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SUKI @0Ktinaa 20 | she/her

i play & talk about valorant ♡ ˏˋ° • * ⁀➷ @TeamSurpriseFE @uvsect | @0ksuki

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@Dasnerth happy bday!! @alexisfps ur up @rikathorn love u rika 🤍🤍🤍 here for u always @keaIani @ares1605 @janf_ssb real asf+ a lot of my friends are eating good like 🤍🤍🤍 good vibes all aroundholy fuck so much good news today im pogging irl @janf_ssb @ares1605 @keaIani LMAOOO @midnighteonn FR
@hikarival thanksssssss @LiquifyFR tyty @TorontoSRN im in ottawa can i joinjust got diagnosed w adhd monkaw @Nuldrex you're so brave @ComplexLiquid LOL @starryblood ya shes kinda cringe these days but her first two albums were legendary. ppl just bandwagon hate on her tho fr @whevVAL @ValorLeaks L @starryblood REALLLLLLL @222GenTle HAPPY BDAY BAEEEE !!! @ItsKurako LOL OMGalso sorry for abruptly ending stream i dont feel like i should be live if im tilted lol @whevVAL i still underperfomed like crazy sadgeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee @korosuOW @PlayVALORANT pretty goodnothing feels worse than being the reason you lost a gameAVIDLY AIMING AGAINST ADVERSARIES #6 @PlayVALORANT HD LINK IN REPLIES
Retweeted by SUKIhi im live link in bio moth to a light my crosshair to a yoru clone
Retweeted by SUKI @kuronesa u dont even look white in ur pfp help @Jumkeji enough outta u @jellyfish_val ily2016 was 23 years ago let that sink in…
Retweeted by SUKI @Jumkeji ????????????? @alpine_fps get some friends @alpine_fps just wait a second before u clip LMAO and if nobody says anything was it even a good clip? thimnk abt itDon't trust anyone ❌❌ not even the ones closest to u
Retweeted by SUKI @alpine_fps No like actually why would u do that youre nerfing urself @kiwiramune HWAT THE FUCK YOURE IJSANEB @Dilfosaur69 grats!!! @Cam_Sova @Jumkeji ummm yeah!! @Jumkeji @Cam_Sova im playing final fantasy @Jumkeji @Cam_Sova im always down (except when im not$ @Jumkeji 🤨🤨 @Jumkeji ur the highest rank in the server trust
@Jumkeji LMFAOOO @chlofps ill@kill him (in game)i would 100% fall for a pyramid scheme and that’s just something i need to work on
Retweeted by SUKI @alpine_fps HAHAHHAHAHAAH @calsushi123 @Existingee NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…'t even be surprised this map is so dogshit i hope they rework it moment :/ @Montruhh @_Od26 NAHHHHHH @keaIani it's so fucked like they're ALL KIDS @maple_edits wow my impact @maple_edits @TINARAES @bungeecsgo OKAY 💅🏾💅🏾 @maple_edits (villain arc) @Jumkeji STFU 5'5 GOATED HEIGHT @Jumkeji XDDD @nuwumy ive gotten that a lot tbh LMFAO @maple_edits I HATW U @KidlanderVal @Dilfosaur69 im not dudeiced coffee, black tea lemonade, iced americano, chai, iced vanilla matcha with chaiheight: 5'5 shoe: 8 zodiac: capricorn tattoos: 0 (for now lol) piercings: 6 fav colour: lavender/purple fav drink:… @kiwiramune pretty sure i followed u before i even knew 🥸 @memesiwish my zister cat 😺 @nanamynx HAHAHHA OMC RYING @Jumkeji pog keji vid @jellyfish_val wasteland sheriff is heat and that stupid black and red one needs to be deletedi love goth mommies
@_novaVAL LMNFAOGIAO @Jumkeji thanks for being a good duo @_novaVAL i think i did at one point isn't it kinda nerdy @maple_edits dude TRUE s0m 🫣🫣first stream back was fun thanks for poppin in if u did :') @cowffeeeee HAHAHAHHAHAHAH @bobabonk BHAHAHAH FRhi im live on twitch for the first time in a long while please come say hi twitch tv/oktinaa (link in bio) photo of shaz from that LAN is identical @kxtieoh LETS GOOO W @alpine_fps yes indeed @aspenqt just a toxic mofo he was on the enemy team two games in a row @westjett1 just until a few days ago do i feel like i confidently know the map @_Od26 take your own advice 🥱 @ErikaGGs_ no liekwatching my old clips back and like...what if i started streaming again... lol @korosuOW u gotta romanticize itif 17seconds#LFT ever tries to trial for you turn this guy down LOOOOL @maple_edits HAHHAJH @korosuOW meowbest fade world me and a girl on split were vibing out in comp only to add post-game to find out they were a 12 y/o boy. i am traumatized
Retweeted by SUKI @maple_edits the comedic genius of the composition of this tweet is so underrated i love you and im cackling
@ComplexLiquid that's too much damn work @ComplexLiquid i know at least like 5 of them who play but the best one is silver im pretty suremy coworkers read books on their breaks and i watch valorant VODs we are not the same @blanketsgg @super_sophia11 LMAOOOOO THIS 😭😭 @blanketsgg @super_sophia11 same lowkey i get into flow state so easily and just vibe but time also feels like 10 m… @calsushi123 @super_sophia11 CAL LMFAOOOOO @super_sophia11 me on edibles @Dilfosaur69 HUGE LETS GOOO🤍 @ellyheh yeah ://// ggs!! it was not ur bad