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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, Fire Island, 重庆

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@mattyglesias there are physicists who are politically conservative or liberal, there are no conservative or liberal physicists. @maoxian @SirSteven 花椒 @mdudas even if you know there will be an airfare sale in 2 weeks?
@Objective_Neo @Lessien SpaceX is hardware engineering. No new sciences and it is NOT scalable. It'll be commoditized in 2 years. @Objective_Neo @Lessien spaceX is overvalued. @RaniaKhalek @ggreenwald @BlueNationRev only a dirty mind would read the text like you did.
Watching #NatGeoBee competition got me asking this question: what is the thing about Indian kids and Bees? (Spelling Bees, NatGeo Bees ..)Too bad this is not a scalable strategy for hedge funds to generate alpha:
@VladoBotsvadze @inafried you mean data statisticians? There is no such thing called data science. @SenSanders trollListen to Walking Along the Boardwalk by Apple Music Pop on @AppleMusic.🙈🙈🙈 @chrisgeidner it is in China. @michaelsantoli or the guys who write about Apple daily for living insist that Apple is irrelevant. @lachlan @EmanuelDerman Twitter founder jack Dorsey? @benthompson @balajis Thiel is a Trump supporter and he said he's standing up against bully? The Rich are really different. @marcoarment hard to feel sympathy for Trump supporter. I'd side with Gawker, lesser evil.
@kashhill how could they forget iPhone 4 and bar thief? @kirkburgess if only the Japanese could at least acknowledge the war crimes they committed in Korea and China. @jbarro @danarubinstein but if you ask voters the same question about any politicians, the answer is the same. Lame question. @gregorykorte @Sulliview @washingtonpost @POTUS buzzfeed >> WP#Tibet short documentaries: It tells the story of pilgrimage to Mount Kailash, the holiest mountain in Tibet. @mims why do you insist on applying your own personal preferences to the mass? Some prefer Kia and some prefer BMW. The world is diverse
Two DC eaglets and one of their parents (perched at a nearby tree branch, upper left corner) @bermaniastudios @Gartenberg @9to5mac and core technologies must be globally applicable. Cellular networks, gov. regulations are not. @bermaniastudios @Gartenberg @9to5mac core expertise of Apple Watch is OS, SOC and UI. @bermaniastudios @Gartenberg @9to5mac core expertise is different than peripheral expertise.
@viticci @marcoarment no
@KirkSemple tip your delivery boy generously.25ys after working at Chinese restaurant nr Columbia U, immigrant attends his daughter's graduation fr Columbia
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@shanghaiist why?It takes intelligence to translate Chinese into English. The quality of Google English-Chinese Translation shows AI is still 100 years away. @TProphet fresh in season now. @manicakes @benthompson when Google English-Chinese translation works sonmeday in the distant future, I'll believe AI. @fxshaw @hunterwalk @BenedictEvans @marcoarment when Google English-Chinese translation works someday, I'll believe AI @fxshaw @hunterwalk @BenedictEvans @marcoarment mostly "A", very little "I" so far. There Won't be real "I" for a long time, 50 years long @manicakes @benthompson I understand people have to write about it to get subscribers hooked, but don't be fooled. @manicakes @benthompson AI is mostly "A", very little "I" so far. There won't be real "I" for a long long time. @Recode "certified pre-owned iPhone", he's practicing sales pitch for future used Apple cars. @fmanjoo I know. Trump is all about faking it. Wealth, d*** sizes, ... @fmanjoo @realDonaldTrump @reneritchie new phone on sale? @CaseyNewton @Techmeme the method won't work in NYC skyscrapers. People are stacked on top of each other.Tiger Woods finally wins a round.
