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Angelina Chung @xAngelinaChungx Dirty South of ATL to LA

RETIRED ADULT ACTRESS. I like football IG: cactx3

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@SinfulSolos I'm good, could be better. But a better question is how are you? @industrybyrick I love your AVI ❤️❤️❤️I'm raising money for Ron Ellis' Going Away Payment. Click to Donate: via @gofundme
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Once a Teazeworld girl, always a Teazeworld girl.Help donate to help rons family to give him the proper funeral like he derserves GoFundMe account to assist Ron's family has been set up. Anything you can give would be appreciated. > @teazeworld
Retweeted by Angelina ChungI just talked to you 2 days ago... This is unbelievable. I love you shawwdy., you were a beautiful soul that never ceased to amaze me. Our conversations were always filled with laughter. U will remain in my ❤️Zaddddy always comin' in clutch with da dick @84ceb79f704b478 good for youStuck on Georgia time... For those that ordered clips, I will get to them ASAP. I'm jet lagged up the bootyhole
@RaphaelZotto nope @RaphaelZotto I had a baby
@HeLmy_Keep yeah, and I'm telling you if you get their channel to 700 subscriptions, you will see exactly that. @HeLmy_Keep if you subscribe and tell your friends you'll see a lot more @weyrwolf panthersIf we can get @SinKitchen to 700 subscribers on YouTube by today! I will do a live periscope show! is the last day to subscribe to this channel! Let's get them to 700 by today! (: @redman98370 that deserves an unfollow
@snoman0131 see my last tweet lol @ryanpartee she directed the stupidest documentary about porn girls.I love parks & recreations but I hate rashida jones. Can we replace her please?
@redman98370 @SinKitchen I'll keep that in mind!Subscribe to @SinKitchen YouTube channel for a follow and/ or skype! Screenshot for proof!
Coming Soon "Just Between You & Me" @SIRIpornstar @iluvchristie @BunnyAlanaLuv @xAngelinaChungx
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I really want Bacon after watching this new @xAngelinaChungx episode
Retweeted by Angelina ChungBacon + @xAngelinaChungx = NEW episode of Sin Kitchen! WATCH HERE -
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@HeLmy_Keep that's not youtube @redman98370 @SinKitchen that's their Twitter, not the YouTube channel. Here is the link: @Crunch48Lynch you can subscribe to this link for a follow ! (: @redman98370 lol doesn't work that way. Screenshot or it didn't happen @redman98370 how do I know? Lol @xAngelinaChungx thanks for follow - look forward to more vids on channel.
Retweeted by Angelina Chung @Thatguy5487 @SinKitchen and then you have to show prood @Thatguy5487 @SinKitchen beause it's not following them on Twitter, it on youtubeScreenshot your subscription to me!Okay guys! Still following and giving people skypes you subscribe to @SinKitchen channel on YouTube! @DreamGirlsOnly no @snoman0131 @SinKitchen let's see the proof? @xAngelinaChungx had a a nice skype with this great lady she is awesome and chill will always be a fan and support.
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@wmonte you are literally just posting my video on my feed @wmonte show proof of subscription @Andersonski826 I'm in the west coastTo the people who I'm doing skypes with tonight, I'll be home at 10:30 @mush2488 email me @xAngelinaChungx Oh I subscribed and am realizing that coconut oil lids are on really tight apparently lol ;)
Retweeted by Angelina Chung @elmst33333 no @elmst33333 why does that matter? @MrAdrielG then we may have a surprise for you! @ryanpartee DM me your skype name @apgreat_10 @SinKitchen you need to subscribe to the YouTube channel @ryanpartee subscribe to his YouTube link @hairline23 subscribe to his you tube channel @Jpalm1979 let's see a screenshot! @apgreat_10 @SinKitchen can you screenshot so I can see proof? (: @hairline23 @SinKitchen screenshot ?!To show proof, screenshot you subscribing to the channel, and I will follow thru with the follows and skypes! subscribes to @SinKitchen gets a follow from me! If I follow you already, I will send you a skype tonight personally thanking you!We have @xAngelinaChungx in the kitchen on Monday, don't forget to subscribe here -
Retweeted by Angelina Chung @mbell33445 nopeI also have a POV foot job!If you guys are interested in buying these clips, email me @kaydoesitbest fuck offI have POV BJ clips, face smothering, etc...Remember how I was going to open a C4S store? Well I'm not anymore. But I am selling the clips that were supposed to go up @ShawnS754 retirement @thepervysage69 very unlikely lol. But I Definitley agree about the minimum age. It's called an adult business for a reason. @wilder1013 maybe a lot of those other women should stop hooking and doing drugs and then blame it on the industry. @thepervysage69 those people then you don't belong in this industry anyway. This industry is for adults who can handle their shit @thepervysage69 industry than the bad. People see who can easily be taken advantage of and that applies to every job. If you are one of @thepervysage69 lol, no. Idc. I ain't got nothing against her. I don't even know her like that. I'm just saying there is more to this @wilder1013 @JustDakotaXXX I'm a performer that came in, had fun, and left. @wilder1013 tf I gotta cover for the industry for? Lol. I'm not some top notch performer who represent a big company. INot worth my time. I got better things to do like cuddle with my cute as a button son. 👋🏽 @wilder1013 @JustDakotaXXX I've never been forced to do something I didn't want to do on set. Ever. @JustDakotaXXX maybe it's not the industry but the person itself. I have not once ever felt like I was forced to do something. @JustDakotaXXX when performers say stuff like this, it gives everybody else every reason to try to shut down this business. @JGolding13 thanks!Stay tuned babe! I'll let you guys know! @JCool62 💖 @JGolding13 but I've still got a bunch of content That's never been released... A few by penthouse! @JGolding13 not quite. @diwaviper11 stay tuned! I'll let y'all know very soon! @xAngelinaChungx wat should i do?
Retweeted by Angelina ChungGot some thanks in the work but gona need to see some of the fans love! @JGolding13 bushStay tuned on Monday to get some details and how you can see me live for your own short personal skype! @hustlaaa4 no skin off my back @hustlaaa4 never have never will @hustlaaa4 lol no @hustlaaa4 I was only in Miami, 3 years ago when I shot my first scenes. @TaishaJason I'll tell you on Monday! (;I wonder how many loyal angelina fans I still have 🤔
@Gregorio_83 @MiaAustinXXX idk lolI literally just watched @MiaAustinXXX and other @ATMLA talent have sex in a hotel with a soundproof box with a kid inside. It was awesomeI always forget to wear underwear every time I get a massageOur upcoming episode will feature @xAngelinaChungx , here's her previous episode!!
Retweeted by Angelina Chung @JCool62 carolina
I don't usually block people but if you repeatedly ask me what kind of fucking mayo I like, I'm gona block you
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