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Cavalryman, Warfighter, SAMSter, Panther 07 (ancient), DCOG MCTP OG-A,

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@pptsapper I’m not confident that my warfighting content maintains the followers as much as the big furry monster d… those of you that follow me for animal pictures. I present Sleeping Sebastian.
@rikkitikki128, this is epic. @FieldGradeLDR @OPSGRP_NTC @OpsGp_Jrtc Long story short. I’m always up for the challenge.
@FieldGradeLDR @OPSGRP_NTC @OpsGp_Jrtc @FieldGradeLDR @OPSGRP_NTC @OpsGp_Jrtc 👀 @Mother_of_Tanks The instructions aren’t the hard part. It’s like tactics...the books are easy... the execution is much harder @Mother_of_Tanks About as non-deadly as I could get. I tried to figure out how to make a center pullout drawer. B… @redlegtigger Plus not bad for someone who after trying to make Mrs jackal a planter was told ‘don’t touch power tools again’.Home made art and craft desk station. No it’s not the worlds greatest use of power tools but mini-me likes it. @LostLT1 One of the unforeseen problems that a CSM related was if we took all high potential enlisted and made them…
If you are hypothetically leading an LPD discussion on FM 3-0 (operations) and were looking for a non-doctrinal boo… @jgb00m It’s absolute anarchy everywhere. I’m just going to continue to prep mini-me to be the leader of the world when this all blows up. @AqueousThe @KeraRolsen Ice storm, so no work. But in spirit! Get it.
@redlegtigger I’m like a stand-up comedian but my talent is just staying alive.Good afternoon. If your wondering how my day is going I just closed the dish washer door and got the draw strings… @sunsetbelinsky Be magnificent @Accidental_E9 It’s apparently technically a build a bear dress. The other cats apparently fought against wearing b… @Mother_of_Tanks Kyro has asked me to regain his dignity. Stolen by some evil witch (his words)I just want to sit down......why do these things happen to me.
@simmering216 @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 I’m too resilient. I’ll take the hit. @Mother_of_Tanks @simmering216 @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 That’s been obvious to most for a while. The desert wil… @XOofXOs The original lyrics were likely written by a starving artist. Not much room to work with Lol. @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @simmering216 See @sunsetbelinsky likes it. She knows me. She knows… @orange_n_blue86 Also it’s a horrible song to re-write. Poorly written @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @simmering216 On a side note I originally wrote my going out of Squad… @orange_n_blue86 Lol and people ask me why so many years in the Army. Because, let me show you my other skill s… @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @simmering216 COL CTC, he's our hero, Gonna take training defeciences… @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @simmering216 Sadly I have to actually work for a bit longer. I can finish this later lol. @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @simmering216 Intel Movement and maneuver Fires Sustainment Protecti… @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @simmering216 1) Did you all know there’s a funny or die of Don Chea… @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @simmering216 And honestly IRC I had a mullet growing up too... sooooo crap. @DanielS0699 It’s an outlet for notes or random thoughts that pop up while sitting in mind numbing, soul eating, na… @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @simmering216 The haircut is about right sooooooooo @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @jimgolby Omg @NCFranklin is damn near close to becoming my fav twitter person with th… @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 Be nice if the CTC COG jobs weren’t just reserved as post BCT CSL positions. I think I… @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 Whelp let’s see.... Polk was 3 years in the not armored car regiment. Toujour Pret! Th… @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin But lake chucks got the casinos so not too bad. I got to play craps with some NBA play… cold in Kansas today.Moving casualties and resupply medical is hard, so is getting the medical system in the right place. 1s and 4s, t… @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin But you have wagon master so.....there’s that.As soon as the IT guy walks out the door, 15 minute restart to see if that solves the problem finally completes.… @JacobHu00380874 @Vs_daddy_ @towersight @air_intel And. Crowd cheered so obvs planned. @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin I remember a Bosnia MRX when 2ACR was still there. I’ve never been so cold in July as… @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin Science! @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin And my steed of hummer was aways loaded with logs, LOGS of Copenhagen & a cooler dedic… @OfficersIsland
