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Cavalryman, Warfighter, SAMSter, Panther 07 (ancient), DCOG MCTP OG-A,

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@NCFranklin Perhaps too the specific tasks to be accomplished by your subordinates. RIF, don’t stop to do a radius… @NCFranklin @MichaelFilanow1 On the ground enemy commander is asking are you the main effort? A spoiling attack? @NCFranklin @MichaelFilanow1 Forcing a function, force (formation), or capability to unmask for HHQs targeting cycl… @NCFranklin @MichaelFilanow1 RIF, I’d expect physical tangible objectives (like a CAB) and may be required to clear… @NCFranklin @RPG_volley Buys time for the (say) BCT to establish (hasty) defense or snap huddle an attack. Converse… @NCFranklin @RPG_volley You still have a recon element ahead of an advanced guard (never saw that in the desert min… @waitmanb @NCFranklin @WeGettinItDone @OldCavDude @CavRTK @JamesGField @RPG_volley Hardest task ever. Like herding… @Dude_Cav It’s ok. It happens. Your still a... insert some sort of affirmation here.... sorry my people skills are rusty.
@MeganJantos Once as SCO, upon finding no coffee in my TOC I broke out my jetboil and made coffee in the middle of…
@Dude_Cav If a serious question.. vendor contracting. But @missusjackal’s business ( does i… @Dude_Cav So true story I know someone... hit me in DMs
@mattstrand27 Give me a yell when you get here... thru a mask obvs, but give a yell.
@CPTAmerica87 More than half my old captains got them now. @CPTAmerica87 @DuplessisBrad I have a history of “beating the odds”. We shall see. Refocusing and will give it my all. But the cut lines pretty tough. @pptsapper The reference to primanti brothers is the win ( as are the road construction and toll comments)... I’ll crack a Yuengling now. @DuplessisBrad I got 4 and found out folks got them for me.... @MikeObach Ummmmmmmm dude? @NCFranklin Worn mine in a Korean monsoon.... A Georgia hurricane... Multiple deserts whelp that’s it then... I accept it. The end is nigh. Army: we just sent a bunch of folks you worked with MSA… @NCFranklin +2 for the masks +5 for the Stetson wearer @USArmyMCCoE are getting there Army. Slowly incorporating this new interwebs technology to help educate and train. Sar… with Gifs. What’s not to like. @NCFranklin Mission command? @Dude_Cav Huh...... well played..... well played.
@Dude_Cav I’m so going to regret this aren’t I?
@Ross_Coffman @acestanker6 Been batting a similar idea around on the Cavalry CVR/Teams site. But IMO CAV should nev…
@OldCavDude @missusjackal @OldCavDude... should I be worried? @AgileLDR Ok ok. So I have this habit of reading something and then 24 hours later coming up for air. For example..… @AgileLDR @AgileLDR Does MilTwitter count as non-military? Probably not. @NCFranklin It’s bliss so sort of makes sense. Desert. Dessert.
@EvolvingWar @JamesGField @dansukman @AgileLDR @Doctrine_Man @WeGettinItDone @TheCompanyLDR @aaspadaro @RoccoBoccuti @NCFranklin @HumbleSoldier06 @OldCavDude Pack it in a box. Stack box in a dark and far off corner of your mind. @JamesGField @dansukman @AgileLDR @Doctrine_Man @WeGettinItDone @TheCompanyLDR @aaspadaro @PatDonahoeArmy @JamesGField @dansukman @AgileLDR @Doctrine_Man @WeGettinItDone @TheCompanyLDR @aaspadaro @PatDonahoeArmy @NCFranklin @HumbleSoldier06 @RoccoBoccuti @OldCavDude Lol I hear ya. But I’ve also sat in a brief where div cav, d… @dansukman @AgileLDR @Doctrine_Man @WeGettinItDone @TheCompanyLDR @aaspadaro @PatDonahoeArmy @ndpalmers97 @MAGTravF @OldCavDude @rcjparry @NCFranklin @RoccoBoccuti @HumbleSoldier06 This was received far better than I expected.
