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Finland tests an unconditional basic income
Retweeted by Vedesh @mmpandit dhanyavad & pranams for clearing lot of things @ColonelGerard is it the one by william jacksonDalit vs Dalit at President's race! @sifydotcom cartoon #RamNathKovind #MeiraKumar #PresidentialElections2017
Retweeted by VedeshShowering rain as Putin lays wreath at ceremony marking start of Great Patriotic War
Retweeted by VedeshLacking a clear strategic framework, Modi’s foreign policy is coming apart via @orfonline34 Countries Disrupt the Global Economy by Locking Data Behind Borders - Deep Is Iran's State? via @ForeignAffairsDestruction at Larung Gar Greater Than Earlier Reported read - @Iyervval demystifies the halo sorrunding F-16 if brought under the guise of Make in India American Journey Might Be One of Modi's Most Challenging Yet via @thewire_in @KanchanGupta Previous agreements not adhered to tantamount betrayals. Yhis has to be remedied. Language imperialis…
Retweeted by Vedesh @KanchanGupta We are at a critical juncture in a crucial part of the State. The history is complicated and the futu…
Retweeted by VedeshFire in the hills: As Darjeeling burns, bad news for India | ORF Where @KanchanGupta explains this sensitive issue
Retweeted by VedeshUltimately it is about Iran. And Russia in the ME. And conversely about KSA.
Retweeted by VedeshWill need or will use?
Retweeted by VedeshMaharaja #RanjitSingh in procession riding an #elephant through a bazaar, Company School, North India, circa 1840:…
Retweeted by VedeshInd shold focus on surviving Trump cause US & Ind have strategic interests that will last longer, I argue @ORFOnline
Retweeted by Vedesh Mr Modi Meets Mr Trump:
Retweeted by Vedesh
Plotted intervals between successive Shar launches since Oct 1994 when PSLV made its first successful launch to get…
Retweeted by Vedesh @dravirmani This one success should be credited to Singh during the 10 years of thuggish ruel3/ This is one of the few cases of diplomatic success (we got what we wanted, w/o paying much) compared to many cases of diplomatic failure
Retweeted by Vedesh.2/ we got the benefits (of freedom to import parts,components, materials,testing equipment)without having to bear the costs of full plants
Retweeted by VedeshNobody was "duped"(it was a quid pro quo) & we are happy(not "embarrassed") that "no deals have been signed yet":
Retweeted by VedeshNSA Opens Github Account — Lists 32 Projects Developed by the Agency via @TheHackersNews #Securityಅದ್ಭುತ! #dvg
Retweeted by Vedesh @Hiranyareta Will repost it after sortingMiners Plunder Tamil Nadu’s Sands, Dropping Some Rivers by 50 Feet - via @NewSecurityBeat @_toxfire @Hiranyareta if it thats the case -then i have mixed pics all in a single folder honest mistake22 June 1897 - The Chaphekar brothers shot and killed British Commissioner Rand near Ganeshkhind in #Pune
Retweeted by VedeshAmazing Birds Eye View of Yoga on The GREAT WALL OF CHINA !! #InternationalYogaDay #IYD2017 #YogaDay #YogaDay2017
Retweeted by Vedesh3: DPRK pressure ≠ SCS passivity. Helvey says no linkage between DPRK and SCS. Time then to press for “results” in…
Retweeted by Vedesh2: PRC cooperation ≠ DPRK results. Good to focus on “results”. That means “trying” or “cooperation” not sufficient.…
Retweeted by Vedesh1: PRC position ≠ US position. PRC prioritizes regime stability > denuclearization. US prioritizes denuclearization…
Retweeted by Vedesh3 friendly reminders on “results-oriented” US-China Diplomatic & Security Dialogue (based on quotes from yesterday’…
Retweeted by VedeshThe Islamic Road to the Modern World via @nybooksMy latest: #India, #Russia to ‘Soon’ Set Delivery Date for S-400 Missile Air Defense Systems @Diplomat_APAC
Retweeted by VedeshOpinion | Trump to unveil plans for an ‘Arab NATO’ in Saudi Arabia
Retweeted by Vedesh1. Big news coming out of Mosul, where reports indicate that the al-Nuri mosque has been destroyed.
