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@sims I already hate how you have to weed through twenty tweets from the last day just to find the one from an hour ago
It's because I tried to find a way around the troll, isn't it? Look, if we have to fight the troll, we have to fight. @jk_rowling @sims
@Teidju I have under the general laundry list of the Islam Problem. Not specif. "Feminist" response, but women's-rights response. @Teidju It's alright. It's hard to get past that when so many are. :-) @Teidju I wonder if it is seen as just another occurrence of their typical behavior. Sad on so many levels. @Teidju It is easy to abuse a people who are seen as lesser. Isn't that obvious? @Teidju I would think that feminists would be quite concerned about the rape culture that occurs when women don't have full autonomy @Teidju Though your tweet made me wonder if this type of thing in smaller numbers is just part of a fun night out in some places. @Teidju I was making an exaggerated joke on the normally innocuous meet-up theme. @Teidju Oh, no, I didn't mean your friend had implied that. @adamsmadams Yay!!Some "grammar rules" and when to break them @Teidju So this was like, "North African Meet-Up. Have fun & get to know your new city. Mass Rape this Tuesday! Bring your friends!" 😳 @Teidju An organized, mass assault doesn't occur simply because immigrant men are a little fuzzy on what rights Cologne woman have.Life.
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@SallyBakerCake I was referring to a general problem we have with charged language in our society. @SallyBakerCake @drooleybob @OxfordWords @OmanReagan LOL That's funny. :-) I'd prefer just equality, though I'm sure some try for both. @AndrewV691 We have a problem with charged language in our society. They don't need to reinforce it (against anyone). @AndrewV691 @AngryFoodie2015 @TorontoStar @OxfordWords @OmanReagan They can do better for all. @AndrewV691 @AngryFoodie2015 @TorontoStar @OxfordWords @OmanReagan They make a lot of inflammatory choices, it seems. @AngryFoodie2015 I've got to dash. Thanks for the interesting discussion. Please continue to tweet me anything of further interest. @AngryFoodie2015 lol Gender roles annoy me. They're stifling. @AngryFoodie2015 It doesn't allow individual men each to be their true selves, either. @AngryFoodie2015 I don't want a pedestal. I want to be an autonomous individual. @AngryFoodie2015 This sort of thing happens when we revere women & put them under the care of men. @AngryFoodie2015 I had a lady walk over and give my change to my BF, though I was still standing at register where I'd paid for groceries. @AngryFoodie2015 I was buying a printer. Though my purchase & my questions re: specs, he kept turning & talking to my date to answer. @AngryFoodie2015 But we often revere them to the point of patronisation, & they get lack of autonomy & self sufficiency. @AngryFoodie2015 This should come down to who's going to be the primary user. They get to decide out of the viable options. @AngryFoodie2015 I guess they want to be like their peer-group. I wish someone would be a trend-setter for something else. lol @AngryFoodie2015 But I recognize this is just an example from your situation where you felt you did not have the power. @AngryFoodie2015 Sometimes the height & door configuration make it hard to get kids, equipment, & the dog all in & out, especially if short @AngryFoodie2015 Depends on kind of truck, I suppose. Personally I can't see why someone would choose a minivan if they didn't have to. haha @AngryFoodie2015 It can be difficult to see past the symptoms of a problem to the actual root-system. @AngryFoodie2015 We need to recognize what is really going on in a situation, even if we don't like the hard truth. @AngryFoodie2015 I'm strong, but still too small to schlep fire equipment. That's not sexism. Prob. would be "no women may be fire-people" @AngryFoodie2015 Meaning it's not that the woman won, it's that you both recognize a truck isn't practical for your current situation. @AngryFoodie2015 Is that woman's power, though, or no power because you recognize that a minivan is better for your kids and family? @AngryFoodie2015 We do get trends in thinking and gender stereotypes. This does us all a disservice. @AngryFoodie2015 lol @AngryFoodie2015 Yes, interwoven. And even if you do, there are individual exceptions. @AngryFoodie2015 In what ways do you think so? @AngryFoodie2015 Everything is related. @AngryFoodie2015 Even if a group holds power it doesn't mean they don't have issues/problems. @AngryFoodie2015 Agreed!! @AngryFoodie2015 We get terrible problems in society when one group hates the other part of society. Hatred doesn't lead to solutions. @AngryFoodie2015 Typos/autocorrect put a nice frosting on the cake as well. haha @AngryFoodie2015 LOL Yeah, that 140-limit makes a good philosophical discussion difficult. @AngryFoodie2015 What's your opinion on the Men's Rights movement? @AngryFoodie2015 When the ppl seeking equality for a group are dismissed as crazed extremists, it hurts the movement for equality @AngryFoodie2015 I was always taught that feminism sought equality for women, though it seems ppl see all feminist as extreme these days. @AngryFoodie2015 True @AngryFoodie2015 Some feel that women "in the West" have achieved equality. Do you think so, or do you think there are still issues? @AngryFoodie2015 You don't think how we use language impacts society? @AngryFoodie2015 lol @AngryFoodie2015 @AndrewV691 @TorontoStar Because I've been accused here of being pro-censorship & anti-men these past days. Both untrue.
