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Uninvited Interlocutor. 'World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.' --Marshall McLuhan

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Zeno's dichotomy paradox. is astrology for men.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorMost coral dead in central section of Great Barrier Reef, surveys reveal
The most devastating 5 mins of reporting into Tory Election Fraud you will have seen to date. Please watch or share
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor"Security Chief" = "Fear Pimp" -- remember everyone, do your duty and just be afraid all the time.
in case you haven't heard, IMF has just announced, "all that austerity stuff? on second thought: never mind."
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorIt's horrible around here -- so out of their heads on Equasy that they leave huge piles of faeces lying everywhere."The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" - Gordon Lightfoot (HD w/ Lyrics), walking, on the tightrope of insanity Walking, walking, on the verge of losing mind 80s. of the press does not include the freedom to covertly track readers online and infect them with malware.
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Trump's campaign is an 80s marketing seminar. His refrain of "crooked Clinton" is literally a jingle. Consistency of message > anything else
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor @Snowden "Think unsexy thoughts." @adamjohnsonNYC Haha, the wish was the author of that thought. @ggreenwald @DavidAlanGrif @ShaunKing piece but jayzus, bailiffs/energy cos. Scary.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorNew Study Finds Box Still World’s Most Popular Container
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorNever change, #spellingbee. Never change.
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New Study Finds Humans May Have Some Capacity For Compassion
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor @UnInterlocutor "Two red circles and a thick black spine." @UnInterlocutor UK gov't has introduced a new drugs ban today, similar to bans in Poland & Ireland. This is what happened there
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorWe surf the body electric.The Internet is a global central nervous system -- humanity's "outering" of itself. Talking of "reclamation" is a failure of understanding.And speaking of haunting:, haven't heard this since I used to play it when I was DJ -- still haunting: @BeckleyResearch I'm with you, but cannabis is made of chemicals, too. Could just as easily list those in notation making it seem scary, too#ReclaimTheInternet from what? It *is* humanity -- that's why it's often ugly and brutish -- because that's what we are.I literally love it that CNN didn't cut the reply to this @realDonaldTrump tweet from the screenshot
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorI never thought ad-blocking would morph into a reproductive rights issue but jesus the future is weird (and bad)
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorI guess we can now add "I don't want others to know when I'm visiting an abortion clinic" to the many valid reasons for using an ad blocker.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorAd exec @johnflynn50 pitched geo-data enabled ad campaign to "abortion-minded women".
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThe "we can target abortion-minded women with geo-targeted ads" powerpoint pitch deck.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorTwitter fears DOJ may prosecute the firm under the Espionage Act for publishing spying stats
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorDoes your SmartTV have a webcam? Perhaps you should cover it with an EFF sticker. Just sayin'.
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Breaking: judge throws out all evidence in child porn case after FBI refuses to hand over its Tor Browser exploit
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor @maxsilvestri @Glinner "It's a medical drama -- but with the emphasis on drama rather than medicine." #TowelDay
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThese are so good. The gallery is amazing. the UK version of the current US election -- Lord Sugar vs. Cherie Blair. Jesus, that's just as frightening and bleak.In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. #TowelDay
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThe police lead for the #Prevent programme says ministers' plans risk creating 'thought police'
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorYep, #prohibition doesn't work."Bruenig Firing: ‘Civility’ As Tool To Control Political Dissent" by the shamefully deactivated Roqayah Chamseddine
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThiel funds some media outlets whose coverage he likes, then tries to bankrupt & destroy ones he doesn't like....
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorGreat interview w/ @RaniaKhalek on how "harassment" is an accusation powerful liberals use to shutdown/smear Lefties
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorHey @CJMortimer your story is still up but the report is was based on has been retracted
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Tragically Hip, Opiated: "And now I lie hear out of breath and over opiated." Hip, Small Town Bringdown: "Can't live to die too easy. Why stick around?" Hip, 38 Years Old: "Freezin' slow time away from the world, he's 38 years old -- never kissed a girl."' some Tragically Hip tunes... Little Bones: "2.50 for a highball and a buck 'n a half for a beer." fuck. The Tragically Hip are the best Canadian band most outside of Canada have never heard of. Shitty 2016.
