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Cut the cable cord and celebrate the freedom from Sports programming and other indecipherable FEES!
"rights to subsistence and development are the primary, basic human rights". to IAS History from Louise Morse | Institute for Advanced Study @DIRECTVNowHelp hey, i signed up for 7 day free trial, how do I pre-pay 3 months and get a free Apple tv? @directvnow your Apple TV app still needs some work. Scrolling of Guide is jerking, needs to work with Siri voice search. @ThomasRGolden got my own modemGoodbye Time Warner Cable, hello #DirecTVNow + AppleTv
@kirkburgess Verizon has good signals on tj beach. So if Verizon copy At&t plan.... @kirkburgess unfortunately, At&t LTE signals are very week on the beach, I have to rely on At&t wifi call for phone service. @kirkburgess yes. Through wifi relay from mainland. Not cheap, cost twice as much as cable broadband. But you got I have it anyway.It's good for consumers but maybe bad for At&t financially. End.At&t and Apple revolutionized mobile phone business model, I think DIRECTV now has the potential to do the same for pay tv. 1/8As a bonus for me, DIRECTVNow has an Apple TV app. So I can watch it on big screen, on my iPhone and iPad. The app need some polishing. 1/7@ @kirkburgess of course I will! DIRECTV now has an Apple TV appThis can't be good for rest of cable pipers. Also At&t seems cannibalizing it's own satellite business which it spent $60bn acquiring. 1/6My total tv spending: -$100 from time Warner cable -$110 from satellite DirecTV +$35 At&t DIRECTV now. Net saving: $175. 1/5.It's a no-brainer to cancel Timewarner Cable and keep the broad band internet only and to cancel Satellite DirecTv at the beach. 4/xTimeWarmerNYC (now called Spectrum) cable/broadband internet bundle costs $150/month. My satellite DirecTv at beach house costs $110. 3/xThe basic bundle has 60 channels at $35/month. It contains everything I need except some local live ch. which I hate any way. 2/xSigned up for free trial of At&t #DirectvNow today. A few observations. 1/x82% chance for rain, not 85%! I wonder what advanced Monte Carlo they run to get that kind of unfalsifiable accurac… @HSBC_UK_Help yes, the whole 'digital devices code" setup is confusing. For god sake, i have Touch ID on my iphone which is 100x safer. @HSBC_UK_Help thanks for your concern. But I doubt you can help. You might want to let your boss know that your mobile banking is messed up.Trumpeters hate America, here is the evidence: Trump Voters Like Samsung; Clinton Voters Like Apple. mobile banking IT people have some British humor has the worst internet banking and mobile banking UI in the world, extremely confusing and nightmarish user experience.
A "living wage assessment" line item will soon appear on you restaurant tab along with utensils fees. garage is passing NYC minimum wage increase to customers, which is understandable. but taxing on the increase?
Christmas tree at Washington square park Arch is going up.
Leftover turkey with bones + seaweed make a great soup. Put everything in a big stockpot and cook for 5 hours low heat. #leftovers
Easy to disappear in NYC. @Thibaultdigital @nytimes easy, just ask the ones walking their dogs.I just spotted PayPal co-founder and Fin tech startup Affirm CEO Max Levchin at Washington Square Park children's playground. #onlyInNY
The secret of Sichuan cooking: 花椒 Sichuan peppercorn made me this playlist of traditional Chinese and modern rocks. They are Trying hard.
Check out this great Podcast: #topologicalMaterial
Korematsu v. United States, upholding Japanese-American internment, has never been overturned. It's still the law of the land.
Retweeted by Joe Zou⚡️ “Trump backer under fire for comment about internment camps”
China wants US to know: China cuts U.S. treasuries holding for four months running - Xinhua | Facets of Differential Privacy | Institute for Advanced Study $aapl Dynamics to Contact and Symplectic Topology and Back | Institute for Advanced Study
A beautiful night out walking randomly in Greenwich Village. My mean free path is on the order of 100 ft. Normal mean free path is ~5ft.Thinking is hard. most evocative photo from the NZ earthquake also sums up 2016. #eqnz
Retweeted by Joe ZouNewt Gingrich claims Steve Bannon can't be anti-Semitic because he "loves money".
Retweeted by Joe Zou @kirkburgess @charlesarthur evacuate Chinese citizens or local NZ citizens?“An analysis of Donald Trump’s election win and the prospects for his presidency” by @SnoozeInBrief
@ReformedBroker this sounds reasonable? "If women can't get abortions because Roe Wade is overturned, they'll have to go to another state" @ianbremmer not fair to China. @mattklewis @JohnJHarwood nope. I owe him nothing.Donald Trump personally owes hundreds of millions to the state bank of China.
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Cherry Lane, West Village, fuck off google.
This nyt headline perfectly demonstrates how MSM normalized racism, misogyny and ignorance. "Contrarians"? fuck you… @EmanuelDerman @JohnCassidy Hillary's margin in Harlem is 300k, 3x of DJT's total margin in MI, WI and PA. Black voters in Harlem < whites. @EmanuelDerman @JohnCassidy but the polls are not wrong. @EmanuelDerman @JohnCassidy GOP won 55% of the congressional seats with 49% of popular votes. @EmanuelDerman @JohnCassidy polls were right, the electoral college is a rigged system @EmanuelDerman @JohnCassidy except at the moment, popular vote shares: Clinton 63.4m, Trump 61.2mWe can disagree and still love each other unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression and denial of my humanity and right to exist.
Retweeted by Joe Zou#notmyprsident protest rally just now at Washington square park
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@EmanuelDerman @juliaioffe Sanders and HRC primary wasn't even close. That was one of the most lopsided primaries in terms of popular votes. @juliaioffe @EmanuelDerman sure, Comey AND politico plus the entire DC media are to blame.Are you ready to fight for an America that believes in all of us? Join @ACLU and me to fight for our rights: 1933, when Hitler seized power, "good" Germans agreed to give him a chance, hoping all would turn out well. How'…
Retweeted by Joe ZouSimulating abrupt political change by @josephwheatleyA periodic reminder to myself: The best way to view @cnbc is to have it on mute mode.
@markos FBI could come handy.Andrew Sullivan: America has now jumped off a constitutional cliff. It will never be the same country again.
Retweeted by Joe Zou @josephwheatley silver lining: after dramatic Mex Peso weakening, it'll be much cheaper to move south. @josephwheatley USA is not what I thought it was. Seriously considering moving again. @josephwheatley how's Ireland's immigration policy? Can an American seek refuge there? @josephwheatley I'll read it later. I need a therapy now. I'm despondent. @Chris_arnade @dtellom think China trade relations, currency, encryption rules. This will severely hurt Apple and other multinationals. @dtellom in fact, I think it's short term bullish because of Fed on hold and stimulating spending, long term it's very bad. @dtellom international order as we know it today has been disrupted. NATO, wto, imf, @dtellom no, long term investor here. I just think this is the beginning of the end for USA.