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God bless all first responders - Police, security guards, firemen, paramedics, hospitals, doctors, nurses, care givers!When You’re Allergic to Almost Every Food special forces screen Mosul men in hunt for suicide bombers! the boss @BarackObama don't want them to call it terrorism then it won't be called terrorism. We wouldn't want to hurt anyone's FEELINGSDo the Cubans in charge right now, I am assuming Castro's family heritage of force, making the Cuban people line up and mourn Castro? #EvilNo indication this was terrorism! Oh really! Then what else was it! Don't be STUPID STUPID!!!We’re going to start off 2017 right by working to restore the power of the purse to the legislative branch.…
Retweeted by WandafayWHY DO OBAMA LIBERALS LOVE CASTRO? He was a brutal dictator, human rights violator, murderer, terrorist
Retweeted by WandafayRubio: Trump 'has said all the right things' about Cuba via @DCExaminer
Retweeted by Wandafay @SecretService! latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @MyArmyLife @realclearisrael @spreadthemesg #tcot #teapartyTHE KING CYRUS CRISIS: IF WE BLOW THIS IT WILL BE DISASTER
Retweeted by WandafayTonight -- what nonsense Universities are teaching young people about Fidel...
Retweeted by Wandafay.@TeamTrump watching coverage of what has transpired @ Ohio State - Thoughts & prayers are with the students & administration at this time.
Retweeted by WandafayKuwait plans to buy 28 Boeing F-18 jets, official says @DrJillStein and @HillaryClinton lost! And they do NOT represent me as a woman rebellious women lost! @DrJillStein and @HillaryClinton do NOT reprwsent me as a Trump admin. needs to nullify & void every Green-Card that was issued after Jan 1, 2015 and verify the legal st…
Retweeted by WandafayLooney Tunes is back. She called out Trump for not wanting to accept the election results - so who is the dishone…
Retweeted by WandafayThat is absolutely okey to bash whites and the Democratic Party encourages that. Then it wonders why it loses elect…
Retweeted by WandafayJesus said, "The earth will pass away, but my words certainly won't pass away" - Mark 13:31
Retweeted by WandafayEarth’s atmosphere and the Moon seen from the International Space Station.
Retweeted by WandafayAmen!
How about a different Recount? Attorney General Jeff Sessions should Recount Hillary Clinton's Emails and Clinton Foundation donations!
Retweeted by WandafayHonoring #USArmy SP4 Brinsley Bernard Ramos, died 11/28/1971 in South Vietnam. Honor him so he is not forgotten.
Retweeted by WandafayThe latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @justanavywife @BWSchank @Indexma #teaparty #tcot @HillaryClinton Even after your attempts at voter fraud, you still lost. So go ahead & recount, votes for Trump will j…
Retweeted by WandafayWe are on the front lines, ladies and gentlemen. We are the Vanguard. And we are up against everyone the Corrupt has sent to destroy us.
Retweeted by WandafayWatch the crowd go wild when Trump Street Team drives by in the truck with the lit up sign and flags 🇺🇸 | Miami Cub…
Retweeted by WandafaySerious voter fraud in Virginia, New Hampshire and California - so why isn't the media reporting on this? Serious bias - big problem!
Retweeted by WandafayJesus!!! @BarakObama did you see what your kids did to the Christmas tree in Chicago! Very sad this division and destruction that you built!"Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human right…
Retweeted by WandafayThe latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @catsvideo1 #teaparty #tcotNew Venture Christian Fellowship God for another day! If you're reading this, then you know JESUS has given you LIFE! Join us today 10am, 3pm, 6pm and let's WORSHIP.
Retweeted by Wandafay5 For every high priest taken from among men is ordained for men in things pertaining to God, that he may offer... 10AM NYC - Times Square Church This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2 For men shall be lovers of their own... @DrJillStein that! @DrJillStein is not very smart on her comment about #DictatorCastro #FidelCastro This woman does NOT…! For a doctor you are not very smart! Sunday everybody! @HillaryClinton must be feeling better! She sure doesn't represent me as a woman! @RealDonaldTrump was giving her so MUCH GRACE! She turned on him like a viper! Investigate the investigation and lock them all up!Lock her up!
@lancewallnau @periscopeco Thank you Lance ...agree!LIVE on #Periscope: Let's Talk... Revival and Revolution and a moments pause
Retweeted by WandafayThe latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @jlrowe @HouseOfJerky @RobertA87413263 #teaparty #tcotCouldn't take losing! Like they asked you if you would accept the results! Poor sports! statement on #FidelCastro's death.
Retweeted by WandafayLiberals: Trump is a fascist who will act like a dictator! *Fidel, a ruthless, REAL fascist dictator dies* Liberals: Fidel was a hero!
Retweeted by WandafayWow! How lucky are we to have this beautiful woman as our next first lady? Looking forward to the years ahead with…
Retweeted by WandafayHow much are these three famous red diamonds worth? #reddiamonds #famousdiamonds
Retweeted by WandafayAbsolutely I agree! is falling in the greater Los Angeles area. Watch it pass through the area LIVE on our Long Beach cam Spending Up Versus 2015; Rakuten Marketing Reports Solid Retail Sales Growth @RakutenMKTG_US President Elect Trump's Facebook Page @RealDonaldTrump ... he writes Today, the world marks the passing of... first death threat on my Youtube video! I'm honored! Will tweet this to the @FBI for the U.S. and @CIA just... first death threat! I'm honored! Will tweet this to the @FBI for the U.S. and @CIA just in case they are... latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @chuckwilson93 @DesertReporter @brucethepotter #teaparty #tcotIndeed! or Narrow Niche: Which Is Best for Affiliate Products? #onlinemarketing #marketing
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The latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @suzknit @ontherock104 #teaparty #tcotThere Is Power In Prayer.🙏🙏 Amen Retweet If You Agree.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Retweeted by WandafayIronic... The ones who called Trump unfit lost their law licenses.
Retweeted by Wandafay @JamesKyson Thank you for the follow! Have a great weekend!This will prolly be my new cell and Christmas present to myself as early in December as possible. My S3 hardly... job Germany! :( latest The Wandafay Daily! Thanks to @poliquest @AnitaDWhite @tamranyc #tcot #teapartyAnd my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:19
Retweeted by WandafayEuropean Stocks Hold Steady at One-Month Highs Feliz - The River (Lyric Video) Mistakes Pastors Make On Social Media #WhiteHouse #Christmas #Christmastree has arrived! #Video Fox 5 was live!