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I can never be created nor destroyed so here I will always be.

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@AndrewHagemann @PowerTripKFAN @MeatSauce1 Umm the best part was around them talking about the staircase maybe halfway through ?Podcasting yesterdays @PowerTripKFAN , might be the funniest ever lol thank you @MeatSauce1Trump could be like "WE NEED HERSHEY CHOCOLATE FACTORIES ON MARS !!" and his supports would be like "yup Trumps a g…
We have confirmation, thank you! don't have to like the same post on Instagram and Facebook from someone do you?
@Chris_Hawkey Those pipes are amazing !! Your voice barely nudges out your biceps!
@NigandNog I'm here for you bro!Fellow Americans, this is the first time you've watched soccer in 4 years, quit playing.
I could listen to @KirkCousins8 interviews all day, almost there guys.. football is on its way!! @Vikings #NFLAnyone else ever talk trash to their dogs face about his breath in a high pitched tone. Sometimes I feel like the t… muski follows, first one looked 45" second little smaller but no hit. Try again tomorrow new favorite lake. #minnesotafishing @Engle127 @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog @B_Radley_15 Lol yeah I got mine right away. Brad and ghost are good though I… years old and arguing with my friends over video games lol I guess I havent grown up yet. @B_Radley_15 @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog Lol no jus uneducated opinions about things I know more about do ;p @B_Radley_15 @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog Lol in all honestly I'm salty cause i thought u guys would like it somewha… @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog @B_Radley_15 To some including you and brad graphics is huge nothing wrong with that ju… @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog @B_Radley_15 I agree ghost the graphics for h1 are outdated no doubt but to me it's not… @B_Radley_15 @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog Graphics arent comparable you are right because fortnite is a cartoon anim… @B_Radley_15 @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog What gameplay tho ? What are you expecting ? U played the first week since… @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog @B_Radley_15 Lol you are complaining about h1 graphics when fortnite is cartoon graphic… @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog @B_Radley_15 When you play pubg then we can talk but trashing a game for outdated graph… @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog @B_Radley_15 It is a well put together game I agree, I have played 3 different battle r… fishing in a little bit, my cock is half mast.. @MajesticBrotha #WhyTheyLockedMeUp I was walking next to a black man #ftp#WhyTheyLockedMeUp I was eating a Whopper jr. while Black
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★When you have the day off but wake up at 5 am still.. @NigandNog @MinisterSeamore @B_Radley_15 Lol god I hope ur wrong... ray and I wanna play that together we are killing it on h1z1 @NigandNog @MinisterSeamore @B_Radley_15 Haha right, u know me tho I play a lot of games and all types of games. Ne… @NigandNog @MinisterSeamore @B_Radley_15 Sad thing is all he has to hate is its graphics which for a 4 year old gam… @NigandNog @MinisterSeamore @B_Radley_15 Haha I'm mostly trolly brotha .. fortnite is a good game i jus prefer h1 n… @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog @B_Radley_15 @MinisterSeamore @NigandNog @B_Radley_15 Lol you never even played it!! Hater!! @NigandNog Yeah it is for a time but running around everywhere isnt. I like getting the drop on enemies and having… @NigandNog @B_Radley_15 I'm better than both yall lol I cant wait to see what brad says about pub g lol find some r… think bitching about student loan debt is the most relatable conversation for my generation. @B_Radley_15 battle royal games>
@NigandNog U gonna grab it ? I'll be getting delux addition fo show @NigandNog Looks dope af
The #staircase is 10 times better than #EvilGenius #NetflixYou're more basic than a chick taking a pic with her back to the camera in front of a water fall with the caption "pure happiness"Weakest #NBAFinals ever ??
@TommyO53 as he passed by us Susan turned to me and whispered.." he needs Anger Management" do what you're doing ju… @TommyO53 if I may, when you're doing the IMDb challenge ur killing it all you gotta do is add a funny story before… @CoryCove Info for your perfect bank heist
@Engle127 Yeah I'm not gonna do that lolRealized there is a lot less politics on Instagram so I will be using that more. #duah #whattookmesolong
You ever walk right up to an old lady, look her dead in the eyes and say, "lick my puss" then run off? .. no ? Yeah me neither...
I love connecting with the @Vikings fans and seeing the passion they have for our team. Can't wait for that first h…
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @MajesticBrotha His pride was hurt he is a big orange baby @joel_fields @MatthewRhys Thank you for your work will miss this show so much @MatthewRhys Thank you for your work, will miss this show mucho you all are phenomenal @NoahEmmerich Thank you for your work, one of my favorite shows ever you guys all rock!!“It isn’t the potential of violence that grants this scene its tension, but the promise of heartbreak.” I wrote abo…
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Television is a huge part of the majority of our lives.. when we are tired from work and come home we resort to our… for putting me on this show @CoryCove . Sad it's over but damn was it amazing.. one of my favorites all time !
LeBron James Like Pablo Escobar, I've Laughed so Hard on This Video #Topbuzz💀💀💀
@Engle127 His music has been shit since he went crazy ... his old stuff was so great too ...When your president defends a racist's tweets ... fuck this trust fund d bag knows the score of the basketball game they are currently playing in ? needs to leave Cleveland next year. He did his part in bringing a ring there. He can't continue to play with a bunch of muppets.
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★That was a fucked up way for LeBron to lose:
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @MCobo23 So pissed what an idiot lolAll the things Lebron has done tonight carrying this team and you choose this. L is how I look when I’m trying to get my wife to understand what I’m saying
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Lebron gives it his ALL and some of his teammates dont even know the fucking score gah!!! Pay attention!!
@MinisterSeamore She talked with him about women doing life sentences for drug charges.. actually not mad about thi… blame the military industrial complex for uncle Sam fucking my ass hole in taxes every paycheck. Lol
It's crazy how much more entertaining the NFL playoffs are compared to the nba. Even game 7s were garbage .. jus tr…
@Engle127 Really cant say anything without making it about himself and how good of a president he thinks he is ... what a moron
2018 Love: “we did it!” LeBron:
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★
Slaying pigs in the kayak #MemorialDayWeekend #minnesota #fishing
Unless you are a NFL player during the fake, paid for patriotism national anthem @Saxyprince Love how Ben Leber thinks it's selfish to kneel and protest police brutality.....(heavy sarcasm)BINGO
So it's a win win?
@Engle127 Something to do with being off the grid . Pretty sure it's illegal a lot of places or used to be st least