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"She walked me through a hallway that seemed to double as a museum of superannuated filing cabinet technology."
@intelligibabble @jordwalke I did too... @trishume @github have you tried implicitcad? @h4nnes @avsm @dimenix And we should get better at giving props for patches people upstream. Sorry about that. @h4nnes @avsm @dimenix We haven't gotten it all right, but we're trying. @h4nnes @avsm Come on man! @dimenix has been burning the midnight oil on jbuilder, base, etc to make them fit community needs. @rickasaurus @NickPalladinos @ID_AA_Carmack frankly, I find the whole universe of patents confusing. @rickasaurus @NickPalladinos @ID_AA_Carmack which isn't great, but isn't the same as competing... @rickasaurus @NickPalladinos @ID_AA_Carmack that sounds like you lose the license if you sue them on any patent action. @rickasaurus @NickPalladinos @ID_AA_Carmack what's wrong with React's license? @plaxdan @elmlang Indeed! Or OCaml...The basic model of React is really a big win. Even better would be to embed it in a better language... A composable build system for OCaml released by Jane Street. RFC here:
Retweeted by Yaron Minsky @trishume @jordwalke compared to oasis and ocamlbuild.Now I just need to figure out how to get it to work nicely and interactively with DrRacket!I'm so excited! I had no idea until this morning that this existed. Procedural CAD for Weirdos indeed!
@jordwalke 30m?Now we just need to get the jbuildified version of our packages into the opam. I'm still building off of Jane Street's bleeding edge...There's still room to go to improve things, but that's a big step up.That includes: Core, Async, Incremental, Jenga, Patdiff. Something like 500k lines of code underneath all of that.With jbuilder, compilation in OCaml has really a lot faster. On my new macbook pro, rebuilding 69 packages took <4.5m. @huund I'm an Emacs user, so caps lock is control! @martinky I very much like the keyboardI just got a new macbook pro, and it's lovely. But I would gladly trade the touch bar for a real escape key.Of course, having to listen to terrible children's music is one of the less pleasant parts. It all depends on the choice of music...One of the great joys of having children is the excuse to listen to children's music.
"Senator, is the fight on land or on the water?"
Retweeted by Yaron Minsky @samth fair. @samth there's more diversity in problems here than you'd naively imagine. @samth people really do switch topics here too. From trading systems to compiler optimizations to network management to messaging systems... @samth but actually we don't hire that many academics, despite appearances. @samth the "rare combo so people don't leave" effect is surely real. @samth we have 550 employees now, so it's not so small. But that's part of it. @samth oooh! I want to hear your suspicions before I give my answers. @samth Well, 10, anyway. We've barely been around for 15 years... @samth True, but Jane Street is one such place. @samth it does depend a bit on the institution.
Gmail just needs to add the ability to throw emails into the future, and Inbox will have no remaining utility.It had some promising ideas, but few noticeable improvements after the launch, and it never recaptured enough of what's good about Gmail.I switched from Inbox back to the old Gmail UI, and I'm so much happier. I still don't understand why Inbox was such a disaster.And now, with the correct link: cute little metaprogramming tool, from @dimenix: @jordwalke @asciinema neat! Can you add audio too?
@trishume she doesn't actually have RSI issues. She just hurt her wrist a few days ago. I just thought it was a funny idea... @geraldodev DrRacket @asolove @RealWorldOCaml notifying @avsm ... @marius I guess I could tell the story of what my kids and I have done together, without pretending that it's a more general recipe. @marius It's a hard topic to blog about because it's not clear how generalizable the things I've done are.The best part is that she wrote this under the tutelage of her 15yo brother.She's very precocious, as you can tell by the RSI related wrist brace.My daughter showing off The tic tac toe game she wrote in Racket!
Modern programming: pick a language because it's "a better Java", use it as a worse OCaml.
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@jordwalke @jordwalke also, you should check out Type_equal from Base. Very useful idiom. @jordwalke Yeah, this is a super common pattern. Async and Incremental both have it. And almost any system with a plug in architecture... @jordwalke but you're certainly right that these are tools that take some experience to learn how to use. @jordwalke I use 2, 3 and 4 but not really 1. @arntzenius Sometimes, language choice is driven by things other than pedagogical questions. @arntzenius I think that in many cases, Scala is chosen because it is viewed by students as more practical, because of the Java connection. @marius @plragde @sperbsen Do you have a nice example I could pass on of one class of these interactions?«use-after-free … with logic bugs and null pointer dereference …»: This, kids, is why programming languages matter.
Retweeted by Yaron MinskyAnd for those of you who think it complex, are there examples you could point to? Any good blog posts?It's worth noting that Scala is taught after both OCaml and Java, so the students may have a better basis for absorbing the complexity.I'm unsure how to reconcile the two views.But people at Brown are using it to teach, and seem to be having a good time of it.I've heard people who should know (@marius, @sperbsen) complain about Scala's complexity, which would make it problematic for teaching. @examachine surprisingly good speedups.
We need this for everything. @samth and their interests are not necessarily aligned with yours. @samth those are very hard to gauge. Different employers have very different standards. @justin_hewlett I agree that playing algorithm bingo is counterproductive... @justin_hewlett but the medium doesn't necessarily fundamentally change the nature of the interaction. @justin_hewlett my experience is that some folk do better with the whiteboard, some with computers. @samth for undergrads, my sense is that professors don't have a good grip on who is actually an effective programer. @justin_hewlett Wait, but isn't that just a traditional technical interview? @samth fair enough. @samth Sure, but in industry we're usually hiring people without such public bonafides. @EthanHann hmm. That's starting to sound like a technical interview. @EthanHann I worry that this overly selects for people who can talk a good game, which is not the same a being a productive dev.