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I love how Ted Koppel doesn't have to raise his voice to command this conversation.
Retweeted by LanaiIn honor of #Trump scrapping the #CleanPowerPlan, I present 1940's Pittsburg without #pollution controls. What's th…
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From my sources and what has been openly reported, it increasingly looks like #Flynn may have a deal with the FBI.…
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@montetjwitter11 @Casey_Clemmons
Retweeted by LanaiAdam Schiff -- top Democrat on Intelligence Cmte -- releases blunt statement on what Congressman Nunes did today:
Retweeted by LanaiUS Senate votes to let internet providers share your web browsing history without permission
Retweeted by LanaiEverything about this breaks my heart.
Retweeted by LanaiManafort made millions subverting democracy in Europe for Putin. Then, Trump hired him as Putin worked to do the same in America for Trump.
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@TheLewisTan That was beautiful!A policeman died to protect parliamentary democracy. An MP fought to save his life. We grieve, we fight on. This is…
Retweeted by LanaiCNN: FBI Has Information That Suggests Trump Associates May Have Coordinated with Russians
Retweeted by Lanai“When folks don’t want to hear, you gotta make them listen” There’s still time to #ProtectOurCare - call Congress:…
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Hey, @montepittman do you ever think of doing a cover of this? Living Colour - Cult Of Personality
Flight of the sugar glider
Retweeted by LanaiFederal funding is irreplaceable. #SaveOurStations by signing the petition urging Congress to fund local #pubmedia: you could only get one, would it be the Apple Pencil or the Apple Keyboard for a 9.7" iPad Pro? #iPad #Apple #ApplePencil #AppleKeyboard
Finally got to see the Rush Hour ep w/@TheLewisTan. Fetching! 😍 I look forward to seeing him as a good guy, perhaps w/ his natural accent.The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing people no healthcare is preferable to universal healthcare.
Retweeted by Lanai @fangirlsmash @brandonlgtaylor Get a pin w/ one of those old-school pics that shows a diff image when tilted--one kissing boys & one girls.In amazingly cool news, i have JUST now discovered this site, which lets you search for old maps by area & time line
Retweeted by Lanai @doodlewhale I enjoyed your playing, too!When you become the music.
Retweeted by LanaiLet's get something cleared up right now. Hard work does not equal goodness. You can work hard and still be a hate… @FoxNews... #FoxNewsIsBS
Retweeted by Lanai#NEWVIDEO @yanismarshall Heels choreography. Music #Fever covered by @Beyonce Hope you enjoy it! #ShareIt <3
Retweeted by LanaiThis is the UK in 2017. We should be utterly, utterly ashamed of this. From @MetroUK today
Retweeted by LanaiThrilled to announce Olivia Lomenech Gill as the artist behind the illustrated edition of Fantastic Beasts and Wher…
Retweeted by Lanai @twirlingpages @knoxdiver You're welcome! I'd totally jump on those if I were a teen blogger. Tw review prob doesn't count & not a teen 😄 @knoxdiver @twirlingpages Did you see this post for PoC and teen bloggers? 🙂😳🙄 Spicer: "I talked to the pres. prior to this, & he said to quote him ... 'They may have been phony in the past,…*clears throat* This is a thread of Democrats running for U.S. Congress in Republican-held districts and how to donate. Please add to it.
Retweeted by LanaiPence: Kentucky is a “textbook case of Obamacare’s failures.” Reality: Kentucky has seen the largest drop in uninsu…
Retweeted by Lanai @neilhimself Read the fine print. Ladypizza is only available in Nevada.I really hope that gentleman was not driving. is sickening. talked a big game about getting corruption out of gov. But he wants a bunch of tame prosecutors who won’t investigate him.
Retweeted by Lanai @mcbigwood @motmemes @JoyceOrszag @DTrumpExposed to fire someone when you learn they are investigating you is slightly suspicious
Retweeted by LanaiPreet Bharara had authority over Trump Tower. @realDonaldTrump called him directly, breaching protocol. 24 hrs later he was asked to resign.
Retweeted by Lanai.@realDonaldTrump wants people like AG Sessions – a loyalist who lied to the Senate about meeting with the Russians – in @TheJusticeDept.
Retweeted by LanaiPerhaps they need also to dump some tea in the harbor & cry, "No taxation without representation!"
