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This is amazing. Nasrallah is the Secretary General of Hezbollah. He doesn’t even know who he’s talking about and L… Manning said she was crashing @Cernovich’s party last night but here’s a picture taken in DC before Christm…'re both the best! is an Iranian word....well not that spelling but it's from the word Kha-vee-yar (phonetic). Caviar has alway… sturgeon...from the Iranian side of the Caspian Sea. thing is the mother of pearl thing with caviar is a Western invention. This woman is trying to be fancy but t… @DannyPellegrino wait what? I haven't seen the movies but that is disappointing.2. The fire and fury that soprano @PatriciaPetibon puts into "Der Hölle Rache" is exactly how Mozart intended it...… seems to be a lot of interest, but also confusion, about Shabbat, government service, and Jared and Ivanka. B…
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘 @JayCaruso @DanaSchwartzzz agree. even if the person isn't famous. only exception is compliment tweets.The rare moment of Schumer speaking to the audience of one
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘Guys if I tweet about someone famous don't tag them in the comments like a snitch, what is wrong with you
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘 @michellebhasin You're a great mama. They are so lucky.I know this is not the point of the video but who knows where I can get this sweater?
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘This pic getting thousands of RTs appears to be from last year. The @Statesman has the aerial shots from the march…
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘Owner Story: "Can you keep the water out of me ears, please?"
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘OH MY GOD can only mean double trouble
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘To chagrin of Secret Service, Eisenhower lassoed by cowboy during inaugural parade, yesterday 1953:
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘Trump has not spoken to Schumer since Friday, per people on both sides.
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘And 20 years ago was the year @Madonna released her best album (Ray of Light) and the @dixiechicks broke out. Time…
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘Such a great album. going to college this year are younger than SATC, byyyyeeeeee
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘Important Story: How Corruption and Cronyism in Banking Fueled Iran’s Protests. @ntabrizy reports. fam....its time for some Girl Scout Cookies. I love the Girl Scouts...they do such important work...I also love… a woman take over the moderator position? Some options include @margbrennan @biannagolodryga @nancycordes...or… is how I feel about live music at hotels. And music in restaurants and hotels generally. Make it stop. reality.....Sex and the City premiered TWENTY years ago this year....the first Sex and the City movie was rel… dignified I thought it was a very regal lion! Hedi Slimane named artistic director of Céline. Story to come.
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘What?!!! wish that at this very moment i were 95 years old with the plug to my oxygen within my reach
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘 @kyletblaine I thought your backyard growing up was the stage door at Mariah Carey performancesWhat am I gonna do with this little girl? So naughty, but I can’t help but love her dramatics. Foster Esampu:…
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘“Failure is just there to point you in a different direction” - Oprah 🙏🏽🔑
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When #OscarsSoWhite (@ReignOfApril) met #MeToo (@TaranaBurke)... at the @Autograph / @theblcklst Retreat at…
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘someone needs to write the kama sutra for snuggling positions where i can still read my phone
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘I feel seen here's our story:
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘 @ellembee Listen as the man with unpopular food opinions...I get itExcuse me???? mints and keep them in the freezer. 'The Shape of Water' wins outstanding film producer
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘 @hello__caitlin She’s mad as hell and she’s not gonna take it anymore!!!!Keep in mind all of the names in screenshot caption below belong to elephants. They are such characters. definitely keeps her keepers on their toes! Thank you!! am I gonna do with this little girl? So naughty, but I can’t help but love her dramatics. Foster Esampu:… to the Queen of Brooklyn @LeahRemini on her Producer's Guild Award. She beat out some serious conte… @sassylibrarian1 I wish!I did! I read two books and watched a couple of documentaries. @71Tooch 3-5 hours @gacksonjiles @cwarzel he's a reporter - it's his job.2. By the way, I'm shocked at how easy it was. I'm the guy who is on the laptop most of the few vacations I've been…’s cause I didn’t start tweeting until 10 pm you idiot. I took the day off for the first time in my adult life. won! Thank you to The Producers Guild for this incredible honor of Outstanding Producer Of…
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘Add Robert Mueller to Kate McKinnon's list of "SNL" characters.
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘2. Here you go. @dj_mosfett How is this slanderous @crystallinesd thank you!I never use this option but it’s perfect for 🐘🙄 Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announces pregnancy is no better sound that your husband not being home, the kids aren’t home and the food delivery guy rings your doorbell.
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘This isn’t surprising. Folks like @CassandraRules are big Chelsea Manning fans and there’s a contingent there tonig…
Ugh we doing #ShutdownMovies yet?
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘There’s a Swin tweet for everything @EricHaywood @iamlaurenp @MorganicInk deal was struck over cheeseburgers, then it fell apart. @maggieNYT @shearm report. Fox Executive sues studio for gender discrimination, sexual harassment
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘Circa 2013 @EricHaywood @realDonaldTrump @SirajAHashmi SirajSource confirms it was John Kelly who phoned Schumer and rejected the deal he discussed with Trump, even though pre…
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘Per a source familiar: it was Kelly who called Schumer to say that the outline of the deal that Schumer and Trump h…
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘Senate Dems did their news clip research cheeseburgers, President Trump and Senator Schumer struck an outline of an agreement to keep the government op…
Retweeted by Yashar Ali 🐘 @MaryPageKeller What are you saying....hmmmm 🤔