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Sisha @wavehit Coimbatore

A Student of Mrs.Hilda Raja;a teacher/Social worker[F&CW]/HandiCraft enthusiast-who has to air her opinion on most things around her.

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Swami Vivekananda Quotes: Swami Vivekananda's Quotes On Idol Worship Or Idolatry And Image Worship: @dawahbyicode @Helll000 @jose2ss @MuslimGhazi @suprema_she @nimish41128245 @siyawardas @Gubomaster @dka1966
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Retweeted by Sisha @Imamofpeace Jesus rode an ads into Jerusalem. Maybe there's a similar symbolism at play?
Retweeted by Sisha @Imamofpeace I get it now. No wonder donkeys and tigers have been adversaries from ancient time.
Retweeted by SishaHave you studied the theory of الشاب الامرد in Islamic theology? Apparently Allah rides a flying donkey and comes d…
Retweeted by Sisha#HinduHumanRights (Unconfirmed story)
Retweeted by Sisha @noconversion Check this #golu
Retweeted by SishaDo you know what your kids are being taught in schools about religion?Are they being slowly converted?
Retweeted by Sishawhatever the pAShaNDa-s might say at least this was one tough match we comprehensively won & I am proud of my peopl…
Retweeted by SishaSC bench expressed concern/shock at issuance of NBW in case of mere individual alleging defamation & J&K state govt…
Retweeted by SishaRohingya "refugees" working with JEM terrorists in Jammu Now we know why they @INCIndia settled them 4000 KM away…
Retweeted by SishaUSA send max num of Christian missionaries to India majority of them come to serve POOR India ..they need to fix th…
Retweeted by SishaGen JJ Singh clearly reveals, Sonia tried to give Siachen to Pak Pressurised by US-Pak lobby, she got Manmohan to a…
Retweeted by Sisha @Kuvalayamala I recall a Syr.Xn friend feeling alarmed by her Born again Cook who was for ever telling her she'll go to hell!Christians do. esply pious members of Jesus Youth & those who follow American churches. I have witnessed conversion…
Retweeted by SishaBasically saying that you better agree that we are peace loving or we will see to it that you disappear from planet…
Retweeted by SishaI am the fourth 😂😂😂 Lidten & Enjoy
Retweeted by SishaA person working for Cow Protection shot dead by unknown gunmen on 25th August. All Right Wing portals sleeping
Retweeted by SishaEnemy of Enemy is not always a friend, it is just different kind of enemy .... So be careful who you support
Retweeted by SishaSheer genius.
Retweeted by SishaTwitter wars indeed truly serious. Always battles over uniformly new debates. @ARanganathan72 @ashwinskumar
Retweeted by SishaSiachen is Indian territory. The very thought of vacating it defies logic. Join me at 9 pm tonight @republic debating #SiachenControversy.
Retweeted by SishaBritish had boards "Dogs & Indians not allowed". They killed millions thru hunger Yet they bash Indian castesystem.
Retweeted by SishaDeconstructing The Politics of Kamal Hassan via @swarajyamag @wavehit @Phirmi_Bodo @SatyaVijayi greatgf used 2 say where 3-4 large boats sailed with as many people & it hit coast of kochi& alleppey
Retweeted by Sisha @pai2_goa @Phirmi_Bodo @SatyaVijayi I know I have had neighbours with Konkani/ Kerala Background. @wavehit @Phirmi_Bodo @SatyaVijayi tranvancore & kochi kings after hearing deir plight provided refuge&gave land generously
Retweeted by Sisha @wavehit @Phirmi_Bodo @SatyaVijayi we r still linguistic minorities(GSBs) in kerala who speak konkani as their mother tongue
Retweeted by Sisha @DivyaSoti @wavehit In Kerala many Hindu girls r in potholeislam while walked straight looking at their fake boyfriends face.Still continues
Retweeted by Sisha🙏🙏🙏 except a couple like him - amazing tiny number of H can read this. This is why it is better to push Urdu other…
Retweeted by SishaIt's says in urdu Govt of Karnataka organising for 1st time
Retweeted by SishaGiant ancient frogs might have snacked on baby dinosaurs
Retweeted by SishaAwww, now commie Brinda Karat is defending Devi worship. Now I have seen it all!
