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Our Director of F&B Daniel having fun but most importantly getting the job done! #WeAreTeamTrump #GoldPhone
Retweeted by WandafayUN Fears for #Fallujah Civilians as Iraq Begins Offensive against ISIS
Retweeted by WandafayKurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces Launch Operation to Liberate #ISIS Capital of #Raqqa
Retweeted by WandafayI just released my financial disclosure forms, the largest numbers in the history of the F.E.C. Even the dishonest media thinks great!
Retweeted by WandafayFacebook admits rogue employees may have shown bias against conservatives - - @washtimes
Retweeted by Wandafay#Transgender illegals to get special accomodations in Texas under #Obama directive
Retweeted by WandafayFirst on CNN: Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is under federal investigation
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Much of the money I have raised for our veterans has already been distributed, with the rest to go shortly to various other veteran groups.
Retweeted by WandafayI want 2 thank U 4 raising and giving money 4 R Veterans Mr. Trump! U just keep being the good man that you are! latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @TheMorningSpewA Royal distinction Speaker @NewtGingrich Rips @MittRomney's ‘Pathetic’ Anti-@realDonaldTrump Effort #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain
Retweeted by WandafaySuccess! #PresidentTrump away U idiot Drumpf #Trump will B and is President! U tho R stupid and dumb just like ur made up name me in California or Montana! 5/25/16: Anaheim, California 5/26/16: Billings, Montana
Retweeted by WandafayAnger over Facebook plus-size ad ban - BBC News is making some big changes to Trending Topics, responding to conservatives assistance ending at Carlsbad complex Hillary said that I want guns brought into the school classroom. Wrong!
Retweeted by WandafayHillary Clinton is not qualified to be president because her judgement has been proven to be so bad! Would be four more years of stupidity!
Retweeted by WandafayHow can Crooked Hillary say she cares about women when she is silent on radical Islam, which horribly oppresses women?
Retweeted by WandafayJoin me on Wednesday, May 25th at the Anaheim Convention Center! #Trump2016 #MAGA Tickets:
Retweeted by WandafayObama’s Speechwriters Laugh About Lying To Us man!
Retweeted by WandafayPoor Content Marketing Turns Nonprofit Donors Off - eMarketer historic move, U.S. lifts arms sales embargo to Vietnam climbers still missing on Mt. Everest after 2 die
The latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @nsgarn @Soldierjohn @dabzsWe see you #TrumpTrain🚂💨🇺🇸🇺🇸
Retweeted by WandafayPsalms 98:9 because he(God) comes to rule the earth. He will rule the peoples of the world with justice and fairness.
Retweeted by WandafayBernie Sanders is continuing his quest because he believes that Crooked Hillary Clinton will be forced out of the race - e-mail scandal!
Retweeted by WandafayWhy do the networks continue to put dopey @BillKristol on panels when he has called every single shot about me wrong for 2 yrs?
Retweeted by Wandafay"When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory." Colossians 3:4
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The latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @KassyDillon @Flintlox @PRPOnline.@RandPaul- talking to Hillary re: #Benghazi. Never saw this- he is 100% correct. c: @seanspicer @HouseBenghazi
Retweeted by WandafayThank you to all of the men and women who have served our country. You are our true heroes! #ArmedForcesDay
Retweeted by Wandafay @DanScavino @DeptofDefenseAmen! Thank you so much to all of our Armed Services!!! ♡☆♡☆♡ AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Retweeted by WandafayCan't be true. Didn't you hear Mark Zuckerberg maintains good eye contact?
Retweeted by WandafayTo all who have served or are currently serving in America's #ArmedForces, THANK YOU. 🇺🇸
Retweeted by WandafayWhile our wonderful president was out playing golf all day, the TSA is falling apart, just like our government! Airports a total disaster!
Retweeted by WandafayCrooked Hillary wants to get rid of all guns and yet she is surrounded by bodyguards who are fully armed. No more guns to protect Hillary!
Retweeted by Wandafay.@CNN is so negative, getting even worse as I get closer. Just had two anti-Trump losers with zero rebuttal from my team. Turning off!
Retweeted by WandafayOMG I knew it! We love communicating w/ the #TrumpTrain- here at #Trump2016! Trying out #HollerHear????
Retweeted by Wandafay#Cool #Awesome #HollerHear #FirstTransgenderPrez
Gracie suffers from ALL, the most common type of childhood cancer. St. Jude wants to help her beat it.
Retweeted by WandafayIt hasn't even begun yet! But #Trump will prevail!!! to go 🚂💨🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 12:00amE • @realDonaldTrump #2A #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain #MAGA
Retweeted by WandafayThe latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @LetFreedomRing7 @sigstarget @gregghouldenThank you for your wonderful endorsement today @TGowdySC. It means a great deal to me. We will not disappoint! #Trump2016
Retweeted by WandafayIt's astonishing that #HillaryClinton is struggling to beat a geriatric socialist who lived on the dole half of his life.
Retweeted by Wandafay @RealJamesWoods You got it. Dead on.
