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@sims iTunes is fine. It's Apple Music that's all high-handed. @sims Thought you should see this article. @sims Argh! Can't tell you how many times I've attached correct album art for it to get swapped with something weird or disappear altogether @sims Make sure you have a separate backup of all your music. Apple deletes things it thinks are dupes & music can disappear from the Cloud.
Ppl emphasize #PhilandoCastile was a good man. But even a criminal has the right not to be shot by police when getting license out as asked.
The ladies at @SomaIntimates are so nice! They totally helped me out with a tricky lingerie situation. πŸ‘™ @Teidju You have to get your information from *somewhere*. When you can't trust that facts are actually facts what's there to do? @Teidju I was unpleasantly surprised at the people who "didn't know what it was about". 😳 @Teidju Infuriating! Media promoting their lib. or cons. interpretation is one thing. But I've seen media make things up & pres. as fact. @Teidju They don't take the time to learn the issues and vote their position, even, let alone convince those on the fence, etc.. @Teidju Too many people are not involved in politics because the see it as "just politics" and not something that actually affects lives.When police violate an individual's rights without accountability it means, in effect, those rights don't exist for any of us. Understand?
Retweeted by LanaiWe complain about minorities living in fatherless societies while imprisoning & killing their fathers. #AltonSterling
Retweeted by Lanai @Teidju It's nice that you can change your mind. Though it would have been better to convince ppl before instead of!
Retweeted by Lanai @DarthTaxus That was an interesting article you wrote. Thanks for linking me. I look forward to further thoughts on the subject. πŸ˜€
@TommyJoeRatliff In that picture, she reminds me of the dog from Little Rascals. 🐢
@sims Why can't I be Anglo-Black Hermione and be in #gryffindor? She is an academic. #frizzyhair #bigteeth #books @jk_rowling @pottermore @sims I am a #ravenclaw & #HornedSerpent. @pottermore & @jk_rowling are determined to have me all up in my head. I'm multifaceted, I swear! @sims Phew! That could have been awkward. 🐲🐍 @neilpooran @holland_tom That's when things were artistic and not just utilitarian. πŸ˜‰
Interesting perspective
@DarthTaxus It's all "long ago", so if we're using a time machine anyway, we could go back to a safer, less explosive time. haha @DarthTaxus I'd like a nice long vacation there.#TamirRice would've been 14 today.
Retweeted by LanaiWake up. We do not have to do this. We can stop this madness through a vote in Parliament. My statement below
Retweeted by Lanai @DarthTaxus The Naboo one is very inviting.Did you see these? There's a whole series. (13x19) Dagobah Fantasy Travel Poster @DarthTaxus @blumspew @BriForMeWay too much Persuasion, and not enough Love and Freindship @billmaher @jk_rowling
@diegomcgreevy I just like that you know what a portmanteau is.
It's #RefugeeWeek and if this poem seems right to you from top to bottom, it's time you saw things a different way.
Retweeted by Lanai @izzybeth Get one of those thin, gel icepacks they make for fancy lunch bags & keep it under your laptop, & use a cutting board as lap deskThe #CormoranStrike BBC series is set to start filming soon! Who are you hoping they cast?
Retweeted by LanaiIf yr own father can't handle your queerness/gender/fabulousness, let me say that I'm a dad & I think you turned out great. #FathersDay
Retweeted by LanaiRetweet if you can, please.
Retweeted by LanaiClothiers--just show people in stylish clothes, looking good. Shut up about size, age, etc. #universalfashion #plussizefashion #fashionI'd like to see a #plussizefashion campaign that doesn't focus on how it's okay to be fat and just focuses on cute clothes. @jcpenney
PSA: If you're prescribed antibiotics, take them ALL. Don't leave the strongest ones alive to create drug-resistant superbugs. #health
@Sarimarr The Bible has enough strange and harsh stuff in it without people making up their own. :-P.@ShaunKing: Here’s what we can do to prevent another Brock Turner case from happening
Retweeted by Lanai @Sarimarr @GibbyQ8112 It's one thing to choose a quote that suits your purpose, but it's quite another to twist a love-quote into hatred. @Sarimarr I didn't think I was going to convince him. I didn't want any Bible-interested people getting the wrong idea or feeling unloved.
@charleslandreth @Sarimarr @GibbyQ8112 Psh! Your quote is from a cause & effect. Don't leave out the parts in present and future tense.
This man was arrested on his way to LA Pride today. But by all means, keep talking about Islam.
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@sims I won't click the link because from the title it looks straight-up #deatheater.
