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Tomorrow everyone should call Congress & state electeds & ask them to publicly call for Trump's resignation. #TrumpResign #TheResistance
Retweeted by LanaiMan plants a tree in the same place every day — 37 years later, the world is amazed by the result
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Cathay Williams: born a slave, she dressed as a man so she could serve in the US Army during the Civil War. There'…
Retweeted by LanaiVICE Reporter: Charlottesville Protesters ‘Didn't Talk About Robert E. Lee…They Chanted About Jews'
Retweeted by LanaiWhat a senseless waste. Why kill such a gentle creature? For 'sport'?!? Please RT if you want a global ban on ALL…
Retweeted by Lanai @brandonlgtaylor @TheCaitling This needs to happen! You could release it as a serial and tease subscribers/Patrons… as a puppy, guarding the gates to heck.
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This clip is justifiably gaining fame as an example of live fact checking and the refusal to grant talking points.
Retweeted by LanaiRetweet this if there's no amount of money that could get you to ruin your life by dressing up as a Nazi in front o…
Retweeted by LanaiHow much more do we have to take? had Top Secret clearance for 7 months. He now works for Robert Mercer, owner of a data mining firm focused on swinging elections.
Retweeted by LanaiGOP: "Removing statue of a racist traitor is erasing history!" Also GOP: "Bulldoze through this sacred burial ground to build a pipeline."
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Nazis coming to town? Here's a positive and creative response. #Resist
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Could we talk about those keys at 3:46? 😳 Fire!! 🔥🎹 Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine - Conga
Outstanding! Georgian Dancers Push Their Physical Limits for Tradition
@s1nkman The whole idea is that people should be free to be whatever they are. We shouldn't criticize straight ppl… seems unnecessary for those who know how to drive drive a stick and completely useless for those who don't. 🤔
@s1nkman I was imagining your accents as I read the thread. @s1nkman I did. Though having it in your local slang was what made it so amusing to me. lol @Runxandersmith Ack! I thought this was rescheduled. @s1nkman This was great to read. 😄
It started! #StarbucksSummerGame #sweeps
@adamsmadams @Dragonfly194 @BUSYBEE8 😧 I'd suggest insurance, but we've seen how that's going these days.Sen. Mazie Hirono - The heroic Senator with severe cancer who interrupted treatment to vote... NO @maziehirono remember when opponents of the ACA complained that 10 months of hearings & debate weren't enough. Today's blind leap makes that laughable.
Retweeted by LanaiJohn McCain left hospital stay paid by taxes on flight paid by taxes to remove health insurance from taxpayers. And we paid him to do it.
Retweeted by LanaiI fought too long to end discrimination based on race and color to allow discrimination based on gender identity to be considered acceptable
Retweeted by Lanai @LJSilverman1 I'm so sorry! What a tough time for you. 😢 @Dragonfly194 @adamsmadams @BUSYBEE8 That sounds like a serious concern to me. What does your doc say? :-/
Thread on diversity in Roman Britain. being so weak and gutless that you’d let a historically unpopular president tie you to a bill with a 16% approval rating.
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@DarthTaxus @montepittman It does seem an odd choice to have a Jedi on a Christian church--unless they're thinking…
162 days in office. 744 false or misleading claims from Trump.
Retweeted by Lanai @DarthTaxus @montepittman Thought this would amuse you. 😄 @realDonaldTrump Stop with this "Fake News" nonsense. It isn't fake just because you don't like what they say. Save…
“It is a sad day for our country when the President spends his time verbally attacking women instead of working to…
Retweeted by LanaiI am calling on EVERY @HouseGOP Member of Congress to condemn this. You were elected to be a check on power. Check…
Retweeted by LanaiChris Christie and his family soak up the sun on the same New Jersey beach he closed to the public.
Retweeted by LanaiI hope the entire state of New Jersey shows up at that beach tonight and stays until Christie resigns.
Retweeted by LanaiHow an Organic Chemist Invented the Bone-Shaped Dog Treat - Atlas Obscura next time a reporter is assaulted by a Trump supporter, @realDonaldTrump should be charged w/ inciting violence.
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Retweeted by Lanai @AmericaFirstPol Remind your senator that GOP sabotaged ACA and 17 GOP states refused Medicaid expansion, thereby h…
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@TommyJoeRatliff So glad to hear this!
@TommyJoeRatliff I hope she is doing better.
So if Trump and Hillary were "the same" as some people insisted, why would Putin want to sabotage her campaign and…
Retweeted by LanaiThe CIA captured Putin’s specific instructions – defeat Clinton and help elect Trump
Retweeted by Lanai @realDonaldTrump It's not actually "nice!" that you've gotten rid of regulations. We need protections. You work for… is a member of Congress. And no, we're not. We're living through a transition to autocracy, in which authorit…
Retweeted by LanaiWe can't believe this needs to be said, but it's not okay to drag people out of wheelchairs when they're protesting…
Retweeted by Lanai @s1nkman Tsk, tsk, tsk.... Your poor brain cells!Clinton, Pelosi, Harris, Warren, Waters... attacked by left and right. I'm struggling to figure out what they have in common. Any ideas?
Retweeted by LanaiAmerican Academy of Pediatrics: "The bill fails children."
Retweeted by LanaiInterestingly there ARE tapes of Donald Trump promising to cover everyone, cut deductibles, and lower premiums.
Retweeted by LanaiThe hype is real. Join me for the premiere July 10 on @TNTDrama.
Retweeted by LanaiWhat Mitch McConnell and the GOP think of your objection to their healthcare monstrosity:
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Reminder: the real reason Republicans want to repeal the Affordable Care Act is to deliver a massive tax cut for th…
Retweeted by LanaiThis is a despicable way to handle the situation. @lisarey52237029 @Goboinky It isn't even just the presidential elections that are at issue with gerrymandering. It…
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More and more the #GOP show they fear they can't win unless they cheat. NC Rep's heinous power grabbing: via @slate @qikipedia What about when the bacteria get loose and try to eat the world? @jasperffordeObamacare had 100 Senate hearings and 161 amendments from Republicans. Trumpcare has had 0 Senate hearings and 0 a…
Retweeted by Lanaihealth care is available to me in the same way that yachts, Tiffany's, and an original Van Gogh are available to me…
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Would @smithsonian release an art book? The Artful Precision of the Creator of 'Harold and the Purple Crayon'
On the importance of parental leave--it's good for families and the companies
Oh man... I just cried my eyes out...
Retweeted by Lanai @brandonlgtaylor Here's a picture of a nice place where you can hide from the madness. @boddenbooks That always activates the reader's cliched response of an eye-roll and heavy sigh. 😄If you ever thought you were immune from Trumpcare because you have employer better think again.
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How can anyone support a piece of legislation that would result in millions of children losing health insurance? Or…
Retweeted by LanaiWhile you were looking away to enjoy some unity with non-partisan baseball, here's what the Trump regime was up to 😡
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@brandonlgtaylor You would think that writers of all people would be more aware of different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. :-/
My producer just sent me this... ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE! This makes every hard day worth it. Thank you to whomever w…
Retweeted by LanaiFederal watchdogs with teeth? The president tries to bring them to heel.
Retweeted by Lanai @brandonlgtaylor Because of arguments/unwillingness to listen or too many questions in general?
It is becoming ever clearer that this country was completely fucked by that stupid bloody referendum
Retweeted by LanaiOne of these two men is lying. I wonder if it's the guy who served 3 presidents from 2 parties or the one who said…
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@pottermore I've always looked young for my age, but "teenager" is a stretch nowadays. 😂 Perhaps you'd be interested, @Masonglazier?