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Innocent artisan tailor.
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One fielder is enough 🙌
Retweeted by Vedesh100 years of photo modeling: how Chinese people take photos in 100 years
Retweeted by VedeshFor the Monday crew: how to design a fair exam that best encourages learning (not memorization) + discourages cheat…
Retweeted by VedeshOrient did an Early Christian Missionary Mistranslate the Ru (Confucian) Texts? via @HuffPostBlog
Retweeted by VedeshSimple math is why Elon Musk’s companies keep doing what others don’t even consider possible via @qzPOLITICS OF SILENCE AND WRITING OF ANCIENT INDIAN HISTORY via @academiaDon't go for expensive foreign nuclear power plants when solar is so cheap: | This entire clan is a gone case
Retweeted by VedeshBeijing's new weapon in economic war: Chinese tourists
Retweeted by VedeshIndia, Japan plan OBOR alternative; project to be unveiled next Monday Trump is ready to become the latest U.S. president to explain Islam to Muslims, writes @GrahamDavidA’s Behind the Taliban’s Major Gains in Northern Afghanistan? @Diplomat_APAC’s New Silk Road and the Arctic @Diplomat_APAC
Why has Iran wrecked its economy to fund war in Syria? via @asiatimesonlineIran bets its future on ‘reformist’ Rouhani via @asiatimesonlineRevealed: Facebook's internal rulebook on sex, terrorism and violence envoy’s meeting with Afghan warlord could have positive impact on the Kulbhushan Jadhav case via @scroll_inPlan to add the Islamic State’s Saudi affiliate to a U.N. list of terrorist groups was quietly killed two weeks ago
Retweeted by VedeshWill Trump ask the Saudis why they can afford to waste $110bn plus on weapons but aren't taking in any Arab refugee…
Retweeted by VedeshYesterday Amb @VohraManpreet met Hezbe Islami Chief Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and discussed peace and stability, security…
Retweeted by VedeshRestoring competition in the digital economy via @asiatimesonlineHallelujah + alhamdollilah and conflict: Losing hearts and minds | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal against basic income are straw men | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal r planned keeping in mind these things John Boyd weigh in (part 9): Is quietist Salafism the antidote to ISIS? via @BrookingsInst @CMcGranahan If Carole says it must be worth itMy First Big Boy Trip, by Donald J. Trump (well worth the click)
Retweeted by VedeshSaudi Arabia and UAE pledge $100 million to Ivanka's Women Entrepreneurs Fund, per @carolelee:
Retweeted by VedeshWhat’s driving China’s New Silk Road, and how should the West respond? via @BrookingsInstAnti drink driving poster by Fiat in Brazil. The caption reads "Now you see it. Now you don't."
Retweeted by Vedesh.@TJagland: These pictures (protocol photoshoot) won’t cause any problems for you? #Lavrov:Depends on what kind of…
Retweeted by VedeshMoney is greater than karma's religious revival you created the Muslim Ban and you're in a Muslim country
Retweeted by Vedesh400,000 PRC nationals in Pakistan?
Retweeted by VedeshEmerging Contours of #Space #Security: Options for #India via @ifajournal [Recommended for Download]…
Retweeted by VedeshBrown-Grey Snake. Chunnilal. Company School. Calcutta, 1790. Sotheby's. @ambrin_hayat @DalrympleWill @Chemburstudio
Retweeted by VedeshBelts, Roads, and Strategic Trade Policy of the day - Gerhard Steidl Is Making Books an Art Form via @Rebeccamead_NYCLuttorah Bird (Brown Shrike?) on a Champak Tree. Company School. Calcutta, 1820. Bonham's. @ambrin_hayat
Retweeted by VedeshPM Modi cleansing system of hawala-narcotics influence | Sunday Guardian opposes OBOR bcoz of PRC's attempts to create a Sinocentric unipolar Asia. India/Japan prefer multipolar Asia
Retweeted by Vedesh.@BarackObama bowed to the Saudi King in public--yet the Dems are questioning @MittRomney's diplomatic skills.
Retweeted by VedeshReality - we sold ourselves Spin - keep ur enemies closer @omarali50 @YusufDFI Ur assessment is right it depends on focus and govt supportThe Impact of Colonial Boundaries in the Middle East and North Africa | RealClearDefense Clashes with Iran over Dam Construction' Mattis says no recommendation yet on troop levels for Afghanistan via @ReutersWith the right soundtrack, Trump's visit to Riyadh looks like the perfect Asian wedding video #RiyadhSummit
Retweeted by VedeshGreat photo of Stephen Bannon sitting next to the grandson of Mohamed Bin Abdul Wahab. (The founder of whhabism) 😁
Retweeted by VedeshMeet the 106-year-old Indian woman cooking up a storm on YouTube via @IBTimesUKKho Kho – New Counter-Maoist Strategy?
Retweeted by VedeshTrump dances in Saudi Arabia, traditional Arab jig called "The 350 Billion Arms Deal Shuffle"
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Saying what needs to be said & needs to be done. Talks till we are not in control of situation are destined to fail
Retweeted by VedeshThree years of Narendra Modi govt: Opposition is scattered, but unemployment remains biggest headache via @firstpost"In contrast to the effort to push back Russia, the West has facilitated and accommodated the rise of China."
Retweeted by VedeshWhat Later Harvest Do We Expect? - CHINA US Focus bank lends to Malaysian port for project using metal from China steelmaker that owes money to China bank. It…
Retweeted by VedeshSingapore bolsters navy by buying two more submarines via @SCMP_news
Retweeted by VedeshBreaking News: The Secret Transcripts of the Six-Day War, Part I via @tabletmagMaking much of China a Pakistani journalist exposed the CIA's most secretive operation @TRTWorld Afghan Vice President Flies to Turkey in Possible Exile Deal Does a Top Scientist’s Move to US Strike a Nerve in China? @Diplomat_APAC
Retweeted by VedeshCovert Communication: The Intelligibility and Credibility of Signaling in Secret Daily: informatized warfare requires mastery of employment of data for precision, to break through fog of war.
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High resolution satellites are so powerful that they can find and track Kim Jong-Un (via @HBO​)
Retweeted by VedeshAn AI pol would consider all the facts before making the most rational decision for the greatest good. via @WIRED @GhorAngirasa Any specialized discipline needn't be universalised just for the sake of it, soldiers r many but commandos only handful.Essentially, Afghan business community is telling Pakistan it is no longer dependent on Pak imports, its market or…
Retweeted by VedeshPutin’s Central European Spy Base Study Reveals Huge Extent of Anti-Trump Media Bias via @pamelageller
Retweeted by VedeshArctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts, one of the world’s top gas guzzlers, plans to make all its cars electric by 2030 via @qzindia