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@mariekehoogwout "witte ouders" moet hun kind "antiracistisch" opvoeden? Andere kleuren ouders niet? Sorry, moet ff braken. @PeetersJoep1 @politicologica @vdsar1970 @esdavids En daarvoor? @politicologica @PeetersJoep1 @vdsar1970 @esdavids Wat voor kleur waren die vrouwen eigenlijk? @vdsar1970 @esdavids “Blijkt”? Waaruit? @esdavids Heb jij een slavernijverleden dan?
@JacobTobia @jk_rowling "a world where trans women are brutalized and murdered with impunity" That world exists onl… @ADnl En welke verlichte geest bij gaat beslissen welke boeken 'haatdragend' zijn en welke niet? @fletcherkathy8 @ripx4nutmeg Nonsense, it’s not the right who’s doing this and you know it. @FINESSELANDE "wilt"? @EdenTheplanet This would be one of his strengths, so he wouldn't look at me to solve the issue. Being equal doesn'… @EdenTheplanet Well me and my husband have been equals for 28 years. In some instances I 'take the lead' and in oth… @MarkDice @geenstijl 😂 die foto! 😂Si belles sans le #hijab. La campagne #FreeFromHijab continue, des dizaines de femmes partout dans le monde musulma…
Retweeted by Rosario @EdenTheplanet I agree, but I don't want an overbearing man either. @MollyOstertag 🤣 pathetic! @BabaYang1 @LavieJanRoos Oh sorry 😂 @BabaYang1 @LavieJanRoos Hou toch op. Elk volk heeft zijn pijn en vernedering gekend. Alleen de groepen die dit geb… @mathers_my @LavieJanRoos Nee joh"Live by the sword, die by the sword" Oh sweet karma... 🤣 racist elk probably had it coming... @rborden16 @geosociety @theAGU Why would not serving alcohol make you cry? Are you an alcoholic? @EdenTheplanet I'll take equality over one controlling the other in a relationship, thanks. (And have been with my husband for 28 years) @ADnl Is dat een man? Zou AmnestyNL's houding tov vrouwen tegenwoordig wel verklaren. @BasicBitching None of this is transphobia. It's misogyny.
Retweeted by Rosario @bradulzz @slammerhome @SusanDe71711074 @Adamjoseph49 @MarkDice Having many kids and commiting crime are choices. @bradulzz @slammerhome @SusanDe71711074 @Adamjoseph49 @MarkDice No. Plenty of people in their socioeconomic situati… @bradulzz @Adamjoseph49 @slammerhome @SusanDe71711074 @MarkDice Specify: what are these 'broken legs'? What holds t… @bradulzz @slammerhome @SusanDe71711074 @Adamjoseph49 @MarkDice Some questions: 1. Are there no succesfull black pe… @ripx4nutmeg Whaaaaat.....??? Oh, the joys of living in a left-wing cancel culture world. @bradulzz @slammerhome @SusanDe71711074 @Adamjoseph49 @MarkDice 2. Yes there has, so 3. No @Adamjoseph49 @MarkDice - SHE doesn’t agree that all lives matter - SHE is all about Black Lives Matter - SHE isn’t…
@XRebellionUK Do you guys care about women and their rights? Like, at all? @LavieJanRoos Parler @MyWebDoctorUK @ACLU No, no and no
@thierrybaudet @TeamYouTube @StefanMolyneux Ga naar Parler🤣 @Phytophilia1 @WomensHealthMag The idea of an artificial “vagina” that’s basically a wound that needs to be kept op… @ORlyYahRly @WomensHealthMag Me too 😂 @WomensHealthMag “Women’s” health article about penis removal...that’s sooo 2020 🙄 @_arrobayo @JenelopeJohnson @jary_n @AhcumfaePossil @jk_rowling No, son mujeres trans. (Hombres) @jary_n @AhcumfaePossil @jk_rowling Of course, it’s why we love her @AndrewS47745549 @koolkevster @LizaRadley7 @poz_woods @jk_rowling Aaaaand that’s the end of that conversation 😂 @MrcamargosR @jk_rowling @jk_rowling 🤣Here's a woman with a penis & beard (but crucially is wearing a bra so is definitely a woman) freely showing off th…
