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This is life, not heaven. You don't have to be perfect here.

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You were my best friend for the longest time. I don't regret anything that happened between us and I appreciate the…
Retweeted by gray🌜's the one in the green tee shirt, I have questions. I'm trying be with oomf the #ClimateStrike sign saying “Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriends deserve a future” has ended me
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@joeparry @spacedog17 @martin_costello take whatever you want, just stop looking at me. @joeparry @spacedog17 @martin_costello Joe, yours is low-key terrifying. @yourfavoritecup why are you doing this? @mikeandrobots this is the cutest thing ever.Arriving at your funeral to do an acoustic performance miming to Ashanti’s vocals
Retweeted by graythis is beyond funny. guys i think i got it... look at my header
Retweeted by grayguys, Trader Joe's is where it's at. @imfivebyfive noted! 🖤god, I needed this.Then going to walk Flatbush (upon recommendation from @yourfavoritecup) for something to eat afterwards.I've spent the entirety of today (so far) wandering around Brooklyn, saw an incredible art exhibition and now off t… @mjc_photography @mikeandrobots fuck, this is good. @yourfavoritecup eternal. @imfivebyfive @stuartkp I also got this for my birthday... I've put the wax from a candle me and my housemates bu… @finnbarm this excitement/tweet is high-key adorable.If you’re having a bad day, watch this
Retweeted by gray @ad4mco if*currently in a bar in New York listening to Ms. Dynamite. ...🤔
girl: is that a dick pic me: shit sorry that wasn't for you girl: who is it for lol so small me: girl: penis more like penisn't lmao
Retweeted by gray @LacktoesPapaya ...yeah? @joeparry I second this and I "kind of" work in music. @beardyderp they're very McQueen, in fact this whole outfit is very McQueen. @ad4mco @marcushwik @spacedog17 @j__a__i Pigeon race? birthday last night ended up here. safe to say, it'll be one of my favourites for a long time. @j__a__i @marcushwik "I forgot your present butttt...." @marcushwik I was conceived in Paris on a new year's trip. It's why I'm just so trendy. @ad4mco so, you walked into your exes work place and are surprised you have bumped into him each time?
@prizzmm my twin, my virgo princess to my prince. happy birthday 🖤🖤 @ashleytwo what about my neck? @unTayloredTweet thank you, my dear! 🥰🥰 @lightbydan thanks baby 🖤 @caravanb0y maybe @caravanb0y Yeah, I'm here for ten days!“I don’t wanna talk about no fucking Ferguson and shit because I don’t live over there. I live in fucking SoHo and…
Retweeted by gray @caravanb0y thank you, handsome. I'm in your neck of the woods, I believe? I haven't been able to keep track of w… @philford 😘😘 @marcushwik me, very much me. you're all trash, but you're my trash. @philford either or, tbqhwy. To whoever is reading this I'm not picky, just make sure the donation is generous.and yes, it's my birthday. ✌🏼 I accept snacks, nudes and deposits into my account. Slide into the DMs for my back… Facebook to perform my social duties on my birthday and on one end I have my Grandad being really sweet an…
@billybixby fixed it for you. @yourfavoritecup well good luck regardlesssssss @yourfavoritecup 😭😭😭 I'll be back in two weeks! Just in time to hear the news of your new job. 🖤 @yourfavoritecup sending positivity your way xxHe’s backkkkkk!! @Dex_Rated came to snatch all souls in #DIAMONDBOMB, an all-over diamond-dusted sparkle for your f…
Retweeted by graytoday is the daaaayyyybest pop album of the year, I don't even caaaare.listens to the @slayyyter album once. @Piffdarkie that makes me sad because you're among many PoC who feel the same way. @marcushwik You must go to Bacaro. It's an Italian restaurant with tapas size dishes. Great for trying loads. The…
@Piffdarkie an algorithm using a pool of images is being racist? I'm angry, but I'm not surprised. Such bullshit man. @CaptainIberia you're the co-pilot of my anxiety. @Maccadaynu thank you, baby girl 💜 @mrpwhitley why do you think I chose this photo?well, okay. @yourfavoritecup can't wait to hit NY and get them crustaceans in my water.
@ad4mco did they lie? @unTayloredTweet the entirety of what's left of the tray then. @unTayloredTweet rolling a sleight of hand check and taking the ENTIRE tray. @unTayloredTweet TOMORROW!? 🤤👀🥰so, I have now finished three out of four songs for my first EP and I have released the third track. let me know w…
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@yourfavoritecup girl. @Ja_cobjpg biiiiiitch. 🔥🔥 @finnbarm have you heard the album? 👀Feeling well rested and energised and it's three days until NY and four until my birthday. Blessed. @finnbarm I think the top ten is pretty accurate. Good to see some strong UK entries in there too.For the past year, I’ve been filming myself scaring my best friend @NickStopTalking Today is Nick’s birthday and…
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@dezzaxx_ 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️ @dezzaxx_ En route. @AvantGardeGoth supreme socks? I surprised that @finnbarm still doesn't know when my birthday is? ...probably not.devils, demons and angels and shit. and you have her a track with Ariana and Miley? Come on, man. @mrpwhitley lol happily if that's what's playing inside.the thought of Lana's potential lyrical imagery should have granted her a song all by herself.Don't Call Me Angel is a mess, I'm so sorry Lana.This shit got me dying
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I don't think there's much in my life that I enjoy more than sending @ranktaxi snippets of new songs of mine and discussing them. @georgewoodsss @dezzaxx_ I agree.
lil' chonks. just wanna eat
Retweeted by gray @finnbarm peak Chivers. @dezzaxx_ evolution, they think they're snakes.Petition for Netflix to add every single series of Footballers’ Wives
Retweeted by grayNo one: iPhone 11:
Retweeted by grayBlack Panther won three Oscars and was nominated for Best Picture.
Retweeted by grayNeed me a freak like this...
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@beardyderp that second photo is so, so good. @joelnb @unTayloredTweet good luck with that. @unTayloredTweet oh, but of course. Grey feathers will be my calling card after I leave death in my wake. @unTayloredTweet can't wait to turn into the shroud reincarnate and walk the earth as a purely evil being. @unTayloredTweet honestly, can't wait to see how this turns out.