Retweeted by WandafayBreaking News: NRA officially endorses @realdonaldtrump for President! #NRAAM #2A
Retweeted by WandafayGreat day in Kentucky with Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox & the @NRA! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016
Retweeted by WandafayWhat happened??? Be nice to @AnnCoulter @piersmorgan I know how u can be! Don't be mean!!! J. Trump endorsed by the NRA in Kentucky - great afternoon for #TeamTrump!
Retweeted by WandafayThank you! An honor to be the first candidate ever endorsed by the @NRA- prior to @GOPconvention! #Trump2016 #2A
Retweeted by WandafayMy newest book is NOW available - Get your copy today! 'How The Republican Party Became Pro-Life'
Retweeted by WandafayGreat interview with @seanhannity You guys R hilarious together AND #Right @ everything including @RealDonaldTrump would be GREAT! But we need him in the Senate. Tom Cotton Won’t Rule Out VP Slot on Trump Ticket
Retweeted by WandafayThe #AmericanDream with Consumer Activist, Craig Sewing!: @andreakayeshow @Pokala_Law @financialthotdr @BakerSolar
Retweeted by WandafayThe #NRA is proud to endorse @realDonaldTrump #NRAAM
Retweeted by WandafayHillary's bodyguards should immediately disarm...and see how she feels -D.T. #NRAAM
Retweeted by WandafayFailing @NYTimes will always take a good story about me and make it bad. Every article is unfair and biased. Very sad!
Retweeted by WandafayWatching @realdonaldtrump speaking at the @nra #nraam @nranews #nra #2A #makeamericagreatagain
Retweeted by WandafayCrooked Hillary can't even close the deal with Bernie - and the Dems have it rigged in favor of Hillary. Four more years of this? No way!
Retweeted by WandafayThere is baby face @benhowe acting like a little gone astray again!
Proverbs 4:6 Do not abandon wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will keep you safe.
Retweeted by Wandafay15 Steps for Creating a #Social Media Giveaway [#Marketing #SMM]
Retweeted by WandafayWanna see a @RascalFlatts concert w/me & @Pringles? Reply w/#PringlesContest to begin entry for a chance to win #ad
Retweeted by WandafayTENNESSEE #TrumpTrain🚂💨🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Retweeted by WandafayThe latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @Talk2Rusty @BWSchank @carreramaeOuch! Robert Gates: I question @HillaryClinton judgment on email server Via @CNN
Retweeted by Wandafaykind of ironic how undemocratic the Democrat Party process is - totally rigged & they have pulled out all the stops for @HillaryClinton
Retweeted by Wandafay.@realDonaldTrump responds to Hillary Clinton. #NotQualified
Retweeted by Wandafay#TrumpisAwesome Welcome Phil Robertson! Ur awesome too!!! #AwesomeUSA We pray for @RealDonaldTrump #TrumpFamily #TrumpTeam #Safety #Health #Wisdom #Knowledge... "This could not come at a worse time for Egypt or the Middle East."
Retweeted by WandafayRolling Stones Rolling Stones doesn't want Donald Trump to use their songs but want his supporters to buy their music...
Retweeted by Wandafay"The pseudo intellectuals who meet in Georgetown bars and plot against #DonaldTrump and his voters..." Newt...
Retweeted by WandafayPhares to Fox: "A new Administration would dismantle ISIS and keep Iran away"
Retweeted by WandafayLate vindication I wrote an essay, dozens of pieces, conducted many interviews to warn exactly of that. I argued...
Retweeted by Wandafay.@WalidPhares: “The reality is the Obama administration could have destroyed ISIS if it wanted…It’s Iran that didn’t want this to happen.”
Retweeted by WandafayFBI: 800 potential active Jihadists in the US? The director of the FBI revealed that there are close to 800 ISIS...
Retweeted by WandafayLe Professeur Walid Phares, conseiller de Donald trump pour les affaires etrangeres a declare a la RTS de Suisse...
Retweeted by Wandafaywas on Fox News and Fox Business channels ince 4 AM assessing the Air Egypt incident. Interviews on Fox Business...
Retweeted by WandafayTrump advisor @WalidPhares: If terrorism is involved with #EgyptAir crash, it will have an impact across the U.S.
Retweeted by WandafayJoin me tonight at 7 pm ET with @WalidPhares @Varneyco @DomShow1210 & more! #LouDobbsTonight @FoxBusiness
Retweeted by Wandafay @realDonaldTrump Thank you Mr. President!
Retweeted by WandafayThank you @LtStevenLRogers. We will respond to terrorism with strength in 2017!
Retweeted by WandafayRead my piece on The Way of Kings and Priests
Retweeted by WandafayYOU were NEVER meant to fulfill your mission, destiny, and purpose alone. #Courage
Retweeted by WandafayGOP files bill to block Obama's transgender rule!..finally the feckless GOP leadership acts! via @DCExaminer
Retweeted by WandafayThank you Rowanne! like yet another terrorist attack. Airplane departed from Paris. When will we get tough, smart and vigilant? Great hate and sickness!
Retweeted by WandafayFox News Poll: Clinton's negatives surpass Trump's | Fox News #UnityStorage is a win-win for customers and partners. Find out why #EMCWORLD
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