@watsoncomedian It's not just nonsense -- it's Grade A bullshit.You would think that no one has ever heard of roadside sobriety tests. @Release_drugs Look at "self-service checkouts" advice -- says act can be applied but then gives two completely ineffective examples.Every possible tactic employed to prevent discussion of all the horrible things Clinton has done & believes
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorSame with how neocons equate "criticism of Israel" with "anti-semitism": classic dissent-suppression tactics
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorNothing is better for those who wield power than equating vibrant criticism with "harassment" and "abuse"
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@robdelaney *Leaned. @adamjohnsonNYC Charitably: Think he's saying the public would prefer a candidate that's more proficient at being evil -- a "great evil." @frankieboyle Oh, and Marshall McLuhan (Understanding Media) -- the handbook of the 21st century. @frankieboyle Marcuse (One Dimensional Man). Deleuze and Guattari (Anti-Oedipus) -- pretty abstract w/o instruction. Nietzsche (Anything). @theharryshearer Long Dark Weekend Breakfast Show Of The Soul"You get the leaders you deserve."
Holy fucking Hoser, Batman. here's the real why:, some people seem to think that calling someone a "scumbag" on the internet is the worst possible thing you could do.Journalist uses Bing archive to unearth edits to scrubbed pro-default-encryption blog post from Google engineer.
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Sam Kinison did it first, man. remember: if Clinton loses to Trump, it will be b/c the left hurt her. Not b/c liberals backed weaker candidate.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorIf Obama was concerned w/ "human rights" in Vietnam he would call for prosecution of Kissinger who killed 100,000s in illegal bombing raids
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor"Keep pimping out that fear -- as long as everyone is frightened they won't think critically about what we do.""Spied on my fellow citizens. Saw lots of sexually explicit images and videos of my fellow citizens. LOL." engineer responsible for Allo encryption scrubs blog post saying he wished Google turned it on by default.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorhow the fuck are they already on the textbook if theyre posing for it
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Is it Horny McHornface? @drewsonix @Glinner Most people in North America assume all British TV shows are produced by the BBC.Every now and then a story slips into the news that's not about perpetuating the agenda of fear and division.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorHeadline de-Yodafied: "Radio-Canada analysis finds political donations either surge or plunge around key decisions." officers 'hacked database to leak name of protected witness'
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorJellyfish are gonna have to pick a side when the shit goes down between jelly and fish.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorMaking crypto opt-in hurts users who know least about tech. Google led industry w default HTTPS. Allo is a step back
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorAllo, a new chat app from the company that refused to confirm if they could secretly wiretap their previous chat app
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorGreat Barrier Reef 'could be gone within five years', scientists say it is 'now or never'
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Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis (Syriza) on Hillary Clinton - rather concise
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorI worked @CIA. I wrote the Emergency Destruction Plan for Geneva. When CIA destroys something, it's never a mistake.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorCanada's second IMSI catcher court case emerges. The RCMP signed an NDA they say trumps disclosure.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorScared of killing the golden goose --> Police and prison guard groups fight marijuana legalization in California, some good news.! Someone call a fucking wahmbulance.
New evidence about the dangers of Monsanto's Roundup by @fastlerner
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorIt's "just metadata," eh? --> “Through automatic and manual searches, they identified 82% of people’s names.” a cheap to provide thing like #bbcrecipes is a cost saving measure? It's basically just a database & web page. Cost is a red herringNothing like pimping a little fear out to the masses in the morning. Remember, do your duty & be afraid all the time
Remember when you secretly admitted you hide programs to prevent public debate & lawsuits?
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