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Pro Obamacare. Anti GOP obstructionism. Take back Congress & States in 2018! I Block RW Trolls! List = Block #TheResistance #NotMyPresident

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This is a lie. Total fiction. It didn't happen. It's made up. Top to bottom.
Retweeted by WayneEdHBeauty??? You are a full-on confederacy apologist at this point. How can you be the commander in chief and revere l…
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The other Charlottesville outrage: the open display of weapons to intimidate and menace political opponents
Retweeted by WayneEdHMr. President - Heather Heyer was not murdered by "both sides."
Retweeted by WayneEdHRepubs silence is deafening! Job over Country! #TheResistanceThe President of the United States just defended neo-Nazis and blamed those who condemn their racism and hate. This is sick.
Retweeted by WayneEdHThe President boosted white supremacists yesterday. All leaders  — Democrats and Republicans — must condemn his failure of moral leadership.
Retweeted by WayneEdHWhy tRump had the words "both sides" stuck in his head… #Resist #TheResistance #Indivisible #p2 #ctl #UniteBlue
Retweeted by WayneEdH#ImpeachTrump . House staffers, Cabinet members reported to be stunned and disheartened. But not one resignation. Not. One.
Retweeted by WayneEdHPlease understand that his evasion is a final answer. He has chosen the path of moral cowardice -again. This is a m…
Retweeted by WayneEdHRobert E. Lee's great-great-grandson denounces white nationalists: 'There's no place for that hate'
Retweeted by WayneEdHVideo: Watch @ananavarro absolutely destroy Trump sympathizer Jan Brewer-Thank u Ana. #ImpeachTrump #QuitTheCouncil
Retweeted by WayneEdHAdvisory council told Trump it was disbanding before Trump decided to end it
Retweeted by WayneEdHAs expected the Vice POS Pence is just as racist, cruel, twisted, criminal, immoral, hateful & in need of removal f…
Retweeted by WayneEdHSo Texas is now banning all abortion coverage in insurance plans - even in cases of rape.
Retweeted by WayneEdH.@SpeakerRyan, like many Republicans in Congress, still won't condemn the President by name. Pathetic.
Retweeted by WayneEdH"Republicans, cut the outrage. It’s time to disown Trump." via @PostOpinions
Retweeted by WayneEdHI call on my @HouseGOP colleagues to condemn Trump BY NAME for supporting white supremacy/anti-semitism. Anything less=fail. #SayHisName
Retweeted by WayneEdHAnd for sentiments like this, Ms. Matlin has been blocked by four of Trump's adult children (including his son-on-l…
Retweeted by WayneEdHBecause this is America, not Hitler's Germany #WhyWeMustImpeachTrumpIn7Words #ImpeachTrump
Retweeted by WayneEdH @Lorena27954555 @WayneEdH @peterdaou I carry a #womanCard in my wallet
Retweeted by WayneEdH @peterdaou @WayneEdH I have HRCs sticker on my car window. I will always keep it there as a badge of honor
Retweeted by WayneEdH @WayneEdH @HouseGOP @SenateGOP @laynier @SteveWeichert Very good question! Asked by millions around the world! Why, indeed, GOP? WHY?
Retweeted by WayneEdHKeep asking that same ? So many legitimate reasons to act now. Inaction proves GOP stands with all that Trump is d…
Retweeted by WayneEdHWhy aren't Repubs tossing Trump out??If you voted for Hillary, you should be more proud of your vote with each passing day. If you didn't, well...
Retweeted by WayneEdHReps hate what Trump said but are A-Ok with him! Vote em out in 2018! #TheResistanceJimmy Carter, George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, George W Bush & Barack Obama should ask Trump to resign &/or push Congress to #ImpeachTrump now.
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Your resignation from the GOP is accepted.
Retweeted by WayneEdHOne good thing about that abomination of a speech: it's now impossible for any Trump supporter to pretend they don't know what he is.
Retweeted by WayneEdHThe Greatest Generation did not protect America to see Steve Bannon in the White House and Nazis on American streets enabled by @POTUS.
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Retweeted by WayneEdHBreitbart and Richard Spencer must be CHEERING right now. Trump just recited nearly the entire canon of the alt right.
Retweeted by WayneEdHThis morning at Freedom Tower I saw hope, idealism & love in our new citizens. Just now on TV I saw ignorance, bigo…
Retweeted by WayneEdHI miss @HillaryClinton and I wish she were our president. Our country & the world would be so much safer. #ImpeachTrumpNow @realDonaldTrump
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Again: the rot is *inside the White House.
