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Mac @wmacgyver Columbus Ohio

I use groovy, haskell, java, c++, go, swift, python, erlang and clojure. Hobbies are videogames and DSLR.

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With nonpaywall link @danveloper you poke at every bee hive you walk by, don’t you? 😈 @lhoguin forum, php, security update headache, the end @lhoguin interesting, haven’t heard that one before. @danveloper Let’s “reuse” by rolling our own @lhoguin it’s awful for access and search. While google groups has issues, it’s much better at preserving the knowledge. But slack is “hip”
@cemerick hang in there
@fanf42 @paul_snively people reach for nosql too early, too eager to trade off useful things for “web scale”Microservice architecture visualized
Retweeted by Mac @zeynep @duomark @EFF but vpn is also an ISP, wouldn’t they just do the same and sell your history?3.5 Years, 500k Lines of #golang by @natethefinch @jj1bdx @lhoguin ah, good advice @lhoguin @jj1bdx ok, dying of curiosity here. Which tweet is that?What I don't like about elixir - it's the same OOP ruby speakers now all of a sudden being FP speakers. More #erlang please.
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@lhoguin @jj1bdx oh I thought it was some hidden feature in the erlang compiler :( @lhoguin @jj1bdx that actually works?! @jj1bdx when writing haskell I miss Unicode the most from readability pov. ASCII still faster to type though @jj1bdx fp symbols are hard to translate with ascii @ChadLare @lavamonkeygames hope all is well @nusairat @SenKamalaHarris just voted to strip a rule that prevents Internet Service Providers from selling your personal data without asking permission first.
Retweeted by Mac @sarahchang hahaNew version of #golang ide from @jetbrains plugin for IntelliJ also available now
@nijihan_ good choice @nijihan_ your English is improving fast
@pronounced_ing congrats!!! @russel_winder that certainly seems like the most logical explanation. @aalmiray you used to be a #groovylang def believer @jj1bdx currently in US the politicians are making it worse @jj1bdx makes me lose faith in general public’s common sense @sarahchang perfect for you @pamelafox Pixelmator isn’t free but a LOT cheaper @ALittleOfJoe yea I was thinking Canada too. Toronto is another likely choiceSo with both US and U.K. banning anything larger than smart phone on the plane for international flight, where will tech conferences go?In case you ever had any doubts if you are google’s product. ads companies says jump, google says how high
If this doesn't concern you, you've not been paying attention.
Retweeted by Mac @dysinger remember how you and I were talking about automating data input even if it take 10x longer? :)Weld written in #Rustlang can provide orders-of-magnitude speedups to Spark and TensorFlow. Clever use of llvm @paul_snively I remember studying that in one of my early game dev project for ideas @paul_snively the z machine right? @russel_winder you have to manage life cycle of allocation in both rust and D right? @twleung cool, when I look at it last year a lot of stuff was still in influx. @twleung has rust API stabilize yet? @pronounced_ing done, bought the kindle version as a gift :) congrats on short story award!
BREAKING: Congress fast-tracks resolution to allow internet providers to sell consumer data without permission
Retweeted by Mac @mekajfire @paul_snively you beat me to it. I was about to name the same book for this reason @paul_snively no no you misunderstood. I mean, why were they all using dynamic type language? @paul_snively I’ve been thinking about that. Why do you think that is?Details of my detention by Customs and Border Patrol @CustomsBorder
Retweeted by Mac @java @javajudd so does this mean you have to use jee to get http/2? What application server will support it?
@erlangfactory the link is broken
@bentanweihao @old_sound I can hear it now. The team is like, we finally finish reading the book you forced us to @bentanweihao @old_sound little elixir book right now? Tables will flip :) @bentanweihao @old_sound yes but software that rekease 2.0 quickly is seen as sign of maturity, but if you release 2nd ed of your… @old_sound @bentanweihao especially since you can’t put TODO and FIXME in final product, nor can you quickly release a 1.01 version to fix @sarahchang think of it as a spontaneous vacationCute idea: Dial and Answer Phone with @sparkjava and Java 8 by @twilio
@jj1bdx wow that’s crazy. Didn’t realize toshiba is doing badly @pteichman I see. Thanks for the info. Saw the graph and was like “can I haz the magic?” :) @pronounced_ing did you see this? @pteichman what was the cause of the system improvement? Any specific factor? @paul_snively @dysinger @jdegoes I completely agree, which is why I was confused by the next tweet implying the compromise was bad @paul_snively @dysinger huh? The previous tweet you said scala on jvm was a good compromise? @jdegoes @CedricChampeau @glaforge @Stephan007 I too used wired. also see it as +. have a pair of Audiotechnica handmade with Hokkaido cherry woodThat's no app... that's a space station!
Retweeted by Mac @aalmiray food thing?
@pronounced_ing I just nearly lost my coffee from laughing :) @pronounced_ing yup. 👍 @pronounced_ing normally it’s just 羊. 綿羊 sounds so fluffy @pronounced_ing your sheep is so specific @rakyll how before it starts serving traffic? Last time I tried this, it was 10-30 min
@pronounced_ing not streaming online? Btw it looks real. One year (2005)If @segment can find a million bucks worth of savings, how many much are companies wasting globally in the cloud?
Retweeted by Macwow, Java 8 invite only alpha, and still no go 1.8 on gae standard :(
@danveloper we used it plus JSON streaming to recreate first level of a famous console game in browser as POCAs expected, amazon respond to @googlecloud RI flexibility @Maxinekwokadams a purple violin?! @kenkousen it’s ok. Mother Nature is web scale :) @kenkousen where is your sense of adventure?