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@gregorykorte @AP @Bakari_Sellers forever? Would you release a fake UFO story just because the gov won't release data? @ReformedBroker @ActualFlatticus complete BS. CF is A rated and facts be damned. @fmanjoo people will or will not buy apple products regardless how you feel about the changes. Tech writers influence is much exaggerated."The stark fact highlighted in the AP’s tweet and social share card is, for starters, totally false."
Retweeted by Joe Zou @fmanjoo it doesn't matter to your readers how you feel. @JohnJHarwood but apparently not ashamed to attend those 10k+ huge rallies though.Everyone who jumped on that flawed AP Clinton story should read this and feel a little ashamed:
Retweeted by Joe Zou @samsteinhp not compared to Port Authority Bus terminal.The urge to troll the "main stream" press is strong on morning Twitter. @jimsciutto omg, you are rich. Didn't know that you own ehe central park. @TheFix @brianstelter don't flatter yourself. @davidfrum ok @SirSteven yes. I wish the same standard would apply to all news organizations. @davidfrum @brianefallon some poor kids receiving life saving drugs from The Foundation disagree. @davidfrum @brianefallon it helps if you saved an AIDS patient's life.Handsome fraud > ugly fraud. @anniekarni @maggieNYT @politico they are right about that. @maggieNYT @politico in case you dinosaur types don't already know, jimmy Kimmel is part of modern day press. @michaelsantoli Apple's corporate structure is that of a giant startup. No separate pnl, no divisions, small product teams.. @michaelsantoli feels like Tim Cook just getting started. apple is not your typical "average" company. @EmanuelDerman not upset if the Fda acpt money from donors with less than noble motives, as long as the clintons don't base policy on it. @EmanuelDerman by the way, Trump himself gave 100k to the foundation. Pretty sure he was buying access. The donor's motive need not be pure @EmanuelDerman Clinton foundation is a 5-star charity, there are AIDS patients in Africa whose life depended on it. @EmanuelDerman when Bob Dole was senate majority leader, his wife run Red Cross, how many people who met Dole and gave to Red Cross? @EmanuelDerman when W Bush was President, people gave to H Bush's library, I don't remember controversy. @EmanuelDerman @FT yes unless there is evidence showing "if you give X, I approve Y".
Trump donated to the Clinton Foundation while HRC was Secretary of State. Doesn't that mean he is calling for an investigation of himself?
Retweeted by Joe Zou"Clinton Foundation does a lot of good work" - Trump campaign manager tells @andersoncooper.
Retweeted by Joe Zou @jonfortt @jonathanstray @AP actually it's bad math. @tombuerkle if you exclude all people the Hillary met, there won't be any donors to the foundation. @tombuerkle The clintons probably met a lot of rich folks in 30 years and they are the world's donor pool. That AP story is all insinuations @tombuerkle meeting people outside government and helping noble peace prize winner? @CNBC that's a false headline. @samsteinhp what's exactly the problem? She's not allowed to meet people? Is there evidence of quid pro quo? @tombuerkle anything wrong with that? @MarketWatch he's been making investors uneasy forever. Anyone who followed his advices would've gone broke. @NateSilver538 @FiveThirtyEight when you have a systematic error as large as 6pt, isn't it a good reason to call it a garbage poll? @jbouie not the Clinton internal poll. Clinton people knew the poll were wrong a day before election. @chrislhayes another take: in safe blue states, moderate GOP and indies go for 3rd party or won't vote, in swing states they vote H.