Retweeted by WayneEdH1) Reminder via @pbump that 90 years, 2 months, 2 weeks ago @realdonaldtrump's father was arrested at a KKK rally…
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White supremacists turn against Donald Trump after his cowering Charlottesville tweet
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@realDonaldTrump Denounce the Alt-Right white nationalists you courted to become POTUS. Your words ring hollow bec…
Retweeted by WayneEdHMANY SIDES?!? Ive typed and deleted at least 8 tweets. Words simply arent strong enough to accurately describe how I feel about Donald Trump
Retweeted by WayneEdHDonald Trump's silence proves he is weak and pathetic. He remains MUTE as neo-nazi terrorists kill Americans. #Shame
Retweeted by WayneEdH#Trump's denouncement of bigotry "on many sides" is a message to his White nationalist/KKK base: "I am not targeting you." #Charlottesville
Retweeted by WayneEdH @WayneEdH In total disbelief here! Rrrrgh...
Retweeted by WayneEdHIf anyone is surprised, you shouldn't be.
Retweeted by WayneEdHTrump blames all sides then goes into patting himself on the back! <<Eyeroll>>Supporter: 'When Trump speaks you can understand him, don't have to look up the big words; If he had to cheat to ge…
Retweeted by WayneEdHWhen David douchebag DUKE says this riot is in Trumps name, believe it. He’s the ugly poster child for what kind of hate Trump breeds.
Retweeted by WayneEdHTrump's 'base' is out & about in #Charlottesville!Not about Trump, huh?
Retweeted by WayneEdHSignificantly more violence in Virginia this morning than on the Korean peninsula. I'm seeing scores of individual acts of assault on MSNBC.
Retweeted by WayneEdHThey would not feel as comfortable had Trump's hate rallies not been promoted for two years and had other nazis not been shown sympathy
Retweeted by WayneEdHRetweet if u agree #GorkaMustGo
Retweeted by WayneEdH @WayneEdH @realDonaldTrump knows if he did, no one would believe him. #resist
Retweeted by WayneEdHTrump and his cohort Bannon are responsible for the hoods off and open violence in #charlottesville! Notice he hasn't said a word!The Virginia National Guard is on standby for Unite the Right rally of ~1,000 in #Charlottesville today
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RIP Glen Campbell. Thanks for the years of great music! You will be missed!
@KeithOlbermann Thanks Obama!
@StevenTDennis FOUR: The number of House Republicans needed to bring articles of impeachment against Trump. Which f…
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@WayneEdH Are you surprised? duh, she's a Huckabee.
Retweeted by WayneEdHLying is the Trump normal. @Acosta
Retweeted by WayneEdH @WayneEdH Yes she is!
Retweeted by WayneEdHSarah Huckabee Sanders is as big a liar as Trump!
Trump appoints Gitmo Torturer as Chief of Staff. Press praises choice as way to get White House back on track...
Retweeted by WayneEdHIf u got bread the day The Mooch was hired, don't worry, it's still good.
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Awwww, Trump's feelings are hurt he didn't take away healthcare from millions of Americans!! #TheResistance @WayneEdH And that name is insulting to turtles everywhere... 😀
Retweeted by WayneEdHSit down & shut up Turtleman!!
.@Scaramucci 'Mooch' is breaking and hasn't even started his new job yet.. Good luck telling Bannon to 'Suck his Ow…
Retweeted by WayneEdHNobody outside the administration has either. Contrast that w Sessions
Retweeted by WayneEdHCongress sends Russia sanctions bill to Trump’s desk, but it’s unclear whether he will veto it - The Washington Post
Retweeted by WayneEdHAny repeal of any kind is unacceptable. We need to be covering more Americans not less. This entire thing is nonsense.
Retweeted by WayneEdH.@SenateGOP says they want to lower premiums, but #SkinnyRepeal spikes premiums by 20%. 🚨🚨CALL THEM @ 202-224-3121…
Retweeted by WayneEdHThe 'Skinny Repeal" is REPEAL! Bad for Americans & Country! #TheResistance
As Trump tries to take away healthcare from millions, he also is banning Trans people from military. He's gotta go! #TheResistance
Good rule of thumb: you will always be disappointed if you expect Republican electeds to put their constituents over their political party
Retweeted by WayneEdHWe pay for Senator John McCain's healthcare—He just voted to take ours away—Congress should be first to lose healthcare before any American.
Retweeted by WayneEdHI am hard-pressed to remember a vote in the U.S. Senate that has treated the American people with less respect.
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Very clear the GOP Senate Leadership is not interested in health care policy. They just want to save face. That's a…
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