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@summersholiyay Menus are controlled by your theme, so contact support for the specific theme you're using for more… @summersholiyay try checking at ->Appearance ->Customize ->Menus if you still have the corr… @summersholiyay It looks like you're actually using the open source @WordPress software on that site, rather than… @summersholiyay Can you tell us the address of the site you're working on? Then we can take a look. @c_adwani It sounds like you're using the open source @WordPress software, rather than Swi… @KarenEmbra Hi Karen, what's the address of the site you're trying to access? We'll be happy to follow up with you… @SaumyaBlogs You can add as many users as you want to a site. @ahmaddallouch Do you have a site on our servers that is loading slowly? @jwmickey Glad you've got it. :) @smarterparrot Do you need any help? @Brockelman21210 Thanks, is this always only happening in the reader? If you click allow does it end up asking aga…
@Brockelman21210 That seems odd. Are you using the desktop app, or Safari? @talkaboutthisbl Please do report it via the "Report This Ad" link below the ad, or by submitting the form at @HermosaAlma We checked and this is not a site but rather a self-hosted… @HermosaAlma Is your site hosted here with us? Can you send a link? @lisaxquintero Have you considered transferring them all under one account ? @jwmickey Ok. What is your user name? I can find your account with that information and sen… bit of digital housekeeping goes a long way! From changing your tagline to getting rid of that pesky "Uncategoriz… @jwmickey Morning :) I can follow up by email and help you get that sorted. What site are you trying to work on? @TvanHelsdingen Hi, yes, you should be able to choose a free domain with a or domain. if… @dishankpalan92 Hi there! What's the address of your site? @Shreya_piscean Please contact our support team at while logged into the account that used… @MalvikaIyer If you're trying to register a domain with us on, please contact our support t…
@thewordyhabitat Thanks for that information. I'll send a note your way via email where we can get this sorted out. @thewordyhabitat Ok. It sounds like an issue with your internet connection or cellular data strength. Can you try u… @thewordyhabitat Good Morning - What is the site URL? Is there an error message? @colewebdev It's best to respond to that email directly where we can provide some more help. @briannecail I'm afraid this site is not hosted on so we can't help you with that :( To see… @briannecail Hi there! Is this about Block Editor is Now Supported on Mobile Devices @ShanPanigrahi Please contact our support team at while logged into your… @alexkaywritess Hi Alex. Our support team replied to you on Friday in to explain what's goi… @CreativePost We also recommend you delete the tweet with a screenshot of the email reply we sent you, as that reve… @CreativePost Please continue working with our support staff via email to regain access to your account. That's not…
@jsepperson Thanks for that. It looks like there was also a self-hosted site connected to that domain, which might… @CougThoughts Thanks for that. Everything should be working fine, I have just sent you an email so we can have a cl… @QuaffedTheRaven Hmm, could you please open a ticket from so that we can have a closer look? @jsepperson Hi there, what's the address of the site you're working on? @CougThoughts Hi there! What's the address of the site you're working on? @PagePlacePlate Hm, have you tried a different browser? If this happens regardless of the browser, could you please… @PagePlacePlate Hi Hannah, what's the address of the site you're working on? @Umesh__B You do not need to upgrade to be able to use the Classic Editor. Click on the ‘. . .’ settings icon in th… @richrepnation You can check our support pages for more information: @richrepnation Hi there, do you need any help with that? @Aaroncabrera_ Hi Aaron, I'm afraid that at the moment we do not support monthly payments: @CreativePost Hi there! Please send us an email to passwordhelp[at] - our Account Recovery t… @Danpan000 Hi there! When asked "what kind of site are you building?" choose "Business" or "Professional". After th… @QuaffedTheRaven Hi! Did you add text to the 'customize the message' in the post edit screen and it now show up? @Mehsi_Hime You're welcome! Please let us know if anything else odd happens with your account and we'll look into it for you.
@colewebdev Hi! What is the address of the site you are referring to? Is it a site hosted on… @Mehsi_Hime I see where you subscribed to your blog and it is a totally different IP address than any other action… @leebennett Hi! I would first reset your password to be safe: And then for the extra laye… @Mehsi_Hime Can you send a link to your site? We'll take a look.
