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Joe Zou @zzbar Manhattan, 重庆, Fire Island

Beida Ren (北大人), Investment Management, Hedge Fund, Startups, Physics, All Things Made by Apple, and Beaches. zzbar=(x+iy)(x-iy)

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@wolfejosh Saw them after 5 seconds. @wolfejosh Time to start a good old deposit runStep 1: Get a listening device into everyone's home. (Alexa) Step 2: Connect Big Brother to the cloud. Step 3: MUAH…
Retweeted by Joe Zou @CutTheKnotMath @nntaleb link? @nntaleb @CutTheKnotMath x(0)=0, but x(1) != 1 according to your formula.
Von Neumann Drive, Princeton, NJ Graduate College, Princeton. Graduate College, Princeton, shot on iPhoneX couldn’t believe he got in Princeton. He’s resolved to be nice to big cats. foliage @Princeton and @the_IAS
@MikeIsaac Diaper subscriptionThe GOP tax bill will 1) eliminate state & local tax deductions; 2) allow write-off of private jet; 3) cut corporat…
Is the 20 seconds measured with a clock on the train or with a clock at the station?
The current GOP tax bill will eliminate state and local tax deductions to pay for corporate tax cut. Hence a prox… did those three UCLA basketball players steal in China? It seems NCAA should pay the players like Pro athletes.This is a new one, no idea what it means, it sounded like Turkey calling. @neilcybart He needs some publicity to raise cash via secondary equity offering. Cash burn is accelerating.Wait, Google Docs down? 0h well, “Apple sucks at cloud services”.
@manicakes Did you see that story about a Vietnamese hacker breaking faceID with a mask? I’m not convinced.Kedi, a movie about street cats of Istanbul, is surprisingly therapeutic.
@StephenMcDonell more likely reason that it won’t be published is it’s a terrible book? @LaurenGoode @Recode @1Password Prefer @mSecure over 1password
Siri can now identify Chinese music @rjonesy @thetalkshow And ben thompson is unbearable @jorge_guajardo @Dimi nice paper though @BenBajarin You are assuming apple camera has no ML? I think you are underestimating it.
140! = 134620124757175246058760738589416155583558511481939671900513914680574603670905356967979209466296818366808690… @withoutdoing 此地无银三百两This seems overkill: 140! = 1.3462012475718E+241 characters. @JohnKirk Guess Apple doesn’t want to be a regulated bank, need to find a partner. @neilcybart Pretty sure Walmart Pay is only accepted at Walmart stores. WTF?when  Watch was introduced over 2 years ago $FOSL > $100 a share now $5. Lesson: never buy stocks with a prehisto…
Notch - 凹 aò Chinese translation for the word “Notch” is self explanatory:
@gak_pdx They hedged it with 8 and 8+. @jonfortt @harrymccracken No need. They will have millions of free commercials made by its users.Mom&Dad getting my last year’s iOS devices, it’s tech support Sunday. Their Yahoo account demands 2FA set up, complications followed.
@cbalfe @rjonesy Tip from a rabbit @jonfortt App developers don’t know if the authentication token is from Touch ID or Face ID. Apple gives the app the token. @jonfortt You should say yes and Face ID will be used. @jonfortt You don’t need app developers to update. Biometric ID is apple’s implementation. Apple works with Touch I… @rjonesy Darker background makes the Notch disappear. White background makes the Notch prominent.
@mdudas Or derivative traders before 2007 @mattlew82 They still should make an 8+ size iPhone Xi next year.Ok, so to celebrate the arrival of iPhone X, here’s some Animoji Karaoke inspired by @harrymccracken 🎤🦊🐶🐔🐵
Retweeted by Joe Zou @mattlew82 No,that will drive people to FB messenger. @BenBajarin The brightness adjustment slider in setting doesn’t seem very responsive.PSA: Grand Central Apple store has the shortest line for iPhone X
@kirkburgess Can you make sense where $640 miliion came from? Found money in Tim’s Gym shorts?According to my twitter time line, it seems Apple has managed to delay its inevitable doom by another year! $aaplWe call upon the workers of the world to unite in the great cause of socialism! But we also hate non-Party press. S…
Retweeted by Joe Zou @neilcybart someone should collect apple watch heart rate chart around 4:30
@StephenMcDonell Isn’t every campaign rally of Australian politicians staged? What’s your point?US news reporter Tucker Carlson achieves the Tao, state of being in nothingness, action through inaction, fighting…
Retweeted by Joe Zou @kirkburgess @manicakes @JohnKirk @jtjoelson I now always try 3D Touch whenever I don’t know what to do while navigating app interface. @BenBajarin With dog projector acting as a second camera for depth. @manicakes @JohnKirk @kirkburgess @jtjoelson AirPods will be mainstream @manicakes @JohnKirk @kirkburgess @jtjoelson Everyone needs that if you want airplay and use AirPods @manicakes @JohnKirk @kirkburgess @jtjoelson That’s not iPhone X exclusive, it’s iOS 11 thing. @manicakes @JohnKirk @kirkburgess @jtjoelson In Control center, need 3D Touch. @WaltBTIG sprint investment tuned into a 🍋, Why are people still handing over billions of $ to this guy?
@ianbremmer They already hurt us, look at the Iraq war and Trump, Two consequences of 9/11. @rsiilasmaa @tculpan who’s the party commissar of this committee? Sucker berg or Jack Ma? @StephenMcDonell Apple is way ahead on this.  @mdudas my motorola razor was perfect too in 2007. @christinawilkie @maggieNYT US system of government doesn’t work for everyone either. @charlesarthur I bet the same grumpy guys also hate MacBook TouchBar. @ianbremmer Pee Tape
@BenBajarin Funny, bloggers at the Verge still think they matter. @marcoarment Apple doesn’t need angry, entitled bloggers anymore. @AAPLBeat @dtellom That’s nice, but what’s Apple’s FQ1 guidance?Comrade POTUS, law enforcement organs not properly accountable to the Party? Maybe it's time for a new approach! Ca…
Retweeted by Joe Zou @mr_luqman_ @rjonesy Bigger name demands cash? @rjonesy Those 2nd and 3rd tiers youTubers > > WSJ and Verge @neilcybart Are you saying Apple will live another year? @mattlew82 I’ve seen that before, I think for 6s
@Jesse_Livermore No, I’m not. @rjonesy Who cares about reviews anymore? We don’t need no bloggers to tell us what we should and shouldn’t buy.