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@rutaagayire You have been through a lot but hats off to you for being as strong as you have been
@lisacurtis Hi Lisa. I am writing a story about Moringa for an international website and would like to ask you a fe… @zarreenk @TypeWriterMom How lovely! Congratulations.Guess what? Even Obama used to smoke weed. Can India move on to more real issues now - like the pandemic, climate…
Retweeted by Chaitali Patel @ChefTZac Curious to know if you use Moringa in any of the dishes served in your restaurant. This is for a story. Thank you
@lisacurtis Hi Lisa. I am a writer based in Dubai and am working on a story on Moringa for an international food pu… is in Delhi. Do send your CV, any wildlife loving marketing geniuses out there!
Retweeted by Chaitali Patel @SejalMehta06 @sermoninstone Such a beautiful piece.And this lil monster decides to come get cozy. 😊 @SejalMehta06 Haha! That it’s not a TV! 😂Waking up to weather like this! After what has been a long and gruelling summer. It’s still far from over (look bel… @lolaannamendez Super nice.
@chicabeingme @NewIndianXpress Oh yay! @panfusine Wow! That’s some story.
Dear Twitter, I'm trying to help my mom in law get in touch with her long lost friend. They studied together in the…
Retweeted by Chaitali Patel @vidya83 She has always sounded incredible from all our conversations and your musings. May she rest in peace. Hugs!
Up like an owl thanks to a coffee binge. 🤦‍♀️ @CurryCravings @thatdoggonelady Thank you. And all the best with your book! @flirtingshadows @thatdoggonelady Thanks Shruti. I’ll look this up.
Not a single response! 😮 eaten Moringa in a restaurant? Besides sambar or avial that is. Any new and exotic dishes you’ve come across. Do let me know. TIANo city makes my heart sing like my hometown, Chennai. Here's a handy guide to find your way around the city. Che… truths, but ones that need to be spoken about and shared. Culinary practices from Dalit communities around In… @vidya83 Totally! And here the drop in temperature brings a sigh of relief!
@Zin10SantaFe @BBC_Travel @BBC Lovely piece! I am a big jackfruit fan.dear twitter family, is there anyone here that lives in or around the border cities/ villages along India, Pakistan…
Retweeted by Chaitali PatelThis writer/artist wants to exhibit the incredible artwork she’s created during the lockdown. Any suggestions or id… @KalpanaSunder You are an inspiration. How about coaching me? 😉
@lesleydbiswas @Avibase What a stunning shot! @historywali Great idea. Did the flavours permeate? Would love to try. @throbbingmind @BBC_Future What a fabulous international byline to crack. Congratulations! Reading soon. @nehadara Love!Love this definition of beautiful
Retweeted by Chaitali Patel
@nehatinaarora @PlanetAbled Wow! This is amazing! More power to you.It’s 11:30 am and I feel like I have lived through the day! 🤦‍♀️😂High time someone come up with an eco-friendly food delivery service where customers can take / return a set of reu…
Retweeted by Chaitali Patel @SejalMehta06 So glad this was the first long tweet I chose to read today.
@itinerantyogi @theeggfactory So the eggs scrambled with leaves does show up on the menu? @itinerantyogi @theeggfactory Ah! Interesting. @itinerantyogi Is this how your family makes it or is this a standard way of cooking it in AP? Thanks @Tara_Deshpande Dhebras have millet flour mostly bajra. They are smaller and thicker than theplas. They are sometim… @nehadara Never done this before but very keen to grow some veggies this year. Hoping to grow mint, tomatoes and basil. 🤞🏽 @shirinmehrotra @vidya83 Thanks Shirin. Would love to know more. Shall DM you if that’s ok!Very worrying reports from Rajkot. Why isn't this city being attended to with urgency ?
Retweeted by Chaitali Patel @travelkissa @Tejasthesane Hi Pooja. Please tell me more. @CookyDoh How cool! Shall message you to find out more. @Epikaur Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. @desipathang @mizarcle Wow! Would have never thought of that. @kavitadevgan That’s so sweet of you. Shall message you my email ID @VernikaAwal How interesting. Can I send you a DM? @throbbingmind Both the pods and leaves @Tejasthesane Thank you so much!