@AngryFoodie2015 @AndrewV691 @TorontoStar @OxfordWords @OmanReagan I was talking about an issue with charged language in our society.In case you need to be reminded of the "unfair" question Megyn Kelly asked Trump: "You've called women you (cont)
Retweeted by LanaiWell, this is interesting: only thing that stops a good 94-year old grandma with a vote is a bad guy with a ridiculous voter ID law.
Retweeted by Lanai @julzharris Liberal or conservative, the media has a tendency to sensationalize everything. @CatofCass @Pixels_nCaffine People do say the same about them. I think that gender stereotypes hurt everyone in the long run. @CatofCass @HochiganThemeat I was always taught that feminism sought equality for women. It seems that's often not the case anymore. @CatofCass @HochiganThemeat @OmanReagan @OxfordWords Sad that what ought to be a good thing has gotten so twisted in perception & action @CatofCass @HochiganThemeat @OmanReagan @OxfordWords Doesn't make sense to try to gain by equality for women comes by making them superior. @CatofCass @HochiganThemeat @OmanReagan @OxfordWords It does seem that egalitarianism is more in line with true equality. @CatofCass @Pixels_nCaffine Yes, there are rabid feminists. Unfortunately, nearly all feminism is seen that way nowadays. @CatofCass @Pixels_nCaffine I agree. @CatofCass I was pointing out an issue with charged language in our society. @julzharris I always enjoy interesting discussion. Nearly didn't talk to you at first because I thought you were trolling. @julzharris I'm advocating an openness and acceptance to the idea and hiring, based on merit. I'm not suggesting forcing things. @julzharris Affirmative action has been abolished for the very reasons you state.
In stunning twist, creator of anti-abortion videos faces felony charge:
Retweeted by LanaiFyve Stages of Readinge Middel Englisshe 1. Arghe! 2. Ys that a pronoun? 3. Neede to chekke glossarye. 4. Got yt. 5. Forsooth!
Retweeted by Lanai @julzharris It's better if we work together. @julzharris We do ourselves no favors when we build one by pushing down another. @julzharris Well, nobody is denying men have invented great things. But excluding women limits their production of great things. @julzharris Bahaha! *what they do with their individual skill-set* not skillet. Though if they're really good cooks, the two overlap. DYAC @julzharris Have a good night @julzharris I agree that people gain money and power with what they choose to do with their individual skillet. Not all are equal that way. @julzharris Ah, the texts were linked. The power that comes with overall respect, autonomy, and equal opportunity is the equality I refer to @julzharris As we have women and men working together in STEM we can do great things. Go with skill and forget gender. @julzharris Ada Byron Lovelace was another @julzharris Ungrounded and unrealistic? What are you referring to? @julzharris But having less money should not make you he treated as a lesser being. Whether man or woman. @julzharris Madam Curie was pretty revolutionary @julzharris Also, when you assume a woman isn't good at it, she doesn't get the opportunities to prove she is. @julzharris That kind of thinking is not right. And it doesn't serve either gender well in the long run. @julzharris A woman should not be devalued because she doesn't want to build a bridge or what have you. Nor a man. @julzharris There are different kinds of creation and mastery of one's environment. @julzharris Some are interested some aren't. Some have it trained out of them in childhood. @julzharris I do not suggest things be just handed out in some numbers game. @julzharris I would like STEM jobs to be more open-minded based on merit and skill @julzharris I'd like to see interested women encouraged to do STEM from childhood. @julzharris Let's start by you not putting words in my mouth. @julzharris What is your point? This isn't an either-or situation. @julzharris We are still having trouble integrating women into STEM. It's a problem. @julzharris I am partially joking @julzharris @OxfordWords @OmanReagan lol Maybe because they are more interested in dominating than creating. @julzharris @OxfordWords @OmanReagan No, I am saying we could have had even more progress had we not pushed to exclude women for so long.
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