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dawg...I forgot about the right click change. a new song when this hits 1k
Retweeted by tzuki @aft6r welp. yk what to do mfs @cloudyerin_ capping but thanks 😁 @cloudyerin_
@zyhni nah bruh i’m ass 💀 @zyhni wym bruh i started playing 2 weeks ago i’m ass 💀 @gabersenn vouchLFT - t2 scrim exp - can play ALL agents - pref controller/initiator - flexible schedule every day - dedicated to…
Retweeted by tzuki @aft6r ily cro head up king @PaindrianVal basicallyback where we started @mintiikae LMFAOOOpromo game is never your promo game 🥲 all good.
@1kotaaa ong @cloudyerin_ @1kotaaa did I stutter? @1kotaaa I be changing race at night @zekeiVAL arf arf @aft6r @ZD_Moonkiller violation. @1EDEN_ is this real? wtf?
@seshiriaa_ @xSTZIN sobbingjoined @team_parallel as cc
Retweeted by tzuki @yaszuki @team_parallel W @ThyHighway @er3ina uh huh. @aft6r realestall i do is sleep, play valorant, and lie
Retweeted by tzuki @fluffyyFPS bro is a menace for sure @fluffyyFPS boi stfu you unrecognized talentthinking I hit a nice flick then realizing it was just sum mediocre flick LMFAO @fluffyyFPS light blue @angeIfps happy birthday @erieoilfan …wtf…? @erieoilfan hi i’m okay wbu? @erieoilfan gm @angeIfps 4:44 AM for me but gm :) @playgirllashley your career 😭
@ajiplayz_ @mitchchicken THOSE GO HARD HAVING EM RN @mitchchicken drooling @11aimers neither i’m dog shit @ZD_Moonkiller @kanatouu hell nah i ain’t 4’9 i’m talking bout her bruh 😭 @kanatouu 4’9 energy @erieoilfan @Toastedtw fighting: @ 🤡 recording: @ 🤡 @erieoilfan Na- Natasha Ki- Kim I thi- think you’re ve- very pwetty 👉👈🥺 that boy definitely stuttered typing that sentence @aft6r leaked model @aft6r i vouch this idea.valorant should add an agent whose passive is the ability to actually gain speed while bhopping 🤯
Retweeted by tzuki @erieoilfan @veltqt yeah you're cold @veltqt thanks man <3 @erieoilfan ain’t no way 😭yeah seems about right @erieoilfan wtf is this shit 🤣 @sashavalorant tough @veltqt i’m very ass but thanks qt 🥰 @veltqt i started playing 2 weeks ago bro @veltqt s2 demon on his way to take your unrated elo 😈 @ThyHighway @minnieism1n1 down bad @ThyHighway @minnieism1n1 down badwaking up everyday knowing fracture is in comp @veltqt my hypeman ong @erieoilfan happy for you :D
@playgirllashley noti @aft6r instinctual aimer @fluffyyFPS @1kotaaa @cloudyerin_ @t1ffsny @Toastedtw @veltlovesdick @1kotaaa @cloudyerin_ sumthing not right here mah shlimes @kanatouu i’m not but thanks 😬 @bobabonk rings stay on when i play @erieoilfan not sure if i should be cringing or not @1kotaaa @gabersenn hell nah 😭 @1kotaaa @gabersenn i’m jealous. @1kotaaa LOL @1kotaaa -perm @playgirllashley my bad so when I asked to play and you said “yeah” mf didn’t invite me or@reply to my in game mess… @playgirllashley WHAT +1 BRO @playgirllashley noti + school* NT thoi’m here for a good time not a long time !
Retweeted by tzuki @erieoilfan outskilled ong. @1kotaaa why you talking bro 😐 @1kotaaa HYPOCRITE @fluffyyFPS mmmmmmmmM @fluffyyFPS floof stooping so low to play with me 😩 real @1kotaaa BRO WHAT. YOU NEVER INV. BRO STRRAMED APEX DIDNT EVEN INVITE. YOU HVE A +1. YOU SAID YOU’D INVITE ME TO THIRD WHEEL YOU NEVER DID. @1kotaaa thanks man 🥲 @fluffyyFPS you are red rank, i am silver rank, we not the same we no play together i am bad!!!! what’s your tag tho i’ll add @1kotaaa your s2 demon on his way to red rank 😩 @fluffyyFPS thanks floofy @erieoilfan YEAAAA unless it’s val we only gonna go down 🙏💯 @erieoilfan i’m okay, could be better could be worse yk? thanks for asking 😁 @erieoilfan as you shouldprecisely shot him in the head (won this round) @erieoilfan not really 😭 care to elaborate? @erieoilfan i been busy being shit at valorant how you been @erieoilfan yoo What’s good jiteven @11tzuki has a +1 where the fuck is mine
Retweeted by tzuki @1kotaaa @1HUNNYU ???? @1HUNNYU dawg i don’t got one
@playgirllashley OOPS @playgirllashley nvm bro 💀 @playgirllashley lmk when to change @playgirllashley sure @playgirllashley oh you want to match @playgirllashley i’ll be the lockers in the background