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Mom, Grandma, ICU-RN, Fibro Dx ►PLEASE!!, FOR THE LOVE of FREEDOM - VOTE Every Election! ► Prog/Dem, Save our Environment with Science

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THAT DAMN LITTLE WHINY BABY! DOJ Asks Appeals Court To Reconsider Ban On @realDonaldTrump #TeamTrump Blocking… Appeals Court Rules Kim Davis Can Be Sued Over Gay Marriage License Refusals via @TPM S… Cancels Service That Sent White Nationalist Site Link To Immigration Judges "“We have d…, torture, bereavement, starvation: one family’s endless horror in Syria million caught in crossfire as Assad vows to capture every inch of Syria have poor teeth despite brushing twice a day, study finds“It is believed the Arctic contains around 13% of the world’s undiscovered oil reserves and 30% of its natural gas… #Brexit: quarter of #UK voters now stockpiling or delaying big purchases Hoarding will hurt everyone.Oh Wow... BA @British_Airways sorry for sending flight cancellation email to wrong passengers aides just kicked off the G7 on a sour note by trying to hijack the agenda who lived in same neighborhood diagnosed with brain tumors Can he be helped? by @ACLU @ProPublica ?? @Tillman_40 @ZeeshanAleem Then why comment? You have no first hand experience.HowMuch: Gross Domestic Product by Country (2017)
Retweeted by Mrs. Harrington 💙 Call (202) 224-3121We welcome any input from you on what influence you or your friends can exert to help overturn this travesty." & w…
Retweeted by Mrs. Harrington 💙 Call (202) 224-3121 @Tillman_40 @ZeeshanAleem Did he? Reporter says he failed. Watch it if you can.The Thread for All Women #ReproductiveRights #MSNBC can’t even.
Retweeted by Mrs. Harrington 💙 Call (202) 224-3121Obama's New Netflix Doc Is Good—But Based on a Flawed Concept I can see how the very nuance… @kdevil66 @Bettie003 I doubt any other POTUS referred to correspondence from another Leader as a "love letter".#UK Drivers who kill while on mobile phones will face life sentences via @telegraphnews @pissandvinegar1 That's about it. I've been broke before!Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck to retire, per report via @northjerseyThe Latest: 68 arrests reported at protest near G-7 summit "Security is high, and some yell… Korea tests new 'super-large' multiple rocket launcher Oh Shit!Even before photo op of #G7 allies, sharp elbows come out"Brazil readies thousands of troops and military aircraft to combat forest fires" the Irish border lanes of Fermanagh, the bad old days are returning Is on Fire. Bugs Are Making It Worse. via @viceThe U.S. Isn't Counting Prison Suicides Even Though the Law Requires It @vice "Jeffrey Epst… #MSNBC #G7 the seniors who worked for decades, saved their whole lives, and depend in part on retirement savings to make e…
Retweeted by Mrs. Harrington 💙 Call (202) 224-3121
@SCOOBYSNAX7707 @awelab1956 He's campaigning every time he speaks. I see a plan. I agree he is FOS and too arrogant to listen to others. @SAMN0SE @Britpoptarts Not everyone has your POV for discernment.Where is the @SenateGOP proving their Loyalty to their Oath of Office? #PoliticsNation @SenatorCardinGood point @SenatorCardin - Trump is campaigning constantly. Anything he says should be viewed in that manner. (… @MadNana51 I can't believe we have to hang on just to see if democracy survives.Well if he's getting Russian help, they're not controlling me... @Kathmandu1214 @Semperfelix He's like most children who relish negative attention. He just wants attention.Stupid @GOPChairwoman Trying To Raise Money Off Trump's #Greenland Fiasco #MSNBC#MI City Councillor Candidate: 'Keep Marysville As White As Possible' "Cramer’s unalloyed… Panel Loses Their Cool; Blames Trump's Stupidity For Market Loss He repeats… @RepKatiePorter | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) This is Good Stuff. #MSNBC #CNN #FoxNews @Beijo11 @YouTube Parts of it for now, but you know how that goes ( wanting more & more from us broke people! )Active Community Leader in Chicago: Dr. Lamenta "Sweetie" Conway and I Am Able Obama Found… And Warren Return Donations From Employees At Hedge Funds Linked To #PuertoRico "… @DevinNunes' Defamation Trial Against Twitter Begins | @crooksandliars