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@senaachu @NotMatcheww @67kasu IM BLPWONG IT MY LOUTH WAS OPEN CAUSE I WA SLAIGIKG FUNBASS HOMY SHIT @t1ffsny @NotMatcheww v godo @kilIconfirmed @NotMatcheww isa balon @senaachu @NotMatcheww @67kasu I WAS BLWOING IT THEM I J HAD IT I MY MOTHBFUCKING DUMBAS @senaachu @NotMatcheww @67kasu ITS RUBBER @NotMatcheww @LIWILL55 bro ive been wearing beige sincr forrver @LIWILL55 @NotMatcheww we twins 🤞🤞🤞 @t1ffsny @NotMatcheww school* wtf @t1ffsny @NotMatcheww hows scolois @t1ffsny @NotMatcheww hi tiff @akusenasu i haveng talked to ina min @NotMatcheww get a better picture of me next time this one seucks i was sucking a balon i had @sadIucas @NotMatcheww he lefted me for some girl 👎👎👎Kasu is 5’1 @181KASU
Retweeted by ︎✘ @NotMatcheww wyat tehj fuck u said ir not postongh it on twutetr @fishszns u in the bay ?!?!?!they really put reyna in fortnite and called it jett @fishszns me @kiwiramune mines better @kiwiramune damn she sucks at making themm @Ino_VAL t
@LarryBanks05 @bearkun i don even edate 😭😭 @Nighty10k h @etherealVAL_ subtweeted me @ignovercook not solo qing boby ill reinstall if u smutf for@me @ignovercook they all immort+ @ignovercook no one plays w me tho @ignovercook mmm should i reinstallbest clips of kas @NotMatcheww IM NOTj met @NotMatcheww hes short :PP @lucasgotnohoes ONG he got hella mad bc i didnt follow him back
@44idrathercry who @WasteManOP bet @sadIucas make sure to drop the soap in prison @secretafk IK BRU @secretafk SHE SAID ITS DISRESPXTRFULNAHHH 💀💀💀
@1EDEN_ @Bagel1k yur @sadIucas noti @1HUNNYU gn aahndrouie (ie is silent) @t1ffsny i hope he suckin meinsta saw it first @/aarvin.dvs @nobu1x U FUCKING SUCK LMFAO
@yuungsho no @yuungsho do u not see the spot on my thumb @spoofzera i knew it @fishszns yo @77Joeyy @karxoo @keaIani send babe @fishszns noti @veltomfan69520 and i was better than you 😂😂😂😂 @veltomfan69520 is true @veltomfan69520 i j started playing last week @veltomfan69520 im better than you @akarisad @thwifo good @akarisad @thwifo did u j get on the thwifo fan train?
@senaachu @veltqt @strawhatsade @senaachu @veltqt @strawhatsade SHUT UP 📢📢📢📢📢 @veltqt @strawhatsade @senaachu SHUT THR DUCK UP TASGA @spoofzera @senaachu @veltqt right kevin nyugen @veltqt @senaachu ong. @senaachu @hoIlons aarvin.dvs @t1ffsny gm @juzzouuu yikes @hoIlons fye pics ong @chlofps what the fuck
@fluffyyFPS @stellariwnl @cloudyerin_ ^ @stellariwnl @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ bro j turned 17 nd thinks hes the shit @stellariwnl @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ mab @stellariwnl @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ ur bitchless @stellariwnl @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ grown ass man @veltomfan69520 shut the fuck up @noxufps @Ev3ly6 vouch @1wiiree oh @veltomfan69520 dumbass @1wiiree mama @kimehko @fishszns @fishszns @kimehko IN HOPES UR ON THE OTHER SIDE TALKIBG TO ME TOO @kimehko @fishszns TALKING TO YHE MOOOOOOOOON @fishszns @kimehko AT NIGHT WHEN THE STARS LIGHT UP MY ROOM @kimehko @fishszns YOURE ALL I HAD YOUR ALL I HAD @edatercentral history always repeats @fluffyyFPS @cloudyerin_ sorry @1EDEN_ can i join 😍
@veltqt i jstarted editing jugg last night 😭😭 @erieoilfan @veltqt @grusome_val bitchless @erieoilfan @veltqt @grusome_val shes 12 @erieoilfan @veltqt @grusome_val word @erieoilfan @veltqt @grusome_val noithing to suck @WasteManOP bad phase good choicehd: @hrujade its in the caption @hrujade captionrun it up @sundownswrld 😎 @kimehko @fluffyyFPS damn u scu ong