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🤔🤔 has endangered the lives of countless sex workers, preventing them from screening clients and forcing t…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helixAin’t nobody take none of that bread to dip in that soup and it’s bothering me #got
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @cyancrux lol thats flamethe reviewer shouldn’t be tricked into critiquing aesthetic using personal bias. what is this actually saying? if t…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helixit shouldn’t matter if a critic has been a musician or not; if they were interacting closer with artists, the proce…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helixi think a few too many of these will obviously turn artists away from criticism. but when artists are engaged and t…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helixthere is a problem with reviews just offering a shouty opinion and not serving any purpose outside of that. and i s…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @djtommytommy u farted in the poopin room @amad_dot_png thank you!! im def trying to do more desi house remixes, everybody has been loving this one so much @iReyBear next step is cheaper, more lax growing licenses and rec use. then the next step after that is marijuana pardons inshallah @iReyBear its strictly MMJ cultivation for in state production of cbd products100k for a fucking MMJ growing license in GA for 50k sqft with 5% thc only, we've come so far and yet gotten nowhereu heard it here first folks @amad_dot_png @_imbg im right and i know this, thank u for ur supportWhen I was a kid, in the hopes of curbing my appetite for McDonalds, my dad told me that happy meal burgers were ma…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @kashmirVIII "settling" is fairytale romance for some people lol @kashmirVIII when he finds somebody like him they bout to live happily ever afterNOO the neural network that generates random candidates is getting pretty good!
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @amad_dot_png im glad you understandnotre dame: *burns down* y'all: omg rip:(( this is the saddest thing to happen this century omg pray for france sri…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helixexplosions at actual churches no less
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @petedevnull man the money isnt there for EVERYBODY, it's like shitty rappers or your buddy's glam metal band in th… is gonna be flames and i'm looking forward to it, debate me all you want @petedevnull why would the american one be abt anything else? vegas EDM people wld have the same personalities that… @JayMullato ive never seen more than two cars parked at peaches at a time... do ppl just walk up? ride the marta?? @petedevnull this is gonna be sick dont even TRIP @MrMario2011 yeah the original post says a bunch of ants moved their whole nest into the xbox while it was unused f… @MrMario2011 looks like a bug migration or somebody's after effects project tbhIf you thought the admissions scandal was a horrible Ivy League fuck up:
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @soyawi143 thats me on mondays in my clean house to catch midnight rerun woophaving a great time after i opened the tweeter about 15 minutes ago thinking The Throne Game was on at 10 lolIma need a ahegao face emoji
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helixthats why i was born on this day 🤔 @HAMDUNK the typo makes it better @HAMDUNK fuck yoifinding old idm record in dollar bin: oh wow interesting i bet this is wild playing old idm record at home: what a…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix
sunday should be a day of cleaning but inevitably its a day of me sitting on my ass in a messy housedon't want to quote tweet anything about Black women's healthcare with my own experience, but it was my friend (who…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helixThis is a real thing that exists for artists: “You’re an idiot and you should never give an opinion.” *likes tweet…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @petedevnull @Gremlins2Movie the caps really hammer in the gravity of the final destination shitSomeone Juuling in the gym. Not a big deal, but I feel like this is the last item on my scavenger list and I can no…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @turtlekiosk im in there @soyawi143 tears of mirth @atrak this tweet is a lot of stuff put together in a wild waylove when my upstairs neighbor puts their cell phone on the floor? on vibrate? i think??sorry but all movies are bad
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @amad_dot_png @jayhaspower ur everywhere i look these days amad im so proud @amad_dot_png @jayhaspower busy bee!!oh shit i forgot this mix is all @DivoliSvere for the second half and its even wilder than my half!! the lars flame @lanoitrax wowwww you can watch porn in like 30 windows at once with a machine like thatwow my mix from earth dance or watever its called into kodie shane x lil uzi im impressed with myself !Internet never disappoints
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helixshout out to @jayhaspower letting me use a tiny rekordbox controller to record this so if my scratches were soundin… it's nuts thoforgot this mix i did for the morph mixmag featurelistening to some older @lanoitrax material its quite impressive @_imbg yoooooooooo you fucked UPPP he's flames @amad_dot_png i decided to not put the soju in it because they both taste like cleaning products but yes im having the best day @RAIHAN_ @zz_plant lololol @zz_plant ive been 28 for at least 3 months already @_imbg its not that serious im just asking you your favs @lil_mermaid whoa @_imbg whats some good stacey pullen records i should getsullying my perfect birthday of me eating taco bell delivery and drinking baja blast with soju in itjust listened to a promo for a terrible record, MY MISTAKE
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helixSince abortion is outlawed in 5 states (I believe) at first heartbeat detection, child support should ALSO start at…
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @JayMullato calls em like i sees em lmfao @JayMullato no joke eyes slipping down to either side slurring speech i know heroin when i see it @JayMullato i went in that store trying to buy papers and they on that dog food in there 100% @TypeOspaceGhost fell asleep at the home place yday smh @_LOTIC i didnt even want to touch on the gratuity @_LOTIC well selfie has just come to mean front facing camera photos... and gpoy involved holding this camera backw… @dj_innes it feels pretty much exactly like using 1200s, its great @dj_innes ever DJed with serato at a party where the bass made the needles jump off the decks? it makes perfect sense @dj_innes ...before selfies there was gpoysusing this caption for every one of my selfies from now on
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helixI made a Todd Howard portrait only using BUY SKYRIM brush
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Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @dj_innes why would u buy phase for your rane 12 lmao @ThisIsEWALK its beatlab u already know the deal @JubileeDJ oh @JubileeDJ when i saw "this guy" i thought u meant an irl version pigpen lmao @a_cheat @RAIHAN_ @djswisha_ i 100% endorse itHow Else can you afford the drip by flying first class🤔🤔🤔 Nobody can see you flew spirit in the club
Retweeted by there's only one DJ helix @a_cheat @RAIHAN_ @RAIHAN_ can have the phases @a_cheat @RAIHAN_ u take the 12s I'll keep the mixer
@RAIHAN_ i want to have security in taking those twelves and the phases and possibly fighting the owner @a_cheat unbelievably funny @RAIHAN_ have only used cdjs i can tell this from a DJ group im in on facebook... please help me out