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I can never be created nor destroyed so here I will always be.

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If you beat off watching Magic Mike..that make you gay?
zone defense isn't working...Hillary Clinton's face looks like a pile of semen in the bottom of the toilet bowl after you jerk your load into it.
Johnny Manziel is a THUG ... a pos.. every negative word I can think of...
super bowl babies commercial yes!!!Cam would look better in a Vikings jerseyCould not agree more
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Independence Day is going to be dab.panthers need dwight rn
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★I'm such a huge Stewart fan!!!Von Miller is my favorite NFL player not on the vikings. I riding that bang wagon hard.Cam Newton is done @PaulCharchian @PAOnTheMicWait, Tom Brady was booed? So why did we waste 2 weeks wondering about where country is headed because some lady in Seattle doesn't like Cam
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Ayy finally game time !!! Good game is all I want no blowouts plz!!!!!!Updated Big Ten standings.
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Where can I get these? were you when the Titanic sank??
rep'n for that low life
Let's fucking go #Hawkeyes @BMileskiKFAN I agree/enjoy almost all ur takes/tweets. Different opinions on this one.. oh well! @Upforwisdom Doh-Kay!
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Tenna hates when football players celebrate but defends a hockey player cheap shotting a ref from behind.. guys delusional .. @BMileskiKFANBig game tonight - Iowa at Maryland - 6:00 (CT) on ESPN.
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @DanBarreiroKFAN @ProFootballTalk Cam is the man
The hate for Cam is a race thing... it's sad but true.. everyone celebrates after they make a play EVERYONE.. have the Broncos Falcons superbowl on tv at this Mexican restaurant... I'm crying all over my burrito...
moment of silence for my man Jon Snow. Part makes me so angry lol @MeatSauce1 @22Wildfan @AjKFAN those skittles wail then shred3rd Ranked Hawkeyes Ready For Huge Road Test At #8 Maryland
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★rewatching #gameofthones season 5 .. God Stannis Baratheon is a fuck...
@Engle127 lol I missed it dang it ! @Engle127 what are u watching ? @CurranFallon god Carson sucks.. vikings would have beat them lolCouldn't be happier for Peyton and his forehead.All those ppl that didn't give Denver a chance ... HA!Going to be a great superbowl to watch this year :^)lol.. what a clown Belicheck has breasts. Succulent breasts.I'm sorry daddy don't even hate the Patriots or Tom Brady. I respect them for what they done. I just can't stand teams/players that always whine for callsPatriots whine for a call on every play that doesn't go their way... so annoyingJarrod Uthoff has become appointment television and Iowa has won 13 straight games. Hawkeyes handle Purdue in Iowa City. Buzz is growing.
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Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Let's GOoooooooOoOoo
@MeatSauce1 lol meatsauce for president... anything but trump! @Engle127 the NBA team Pelicans have a cool looking court as well ! @ericnordoKFAN released some anger on that dunk my goodnessmy god that was siiiick @KarlTowns @Vikings @Solo_Sink2 this doesn't look good for Wallace staying here
9th Ranked Hawkeyes Beat Pesky Rutgers 90-76
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @HankHennig it's cause ur goegeousDon't spam me bitch lol woulda thunk the Vikings would be Minnesota's best team atm... sorry wild aren't even above .500 ... ties are losses let's be honestRandom thought of the day.. Fuck Adrian Peterson and Blair Walsh lol...
Rubio is a great shooterMigos, then and now
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @Chawk1003 @MySuperAmerica @CorePower Those core powers are delicious !
Damn @CoryCove wasn't kidding when he said the cliff hanger at the end of season 3 #TheAmericans is one of the best..I miss watching Twins baseball in the evening after work.. not too many better ways to wind down than baseball and a cold one...
Iowa has climbed to No. 9 in both major polls this week. It is Iowa's highest ranking since November, 2001. #Hawkeyes
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Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★This is the play before The Play after The Other Play: Larry Fitzgerald starts OT with a 75-yard catch #BeRedSeeRed
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Hey @packers... @MeatSauce1 @CoryCove @BMileskiKFAN
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @Darbmilne @dubish_todd @MeatSauce1 you seem sour? @Darbmilne @dubish_todd @MeatSauce1 @goose_mn @MeatSauce1 OVER HERE LOOK !!!!...^^^^ WE GOT A TOUGH GUY !!!!Just watched long Fitz play. Claymaker went harder in the sing off in Pitch Perfect 2.
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Damn.... passed out early.. did the Packers win ??Larry Firzgerald -- Minnesota made.
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I'm going to jerk off ten times before bed time go #Cardinals #ArizonaCardinals @PAOnTheMic fuck green bayI seriously might kill myselfNFL loves the Packers my god ... Blow pack blow ya lucky fucks...Lol NFL protects Brady and Rodgers too much....
LOL wow first part of @WorkaholicsCC haha #LetsGetWeirdIowa is a legitimate threat to win the Big Ten regular season title. Hawkeyes dominate Michigan State in East Lansing. 4-0 in Big Ten play.
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Lol... @CoryCove s Ken Kratz impression is hilarious, I LOL every time he does it...
my cousin really hates hipsters lol to do some retail therapy over lunch... today sucks my heart hurts. Get pass Seattle who knows what we could have done :/
@Vikings @teddyb_h2o yeah I'd take few completions for more down the field throws. 2 many check downs missing wide open wr down the field @Chawk1003 @MeatSauce1 @AjKFAN On behalf of all Powertrip listeners, please do not let @CoryCove buy his way out of the bet.
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★ @Engle127 Big year next year for Teddy, still has a lot to prove !The Vikings lost because of their inability to finish drives and score TDs. And of course a crucial AP fumble.. so dissapointed.DIE HARD FANS > BANDWAGON FANSWhat a joke... what a fucking joke.. Fuck work tomorrow @PAOnTheMic AP sucks and is a liability tired of him losing the ball in big games... be gone @johnkriesel in the biggest moments don't forget , had what 2 fumbles against NO in the NFC championship game... @Nolte20 wish I could RT that lolAdrian Peterson is a moron idc how good you are doesn't mean shit if u fumble in every big game/situation ....This feels familiar .... :/Josh Robinson might cost the Vikings a playoff victory.
Retweeted by ★ ®odney ★Someone should fuck Khalil s wifeFUCK SEATTLE WHAT UP T DAWGDon't like the last two play calls down the field is working forget the swings and screens#bandwagon @AjKFAN need to pass more on 1st downPass on first down every series 9 guys in the boxGUY HAS BIG BALLS
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