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🇳🇱 | Video editor for @4ElementsE | worked with @gerlaenco_ @GCobraNL @CazorlaFN @fexayy (210k+)

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@organ1se @AynsSkrt @EngrioFN @DiabloFNBR yea idk i believe in you @NaktivvVFX nahh rip man😡 @NaktivvVFX @4Elow5 @Gerlaenco_ @GCobranl @fexayy @CazorlaFN @fn_santi V @clerke_ why did you have to show me this @4Elow5 lets go daveee @organ1se @AynsSkrt @EngrioFN @DiabloFNBR its not rlly hard, just shoot clips where you move forward in replay mode… @organ1se @AynsSkrt @EngrioFN @DiabloFNBR maybe add Some fast cines at “live moves pretty fast” and then on every word 1 cinematic @StayCalmVFX Where are you going? @jessehoefnagels Wie was die gast dan? @JobsDZN Will be missed...#Affinitweet Famous Followers 🥇 HiRezTheRapper 🥈 FaZeMito 🥉 WhySoGaming 🏅 ElementOwnsYou 🏅 4ElementsE 🏅 AnesaFN 🏅 n… @mauikaimalone @TopTierNigga (from:@[name])[word you want to search]
@kibozvfx Me too I gotta stop @kibozvfx fuck you i thought something bad happened @kibozvfx everything okay? @kibozvfx you ok? @LMGK_ Dont unfollow papiayala | Highlights #1
Retweeted by 4E LevitationYou are not alone. You matter. Reach out. Rest in Peace Byron..
Retweeted by 4E Levitation @4Elow5 @kibozvfx ahh too bad, gl @4Elow5 @kibozvfx Go live rn ill watch @StayCalmVFX Probably not tbh @deadheart60fps yes wtf @swxgs @NaktivvVFX @4EPaulH Goed bezig! @fnlewis_ @MartozFN Clip? @lMorphz @velocity what r your specs? @MoqiiZK @ohWhai what am i seeing
@aya1a_ also it was zayt unknow and benjy lmfao @aya1a_ wow @NaktivvVFX @nnumby God strat @nnumby Mito @aya1a_ thx bruv @MartozFN nothing i think @JariVFX @dioedits_ @nicklowvfx Hoping* @JariVFX @dioedits_ @nicklowvfx i was honing @JariVFX @dioedits_ @nicklowvfx you can charge more than that @Boefdie @nicklowvfx what am I seeing je edit highlights voor t 4e channel @Boefdie @nicklowvfx ik charge nu meer, 4 per minuut @NaktivvVFX @fexayy looks sick @Boefdie @nicklowvfx wdym mijn highlights zijn dog @nicklowvfx couple hundred... imagine (obviously 99% of the ppl following nick are better than me so they deserve more)ARE YOU BORED?🤭 We got you, we just uploaded our second highlight video on Youtube 🔥 📺 :
Retweeted by 4E LevitationThinking about quiting editing ngl @MartozFN Waar is t @NaktivvVFX @fexayy LetsgoooThe Talent team has showed their potential in the @mrsavage cup yesterday!🔥 Great performance from @LokiFNBR &…
Retweeted by 4E Levitation @NaktivvVFX @swxgs @swxgsPreview for @swxgs 😛
Retweeted by 4E Levitation @deadheart60fps thought you were on Some suicidal shit @deadheart60fps You ok man? @imumplify @MatsoeFN WTF ARE DITboys follow @LMGK_ rn @kingocraigo Wtf craigo with da God tweet @BrutalzMate Amazing work! @kroqfn BenjymercsLFT as a solo (IGL or fragger) MUST BE AN ELITE PLAYER
Retweeted by 4E Levitation @snxw_designs @4ElementsE Welcome
@EmkeyFX look at meditite @prxjecs 2* @prxjecs ortho doet Mn beugel strakker en geeft me volledige chain day 3Any fn trickshotters have Some spare clips? Dm me pleaseMy teeth hurt day 2support ma boy @BramLovesYou sorry man !!!why do ppl assume editors can make logos, headers and thumbnails @JaspaayT whyToday is the @MrSavage cup in Fortnite! Tag the trio your making 💰 with today 👀 #4EverStronger
Retweeted by 4E LevitationWhile you are waiting for the Savage Cup, you can watch this god video! Support is appreciated😍
Retweeted by 4E Levitation @CazorlaFN Discorddd @NaktivvVFX @Lnuef Legit best highlight editor ik maak niet eens een grap @MatsoeFN @AdnFN_ Looool @deadheart60fps yea thats so fucked @deadheart60fps yea that’s what I thought that would be crazy lol @deadheart60fps that’s mb @deadheart60fps there’s no fucking way you download at 100 GB per second @deadheart60fps 100 gb per second seems a bit much @__zoot__ @timthetatman @timthetatman @TWILRR @Jobvos0 tosti underrated @TWILRR Wtf het is 11 uur sochtends @ScottyVFX @wordnuvola Wtf#WordCloud @wordnuvola @LMGK_ Congrats! @nicklowvfx Will be missed <3oh? @deadheart60fps @lMorphz ok but Xpert_jay121 is popping of doe 😳 @NaktivvVFX HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY
@MangBradd Youre not an editor tho @StayCalmVFX Sickkk 👀who wants an invite? Editing discord, gonna be more active from now on @BoopNL_ casually “dead” @Boefdie now we all are, what a journey boyz @Boefdie you and kiboz werent even in 4e back then lmaoyou good? @Boefdie @TaZeify dont forget to say it with a weird voice filter and laugh!!! @MartozFN WTF HAPPENED IN THOSE 7 MINUTES @MartozFN toch niet echt een legendarisch gesprek @ohlevii nice* @ohlevii Nice nic