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no feeling is final

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@Beardynoise You're almost certainly one. I think I'm four? @PadrinoMatt it's just so... ...American. @Beardynoise @Errorfied girl, you know that's not what I meant. roll d4 psychic damage.whoever is choosing the music for Love Is Blind needs to be fired. @bblvk ...bro @Errorfied @Beardynoise I take it back. If Cameron took me home, you'd find my body a week later.
JT once again using a successful woman to propel his career. Disappointed, but not surprised. @tahirahasha that black bralet and the white trousers I see for you.
@btgolder had to re-read this three times but it was worth it. @ryanjohnbutcher 🥰 @ryanjohnbutcher but no Razorlight? @TheFlemishSeth okay, this is a serious struggle and I'm nervous thinking about it. @ryanjohnbutcher what range? they're all sad, indie boys? @tahirahasha yo! STILL?drag king goth ninja.
got the top 1% of Shlohmo. day made.
She’s not lying 😂
Retweeted by graythis show is still problematic though as every single contestant I've come across so far is conventionally attracti… @spacedog17 oversized cuts are almost in every shop now though. @spacedog17 Are you looking at what the fit of these tees are? They would normally say on either the tee itself or… @spacedog17 sigh @Errorfied @Beardynoise I'm only on the first episode though so... 🤷🏻‍♂️ If the end result wasn't legit marriage,… @Beardynoise @Errorfied Didn't we leave bussy in 2019? @Errorfied @Beardynoise Cameron could hit it. I ain't fussy. @Errorfied @Beardynoise I'm genuinely curious. Some of these men are garbage though.the idea of being able to note down red flags as they happened on a date is such a dream for me yes I'm a Virgo.I'm about to become utterly obsessed with Love is Blind, I don't even care. @joelnb I waited at least fifteen minutes?A guy told me last night that my latest song sounds like Jacques Greene and Moderat. I sucked their dick almost immediately.People are trying the most to make sure Dr. Luke isn't easily recognised as a producer on their favourite pop stars… replacement bus
Retweeted by gray @dontforgetjames if I saw this, that would probably do more for me than the actual sex would. @treeix In a gym setting, it can be quite demeaning to get it in front of others. I'm terribly nervous in a gym in…
@SAMBANKSFTW The Invitation.
idk if the Weeknd was supposed to have so much clip on the kick drum on After Hours but it's low-key frustrating... 👀 @__keyrah
this gets funny every time you deep it even further. @SAMBANKSFTW @ColeWitter I love Fergie too, big fan. @SAMBANKSFTW @ColeWitter sorry WHAT.isn't this...? yeah, thank god. @j__a__i Tessa was truly a casting dream for that role. @RooPritchard what a lovely and thoughtful choice living with two vegetarians. @RooPritchard not in this house, thank you very much. @SAMBANKSFTW the style reminds me of Jabbawockeez.
she ate this. @spacedog17 get out. @spacedog17 SORRY? @dashiellsilva Banquo? @mikeandrobots that last picture, god damn I need a minute. @jawndeaux I remember seeing this album performed live and some of their equipment cut out for Never Gonna Change a… music tbh. @dontforgetjames RAICHUlol @__keyrah girl, they didn't do anything.
The female DJ scene is hella strong rn, from international DJ’s like Kampire and Carista, to Sharnie and Key-Rah 🕺🏼
Retweeted by gray @ryanjohnbutcher you and me both.THEY ARE PERFORMING LIVE IN LONDON ON MY BIRTHDAY. I'M FREAKING OUT.I'M GONNA CRY.
@dashiellsilva be your own boyfriend first.
@odhreo I'll never forget the decision/mistake to watch Grave of the Fireflies when deathly hungover. That or… @odhreo Grey's? On a hangover? Brave.
@minturnalexandr someone had to say it 🤷🏻‍♂️ @marcusjdl I just need an address. @travisalabanza you chose a perfect day to do this 😂 @travisalabanza this is highly relatable content. @marcusjdl they need to leave Lana out of this. @badwithcolour @joelnb Got my prescription renewed a month ago, babe I'm all set 🥰 @badwithcolour @joelnb did they? 👀👀 I didn't see it for them, personally. @badwithcolour @joelnb I miss Gladys. I miss Tina. Dare I say, I miss Lulu? @joelnb oh, baby, no. *hugs* @joelnb @ricardo_jpl And they look like incel murderers. Shout out Noah. should be on no one's list. It's high key boring and just falls flat. Sky fell. @jonnymmr No License to Kill? this list is, it takes a James Bond theme to get Billie into some belts and I'm all the way here for it. @alexaitch Tina, Gladys and Sheryl. @RooPritchard I don't know no man named Matt. @MsBambina I drink peppermint by the litre tbh 😂
@ricardo_jpl @gonzwitter not even AOC would make them watch Drag Race.Can't remember the last time I've had jasmine tea. People suck.The next time I had night shifts (what sparked the panic attack) I took the tea in with me in the hopes that I woul… remember taking a week off of work for essentially having a panic attack/depressive episode and the one thing tha… the bathroom, flat irons and nail files. @dashiellsilva high contact. @dashiellsilva you've made some points. @dashiellsilva The first ever edition to feature absolutely no sport, whatsoever. @dashiellsilva in the (marbled) before Valentine's? god damn it, Co-Star. @dashiellsilva I don't know her? @dashiellsilva OMG THAT FILM. watching that when I get in. @dashiellsilva You mean Katara? @RooPritchard I've learnt I can stream from my laptop to the TV so you don't have to go to the cinema for it 👀👀 @KevingerardT here for this stripe/polka crossover. @Blanktees_ No feeling is final, this is just for now. I promise. @__keyrah "why the fuck does Chris Brown" is enough tbh
@repeattofade how was CATS though? @Kat_Hill89 a very high accolade, I must admit. @quornnuggets this Sade track. fucking TASTE.saw some art in Florence.