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@edensarcade LOL @edensarcade it would be funny if we could @edensarcade @xyakuma VOUCH @1kotaaa mhm @1kotaaa i just came a little @1kotaaa heyyy @ysk1ng ong @ysk1ng i’m midgetting @1vanniieee shut up @f8lconz ahhhwhos the troll that made up the word "smurfing" like how does that shit even correlate or make any sense @yinzzzi no @yinzzzi mhm @yinzzzi edgy @HK4RI do i gotta learn like set ups @HK4RI i’m tryna be on my cypher cam all round while scrolling through twitter @HK4RI i wanna learn sentinel @edensarcade OMG U LISTEN TO GLAIVE @NarwhalFPS oh i see @NarwhalFPS what does .00223 mean @edensarcade MWAh @edensarcade im so happy for you :) @edensarcade DESERVED @camilleettv 😵‍💫 @westjett1 @sashavalorant assist @annabbly YES SIR @Xansmind hi xan @ctrrlz @waifuouo where she at @ctrrlz @waifuouo do you think she would be interested in a young man with long black hair @ctrrlz ?? @qashsav night nightwhy do i keep seeing pocket pussies on my fyp
@whosmicheIa sounds like the cum buddies gc11 ON TOP @chlofps u should see mine too :c @chlofps EWEWEWEWEEWEWEWEWEW @edensarcade gm noona @xefiyy @ignovercook yes its fire @edensarcade wowowoowow @playgirllashley @KittenAimers im a green flag @qashsav so hot @qashsav omggff do jdhdhrf @yslnai we cry to @wholesometrol vids on tiktok @Saulsrevenge ball @mistmie Stop with your super controversial tweets that young teenagers see and respond to. As a person who is repr… @KittenAimers no. i. dont. @cheerrysav sav mediawomen with short hair are so Mmammfmdlsndljeldkwnwk @iKatanira idk wat that means @cheerrysav do da trend @annabbly would she send me money @annabbly im a scorpio B) @annabbly water > @ctrrlz @qashsav hi @qashsav yes @1HUNNYU oh yeah.feeling very vulnerable and prone to manipulation 😵‍💫 @iKatanira can u boost me @pineapples_lisa come over @pineapples_lisa whenever u want lovethey give off the same energy @pineapples_lisa sure @yaszuki frfuck having a deep voice I WANNA HIT HIGH NOTES @m2sty notischool pep rally got my anxiety goin 📈📈📈 @xefiyy my 1-2 hours of sleep are MINE @xefiyy no way u got andrews and not mine @m2sty atta girl @duhloraa yes @sundownswrld @cloudai_ @_claisky promise @cloudai_ @sundownswrld @_claisky he ate the dick and balls @yslnai @ignovercook @m2sty he’s never fought me ever @sundownswrld @cloudai_ @_claisky eat mei do not be staying up after saying goodnight, our convo can wait till after i fucking sleep @edensarcade <3 sweet dreams @cheerrysav am i wrong @cloudai_ @sundownswrld @_claisky just as tragic as romeo and juliet @cheerrysav twinks @cheerrysav you def go for twinkle @edensarcade gn noona @m2sty u already got mine on right @cloudai_ @sundownswrld @_claisky rip hamster they left us too soon 🙏 @sunheekimseol i wish @sundownswrld GOVERNMENT BY BRAINWASHED THEjust took a fat nap and school still isn’t over :/ @kanatouu just keeping you in check @kanatouu i be turning it on so they knew i left them on read wym @fluffyyFPS @kanatouu ong @lexybeachh stand @kanatouu ur shortdead rapper’s unreleased music was unreleased for a reason… @fishszns i’ll bite ur fucking dick, DONT BRING UP MY TRAUMA @fishszns i’m right here @foreplay woof woof @magnum69420 yes @1zeooo dats meanother eden school tweet @edensarcade ur so good @edensarcade so proud of you