RT this far & wide! These are @realDonaldTrump #KremlinCohorts! They must be FULLY INVESTIGATED! @SenMajLeader
Retweeted by Lanai#BREAKING: FBI investigation continues into that 'odd' computer link between Russian bank and Trump Organization
Retweeted by LanaiTrump has not proven he is donating his salary nor payments made to his hotels from foreign governments. #Dems
Retweeted by Lanaiponders: that's odd, why would a single insurer buck entire medical world and voice support for TrumpCare Oh, turn…
Retweeted by LanaiAnd shortlist to replace that prosecutor is former lawyer of the disgraced CEO of Murdoch's most valuable asset. That's America in 2017. 2/2
Retweeted by LanaiSo Murdoch supports Trump. Trump asks federal prosecutor investigating Murdoch's most valuable asset to resign... (1/2)
Retweeted by LanaiIt takes 3.2 secs to retweet and help find these 8 BLACK GIRLS reported missing in Washington, D.C. during the past…
Retweeted by LanaiIt takes 3.2 secs to retweet and help find these 8 BLACK GIRLS reported missing in Washington, D.C. during the past…
Retweeted by LanaiThe GOP's Obamacare replacement is Robin Hood in reverse. It throws people off insurance and raises premiums but gives millionaires a break.
Retweeted by Lanai @Independent Why are white men worried about becoming 'minorities' when most claim minorities have equality and we live in a meritocracy?
Retweeted by LanaiThis parody of the BBC interview > 😂😂😂😂
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We no longer just have smoke on Trump-Russia ties. We have heat. Too much Russia. That's why we need a special pros…
Retweeted by LanaiHelps to remember that we became the most powerful country - economically, militarily, scientifically - through imm…
Retweeted by LanaiBREAKING: Top Trump adviser admits to contact with DNC hacker. RT to say GOP must investigate #TrumpRussia ties now…
Retweeted by LanaiLast week: People with integrity ask Sessions to resign. This week: Sessions asks people with integrity to resign.
Retweeted by LanaiReminder: FBI has 3 open cases, at least one joint counterintel—CIA. WH-FBI pressure is only one case. #TrumpRussia
Retweeted by LanaiSome mess you inherited, eh @realDonaldTrump? #ThanksObama #JobsReport
Retweeted by LanaiReminder: Mike Flynn not only lied to the FBI about Russia contacts, he concealed cash payments from TWO dictatorsh…
Retweeted by LanaiGrass-roots pressure: show-up at town-halls; call/write/protest Cong. offices; social media; stay on MSM to keep di…
Retweeted by Lanai46 US Attorneys fired: After watchdog asks U.S. attorney to launch Donald Trump probe, Jeff Sessions fires him
Retweeted by LanaiTaking a break from social media (except to post articles and videos) because, well:
Retweeted by LanaiAmazing!, I made a thing: Superhero origin stories as IKEA instruction manuals! Check it out! #Batman #WonderWoman
Retweeted by LanaiThe man leading "lock her up" chants in this video was being paid by a foreign govt while attending classified inte…
Retweeted by Lanai @hughcards @k9queen14 @mayatcontreras @peterdaou
Retweeted by Lanai12. What’s worse: The really unsettling stuff, the breakdown of rules and norms IS HAPPENING NOW, not at some hypothetical future point.
Retweeted by Lanai5. #TrumpRussia is at a fever pitch now, but could STILL fizzle. GOP leaders have abdicated their duties, cravenly covering for Trump.
Retweeted by LanaiPublic oversight is essential to ensure system is working as intended, not being abused. #ICANN58
Retweeted by Lanaiare you fucking kidding me #education #debt #studentloans #inequality #privilege #highered #highereducation
Retweeted by Lanai @ajs @DanielleMuscato you're not seeing the problem with an article profiling a lucky nepotistic person's wealth as noble and reproducable?
Retweeted by LanaiFlex It! A First Look at the Aurora Vintage-Style Flex Nib
Retweeted by Lanai.@realDonaldTrump no, they aren't. Either you're being lied to or you're lying now.
Retweeted by Lanai.@realDonaldTrump #TrumpCare wouldn't require #MentalHealth care coverage. Reminder, every 25 mins, a person comple…
Retweeted by LanaiRemember this video every time somebody says Sandra Bland was being combative for stating her rights.
Retweeted by LanaiACA is only failing where Rs sabotaged it by not accepting Medicaid expansion, not setting up exchanges, and elimin…
Retweeted by LanaiWow! guy was Trump's campaign manager, folks. His own daughter calls him a killer. Not figuratively. Literally.
Retweeted by LanaiTrump fires NY attorney general 2 days after Bharara receives request to investigate foreign pay to Trump #impeach
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