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Mom, Grandma, ICU-RN, Fibro Dx ►PLEASE!!, FOR THE LOVE of FREEDOM - VOTE Every Election! ► Prog/Dem, Save our Environment with Science

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@CitizenKayeUSA @voxdotcom Thank you! I love hearing the real voting results; others, like you, know more than me!Meet the 4 people reportedly in the running to replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders " Her reputation also took a beating…'Men trying to tell women how to control their bodies': College students discuss anti-abortion laws -- These Will… Supreme Court ruling on Ind. abortion law reflects deep division Video with Transcript.. Huh? @SecPompeo says Trump open to talks with #Iran, in shift from “maximum pressure” policy. U.S. is accusing Europe of “pursuing an industrial policy under the veneer of a security policy.” That’s exactl… Justice Kavanaugh should now recuse, which would mean the right would likely be upheld.… Iran is responsible, it’s going to be harder than it should be for the U.S. to respond. "... [Trump] he has told… reveals why he can’t be trusted with sensitive intelligence. USWNT is spoiled for choice in attack. How will Jill Ellis decide which of her forwards to play?… joins chorus casting doubt on Trump administration claim that Iran was behind attack on oil tankers… GOP lawmaker privately confides Trump is ‘impeachable’ if he gets foreign help with campaign: CNN analyst –… McConnell takes checks from voting machine lobbyists — even as he blocks election security bills -… is now openly soliciting foreign intelligence agencies to join the ‘Trump team’ for the 2020 election: Ex-int… Saturday, Stewart was blasted by former CIA officer Evan McMullin. #saturdaynightpolitics #SNP Republican @RepChrisStewart is in deep trouble after trying to defend Trump’s breaking of the law -… Conway calls out fears Trump will compromise new US intelligence initiative aimed at Russia – Seems… @realDonaldTrump isn’t a president, he’s a gangster - Trump News | What The Fuck Just Happened Today? A Russian Journalist Ivan Golunov Is Freed; Ministry Orders Inquiry Into Drug Charges… Police Raid Public Broadcaster Over Leaked Defense Documents : NPR - Marcus Strom, was quoted by The Syd…
Recreational Marijuana Legalized in Illinois, Benefitting Many - Shepherd Express Onward Wi… Many Ways of Being 'Holier-Than-Thou' - Shepherd Express Milwaukee, Wisconsin #SNP #SaturdayNightPoliticsAfter Flint, Milwaukee Moves to Test for Lead Poisoning - Shepherd Express Milwaukee has a… Our Democracy: June 13-19, 2019 - Shepherd Express #SNP #saturdayNightPolitics Bu… Story Short - #seanhannity is just a mouth piece for Murdoch's Family In context: Sean Hannity’s conflicting r… boy, 7, fatally struck while riding bike with dad This will be a painful #FathersDayDetroit leads the nation in reverse mortgage foreclosures via @freep So, Don't Listen to #tomselleckUtah-Detroit Delta flight makes emergency Wyoming landing via @freepMichigan launches census committee amid concerns of minority undercount via @freepMilk production ending in 2 Upper Peninsula counties via @freep It's another Big Dairy Loss… Rep. Levin joins 3 Michigan Democrats calling for impeachment inquiry via @freepVirginia Alert! Nine more candidates needed for Dem. candidates in all VA Districts, Act by Monday! This a Real… orders all agencies to cut scientific advisory boards by 'at least' one third -- @realDonaldTrump smells fun… medics now tackling Ebola say they lack supplies This is wrong!Crew members of targeted Norwegian-owned tanker now in Dubai're only as good as your competition. So, who are you playing against? @TigerWoods #usopen @PhilMickelson It's not Golf without you! #USOpen#politicsnation Votes have to be legitimately counted. Without that this is also a fake nation, along with our 'fak…