Retweeted by Sisha @republic Brinda maoist doesn't like competition... Now Momta be careful.... Maoists are similar to ur Islamist ideologies
Retweeted by SishaHa ha ha...Independent 😂😂 NDTV's major shares already with Mukesh Ambani linked companies from 2009...So why cry if…
Retweeted by SishaHere is the perceptive @jsaideepak deconstructing the politics of Kamal Hassan. When Self-loathing meets sanctimony
Retweeted by SishaSons of famous people lie to conceal their crimes. Courts permit let go scot-free. Let courts treat the ordinary &…
Retweeted by SishaKilling of animals, especially kurbani, because that breeds Violence and cruelty and desensitizes human beings from…
Retweeted by SishaThe things the Black Sea Maritime Archaeological Project has discovered will keep researchers busy for a generation
Retweeted by Sisha @ARanganathan72 Nope, its common practice in west (Europe+America),also Russian pilots r most skilled (in gen) in i…
Retweeted by SishaAlways suspected from their in-flight service & Russian pilots, that Spice Jet was owned by the Kremlin and run by…
Retweeted by Sisha @ARanganathan72 Not true Anand, folks usually clap in US too. Also, clapping while landing is quite common in Europe.
Retweeted by SishaEffect of Padre and secular education. A Hindu thinks and behaves like a subconscious Christian.…
Retweeted by SishaMuslim boy allegedly posed as Hindu and sexually exploited Dalit Girl for 7 years
Retweeted by SishaNow we're beyond stay order. SC quashes non bailable arrest warrants in @BukariShujaat filed case against me. Please dare publish this news
Retweeted by SishaRohingya terrorist group, ARSA, is led by Pakistanis of Rohingya descent with links to Lashkar-e-Taiba, an ISI front
Retweeted by SishaDon't stress over the past. Don't worry about the future. Focus on the present moment and your happiness.
Retweeted by SishaBe clear in your mind: PTs. If present economic policies modified by six clear new steps then by March 2018 we can be on a 9% growth rate
Retweeted by Sisha @GreatHeretic @Gubomaster @dhume This is technically not lynching but shooting. So you can ignore it and keep your mouth shut.
Retweeted by Sisha#CowSmugglers kill #BSF jawan in #WestBengal.
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Retweeted by SishaCow smugglers using Railway property as den.
Retweeted by SishaCow smugglers using luxurious tailor made SUVs.
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Retweeted by SishaThey fired bullets on a cow and when the owner took the injured animal for treatment he was killed as well.
Retweeted by Sisha @IndiaUNNewYork @UN Glad to know that we are calling a spade a spade!Pakistan is now Terroristan "Quest for a land of pure has produced the land of pure terror" - @IndiaUNNewYork repli…
Retweeted by SishaThis guy openly threatening to kill Hindus just like his boss Owaisi.
Retweeted by Sisha @MinhazMerchant @OfficeOfRG He must be thinking I also should become NRI to become great like gandhi, anyway wisdom and pappu are antonyms
Retweeted by Sisha @MinhazMerchant @OfficeOfRG When I am abroad I always make it a rule never to criticise or attack Gov of my own cou…
Retweeted by SishaHum kya chahte, iPhone 8. Zor se bolo, iPhone 8. Steve hum sharminda hain, Lava, Samsung zinda hain. (h/t…
Retweeted by Sisha @pai2_goa @Phirmi_Bodo @SatyaVijayi glad your family made it to safety.On @foxandfriends, @gehrig38 called out the left for focusing on nothing but identity politics.…
Retweeted by SishaRaj: 60 children get food poisoning after consuming lunch arranged by a businessman at a school in Baran; children…
Retweeted by SishaIndia-Pak DGMO level talks: India emphasized that no targeted firing on civilians was carried out.
Retweeted by SishaKanpur 1984 Sikh riots: Supreme Court adjourned the hearing till October 4
Retweeted by SishaSC to hear matter pertaining to 'identify, detain and deport illegal migrants/infiltrators within a year' including #Rohingyas on October 3
Retweeted by SishaWe have already produced 2 Islamic nations ... being secular is a crime???what an Agony
Retweeted by Sishamy article on agenda of Brahmin bashing in Marathi @prafullaketkar @RSSorg @RSS_Org @followsanjeev
Retweeted by Sisha @Kuvalayamala @mariawirth1 @MIB_India In fact the Media specially Western know nothing but speaks too much far from…
Retweeted by Sisha @mariawirth1 @MIB_India It was the 1st thing she had to speak to me about once she understood that I am from India.…
Retweeted by Sisha @mariawirth1 @MIB_India Old lady downstairs asked me very sadly, why media bring bad news about India? She told, he…
Retweeted by Sisha @mariawirth1 @MIB_India Sometimes traitor represents our India overseas and govt can't do anything against her.... very sad
Retweeted by Sisha @SangareAmar @wavehit @MIB_India if u read some of my posts u would know that i focus on brighter side. i told frie…
Retweeted by Sisha @Phirmi_Bodo @wavehit @SatyaVijayi my ancestors were tortured & forced in exile to tranvancore where raja gave dem protection &land 4 temple
Retweeted by Sishaone thing all westerners know about India: "terrible"caste-system. It's a malicious agenda to teach kids it is worst
Retweeted by SishaKeralite teenager abducted in Bengaluru found dead, sister's boyfriend main accused? [VIDEO] via @ANN_Newsable