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housewife love reading, travelling, meeting people,politics,music supported india against anti AAP , support MODI as PM

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This @travelchannel takes interview of terrorist mirwaiz & liar kashmiri journo; peddling lies against India. Program - "Breaking Borders"
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaMy conversation with Venkat Dhulipala about his book "Creating a New Medina"
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @TrikaBhairav @mjunaidr @vinirish Firstly, it's common knowledge that we were a minuscule minority to begin with.
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @TrikaBhairav @mjunaidr @vinirish In 1941, kashmiri pandits constituted 15% of Kashmir Valley's population. By 1981, they are reduced to 5%.
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaOne by one. Daniel Gandhi is in jail. Udayakumar will follow soon.
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaNot many know that this @rajyasabhatv anchor / reporter is allegedly Geelani progeny
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaHusband Of ranjana kumari
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaGreat credentials to be next Prez on @INCIndia
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaBhadoriya of BSP refuses to condemn Mirwaiz...... in logon ko religion ke aage kuch nahin dikhts
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaBrilliant Article by @SandipGhose @iMac_too @vikramchandra And, do read this please @mediacrooks #RahulGandhi #SoniaGandhi #PresidentialElection
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaLet's face it - the Gandhis are becoming a spent force. #RahulGandhi's European vacation was well-timed. #MeiraKumar
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna"Shed preconceived notions". @sreemoytalukdar's series in @firstpost one of the finest analysis of #Modi's US Trip
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaDear @MailOnline this case has been found to be absolutely fabricated after proper investigation.Lady along with co…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaWho pays for these trips? Do @OfficeOfRG's SPG guards accompany him? If yes, who pays for them?
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaMajor Gogoi - Run the Story 3 nights running DSP Pandit - get it off headlines as quick as possible…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaED attaches assets worth Rs 55 crore in Ablaze Info Solutions NOIDA case. Total attachments in case now is over 654 crore.
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaIndia had ZERO KM of border with China in 1947. Today 3488 KM (Tibet & Xinjiang). Imperialism of China was underestimated by Nehru's govt.
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaMusic after the Sufis & upper caste Sayids destroyed Kashmiri traditions. Following are some images of Hindu singe…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaSarangadeva (1210–1247) author of the classical Sanskrit text on Karnataka Music "Sangita Ratnakara" says his orig…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaHow Islam spread in Kashmir as per Iranian archives: First Muslim ruler ascended throne with killing of Hindu quee…
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna1518 CE Kashmir ,M. Chakk , Araki used Shariya : - 700 prominent "Infidels" were put to death - Kashmir was coerc…
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna16 CE Kashmir : Muslim women were traditionally Hindus to the core & did Murti Pooja - later forced to eat beef,for…
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna16CE - Well documented in Islamic records (Tohfatul) Fatwa was given by Ulema & Araki Final option was : Convert…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaSarasvati has created great rivers , she has awakened all the fields of knowledge She has accepted our Yagya Rig…
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @MirwaizKashmir keeps mum on the lynching of the man incharge of his security by his supporters last night at Jamia Masjid,Srinagar, Kashmir
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaNext time when @inamnabi calls Kashmiri Pandits bagodas should remember 622 AD, when Prophet warned of assassination left Mecca for Yathrib
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaI say this strictly in my personal capacity - @JmuKmrPolice should IMMEDIATELY withdraw the Z security cover for @MirwaizKashmir.
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaTimespent by Mehbooba Mufti at wreath laying ceremony of the martyred DySP is less than 10 minutes.This is all the time she has for a martyr
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaThere are practically no tourist in Kashmir.Separatist have ensured that people of valley don't make their livelihood. State seems to concur
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaBig breaking: J&K DGP @spvaid says on @IndiaToday Newsroom time has come when J&K police should stop protecting Hurriyat leaders. About time
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaUnconfirmed reports of Zakir Moosa has been trapped in Pulwama. Hope it is true and he is eliminated
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaIt pays to be a separatist in Kashmir
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaHow Hindus of kashmir were forcefully converted to Islam =>
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @DrManishsurgeon @TrikaBhairav All Kashmiri Muslims are converts, that includes forefathers of all Muslims that yo…
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @DrManishsurgeon @TrikaBhairav Because they are all converts and have the same last names or family names as Kashmiri Hindus.