Retweeted by Rosario @NicESpurling @Transbunny60 Don't worry, we know exactly who does and who does not get banned from Twitter. Men thr… @stretchy18 @BBCBusiness Twat 👇 @MetaCulture2 @a_centrism Well that's your privilege, I'm not allowed to be proud of my skin color/race...So, a tech company gathered data on a bunch of protesters by tracing their phones (which is pretty crappy, yes; dig…
Retweeted by Rosario @AndrewKneer @jk_rowling @Siobhain_Mc @patmcfaddenmp Sea horses are horses @referencingeva @jamesh6d @jk_rowling oh, the horrible 'trans bigotry'...breaks my heart, really @referencingeva @jamesh6d @jk_rowling Nope, no trans oppression was advocated for by her. @jk_rowling All of these gorgeous drawings by kids spell doom for professional illustrators...😎 was sounding alarms about CHAZ when @MayorJenny, @JayInslee & media described territory as peaceful. Yesterday, 2…
Retweeted by Rosario @SvensTweet Ik luister het regelmatig als ik met de hond loop, maar zodra ze over Twamp beginnen, schakel ik over n… @handlebar_kyle @gary_worden Bearded assholes like Kyle deserve to die
@NOS @EPoe187 You're NOW becoming very worried? 🙄 @Ellaschmella @ProfessionalJu2 "First they came for" etc @NewHavenPride Unabashedly MAN above all else
@LevineJonathan That boyfriend must have the testosterone level of a six year old girl @luz_marie @welshveganrach @StephenKing @CodySkinnerFan I do so there isn't @luz_marie @welshveganrach @StephenKing @CodySkinnerFan There is no such thing as transphobia @meyrude And now he's back to zero, with his twaw tweet. Oh well. @axleblazeSA @jk_rowling @StephenKing I know women are women, and men are men. That's all there is to it. @luz_marie @welshveganrach @StephenKing @CodySkinnerFan It WAS a women's rights tweet @CodySkinnerFan @Jacks_Brick @StephenKing So stereotypes? @StephenKing @CodySkinnerFan No, trans women are men. @axleblazeSA @jk_rowling @StephenKing That would be most of the non-western world. Especially the muslim world. @meyrude Stephen's now at notch one! 👍😎 @axleblazeSA @monica_prensa @jk_rowling @StephenKing Just like we will stop calling men men, when they stop being men. So never. @axleblazeSA @Wendxii @jk_rowling @StephenKing THEY ARE NOT WOMEN @axleblazeSA @jk_rowling @StephenKing Pssssst: 99% of the world population is a 'terf'! Twitter does not equal real life! Pass it on!Man wins woman's title @DevonRexUK1 @FullFrontalSamB Of course you should. She's an airhead. @evagargon @FullFrontalSamB Women's rights are human rights @wierdduk @telegraaf Beta male/Soy boy @ripx4nutmeg
@nytimesbooks I'm with Lou Reed on this one: @politstrip @awstar11 @nytimesbooks If only any of their standards were ever applied that consistently.
Retweeted by Rosario @ripx4nutmeg Wow...does @Loreal know about this? 🙄🤔 @LadyMagaUSA I've been wondering about that for months... @ducom99 Ik zou zeggen gemiddeld lager IQ en hoger testosteronHas the guy who stabbed people in Glasgow today been named?
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Man, Planned Parenthood just much good for the world.
Retweeted by Rosario @JoeBiden No, that would be you @Malcolm_fleX48 Also, just found out the one on the right is a man @RossVodt I knew it had to be a man when I saw this on Twitter yesterday 🙄 @derksauer @TheodorHolman Wie besturen dit gedeelte van de VS? Al decennia lang? Hint: niet Trump, en niet Republikeinen. @IJsselmonde_eo @victorvantoer 🤐 @LabelFreeBrands Never heard of this dude but @LabelFreeBrands I’m sure this drag queen has no chance of getting on Ru Paul’s Drag Race 😊“A man will take a women’s place - here’s why that’s remarkable”
@CaptFancyPantz @thehill The ones that CALL THEMSELVES anti-fascists, but in realily ARE fascists, yes, they are the real enemy. @thehill @mariekehoogwout @Denkjewel En ook VROLIJK @JaapJansen @BNR Vrolijk optimisme?