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Cavalryman, Warfighter, SAMSter, Panther 07 (ancient), DCOG MCTP OG-A,

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@orange_n_blue86 @dead_gates @charlesrugg2 @NCFranklin @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy It’s… @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @charlesrugg2 @dead_gates @markmcclellan @officership @hussmannrw @DisneyNCO Wait never mind I see why no one is talking about it. @DisneyNCO My Twitter AI and logarithm apparently knows how much I really care.Seriously I didn’t watch the game. You are all going to make me google it aren’t you. I’m going to have to google it. @orange_n_blue86 @charlesrugg2 @NCFranklin @dead_gates @markmcclellan @officership @Fox06burneracct @IPPSArmy The m… @NCFranklin What? I didn’t say fraud, waste, and abuse.
Out of curiosity is anyone winning the game or are we still admiring the resource wasting videos? @OldCavDude @M1A2_Kilo_Zulu @jameskgreer77 @PatDonahoeArmy Which maybe why this quote I tweeted earlier I think resonates to me. #“The kind of… @jameskgreer77 @PatDonahoeArmy “Save the day” despite lacking the required education, experience, and reflection to… @jameskgreer77 @PatDonahoeArmy Force us to do cheetah flips on a daily basis. I do think we are less skilled at dev… @jameskgreer77 @PatDonahoeArmy 1st I’d agree with, 2nd I tend to not believe from sheer experience. Granted there a… we are doing things wrong. I’m going to hire someone to type for me I swear to gof (that’s intentional for a chuckle)What we should all be striving for I think we’re doing things wrong.Reading Storm of the Century by Al Rokker based on a recommendation in DSCA Phase II. About the 1900 Galveston Hurr…
I’m pretty sure she just said no one can conjugate in front of the lavatory at the front of the plane. @M1A2_Kilo_Zulu @OldCavDude Bang and Copenhagen adds to the fuel @officership @charlesrugg2 @NCFranklin @Fox06burneracct @orange_n_blue86 Or we could go full NFL draft. Live stream… look into some of the methods @OldCavDude and I used at NTC as OC-Ts. Allegedly. @CombatCavScout wait... wait I’m flying on Friday the 13th? @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin @markmcclellan @Fox06burneracct Welcome to the Ted talk that will become an article lol. @NCFranklin @orange_n_blue86 @markmcclellan @Fox06burneracct I agree. It’s why I think this is more difficult than… @orange_n_blue86 @markmcclellan @NCFranklin @Fox06burneracct Interested I am not even looking as a unit at you unle… @orange_n_blue86 @markmcclellan @NCFranklin @Fox06burneracct But I go back to are we trying to get people their fir… your mind of questions. @Fox06burneracct @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin Like it @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin @Fox06burneracct I’m forking around other movers. I meant dorking, but forking works too. @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin @Fox06burneracct Agreed it’s not a good introduction to an organization. I did have a… @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin @Fox06burneracct Unit in three cases I know, are contacting backbriefs and running a “… @orange_n_blue86 @NCFranklin @Fox06burneracct I think it’s disrespectful to do (either way) but semi appropriate or… @Mother_of_Tanks I originally thought this was a complimentary gif....upon further review I’m not as sure.So slight ghosting” on my part yesterday as I misfired across both accounts (nothing scandalous so meh) and left cl… week I got a request from @WWIpodcast to do a thread on the Char Saint-Chamond. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t…
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#ThursdayThoughts: German art pens and acetate maps have a long and strong partnership, but adding an SDZ overlay i…
Retweeted by The Sardonic Heretical Christmas Jackal @realHeathSmith @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @MCTP_OGAlpha 05-08 (+/-) @NCFranklin @Mother_of_Tanks @MCTP_OGAlpha @realHeathSmith Also I’m an olds on social media. Negligent discharges may occur. @NCFranklin @Mother_of_Tanks @MCTP_OGAlpha @realHeathSmith Rod brought a style and beard to the job I couldn’t. @MCTP_OGAlpha @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin God damn it @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin 55 on my own. 🤷🏻‍♂️ quantity vs quality?? @CavRTK Perhaps that’s why we’re asking... also phase 3 of AIM2. @Kristine_Froeba @BlondsOvrBaghd @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @jgb00m @ForcePao @TomHeartsTanks @realHeathSmith MilTwitter MilTwitter Build networks, share, teach, develop, grow. @Mother_of_Tanks @NCFranklin @jgb00m @ForcePao @TomHeartsTanks @realHeathSmith Several times I said. I’m not sure i… @NCFranklin @Mother_of_Tanks @jgb00m @ForcePao @TomHeartsTanks @realHeathSmith Brother you should have seen some of… note and reach out. Looking for compo 2/3 MilTwitter, especially with recent XCTC/NTC experience, to help answ… @BZenzen @MikeObach @TomHeartsTanks @jgb00m @miketheredleg @Mother_of_Tanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin March table… @TomHeartsTanks @jgb00m @miketheredleg @Mother_of_Tanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin Maybe @TomHeartsTanks could wri… @TomHeartsTanks @jgb00m @miketheredleg @Mother_of_Tanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin Honestly why we tried to get on… @jgb00m @TomHeartsTanks @miketheredleg @Mother_of_Tanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin It’s about learning. Repitition… example, the “science project” at MCTP now includes..