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@thenicolabryant Congrats are in order Nicola. You are 21,076 days old today. @thenicolabryant What about dogs on leads, itinerant postal workers, and wandering cats? @KatiePuckrik As a fellow quinquagenarian, I'll send you some birthday wishes when the glorious 12th comes around.…
On my birthday (6/12/1967) the first heart transplant in the US was performed. Sadly no-one has got round to transp… From The Lip(s) @KatiePuckrik You may be aware that The Rolling Stones made their debut under that name at the Marquee Club in Lond… both 'O' books under the pseudonym Pauline Reage. @Turin_Luca @KatiePuckrik As an atheist the pope only gets lower-case. @Turin_Luca @KatiePuckrik It's the pope's eye steak you want to try. It's not a bum deal. Or is it? @KatiePuckrik @talkRADIO @FlippinKath It's much under-played 'Chess On The Radio'. The haircuts: "Snap!" "Snap!" "No I said it first."
"Looking for girls who are boys / Who like boys to be girls / Who do boys like they're girls / Who do girls like th…'s a scam of some description. I'm just going to let it unfold. They can type understandable English, but with so… @MileyCyrus Who is @MileyCyruss03 ? There is someone going by the name Miley Ray Cyrus using that handle and you're… encourage people to read 'The Story Of O' by Anne Desclos (1954). See what does it for you: The bondage, the anal… @KatiePuckrik Seldom heard you so good live Katie. You and Katherine were so fluent and fluid. In fact it almost se… @KatiePuckrik She gives new meaning to the phrase 'Passing the baton'.
@KatiePuckrik You single Katie? Have you taken vows? Why don't you go down the pub or something and see what a fuss… @KatiePuckrik He's doesn't need a defense. He's enjoying the notoriety. Nose to tail dining is de rigueur now anywa… @KatiePuckrik 1954 Anne Desclos. I bet it was shaped like an 'O' by the end. Plenty of 'Whip-crack away!' aswell. D… @KatiePuckrik Wild animals often eat the placenta. But they need the nutrients from it to help build themselves up,… @KatiePuckrik Eating a part of leg? What about placenta eating? (A women did this on an ancient Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall show). @KatiePuckrik 'Fifty Shades Of Grey?' You might as well be talking about 'The Story of O'. When was that published? @KatiePuckrik Listening now @KatiePuckrik You on the radio tonight, or back on Monday? I didn't catch much of you and Kath. Too many scars from… @LizKershawDJ With those skies you should be in the south of France. An impressionist in 1890...What a great hobby :) @LizKershawDJ For Linda, or the portrait?
@KatiePuckrik @FlippinKath @talkRADIO We live in a world of stupid graduates, and instinctively clever people who l…
@ebhook @FluffSociety Just the size of those paws. Wow. @FluffSociety I'm tempted to do the same at the dentist, and mean it. #luissuarez @KatiePuckrik @jonronson @janehorrocks_ She is legend.
@EmrgencyKittens @KatiePuckrik Just like Leo. Let's hope there wasn't a furball to follow. @aflashbak @KatiePuckrik From his head? Late piece of impressionism. @aflashbak @KatiePuckrik Very Art Deco. @MattBors @KatiePuckrik It's utterly appalling. It brings me to tears. Angry tears. @SianWeather @JoshAdams951 @Hallam_Amos @EllisJenkins_ @cubbyboi Phrase I meant was 'You know everything Brian'. I… @KatiePuckrik Have a good show tonight. #wishiwasthere @KatiePuckrik Check out the brain on you KTP. 'Eats, shoots, and leaves!' is about my limit. It stays on the wall :) @SianWeather @JoshAdams951 @Hallam_Amos @EllisJenkins_ @cubbyboi #statingtheobvious #youknowitall Brian/Sian.
