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@keaIani ggs @incrimate @edensarcade yeah, i was gonan get thai tea but i got that last time @keaIani i played it for a day and already uninstalled it, try again @keaIani “ur ill” - league of legends player @die4nat yo @keaIani 🙈 @okazyey @keaIani you watch urself too, this tweet directed towards u @edensarcade im out rn @keaIani this tweet is so ironic @keaIani UR DELUSIONAL LMFAOOO @ctrrlz @Easyissac2 she could get it @keaIani me..? @Yumifps @1kotaaa ow @cupkatez people play that still? @keaIani mf looks who talking @1kotaaa @Easyissac2 @Easyissac2 fuck @inporrigible yeah ik, that’s why i do it even tho i don’t be feelin anything @cloudai_ don’t talk to@me that way @cloudai_ 🚩 @Raging_Fiend WWW @vootmoot u don’t leave ur house and neither does she @solace6k IHY LMFAO @AristilGallau i mean idrc if i drop rank tbh, just playin for fun @1OZNY @1aidn @1kotaaa @Nighty10k no u @endrynaphobia 🙈 @hk4ri @azelhazell duhcute laughs are so attractive @iamhcu @team_parallel vouch @tuxxse xm1r @kazufIwr blocking u @yongledd @strangerkun @1harucat yeah @kazufIwr ok @kazufIwr @dillbuni @kumieho lucky her @yongledd @strangerkun @1harucat @kazufIwr :( @kazufIwr @dillbuni @kumieho why is christy tagged @cloudai_ @_novaVAL @Realyuki_ 🛌🦵 @kazufIwr ? @dillbuni @kumieho i’m ur slut @kazufIwr gonna buy you some bitches @vaIkyuu odd behavior @vaIkyuu ppl capable of that usually don’t feel guilty @_novaVAL @Realyuki_ @cloudai_ layknee @scourge_val ^_^ @vaIkyuu so edgy @_novaVAL @Realyuki_ @cloudai_ “that’s not her name” 🥺 @kazufIwr thanks for the amazon gift card @kanatouu kk @linaboyy_ gm lina @dillbuni @kumieho i’m ur mutual too @hk4ri @ShahZaMk y’all just boys like that @strangerkun @yongledd @1harucat oh right @pinche_nikki let’s change that @strangerkun @yongledd @1harucat sorry didn’t mean to flex @strangerkun @yongledd @1harucat 🥰 @pinche_nikki kk @Aizenu_ @FaZeClan @moonpay @GFuelEnergy @NissanUSA L faze @turbotheXIVth STOPPED @turbotheXIVth AAAAHHHH @emtopiaa this is ur best tweet @1aidn bang bang @1aidn ask him for one @thotmegumi ?? @emtopiaa oh yeah @1aidn kaylem gave me a blue jolly rancher @tuxxse @1aidn don’t u agree @1aidn i wanna put my cock in u @AeroValorant @syIv1a 깨어나#eden @AeroValorant @syIv1a let’s duo, i play illi only anyways @AeroValorant @syIv1a bros d3 now 🤣 @RealImJustGary look at you @westjett1 i love you baby @_k1ttytitty i put my fingers in kotas mouth @snndown that’s a different story @snndown i don’t fear flash bangs @shiontodoTTV like this ratiooooooooo @shiontodoTTV cause ily @shiontodoTTV 500 @FatalGlytch ur gf is ur sister @FatalGlytch imaging being bitchless. @pinche_nikki whoa @pinche_nikki show the games where u went negative 😹😹😹 @dillbuni mother, birth giver, breast feeder, mom, mum, mummy, ma, mama @dillbuni everyone was getting called mommy @dillbuni should’ve seen me back in june @pinche_nikki shut up @shiontodoTTV i can name a few poor financial decisions you’ve made @pinche_nikki i always have to message first, see what happens when i stop? @pinche_nikki cause u never talk to me @FatalGlytch IM AT 5 F UUUUU @FatalGlytch i’m quitting @FatalGlytch no way ur higher rr than me @pinche_nikki shut up normie @0Ktinaa started playing again recently @Aizenu_ ipads still exist? @Aizenu_ wtf @181RAYS ilym baea valorant players biggest fear