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In large part, a section of the Army leadership who handed him over to police post haste without trying him under A…
Retweeted by Vedesh @KesariDhwaj @sreemoytalukdar They needn't go far can look at their coreligionlists to see how China will let them practise their DharmaDevil is in details grt piece by @samirsaran affected by Nepalese fever ? liaison blast case: Supreme Court grants bail to Lt. Colonel Purohit (Finally some good news)
Retweeted by VedeshA Preacher Expounding The Poorans [Puranas] In The Temple of Unn Poorna [Annapurna],#Benares, by James #Prinsep,183…
Retweeted by VedeshChina controls its presentation in western universities; same universities routinely denigrate India.
Retweeted by VedeshDutch in Malabar Ready Reckoner on India's infrastructure woes on the China front!#RevampBRO
Retweeted by Vedesh#RevampBRO Confronted with abysmal infrastructure along LAC, Govt delegates greater adm/financial powers to Border…
Retweeted by VedeshAfter 15 years, 46 strategic roads on China front still to be constructed! #RevampBRO
Retweeted by VedeshThe Ghost of Najibullah: Hezb-e Watan announces (another) relaunch.
Retweeted by Vedesh3/Afghanistan's past contracts were written for short term gains not long term progress. Present risks US/west firms don't like to take
Retweeted by Vedesh2/The US is not entitled to that money. US firms have declined to bid on contracts because...
Retweeted by Vedesh1/It frustrates me when I see #Afghanistan mineral wealth framed as "recouping" our military investment
Retweeted by VedeshAnother aspect to why #Russia wants #Arctic is that they can hide their nuclear missile subs there. #military #navy
Retweeted by VedeshPak spy games - IT staffers may have compromised sensitive data to foreign intelligence via @nypostWould @Dev_Fadnavis honour merit; recommend Babasaheb Purandare for Padma Vibhushan & name #NMIA after Chimaji Appa- the liberator of Vasai?
Retweeted by Vedeshif you'll forgive me for the massive thread, i'd like to talk about an important moment in world history that i wish more people knew about.
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中国画家 华宜玉
Retweeted by VedeshThe Hindu reviews new book 'The Sino-Indian War of 1962: New Perspectives,' by Amit R. Das Gupta and Lorenz Luthi
Retweeted by Vedesh“Something Neither Antisemitic Nordic Supremacists Nor Arab Nationalists Will Like” by @nntaleb child's play this ...
Retweeted by VedeshDo read by @rwac48 Shooting Straight : How will Chinese use of force in Doklam manifest?: via @TOIOpinionCarving a niche art on coconut shells
Retweeted by Vedesh1. Among all the emperors belonging to Sangama dynasty of #Vijayanagara, Devaraya-II [c.1424–1446] was the tallest…
Retweeted by VedeshChina's plans to rule the seas hit trouble in Pakistan of them follow Good Cop , Bad Cop theory @sgurumurthy They are Endowment Archakas ,it hires from all the trimatas .
Samurai & his Sword Kick:
Retweeted by VedeshThe Call of Mao or Money ? Han Chinese Settlers on China's South-western Borders via @academiaPacts, agreements, treaties & codes were signed to buy time and lull China's opponents into a fall sense of amity a…
Retweeted by VedeshThis one thread on #bluewhalechallenge by @ivivek_nambiar has all the answers to your questions on this weird stuff…
Retweeted by VedeshForced to comply or shut down, Cambridge University Press’s China Quarterly removes 300 articles in China via @qzSikka leaves. Because NRN did this. And no self respecting person would have stayed on.
Retweeted by VedeshTrump and his aides are meeting at Camp David, to pick a plan for the fight in Afghanistan, @RosieGray reports: Scenes From a Passing Train.
Retweeted by VedeshA universal basic income won't help the idle, but make-work programs can
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@RRajagopalanJNU @NASCAR @DSportIN great historical docu on williams racing - dwells a bit more on williams wife, t… @RRajagopalanJNU @NASCAR @DSportIN sir had thought about you today while watching their hand in Iraq after being somewhat successful in getting egypt in their fold
Retweeted by VedeshJapan plans to accelerate the deployment of "Aegis Ashore" system to intercept North Korean missiles, Asahi reports…
Retweeted by Vedesh @RRajagopalanJNU @NASCAR remember your complaints on tata sky not providing ... - relief at last sirRobert Blum, the spy who shaped the world Part 2 via @muckrock via @IndianExpress
Retweeted by VedeshThread 👇
Retweeted by VedeshOutcome of Symmetry policy adopted by govt ("India China Relations: Key is Symmetry," PP No. 2/2013,May 2013)…
Retweeted by VedeshKashmiri Businessman Watali, Pivot In Terror Funding Network Sent To NIA Custody For 10 Days
Retweeted by VedeshI don't want to dignify this video with a comment: Raveesh Kumar,MEA on Chinese propaganda video #Doklam
Retweeted by VedeshThis morning #Pune observed the 317th birth anniv of #Bajirao his palace the Shaniwar wada
Retweeted by VedeshTop National Security Advisors Talk Survival of the World Order -@aspeninstitute Survival says it all. #GlobalSystem
Retweeted by Vedesh#BREAKING -- North East hit by floods, China refuses to share Hydrological data; CNN-News18's @SiddiquiMaha with mo…
Retweeted by VedeshWhy is Xi Jinping madly in anger with PM @narendramodi? Watch the latest episode of #SoSorry.…
Retweeted by VedeshDelhi must engage Paris in Indian ocean @KS1729 @tuhfatulhind Started the book but haven't been able to completeThread 👇 imagery reveals the true extent of #SaudiArabia’s effort to clear a Shiite village in Eastern Province.…
Retweeted by VedeshRussian Strategy in the Middle East via @RANDCorporationHow to make a weapons lobbying slush fund by @AlexanderEmmonsUS Close to Long-term Commitment to Afghan War, Top US General Says #ISIS' Amaq posts claim of responsibility for #Barcelona attack by "soldiers of the Caliphate". Death to…
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Robert Blum, the spy who shaped the world Part 1 via @muckrockWith so many people in his head no wonder he acts crazy ...... moment 'lion whisperer' catches and HUGS lion via @MailOnlineBirth of a fighting force for Zionism via @jewishchronOutsourcing the War in Afghanistan Is an Awful Idea Bannon, Unrepentant border infrastructure determine India's military posture towards China? via @ThePrintIndiaAn absolutely fantastic resource on Sino-Indian relations till 1960. Thank you Centre for Hist and Eco @Harvard
Retweeted by VedeshArtist Paints ’90s Pop Culture Into Classical Chinese Landscapes @SixthTone anyone wants why China is unlikely to be a soft power superpower, check out this amateurish and racist video abo…
Retweeted by VedeshPressure Tactic: First Shipment of US #Oil to Reach India by September End - Sputnik International
Retweeted by VedeshOne Belt, One Road: "a fantastic way of getting someone to pay for your debt and use your surplus capacity."
Retweeted by VedeshNazis and Klansmen on the street. This is the picture that needs to go viral. Not jokes about Tiki torches.
Retweeted by VedeshTicket to Rot for Fruit Stranded Without Flights in Afghanistan - #GoogleAlerts
Retweeted by VedeshGist: Chola King Rajaraja institutes a trust investing 360 currency units to yield 45 units per year 12.5% to offer…
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