after revealing it's paid royal security bill for m… Be Back. Jez bleats about the hell he's suffered - (LINK??) @Kaniukr #frontpagestoday #UK #DailyStar everyone. UK frontpages in 20. Reporting today @lauradonnlee @richhend @PMGallagher1 @Smyth_Chris'Everyone Will Get The Virus'. Leading doctor says there's no stopping Covid-19. Morrison launches pandemic plan -… Measures: Australia Braces For Coronavirus Pandemic - @ErykBagshaw 'Pandemic Is Upon Us'. Australia activates its national emergency plan, health ministers to meet -… Risk Rises. Outbreak expected amid flu season - @Kaubo @Dana_Adele @rachelclun Enacts Virus Plan. Special Powers: Tighter border controls and drug stockpiles as Australia braces for pandemic… Calm & Corona On. ScoMo declares virus emergency but urges life as usual - @ByClare The Bump. Mark Williams Calls For Footy Overhaul after Polly Farmer brain damage diagnosis -…'re Back. Tassie to return to NBL today - @Stubboir #frontpagestoday #Tasmania Flush. Good Riddance: 'Tahitian prince' sent back to NZ - @KateKyriacou End Lane. Angry State Govt puts CBD laneways revamp on ice after city's Malop St backflip -… Of Principle. Contractor will spend more than he's owed in funds fight - Bill Hoffma… Pot Holes Become Crevices. Disaster recovery cash can't come quick enough for Old Dyraaba Rd users -… The Bump. ALF great's controversial call after Polly Farmer brain trauma diagnosis - Years For A Life. Woman sentenced for killing her ex-husband after years of abuse - (LINK??) @JamalBenHaddou_
Right, I'm done. Bed is calling. Thanks for stopping by if you so did? Catchyerlater, night allS.Caroline Could Be Biden's Ticket. A win - his first in any presidential primary, ever - could fuel a rise -… Given Free Rein On Md. Driver's License Data. Facial-recognition queries imperil undocumented immigrants, activ…'s Amber Texts Revealed: Johnny Rotten. 'Let's drown here before we burn her!!!' - Vision Fund Chief Worked To Sabotage Rivals. Misra aided program of planted stories, shareholder complaint… Freeze To Death, Bombs Rain Down, & Nobody Cares. Syrian government’s assault on a rebel-held province has… Chief Abruptly Leaves Posts. Kline's reason for exits from Baylor, Texas Children's unclear -… Art Seen AS Racist May End Up Unseen. Dated, offensive depictions in murals could be removed under new policy -… for a short break while I get more coffee to lace my blood flow with ....Milwaukee Massacre. Employee opens fire at brewery killing 5 before taking his own life - Says Risk From Virus 'Very Low'. Federal health officials tell Americans to prepare for nearly certain outbr… Who Needed Rare Blood Type Is In Remission - @CTeproff #frontpagestoday #USA