@SianWeather @JoshAdams951 @Hallam_Amos @EllisJenkins_ @cubbyboi An oval ball is best passed hand to hand. Played r… @SianWeather @JoshAdams951 @Hallam_Amos @EllisJenkins_ @cubbyboi Fair enough Sian. But at least watch a bit of it.… @SianWeather @JoshAdams951 @Hallam_Amos @EllisJenkins_ @cubbyboi The real ball skills are out in Russia Sian. Did y… @KatiePuckrik I've not long moved house and this is on the wall in the lounge. As my favourite American you've draw…
"Life is unfair / Kill yourself or get over it..." 'Child Psychology' by Black Box Recorder. @Nigella_Lawson @thedustyknuckle @AbernethyButter It's making my tummy rumble. Luckily tea is in the oven :-)#LGBTPrideMonth
@LizKershawDJ Don't you think it's better that it's now more acceptable for straight couples and bisexual men to be… @KatiePuckrik Don't you think it's better that it's now more acceptable for straight couples and bisexual men to be…
@warningshout @KatiePrice I've got much time on my hands. Have asked 3 Spice Girls the same question. Gone fishing. Will I get a bite. @warningshout @KatiePrice I was being tongue in cheek. @KatiePuckrik Throw a cheeky one in. I've meant to ask before. Was your Dad a spy Katie? You spent time in Moscow a… @KatiePuckrik Have you burnt your bridges as far as presenting TV either side of the pond? Is it just, and this is… @KatiePrice Don't you think it's good that it's now acceptable for straight people to be pro-choice sexually? Equal… @KatiePuckrik I didn't know that. What kind of shows? Read something in your biog about trying to get Pyjama Party… @maryannehobbs Don't you think it's better that it's now acceptable for straight people to be pro-choice sexually.… @amylame Don't you think it's better that it's now acceptable for straight people to be pro-choice sexually? No dis… @SianWeather Do you think it's better that it's more acceptable for straight people to be pro-choice sexually? No d… @EmmaBunton #consentingadults#doowutchyalike You agree? @EmmaBunton I met you around 99/2000. Only Spice Girl I haven't met is Mel B. @EmmaBunton The word is you were the naughtiest Spice Girl in your relationships with men. More than Victoria and G… @theQuietus 'Frou Frou Foxes In Midsummer Fires'. 'Teardrop' by Massive Attack "Love love is a verb / Love is a doing word..." @thenicolabryant Imagine how Harvey feels. No doubt they were biting him too. Or is he never in one place long enou… @KatiePuckrik Love that word: 'happenstance' @KatiePuckrik Yes. Thanks for answering. That's the impression I had formed. Media world must be quite fickle. You… you ever consider surgery to keep yourself looking youthful? You must have some good make-up and skin-care tips. @KatiePuckrik Not sure you got the reply to my own tweet, so sorry if you have this twice. Will we get a 2nd autobi… we be getting a 2nd autobiography? Are people surprised when they learn you're in your mid-50s? I think most p… @KatiePuckrik What years did you live out in LA Katie? I don't suppose media people ever really retire, but do you…
@KatiePuckrik The evil grins on the monkey's faces when they get to the music journalist in his cubicle. (Basement… @maryannehobbs The evil smiles on the monkey's faces in the Where's Your Head At? video when they get to the journa… @PulpLibrarian @KatiePuckrik That goat could do him a mischief with those horns. "Look mum! No hands..." @maryannehobbs Making full use of my new Bose Bluetooth speaker to blast out a bit of 6 Music. John Hobbs a relativ… @maryannehobbs I can honestly say I could ride no motorbike that you park in front of me. Took me 4 times to pass… @chcheflottie @KatiePuckrik In a world of Sat Nav hopefully in the right direction. Maybe she got her First Aider b… @chcheflottie @KatiePuckrik Wow! A woman doctor. They'll be given the vote next. @LizKershawDJ Following the followers. "Sleeping with the sleepers..." I'm sure you know the line :) @LizKershawDJ "I was lookin' back to see if you were lookin' back at me / To see me lookin' back at you..." Blue Lines genius. @LizKershawDJ Your name never came up as a follower Liz. So I'm doubting Dave. OK? @LizKershawDJ Well I've got two followers Liz. A girl with pornstar good looks, and a black Christian guy. So unles… @LizKershawDJ Extra 'a' in the last tweet. 'Specsavers Here We Come' Morrissey didn't think of that one. Should ha…