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@kernelcdub Le sigh @estesp @ashleymcnamara Phil! We're in the club!Achievement Unlocked @yenicapotediaz @jessfraz LOL literally the joke i think of everytime this feature comes up. @jayunit100 @Grafeasio blessed registry is great, and further confident when you can feed in more context, and have… @rothgar @jessfraz Wowza @ezkl it was good running into you at kubecon!
@jbeda @Kris__Nova That is amaze af @jbeda @Kris__Nova Well just shit @francesc @AdamSinger yea. Don't look for "Kai Tak Crosswinds"Evergreen @evanphx lol. Some years ago you said you missed office-lyfe for the nerf battles. And thought of getting your daughter something. @rjungemann WOAH WOAH WOAH @seancribbs /me returns @evanphx wh?y @evanphx i meant to tell you, we got family nerf. For momma, The Judge. @ChrisShort /me makes a TODO to respond to thisTODO list of TODO lists @ashleymcnamara as in, notable hot air @ashleymcnamara in particular *pfrap* @detiber 8 bit orchestra? @ashleymcnamara *pfrap*Next would be a Morse broadcast. At least for text. If it's an octet-stream then maybe a different Huffman arrangem…
@jessfraz amaze is fantastic. On my i5-7300U, I could only register synchronized clicks @ 1570kHZ. And a dubstep sound when ma… @nivex @Android @Moto I'm currently on the LG Nexus 5x. I like it just fine, but the Oreo upgrade made it painfully slow. @devconf_cz Will be talking on the updates in the world of golang. Both SO MANY THINGS, and WILDLY BORING at the sa… am honestly excited to head to Brno, CZ next week. @devconf_cz is such personal conf.OHMAN's hoping the @Android 8.1.0 update fixes terrible performance and lagging from the initial Oreo upgradeOHMAN @jessfraz @neilogd this is a dream of mine. Buy an old barge. Start a new internet. solar panels and a garden. @jessfraz i mean, not saying you shouldn't ... @tobowers @jessfraz more or less @thaJeztah @davecheney @bryanl @jessfraz yes @tobowers @jessfraz seems more like "remote decryption on boot", and "dropbear + ssh" was an approach🇳🇱 Dutch backwards racing 😊💪👍 #oldskoolracing #throwbacktuesday 🇳🇱
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@vbatts Thanks for . I will be using it to check DCO in @travisci
Retweeted by Vincent Batts @cheddarmint Like @ipbabble @ChrisShort Fair. I'm game @Kris__Nova @cheddarmint I sense a mountaineer in our presence @cheddarmint Go ruk. And some of the recent timbuk2 backpacks. @davecheney @bryanl @jessfraz literally one of the first gifs I saw from @jessfraz when she was contributing iptables fixes for docker @ashleymcnamara A+ I would bike/skate/parade in this outfit @jessfraz funny. Same thing for me. And then I switch back to my slackware install. @ChrisShort also, I appreciate you too. <3 @ChrisShort Flattery will get you everywhere. -- Mae WestAlways be yourself, unless you can be @vbatts, then always be @vbatts.
Retweeted by Vincent Batts @ChrisShort uh oh. What have you read? heard? @bradfitz @PerkeepOrg i remembered that time! @bradfitz @PerkeepOrg woah. os.Error was still in weekly's wasn't it? @jessfraz is an approach for this that (without using dropbear) @ashleymcnamara "pure bullshit" @jgrahamc @eastdakota thanks @gnomealex /me dumps @jgrahamc nice. What's this from?^Z
This #MLKDay, Red Hatters in #Raleigh joined the 38th annual @MLKDay Memorial March honoring the life and legacy o…
Retweeted by Vincent Batts @runc0m lol"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” -Martin Luther King J…
Retweeted by Vincent Batts @jessfraz loosing or worse having history scrubbed worries me @jessfraz dang :-(
@TomasTomec Oh nice. Even better.
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@GrahamDumpleton @ncoghlan_dev :-\ @standouthost lol. No nesting subcommands, so i didn't switch to $() ;-) @rektide you get both. `|&` is just a terse and simpler approach. I use both forms, depending on which muscle memory happens first. @francesc yea. `>./log 2>&1` is not the same as `2>&1 >./log`#protip: `... |& less` rather than `... 2>&1 | less` to page over stdin _and_ stderr @ncoghlan_dev @GrahamDumpleton Looks like powershift talks to k8s and openshift on the rest api. This is to the underlying CRI over gRPC. @soltysh @ncoghlan_dev @GrahamDumpleton ?was surprised this didn't exist, so I started it. Python bindings for the Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface (C…
@ibuildthecloud @rakyll Perhaps. And ephemeral too. IRC responses can be high latency. Also, many of the slacks don… @rakyll have also not opened it. and it's removed from phone since a couple months. I don't care for how slack stampedes my interrupts. @andreasn1 will I see you at devconf this year? @brendandburns the excitement is coming from inside the house