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Kelly Fitzpatrick @wastedwings

Comic book colorist/ witch/ alien. Currently: Archie, Bitch Planet, Gotham City Garage, Rockstars, Shade: TCG.

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Trying out a new look OF MY LIFE @fionastaples They live where I haven't. haha dreams foresee this in my future.
Bombshells #SuicideSquad @wastedwings
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickRETAILERS: #Redline FOC's on Monday, November 27! @deadmeatcomic @nealholman @wastedwings
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I went to @ADcomics today and picked up 2 books. Thanks for supporting my work! REALLY WANT TO ADOPT ROLO! *fingers crossed* the adoption agency is AWESOME and will give me the OK.'ve helped out other comics creators I personally knew - @heroinitiative is so important to have around for tho…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick✨🍁Commissions are back for November! I could really use the money this month for bills. Please share if you can, I’…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @thekevinwilson noooooooo ;___;Tonight didn't go near as planned as far as ease of arrival but everything worked out. How's it going back in Portland?
It's that time where when I'm about to leave I realize all of my devices need updating. #why @KristyQ01 @ErykDonovan #hyped @Mister_Walsh Toni looks chill af in this picture haha#PREVIEW: ARCHIE #26 @MarkWaid @AudreyMok @wastedwings @ArchieComics #Riverdale #comics
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickI get to end my day tomorrow seeing one of my best friends. This week is going to be busy but RULE. See ya later America. @AmandaLafrenais i really want to make a joke like kitty thought it was titty time but cat bites are terrible from…
You’re not the only one who feels like that and or feels that anger, hurt, and mental pain for years. If you feel t…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @RobbiRodriguez I'm still unpacking a lot of shit myself but if you want to talk to someone who has been going thro… @RobbiRodriguez :( Robbi. I've been there. I'm around tonight and tomorrow morning if you want to be around someone… @rbbflat yes and can we discuss this over email- not publicly on twitter? @kibblesmith i love goats. they are satan's children. just look into their creepy creepy eyes. haha @ValiantComics @kibblesmith this might be the greatest cover in comics @ComicBookLadies @misscecil @kittycoffee @andeparks @funrama @FantasticComics YAY! @benrankel THAT'S A GIVEN! I mean you are the calgary corruptor. @beckycloonan ORDEREDPING PING @rbbflat yes i'm going through them now @MDHollingsworth @JeromeAOpena @Remender @ImageComics These colors are soooo pretty!!!Some afternoon Rockstars inspiration"And that's when things got complicated..." @ComicBook has an exclusive four-page preview of ARCHIE #26 right here…
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickThank you @RaeBetaHey Calgary. I'm coming for you on Tuesday. Anyone there want to meet up? @Jody_Houser And also to note- this person never had a position of power over me. They are more comics adjacent luckily. @Jody_Houser Just never try to coerce me up to your hotel room. ha. I can talk/joke about it now bc I'm removed eno…
@AshcanPress Ok I won’t. am not @AshcanPress out @bookswpictures to see @ZackDavisson! harassment in the industry- I've been assaulted once at barcon. They said I was leading them on via my twitter.…
@sigironmonger @TBonvillain @marissadraws me too. i want a bat kigu @hopelarson Should comment is STILL tweeted about this shit like she's some fucking hero... @hopelarson I've been there before but it was MY ASSAULTER tweeted about resons why you shouldn't assault people. :(Just a reminder that most comics pros live close to the bone, and can’t speak as freely as we’d like. There are man…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @hopelarson YEPWell that was an interesting email... @MeganEngiNerd And thanks! I'll post a pic or two. @MeganEngiNerd I've been sick too. I caught a cold in Toronto and I'm traveling again on Tuesday. I gotta crunch down on work big time. @xtop You can pet my doggo all the time once i get him. It'll be ESA. :) @MeganEngiNerd Normally the same way with coloring but I'm going out tomorrow. :P'Tis the season to buy your new desk calendars. I'm a big fan of the Sanrio ones to put my DC and Archie due dates and con schedules on. :)The Bombshells have started drawing attention to Earth in the digital-first BOMBSHELLS UNITED #12!…
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickThere is not one single rapist/molester/harasser whose work I can't easily and freely live without. The art is tethered to the artist.
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @JoshGrilli new st. vincent and still stuck on hamilton and the black queen's record. i should listen to new qotsa and morrissey...Just realized I never took my medicine. :( Taking it now guys don't worry.Sometimes it's very frustrating to try to find information on colourists and letterers. Nothing on Previewsworld an…
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickI came home from my friends party to take medicine and also to work. Totally cool person in comics move. #maketeaandart @definitelyvita yep @definitelyvita 1 fucking hundred spot onYESSSSS
OMG @bookswpictures just sent me this photo! <3 <3 <3 women: retweet if you've ever been shown a penis you did not want or expect to see.
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @clementeworks gotta get thrive market yoWish male comics creators were a fraction as outspoken about firing harassers as they are about their Kickstarters
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick“What do women want?” 1. The end of white supremacy. 2. The end of the patriarchy. 3. MOTHERFUQ’N POCKETS.
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickBabysitter, Dog Kennel Employee, Freebird Burrito Roller, Coldstone Creamery Mix Master, Pet Portrait Artist, Subst…'s Happening at Books with Pictures? - Want this weekly? There's a link to subscribe, too!
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickGlad that @jack in particular does this while following a guy that used his platform to advocate doxing me and post…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @1SLES I had my friend who’s a good designer look over 4 options. God speed. @rbbflat Apologies! I haven't looked it over yet. Will get back to you soon.
@1SLES I was thinking about writing inktober with a dry brush and then the year or doing it in blocks vertically... I DON'T KNOW! ;__; @1SLES I’m struggling with what to do for the cover.. @ZackDavisson sounds goodKotatsu life is the only life. @ZackDavisson yeah or lunch?I'm going to try and attend this! You should too! STOKED! <3 <3 <3 @Myoosli Cheers!