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@hollowFPS HOPY FUCK CLEAN ASF @1androe i’m on vacation but all i can think about are my placement games 😞 @1androe ooohhHhhHHHHH @1androe he has more first bloods than u… @kitsuki06 @kitsuki06 yeah i fell for u @jawgemo happy birthday :)) @eeperoni @1androe @R1FTT_ . @1androe @R1FTT_ that’s what i’m saying. “cS Is waYyYyyY bEtTEr. vAL is bAd” @eeperoni @R1FTT_ @hollowFPS 🙌 @snuwuninja @ShopifyRebels @dignitas @Verizon @qtpanini @itnothan_ @KP_fps @lorrian_ @flowerful_ @MC_Lelicious @Tejasfps i eat it like a normal human being. it was all just an act. @aikyuna we can breed cats together @graphuu @ItsSelium if you were 5’9 you’d be commenting 6’ @Tejasfps HAHHAHA I WAS WAITIUNG FKR SOMEINE TO MAKE A COMMEBNTAVIUT UT @JessScharnagle go ask my teammates when they win the tourney;) @hawpsu mmmm SCRUMPTIOUS @SteevesJ 🙄🙄🙄
@PrincessIcyTV 🤪 @PrincessIcyTV my sens? @WedidOfficial congrats mr. wedid:)go support my teammates :)) pspsps like my chez stik pls lemme ratio >:) @ShopifyRebels @dignitas @Verizon @qtpanini @itnothan_ @KP_fps @lorrian_ @flowerful_ @MC_Lelicious @Fullmetal_Val c… @iCarleeFN @itnothan_ @qtpanini hey guys we can 4 way kiss ;) @itnothan_ @qtpanini @iCarleeFN thots? @jenvalorant lets kiss at lan. @Bankroft 5 star hotels do. also it would be awkward to hear someone SHARTing next to me. @graphuu when val mobile comes out i’ll go back in that 5 star hotel bathroomnoise cancelling bathroom. @qtpanini hey future wifey @PrincessIcyTV don’t forgot the infamous 1191 1134 flower crosshair @PrincessIcyTV .28/.31 800 = .56/.62 400 @chansekay u are MY little snorting piggy @PrincessIcyTV .61 or .56 @ctrrlz @chansekay chanse wouldn’t dare touch me
THIS MOFO SMACKED ME went to a cat cafe. @Enbyus fuck that bitch better last > a week @tariannkan son, i want them B A L L S @puffeez haha hey ;) @chansekay okay getting fit
@lyekuu kiss u @xRona__ OKAYYYY CONGRATULATIONS TOMMMYYYY @jenvalorant @PlayVALORANT @chansekay jk fuck him. we’re queuing when i get back from my vacation xoxo @jenvalorant @PlayVALORANT i don’t get back for 2 weeks. ask @chansekay for the time being for now @jenvalorant @PlayVALORANT hey lol @FrostyValorant @ethoz OMG ASHTON UR SO GOOOOOODDDD @lunarkats @KP_fps @lorrian_ @itnothan_ @qtpanini @flowerful_ @MC_Lelicious @Fullmetal_Val i wasn’t there but i’m there mentallyLAST BUT NOT LEAST BABY ✅ Qualified for #VCT main event after a long wait for our losers series! Turned the fck u…
Retweeted by SR diana. @akaL4CE @maddiesuun @itzjanners @alimonstr @anniechanhee SHEEEEEEE
@lyekuu yeah for you ;) i’ll drop the stimmy out jus for u @lyekuu LMFAOOOOO @KarraOf @JustBreatheVAL UR SO HOT @R1FTT_ @eeperoni @1androe @ZaveZhang just kill @eeperoni @R1FTT_ @1androe @ZaveZhang wow u duck ale @eeperoni @R1FTT_ @1androe league player Ipoko > cs sweaty tryhard nerd R1ft @eeperoni @R1FTT_ @1androe HAHA @eeperoni @R1FTT_ @1androe molly @eeperoni @R1FTT_ @1androe but the one clip in connector :( @eeperoni @R1FTT_ @1androe just mirage. all clips are on mirage. except a few on inferno ig @R1FTT_ @eeperoni @1androe mirage connector @seshiriaaa VCT* @seshiriaaa me too. honeslty wish i had a chance to not go to hawaii and instead stay home and play vcs with my team :/ @1androe @R1FTT_ he got a job in dunkin’ donuts. @R1FTT_ i’ll come visit at ur job 🤓 @1androe @R1FTT_ wait nvm i remembered he got a job and tweeted it @1androe @R1FTT_ that’s what i’m saying @qtpanini @hvnniez vouch.
@chloe_hime7 @ShopifyRebels chloe gaming @KP_fps LETS GO KPPPP @lorrian_ bestie… thst pikachu is scary @OkeanosQT tragic buddy.WHOS FUCKING CAT IS THIS
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@puffeez lets kiss. @puffeez i do @eeperoni @CarbynVAL @1androe purr @aEvilcat @Tanner_Metro woo mimi!!! @fkR1FT @1cheetoq @Plex0_ @eeperoni @rikul0l @GeorgeL69106507 omg bestie!!!! @LouVLRT_ @CasperrFPS wtf… i only like the 1x or 2 on wm @LouVLRT_ @CasperrFPS idk what i’m shooting like the outlines idk where the head is bro @1androe HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH @KP_fps SHEEEEEESH @CasperrFPS if i have digi on my wingman idk what i’m shooting at @CasperrFPS u like digi on wingman??? @s9cred what about that one game you threw on my team :(
@QuarterJade @PlayVALORANT WOOOOOWWWWW THATS SO COOL @jasonC_CS SLAYYYYY 💅💅💅 @jasonC_CS POP OFF QUEEEN @jasonC_CS SHEEEEEEE @MunKlotz @ManILoveFwogs sold out :(
@milkteaboards @ReDoFPS @ManILoveFwogs @milkteaboards @ReDoFPS @ManILoveFwogs wait it was the appa one ahhaha @milkteaboards @ReDoFPS @ManILoveFwogs I LINKED IT TO YOU AREADY?.@ManILoveFwogs froggy bucket hat pls make one ty @SammayTV @DekyFPS SHEEEEEE ITALIAN JETT IS BACK @TEXTSKUN @lyekuu they’re still jerking off octa while you’re fighting backsite LMFAOO @aEvilcat W @ciaolyx @ratevalorant facts @Snowwi_ ily