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Joe @zzbar Manhattan, 重庆, Fire Island

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@gak_pdx You know the Chinese commies haven’t yet demanded apple to create a backdoor just for them, unlike US government. Just saying.The God of Wealth arrives on the 5th day of the Chinese New Year (today). He’s got a message for you all. @TonyNashOnAsia @TProphet The same folks usually believe Chinese statistics that’s bearish for Chinese economy an…
@StephenMcDonell @jeromeacohen I have no doubt Xi is not very popular in 三里屯district. But he’s very popular in 张庄, 李村, and 王镇。 @StephenMcDonell @jeromeacohen Poll sponsored by harvrd Kennedy school. So it’s possible to poll in china on personal approval ratings. @StephenMcDonell @jeromeacohen ‘According to the survey, Chinese President Xi Jinping had the highest approval rati… @StephenMcDonell @jeromeacohen Nope. I’ve seen polling data on twitter. Just can’t locate them. @StephenMcDonell @jeromeacohen You should ask the NYU law professor for the source since he’s the one said “many”. I have no idea. @StephenMcDonell @jeromeacohen Pew also pollls in China @StephenMcDonell @jeromeacohen Gallup took polls in China. @jeromeacohen @StephenMcDonell How many? Did you take a poll? Or that’s just what you think. @StephenMcDonell Better than without for sure. The story says this is a way to finance retrofitting older buildings without lifts. @AdamParkhomenko iphone XA text book illustration of the strategy of collecting pennies in front of freight train: escalator up and elevator…
@mdudas Try translate from X to Y, and then back to X, see if it matches the original. Google translate is Terrible… @stevecheney @cdixon But matter to whom? VC investors? Users? Developers? Do users really care? @TobiasBunde @sigmargabriel Right to feed your family comes before the right to post your breakfast pic on Facebook and Instagram. @TobiasBunde @sigmargabriel Well, lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty has to be the highest form…
@gak_pdx My first generation AppleTV is a perfect coaster for HomePod. traditional Chinese new year’s breakfast: 紫糯米湯圆with 黑芝麻,猪油,黑桃,花生fillings. Sticky purple rice dumplings with blac…
@TomMainelli @BenBajarin Not Mac? @BenBajarin Tied to Install base, not quarterly sales
@CGrantWSJ both SEC and FTC should look into this. Seems a big fraud.Tesla revolution is eating itself. Customer waiting for a year finds out about more Model 3 delays, wants money bac…
Retweeted by Joe @viticci I don’t think the deal to buy Shazam has closed yet. So this is not Apple’s update. @stevesi Old Apple TV @kirkburgess Obviously bad for Apple says Forbes. @counternotions Economists who really wannabe a mathematician love exact solutions to approximate problems. Physic… local @WholeFoods has go down hill ever since amazon takeover. Did Jeff Bazos force job cuts? @WholeFoods why are so many cash registers at union square store closed? how about open more registers? Did Amazon force you to cut jobs?This first generation Apple TV box is perfect as a HomePod Coaster!
A great play list to test HomePod’s sound quality. 👌 @peterbakernyt @maggieNYT @jestei Right. I’m Not subscribing NYT. Problem solved. @wolfejosh After so many years of research, if this is what Boston Dynamics has to show for, maybe the whole roboti… @aljwhite after so many years of research, if this is what you have to show for, maybe you are on the wrong track? #justsaying @pdacosta Not fair to compare Yellen’z 5 years to Greenspan’s 15 years. @pdacosta Shouldn’t you annualize the returns? @TProphet @olfashdeb You mean like how NYT rolled Apple on the Chinese labor issue with its false narrative? narrat…
@Sonos @washingtonpost Blackberry did the same BOGO deal. It didn’t save itself.Retweet if you have an Uncle #7 Favorite if you know what I’m talking about #familyreunification
Retweeted by Joe @Sonos Misleading ad.HomePod setup was as easy as AirPods setup. It replaces a pair of Polk speakers I owned since graduate school. Ap… @jaketapper So does JFK. @ChuBailiang ”阳奉阴违、欺骗中央,目无规矩、肆意妄为,妄议中央,干扰中央巡视,野心膨胀,公器私用” 😯Hint hint, American friends!
Retweeted by Joe @hushev I heard “Apple is late to the market”.Back to the dumpster airport JFK. What a shit hole!
@StephenMcDonell Define “Met” ? Said hello? Sat down and talked? Stared at each other across a room?
@WillieGeist Why should people believe you?
@mdudas @fredwilson So he’s saying nothing. @StephenMcDonell Trump should claim credit and move on.
@1africangirl Then you need one. @1africangirl Wrong question. The correct one : do I want one?If America has freedom of press, how come Americans didn’t get to watch the #WinterOlympic opening ceremony live? N… @WaltBTIG @RichBTIG Yet they complain that North Korean did not air the opening ceremony live. @kuriko_c HNA group can kiss its overseas M&A plan goodbye. @dcurtis Because I didn’t have one good speaker and I need one. @TProphet Because entrepreneurship can’t be taught.
@ganeumann We, not You. @jorge_guajardo @abrownewsj 皮蛋瘦肉粥 @jorge_guajardo @abrownewsj Must have 皮蛋To Keep Calm more sichuan peppercorns (花椒) please.
If “lacking spotify” is a big negative for HomePod capabilities, and Apple Music is about to become the most popula…
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@kirkburgess You are funny, Apple must play other’s game or it’s doomed. @CNN Not a mistake.
@valuewalk Provided no thermal nuclear war on the Korea Peninsula. @jorge_guajardo Air quality is definitely better. @wolfejosh Apple is not allowed to buy shares till 2 business days after earnings release. Starting Tomorrow, they… @wolfejosh Earnings volatility? They would have to mark the puts to market which could hit quarterly eps. @raykwong No shit
@BonnieGlaser China never claims its press is free.
@EmanuelDerman Siri does find links between events in calendar to stuffs in emails, safari browsing history and ma…
@dtellom 29/28 adjustment @dtellom What about leap year’s missing day in February? @asymco Not quite, there was no extra week in last year’s Q2. @C_H_Wood My Apple orders were shipped either by UPS or FEdex from China. It’s just good PR. @C_H_Wood Because UPS operates in China?
北京 -> 香港 (PEK -> HKG) via Dragon Air for a Dim Sum break.Watching a rare total #LunarEclipse from my hotel window.