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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@neilcybart why not just say 15% discount for apple products only?
@neilcybart Braeburn@mdudas cynical take: marking up now for higher year-end bonus. marking down pre-Square ipo for cheaper ipo shares. #justsaying@MikeIsaac pre-SQ ipo, Fidelity mark down unicorns to get shares cheap. post-SQ, Fidelity managers mark up unicorns for higher yr-end bonus.@fmanjoo ask if your house keeper watched while you were not home.@benthompson @danprimack before SQ ipo, Fidelity drove down prices to get ipo shares cheap. Post SQ, mark up for higher year end bonus@S_Rabinovitch so expectations sub-index is useless garbage.@cdixon @eric_analytics a solution dreamed up to solve google's problems, not users' problems. Google will fail.@carlquintanilla @IvanTheK this is better @jaketapper @dandrezner corporate media, spineless reporters.@mlevchin was it really a good idea to use Hollywood style award show to lure kids into pursuing science careers? #breakthroughawards@fmanjoo great national color combo for Finns.@du_yubin when did she defect to Russia?@carlquintanilla @Moonalice guess 60 Minutes didn't take the bait the second time.@carlquintanilla @Moonalice stop falling for the PR stun!@ReformedBroker how's the performance record of the newsletter?@EmanuelDerman @felixsalmon @jledbetter @yeselson seems heterogeneous and incommensurable.
@mgsiegler @editorialiste SF is the size of Greenwich village, hardly qualify as a big city.@ChuBailiang hope they did take it into account when they were building those islands in SCS.@mims wsj is for old people. People who write for wsj is old by association.@mims those drones look like pests flies to be smacked down.@ReformedBroker no. Not in my neighborhood of Greenwich village.Is it a good idea using Hollywood style award ceremony to lure young people into pursuing scientific careers? #breakthroughprize@shervin false@brianstelter @CNNReliable you were to polite toward that Trump spokeswoman.@georgepearkes that's not a bike. It's a tricycle.@raykwong @pewresearch spin it another way: more Chinese than Americans say climate change is a very serious problem.@ReformedBroker blame so called "two-sided fairness". the Media insist on there are two equal sides about if the earth is flat or not.
@semil @mdudas he did run a network of made-to-order supply chains.@semil @mdudas you could've said the same about michael Dell 10 years ago. Age means little.
@mdudas @AaronSuplizio I can live without uber. Can't live without iPhone.@mdudas @AaronSuplizio improvement over tax services. A better mouse trap@AaronSuplizio @mdudas too early to say tesla and uber actually disrupted anything.Let's bomb Syria to avenge this. neither should the Economist be giving the last word.@counternotions UPS wins@StartupLJackson @TProphet @philiped usage statistics say you are wrong.@YuriChicago @EmanuelDerman I did not use web browsers. iOS apps have sandboxes. fb app has no access to Amazon app data.@r0h1n @Pdg_mumbai @Moneylifers yes, Amazon had to share my app data with FB to track me. Pretty creepy. Need big gov regulations.@Pdg_mumbai @r0h1n @Moneylifers FB app has no access to my Amazon app data on iPhone. Amazon must have paid FB for data sharing.@Pdg_mumbai @r0h1n @Moneylifers no. I was using iOS apps which sandbox user data.@r0h1n @Moneylifers iv never given Amazon my FB info, not login, never posted to FB from Amazon.@r0h1n @Moneylifers how did Amazon known who's on FB unless FB gave data to Amazon. The ads was placed in my time line specifically.
searched Greenies on Amzn yesterday, today FB served up an ad in my timeline. wtf? Amzn shares data with FB? #Creepy why hasn't anybody called for boycotting Trump's businesses? Had Walmart's head said what Trump had said, surely it'd be targeted.@jorge_guajardo @R_Thaler puzzling that nobody has called for boycotting Trump businesses. Can't imagine any other business would get away.@tomphillipsin @JRKaiman that's 28.5% reduction. It's a big reduction even by Amazon standard.@BradMcCarty @dcurtis except there is no money in content resale.
Stunning: A 1400-year old Chinese Ginkgo Tree Drops an Ocean of Golden Leaves.
Retweeted by Joe ZouA 13lb Turkey is in the brine bag now.On PBS now, NOVA show is about how #Einstein developed the theory of General Relativity.6/n had the guy bought the stock on cash, he'd not be able to unload them without violating SEC. Insider rules.5/n $vrx CEO's shares were sold by Goldman Sachs to meet margin calls around $120. The stock is in mid $80s today. the scheme worked.4/n you just use SEC margin rules to beat SEC insider transaction rules. Genius. $vrx3/n if your fraud is caught, the stock plunges, you don't meet margin calls and the stock is sold without breaking SEC rules. $vrx2/n you buy the stock on margin using the stock as collateral at Goldman Sachs. If your scheme succeed, sell the stock at the high.1/n If you are a crook CEO on a mission to pump up your stock price by any means, how do you ensure you can sell stocks when caught? $vrx@jimsciutto @CNNSpecReport @CNN propaganda at its best.
So when is Putin going to launch retaliation strikes against Turkey? #Su24@BenedictEvans its iOS apps are unusable.@mdudas @sequoia think of it as a form of voluntary wealth transfer from VCs to consumers. Beats income tax raising.Manhattan DA Cy Vance proposing banning iPhones. @asymco but the market is not rewarding Apple for its contribution.Time to vote this Clown out of office. what's your 2016 and 2017 revenue and eps estimates?@dtellom great. What have you done lately?@neilcybart thanks.@neilcybart where did you get the sales breakdown by screen sizes? don't think Apple published the numbers.@dfindles @SquawkAlley @asktog is CNBC giving TV a bad name?
Thanksgiving menu@counternotions although I prefer the iPhone app version.@counternotions this consumer@counternotions bull sh** podcast network?@neilcybart my daily activities calorie burn is about 100 lower now than during summer days. I blame Apple Watch for my winter dormancyDo what you gotta do.
Retweeted by Joe ZouEpic pictures of world's largest radio telescope under construction @mims @joeljohnson haters
@mattsheehan88 邓立君?@profgalloway so some of your tweets don't compute for some people.@profgalloway the ads you see seem different than what I see with this AMA show. Ads are localized.@HeerJeet some democrats will vote for Trump. What's the net number of party switchers?@kirkburgess restart the iPadI liked a @YouTube video What Happens If You Sharpen an Apple Pencil?
Retweeted by Joe Zou"The U.S. at War. How It Happens."
Retweeted by Joe Zou
@ChuBailiang @PDChina perhaps it should be "above the mountain" as in a helicopter above the Mountain?@eric_analytics "information high way" trust fund?@eric_analytics neither is the electric grid.@eric_analytics Internet has becoming such an essential necessity and regulating it like a total utility is inevitable.@eric_analytics voters will revolt and the law will be amended.@eric_analytics it's like conEdison gives priority to its own branded light air conditioners during summer peak peak.@eric_analytics not really. Consumers have no idea and don't care where the data come from. They see the same cooper cable.@eric_analytics the intention of the law vs the loop hole. Loophole can be patched@eric_analytics OTT streaming has global reach, cable is balkanized. OTT has scale advantage.@eric_analytics don't be so sure. Someone will sue and it will be litigated.@eric_analytics but that only works if you are a Comcast cable users. If you are on time warner, it's no use.@neilcybart normal folks love iCloud because before they get home from vacation their pictures are already backed up in their time capsule.World's largest radio telescope enters final construction stage in China, retina installing
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