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@lumbogg whos teachin u @zenjttv i have work :(ik im lvl 4 smdfemboyrailer on the come up @lowelogf 2nd place bf @saturnlyxi @juhniepie @lowelogf muted @lowelogf @xCeeD_CS @notevenangela @bwiskalicious @juuzounv @yoridere @shuboxs nooo pls don’t @yoridere @lowelogf @notevenangela @bwiskalicious @juuzounv @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs watch yourself @lowelogf @notevenangela @bwiskalicious @juuzounv @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs leave her alone asshole! @joyeunaa grown ass man @fluveriis @daydrzm @iurns7 @lowelogf Hey man. @lowelogf Gulp. @xantrips @itsnautii @lumbogg leave her alone assholes!! @serpentineslut @lem0nbb no no continue @serpentineslut @lem0nbb LMFAO?? @lem0nbb @serpentineslut me when i lie @lem0nbb @serpentineslut says u buddy @serpentineslut @lem0nbb it’s in my spank bank @lem0nbb @serpentineslut
@hwospitaI don’t see it </3 @hwospitaI where it at @hwospitaI send me $200 @hwospitaI ill be ur bf for a cs knife19 #valorant
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Retweeted by eden @lowelogf @bwiskalicious @juuzounv @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs why the switchup @lowelogf @bwiskalicious @juuzounv @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs aw u left vc i was abt to join @lowelogf @bwiskalicious @juuzounv @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs wow ur so sweet :3 @lumbogg @yoridere @lowelogf @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs @juuzounv kitty cat @lowelogf @bwiskalicious @juuzounv @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs be nice sabrina cmon.. @juuzounv @lowelogf @bwiskalicious @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs already have an offer for 450 @lowelogf @bwiskalicious @juuzounv @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs u got any friends that wanna buy a radiant val account :3 @lowelogf @bwiskalicious @juuzounv @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs ? dont be weird man @lowelogf @bwiskalicious @juuzounv @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs oh nice @wristaimer omfg @rankup @juuzounv @lowelogf @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs you know i always do cmon now @lowelogf @juuzounv @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs no :( @lowelogf @juuzounv @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs chupa mi pinga puta @yoridere @juuzounv @lowelogf @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs @juuzounv @yoridere @lowelogf @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs this sangria is so yummyyyy @lowelogf @xCeeD_CS @yoridere @shuboxs @juuzounv im asian too :3 @yoridere @lowelogf @xCeeD_CS @shuboxs @juuzounv stop larping in twitter replies man @lowelogf @xCeeD_CS @yoridere @shuboxs @juuzounv not on my watch @xCeeD_CS @yoridere @lowelogf @shuboxs @juuzounv RT @lowelogf @shuboxs @xCeeD_CS @juuzounv @yoridere ur mean 4 wat @BenevolenceFPS @yoridere ONG @shuboxs @xCeeD_CS @lowelogf @juuzounv @yoridere me n him like this 🤞 @lowelogf @juuzounv @shuboxs @yoridere @xCeeD_CS @automataa @yoridere LMFAO @lowelogf @juuzounv @shuboxs @yoridere watch ur mouth @BenevolenceFPS @yoridere anything for the knife @sevvn @yoridere in my bag @jenooval muted @jenooval ? @shuboxs @lowelogf @yoridere @lowelogf ? @lowelogf @yoridere my crush 😭 @lowelogf @yoridere who r u @yoridere @yoridere hey so this is awkward but @cecefps the knife 😭selling my val account, has radiant buddy + skins (dm me) :3
Retweeted by eden @_TeaValorant @lumbogg get in on this Liam @mawlyraw not anymore @kurosawis Phase 4 @drainerfemcel @1aksenas @kevscade ones ripped @yonesgf these r all good changes @iamhcu cmon now @rellekkuma @shuboxs @1elvis__ @d elvis bein a W friendfriend group leader @1elvis__ @shuboxs @rellekkuma @d hey man at least she changed her pfp 🙏 @1elvis__ @shuboxs @rellekkuma @d this is better :3 @JACKLEEOW @cicington that shit gave me a bad relationship with good man, all i see is numbers now </3 @wristaimer @fictionwasd he didn’t say any slurs tho @shuboxs @1elvis__ @rellekkuma @d mfs callin me a terrible person cause i thought that shit was funny 😭 @cicington a lot of “gymbros” are hyper aware of EDs and more educated about them than you’d think because cutting… @kevscade WHATT @1elvis__ @rellekkuma @d ur mouth full of it right now bro @1elvis__ @rellekkuma @d go after this dude, he’s the one bein weird, idk why y’all r on my dick 😭 @1elvis__ @rellekkuma @d not that deep @1elvis__ @rellekkuma @d their lives must be kinda different to make their pfps black on social media like they in middle school bro 😭 @1elvis__ @rellekkuma tell ‘em to keep it off my tl then 🙏 @lowelogf seventeenth @jansarcade @vielorant muted @vielorant muted @Darrinsval the window will allow you to molly or throw util while retaking from elbow, pretty good change @rellekkuma @KaedenVAL @stigxd idrc they’re in the right, it’s just really funny still @therealzorex what’s ur discord @KaedenVAL @stigxd saw this and went right back to sleep man @ilyhami W rizz @exavlrt @holyphantom94 $12 @endrynaphobia no but i have another account i can sell you with champ vandal and champ karambit