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We asked a friend how she was doing after her break up and her response was: I'm great! I'm over it already. I just needed to eat pozole.Want to talk to some fans today! Email me at Dumb questions will not be responded tooHave a Day, @BMarshall! #MIAvsNYJ
Retweeted by Angelina Chung @JGolding13 although I can't predict that accurately, I would like to think that I would be. @Lj_Burnit I've only lost 3 games! And I'm still in first place. And it looks like I'm going to win again this week. @ce2979eb2ef447c I meant what I said, shape me. Smartass. @peyotekyng yes, I am already 9 months pregnant. If I didn't keep it, I wouldn't have retired. @bbcpovxxx a commonly used term used by other former performers is retirement. @bbcpovxxx omg get over yourself. Nobody in fucking porn gets a pension. Stop trying to be funny.I'm not one of those people who blame my past for future. Therefore, I will continue to support this industry and everything it stands for.I'm also keeping my porn Twitter because I have a lot of followers and a lot of questions about fantasy football lolI have no intentions of returning to porn but I always got love for this business as it has shaped me as a person.Also, if you hadn't noticed I stopped doing BG porn months before my retirement. Lastly, I retired because of a pregnancy.1.) I will not be at AVN. But if I did go, I would not be pregnant. 2.) My child is not a porn love child.I love how people think they know about my personal life. I don't air any of that shit in public. But I will clarify for you guys...My birthday is in 3 days!!!WHAT THE FUCK... FUCK TEVIN COLEMAN
RIP to this beautiful soul
@heyhannerd just come live with me, k? Okay. @JayStay_617 preeeeeach
The Broncos picked up Christian Ponder? LOL. Cause that worked so well in Minnesota right? @SinfulSolos you too! You lucky you have Ron for thanksgiving lol @packy34 I have no intentions of doing soSo before you preach to a former pornstar about their life, you should probably do some research. 9/10 time their life is better than yoursNot to mention I have a very loving family who knows I did porn but still go out of their way to see how I'm doing.I have a job I love and might I add pays quite well, I have an extremely supportive boyfriend and our anniversary just passedThen proceeded to tell me that I wouldn't have a life after porn. Little does he know that I've been retired for over a year. @careychamblee coolSome creeper ass dude in my email got hella butt hurt that I didnt want to be his friend bcause his picture looked like he molested children @careychamblee I'm in league @careychamblee and lost again last week because Freeman was injured and Amari Cooper didn't do shit @careychamblee lost the last two games because I'm week 10, Julio and Freeman were on a bye and I played Antonio Andrews. -.- @smoothdesire I love cooking but my laziness overpowers the want to cook lol
What's everyone doing tonight? @crazykid113073 the Internet @crazykid113073 yes @GazLad766 then you should probably go find oneI NEED Thai food ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ญ @teazeworld omg I know ๐Ÿ˜ฉ wish you were in California so you can make me some food lol @teazeworld yessssir! Although I get my negative snarks in once in a whileTherefore my circle of friends have gotten smaller and I couldn't be happier with the handful of people I have in my lifeUnfortunately, a lot of people my age are so focused on other things in life that I'm not interested in anymoreall the friends that I decided to keep to are doing their own things and making a success out of their lives.Btw guys, me saying I don't have friends wasn't an invitation for more friends. My life has significantly changed in the past year... @thejanicexxx I stopped drinking it and started taking the pills you told me about lol sooooo much better
@GlennKingXXX @FlyntDominick December 2nd! Not as close as your guys birthday but close enough! Lol
I was going to try to put together a night out by going to dinner w/ my friends for my birthday. Then I realized I don't have any friendsAn obvious Atlanta fan think it's time that I bench Amari Cooper and start Kamar Aiken. @Jpalm1979 I did.I wonder how much money in footballs the Panthers have thrown out lol๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Stop trying to further your campaigns success on closed minded people's fearTrump wants Muslims to wear ID badges? Didn't Hitler make Jews wear the Star of David to identify themselves?
@marwick411 frank gore and devonta freeman, they've always done me good when McCoy was out on an injury. @Jpalm1979 although he does have a better match up. @Jpalm1979 how can you know he's a beast for this week? He's questionable and had a whatever week last week. @Yourmomisstrong I don't have James jones, I have Julio jones @Dreydrey_nice if I had started McCoy I would have won. @Dreydrey_nice that's what I thought when it was Williams vs McCoy last week for me. I chose Williams and lost that week @JayStay_617 he didn't get that many reception last week but had 1 TD. He's also got a toe injury that made him play like crap last week @Bad_Whale yeah it's ppr @HugeeYounggCock julioWhat does everyone think about starting McCoy instead of Marshall as a flex? My RBs are Gore and freeman and WR are J. Jones and Cooper. @stretch3x nah
@thejanicexxx TRUST ME. I know. I just don't have the balls like you to say it out like that. @thejanicexxx LOL.I literally haven't masturbated in months. I think it's time to spoil myself tonight."You're such a cunt." Okay.... And... Don't you think if I cared, I would have changed?Pizza and hot chocolate nights. @echorave except that's not kbbq soooo @WTF7852 can't be your friend if I can't understand what you're saying @_clevername soooo good if you find the right placesWish I had friends I can eat KBBQ with
Check out our @xAngelinaChungx episode again before tomorrow's brand new video!!
Retweeted by Angelina Chung @xAngelinaChungx @NFLfantasy yes been delay all day. On all apps
Retweeted by Angelina ChungIs anyone else having a problem with the @NFLfantasy app? Specifically with updating the Saints game?
@tony_lau I was going to do that but thought it'd be silly to start two RBs from the same team. Try Alfred blue or even Forsett. @johnpeppero nah"Nothing bad happens on Friday the 13th" "My car stopped and I had a flat tire this morning." Oh... Lol. Sorry @johnpeppero you can just email me at angelinaxxxchung@gmail @tony_lau I know ๐Ÿ˜ซ I figured that McCoy was banged up, they'd give Williams more playing time. Why would you risk your RB1 on a jets def?! @tony_lau I didn't ๐Ÿ˜ญ Karlos Williams and Antonio andrews
And this is it... LOL! I like him simply because he looks like he doesn't give a shit Bowles only has one facial reaction. Lol @johnpeppero sureThis TNF game is so slow.There are 2 types of ppl. 1.) ppl that complain about Starbucks red cups 2.) ppl that complain about people who complain about the cups.
@RoaldAquino I mean Watson lol @RoaldAquino Washington has a better match up @RoaldAquino I'm gona go with Watson. He's either mediocre or on fire. I rather take my chances on him than with graham.All my RBs are on bye. Freeman, Gore, and McCoy and Karlos Williams with an injury. ๐Ÿ˜ซ I've had a streak of 8 wins. Think I might lose thisBenjamin Watson or Jimmy Graham this week? Graham is so iffy to start for me. @wellendowedpaul I'm retired. So I have no interest in anything you might have to say about the industry.
We finally have @xAngelinaChungx on @YouTube cooking us some chicken in my apt. Have at it.
Retweeted by Angelina ChungChargers cannot stop getting hurt.
@SinfulSolos well not really... Just rooting for Cooper, he's in fantasy league lolWITH A TOUCHDOWN! Lessssgooooo!!!LOL, right as I tweet that, he passes to Cooper.But on a more serious note, pass the fucking ball to Amari Cooper.
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