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@andreymokhov We're happy to consider for both locations.
@marcelloseri Yeah, and the nice thing is you could have more than one. An RWO-essentials package could install wha…
@jordwalke Command line UI, actually.This is a surprisingly fun/thoughtful set of PL aphorisms: @jordwalke Oh, does Reason have such a front-end? @cafe2code @jordwalke Yeah, Windows support is another pain point, but it is being worked on. @samth Sounds good. Also, I plan on eating dinner other nights as well. Probably getting a drink as well... @th3rac25 "elm" is a single command line entry point that gets you all the key tools. It greatly improves discovera… it's so close now. The biggest technological issues have been solved, and there's mostly just integration and polish left.- doc generation still isn't great - package publishing is too complicated- No built in jbuilder support in vs code - no zero-conf support for unit testing in jbuilder - no unified front end like Rust and Elm have- No simple way to install the key packages. You just need to know that jbuilder, utop, ocp-indent and Merlin are critical.I was struck by all this when seeing me kids up to program in OCaml recently. I also noticed some holes.- an editor that works well without tweaking (vs code) - good cross-editor indenter (ocp-indent)- good build system (jbuilder) - cross editor IDE still features (Merlin) - solid package manager (opam)OCaml's user experience is improving fast. So many pieces have fallen into place. @samth Try now. Does it work? @samth Urk! Give me a minute...Do you enjoy food? Planning on going to ICFP? Jane Street is organizing a dinner! Sign up here if you're interested. @marius I'm hoping my readers understand. 140 characters is a harsh taskmaster.We're looking to hire an FPGA engineer! Especially interesting if you care about the intersection of FP and hardware @rg9119 Jekyll. There are nice WordPress importers for it, which simplified things greatly.
And it's "blog" instead of "blogs". Small mercies...Also, now it's using a static site generator rather than being a WordPress based monstrosity.It's a small thing, but I really do like the new layout of our blog."If you're not using Haskell at 20 you have no heart; if you're not using OCaml at 30, you have no head" —Churchil…
Retweeted by Yaron MinskyInterested in doing an internship at Jane Street? Here's a sample of what this year's interns did.
Concretely: you can sometimes do better performance engineering the hell out of one server, versus building a distributed system.Which is not to say you shouldn't build systems that can handle lots of traffic. But do that engineering with specific goals in mind.Performance engineering is all about specialization, and a vague desire to be scalable blocks specialization.You can often build systems that are both simpler and faster as a result. And designs that seem scalable themselves only scale so far.An important lesson: don't build scalable systems. Your problem has finite size. Recognize it and use that knowledge.
@avsm @marius For what it's worth, we're seriously considering banning the Not_found exception I'm our codebase. It's an abomination.Young NaN
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FCC cheers removal of limits on phone rates charged to a literally captive audience -- prison inmates. Calls now bi…
Retweeted by Yaron Minsky @jacobmcarthur Hofs and types, on the other hand, can't be faked. @jacobmcarthur The other language features of necessity allow you to write programs that are lazy, whether or not t… @jacobmcarthur Really, laziness is a spectrum, and built-in laziness in the language is just one form. @jacobmcarthur And laziness is simply not that important in a language like ML. If the lazy keyword disappeared fro… @jacobmcarthur You've got a point with types and hofs. But good support for immutable programming, while important,…
An excerpt from my forthcoming book World Without Mind--this is from a chapter on my sad end at the New Republic.
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👏👏"Engineering is all about cooperation, collaboration, and empathy for both your colleagues and your customers." 👏👏
Retweeted by Yaron MinskySome more last minute tweaking... tug to misrepresent for clicks is strong, even at times with the mainstream media.
Retweeted by Yaron MinskyJust saw Zev jump in and do some fevered, last minute code changes. Sporting excitement!Nope. This is part of a summer program at MIT. Everything is in Java.My son, ready for his self driving car's time trial. I'm definitely more excited about this than I've been about an…
No remote contacts, I'm afraid. We're looking for someone to work at our NY office.Do you love writing and software? We're looking to hire a technical writer here at Jane Street.
A schedule is now available for the OCaml Users and Developers Workshop at ICFP '17:
Retweeted by Yaron MinskyMy son's latest game! I found it surprisingly hard... @RobMening Obviously, this approach is only easier if you're used to the necessary developer tools. @RobMening Making a change to the site and putting up a version of that for others to look at is surprisingly hard in WordPress. @RobMening Not at all. A static sure can be updated using ordinary version control tools, can be easily built and examined by any user.
@basus @bassjacob There's stog, but we had some jeckyll experience, so we went with that. @joshyhargreaves @reasonml @reactnative And the thing is, we use prettier, flow, and eslint, the functionality of w…
Retweeted by Yaron Minsky @bassjacob JeckyllAnd of course the security story is much cleaner with a static site.It's an example of how things can be made easier by using a more code-like workflow.Our blog is moving from WordPress to a static site generator, and I'm psyched. Making and reviewing changes is going to be so much easier.
The 3D illusions of Kokichi Sugihara, an engineering professor at the Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathema…
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@avsm @whatfireflies @RealWorldOCaml Sweet! That's an area that's changed a fair amount. @whatfireflies @RealWorldOCaml @avsm Well, here's the refresh, in progress: @typeocaml Yes! @plexus This getting us or usual testing tools, quick check included. @plexus Inspiring both joy and dread, we dealt with this by writing emacs extensions in OCaml instead of Elisp. @xepo_ Next time! We're already at the airport, but we'll be back.Reykjavik had quite a number of paintings on buildings, some of them quite lovely. love how no one in these ads ever smiles.I find myself strangely entranced by the 66° North ads...
a big fan of @replyall but no other episode made me say "oh shit" and "wow" this many times before.
Retweeted by Yaron Minsky @marius @bd @replyall Indeed! We were called by these guys too, and I just can't imagine responding to that by digging the way they did.
@arnihermann Only for the weekend. But we're planning to catch some music tonight at Dillon. I'd be happy to chat over drinks! @casio_juarez My favorite part is that they still seem kinda mad about disco. @casio_juarez You're not far off. They mostly added more stickers and a sound system, and charge 10 bucks.The Icelandic Punk Museum is located inside a repurposed public restroom. I recommend.In the TOURIST CENTER. This is not the U.S.One was complaining about the development being joyless, the other saying that it's actually not so bad.In the Reykjavik tourist center, just saw a video of two architects discussing the development of the city center.