@NCFranklin @OldCavDude @RoccoBoccuti @HumbleSoldier06 @NCFranklin, @OldCavDude, and I talking cavalry stuff. Dib… @RoccoBoccuti @NCFranklin @OldCavDude @HumbleSoldier06 It never over ran my risk lvl, the detachments expressed the… @RoccoBoccuti @NCFranklin @OldCavDude @HumbleSoldier06 I had a weird experience with LRS. Loved it, but the resourc… @gregmc_lean @CavRTK @Cobra_NTC @OldCavDude @simmering216 @markmcclellan @52ndArmorCmdt Defeat the enemy disruption…’m laughing so hard I’m crying. @HumbleSoldier06 @NCFranklin @RoccoBoccuti @OldCavDude Battle of Adwa, 01 March 1896. There’s an old cav lecture (1… @HumbleSoldier06 @NCFranklin @RoccoBoccuti @OldCavDude The British lack of cavalry in Ethiopia ... need to check th… @HumbleSoldier06 @NCFranklin @RoccoBoccuti @OldCavDude Agree with that look... I’m institutionalized or have convin… @HumbleSoldier06 @NCFranklin @RoccoBoccuti @OldCavDude Soldiers have an endurance level akin though not same as a b… @HumbleSoldier06 @RoccoBoccuti @NCFranklin @OldCavDude I agree humans can see with mark 1 eyeball better more often… @RoccoBoccuti @NCFranklin @OldCavDude @HumbleSoldier06 Because by time you resource insertion, infil, exfil , and e… A subset (not a branch) of MilTwitter bringing all kinds of knowledge this week. @NCFranklin @OldCavDude @HumbleSoldier06 @RoccoBoccuti Lol I’ll send you the class I put together on “do you want D… @NCFranklin @OldCavDude @HumbleSoldier06 @RoccoBoccuti Dragoons not dragons Siri... although dragon cavalry? @NCFranklin @OldCavDude @HumbleSoldier06 @RoccoBoccuti And then some jackal guys starts talking the difference betw… @gregmc_lean @CavRTK I think there’s a depends in there. Is it a cavalry squadron or a recon squadron. The semantic…
@AgileLDR @Doctrine_Man @WeGettinItDone @TheCompanyLDR @aaspadaro @PatDonahoeArmy @ndpalmers97 @MAGTravF @AgileLDR @Doctrine_Man @WeGettinItDone @TheCompanyLDR @aaspadaro @PatDonahoeArmy @ndpalmers97 @MAGTravF
@Suthoff13 @CullerMJ @52ndArmorCmdt @jbyerly81 Just feels like it was intended for the old 7th ID / Fort Ord light… @Suthoff13 @CullerMJ @52ndArmorCmdt @jbyerly81 Looks like a technical with zero optics, UAS, or UGS. @RoccoBoccuti @NCFranklin @br4s1d4s @JamesGField @WeGettinItDone @OpsGp_Jrtc @NCFranklin @RoccoBoccuti @br4s1d4s @JamesGField @WeGettinItDone @OpsGp_Jrtc Exuberant??? Mental image.... @Bparthun @RPG_volley @XOofXOs @pptsapper Someone mentioned the guides but @ArmyUPress has virtual staff rides buil… @br4s1d4s @JamesGField @NCFranklin @RoccoBoccuti @WeGettinItDone @OpsGp_Jrtc To take it one step further we don’t t… @br4s1d4s @JamesGField @NCFranklin @RoccoBoccuti @WeGettinItDone @OpsGp_Jrtc Agreed. There was and may still be an… @br4s1d4s @JamesGField @NCFranklin @RoccoBoccuti @WeGettinItDone @OpsGp_Jrtc It might be faster to let an AI or alg… @RoccoBoccuti @br4s1d4s @JamesGField @NCFranklin @WeGettinItDone @OpsGp_Jrtc Have to teach it, learn it, and adopt… @br4s1d4s @NCFranklin @JamesGField @OpsGp_Jrtc @WeGettinItDone It’s a combination. The PIR can’t stand alone. It’s… @NCFranklin @br4s1d4s @JamesGField @OpsGp_Jrtc @WeGettinItDone
@dstuewe @RoccoBoccuti Yeah just passing is generally easy. But a lack of context to the situation makes me not lea… @RoccoBoccuti @dstuewe In fact I recall a history instructor who asked a hyper-fit major something akin to @RoccoBoccuti @dstuewe Conversely, the number of papers and writing assignments is quite high. Explaining to the in… @RoccoBoccuti @dstuewe Perhaps instead of bagging on said Officer. An olive branch was being offered in terms of as… @JahFah19d @JamesGField @NCFranklin @WeGettinItDone @NickDrake6 @UDonovian @ndplatz @TheCOG_Oscar6 Nothing official… @JahFah19d @JamesGField @NCFranklin @WeGettinItDone @NickDrake6 @UDonovian @ndplatz @TheCOG_Oscar6 The character li… @JahFah19d @JamesGField @NCFranklin @WeGettinItDone @NickDrake6 @UDonovian @ndplatz As a former rando guardsman in… @strategic_tank @UDonovian @WeGettinItDone @NCFranklin @braverifleskil1 So we were able to record it... but. Becaus… @AboveRebroach I did that in my defense I never ate a banana before... I turned out fine(-ish). as a couple of us said it was like a tactical-level cavalry warfighting forum. I think it was taped and sa… @NCFranklin, @WeGettinItDone, @NickDrake6, @UDonovian, @ndplatz, @TarikFulcher and many others (about 18 total). Th… good night on teams talking cavalry operations and the challenges they face planning, preping, and executing. Clo… @HauptmannHansa @XOofXOs Plan is to teach the family how to play B’Tech. I’m worried.
@WeGettinItDone I went for the large mule “glass” cavalry collaboration LOD room is open. Navigate to the Cavalry Collaboration < General and you’ll see the lin… @DavidZelaya17 @BlantonsBourbon I’ve already started crafting my “Jackal Mules”. It’s a tough decision. @RoccoBoccuti @dstuewe @JamesGField @JamesGField hour and a half out from a virtual LPD over on the cavalry collaboration Teams CVR. Going to talk about ops pro… @XOofXOs Am I interested???? Yes yes I am. @XOofXOs @XOofXOs Wait can we do this virtual?? @CPTAmerica87 You answered it in DM or text...Was trying to make it a live event vs a meeting to save bandwidth but…
Ok anyone out there on CVR using the live event option... what encoder are you using? The civilian version of teams…
@UDonovian Australia may declare war on me for bringing it back up. But honestly the worlds on fire, dogs and cats… @KeraRolsen Beers and pizza, soda (pop or coke depending on your local upbringing) if lots of drivers. Water and Ga…’ve talked this before on here... but a bit of a laugh in a mad world is always worth a (late) retweet. a grown up: Ermehgerd Ermehgerd new doctrine new doctrine. You a well adjusted grown-up:........ @WeGettinItDone We reflected, we grew. Plus I’m not always as angry, cranky, crazy, or psychotic as I occasionall… us get the word out and or join us and bring a +1 (or 10). Not just for the O’s, not just for the olds.