#RaithaSahaaya Farmer Ravi has grown green brinjal at his farm near Chikkanayakanahalli in Tumkur district. Cont…
Retweeted by Chaitali Patel @chryselled Thank you for creating this thread. @NVallangi Yes! Me too. Writing about it all. So please feel free to share any information you have.Are you fan of Moringa or murungakkai? I am writing a piece on this lanky vegetable, one of my favourites. Tell me… daughter to school with lunch. Made breakfast. Did laundry. Made the beds. Attended a pitching masterclass. Ma… @thatdoggonelady @Kamal_t That was a brilliant analogy. Thank you Kamala, Rituparna, Neha and Joanna. Very useful session. @thatdoggonelady You were very good! Lovely hearing your voice. Never heard you before. @TypeWriterMom Shucks. Hugs. This too shall pass.
For all pet parents out there. My dog has taught me the best way to get through the pandemic: live in the now @VineetaGS @maikeya Whattay a fun plan!
Hooked! @thebooksatchel @ViragoBooks One of my favourites. Have to read it again! @TravelSeeWrite Thank you! @thatdoggonelady You’ll be cracking! @maikeya Sounds like a plan. Let’s!
Start of the weekend. Love having a dedicated diary for this. Why didn’t I get one earlier, I wonder! @Saumya_Ancheri @CNTIndia This is great! @maikeya @MeghnaPant @DeathEndsFun @amitvarma Had no clue you’ve attended so many. Sure that diary has a lot of good stuff in there. @SejalMehta06 Loved this. Very unique angle."You’re guilty because you’re not enough." 'Productivity Anxiety' Makes the Thought of Resting Feel Criminal…
From your toothpaste to ice cream, palm oil is probably in almost everything you (and I) use. While eliminating ent…
I wish they would or perhaps I could on their behalf? #Vultures r the most efficient scavengers cleaning carcasses…
Retweeted by Chaitali Patel @throbbingmind Congratulations Shoma!A commission after 40 days! Phew!Writers, this might be totally worth your time. Joanna’s newsletter is great and am sure this session will be crack… @lolaannamendez Sounds perfect @SejalMehta06 I wanted to as well after reading this piece. Where can we watch it though?
@TypeWriterMom 🤗Parents without smartphones are left scrambling as Indian schools go online.Thousands of poor children are left out…
Retweeted by Chaitali PatelDaughter went back to school last week after 6 months and that first day, I felt like I had so much time. Our lil…
@MitaliLive Oh my! You look lovely.Next time you reach out for a plastic bag you can easily do without, recollect this. Leave home with a reusable b… @thatdoggonelady Loved this piece. @charukesi Oh ya! 🤣 @charukesi Cannot believe this! 🤦‍♀️🤣
Looking for TRAVEL BLOGGERS with good storytelling skills from Raipur, Nagpur, Bhopal & Indore only. Need to have g…
Retweeted by Chaitali Patel @thebooksatchel You look so pretty. And love the saree and blouse. @DelishDirection Didn’t know you share recipes! Looks fabulous. Love the photos!A friend's wife is admitted in Safdarjung Hospital and needs to be put in ICU...but unfortunately there are no ICUs…
Retweeted by Chaitali PatelA friend was tested positive for Corona today and then he was forcefully taken to the quarantine centre. THIS is th…
Retweeted by Chaitali Patel @riyanaskar13 @rohandahotre @BhagyaSridhara Thank you for these leads Riya!
@FTroote Thanks for sharing your work Fay. I am however only looking for artists in India. @lipi_meh @hirishitalkies @thetoonguy Yup his work is awesome. Thanks @JenningsAndreaa Thank you. But I am not looking to commission work, I am looking for people to feature in a story. @NVallangi Gogoi and not Gogol. @NVallangi Only knew of Rohan Chakravarty and Deborshee Gogol. @NVallangi Honestly I didn’t think I’d find so many. 😊