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@xvslader WHAT THE FUCK IS THISbut my 9 inch cock does.. ladies?i dont existis this real?? @walkinmigraine1 !!!!!!!!sighhhhhgn twit @walkinmigraine1 @walkinmigraine1 f me daddy in the assf @100shreccs
Retweeted by mom @walkinmigraine1 Nhddkdjodkcmeowing on facetime with @walkinmigraine1ASMR soap cutting. you’re welcome @xberrt he sucks😂😂😂😂😂this monkey sucks at sweeping
Retweeted by momwoo wmonday have to get this Tatted on my arm....
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Retweeted by momimagine perry the platypus doin the grrgrrgrrgrrgrrrgrr on your meat...
Retweeted by mom @sabpie_ ME @Blake_Creasser its for u @jeangaultierr poopy peepee @xvslader LMAO cant take it
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chillin, killin
Retweeted by momsausage with USA in the middlesaUSAagei haaaaaate when this happens lmao family interrupted my discord call to tell me that the police are here to arrest me for theft, aggravated assault, and attempted murder 🙄
Retweeted by momso this was a fucking lie im back and this is a duck happy monday and august 3rd @walkinmigraine1 PMFKSKSKS @BakeHatesItHere @100shreccs
i need to leave for a whileme when i taste da pussy @DreamVilleHill PMAOXJZNKXX"are you ok" bro i eat one meal a day at 5pm don't ask me if im ok
Retweeted by mom @Brian_BNG LMAOJordan built just like me
Retweeted by mom @oFabz we notyo i did not ask to be born wtf @jeangaultierr my plant looks like its dying i promise its alive and well @jeangaultierr 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️🥺❤️🥺❤️ by osiris @notlibzy_ @downbadglyph @josayyc @100shreccs Ratio’d by sandwich
Retweeted by mom @notlibzy_ @downbadglyph @josayyc i love him @DreamVilleHill ITS..... A CARTOON @iloveucoral the whatwoof
Retweeted by mom @trapsravgedmind can i have a crumbbrain to cooperate. its hyperfixating on things that take over your life, and there's nothing you can do about it.…
Retweeted by momquit acting like adhd is some fun little quirk. its not. its more than just "being hyper" and "omg i can't sit stil…
Retweeted by momdid ur gf bark at u for national gf day or do i have to @walkinmigraine1 needed this😜 @100shreccs
Retweeted by momcome over so i can ram your fat conch @100shreccs @.sydney_sweeney
Retweeted by momcant believe that tweet went viral life fr crazydamn this blew up, appreciate all the love guys❤️ follow if u want. i dont really have anything to plug all this talk about trump and tic tacs??? be like misogyny!!! 30k rts 175k likes :p
Retweeted by mom @BakeHatesItHere that aint me @BakeHatesItHere i miss u :< u turned hollywood😪 @walkinmigraine1 aJjskdkdjall i know is 100 gecs, be bi, drink 4 loko, and lieif i know u in person dont follow me wtf
Retweeted by mom @yanelijm OMG U REPLIED ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @kayrosewood LMAO ILY @100shreccs ty for letting me borrow your ferrari and paying to get my nails done, you’re an amazing best friend and u have such a fat ass
Retweeted by moma very beautiful girl just followed me hello if you see this @trapsravgedmind u seeing this? @yungbernasty cmon man @citrusgothparty @deathstuds he is so talented!
hope she see this needs a fake gf for today
Retweeted by momget a fuckin life 😂 @100shreccs i was Donald Trump i would simply listen to Juliettehey @pokimanelol lmk if u see this @jeangaultierr u can have my thighs 🤪🤪🤪aw look what came (´◠ω◠`) @deathstuds night was a movie lmao @hexbby happt birthday gf @TimmySina NO @jeangaultierr 2024pussylympicswhen i die😜🔥💯🤣❤️ this blew up. follow me for more bangers hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello hello @notlibzy_ @jeangaultierr its a MEME