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Mika @0pvlent Stolen Piscataway Land

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@mynamedeek "yeah... they only pay me to drive the boat. sorry tho"wip, Charon and a passenger on the Styx. loving all these hands lol @BahamutNexus jailwhole crew nonbinary they enby my clique
Retweeted by MikaPretty sick I have the same writing process as Miyazaki
Retweeted by MikaI'm DROWNING'm here to pour gasoline on animation discourse. *hides forever*
Retweeted by Mika @TheGabiType sicknin'f*gs being transphobic because they think their sexual gratification matters more than literally anything else? 🤢gr… @Darrensbackup_ I jokingly say all the time they're the only celebs who've cracked the code: they're two old french… @beardeddiegou I'm hoping so but if not I'm so glad I came but I can't wait to might not be the right time 🎶 it might not be the right one 🎵 to be dramatic, pero my eye has been twitching so if this is how I go just know I'm at peace with it @c0nstantine1_ @salvadorandolar I'm literally debating making a new starter but I know I should wait for my new food scale to come in @salvadorandolar @c0nstantine1_ ty!! @salvadorandolar @c0nstantine1_ this loaf, from a starter that died on me was PERFECT from doing this @salvadorandolar @c0nstantine1_ I always do my sourdough in my dutch oven! makes the outside such a good textureThe way porn is like 95% white makes me so uncomfortable and is really fucking annoying poc sexworkers please share your links I beg
Retweeted by Mika @draquoshalli what's wrong guapo 🥺Really dig @EmmettComix Baz & his attire, took a crack at it. Y’all should check out their story pitch!
Retweeted by Mika @_rootbound it's so crazy like this can't be the 5mb upload maximum rightHOW do y'all do this cause when I upload a big, hd drawing Twitter butchers the quality to hell @BahamutNexus @gay4nonprofit I couldn't remember what the third thing wasA-Line skirts and tennis skirts 🥺 @TrickiVisaj ok one of my favorite Beyoncé songsreminder: “overdressed” is a social construct created by your haters
Retweeted by Mika @dolewhipdaddy I read too fast and was like going through bottoms...? @AndyDoubleYoo I was gonna say it's an EIGHTY year old book lmaooooothoughts: intrusive ASS: PROTRUSIVE @BahamutNexus POKIN @yezzzurp but see also: you 😚٩(🔻ㅅ🔻 )و meowdy, suge @0pvlent MEOWDY PAWNTER
Retweeted by Mika @HibiscusBby WTF I Want, Cognac Queen. there's not a miss on that albumthe only bi discourse i’ll entertain is more hot bi people should DM me
Retweeted by Mika @LilGyasi @Boss_pliskin @vampiremoongrl not you snitchiiiiiiiing @Boss_pliskin @LilGyasi KENNY NOT THIS 💀 @xxXIIIRoxas @HibiscusBby ANGEL PLSI couldn't find it for the you // someone slightly more famous than you thing but yeah. *slightly* she's cool tho @SilvanusTheEnby yeah @homonerdgrizz are these stick n pokes?
jesus and mary mag on tv
Retweeted by MikaIt is sort of meaningless to debate the 2000 + 600 vs 1400 + 600 because neither is enough money after almost a year of covid
Retweeted by Mika @KhariKhonsu I've personally had it happen twice so I can only imagine how often it happens to the girlies with big followings @jrael_jpg who's top right?the way y'all actually do this...“Checking” on someone’s mental health as a way to be horny in someone’s DMs is honestly despicable
Retweeted by Mikasocial media with non-algorithmic tl again when though? @1butlir1 @jrael_jpg lungs bout skrong as hell @beardeddiegou CONGRATS BBYMy job: drawing what others want My hobby: drawing what I want
Retweeted by MikaYeah.
Retweeted by Mika @HibiscusBby nah they think packing boxes is skilled labor it's not gonna click lol @LilKeyBump625 @REBL_103 text me this video lmaoCan we discuss how every Florence + The Machine song is a call to healing?
Retweeted by MikaPLEASE BOOST! My good friend Dasol is trying get away from her abusive parents who've found out where she lives. Sh…
Retweeted by Mika'09* @nintendhoe420 I liked Red but RAM was a masterpiece. not to say the Grammys makes good decisions in general but this one was right @BahamutNexus bakugo... that tracks @nintendhoe420 bad bitches BAD BITCHESY’all thinking AAVE is an accent is exactly why it shouldn’t be coming out your mouths
Retweeted by Mikayessir yes. sir. only bad bitches born under the great Scorpius 'round these parts @Bluebomberblast but are you a Spike cancer or an Usagi cancer @BreadDominator 🥲 ancient history, friend @BreadDominator me n who ME N WHO @REBL_103 SO saltysomething about us by daft punk rising back to my favorite songs for the first time since 2006 >>>not one but TWO FUCKING BLOCKS. my stomach hurts just remembering it really just hit me that rich people really just be vibing, all their bills on auto pay huh. Like they probably d…
Retweeted by Mika @BreadDominator name saved as bread dominator I- yknow what I ship it @gay4nonprofit ok but they love you, which implies taste. which means we'll get along fine @eliciadonze @MattHTaylor this is SO condescending omgYare yare daze
Retweeted by Mika @gay4nonprofit I'm... lemme be your third. @dogvomitco you so BEAUTIFUL bby @BreadDominator "esteemed sovereign" is also excellentGuy Who Takes 4,000 Photos of His Cat a Year Doesn’t Understand Appeal of Pokémon Snap
Retweeted by Mikay'know what yes I am gonna keep talking about it! the fact that people are making excuses for the government provid… @stardust4eva_ lmk when you do ;)Some of y’all don’t care about creating systemic change as much as you do gettin fuckin retweets cuz if you did we’…
Retweeted by MikaI was sent this and I think it sums up my feelings towards it well, LOK S1 is a strawman of what socialism is and f… @sethsmithart @WhitLeopard I use them for maybe 4-5 hours a day. whenever I'm just listening/watching something bec… Pace in Cotton Comes to Harlem
Retweeted by Mika @WhitLeopard @sethsmithart 100 hours! I haven't clocked it but I literally haven't charged them since December and… @the_otherjcole the U.S. spends less than 6% of its budget on welfare. the country isn't broke it's the wealthiest… @WhitLeopard @sethsmithart these! they're so cheap and they're not joshing about that 100 hour playtime I go weeks… @the_otherjcole It's not about the actual number, it's collective disillusionment with Democratic establishment bec… @the_otherjcole People feel the promise was misrepresented. if you say "$2000 checks will go out the door" for winn…’s funni because I’m never incorrect
Retweeted by Mika @gay4nonprofit disrupt the pipeline, humble the "intelectual" man who "values diversity of thought" in your life TODAYmen say they're "into geopolitics" and really don't look back, huh?I tried to drink it away I tried to put one in the air I tried to dance it away I tried to change it with my hair
Retweeted by Mika @SilvanusTheEnby I was literally completely uninterested and yesterday I was like "let's give it a whirl" it's wonderful? @dogvomitco @Sollydime @mapcus I too, am someone @PlantDadAnts I can't stand an "ewwww vaginas" 🚬the 34 + 35 remix is fun, you guys are just clinging to an old idea of what a remix isThis is probably as good a cultural moment as any to remind the world that Sea Shanties are Black Music.
Retweeted by MikaWhen everything goes wrong :
Retweeted by Mika @HibiscusBby even though she was consolidating power, Kuvira's rail system was pretty cool I gotta say. I like infrastructure