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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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As a large Coco Cola share holder Warren Buffett doesn't believe sugar is bad for you. #BRKLiveStreamIs it just me or many #TEDTalks have become too pedantic? @jonfortt @danprimack shouldn't you be out there doing some good on this #ComcastCaresDay ?
@ReformedBroker so what's the zero hedge of political media? Drudge doesn't count. @fmanjoo @SwiftOnSecurity my hue lights can be turned off from iPhone anywhere with Internet connection. @stevesi @paulg didn't Steve Ballmer grabbed an iPhone from an employee at a Msft meeting and stumped on it? @fmanjoo airline dolly trolley outfit @EmanuelDerman on safari too? @EmanuelDerman safari asks if you want to save password. I use it as it syncs across all my apple devices. @jorge_guajardo Apple's sale was up 81% Q2 2015 in mainland china, down 9% Q2 2016. Mean reversion. @jorge_guajardo that's an excuse. The real reason is that he's mentioned as trump's potential treasury secretary. Trump called boycott appleAlso many worlds.
Retweeted by Joe ZouThis is rich: Bloomberg says zerohedge is after page views, clicks and profit. I'm shocked. @yishuwww @mattsheehan88 造-manufacture, mass production. 作-creating, originating.
@neilcybart 538 is owned by Disney. Sounds like competitors trash talk to me. @UrbanPat @mattyglesias Tyson @thoreau_devotee it's none of your business. @thoreau_devotee you don't know me and stop making assumptions. @thoreau_devotee doesn't matter, find an oversea's buyer @thoreau_devotee @carney no, that's net of taxes @thoreau_devotee @carney Apple is generating $50bn cash a year, which can serve tons of debts. @thoreau_devotee @carney the entire discussion is hypothetical. The key is enterprise value. Small enough enterprise value -> LBO possible. @neilcybart so when will Tony Fadell leave Google now he's got a new boss? @carney sigh again, the premise is cash ~ equity market cap so that enterprise value is less than 50bn. only 10bn equity check to LBO. @carney not saying or hoping it happens. But it's possible. @carney yes u can. money is fungible! mkt cap=500, cash=450. PE firm offer=525, (5 equity + borrow 520), banks will lend against 450 cash. @carney Apple is currently borrowing in the bond market to retire shares. It's like a slow leverage buy out while cash holding keeps growing @carney not exactly, But close. Get a bridge loan to payoff stock holders, close the deal, use the existing cash to repay the bridge loan. @carney if Apple's cash holding ~ market cap, it's enterprise value approaches zero, use apple's own cash to steal the company.n @carney in a few years, Apple's market cap will approach it's cash holding, then it becomes possible. @mgsiegler real reason: Treasury Secretary designee of @realDonaldTrump sold $AAPL to conform with Trump's anti-China and anti-Apple policy. @CNBCJosh @Carl_C_Icahn Treasury Secretary designee of @realDonaldTrump sold $AAPL to conform with Trump's anti-China and anti-Apple policyThe Treasury Secretary designee of @realDonaldTrump sold his $AAPL stake to conform with Trump's anti-China and anti-Apple policy. @politico Florida @Pines_Party is XANADU some kind of drug that makes you high? #askingforafriend @JohnJHarwood @alexburnsNYT without his switching Party, ObamaCare wouldn't have passed. @EmanuelDerman @morningmoneyben maybe he owned GS stocks? @counternotions give the kid a good scolding. Teach the kid some manners. @BenBajarin too soon to tell. @BenBajarin no way. They are approaching peak already. The ads on my FB stream is intolerable. @ReformedBroker @JohnPaczkowski is that her real email address? If so, that's uncalled for.
@FinancialTimes no way. @BenBajarin so you are saying it will vanish as soon as it hits a big dead tree trunk? @TheDomino meh, just bigger bubble. @ReformedBroker meh. Apple's March qtr service revenue $5.9Bn > FB's entire revenue of $5.3bn. @gregorykorte @USATODAY but his hands are too small to carry a big stick. @WaltBTIG but the watch is available on exactly zero wireless operators in its first year.A Princeton professor has posted a CV of his failures ( The best part is the meta-failure.
