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Kelly Fitzpatrick @wastedwings

Hugo- nominated comic book colorist. Currently: Archie, Archie Meets Batman '66, Bedtime Games, Bitch Planet, Plastic Man, Quincredible, Rockstars, Shade: TCW

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@StrangeGlue6 YOU DID IT! :D @gibsoncomics WHOA JORDAN SPOILERS PLEASE only thing that makes me scared to get the sanskrit is that I don't know the language! I'm terrified of getting…अभ्यास and वैराग्यNew tattoo idea for my wrists: Abhyasa and Vairagya.I think I invoiced everyone who owes me money finally! I truly need to get better at that. I've been spoiled from c…'s that time to re-verify for SDCC apparently. @StrangeGlue6 Does it show that I added you? @trishbatman Brushing up on Japanese again. @RaeBeta @dyfl @edidin Yep. Someone has been sitting on @kfitz06 since 2012. Been my handle since 2002 I think...
@ErykDonovan @xtop I have AC if you are dying. @StrangeGlue6 It only worked once I typed in your email. Name searching isn't working at all.Anyone I know using Duolingo? Let’s be friends on there! @StrangeGlue6 Think my app is broken @StrangeGlue6 I just joined but idk how to add friends @Boogieknight Fuck yeah @ErykDonovan @SlamKusek Gotta move north. HahaThank you! The art is EVERYTHING in this book, thanks to @Adriana_Melo and @wastedwings!
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickHOT PICKS! On Sale This Week! ARCHIE MEETS BATMAN '66 #1 @ArchieComics @jeffparker @MichaelMoreci @parentdaniel
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickThe Blossom family crisis erupted in the finale to Mark Waid, @IanFlynnBKC, @AudreyMok, @wastedwings & Jack Morelli…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @Sweeney_Boo @zhourules I want to color a Sabrina comic. Fingers crossed this is my next book at Archie. :) IN ON THIS! Marley's art is GORGEOUS! @StrangeGlue6 what are you using?I can't believe I actually got a weekend away! Rarely happens. Needed to happen. I clocked in 3.5 hours of yoga and… also- it's good to get paid! Paying bills is a GREAT thing to do!I took two days off from making comics and just took care of myself and re-tidied my apartment after deadline crunc… @ErykDonovan want to start a gang? #badassesofburnside @booksbaconglttr Ha. I just posted something similar. The sun has been down for hours and a BEAUTIFUL MOON IS OUT.… and it's 81 outside. I'm going to melt into a puddle. I can't color as a pool of fluids on the ground. V2#32 @ArchieComics W:#MarkWaid/@IanFlynnBKC A:@AudreyMok C:@wastedwings VCvrB:@Robert_Hack/@wastedwings VC…
Retweeted by Kelly FitzpatrickWatching a movie where I see @privatebeach randomly appear as an extra?? What?? 😂😂😂
@ryanwriter Just get a dog already!Happy birthday @kellysue!!!*bondMy brother and sister and I now choose a VG to play every Christmas that we bind over. It’s normally a new FF game… dad and I also connect over soccer, travel, and other dumb tv. Like the one time we got sucked into a 24 maratho…’m only half way through the first episode, but I’m in love with this show. My mom and I were the ones to play VG…’m watching Final Fantasy Dad of Light and it’s so cute!!! It definitely reminds me of my relationship with my dad… @shiroiroom FINALLY GOT YOUR PINS! YAY!LOVE this kind of info @COLORnMATT Happy birthday!!!!!! @HollyFenwick @emspeak the tea one made me laugh
@blackem_art would this be the ultimate Charmed tattoo? hahaha @blackem_art oh also 3. 9. 3x3=9. it's freaky. march 9. haha @blackem_art 3 has always been my number. 3rd daughter, 3rd child, born in the 3rd month on a wed, number on my pos… @esmepalaganas Oh! You might be right! I have a friend that works at the store and she wants me to send her the episode so she can watch it! @ryanwriter I’m now seeing their ads and I’m blaming you. breathe in. (left) breathe out. (right)Maybe thinking of this in nice brush 過去 (left wrist) 未来 (right wrist). I've always fancied Mirai since I lived near… @blackem_art YUSS. I've been thinking about a triquetra and a triskelion on each wrist but it feels weird to have… already have a key from their lost songs album on my footI keep coming back to this as an idea on my wrists. I feel like having two anberlin tattoos might be excessive thou… @ChelseaCain OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS! What a total cutie. @JoshCrewsReally I like harry potter but not enough for a tattoo @phillipsevy I've thought about that or crop marks, but I'd like something hopefulGot off the phone again and back online. Person on the online chat said they would uphold what I was told twice bef… flatters: Do **not** turn this kind of work in. This is unusuable and tough to fix.
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @comcastcares Check your DM's dude. Already done this TWICE and last time it took you guys 4 hours to respond..@comcastcares Still going to make me pay 46$ for a final bill after being told TWICE I would owe nothing. Had to g… is now telling me to try and end my account tomorrow because the people who could actually cancel my… is now telling me account was never cancelled and they are trying to charge me 100$ for services. I… this is a @blackem_art questionKEY WORDS ARE PROTECTION AND HOPE. Not nerdy related tattoos...Hey Twitter. I might end up getting my wrists tattooed. They would be my first visible tattoos. Looking for ideas f…
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrickwow @reddit go fuck yourself.
Retweeted by Kelly Fitzpatrick @kylegriffin1 I was just about to ask the internet if we were at 32 indictments when I scrolled down my feed and ha… Mueller and his team by the numbers: • 191 criminal charges • 32 individuals and 3 businesses indicted • 5…
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My dog is more fashionable than you. about losing followersAnyone remember the terrace episode & season where a guy buys a scarf for a girl and it’s from acne? Girl comments… @jameslucasjones @OniPress Tell Charlie to remember pants. #NeverForgetHey Twitter. I might end up getting my wrists tattooed. They would be my first visible tattoos. Looking for ideas f… great if you lack time, have limited mobility, social anxiety, etc. Shipped to your home! :)No comic shop in your area? @bookswpictures has the hook-up: BUY COMICS! @TerryBlas Yeah! I think it would look really flattering on a bunch of body types too! @kibblesmith @JenAshleyWright Must be true love @TerryBlas This would be a really cool halloween costume. I love the quilted coat look.