@ReformedBroker probably not otherwise US would have dropped bombs on it. @Nate_Cohn also education level: many with college education and post graduate degree. @Noahpinion @TokyoWoods @GeraldFSeib the trend started 30 years ago. @Noahpinion @TokyoWoods @GeraldFSeib "racialism". @FT step 1: ignore FT.Many people are saying he may be seriously ill. @TheEconomist save click: the Brits are richer. @CNBCJosh @morsea @theinformation sounds like Steve Ballmer in 2007 saying "last time I checked, iPhone has zero market shares"Consider our ex-Presidents. Have they used their influence to help others? Carter ☑️ Bush ◽️ Clinton ☑️ Bush ◽️
Retweeted by Joe Zou @leolonnywest @brianstelter @ReliableSources it doesn't. We don't need reporter to get the message. @EricHuebner1 @GoodIdeaFriend @Nate_Cohn @DFerrisi @GravisMarketing economists have 2 hands, 538 has 3 hands. Well hedged. @EricHuebner1 @GoodIdeaFriend @Nate_Cohn @DFerrisi @GravisMarketing he has no conviction about his model, that's why he has a poll+ model. @EricHuebner1 @GoodIdeaFriend @Nate_Cohn @DFerrisi @GravisMarketing he didn't believe his own model, why should you believe his model@now? @GoodIdeaFriend @EricHuebner1 @Nate_Cohn @DFerrisi @GravisMarketing upshot and Sam Wang at Princeton are the ones to follow. @GoodIdeaFriend @EricHuebner1 @Nate_Cohn @DFerrisi @GravisMarketing 538 got primary wrong and they are over correcting it now. @GoodIdeaFriend @EricHuebner1 @Nate_Cohn @DFerrisi @GravisMarketing one parameter makes a spherical cow, 3 parameters make an white elephant @GoodIdeaFriend @EricHuebner1 @Nate_Cohn @DFerrisi @GravisMarketing The model has so many parameters that you can fit an elephant. @GoodIdeaFriend @EricHuebner1 @Nate_Cohn @DFerrisi @GravisMarketing 538 is trying to appear to be "fair and balanced". @mims don't use google map. @jeffreybecker73 @StephenMcDonell @evadou it has to do with work place safety statistics. @jeffreybecker73 @StephenMcDonell @evadou anywhere you have millions of people, someone will die of something. @jeffreybecker73 @StephenMcDonell @evadou pretty sure Foxconn has one of the lowest workers death rate amount world's large manufactures. @ZekeJMiller only a few upper east side liberals care about the Clinton foundation, swing voters couldn't give a fuck.
@jorgeramosnews scenario C: he apologizes to Latinos, Latinos still won't vote for him, but suburban white women vote for him. @EmanuelDerman Apple Pay is coming to safari in October. Solution is near. Pay for what you read using one touch Apple Pay. @brianstelter a press conference "will not creat new jobs ". @jorge_guajardo the goal is to make suburban women think he's pivoting. @Steven_Strauss @EmanuelDerman don't get the complaints about Clinton foundation. It's a charity and the clintons don't get paid salaries. @Steven_Strauss @EmanuelDerman what's wrong to have Saudi money to help Syrian refugees? As long as all disclosed, see nothing wrong. @tomphillipsin what part of xinhua report is not true? It is not an official score keeper. @Noahpinion @jonathanchait what type of houses? Regular apartment building or ultra-luxury condo for Chinese billionaires? @tomphillipsin here is the global times @tomphillipsin you sound petty. Xinhua didn't dispute anything. It said in overall medal count china come in 2nd. In gold, 3rd. @tomphillipsin can't say they are not consistent. @tomphillipsin it did according to ESPN. @tomphillipsin Americans don't care how everyone else count. @tomphillipsin @tomphillipsin that how American network rank them as well. Total medals, not just gold. @jeffreybecker73 @StephenMcDonell @evadou 2 death among 1 million workers, a tragedy, but not any worse than Australia miners's death rate. @GPCR50 @StephenMcDonell 王建军 ,李文革,張爱国.... @michaelluo @USATODAY lol. @NateSilver538 like Zogby and Rassmussen?What's the the rule differential between NBA and Olympic basketball games? #Rio2016 @Jesse_Livermore people don't want to watch real sports, they want to watch pretty faces and 6 pack abs. @Jesse_Livermore no way, not unless he loses 100lb.I'm Rooting for the Serbia Basketball team just to shut up unbearable NBC sportscasters. #Rio2016 @jandawson can't tell from the post who you are voting for. @werkymister what's wrong with Saudi money to help Haitians or Syrian refugees? @werkymister no as long as it's all disclosed. @werkymister not a joke. The Clintons don't take salaries from the foundation and the charity benefit people world wide. See nothing wrong. @jaketapper @DanaBashCNN because it's a charity benefit the world? @ianbremmer his apartment rentals discriminated against blacks. That's racists in my book. @ZekeJMiller the foundation is a charity and the clintons don't take salaries form it, don't see anything wrong. @joshtpm @attackerman he's the same since the day he was elected mayor. the upper west sides liberals kept apologize for him. @rabois @allahpundit 55% are smarter who could vote for her. @CarlMinzner hope never. It's such a boring game.What's the difference between a racialist and a racist? Asking for nonnative English speaker.
Chinese national women's volleyball coach, what a career! Lang Ping - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia @peter @mdudas @minal_hasan it's free put option. @JohnKirk @chrissyfarr @sciencemuseum a hard copy of a lump of coal.It's a good bet that Bank of China had copies of Trump's tax returns before lending him cash.