Retweeted by VedeshEven the harshest critics of the late Hafez al-Assad should appreciate him for his treatment of Henry Kissinger.
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Contrasting views on defence preparedness by military chiefs, says @dperi84 @The_Hindu
Retweeted by VedeshKushti - Wrestlers 18th Century miniature @BDLMuseum @vijayvaani New book announcement. Epigraphia Indus Script – Hypertexts & Meanings (3 Volumes) by S. Kalyanaraman…
Retweeted by VedeshCelebration of 3rd International Day of Yoga at the sacred and world heritage site of Machu Picchu, 2400 mts above…
Retweeted by VedeshElon Musk runs two huge companies by breaking his day into 5-minute slots via @bi_indiaBlackouts in Ukraine were just a trial run. Russian hackers are learning to sabotage infrastructure via @WIREDDo read - on Block chain[Video] Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force enduring freezing temperatures to celebrate International Yoga Day
Retweeted by VedeshThe rise of Mohammed bin Salman: Alarm bells should be ringing via @MiddleEastEyeThe military defeat of ISIS is no longer tethered to its outside appeal via @FRANCE24Appointment of new crown prince ushers in a new, dynamic Saudi Arabia via @TheNationalUAENewly-declassified documents prove once and for all that the CIA was behind Iran's 1953 coup:
Retweeted by VedeshTwitter will soon consist solely of people who learned about a topic 5 minutes ago correcting people who learned about a topic 2 minutes ago
Retweeted by VedeshThe Saudi Regime Is Playing the U.S. Government: via @warisboringChina Proposes "Blue Economic Passages" For Global Maritime Cooperation via @Geopolitics101As I've said,the peace process is like rock n 'roll; it will never die; Peace, on the other hand, is another matt…
Retweeted by Vedesh#IPCSSpecialReport #187 | #BCIM Economic Corridor: Facilitating Sub-Regional Development | Roshan Iyer |…
Retweeted by VedeshThe $2 Trillion Project to Get Saudi Arabia’s Economy Off Oil via @BWThread on the Saudi succession shake-up: Mohammed bin Salman (below) named crown prince and Mohammed bin Nayef reli…
Retweeted by VedeshMichel Aoun’s Double Game via @CairoReviewWhy the White House Is Reading Greek History via @politicomag.@Kostarakos: "No nation can tackle the threats on its own. Its about protecting our way of living, NOT LOSING SOVE…
Retweeted by VedeshAmir Eshel: From the sum of our actions, our enemy sees who we are & understands our capabilities. This lowers the potential for conflict.
Retweeted by VedeshAnd, here's sailors on top of another Kilo-class submarine, INS Sindhudhvaj, on #InternationalDayofYoga2017
Retweeted by VedeshNot to be left behind, soldiers on #InternationalDayofYoga2017 at Siachen-Saltoro Ridge, world's highest, coldest &…
Retweeted by VedeshAnd, Yoga on board submarines amid cramped conditions! Navy taking #InternationalDayofYoga2017 very seriously!
Retweeted by VedeshINS Vikramaditya
Retweeted by Vedesh
The reality of English language media and how it treated #RamNathKovind, when he was BJP's national spokesperson, b…
Retweeted by Vedesh @SukhiJutla @Sai_swaroopa Yes it's always helpful to hear from the author whilst knowing their thought process thanks for hostingChabahar Port: Why future of India-Iran project hinges on outcome of Narendra Modi-Donald Trump meet's New Customer via @stratecheryThe RNC Files: Inside the Largest US Voter Data Leak Government Quietly Aids Breakaway Taliban Faction