@fmanjoo @thehill the same people who blamed Hillary for the Iraq war most likely voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 over Al Gore. @fmanjoo @thehill the Left has always been more stupid than the right. @fmanjoo @dankois you pay for what you like. @fmanjoo @dankois you can't feed your kids with feeling. @Yangguobin @ChuBailiang Bernie sanders? @mdudas not enough hipsters outside Williamsburg to care about Etsy and four square. @mdudas only thing New Yorkers care about is food delivery asap. Everything else doesn't matter. @mdudas food delivery is not technology. No matter what they say. @RepGraceMeng thank you.Breaking News: President #Obama signs my bill to remove the derogatory & outdated term “Oriental” from U.S. law. 1/3
Retweeted by Joe ZouThe first B-side weekend of 2016 on fire Island, it ruined my boat ride today. @sundarpichai pretty underwhelming event though.One silver lining of an airplane crash tragedy is that It knocks @realDonaldTrump off CNN, the Crash News Network. @chamath @stevesi Apple's doing it forever.Not from the onion it's Friday afternoon @voxdotcom @ezraklein it's the best because you just covered it. Otherwise you'd have ignored it. @mdudas similar to Starbucks's in app Apple Pay. It's stupid and add more frictions. @t_t_t_timmy @jbouie shouting slogans is so much easier than actually organizing a revolution. @mdudas @Lefsetz no. I won't. @jonfavs @thehill small one as inferred from his hands. @StateDept @statedeptspox you mean the new governor of Taiwan? A province can't have a President. @mdudas why not just use cc?
@fmanjoo there are still 7% demos missing in the poll. Those could be the bitter Bernie people. @fmanjoo undecided indies @fmanjoo undecided @fmanjoo wait till Bernie is out and poll again. Many BernieBros are bitter now and it will take some time. @MikeIsaac you know they are Chinese because the guy manning woks speak Chinese. @MikeIsaac there is no real Thai food in SF since those so called "Thai" places are run by Chinese cooks. @fmanjoo lame @ZekeJMiller including Atlantic City casinos? @NateSilver538 Hillary had to back Obama in 08 to preserve her 2016 option. Bernie has no such motive now. He'll be 82 in 2024. @dreagu Bernie is not a viable candidates in 2024 when he'll be 82! So he doesn't give a fuck now. @dreagu you don't get my tweet. It's not about health. In 2008, she had to back O to preserve 2016 option, Bernie has no such motive now. @fmanjoo party breakdown of the sample? @dreagu @SteveKornacki she was not 70 in 2008. She had 2016 in mind back in 2008. Sanders is done after this year. @SteveKornacki don't under estimate an ego maniac with nothing to lose. @SteveKornacki unlike Hillary in 2008, Sanders has nothing to lose. He's 74! @SteveKornacki one big difference, Sanders was and still is an Independent. He doesn't really care about the Dem. party. @BenBajarin @caro_milanesi but more iOS users do pay for icloud as your research shows, they just undercount how often they are using it. @BenBajarin @caro_milanesi iCloud is designed so that users don't have to do anything explicitly to use the services, almost invisible. @BenBajarin @caro_milanesi many people only think file transfer/and storage as cloud services. @BenBajarin @caro_milanesi when their iPhone photos show up on their iPad or Mac automatically; songs bough on iPhone playing on AppleTV.. @BenBajarin @caro_milanesi regarding iOS users using cloud less, often iOS users don't even realize they are using cloud services. @Lebeaucarnews @SquawkAlley @TriangleBIZJrnl that's the same as "pie in the sky" perk. @RBReich then why is your candidate actively running against Obama "establishment"?Never trust any "free" app made by Google.
It takes a missing airplane for @CNN to get Trump off the air. Sad @JBFlint @brianstelter she bombed? Good. @chr1sa that's a feature, not a bug. @DavidCornDC his livelihood depends on his not accepting it.$GS upgraded $TSLA this morning TSLA does a secondary stock offering in the afternoon via lead underwriter Goldman Sachs #FakeChineseWall @neilcybart most likely a porous Chinese wall. SEC should investigate.