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Uninvited Interlocutor. 'World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.' --Marshall McLuhan šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦

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@theharryshearer You're gonna get called a Red for pointing that out.That US does similar "meddling" (and far worse) obviously doesn't "justify" what Russia does. But it 1) exposes asā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorThis 30-second clip is one of the most vivid distillations of American Exceptionalism ever: the US has the full, unā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorThis is not a payphone, it's a corporate surveillance device via @WIRED
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor#Prohibition2Point0 @mullvadnet Hi, your page doesn't seem to be correctly identifying connections to the pageā€¦ Brexit:"This idea that guns and bullets do not kill people, the mentally ill do," says psychiatrist @JonathanMetzl, "has bā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorIt's well, well worth watching all of this exchange between Laura Ingraham and former CIA director James Woolsey. Wā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorThe Home Office @AmberRuddHR is engendering suffering of children & adults because of the *ideological* objection tā€¦
#CriminalsWithoutACrime well its for a good cause, never mind then
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor34% of mass shooters in the US are ex-military, compared to 14.76% of the general population for the same gender anā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorInside the Daily Mail offices: was going to reply to someone, but then I thought, "Why are you even taking this foolio seriously?" I should doā€¦ @VladPutin1 @JuliaHB1 @hillb0y @CenterParcsUK @calwst @DailyMailUK @StopFundingHate @Steven_Woolfe @MGOUFC @DivineDigit @globeandmail @GlobeDebate "But when drugs are being poisoned for profit..." Terrible idiotic article that never oā€¦ is not a fentanyl crisis. This is a crisis created by drug war, bad policies, stigma, and failures of systemsā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorHow UK spies hacked a European ally and got away with it by @rj_gallagher
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@CBCToronto"Iā€™m just a humble lightweight, semi-automatic rifle; I never expected this kind of outpouring of affection."ā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor @ClaraJeffery @ggreenwald Translation: "I have no response to that."Those wars have continued and expanded over 15 years, while the antiwar movement has shriveled almost to the pointā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor#CriminalsWithoutACrime @UKLEAP @archie_batra @thesaintonline Friends don't let friends channel Peter Hitchens.Take note, @JustinTrudeau @liberal_party. #CriminalsWithoutACrime is looking to *expunge* past #cannabis convictions. Did you hear that, @JustinTrudeau @liberal_party? Whenā€¦ stocks can go either up or down. Wow. Mind blown. That freaky world of freaks and their cannabis, eh. detention destroys lives. It's inhumane, unjust & ineffective. We're the only country in Europe that locā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorNYTimes Scott Shane saying ā€œAmerica stumbled into tortureā€ perfectly captures US media ethosā€” which must, at all tiā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorWolf infested?! šŸ˜²
As a reaction to the Parkland school shooting, this is Louise-Mensch level insanity, funded by David Brock. If yourā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorfrom guns to police brutality to fracking to racism to inequality its a Theory of Everything that washes away all of our sins.
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorthe thing where people respond to a mass shooting by asking whether or not some Russian gave to the NRA in 2016 insā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorOne thing I didn't anticipate with the legalization of #cannabis is the many "cutesy" pieces the media would producā€¦'Overdose-death protests across Canada to target prohibition and police red zones' In Vancoā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor @Release_drugs amendment types currently arguing their point on #guncontrol: "We demand more asbestos, more asbestos, morā€¦ @WalshFreedom "We demand more asbestos, more asbestos, more asbestos!" #stonemanshooting @mike_Zollo @NWOinPanicMode love the second amendment more than their own children -- the evidence is overwhelming. #GunControlNowWe've got to stop calling it "the opioid crisis" or "the overdose crisis" and start calling it "the prohibition deaā€¦
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Roses are red, violets are blue, we don't reuse our passwords and neither should you.
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor @adamjohnsonNYCā€™s almost like the term ā€œRussia-linkedā€ is a bullshit weasel phrase thats used solely to expand the scope ofā€”andā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorWe're going to invade your land, slaughter the indigenous inhabitants and take your natural resources. Oh, and we'lā€¦ most depressing fact about my job is that pro-war, pro-Israel, pro-austerity NYTimes is still, by far, the mostā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor"The Drug War is as stupid as it is evil" Absolutely -- when are you going to commit to undoing some of that evilā€¦ Johnson: "If we stop #Brexit, then all those juicy opportunities for disaster capitalism will be ruined."1) Inevitable climate change. 2) Resource wars. 3) Reduced civil liberties. 4) Mass surveillance. 5) Militarized police. #Dystopilicious
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor*racing headlong towards a brick wall* "We must be prepared for the worst possible outcome." "Uh, couldn't we justā€¦, they have a word for this...what was it now? #Dystopilicious
more evidence that cannabis much less dangerous than alcohol on driving
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorThis woman was physically dragged from the microphone after announcing how much money West Virginiaā€™s politicians gā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorThis whole series has brilliantly made the key point about the 17-year-old "War on Terror": the militaristic policiā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorI was the only native kid in my advanced math class. First test came along and I got 105% on it (I got the bonus qā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorSeattle spent $100,000 to put up fencing to keep five homeless tents out from under a bridge. For that money it couā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor @thisisFoxx @bentasker @AlecMuffett @DaveLeeBBC Did they define "extremist content"?You could also argue government has long been sluggish/unresponsive to recognizing/acknowledging the current zeitgeā€¦ in 2018 it refuses to save lives by allowing drug consumption rooms: @ukhomeoffice: "A range of offences is likā€¦ speed of government can not cope with the speed of everyone's now digital lives. That's why we see so many effā€¦ @julianbuchanan @JasonTron "If you attempt to save peoples' lives we will arrest you.""...the software is capable of detecting 94% of IS's online activity, with an accuracy of 99.995%." šŸ‚šŸ’© The UK govā€¦ criticizes US foreign policy and in response brain dead WGN anchor says that "doesn't sound American".
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutorthere's little doubt sanctioned corporate media will rise to the top and alternative and leftwing media will be delā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor"There is no clearer trend in this country than the injustice for Indigenous people," says @Hayden_King #pnpcbcā€¦
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Harvardā€™s Laurence Tribe (@tribelaw) has Become a Deranged Russia Conspiracist: Today was his Most Humiliating Debaā€¦
Retweeted by Ā¬InvitedInterlocutor @jeremyscahill chunkylover53Pricing it above the black market price and having so few store-fronts is going to ensure the black market keeps thā€¦ @Glinner There's a consistent pattern of those who voted for/support #Brexit blaming those who didn't/don't for itā€¦ of the most damaging myths that persists is that of the "invisible hand." That somehow everything works out besā€¦'s dĆ©jĆ  vu all over again. having a role, say on Good Morning BritainšŸ¤®, where Jeremy Kyle is seen as an appropriate substitute for you. šŸ¤£
ā€œThere is a relationship between #cannabis & #opioids ... #Marijuana ... is a safer alternative to pain medicines:
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