@feralchildof I’m going to the wrong Starbucks. @NCFranklin Night of a thousand tears. Because we suck at defense. Maybe should have followed #RebelTwitter. @JohnBuc08179594 @TomHeartsTanks @iAmTheWarax Sadly no. @NCFranklin @jimgolby Oh I read too fast then lol @NCFranklin Could have tied it into the season finale for a full on Magnificent Seven Samurai vibe too. @NCFranklin @jimgolby Man imagine if cavalry soliders were called troopers. As in a member of a Troop. That would confuse a linguist. @JohnBuc08179594 @MichaelFilanow1 @LostLT1 @CavRTK @firstcavnowtank CCTT IRC hard to do, I know you can cross-level… @CavRTK @firstcavnowtank @LostLT1 @frontlineldr Good comments already, so only additions; train ahead of time (revi… @SciFirebird @AttackA10 @JessicaScott09 Yeah. It’s a pain at times. I’m sorry isn’t the right words but closest to the right intent @SciFirebird @AttackA10 @JessicaScott09 Better. I wish I could help and undo it. Best I can offer is don’t underest… @SciFirebird @AttackA10 @JessicaScott09 Knowing it was worth it to see them get the shot. To see them get the exper… @SciFirebird @AttackA10 @JessicaScott09 Two of my former captains were merit based promotions and they are the two… @SciFirebird @AttackA10 @JessicaScott09 I’ve laid groundwork. I’m watching them become better than me and an entire… @SciFirebird @AttackA10 @JessicaScott09 Probably less of a message than your personal actions. Our People remember… @SciFirebird @AttackA10 @JessicaScott09 Gone. What we leave matters more than what we do. The numbers are stark fro… @SciFirebird @AttackA10 @JessicaScott09 It never was. But if we don’t value the right types of leaders. If we don’t… @AttackA10 @JessicaScott09 @SciFirebird But how we act in our roles matter more. What we do echos and ripples into… @AttackA10 @JessicaScott09 @SciFirebird But again are we here to get promoted or to lead. Not always mutually exclu… @Mother_of_Tanks @broadcastmike @PatDonahoeArmy @henrikrpaulsson @EighthArmyKorea All i rad was. @Mother_of_Tanks @broadcastmike @PatDonahoeArmy @henrikrpaulsson @EighthArmyKorea @OldCavDude ready. @Mother_of_Tanks @PatDonahoeArmy @henrikrpaulsson @EighthArmyKorea @broadcastmike I think that was a challenge. 1…
@FoxMycroft @NCFranklin @sunsetbelinsky @36thENBDE If you got stuff to share hit me in my DMs... I’m game for help… @AboveRebroach The other piece is realizing you can’t control everything, just mitigate things. Letting go..accepti… @AboveRebroach So i was less likely to get spun up and stressed over things. On the other hand, experiences from my… @AboveRebroach Enlisted time can help, i think it helped me. But experience matters too. I was fortunate to get a l… @henrikrpaulsson Absolutely. Great engagement. Great content. Even if it is an airborne account & not a tank accoun… @feralchildof 1 and 2. Yes yes and yes. Combine that with Quigley Down Under and Farscape and you have my entire me… @feralchildof Mini-me is looking for a new show name for her. Suggestions are welcome. “Dad’s retirement check” wa… @feralchildof Frame (15.3). corners and circles don’t slow her because she’s got insane impulsion. Roll backs are a… @feralchildof “Kikimora” is half Arabian half quarter. And despite being 14 yo gets faster and stronger. All that h… calls Tequila Ki-Ki (key-key) when she riders her, I have now started calling her Kikimora after starting t… @GameOf_Cubicles 📚 @NCFranklin For Papers! This is a fantastic publishing opportunity for military historians. Check it out! #CFP #Milhist
Retweeted by The Sardonic Heretical JackalCall for papers. Army University Press plans to publish the next volume in the Large-Scale Combat Operations Series…
Retweeted by The Sardonic Heretical Jackal @rcjparry @MCTP_OGAlpha @MCTPFTLVN @MCTP_OGCharlie @MCTP_OGD_Intel @ShaneMorgan_WF6 @GroupMctp Looking at old doctr… @Mother_of_Tanks @M1A2_Kilo_Zulu @NCFranklin @OldCavDude @rubberbleach This is a weird cross between a personality test and tarot cards. @NCFranklin @sunsetbelinsky As a formal block. Not that I recall but all the BDE, BN, and CO events had us coming a… @18airbornecorps And honestly with the diversity of organizations we have and a weird cultural outgrowth of the las… @OPSGRP_NTC, @simmering216, @MCTP_OGSierraShared understanding and a battle rhythm...the slide format is not the do you NO kidding add an entir… ABC, 1) applying lessons learned from the epic battle over the weekend to their Social Media...HELLS YES 2)… @NCFranklin @sunsetbelinsky Now YES doctrinally a wet gap crossing is a division planned event....hence my focus on… @NCFranklin @sunsetbelinsky So surprisingly (really though?) I reached out to MCCC for what they are using to teach… @JohnBuc08179594 @Mother_of_Tanks @OldCavDude @NCFranklin @rubberbleach Do you though do you? @NCFranklin @OldCavDude @rubberbleach @Mother_of_Tanks lol I still think it’s a neoclassical French existentialism… @OldCavDude @rubberbleach @NCFranklin @Mother_of_Tanks @OldCavDude @NCFranklin @rubberbleach @Mother_of_Tanks Oh well that makes no it doesn’t this is some lat… @NCFranklin @OldCavDude @rubberbleach @Mother_of_Tanks Wait. Grab a bottle and explain the monkeys pleaseAdmittedly this might be a bigger attempt than I’m ready for.I solemnly swear I am up to some good. At least Phase 1.