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Signal boost for Anonymous operations and resistance movements #400lbCr3w

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In case you were wondering how corporations behave during fascism
Retweeted by AnonymousWhen we talk about a #GreenNewDeal, it’s incredibly important that we don’t simply allow Oil Barons to become Energ…
Retweeted by AnonymousFuck every single person involved in or defending this sick shit.
Retweeted by Anonymousearlier this year amazon killed a business tax in seattle that would've created a $50 million annual fund to help t…
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@lupacchinom Single-mindedness is exactly the problemThis is not a critique of Chinese people, not at all, it is the Chinese government pushing thought control that is the issue here.If the Chinese market threatens to censor your tech or entertainment product, pull out of the market.Don't fold to Chinese censorship requirements, it's them that needs to change, not us.What is John Carpenter’s “The Thing”? the world for the better. How many times have you been told this throughout history? Why do you never listen?"I can’t breathe": The power and tragedy of #JamalKhashoggi’s last words #ICantBreath
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@kutheks Unless there was a breach and your account isn't compromised (yet)Reminder: change your passwordsLast month, members of a technology/hacking focused Jihadi Telegram channel shared images of their new hacking tool…
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@franticpigeon @kainvahn @PunishedSampler @defangolives @c_chanter @Jordan_Sather_ This video was made by the CIA in order to disc… day, another chance to report Tumblr pedophiles and zoophiles who were booted by the platform and came to twitter
S'il vous plaît, ne faites pas de mal à vos semblables. Vous vous battez pour tout ce qui est juste. Pour un avenir…
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Florida man is savage @YourAnonNews Why is he signing his tweets?
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This is what a Trump parody account would tweet as well"Blade Runner" Eye-Scanning Lie Detector May Be Coming To A Dystopian Future Near You #cyberpunks #cypherpunks
Retweeted by Anonymous#Antifascism fights for open borders, equality, assess to healthcare, education and wellbeing of all. Right wing p…
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Microsoft will be building a browser based on Chrome, will it fill your RAM like @google their browser does? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 🦊The game Fallout 76 was broken, unfinished and boring (yes this YAN admin played it) but now they failed at cyber-s… dun goofedBREAKING: Ecuador's president says Britain has provided sufficient guarantees for Julian Assange to leave his gover…
Retweeted by Anonymous House just passed this Bill and Australia is on its way to having one of the most repressive surveillance and c…
Retweeted by Anonymous was @MSF forced off the tiny Pacific island of #Nauru? What will happen to the patients we were forced to leave…
Retweeted by AnonymousTHREAD: What is The Base? It's a "balk-right" network of white separatist paramilitaries hoping to balkanize the U…
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@I_Resist_This 😂 @Matijas234 Quite!Rudy Giuliani is Q @YANsSantaHat sup?
LulzSec hacktivist Jeremy Hammond, who hacked private intelligence firm @Stratfor and leaked data to WikiLeaks in 2…
Retweeted by Anonymouswas raining 🌧🌧 (not $$) on some babies?? NOW LOOK WHAT YOU DID HO!... ho ho! Merry Xmas 🎉🎄😍👅 Donate…
Retweeted by AnonymousHelp a comrade out! Listen to her message. #LegalizeIt now? Hacked trafficker #Epstein plead the fifth on his relationship to #Trump, #Andrews, & #Clinton. #OpDeathEaters
Retweeted by AnonymousReminder: Trump, his brother, children & ex wife are all in Epstein's LBB - including emergency no. #OpDeathEaters
Retweeted by AnonymousIn 2009, Mark Epstein, Jeffrey’s brother, testified under oath that Trump flew on the 'Lolita express' #OpDetheaters
Retweeted by AnonymousSo, we got a soft shadow ban going on via @twitter - no reason for it at all. What’s up with that @jack @YourAnonNews @OpDeathEatersUS Maybe one day they will catch up on Bannon's network too. #opDeathEaters
Retweeted by Anonymous @JamesPa03831947 @CaptainB_Money No, you. tracked and reported plenty of pedo networks throughout the globe, including that of Jeff Epstein who ha… @SubtleContumacy @OpDeathEaters @OpDeathEatersUS You have access to the internet but don’t know how to use it. Wha…***Also NOTE we had this information WAY before @realDonaldTrump even thought of running for President in 2016.*** #OpDeathEatersWhat’s messed up is #Anonymous tracked a bunch of information on Epstein that lead to Trump via #OpDeatheaters cc:… senator is from Australia, please feel free to report his racism. getting a rocket into the air to escape this eventually dying planet without rocket fuel asked a question, we didn't state an opinion.