Retweeted by Mrs. Harrington 💙 Call (202) 224-3121Hobby horse fans show off their skills in Finland landing at Newark airport blows tires, skids on runway says more than 60% of US men are fathers #HappyFathersDayAP FACT CHECK: @realdonaldTrump's misfires on Iran, trade and that wall Fact checking the l… LA cop discharged gun during deadly Costco shooting👇'37 Bullets For What?': No One Has Answers After Cops Kill Unarmed Ryan Twyman via @TheRoot Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against City of Phoenix After Police Allegedly Assault, Threaten to Shoot Family… Black Teen Was Going Through a Mental Health Crisis. Wisconsin Police Ended Up Punching Him in the Head… 84 Glorious Seconds, CBS Grilled the Hell Out of Steve Scalise's Awful Climate Change Plan via @Splinter_newsCheeses, Ranked via @Splinter_newsProving one point -He eats Better than Most Americans!👇 @ScottWalker
Retweeted by Mrs. Harrington 💙 Call (202) 224-3121Facebook Will Now Rank Your Comments So Its Dumbass Website Can Be 'More Meaningful' via @gizmodoListen to Rashida Tlaib via @Splinter_newsGROSS AUGH BLECH EWWWWWW via @Splinter_newsDo Svidaniya Hundreds of Police Officers Belong to Racist Facebook Groups via @TheRoot #PoliticsNation @TheRevAlSarah Sanders and the Evolution of the White House Press Secretary - The Atlantic one, know one, Don't be one! FBI Got Involved in Election Interference in 2000 - The Atlantic Historically, A Great Read!Verdict Against Oberlin College and Public Shaming - The Atlantic Cold War Bunkers of Albania: Photos - The Atlantic of the Week: Mammoth Swing, Stanley Cup, Frog Wedding—via @TheAtlPhoto Japanese tanker owner just blew a hole in Trump’s latest provocations against Iran - Horrifyingly racist text messages from Border Patrol agents just surfaced via @anteksilerThe second-largest Ebola outbreak is spreading. The WHO says it’s not yet a global emergency.… NIH director is swearing off all-male panels. That’s a big deal. via @voxdotcom7 winners and 8 losers of the 2020 Democratic debate lottery via @voxdotcom @jeanrrjones btw, David's dues ( even in retirement ) are $33/month. Mine were much lower.4 maps that show who’s being left behind in America’s wind-power boom via @voxdotcomSuits allege Amazon’s Alexa violates laws by recording children’s voices without consent | The Seattle Times is being sued for recording children’s voices with Alexa via @voxdotcomThousands of Swiss women walked out of their jobs to protest inequality via @voxdotcomThe town philanthropy rebuilt - WI will remember the Anti-Union, divide & conquer persons!… Amelia Bedelia as a parable on domestic labor via @voxdotcom @jeanrrjones I'm so Lucky today (😉) it's David's BD and we're watching Golf! @jeanrrjones I hope so. Repubs use Unions as a political tool to affect voters thinking. Without a union, we wouldn… billions of baby chickens are killed every year via @voxdotcom Warning! Sensitive reade… science is a problem. One clever Twitter account is pushing back. via @voxdotcom @jeanrrjones Well, I need a link to understand the History of VW in TN. @jeanrrjones So German companies are under Law ( or were ) required to assure good wages, benefits. TN company is doing likewise?Brazilian Judge Acquits Man Who Stabbed Jair Bolsonaro "... mentally ill and ordered him… Celebrates End of Slavery in the US #wiunion #wipoliticsArkansas Woman Arrested in Death of Linda Collins-Smith Elephants Poached in a Year in Top Africa Wildlife Park MISTAKE #TN VW's Tennessee workers vote against union representation denies hit and run as pressure builds on Duterte to speak up China's drama is building.Worshippers in hard hats to attend Notre-Dame's first mass since fire Small group: “It is a… praises Hong Kong decision to suspend extradition bill crusader sworn in as Slovakia's first female president Slovakia’s president wie… principles | Reuters News Agency TV tweet on UAE minister's Iran comments disappears Our Standards:The Thomson Reut… energy ministers to collaborate to keep market stability That thought about Trump and a Real Crisis creeps in. @carol_clovely4 Thank you. We will fight. We just need honest, thorough Media reporting.NATO faces big bill if it does not pick AWACS successor soon:... "The AWACS planes are amon… Knox breaks down in Italy as she relives murder trial seeks oil supply protection as U.S and Iran face off "France, other European signator… U.N. chief calls on EU to raise 2030 climate goal to 55% Five: The Fed and the rest