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Mac @wmacgyver Columbus Ohio

I use groovy, haskell, java, c++, go, swift, python, erlang and clojure. Hobbies are videogames and DSLR.

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@sarahchang you are going to be within a hour of me! I wish I had known earlier!!
75-year-old Iraqi woman with green card dies after being refused entry into the U.S. for medical treatment.
Retweeted by Mac @pronounced_ing keep this up and I’ll have to send you a pair of Aphrodite’s braclets :) @pronounced_ing just bought a copy from iBooks :) @pronounced_ing no no, thank you! This is the only way I can think of to support you for being a good human being @pronounced_ing thought I ping you again. to buy your book to support you, should I get physical book, iBook or Kindle ebook? @paul_snively movie or novel?Be careful out there, activists. #Facebook content and metadata is available to all 17 US intelligence agencies. cc…
Retweeted by Mac @pronounced_ing to buy your book to support you, do you have a preferred format? Physical book? iBook? Kindle ebook? @pronounced_ing it’s growing like crazy these days. With amazon, google, uber etc all have offices here. Short north is a different place @pronounced_ing haha :) I’ve traveled to many cities/countries, but I still find Columbus a comfortable place to live @pronounced_ing besides, you make Ohio proud, even if you are in Boston now :) @pronounced_ing I saw your tweets/efforts yesterday and starting following. Doing the right thing matters the most when it’s difficult. @pronounced_ing keep up the good work
@pronounced_ing that’s a good one @idomeneus that is awesome
Power to the people. Photo by @wmacgyver at John Glenn Columbus International Airport!#ohioexplored #fightthebancmh
Retweeted by Mac @OhioExplored thank you! You guys are making me very proud to be in Columbus! @AP4LP @paul_snively ouch :) @cbusunited just doing my part :)Today @ Cbus airprt. Also Clvld & nationwide responding 2 exec orders. Thnx Insta Usr @wmacgyver #justice
Retweeted by Mac @twleung 👍 @paul_snively the problem with the 2 party system, the one who currently is in power never thinks that @mittie if good people do nothing, then they wonWow that brings back memories says it will donate $1,000,000 to the ACLU "to defend our constitution" from Trump's Exec. Order.
Retweeted by MacLyft is officially the anti-Uber
Retweeted by Mac @davsclaus oh? There is a github repo for the book?
The latest camel in action meap from @davsclaus is wonderful. The micro service chapter along is worth the money @yighu ah, it looked like a Chinese New Year event, so I was wondering. Happy new year! @yighu where is that?
@ChadLare blood wood I like esp it gave some insight on elves society in shadowrun @ChadLare the box set is classic! How can there be any doubt :) @ChadLare I vote Parlainth, and Blood Wood @dpp @jimlangevin but with way better rebranded marketing :)White collar jobs now threatened by AI
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@wadearnold From C, I agree completely. I'm being serious in saying if #scala to #golang is feasible it's a reasonable choice.
Retweeted by Mac @paul_snively it’s a struggle that too many people face alone. :( @paul_snively :( hang in there
@lhoguin it’s funny you said this. The first time I used #erlang for a project, my talk to the team on why:. I said “let it scale”Why you should not "let it crash" when selling #erlang
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@timbray I don’t see it when search in hash tag, is it already removed?
It’s only been 25 min and the Dept. of Labor’s report on Advancing LGBT Workplace Rights has been taken down.…
Retweeted by MacDidn’t realize linked is such a big @gradle and IntelliJ user
@PolishEmbassyUK @paul_snively I always thought it was Turing that did it? @dysinger hubris @jj1bdx oh not security related!
Wow. Obama commutes Chelsea Manning sentence. The WikiLeaks leaker will be freed May 17, instead of in year 2045.
Retweeted by Mac @dysinger about time @jj1bdx are you doing a talk at erlang factory?Congrats to @sdelamo @ObjectComputing is doing great supporting @grailsframework try to Google it in China. WAIT.
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@paul_snively didn’t realize you are back on twitter
@OluseyiSonaiya @muncman for server side, bulk of our stuff are jvm, erlang/elixir, or go @OluseyiSonaiya @muncman since we only use swift for iOS, it’s a pro in my book. @OluseyiSonaiya @muncman the choices are, c, c++, objective c, swift. :) @OluseyiSonaiya @muncman we standardized on swift as soon as it came out for all our iOS apps. No issue with the language nor Xcode @OluseyiSonaiya @muncman we will find out soon enough
@dysinger that would be hard to vocalize @lavamonkeygames for a sec I thought @ChadLare was cosplaying Darth Vader @muncman with Chris gone, I suspect a set back. @muncman nope
@KrendarAdventur was just looking though your channel. You document a LOT of video game play through @ChadLare @lavamonkeygames oh that’s good. Don’t want you guys to burn out @ChadLare you posting it already?! You and @lavamonkeygames are machines!! @mataxes @ChadLare @KrendarAdventur yea I noticed that too. I wasn’t gonna point that out in the review haha @mataxes @KrendarAdventur @ChadLare now if only there is a big player pool at gencon and origins. (Shadowrun style) @rvirding :)Voted down tonight in Senate ❌ Keep preexisting conditions protection ❌ Let young adults stay on parents plan ❌ Keep contraceptive coverage
Retweeted by MacI hope to someday be as happy about something as these terrorists are about murdering poor people
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@KrendarAdventur I watched the interviews you guys did with @mataxes including the lore torture session “you will tell me all the lores!!” @krendaradventur @mataxes @chadlare @lavamonkeygames I felt like a kaer just opened to twitter. tons of ED fans pouring out. @mataxes @chadlare @lavamonkeygames “but MOM!!! I wanted to be dark tooth!” @lavamonkeygames @mataxes @ChadLare and he doesn’t even need to do any legal disclaimer, he can open with “I’m fasa, I’m earthdawn” @mataxes @lavamonkeygames uh yea I thought you are the line developer and a math guy. I saw your blog post on numerical analysis for ED :) @mataxes @lavamonkeygames catchy name @lavamonkeygames @mataxes @ChadLare yes I remember your legal disclaimer voice. Next time I will look you up for game menu voice over @mataxes I on the other hand, sucked at geography. I think I asked someone at fasa at gencon long time ago @ChadLare @lavamonkeygames other than almost live, and not from barsaive :)