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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, 重庆, Fire Island

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@neilcybart can't be the whole story. 6 cars? why not just buy 6 cars? or Apple can't get a car loan from Wells Fargo? @rjonesy 6 cars? can't Apple get a car loan from Wells Fargo? LOL @CNBC this isn't the whole story. 6 cars? Apple cant afford a car loan? LOL
Apple was doing ML and AI in the original iPhone keyboard back in 2007. How The iPhone Was Born: Inside Stories @manicakes @kirkburgess Or buy 51% of Greek companies like the Chinese do.
@BenBajarin Mod or Dad gets my older iPhone when I update to new one every year. So mom and dad are on a 2 year up… @asymco What explains the sudden uptick of Spotify growth at the same time Apple Music is taking off? Validation of streaming by Apple?
Learned a new slang from Siri today:
@9to5mac Who do you disable pinch/zoom of texts and pictures in your article? That's pure evil.
@jimsciutto Normal American kids don't go to NK, the Chinese kids will never go to NK, why won't US government ban travel to NK (like Cuba)? @daithaigilbert @CarlBialik There are Nuts in every culture. @mims TK of Uber was on DJT's advisors board, in effect serving on DJT's team. TIm Cook never was. He's simply meeting DJT. @mdudas Just the image, not actually lowering prices? Bezos thinks its customers are fool?
@PekingMike How is this any different than Buffett and 3G Capital team up to buy Kraft? @StephenMcDonell Can't blame the Greek for looking after Greece first.The ruins of four houses after a devastating fire last Friday morning at Fire Island Pines. Kudos to firemen for c…
@mdudas @mgsiegler Useful because many FB users want apple stuff at a discount price? @EmanuelDerman Real story - Us Navy Vs Light House - MUST WATCH @EmanuelDerman Let me guess: The destroyer ordered the container ship to get out of the way. But M(containers)>> m(… @fmanjoo Amazon Web/cloud is becoming a commodity business faster than Manhattan mini storage. @fmanjoo Amazon hasn't even killed off physical book stores, Ebook sales have stalled. Buying WF shows Amazon's weakness, not strength. @fmanjoo The Chinese, EU and Japanese will never allow Amazon to dominate. Even in US, people are starting to use @fmanjoo Amazon is essentially a domestic company. It's international business is tiny. @fmanjoo Guess now is a good time to use the term "amazon fanboy". At&t was far more dominating than amazon. Look at what happened.A Search for "horse" in my photo library, this is what came up. AI algo still can't tell dogs and cows from horses. @mdudas Omg fan boys. @EmanuelDerman Great, more densely packed batteries on board.
@UrbanAchievr The best grocery stores in NYC are the ones closest to where you live, which means ones just around the corners. @UrbanAchievr Rotisserie chickens at Gristedes are better and cheaper than at WF. @asymco Wawa @davidfrum He's not personally in debt, his LLCs are deeply indebted. @MikeIsaac @fmanjoo @DelRey @ellenhuet @OliviaZaleski If WF holders don't want shares of amazon stock, why should average joe buying amazon? @rorycooper Praying is not a solution. @NYGovCuomo Shouldn't you fix NYC subway first before offering Beacon of hope to the rest of the world? @fraserspeirs @reneritchie @neilcybart Me too: seems that by buying WF amazon signals there are values of physical stores, which should make O… buying Whole Food has Apple worried. Jeff Bezos will likely ban Macintosh from the produce department.
HomePod Apple's newest product category will serve as the foundation for augmented heari…
Retweeted by Joe Zou @pkafka So they are going to make bigger loss with even bigger revenue? Nice. @mdudas Google coders are the new Foxconn assemblers. Watch out for suicide rate to spike. @EmanuelDerman Agree. Both Russia and china prefer land based ballistic missiles to counter Aircraft carriers which…
@ArthurBerd @leemkuilschu @Picketer NYU professors have been living in Greenwich village "dorms" for years. Funny n…, Google is following Chinese innovator Foxconn where workers live in company dorms. Cc @nytimestech @leemkuilschu @Picketer google is a follower. Foxconn factory workers have been living in dorms for ever. @TProphet Agree, the system is still as violent as it ever was. @TProphet Factually wrong: JFK, Lincoln, civil war,... America is just like other countries.
Iced covfefe to beat the 98 degree heat today. glad NBA championship games are over. all those Silicone Valley nerds pretending to be sports jockey can shut the fuck up now.
@EmanuelDerman @EmanuelDerman these cowards need is a little note book in one hand and a pencil in the other hand if they want to… @chrissyfarr what happened to Apple's non-invasive glucose monitor devices? No mention at the wwdc. @reidepstein @AshleyRParker @louiseradnofsky iPhone recording? Backed up to iCloud?
How many people in US saw a Broadway show last year? Less than 0.1%? 99.1% just watch #TonyAward and pretend to care?A beautiful weekend is over, back to the rat race for the boatload. @JonyIveParody The Bing translation 😂😂😂 @counternotions They can't tolerate dairy products? @counternotions Measured in Portfolio sizes? body weight? @nytimesworld @ChuBailiang But the debts are owed to the Chinese themselves. It's like you borrow money from your… @grahamfarmelo I don't think genetic engineering is advanced enough to accomplish that yet.
Weekend read: Inside a Mac emulator - warms my heart to see people still remember Dark Castle as fondly as I do.
Retweeted by Joe Zou @JohnKirk Still don't know what's the mechanism. Is it CC, debit card, prepaid card or Bank of Apple Card? Who pays the fees? @mdudas Good way to spread Hepatitis A fast @theinformation @amir @Jessicalessin This is getting ridiculous. @CarlBialik Fixed game for tv rating. The blue team put up no fight.
@BarbaraCorcoran Not true. Realtors always ask: where do you live now? upper eastside or lower eastside?Seeing Theresa May accidentally throw away 4 guaranteed years in high office, makes me feel better about the time I lost an Amazon giftcard
Retweeted by Joe Zou @EmanuelDerman @RobinWigg He's entering "not giving a fuck" phase. Must have Given up the dream of being Treasury Secretary. @EmanuelDerman But when the curated lists expand, we'll need Algo search again. My Apple Music playlists are too va… @EmanuelDerman Small book stores display shelf is like a curated reading list. 2/2 @EmanuelDerman The reason Amazon didn't kill off physical book stores is the same. So many books on amazon, imposs… @ArthurBerd @EmanuelDerman So many apps in AppStore, can't find the one I want by search Algo. Need curation, whic… @EmanuelDerman Google search is scalable, but I can't find a good playlist by google search. I need human curated p… @EmanuelDerman I'm saying any useful tech has to scale up for the mass for any number of iterations. Refined Arts are for the privileged. @EmanuelDerman λTechnology[i] = CureFor(λ*Technology[i-1]) Fixed point is Art. @BenBajarin Does @pschiller follow you on twitter? If not, please send these suggestions to him. @EmanuelDerman But arts are not scale invariant. @jimsciutto and you believe him?
@neilcybart @kirkburgess @craigbuj Shouldn't AppStore app be placed above all other local apps? @neilcybart @kirkburgess @craigbuj Very strange slides. While we are at it, Apple's share of Ride sharing business in China is also zero.