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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@Arubin @RolfeWinkler @WSJ as fun as $100 million funding? @USATODAY no @JoshConstine @inafried what an ugly car @counternotions LU QI, formerly of MSFT? @mmurraypolitics no point committing political suicide for a doomed bill. @mmurraypolitics if it looks like the bill will fall, more 'NO" votes will emerge. lose by large margin or win my bare minimum. @Kyle_Feldscher @ReformedBroker yes, if it's an off ladder offered to him @BenBajarin I use screen shot to save photos when I don't want apps to access my photo library. Never let FB access my photo library.
@TayXiaohan have you called Apple to ask them why? @TayXiaohan hasn't been a taboo for a while now.Is Nike CEO Mark Parker related to the Star War character Chubacca? They look identical. $NKE @ddiamond fail by large margin or pass by slim margin. @daringfireball the new berry red leather watch band looks great. @daringfireball still no new Mac Pro or iMac @dpinsen @EmanuelDerman Goldman is bipartisan @EmanuelDerman better, just appoint Goldman Sachs President @IvanTheK the market turned red after Apple release a Red iPhone @jedimarkus77 @FedPorn doesn't matter. Siri knows and she's with them all the time. @eyoonCNBC he only got 900k followers in China?
@StephenMcDonell labor shortage problem solved? @Chris_arnade having trouble sympathize with these people: @StephenMcDonell if people really into your reporting, they'd find a way. Other obstacles not significant. @StephenMcDonell ocam razor: people just aren't that interested in western political/news media?
@oldmanebro your boss @cue is depressed @BraddJaffy in Chinese they are called 政委 @dailyzen @Jesse_Livermore trump is unnecessary @EmanuelDerman I'd amend that "others" include any living animals. I'm conscious of 🦈 when swimming alone. to steam dumplings: 1 put dumplings in a steamer 2 strike one ear twice & say "set timer for 15 min" 3 done when tapped on wrist #tip
@Max_Fisher so the N Korean are correct strategically in pursuing nuclear weapons in order to deter Americans. otherwise US would've invaded @mdudas until they can deliver live chicken and fish, grocery delivery business won't succeed. @KellyO @aravosis the "illusion of press freedom". @fmanjoo you tweet is missing "?"
@fttechnews don't you mean "in spite of flash"?
@pdacosta Paulson, Blankfein, Cohn and successors are all Bald, a necessary condition to be successful at Government Sachs.Key to career success at Government Sachs is to be Bald. @asymco @BobPisani @SquawkAlley now i understand why goose feathers are called down @asymco links to the product not working @counternotions
@vkhosla you mean someone else's babies? @caro_milanesi sure. Unit sell vs maintenance cost may not justify it though. @caro_milanesi and introduce extra friction and latency? @caro_milanesi why would an iPhone owner wear Samsung? I predict they'll sell 10 units.
Don't be fooled by 3 pages of tax return revealing little without schedule Ks. 25 million will lose heath insurance under TrumpCare. @kirkburgess April 15 is near. He can't not refuse to release his tax return using "audit" excuse any more. @kirkburgess the meat is in schedule Ks. No Ks, no beef. @kirkburgess doubt he even understand AMT. @chrisgeidner DJT leaked this to distract the media from TrumpCareDJT himself leaked 3 useless pages to distract the media from TrumpCare. The media falls for it.No Ks, it reveals nothing. #TRUMPSTAXES @Jesse_Livermore her viewers are not tax experts. They need the primer @gadyepstein wrong. Her viewers need the primer. Twerps don't. @Lefsetz @tim free vs paid. Also, US numbers only. @StephenMcDonell did you know 杨洁篪 visited Washington recently and Nobody reported it. @MikeIsaac don't have a pair of AirPods?
@fmanjoo eddy cue @DavidSchawel the difference between median and average is huge. Would love to see the percent vs. values plot. @nahmias that means subway shut down? @ScottWapnerCNBC lesson for insiders, buy on margin because when shit hit the fan, GS will force you to sell legally. Pearson sold > $100 @ReformedBroker Michael Pearson was smart to buy $VRX on margin from GS. he was able to sell at north of $100 because of Margin call! @davidfaber why do you guys still treat him as some kind of investing genius?The longest check out queue at Citarella. People are stocking up Stella Artois ahead of snow storm Stella. @StephenMcDonell by he time Thaad picks up north k missile attach, not enough time to stop it. Thaad is useless except for spying on China. @StephenMcDonell aren't you guilty of omitting one key factor? The Thaad system does nothing to stop North K. The distance too short.
@JulianVenturaV @ChinaDailyUSA Cancun will be flooded with Cantonese @shanghaiist ”打土豪,分田地” @mdudas for the same reason I never trust farmers market stuff. @mdudas but it's locally made food. @EmanuelDerman but do they teach kids how to use abacus? @serklarvel well, at least they are not those Mexicans, or black people, or refugee. Identity > medical care. @Fahrenthold you can't understand the stupid.
@neilcybart can live without milk. Egg is a must.Assuming no major pandemic and nonnuclear wars is happening? @business you wouldn't know it if it happens. @mgsiegler @CaseyNewton If I want to save a photo from FB, I take screen shot. @mgsiegler @CaseyNewton if I want to send a phone to FB, I originate it from my photo library. @mgsiegler @CaseyNewton never never give FB accesss to my photo.