@MCTP_OGAlpha , @MCTP_OGCharlie, @ShaneMorgan_WF6, @MCTP_OGD_Intel, @GroupMctpIf an account listed is “dead” or “inactive” let us know that too please.Key criteria... does the account teach you something more often than it post pictures of my dogs....Please tag them into this thread so we can get it updated. Note not all non-CTC accounts will be added. There is so… based on much wailing and gnashing of teeth @NCFranklin and I recommend it’s time for version 3 of the CTC MILTW… @Mother_of_Tanks @jgb00m @ForcePao @TomHeartsTanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin @jgb00m @Mother_of_Tanks @ForcePao @TomHeartsTanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin @Mother_of_Tanks @jgb00m @ForcePao @TomHeartsTanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin Artisanal soap, jams, or meth. Your choice. Choose wisely. @terrancesavery @dansukman @CombatCavScout @jgb00m But I hAs lEaDerShip sKiLls @jgb00m @Mother_of_Tanks @ForcePao @TomHeartsTanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin Buy local this Christmas. @Mother_of_Tanks @ForcePao @TomHeartsTanks @jgb00m @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin Also the greatest number per capita… @terrancesavery @CombatCavScout @jgb00m Been trying to go for awhile...”I’m probably too old now” @CombatCavScout @jgb00m Share point portal usage seems more.... culturally..... educated as well. Where as “we” can… @CombatCavScout @jgb00m I’m marveling at the fact that they have figured out digital collaborative COPs better than we have. @jgb00m @CombatCavScout I came on here this am with the intent to talk about ops process and some DSCA lessons I ju… @jgb00m @CombatCavScout @SNAFU_Sara Industrial water heaters. When I own my own home someday, I’m putting a hotel water heater in it. @Mother_of_Tanks Oh thank god because I was really thinking I’d lost my mind and moved into senior citizen territor… @DisneyNCO @jgb00m @TomHeartsTanks @Mother_of_Tanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin Honestly I can’t deny that one. @jgb00m @TomHeartsTanks @Mother_of_Tanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin @TomHeartsTanks @Mother_of_Tanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin @TomHeartsTanks @Mother_of_Tanks @realHeathSmith @NCFranklin Better content Tom. Help me help you @realHeathSmith With support from the ramrod. @NCFranklin @realHeathSmith I did. After asking all the 07s multiple times for input. @realHeathSmith @realHeathSmith
BB#698 approves. Even IF he wasn’t tagged in this plea for assistance as a former scorpion 🦂 and panther 🐆. @NCFranklin @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK @sunsetbelinsky @DFSGM33 @NCFranklin @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK @sunsetbelinsky @NCFranklin @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK @sunsetbelinsky Your a master my friend. Don’t sell yourself short. @_BeMac19 @BrianPayne17th @TarikFulcher @jteplis Velocitas cum Prudentia I do require a dry erase board or sketchbo… @DFSGM33 @NCFranklin @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK @sunsetbelinsky Which is why I don’t twee… @NCFranklin @sunsetbelinsky @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK Not that I want to be an influence… @NCFranklin @sunsetbelinsky @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK I think knowing the environment ma… @NCFranklin @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK @sunsetbelinsky The sardonic heretic next as a handle? @NCFranklin @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK @sunsetbelinsky This sounds strangely specific. Di… @BT_Hampton @LadyLovesTaft Doing what with what has to be decided early by a leader and the PAO @BT_Hampton I think it also goes to a thread from the past. Information (to include this platform) can’t be control… @NCFranklin @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK @sunsetbelinsky Makes sense the intro I lead with… @NCFranklin @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK @sunsetbelinsky The flip the switch part was tied… @NCFranklin @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK @sunsetbelinsky I think the messaging during a cri… @DisneyNCO @Doctrine_Man @PatDonahoeArmy @LadyLovesTaft @CavRTK @sunsetbelinsky @NCFranklin I should have tagged you as well. Lol.I don’t know, I’m still learning, but just a thought Thoughts from the masters? @Doctrine_Man, @PatDonahoeArmy,… media is.... social... Organizational accounts can’t just be impersonal, bureaucratic, talking point, spot l… on social media at DSCA class. SM must display empathy during a catastrophic natural or man-made disast… @MastersManeuver @ArmorRecon @garymklein @jeffjbarta @Cobra_NTC @John_Nimmons MoM shows up with the gif game.