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Google honouring Nain Singh Rawat 19th c Indian explorer ,mapped trade route frm Nepal to Tibet, mapped a large se… Sure US alone can’t give UNSC seat but nuclearized Pakistan, North Korea + backing terror can’t guarantee China Dream either.
Retweeted by VedeshNorth Korea's nuclear tests, in numbers.
Retweeted by Vedesh @semubhatt @anandmahindra behen darr ke tweet delete kar diyaWhen Viswaroopam was blocked by Muslim groups, you tucked your tail b/w the legs n chopped d scenes they asked to.…
Retweeted by VedeshSacrifices in preserving Dharma Uranium Investigation: Bill Clinton Met Putin After Asking to Meet Top Nuclear Industry Official
Retweeted by Vedesh @maniankbs Unfortunately thread is broken please check my tl it's there until rajyabhisheka @dpanikkar @Gopanarya Thanks for asking dpanik ,regards gopanarya for sharingChinese army documents leak set to embarrass Beijing via @RFI_Englishinteresting macranthropic depiction of viShNu showing a certain ecological awareness in addition to an interesting…
Retweeted by VedeshA depiction of 1 of d most inspiring exploit of Rama-when he vanquished a fearsome host of 14K Rakshasas led by Khara
Retweeted by VedeshRama let's loose a flurry of arrows destroying Khara's chariot in the battle of Janasthana
Retweeted by Vedesh#BhaiDooj, a prominent Hindu festival when women pray to the Gods for long & prosperous lives for their brothers, t…
Retweeted by VedeshAmerica. A country where guns are sold at airports while everyone worries about jihadists.
Retweeted by VedeshOpen #BoforBoxes with India sent from CH. Examine evidence, money trail. Connect with Sweden. Open & shut case. Rest is excuse. @republic
Retweeted by Vedesh
Boris Ignatovich Walking in the street, Near The Hermitage , St. Petersburg 1930
Retweeted by VedeshDombrowski & Reich’s @IAJournal_CH piece is much bigger than its title (and free!) Does Trump have a grand strategy?
Retweeted by VedeshBetter to handover Kashmir Border patrol to Americans @MishraYashwantC @07LKM @MohMayaaism_ @sisodiashivam @prasadshete @Hiranyareta Stabilization by tax payers money1.#AFG the irony of this war: Taliban fighter in Helmand with Russian made night vision and American made weapon.
Retweeted by VedeshNot sure what melts quicker: Ice in sun or Kurdish sympathy for US &Europe. All Kurds on front I spoke to were disgusted by "deceitful West"
Retweeted by Vedesh @sisodiashivam @MohMayaaism_ @07LKM @MishraYashwantC @prasadshete @Hiranyareta Ekdum sahi pakde aap neRight hand of the taliban attacks left hand of the taliban
Retweeted by VedeshYet to meet a single Indian who celebrates Clive. You, on the other hand, come trolling to defend even Dr Kafeel Kh…
Retweeted by Vedesh @MohMayaaism_ @07LKM @MishraYashwantC @prasadshete @Hiranyareta @sisodiashivam China And Russia are buying gold @Hiranyareta @prasadshete @07LKM @MishraYashwantC @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @India_Progress Mistake auto correct option @07LKM @MishraYashwantC @prasadshete @Hiranyareta @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @India_Progress Not just brics look… @prasadshete @07LKM @MishraYashwantC @Hiranyareta @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @India_Progress Just 4000 yrs odd in… @07LKM @MishraYashwantC @prasadshete @Hiranyareta @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @India_Progress Remembering ex Singa… @MishraYashwantC @07LKM @prasadshete @Hiranyareta @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa Who once used to seppuku for their m… @Hiranyareta @07LKM @MishraYashwantC @prasadshete @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa Great series @07LKM @MishraYashwantC @prasadshete @Hiranyareta @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa Will become another Philippines @Hiranyareta @07LKM @DivyaSoti @prasadshete @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @vijayvaani Sunny @07LKM @Hiranyareta @DivyaSoti @prasadshete @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @vijayvaani Look at New Delhi every 2nd el… @Hiranyareta @07LKM @DivyaSoti @prasadshete @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @vijayvaani Without grooming of top 1 per… @07LKM @DivyaSoti @Hiranyareta @prasadshete @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @vijayvaani Free meals at all temples can… @07LKM @DivyaSoti @Hiranyareta @prasadshete @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @vijayvaani If icons we create so sense of… @DivyaSoti @07LKM @Hiranyareta @prasadshete @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @vijayvaani Without strengthening local vi… @07LKM @Hiranyareta @prasadshete @sisodiashivam @himantabiswa @vijayvaani Cause mayapur is totally under them @07LKM @prasadshete @sisodiashivam Are they willing or any indication in that direction ? @07LKM @prasadshete @sisodiashivam Why is it after so many years they haven't adapted - do they really want to adapt or they don't want toKudos to @GNarayan81 @TVJanam for exposing the illicit relations of China& @cpimspeak Chinese embassy presenting gi…
Retweeted by VedeshSuperb thread 👇 on ancient fortifications is life without trying to grasp the Divine's supreme leader: Trump 'pretends to be an idiot' come in four types, according to this habit expert #leadership
Retweeted by VedeshWhat the Fourth Industrial Revolution means for India #wefindia
Retweeted by Vedesh.@CIA Director Pompeo: it has been far too inexpensive for Iranians to conduct their adventurism. We need to increase costs #FDDSUMMIT
Retweeted by Vedesh @jvidyasagar @jvidyasagar It's a thread of 12 tweets @invictuSG16 Thanks and wishing you shubh deepavali @RitambaraPrajna Dhanyavaada @vibhavarms Thanks @keshav61 It's there until lava kusha @keshav61 🙏🙏🙏 @MulaMutha Thanks sir deepAvali subhechha , didn't post all for copyright reasons..and this is how the #Ramayan says the king of Ayodhya returned to his capital after slaying Ravana... @VedeshMG
Retweeted by VedeshRamayana by B G Sharma - 12/12 by B G Sharma - 11/12 by B G Sharma - 10/12 by B G Sharma - 9/12 by B G Sharma - 8/12 by B G Sharma - 7/12 by B G Sharma - 6/12 by B G Sharma - 5/12 by B G Sharma - 4/12 by B G Sharma - 3/12 by B G Sharma - 2/12 by B G Sharma - 1/12 @chinahand Nuts to drive the rapprochement btwn those two only mic can't be the factor
The Rise and Fall of Bitcoin via @WIREDChina warns US to drop its bias after Tillerson’s ‘blunt’ message #IndoPacific
Retweeted by VedeshIn #China, the Communist Party is grappling with the same issues dynastic rulers have faced for millenniums.…
Retweeted by VedeshStaying power: Why the LDP keeps winning elections in Japan: pragmatism via @TheEconomistChina aims to outspend the world in artificial intelligence, and Xi Jinping just green lit the plan
Retweeted by VedeshThe India-China-Pakistan triangle: Strategic ebbs and flows via @uoncpiIndia’s railway ambitions will progress only slowly
Retweeted by VedeshGood luck