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I can never be created nor destroyed so here I will always be.

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@TommyO53 if drake sucks comes up this morning show them gods plan video on break and see if cory and sauce still hate .. drake wails
@TheAlbinoWhino5 @PaulCharchian IALTOPick up the 2018 Schedule Poster Friday night in Kinnick Stadium | #Hawkeyes
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @BMileskiKFAN @CommonManKFAN @citypages Yeah I've had to eat my words the grum has been brilliant lately.. I blame my avatar for my whiningYou sure this isn't el Chapo someone check his cell quick years ago today... "The Minnesota Vikings have selected wide receiver from Marshall University, Randy Moss." T…
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @PaulCharchian @AndyRichter The Americans @CoryCove would agree I think @dpshow @casekeenum7 @Broncos Love Case but he will not repeat what he did for the Vikings hence why they got the best free agent qb ever ?
@Engle127 Lol exactlyWhen you go into T Mobile to have them put on a screen protector because you assumed they would know how to do it w… @TheAlbinoWhino5 @espn Hahah that's the best when rosie doubts common aka nostradamus @TheAlbinoWhino5 @espn They wouldnt stop with the vacuum bit and I got bored lol @TheAlbinoWhino5 @espn I only listened to common till like 2 ish today then switched to music gah! @HankHennig @espn Nope.. he has scored in every game not good at allFUCK Wild lose Zach Parise to fractured sternum suffered in Game 3 via @ESPN App
@MinisterSeamore @Vikings @EricKendricks54 I'd tap Hermione @AjKFAN If you buy cod over battlefield 1 I will unfollow you lol
Save some goals for next game @mnwild !!! @MeninistGaming @B_Radley_15 @MinisterSeamore its ghostly s favorite fortHead butting basketball hoops
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★
@Upforwisdom I'm Southern Trash...I'm a Black Redneck..
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★I love your style @MN_SportsTalk Lol jus trolling a little .. discouraged as well I hope you are right though @MN_SportsTalk best part about being an adult is you can order anything you need or want off of Amazon prime and have every day be like Christmas. @ChickenMcFaggot It's like we're grown ups.. get over it !
@DaDiplomatt23 @hansenry @MeatSauce1 @KarlTowns @Twins @_AlexLimon @_AlexLimon should of won all 3 too had chances that first game
After 55 nights, #GameOfThrones is finally done filming the longest battle in the show's history The previous reco…
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @RandyMoss Such a tragedy I will argue the unjustified and wrongful killing of this innocent man with any ignorant… the 2nd funniest person ever when I'm drunk
@MN_SportsTalk To think we could of traded him for Kyrie.. if those rumors were true and Kyrie wasn't always getti…
You know you're from the midwest when it barely cracks 40 and you have your sunroof open. @ChickenMcFaggot Haha I think thats almost every person in America except maybe on Fridays!
@B_Radley_15 Lol jp I fuxk with any mayo @B_Radley_15 Lol what about olive oil mayo ? Or is that too far @B_Radley_15 Lol what's wrong with ranch n sir?
@Chris_Hawkey Just googled it and it is all yours wow I've listened to the power trip for 3 years or so now going t… @Chris_Hawkey Beautiful! Holy pipes is this an original song of yours ? The first verse reminded me of my high scho…
@B_Radley_15 @MinisterSeamore @MGhostley @MINNESOTA__NICE Like our awesome vr we got last night pretty much @MeninistGaming @MinisterSeamore @B_Radley_15 @_AlexLimon How awesome is it to have twins baseball back !?! @MinisterSeamore @StarTribune Genius!
@Ackackadack1 @cheesemammoth @BMileskiKFAN @KFAN1003 Amen brother couldn't say it better myself @cheesemammoth @Ackackadack1 @BMileskiKFAN @KFAN1003 I do like the grum , I listen almost everyday I jus get trigge… @Ackackadack1 @cheesemammoth @BMileskiKFAN None of the other shows on Kfan really fit what your describing tho.. De… @Ackackadack1 @cheesemammoth @BMileskiKFAN I guess my life is jus sports sports sports @Ackackadack1 Yeah man I agree nice break from all the sports talk but to begin almost every show with shots at MN… @cheesemammoth @Ackackadack1 @BMileskiKFAN It's not a hard bit to get.. just gets old, for me hearing difference of… @ALuvsTwins @BMileskiKFAN @CommonManKFAN @KFAN1003 @PowerTripKFAN Lol I guess I don't count that one. I enjoy the g… @cheesemammoth @BMileskiKFAN Or maybe the bit is played out..I wonder what would happen if @BMileskiKFAN ever disagreed with @CommonManKFAN .. prlly bare butt spankings after t…
I have always admired Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, but like and admire them more after watching them work during…
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @ChickenMcFaggot Some days it is definitely needed unfortunately... Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays. .. @ChickenMcFaggot U mean meth lol..
You guys did a great job super entertaining! Also appreciated the common sense takes you guys had about the shooti…
Trolling tatted dudes
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Got almost all of that now jus need to upgrade my kayak to a boat.. soon.. @PaulCharchian Been mashing age of empires definitive edition , bringing back the memories of failing to build a la… @Eric92151690 @AjKFAN @KellyKix @Shoostie2010 @MarneyGellner @jlandsteiner @TwinsGeek @CoryCove @tgeorge1323
Captain Kirk
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★She trained. She fought. She grew. #TheAmericans @HollyTaylor97
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The "feels" you get bumping 'I fall apart' on a Friday @ProFootballTalk @KirkCousins8 @PFT_Live @NBCSN @NBCSportsRadio @SIRIUSXM Where can I podcast ur show ? I heart or?
Vikings FUCK Let's SKOOOOLMe, from #CuzNugg to #CuzBuzz
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Glad to have this guy on our side. #Skol
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @Engle127 For sure if cook wasn't ready to go or a step slower that would be very bad since are back up is slow pok… @Chris_Hawkey @KFAN1003 This is me if I can't podcast or listen live to you anymore hawkey @Engle127 I'm more worried about keeping kirk upright, need to draft quality linemen .. keenum kinda hid the o lin…“Immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine” Ephesians 3:20 #skol @ Minneapolis, Minnesota
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Maybe teaching my cousin how to tag me in the comments section on Facebook posts was a bad idea kinda bugs me Coach Zimmer won't admit that he got out coached plain and simple in the NFC championship gam…
@PAOnTheMic Haha goon and best personality on Kfan.. @PAOnTheMicFavorite JT song might be cry me a river idk .. the 50 cent version idk jus dope
I made this exact point last week on KFAN.
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★So @KirkCousins8 is a huge #LordoftheRings fan, can we kiss ?Okay, so I'm learning about @KirkCousins8... - Favorite band: @switchfoot - Also Loves: @hillsongunited &…
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