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Love that the @Ugarles tweet of Dershowitz saying “nothing illegal about crimes” is true every week
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊These dogs have been paid off with treats, much like his entire campaign staff every fiber of my heart, I believe that Sonichu is worth reading for what it says about loneliness. Everyone f…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊But everyone fav Alan's good reply anyway lol deleted my last tweet cause I'm not trying to argue semantics with Liz Lads, but democrats seriously have a probl… claptrap for the CAP/CNAS set. The problem is (A) no one knows what qualifies as "false info" or "disinfo…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊 @findomearle Warren heads love homework and rules!!One of the reasons I'm not on Instagram very much is because it makes me miss my friends in other places. I think I… @xeni Go outside dudeFinally, some data to hold up to the longtime charge that many NYC community boards look different from their local…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊I've been trying to put this exact sentiment into words about Yang people, but couldn't figure out how to say it should have incorporated #linegoesdown into these snap!! The Valentine's day barm mama's just dropped!! @OKdotGLASS This is the most Joey tweet I've ever seen
@brushykb It's not that weird with a dog you know, but I wouldn't on first meeting. It feels like his brain was trying to shake hands.I wish the video kept going. What did he do with his hand after shoving it in this poor pup's mouth??? @JohnRBielski If you aren't for the candidate on the side of abolishing ICE then you aren't pro-civil rights.If you think Bernie's support is fanatical, wait for AOC's in ten years. Assuming this planet still exists, AOC sup…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊 @bredpress God I wish that were me @jackallisonLOL horse chinos for all!! @BOTWghost @ghostroommate Does @mippyofficial know??I'm against disposability culture meaning prisons first and foremost!!
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊 @Papapishu Wow!!! I wish they had egg yesterday, I would like a weird egg
They're like "oh no I tied my retirement up in stocks for the green military and whatever Google software they're b… real reason "progressive" liberals refuse to support Sanders spending a significant amount of time going to the type of restaurants where you have to make a reservation for two people. @leslieleeiii Chris Morris is better than Charlie Brooker @hibikitikibi @RidgewdTenantsU @plslala What a sweet little friend!!! I'm on the train to work tho @alecrobbins And so FUNNY!!!!eizouken. EIZOUKEN!!!!!! I'm high on like 4 levels of magical realism rnSociety deems trans women as boundary violators, which means our messy art becomes justification for "eliminating"…
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Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊thinking about my wife is perfect:
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊 @CyberBrandogg Omg me and @bmfu watched this and Rat Boy Genius to celebrate on the calendar new year's dayHere is a video from @Demons_Home to put on all the screens in your house to celebrate:'s hear it for RAT 2020!! 🐀🐀🐀🐀🔥🐀🐀🐀🐀 my debut at @outline I talk about Isabel Fall, online Puritanism, and the crucial importance of difficult art.
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Any candidate who claims to be an ally to trans people while also opposing Medicare For All should be ridiculed constantly and publicly
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊Another really important thing I just saw: Rogan sucks, but liberals do still love Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert,…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊*spoilers for Land of Lustrous* THEIR ATTACK PATTERNS WERE BECAUSE OF A LABOR DISPUTE!!!! @ioascarium I don't want people to die just because they have shitty social views!!!! Libs are so punitive, it's fucked. @coolturtleneck lol that rocks!!! 🌈🌹Status update on the gay bar that Chasten Buttigieg cancelled an event at because he didn’t like that they had a st…
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Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊Exactly! Queer people know there is only one candidate who has the coalition that can actually win the programs we…
@mippyofficial I'm chilling at Bluestockings rn!! Come have a sip of my coffee!My entire contribution to he J*e R*gan discourse: he’s got some atavistic social politics and has given a huge plat…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊The very rich exploit both genuine & fake grievances to benefit themselves at our expense. We can acknowledge those…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊Centrist pundits are acting like Bernie Sanders is actually friends with Joe Rogan, like they’re Hillary Clinton an…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊I'm hanging out in East Village before this, hmu friends if yer also going. Pod Save America guys have more blood on their hands than Joe Rogan.
