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Kelly Fitzpatrick @wastedwings

Comic book colorist/ witch/ alien. Currently: Archie, Bitch Planet, Gotham City Garage, Rockstars, Shade: TCG.

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Late night sketching
drown myself in blaqk audio @CrisDCasa my dog ran around looking for the other dogs as this vid played @allysonwillsey Thank you. I'd love to see you. I'm seeing st. vincent on sat and that's my only appt. this week. y… @booksbaconglttr Yeah we go out 5 or 6 times a day.I'm glad I have Archie. It's so much better than being alone. I fucking hate depression.^^ reasons i hate social media. no one reads shit anymore. @AmandaBuenrostr I'm coloring reggie right now. haha @Paigumondus hahahahahaha @Paigumondus you don't live in portlandddd @ohcararara @transshinji Oh man. THTC was RAD AF. I don't think it's a thing anymore sadly...Anyone want to come over and keep me company while I color today? That'd be great. You could play with Archie too. He loves company. @backthatelfup Just come visit me instead next time and I'll make you a mocha using penzey's and you can meet my dog. @transshinji @ohcararara In other words... I have a 90's anime problem.... @ohcararara @transshinji I mean the VA actually had a boy band that toured... @transshinji @ohcararara 2 words: weiss kreuzRepublicans are looking to pass legislation within the next month that would roll back restrictions on the finance…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @TiniHoward I picked up the first issue. I'm excited to check it out. :) @HenryBarajas @zackkaps Thanks! :)ARCHIE #27 goes back to its roots in painful life choices from @ArchieComics #MarkWaid @AudreyMok @wastedwings Rev…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @Ibrahim_M_ omg right. i thought to myself- has there always been this much dog poop everywhere? @Ibrahim_M_ I've already run into this.... and why don't people in portland pick up their dog shit? they don't deserve dogs.It would be nice if people who fell into the asexual spectrum weren't actively isolated by both communities...I support causes from afar (such as kickstarter, buying work from artists directly, etc.) but actively going to big…'ve always felt like I don't belong in straight spaces or queer spaces because I'm hetero asexual. It's always bee… followers by posting shibari. OH WELL.Another one from my sketch book
@BRIANMBENDIS @DCComics Every colorist and lettererWorking on another one night sketch book @JoshGrilli @yoshisquared you guysssss @JoshGrilli I love @yoshisquared !!!!Mask is removable. HA. It's an excuse to zoom in on his butt. want to send this to a cute boy. ha ha. #wontyoubemyvalentine**VALENTINE’S DAY SHOP OPEN** Order by Feb. 9th to ensure delivery (in the USA)
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @edbrisson it took me 3 hours to realize you subtweeted me. ha ha. I'm terrible at the internet. whyyyyyy @edbrisson RIP our friendship @thekellrichards that's why people are always looking for flatters. flatters don't stick around long. either they m… @thekellrichards yeah it really is. want an underpaid, thankless job? this is for youuu @thekellrichards it's a shitty job- don't do itTrying to save money but BM has a sale going on..... they RARELY have sales... @RoboWolfMobster They are in almost all baked goods too! Eggs are pretty fucking great. The ones that come from bir…’m big into roasting veggies. It is the only thing outside of soup and warm beverages that gives me life in winter. @RoboWolfMobster @edbrisson Wow. Eggs of all kinds are AMAZING. Get outta here. @edbrisson @Jody_Houser @ryanwriter @kellytindall @AdamTGorham Americans are pro hard boil @kellytindall @edbrisson @ryanwriter @AdamTGorham Kelly knows what’s up @edbrisson @ryanwriter @kellytindall @AdamTGorham I have a really good recipe from my grandma that's super good. @ryanwriter @kellytindall @AdamTGorham NOPE. I make AMAZING salads. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G @edbrisson @ryanwriter @kellytindall @AdamTGorham I feel like this is the new war of 1812 @edbrisson @ryanwriter @kellytindall @AdamTGorham AND HTEY ARE GOOD FOR POTATO SALAD @ryanwriter @kellytindall @AdamTGorham LOOOOK. HBE are AMAZING on salads.I got him. Still going strong on catching the legendaries. @kellytindall @AdamTGorham I'm going to hard boil some eggs RIGHT NOWI'm blasting the cranberries this morning. this is going to be another rough day, but their music will last forever.One month ago you tweeted "diversity is not our strength.”
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrickmy TL is gonna be FLOODED with the same MLK quotes i've been reading since i was 6. Not this year. NOT THIS WEEK. h…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrickthis is really upsetting, watching people who criticized Colin Kaepernick for his nonviolent protest post MLK quotes today
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @CrisDCasa He really lifts me up. All time outside of work is spent to help him out. @ianmacewan @bigredrobot Oh that one drives me nuts!!! @CrisDCasa I do too. He’s my best friend. @ianmacewan @bigredrobot I was going to say hipsters and being contrarian... @AdamTGorham Someone hasn’t eaten raw tuna uterus with the eggs inside... ((fucking gross))wait so you're telling me it's not the avocado toast
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @AdamTGorham NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. DISAGREEE @AdamTGorham just put it on a hardboiled egg and it'll rock your world
@phillipsevy Fair. I take pride in my hair. @epalicki Yes but I’ll mostly be outside the convention hanging out with himDon’t be jealous of my boyfriend @Ren_Smith7 YESI'm glad I have barkbox because my dog is good at destroying toys. RIP tennis balls.I love Dragon's Den but Shark Tank is bullshit.All I think about in regards to money (aside from paying bills) is having enough to pay for more tattoos. I want my… @brentschoonover He just wants to be on top of me at all times honestly @brentschoonover Other than the little couch-like bed I have for my dog he mostly uses his bed to put his head on l… BIRTHDAY @Elisabethf!! Have a great time at karaoke!!!!<3 <3 <3
@ryanwriter @ianmcginty @FredCStresing It’s my T-shirt and it was so big on him I had to put him on the couch mysel… is super into @ryanwriter @ianmcginty @FredCStresing and Jim Campbell’s Rocko’s Modern Life! just typed "coffee" into google instead of what I was actually searching for because I was actively thinking abou…