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I can never be created nor destroyed so here I will always be.

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@Vikings will win this SundayFourth Expansion For Battlefield 1, Apocalypse, Arrives In February
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★The massacre was a good follow up album to one of the best rap albums of all time #getrichordietryingwhere can I buy some G-Unit clothing ?
and we would honor you for it for centuries to come @KevinMcMahonNFL Will be a battle till the end, I honestly think case is going to have one of his best games this s… new background and lock screen, kiss me lips @stefondiggs @KevinMcMahonNFL I know the saints guys are in shock. call was pretty lame on their part guess I can't blame em @Saxyprince are your podcasts on I heart or any other podcast service ? easier to listen to at work on those apps @BBurnskie @KevinMcMahonNFL let's see you do better than lol tool
First day on the job ..... this finna be a breeze 🙅🏾‍♂️😭
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @nacholeber lol u could almost slide a sheet of paper under you ! love the excitement on your face ,cheers! @MinisterSeamore 3 way kiss ? @nacholeber Sean is a tool and a d bag lol in my opinion @KevinMcMahonNFL keenum was having a mostly poor game until the miracle. Just hope he learned his lesson from that… @Jarrius @SeanPayton ain't dancing now are you chump.. @SeanPayton is a bitchhahahaah howd that turn out for you d bag @SeanPayton
@MeatSauce1 lmao @SeanPayton overpowers the hate. Grateful for bold men like MLK that boldly change the World in the name of LOVE. #MLKday
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ Ill be listening and smiling to @KFAN1003 all day todayWhen the girl you’ve been talking to all night leaves the bar but then texts you to come through 20 minutes later
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★I DIGGS it!
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @NineTwelveJimmy @ProFootballTalk @stefondiggs @casekeenum7 @ProFootballTalk @PFT_Live @NBCSportsRadio @SIRIUSXM where can I get ur podcasts of shows ?If you aren't a #Vikings fan you don't really get it. We have had so many of those go against us over the years. An…
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★"That was a heck of a game, wasn't it? And the good guys won." - Coach Zimmer 📺:
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @B_Radley_15 I can't sleep glad I don't work till 3 pm tomorrowDIGGS IS OUR SAVIOR
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★
@B_Radley_15 can't believe it bud , on to philly.. #skolZimmer: I think this franchise, this organization, these players, they deserve something like this. Everyone talks…
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @Nolte20 scissor later ?FINAL: The @Vikings are going to the NFC Championship! #SKOL #NOvsMIN #NFLPlayoffs
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Minneapolis Miracle. That’s all I can say. Diggs. From 61. Nobody ever has seen anything like that. I can’t breathe…
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @KevinMcMahonNFL can.. you.. believe it.. what a game to be atTHE @VIKINGS ARE MOVING ON! #NFLPlayoffs #BringItHome #Skol
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @ericnordoKFAN can you and I kiss @PAOnTheMic didn't reply.@STEFONDIGGS FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!! #SKOL #NOvsMIN #NFLPlayoffs
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★WHAT ON THE WORLD JUST HAPPENED??!?!?
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @MarkEmmert skol!WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. #NOvsMIN #NFLPlayoffs 📺: @NFLonFOX
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★the @Vikings jus made me eat shit and I couldn't be happier .. lmao @BMileskiKFAN nothing his success is because of those around him @BMileskiKFAN case sucks @johnkriesel how hard are you ? @PAOnTheMic can we kiss ?championship caliber defense @KevinMcMahonNFL u have one job @TommyO53 to ur a gem @jordankellett21 @CJNah @Bvck_ToBlack @NFL @AnthonyBarr @Vikings @NFLonFOX saints fucking suck @SouhanStrib brilliantterrible towels are a terrible idea , clapping is much louder than waving a towel and elbowing the dude next to you ... #BringItHomeso many high fives , @Vikings rock #wedatI just piss3d so much beer out of my dick @Vikings have the dopest helmets in the league #NFLPlayoffsthis place is electric @Vikingsbad play callingcase missed AdamThis is how we skool. This is how wee skool. This is how weee skooooloool. stuck in my head what a crippler @Chris_HawkeyWe're getting closer. #BringItHome
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★
@B_Radley_15 what makes u say that @EddyFerederick @MeatSauce1 listening to analyst defend the shitty officiating - said no one ever #NFLPlayoffs @KevinMcMahonNFL falcons eagles game is very interesting to me, not sure how it will play out @wallypingel @StaceyDales @Vikings @nflnetwork when do the packers play ? @ValerieBurns219 @Flama_Blanca1 @StaceyDales @Vikings @nflnetwork sad but true :/ @packersinsider @StaceyDales @Vikings @nflnetwork already coming up with excuses , nice !
The @Vikings are the most complete team remaining, this defense is championship caliber. Case doesn't need to be th…
I was on his basketball team a handful of years in high school, one of the nicest guys I know can't believe itI care about my brother more than anything I can't imagine if anything ever happened to let alone causing harm myself
Handing out airheads after scoring a TD
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @shopmostdef @KevinMcMahonNFL saints suck ur season ends Sunday
@MinisterSeamore I got lucky and was invited to go I can't wait to scream like a fucking girl !Media: Mike Zimmer is there anything you want the Saints to know Zimmer:
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Eminem s best albums were his first two if you say otherwise it's because you are too damn young. @AdamSchefter keenum is surrounded by a fantastic team, if he goes elsewhere he will regret itI want the Vikings to face the Saints next week and avenge bounty gate like Jon Snow chopping down white walkers