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaBecause Kashmiri Muslims ( originally Hindus ) were forced to have blind faith on foreign god Allah at the behest o…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaतत्स॑वि॒तुर्वरे॑ण्यं॒ भर्गो॑ दे॒वस्य॑ धीमहि । धियो॒ यो नः॑ प्रचो॒दया॑त् ॥ 15
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaCops angry over J&K govt’s ‘exercise restraint’ order, accuse CM of going soft on separatists. Wake up @BJP4India
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaAncient Ganesh temple at Hanand Chawalgam Kulgam, Kashmir vandalised. Another example of true Kashmiryat
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaThe local media of Kashmir creates false story to justify lynching of a police officer. Accuse him of shooting people to justify lynching.
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaMirwaiz Umar should be arrested on charges of conspiracy in killing of Dy.Sp Mohd. Ayub Pandit. He was in charge of Mirwaiz security
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna“Attackers believed Dy SP was Kashmiri Pandit” - Excelsior News
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaYasin Malik admitting to the killing of Indian Air Force Officers and others in an interview on BBC Hard Talk
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaGreat thread needs wide RT @rahulroushan @vinirish Just hope she too is not lynched. Oh god pls save her
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaFake story in ToI / India Times busted. The fake story still remains uncorrected online. More power to @Uppolice Ke…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaThread one should not miss🙏
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaPlease help identify the man, a Kashmiri Pandit. He still believes he is in Kashmir. The love of home has made him…
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @dhanyarajendran there is, you should read this website more often 😎😝
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @rahulroushan It's just Dhume building and knocking down straw men. He's become predictable little kid.
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaMy wife still goes out with me. *fingers crossed*
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaShe will need security too the way she asserted "hum Indian hain"
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaAs per Aam Aadmi party internal survey Meira Kumar is getting 87% Votes in President election
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaI hear that a very sr politucal person has written to Economic Offences Wing to file FIR agnst Chidambaram for his NSE badmashi
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaArmy canteens were charging VAT acc to the state they were in has rss in his handle
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaRamnath Kovind ji & Meira Kumar ji,pls send me ur educational certificates till tmrw 4 verification if u r really serious abt President post
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @AdityaRajKaul @TrikaBhairav Answer to all those who ask why Kashmiri pandits left valley and never came…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaWe didn't "migrate" , we were ethnically cleansed because you and, your lot decided to convert Kashmir into a putri…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaLynching of DSP in Kashmir outside Mirwaiz mosque will prove 2b turning point in Kashmir politics.Mehbooba knows same could happen to PDP.
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @InTheWordsOfK @TrikaBhairav @mjunaidr this is the new narrative of separatists -include KP in list of victims with them,not of them"The Bullet Train will be delivered on schedule" - in conversation with Kenji Hiramatsu,Ambassador of Japan to India
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaDr @Swamy39 in Gandhinagar Gujarat at Narayani Height,on Sat 24June for program "The Emergency" at 11am & Release B…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaDr @Swamy39 ji message for Seminar organised on EMERGENCY on 24th June 2017 at Ahmedabad @jagdishshetty
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaDr @Swamy39 to release Book on "The Emergency" by Surya Prakash जी in #Gandhinagar #Gujarat on Sat 24th June,2017…
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaNow this imbecile Kanwal says sources in the BJP told him. Ha! Ha! Liar! Which sources?
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaHint: it's in the book
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaCompletely agree. We do not want language politics.
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @SushmaSwaraj Amazed while got the passport of my kids within 2 day normal app. Applied on 21 and received on 23 June . Thanks Sushmaji
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaArmy says 'intruders' killed during BAT operation along LoC could be SSG commandos from Pak Army
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaSo @RazdanNidhi runs @ndtv handle as well!
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaRahul Kanwal is either a liar or an ignoramus. He says party pulled me up because I criticised AJ. Ha! No more India Today for me
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna @abhijitmajumder @sanjukta are u describing your family ? If yes..carry on. While these are problems there are millions of happy,stable families in India
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaPincer islamic attack- kerala and TN I would like to thank @hindu_g and @hindupost for continuously monitoring the Kerala situation, and report wholeheartedly with full
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaThose who are heavily invested in Hillary campaign, are even now making desperate attempts to disturb @realDonaldTrump from his work.
Retweeted by nidhi bahugunaGau Rakshaks are terrorists for hunting down cattle smugglers but people who lynched #AyubPandith are misguided, economically deprived youth
Retweeted by nidhi bahuguna