@vanessabastos Maybe we can help -- can you send a link to your site and let us know what's wrong? We'll check it… @PhelpsJoseff You can set up your site to auto-tweet when you write new blog posts, if you'd like. Here's how: @hansamann This issue is with the @WordPress software itself, and not restricted only to sites hosted on… @phillmoore Thanks. We don't see anything wrong, and it looks like those comments have stopped now, but we'll keep… @phillmoore What is your site's address? Then we can take a look on our end as well. @phillmoore Are you seeing a lot of spam making it through? Spammers constantly adjust their tactics to get around… @Morteana This usually means we're unable to detect that you're logged in. Please try clearing your browser cookies… @burakkgoree7 You'll want to contact Facebook support directly if it's blocked there. Good luck! @DanPuzey Thanks for that. We'll pass this info along. You're able to pick the free domain even though it's lower on the list, right? @stiervoegl Have you seen this? The section on getting connected is really helpful for new bloggers.
@DanPuzey Are you not seeing this option when creating a new site? @pseudoAMYloid Hi! We have recently partnered with upwork, so I'd recommend checking them out: @justabxmom Hi! What is your site URL? We'd be happy to take a look. @DanPuzey Howdy - You should be able to add it from the Free Plan button on If you already… @offhermocha Hi there! You can start with Personal and upgrade if you feel like needing some more features. If you… @_d_a_n_i_e_l__b Is this a site? Please contact support at with mor…
@pingvinar If it's hosted on our servers, please reach out to support at more information so support can help. @pingvinar Is it hosted here on our servers or are you using your own copy of @WordPress? @thestormypoet We'd love to make sure it's not widespread too. If you're in an office, it could be your network man… @pingvinar If you'll send a link to your site, we can point you in the best direction for help. @categitau_ We don't have any built into our services, but generally speaking, any email will need to have some kin… @karuppiah7890 It looks more like @WordPress than our managed hosting service. But that's a normal directory for Wo… @gottimeforbooks Hi! Have you tried re-installing the app and add the site back?
@MariusAdomnica The @WordPRess does decide that, but generally you can add plugins to re-add those features if you'… @TarrionJ Oops! Congrats on the new blog, though! If you need help with Publicize settings, we've got some informa… @HuwGriffith2 Is this the site? If so, one of these account recovery options should work w… @Centoloman You could set your blog page to display only a single post. Or, you could use a Post Block: @LionsWardrobe Hi -- we have seen an issue with Safari lately. Can you let us know whether clearing the cache helps… @facetioussoup Ah we're glad it's working for you now! Just to clarify, were you posting from an app before or in a… @thestormypoet That's odd - are you still having this issue? @ChristopherIsak Thanks for the shout out! We love to hear that. @telescoper Oh wait, maybe you already have?! @telescoper I just sent a note your way via email. Follow up with me there so we can get this sorted. @telescoper I was just about to tell you I was able to view the post. Happy it's back. If you notice anything else… @facetioussoup Oh no! What is the site URL? Happy to take a look. @telescoper Hi - Happy to take a look. Can you send a link to the post in question? @StephKapfunde There's a guide on how to do that with a plugin: @gabrielfidler I've just sent you an email, let's keep in touch there! @HoneyBeaDHU Let us know if you need help moving your site to, we'll be happy to help :) @pattipietsch If that page loads blank, it usually means your browser cannot load all the code the site needs to wo… @StephKapfunde Which classic editor are you referring to? The one in WP-Admin, or the one at…
@pattipietsch Very odd. Could you link to one of the sites? Or, if they're hosted with other providers, have you tr… @hansamann Thanks for the feedback. We're working on a fix for Spotify; can you get in touch here for followup?… @HaroldSadler9 Are you experiencing the same issue? @hansamann Thanks for that. It looks like there is an issue. Can you get in touch directly at… @HungryandFit Hi -- is your site hosted here on our servers? Can you send a link, and also let us know what troubl… @pattipietsch What's happening when you try to sign in? Also, could you link to an affected site?