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Vincent Batts @vbatts /dev/urandomness

BIG LOVE; variety act; i like colors; classy af; Linux and container hack; cyclist; music of life; people are my jam

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These people have degrees in accounting, philosophy, education, fine arts, and social services. Now they are in te…
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#protip: to reverse line order of a file use `tac ./file.txt` GET IT, IT `CAT` BACKWARDS!??!?! @francesc @mattmorain @mattmorain matt @gooseyard lol same. @francesc Wait are feeling that they called you "old"? It's a common enough endearing colloquiumJust like when /dev/hda became /dev/sdawhen /dev/root is a /dev/nvme* device, and I'm flash a USB stick, I really hesitate every time I type `dd of=/dev/sda ...` 😬😬😬 @fharding0 @francesc yesBe the awkward you wish to see in the world! @willrad 👌✨'t wait to see finding on intel vPro and AMT. Seems inevitable among the speculation and now SGX findings.This coverage needs to circulate far and wide so any committee can see how flawed any current approach is. And any…
@cheddarmint Don't be irrational, p @stephenaugustus @jeremyeder @cheddarmint Staaaahp @stephenaugustus @jeremyeder @cheddarmint Stahp @mjg59 Thots 'n prayersScreencasting made easy with Thanks tobias47n9eA friend is suddenly on a job hunt for full-time. She's primarily done ruby/rails/frontend but has ops and project… says Linux 4.18 is out. It is finally possible to use FUSE from an username space, good ne…
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Whoops ⊂_ヽ   \\ my files    \( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)     > ⌒ヽ    /   へ\    /  / \\leaked out    レ ノ   ヽ_つ   / /💦   / /| 💾…
Retweeted by Vincent Batts @robynbergeron @jessfraz That'll do @davidcrawshaw @jessfraz i know! totally should switch all my git config to no-reply@ @jessfraz lol it amaze✨Who's gonna talk about emoji and security at Open Source Summit in October?✨ This nerd 🤓 @estesp always bugged me @jessfraz
@Lemonjet Oh man. Hopefully there will be some silver lining @__apf__ @Marriott Fair. Height didn't matter to be inconvenienced. @__apf__ lol some of the Hyatt's have that terrible mirror now. So so bad.
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@rettori @mattklein123 Dióg... Deeeeeeeeeg... Dióg @mattklein123 Yes @davidcrawshaw @bradfitz @khanreaper @IstioMesh Heavy
@davidcrawshaw @bradfitz @khanreaper @IstioMesh Thought leadering @marthakelly Hahahaha I keep a pair of busted old headphones plugged into my dock for this very reason @rikkiends Aquarius, you're gonna die. Leo, you're gonna die. Gemini, you're gonna die twice. @estesp Listening to Mark Ritter currently @estesp I half expected to find you here! ;-) (IBM Q Network partnership) @jrbowes @HermanMiller ME TOOThe @HermanMiller chairs are abundant and to die for @thockin they have book scanning too ;-) literally dream of swimming through beautiful open spaces. A+++ would definitely swim through NCSU Hunt Library time in fancy NCSU library! It was still under construction when Red Hat office was on campus. @ingridepure nice break!When you mention container storage-drivers @tianon @jessfraz ohman it's patternGood morning, y'all @bitfield suuuuper simple, but would make for a decent, minimal common tool to do project serving @bitfield sorry, `<meta>` tag, like `curl -sSL` @jessfraz I seem to recall a clever person getting excited about binfmt misc... @kbsingh Oh fronting a team and not giving them credit is not acceptable. Give them all the credit and give me all the blame. @egernst @brendandburns oooh. I would imagine kata _on_ arm32 would be a terrible experience ;-), but in what mix are you trying? @garethr plumbing through secrets and mounts will be handy. Potentially even CI steps. I do wonder about how to pro… is there a simple enough project that does golang `go get` meta redirection? like, give it a url /path re… @mattmorain If I jump into a baby diaper, I'll send you pics @brendandburns @jessfraz We did this for oci spec tooTomorrow is a day of Quantum Computing at NC State University! I'm stoked!
I hacked @jessfraz's reg tool into working with @quayio & Clair v3! We're closing in on cutting a stable release of Clair v3!
Retweeted by Vincent Batts @dberkholz @marinaz i'm sure some speakers would love coaching too, but they'll have to pursue that themselves this time ;-) @ChrisInDurham @devconf_us y'all should totally consider signing up as coaches. You have container/orchestration kn… fartless still contains farts
Retweeted by Vincent BattsI'm signed up as a coach, and encourage you to as well looks like I'll be speaking at All Systems Go in Berlin! @jeredfloyd OHGOD JERED NO @kartar @jessfraz only the most ample sacrifices. fresh and not too soggy. @brendandburns surely you have a write-up on this setup? @brianredbeard so, have you done this? or do you go more burning-man hexayurt? Yeah! @ashleymcnamara very proud of you. This has been suspenseful to watch.Haiku isn't such a baby anymore, but such a premo doggo @timothysc lol .... Wait for it.... Itsa cookin' up sumethin'There are so many folks I want to call it here. I'd be noisy af, but really they are special to me and I don't do a…