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Uninvited Interlocutor. 'World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.' --Marshall McLuhan

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MI5 resisting independent oversight of bulk data collection
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorAh, an old fashioned faith-based argument in support of #Brexit. "Just curl up into a ball & hope things work out." Trump calls on reporters like he's selecting a delicious chocolate treat from the royal chocolatier.
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When your gig is being transgressive you're pretty much locked into a cycle of always outdoing yourself. Trump's trajectory is set now.This is also the exact scenario @Snowden warned about when he first went public. He was worried about future Trumps.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor"I wish I had that power" Trump said today in response to the hacking of his political enemies. If elected, he will.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThis is just a simple calculation like 1 + 1 = 2. I mean, what else could be the outcome? How could you not see it? @Snowden Shark Sandwich.Idk what's going on but I am fucking crying
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorVery quietly, Liam Fox admits that everything he's said since he entered government is nonsense.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorIf you genuinely want to understand what's going on with Labour, I think this is the best article I've read yet...
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorIt's not like it wasn't known that Sanders faired much better in polls vs. Trump. You chose the weaker candidate."You can’t expect, voting for the lesser evil every four years, for things to get better." #DemsInPhilly
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorMedia pump fear of the other into the populous for 15+ years = People become xenophobic & turn to isolationists: withdraw, build walls, etc.
"We're really fuckin' cool because we swear and shit." -- @vicenewsCanada’s electronic spy agency won’t reveal if shared info leads to torture overseas
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorMe: The leadership challenge is about competence not policy. Smith: There are too many immigrants and JC’s not a patriot. Me: Oh.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorAnother accusation against Corbyn found to be groundless, just like Angela's 'office window'
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorMore in @Slate from @jacklgoldsmith. Wanting evidence doesn't make you a Putin stooge
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor @davidschneider @gdavies I bet it was stupidity. country has been at war for 15 years in the "graveyard of empires". No mention of that yet. #DNCinPHL
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor‘Fear Not—She Means You No Harm,’ Says Elizabeth Warren, Revealing Docile Hillary Clinton To Crowd #DemsInPhilly
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*IF* Russia is behind the leak, this makes much more sense than the "Putin is masterminding Trump's election" theory
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor @csoghoian @cfarivar who could forget this headline?
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorIt's easy to forget, but the CIA Director's AOL account was hacked by a teenager just a few months back. DC politicos are easy cyber prey.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorParanoia the destroya...'s proven the establishment really was out to get Sanders. Time to accept Corbyn is suffering the same
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorChange never takes place from the top down, it comes from the bottom up. Don't believe anyone who tells you we cannot change the status quo.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorEven if the attackers try to obfuscate origin, #XKEYSCORE makes following exfiltrated data easy. I did this personally against Chinese ops.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorIf Russia hacked the #DNC, they should be condemned for it. But during the #Sony hack, the FBI presented evidence.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorCorbyn's policies are more or less what Guardian-reading left-inclined middle class have called for over 30 odd years Didn't they mean it?
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorA thing I wrote
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorRead @adamjohnsonNYC on how shoddy and sparse is the evidence that Russia is responsible for the Wikileaks docs
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorDNC explicitly said its strategy would be to highlight Russia claim so as to obfuscate content of revelations
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorSeriously In 20 years time and you're at a pub quiz and a question starts with "in what year" Just answer 2016
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorLike the xenophobia, political assassination by a far right terrorist and the racism. Scare 2.0 summed up: "We didn't get ourselves into any of these messes--it's all someone else's fault. Avoid introspection at all costs.Red Scare 2.0: "Oh yeah, Brexit is not our own fault either -- the Russians made Brexit happen, too -- using their super-hooligans."Red Scare 2.0: "It's not our fault, or a fault of the system we built, that we might hand power to a fascist -- the evil Russians did it!"It would be serious if Russian Govt were responsible for this hack. But that needs *evidence
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorPoliticians: Umbrellas are tools of the devil. Ban them! Politicians: It rained. We got wet. We're not sure why.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorClinton campaign: Our boss totally gets technology. She even uses Spotify.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorThe Hillary Clinton administration will undoubtedly be the most tech-savvy ever.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorAbsolutely disgusting how the head of the Democratic Party & other DNC execs conspired to stop/smear Bernie Sanders.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorWith DNC Leaks, Former 'Conspiracy Theory' Is Now True––and No Big Deal -
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Revealing: a) how many people were wrong about this & b) how their interest completely disappeared upon learning:
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorJournalists -- who get paid to be skeptical -- are going completely off the rails with this Russian subversion stuff. It's amazing to watch.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorAccusing political enemies of being agents of the Kremlin based on scant evidence and paranoid dot-connecting: suddenly very woke
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorTrump's dark authoritarianism is a US phenomenon driven by US circumstances: just as was true of Brexit/UK. It's not a Putin plot.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorEveryone in this fucking world is a Putin's trojan horse. Who isn't?