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊I’m black and trans and a woman. Don’t like Joe Rogan. But I’m also not stupid, and I understand that he is gonna…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊 @crulge this was an @ADACTIVITY drawing at first to when I was mad about Fairway, every time I go to Manhattan I get more mad about something, like I'm ab…, the people of Puerto Rico are carrying a guillotine to the Governor’s mansion right now.
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WOW what if it turns out @jackallisonLOL has uncovered a cabal of sicko sex pests of the blue checkmark boys club??!! @realmuffinparty @jackallisonLOL All of his hard work paid off, he's finally Twitter's person of day!!However, I must now honor my favorite part of any Python movie and probably from any Python thing, ever. All Terry…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊 @battyhearst @zachhazard Ooh interesting sluething! It's funny folks have a bunch of theories in my mentions
@zachhazard It's wild, I'm very curious who is behind that account @RoachOppressor @TizOnly1 @anaaronfreeman @jackallisonLOL @BethLynch2020 Maybe stop wasting your time on losing tea…'s been a while since a massive fight has broken out in my mentions! Responses are getting buried and this guy mi… @RoachOppressor @anaaronfreeman @jackallisonLOL @BethLynch2020 I don't mean low information as an insult. I think p… @RoachOppressor @anaaronfreeman @jackallisonLOL @BethLynch2020 I'm saying all Biden voters are low information, you… @RoachOppressor @anaaronfreeman @jackallisonLOL @BethLynch2020 Obama was also complicit in a lot of racist policy for what it's worth. @RoachOppressor @anaaronfreeman @jackallisonLOL @BethLynch2020 A lot of Biden voters are low information, that supp… @RoachOppressor @jackallisonLOL @BethLynch2020 Naw they're right, Joe Biden is racist. He was good friends with Str… @AaronFown @jackallisonLOL Jack is super funny, I watch his morning show @JackAMonTwitch @jackallisonLOL Wow a whole new level of Twitter @ripcytwombly omga lot of comics conceive of "cancel culture" as a force that indiscriminately strips comics of their livelihoods fo…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊"As much as comedians like to fashion themselves as high-minded pontificators of the notion of free speech, this is… public stuff private is straight up Nazi playbook tactics, and folks should recognize it as such. Also, rely… a local supermarket chain beloved by residents of the richest city in the country is acquired by private equit…
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@roaringblood Much love to you bud!!!sharting accident at Davos
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊Jeff Bozo people are gonna flip when they see what happens to them in Parasite 2
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊 @fungusdungeon That's a known bug that occurs if you accidentally pick up the Tecate twice, you can sell them to th… just finished a zine that is basically this, fuck, but also I wrote about him months ago for our patreon.… MY MIND INTO A MICROPHONE TONITE at @Petescandy - @dougiepoole666's Special Delivery w/ @0KF0X and Sammy Weissberg 6:30pm FREE Also second th…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊Remember when Clinton implied Obama might get assassinated?It's actually different cause folks have way more access to neons now!! not be afraid of the downfall of the Democratic party. It is an inevitable part of building socialism in this co… I said to @kelseysshorts and @hibikitikibi that Ebisu is the "Kenny from Southpark" of Dorohedoro this terrible anniversary of Citizens United: We need publicly financed elections. We need democracy vouchers.…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊I was told harshly attacking potential Democratic Party nominees was doing Putin’s bidding, what happened with that
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊Remember when Zephyr Teachout ran against Amazon Coumo before Cynthia Nixon did?? It's taking the left forever to g… of the people
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊After occupying an empty home for 58 days & being violently evicted by police that used a tank & military grade wea…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊Had a lot of fun at Retro Jam (a riso print shop in Taipei) and a yaoi library and bookstore (with a cat!), Also sa…
Retweeted by OK FOX 🆗🦊Zephyr Teachout defense squad!!! @_davidturner_ She's the only good wonk!!! Applies pressure in such a calculated waylol I was looking for something else then I saw this old debate thread. I hope they all drop out after Iowa I am so… @gomu @OKdotGLASS Who let the frog out!!!! Is real?????