@jasperfforde Will we be able to see this in the US?My thoughts on American Politics.... #thereisaidit
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@fredhicks Give me a follow and we can DM to discuss. I can also e-mail, if you prefer. πŸ™‚ @fredhicks I do like it. πŸ˜„ @fredhicks When you're ready, I can e-mail you more details. :-) @fredhicks I'm in California @PoliticsScot @diakritikal @PolhomeEditor @PeteWishart @jk_rowling Well, whoever "started it" they had a lively discussion. πŸ˜„ @PoliticsScot @diakritikal @PolhomeEditor I disagree in general. Also, @PeteWishart was throwing snark here before @jk_rowling. πŸ™‚ @PoliticsScot @jk_rowling @PeteWishart @diakritikal @PolhomeEditor Where do you think Harry got it from? πŸ˜‰ @fredhicks I'll watch for updates. πŸ™‚
@fredhicks So, if I, um, dropped the ball on the Dresden game Kickstarter, are you putting people in touch with group-backers? ☺️
Have you seen the new @UrbanDecay lipsticks? Gorgeous! πŸ‘„πŸ’„πŸ’‹Historye ys nat relevant Unless ye care about patterns, origins, contexts, cultures, justice, chaunge, power, love, varietye, and art
Retweeted by LanaiOo! @MuggleCast I'm so excited about these new Patron T-Shirts. πŸ˜ƒ @diegomcgreevy Tell me moreBecause some Senate leaders won't do their jobs, the Supreme Court can't fully do its job. #DoYourJob
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Look out for each other, and if you see something weird, speak up. Say something! @DarthTaxus @montepittman I haven't seen the samurai ornament on @BravoRHOD. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
@DarthTaxus @montepittman You could cover the yard in garden gnomes and pink flamingos. She might appreciate the subtlety of R2 after that. @DarthTaxus @Tx_Dude @montepittman Though it would be kind of funny if someone dressed up as a Jawa just to take your lawn ornament. HahahaHow about one of these? Star Wars R2-D2 Lawn Ornament - Exclusive @montepittman @DarthTaxus
Happy birthday Andrew! @sims πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸΊ
Interracial couple Mildred & Richard Loving made history when they helped make interracial marriage legal #LoveWins
Retweeted by LanaiAdding some sparkle to your day - garnets from the Staffordshire Hoard.
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The irony of this reply tho.
Retweeted by Lanai @KevinBacon463 @GayPostOff Sexuality is a spectrum. You don't have to be fully any one thing. Just accept yrslf, whatever that's made up of. @GayPostOff You know what really gets me about this picture...?! Why do we put the flag backwards on the right arm? @Teidju One has to be a bit of a pragmatist when studying history. Also a modern perspective is only one facet of the greater whole.Ooo...I want one!’m impressed by how quick and well Kohls responded to the Chewbacca mask lady. A+++ - -
Retweeted by LanaiI'll start the tumblr. send me photos of your badass tattoos
Retweeted by LanaiI think it's safe to assume if you were an 18th cent. female blacksmith, you were a badass.
Retweeted by LanaiStunning! freedom of expression: individuals must be able to communicate without fear of intrusion by the state @Teidju In many ways you can't fault the people for the ways they knew. I'd like to think we could do better now. Though ideal vs reality... @Teidju it is pro/con. But collaboration would have been better than brute force takeover.
@DarthTaxus @montepittman @starwars With the Wookiee overdub! I was laughing right along with her. LOLThis is how fascism comes to America
Retweeted by Lanai @Teidju @erraticmarxist I think it was, but it came with a high and heavy cost for many peoples.This state just passed a bill making it a felony for doctors to perform abortions # via @HuffPostPolThis is great! Bahahaha! @DarthTaxus @montepittman Simple @starwars joys!
CHILD: Tell me a scary story! ME: Modern journalism avoids resolving factual disputes due to fear of being accused of bias. *CHILD faints*
Retweeted by Lanai @adamsmadams @nicspeck Well, hello, Nic Speck!Pay attention, people! Whatever your leanings, we cannot have a president who shuts down free media. @kharyp @GeorgeTakei @ArrghPaine What did your photographer say about it? That was the link I didn't see. :-).@JoyAnnReid @marwilliamson Obama just gave 4M ppl a pay raise, got a gay Army Secretary confirmed & protected LGBT kids. Revolution anyone?
Retweeted by LanaiIsn't it strange that it's legal to own a woman this way? Listen Ursula, we want her voice back. #freeKesha
Retweeted by Lanai @kharyp Confused. Did you add the wrong link? @ArrghPaineLooking good! is the brightest star, more than twice as bright as the next. But it's actually 2 stars, Sirius A & B.
Retweeted by Lanai5 more items are live, with themes ranging from the political, to the vaguely nautical! Go wild!
Retweeted by Lanai @LoriAndJava So if it wasn't you, who's been borrowing your phone? ...@RheaLitre...? There's a story here, I'm sure! HahaMexico's president proposes legalizing same-sex marriage #NOH8Worldwide
Retweeted by Lanai @DarthTaxus @baskettcase44 @LoganLynskey @starwars So far so good!