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorTrump works for the Russians, a Putin sleeper cell. they picked him because of his political discipline and strict adherence to protocol
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor @billybragg'm starting to wonder that we might think that we can combat climate change with the cool winds of isolationism. @RupertMyers @Glinner @robdelaney Hey, wait... What *is* happening? problem: how do you get people fired up about *not* doing something stupid? Stupid is exciting and it feels proactive. "Taking charge."
I think we're at the part where we've already tried to nuke the asteroid & failed & it's now just passed Mars still heading right for us. @Glinner It's quite well argued. He makes some very valid points. So... hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as things stand today, I think Trump will win. Here's my 5 reasons why:
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorIf only we were part of some European collective (a "union"?) allowing close consultation & integration of responses, from @adamjohnsonNYC, is kinda funny but also a good insight into media & projection: political adversaries as being controlled by Kremlin has a long history in US
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorU.S. media blames Putin conspiracy for homegrown Trump phenomenon latest from @adamjohnsonNYC
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorDon't feel guilty, man.“Make America Great Again” begs the question: when exactly was America great?
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@kibooki @adultswim Gotta shit on the floor... @theharryshearer "If, like, anyone wants to get shot I'll be hangin' in the cafeteria all day."Journalists: Don’t carry data you don’t need. Encrypt your device. Make clear, politely, that you’ll go very public.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorPart of Plato's critique of democracy. played Gran Turismo back in the day. eternal recurrence: "All of this has happened before and will happen again." #FridayFeeling @LeoHickman @Glinner The Pentaverate:, @guardian can't resist turning every mildly related Labour story possible into a negative hit on Corbyn. Trump's convention speech rings terrifying historical alarm bells #RNCinCLE by @tinyrevolution
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorYeah, he's big with the scumbag demographic. reassuring thing about Trump's speech is no-one will fall for such a deceitful mix of xenophobia, made-up "facts" and lies. Oh. #Brexit
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutornope, not dystopian at all
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Very cool, good he's free, eh -->Edward @Snowden's new research aims to keep smartphones from betraying their owners related news: old lady has pie almost possibly stolen from window sill. of bombing or shooting attacks in the West & many ready to elect extremists, imagine the effect of years of massacres in Iraq/Syria.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorTake back control -- and then catapult ourselves back to the Middle Ages. fuck. really don't get the whole Pokemon thing but this is awesome.
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"Living within our means" #PMQs
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor @SLawnchairs "I'm equivocating between terms, but it's your fault I look like a douche because you provided equal evidence for both terms." @SLawnchairs @TheLitCritGuy "Nobody." Yeah... @TheLitCritGuy Haha, probably true.Once again, a #FreeSpeech PSA from @xkcdcomics: (#FreeMilo crowd, this one's for you)
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor @TheLitCritGuy For the, "dude that's a straw man -- no one is arguing that" crowd: keeps stealing indie artist @tuesdaybassen's work. Their defense? She's not famous enough. Spread the word.
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutor"The gun is good; the penis is evil" is a pretty good summary of the Republican platform, actually.“Johnson twice referred to the crisis in Egypt, but was believed to be referring to Turkey.”
It was the people's goat., full on double-tap shot to the nutsack. congressman said members of other races had contributed relatively little to human civilization. #RNCinCLE
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorJournalist @fatimamanji responds to "debate" on whether she should be "allowed" to report on terrorism in a hijab
Retweeted by ¬InvitedInterlocutorFrom the UK's King of "I'm told" style of "reporting"
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