Retweeted by Joe Zou @TheDomino they should look at 2-year comp cycle, coinciding with iPhone replacement length. Up 40% a year ago, down 15% this year ~ up 12%.
@rjonesy some of that 250 already returned @bartongellman @WSJ or they are lying. @jbarro @ryanbeckwith Montauk Express. @Gartenberg Apple Pay is my watch killer app @jrosevear @timkhiggins @technology you are not thinking different. Not convincing. @jrosevear @timkhiggins @technology they don't need to sell to everyone. Just a few millions, not 100 millions. @jrosevear @timkhiggins @technology few people pay cash for cars. Most of them lease or take out loans. Carrier subsidies play minor roles. @timkhiggins @technology by the same token, how can Apple make phones at 40% GM while other volume phone OEMs make zero percent? @jbouie @JesseJannetta Americans pay lip services to education. Talk is cheap. @jbouie @JesseJannetta in China high school teachers are among the highest paid professionals. High salaries+bonus+parents bribes=respect @fmanjoo not as noisy as baseballs.Her name is Jia Jia which means Fake Fake
@nycjim @kenli729 will you find the real Bitcoin inventor? @TEDTalks BS. One has to learn how to think before big many jokes one can make about these 2 skyscrapers near the midtown tunnel entrance. I'll just say bad #fengshui @igorvolsky @XFINITY @comcast use @MSNBC iPad app @themotleyfool hey I have a broken clock that still gives correct time twice daily.Why Bernie Sanders fans are so incredibly annoying, as explained by Tim Robbins:
Retweeted by Joe Zou @brianstelter this headline from @CNNMoney is false. Check the fact please. @business yes, I can. Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot? @pdacosta because of citizen's high savings rate, it's like borrowing from your own 401(k) plan without penalty. Why not? @WaltBTIG is it legal to block cell signals of competitors? Hotels like Marriott got into trouble with FCC. @tcds31 @CNN don't assume, read the headline as is. @JohnKirk @cultofmac here is a totally false headline from CNN @TimRobbins1 you don't seem very smart for an actor. -sad. @jandawson When hands are occupied in kitchen, Siri on Apple Watch is great: "hey Siri, set timer for 30 minutes" or "hey Siri, play beats1" @jandawson funny, I just used Siri to set timer (for roasting) on my Apple Watch this past weekend twice while my hands were greasy. @CNN $51 billion quarterly revenue now vs. less than $2bn in 2003. @CNN that is a false headline. @counternotions @gassee USV's @fredwilson? @counternotions @gassee who's the said VC?Phew! I was really worried. @pkafka speak for yourself, I loved my Apple Watch. @chrisgeidner it's incredulous not to have known his sexuality while married to his late wife. @chrisgeidner liked it first, then thought about it for a few minutes, now I don't believe him. . He basically led a life of lie.
@tomphillipsin but the Chinese need to learn how to dance first. @boygenius does Wristly survey china users? @mdudas I take this as a strong signal of peak AMZN right here. Amazon is mostly US only, it will never dominate the world. @chrisgeidner 👀 @chrisgeidner @uBreakiFix I meant more sinister action. @chrisgeidner @uBreakiFix did they tamper with the Touch ID sensor? @WSJ @daiwaka cc @mims @fredwilson @oldmanebro we didn't want to know all that. Too much info. @jorge_guajardo I can't care because I missed previous seasons. @amir @Jessicalessin so take another 100bp off its margin then. @intlspectator @JulianVenturaV misleading numbers. Should normalize the emissions by population. @JohnKirk @benthompson @andreascon true until they aren't. @JohnKirk @benthompson we don't really know that. there are no prior examples of a hardware maker like Apple providing services. @JohnKirk I respect @benthompson's opinion, but "apple services are bad" is just a techies narrative. No hard Numbers to back it up.
#LEMONADE is on HBO Now. Omg @jbarro @businessinsider same with Sanders campaign, just yell Goldman Sachs and everything will be solved.