People in France voted every year for environmental regulations, including higher fuel taxes. Now residents want pr… Distributed Denial of Secrets (#DDoSecrets), a collective/distribution system for leaked and hacked data, laun…
Retweeted by AnonymousTrump's cuts to humanitarian aid for Gaza were so cruel that the Israeli military privately urged the US not to do…
Retweeted by Anonymous @HeyMrsAmerica @Phxstar25 See? You know the historical context. It’s very telling why the Trump supporter doesn’t. @Phxstar25 You sure you know anything about history? You’re on the biggest library ever to exist in the history of… the Nazi famous.
Children and their play toys, who never grew up, who never become adults. basement is freaking awesome, we're talking powerful computers, gigabit internet, stocked refrigerators and co… wanted Fallout 76 to be a success so they could make less games, and keep the audience engaged with in-gam…
@Asher_Wolf why are you blocking so many people? Asking for a lot of friends.Jeremy In Solitary Confinement and Facing Possible Transfer: An Update #Anonymous have devastating news. Jeremy’s disciplinary hearing was yesterday. The prison ruled against him, & recommended…
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@meganphelps @DoubleJake Pure coincidence @DoubleJake <3Still a classic @gamerfrommars @_CobraCommander @FreeJeremyNet feel free to follow back, we'll send you a DM @_CobraCommander well, this toothbrush salesman @gamerfrommars could have consulted us for this video, but we under…'s because we're soft-banned by twitter, we don't come up in search results've been tweeting about copyright since we started this account, we're still opposed to Scientology and still fig… news for Nintendo fans: You can now stream your games online and upload footage to YouTubeThread"The same company that rewarded the red-meatiest content and hyperpartisan drivel that political lunatics like alle… blows kisses to the crowd at #PhillyHolidayFest as @PhillyMayor Jim Kenney gets heckled for not taking down…
Retweeted by AnonymousTear gas has been outlawed as a method of warfare on the battlefield by almost every country in the world. US law…
Retweeted by AnonymousYou should have made backups and used stronger passwords, and you should have used a different password for every s… it is these same massive media companies that can now restrict their speech, they are now actively able to disc… are the same conservatives who whine about social media companies discriminating against them also against Net…
2018 a deep breath. Relax. #AnonymousThe manufacturer of the tear gas used on migrants in Tijuana by CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) this weekend had ju…
Retweeted by Anonymous1) This is extraordinary. Sinclair is now reportedly requiring dozens of local stations to air a segment that defe…
Retweeted by AnonymousIn a time where too many states are choking on reactionary xenophobia and authoritarianism as false solutions to pr…
Retweeted by AnonymousNEW: Technical report shows Russian hacking began hours after #WikiLeaks mentioned a reward for Clinton info in Mar…
Retweeted by AnonymousAt this point I feel like I need to inform you that there are at least two dove releasing business serving the OC.…
Retweeted by AnonymousEXCLUSIVE: Police find an “arsenal” of 50+ firearms & Nazi memorabilia in the home of a Huntington Beach man charge…
Retweeted by Anonymous💛 We are sad to share the news of the passing of Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants. Today, w…
Retweeted by AnonymousWhy aren't marijuana dispensaries called grass stations?
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#MerryChristmas from #TheWhiteHouse 🎅🏼 🔥
Retweeted by Anonymous Stephen Hillenburg, thank you for all the memes