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Kelly Fitzpatrick @wastedwings

Comic book colorist/ witch/ alien Currently: Archie, Bitch Planet, Bombshells, Gotham City Garage, Rockstars, Shade: TCW.

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@ZacBeThompson @alex_segura @jeffparker @MichaelMoreci @parentdaniel @SYFY @ArchieComics @DCComics Wait til you see… @jeffparker @MitchGerads One day I’ll get lasikExcited to be able to talk about this!! In July, two delightful universes meet, and nothing will ever be the same again! ARCHIE MEETS BATMAN '66—what…
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickBREAKING NEWS: ARCHIE MEETS BATMAN '66 is happening, from @jeffparker @MichaelMoreci @parentdaniel J Bone…
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@Herreracus You are colored coding them? That's pretty cool! @kenlowery Gonna do this after I finish taxes @Mister_Walsh @AdamTGorham we'll all end up there eventually. ya'll are one step from being OTP @Mister_Walsh @AdamTGorham Has he moved to Hamilton yet? @MattMinerXVX cutie just wants a kongBlasting Coil by Toad while coloring a new issue of Rockstars today. How's your Sunday? @mymonsterischic Nice contouring!!Never too late to join the party! #getmad
@HenryBarajas I don’t have an interest in the 10. I got the 8. Hoping it lasts me 4 years too. @HenryBarajas That’s what I replacedHere we are. Almost 1,000$ later and I have a new phone. Stupid. Stupid batteries trying to explode. Very angry but… @RobbiRodriguez Please link me to this. @RobbiRodriguez Legit ordered lunch from there today bc I did the same thing as yesterday. Got too busy to eat. :XThat real desk shot:
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Confession: It took me over 2 days to color 7 pages. It's for Where We Live. This is one of the hardest things I've… @ElusiveJ Also cc: @marissadraws She has good book recs @ElusiveJ YES. When I finish work tonight I'll get back ot you. @RachelLeeReed Never forget tortugas!! Haha @RachelLeeReed At least you’ll have the beach and tortugasHappy birthday to one of the best editors I've EVER had the pleasure of working with and all around stand up guy-…
@SnotPilgrim @misscecil @kittycoffee @jamiecoeart I'm glad you dig it! I love getting to do mad colors. ;) @jeffparker These kids. My heart. The future is bright. @StopGrammarTime @AudreyMok @EvilMarguerite @ArchieComics Tomorrow I FINALLY get a hair cut! Going almost 8 weeks!… my support for one of my FAVORITE books I've worked on! I love Josie! Cc: @AudreyMok (my partner in crime)… @SlamKusek @clementeworks Love you guys! Happy b-day Zach! @AmyChu @jameslucasjones @CharlieChu WHAT A TEASE. haha. I was legit going to be excited if you were here! @AmyChu @jameslucasjones @CharlieChu are you in portland? @Treestumped @danistrips @thevaultcomics @afwassel @DamianWassel @DanPGWatters @_val_rodrigues hot damnI love @takisoma and @oeming so much. I'm lucky to have them in my life. <3I just spent an unreasonable amount of money for Hamilton tickets....
@sandy_jarrell @suddenchad @jesswchen @KristyQ01 Did we really do THAT many? I'm gonna be sad tomorrow when it's al… week we talked with @wastedwings about cute dogs, their comic namesake, coloring comics, and much more!
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @AudreyMok @ArchieComics So good!! @ZacBeThompson Pinging @thekevinwilson @Mister_Walsh Oh no! I knew it was bad but not THAT bad! Get well soon Walshy!! @MagsVisaggs @misscecil @kittycoffee 😍😍😍 Thank you!!! @allysonwillsey @whatthe_shea I completely understand that. There are daycares, but if you're like me you'd be panicked taking the… @imkellyrichards @comicosity Get your middle fingers prepared @whatthe_shea sorry not sorry. join the club. adopt!
Huge thank you to @thekevinwilson. My apartment smells like a nice earthy cologne. I've never had a reed diffuser b…<3 <3 <3 @misscecil This is a reminder that I ordered one and it's waiting at the mall for me. ha ha @lucia_fasano :( Everyone I know keeps moving away...If you want to hear me rants about movies for 30 minutes... @yoshisquared I am super excited for you to finish this deck so I can purchase one... @alexandrasketch @ourobora #hashtagsdontmatterondms #someoneisuneducated @ourobora I would start by correcting his spelling.
@GabContrerasR Check Gail's twitter. :)
This video of @kittycoffee from SDCC last year, I love so much. @ravenwing263 @confusiongrows We got ONE! Small victory? @TheOnlyTrout Yeah I have some comics from ends that moved to Portland from Tucson. I get ya. I’m also from the south.* A lot of people that follow me on TwitterBy asking that question I’m strongly realizing that there are a lot of people that don’t understand asexuality. Check out Aven. @krislyssara Oh! Who? @confusiongrows Is this true @GailSimone ? @spicybabadook Strong disagree @TheOnlyTrout @thisquietcity @JustPlainTweets Money speaks louder gam hopes you know? Also voting @TheOnlyTrout @thisquietcity @JustPlainTweets I’m big into supporting wolf pac @jrome58 That would have been awesome. I wish there was representation for people like me in the big 2 - you know?Are there any asexual characters in the Marvel or DC universe? @TheOnlyTrout @thisquietcity @JustPlainTweets Nope. Portland's politics aren't progressive enough for me. @TheOnlyTrout @thisquietcity @JustPlainTweets Not a fan of the politics or climate @scrmdthedstspk Welcome to every year of my life @thisquietcity @JustPlainTweets @TheOnlyTrout Move to Calgary with me. @ActualDoctor Do what I do and get them all over your body but hidden.We at @WhereWeLive_LV and @ImageComics thank you @wastedwings for generously donating your talents to this project.…
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickMy studio here in Portland, @HelioscopePDX, is accepting applications for our mentorship program!
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @FeyNudibranch @OhColeman Is this Normandale?Shade: The Changing Girl @misscecil , @kittycoffee , @wastedwings , Saida Temofonte, @beckycloonan , @andeparks , R…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick[Preview] @ArchieComics' 4/4 Release: BETTY & VERONICA: VIXENS #5 by @Jamitha, @evacabrera, @ElainaUnger & Rachel D…
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@brentschoonover @sandy_jarrell I'm coloring Sandy's stuff rn- so a normal day until tonight when I PARTTYYYYY @KristyQ01 @Oeming Perpetually in a state of pleasant melancholy. ha ha.