I'm Laughing! #MSNBCAs Trump Tweets Tanked Stocks, Fox 'Straight News' Correspondent Helped Him Blame Powell "… The Historical Record Straight For The Critics Of The NYT #1619Project Whopper Taste Test With a Former Factory Farmer | NowThis I can't eat the Brea… @GovEvers takes another step toward cleaner drinking #water #wiunion #wipolitics* @GovEvers Leadership on #PFAS Welcome and Encouraging #wipolitics #wiright @lostdogs20 Oh that's going to interesting to see. Or him sleeping during dinner again. #MSNBCI'm about ready to Quit GD @YouTube - it sucks with the Commercials! And they want to get Paid now!? For What!What Everyone Gets Wrong About Food Stamps | Opinions | NowThis #SNAP #SafetyNetAlaska's sea ice has completely melted away via @mashableNikki Haley battled with Mike Pence for attention at GOP donor retreat: report "But behind… Kong protesters form human chain in call for democracy Protesters continue #HongKongersAs Amazon burns, Trudeau calls on world leaders to do more #AmazonFire #AmazonFires #LungsOfOurPlanet !Chester man charged with running over girlfriend, another woman with pickup via @6abc "Shan… Police: Stone-cold ambush that left 3 injured may be retaliation for double homicide vi… PARK, #NJ New Jersey school district installs bulletproof doors in wake of mass shootings via @6abcBBC News - Simon Dobbin: Brain-damaged football fan's family want law change Time of Worshiping a Product is Over! This award-winning coffee maker is on sale for 75% off — save $300… @Scaramucci Calls @TeamTrump An 'International Crisis' Who Is 'Having A Nervous Breakdown' via @politicususaThe #AmazonFires Are More Dangerous Than WMDs - The Atlantic Maybe @franklinfoer &… ~ @PaulRosolie now #ThePlanetsLungs have emphysema! We will die if the #AmazonRainforest is destroyed! #AMJoy
Retweeted by Mrs. Harrington 💙 Call (202) 224-3121Trump “ordered” US companies out of China. Despite claiming otherwise, he can’t do that. vi…’s Banks Refuse To Tell Appeals Court Whether They Have His Tax Returns "... promptin… Agencies Have Been Sending Employees Links To White Nationalist And Conspiracy Websites For Months… of @RachelBitecofer please #AMJoy @OrbPlanet This AM Twitter sign on demanded a phone number verification. And today Twitter is miss-firing with tweets. @DrTomMartinPhD And an independent report is needed to pressure Regulation Standards be put in place.#TeamTrump says > Trump Lumps @FoxNews’ Polling In With All His Favorite ‘Fake News’ Enemies's Tusk @eucopresident sees even more reasons to keep Russia out of G7 News - First death linked to vaping reported in Illinois @JAFFY1313 @WhiteHouse @SenateGOP @realDonaldTrump That's what @DrTomMartinPhD says, also, over and over.#AMJoy John Roberts has power here re Trump mental health, competence? @ElieNYC#AMJoy John Roberts can do something?BBC News - #HongKong police fire tear gas at protesters in fresh clashes 12th week of prot… @IImcclary_myron And we can do nothing.Trump’s mental decline compared to Reagan’s hidden Alzheimer’s in brutal assessment – VIDEO… couple fought $25,000 in fraudulent credit-card charges after falling prey to identity theft — then things got… down your SS #“By using Self Lock, you can block someone from committing this fraud if they gain employment with an E-Verify emp… Numbers Of Americans Support Gun Background Checks #GunControl #Gunsense Where i… our bully-in-chief: @realDonaldTrump’s ‘antisocial personality disorder’ fits a pattern… rallies, crazy decisions, grandiose posturing: This is what living in a dictatorship feels like… climate change "tipping point" has already arrived for these 70 U.S. counties |, someone is laughing out loud! finds latest 'Stand Your Ground' killer guilty of manslaughter in Fla. parking lot shooting wasn't born to Live to Work! Who has a family to see them only Once a Year!? I watched #AmericanFactory & I'm pissed off!
#TeamTrump is so Confused! #Trump2020KAG Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to rule that federal law does not bar companies from firing wo…
Retweeted by Mrs. Harrington 💙 Call (202) 224-3121Lawyers for men suing Ohio State University over decades-old alleged sexual misconduct by a team doctor say the gro…
Retweeted by Mrs. Harrington 💙 Call (202) 224-3121