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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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Young Kaine, Sanders, Clinton, and Obama look like they would make a kick-ass indie band. #DemsInPhilly
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BernieBros = douchebags. #DemsInPhillyI vaguely remember a Chairman Mao quote, something like "western Democracy is a farce run by the poorly educated". #TreasonousTrump @kirkburgess if you extrapolate the rate linearly, they are short of quarterly target. September better be a big month. @carlquintanilla @JonErlichman nah, apple's June qtr service rev $6bn, let's put a FB multiple on that. @jesse_livermore she did propose: free college tuition (up to $125K family income limit), $15 min,wages, equal pay for women, long list… @jesse_livermore Treasonous TrumpFirst casualty of #Brexit SABMiller/Bud Merger? $bud $mo $tap.So the President of Philippine is wearing an Apple Watch. @ReformedBroker look who's wearing an Apple Watch: @ReformedBroker dude, take a look on the street of NYC, Apple Watch everywhere. This thing is taking off @ChuBailiang @PDChina first reported case.Good morning @JohnLegere shouldn't you be quiet before earnings release per SEC regulations?
Andrew Sullivan on why he's with Hillary now:
Retweeted by Joe ZouBut Russia had investments in you via loans? 👇🏿 @obrien not in mainland. in mainland , in constant currency term down only -2%. @jbouie Those guys are never demo voters. Don't waste your time.Mao Ze-Trump
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2016 @gruber not on tv. No idea what he was talking about. @jonfortt wrong. That was a great moment.#DemsInPhilly Listen to I Love You More by Sarah Silverman on @AppleMusic. @Taniel how is this possible given the national poll today? @EmanuelDerman I'm moving to Taiwan if Trump win. @EmanuelDerman if there is any doubt in Chinese leaders minds that "democracy" is bad, Trump and Sanders voters erased it. @EmanuelDerman no. @TheDomino you wouldn't have given him airtime otherwise. @ReformedBroker @TMFHousel misleading. Why not start the compounding from the startup date?
@jeffweiner @nancylublin but Yahoo is worth far more than aol because of $baba. Thanks to Jerry Yang. @ReformedBroker @jackmirkinson the wuestion is: why aren't yahoo shareholders up in arms? @ReformedBroker @jackmirkinson why should BernieBros care about the pay of @marissamayer? It's share holders money, not taxpayers. @TProphet I thought you were smarter than that. DNC has little power influencing primary election. Try imagining RNC emails about trump. @jeffweiner that’s why you sold LinkedIn as soon as a bidder emerged. smart.The morning party on the beach. My dog does not like the beats at all. #pinesparty
@NickKristof its winning issue in key swing states: FL, VA, NM, NV.TPP is dead, China is the big winner. @felixsalmon 2D and 3D maps.
@OhMDee @zcichy is a shocker: Clinton/Gore 2016Stick with what you are good at, nobody knows how the economy will do in 3 mon, not economists, not ESPN bloggers. @rabois he's just following advices from his new pal Peter Thiel. @jbarro maybe his pal Peter Thiel will foot the bill?
make the USA chant great again
Retweeted by Joe ZouAndrew Sullivan on Peter Thiel's "pathetic" speech:
Retweeted by Joe Zou @kirkburgess it's called super shuttle. Come in blue color.The loudest anti-Muslim propaganda machine has a Muslim master: @mattyglesias did trump insult Kasich's wife? @mims he shares with trump the same Nazi German gene.Donald Trump, Peter Thiel and the death of democracy
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This is just poetic: Goldman Sachs! Cruz to @realDonaldTrump 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕This is the least interesting Ted Talk i've ever watched
Retweeted by Joe ZouSay hi to the president
Retweeted by Joe Zou @fmanjoo if you have to buy organic, buy from big corporations like whole foods, not from small farmers. Big Corps got reputation to protect @jonfortt it's protected speech. @HdxAcademy @EmanuelDerman is a professor at Trump U qualified? @pdacosta why? HK GDP ~2% of China GDP. Hardly material anymore @_cingraham @FiveThirtyEight he's fast becoming just another pundit trying to be "fair and balanced", overcompensating his primary mistakes. @waltmossberg no, I shouldn't. @EmanuelDerman I once went to an APS March meeting in Vegas, casinos reported their only losing week in history. All buffets, no gambling. @amyewalter @brianstelter @AnzaloneLiszt @jshkatz if Hillary were to lose PA, the conditional probability of her wining GA or AZ is zero. @amyewalter @brianstelter @AnzaloneLiszt @jshkatz flawed analysis. Correlations between different states change as polls fluctuates. @EmanuelDerman how would they verify? Sounds like a losing business model. PH.Ds are cheapskates
On the same day GOP nominated a misogynist for President, the man who made GOP and Trump was ousted. #schadenfreude @counternotions time has passed to ask silly questions like this. This is not funny anymore.We are shocked by the purge of US propaganda boss Ailes. If toad-like men in power can't sexually harass whoever they want, why have power?
Retweeted by Joe Zou @TProphet he knows where other bodies are buried. Hush money.Speculation: one of Trump's kids from ex-wife, at the request of the mother, slipped M. Obama quotes in Melania trump's speech? @om if only I can login.IMF is so wrong. China's growth rate really will be 6.666%. @cctvnews @CCTV_America wrong. I think the growth rate is 6.666%.Note the date of this tweet 👇 @mims @ReutersTech sponsored pokestops!But to reiterate (and to paraphrase @tvoti), the real speechwriter's scandal here is this ACTUAL RICKROLL?!?!?!?!?!
Retweeted by Joe Zou @asymco dongfeng made mostly trucks in China when I was a kid.
@MaxCRoser or side view. What's up and down? @GillianTan @Bfly that's not the real reason that Apple or Samsung won't bid. ARMH owner has to be neutral and not a competitor to customers @brianstelter no denial here. The intended hint was sent to Ailes via a strategic leak. Brilliant.
@JohnJHarwood so $60 million swing states ads are well worth it. @jlgarzon1 @Nate_Cohn @ClintoniteInMex @matthpatterson @jebmke they backed her against a black man. Large % of White blue collar =racist. @ReformedBroker relevant if you have a SPY linked notes.
Seated at the Fire Island Dance Festival crowd begins stampeding after spotting rare Pokemon in Central Park via @forthewin
Retweeted by Joe ZouTsinghua(清华)students who wanted to go to PKU (北大) always say: "Tsinghua is my 1st choice from start!" @JZdziarski can't compare turkey, 5000 year old civilization with USA, a 200 year old juvenile. @JZdziarski too soon too tell. A typical Chinese emperor last 400 years. USA may not last as long as 400 years.
Clearest sign yet that the coup is failing. This 👇 @ReformedBroker @ABC must mean the coup is failing.#TurkeyCoup reminds me of a Chairman Mao's famous quote: "Power Comes From the Barrel of a Gun".Breaking the mattress of America.
Retweeted by Joe Zou"I want a classy logo. Maybe one where it's the American flag but the blue part is a T fucking a P."
Retweeted by Joe Zou @EmanuelDerman @Chris_arnade only if you are a highly educated foreigner. Trump loves "the poorly educated". @WR34662064 @tomphillipsin @JohnJHarwood Q-poll too white and under polling Latinos.
@gak_pdx tales of Pokemon go players? @PekingMike @JKynge if so, how do you explain the financial malaise of Japan that has been going on for last 30 years? @adamlashinsky do you buy his explanation? Plausible, but not believable.So glad a thunderstorm is passing by now. No need for me to water my plants today. @chrisgeidner why are you running free ad from trump campaign?