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@WrestlersLab Yoooo @YeezyCon What's the DL tiktoks @YeezyCon I triedJust watched a few recent indy matches. The time the commentators spent on bad/inside jokes, some at the expense of…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @YeezyCon #PolyAmCultParty3 Saturday LFG. @MrStephenPike @THEonlyMVYoung @CharlesMas0n @apexofcombat @JodyTheWrestler @NickStappOkay SickA Real one real motivated hearing my #RENEGADES bro bro @GiftKincaid coming back from the North Pole soon & thinking a…💪🏼💚🙏🏼 don’t want to be famous. I want to pay off my mom’s debt and leave 75% tips everywhere I go.
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaDope sunset aesthetic for this one #AEWDarkElevation
@theakiraway @EarlWGardner 💪🏼💚🙏🏼 @RealSamAdonis Team get go hereThis. is EXTREME🚀🎯 Energize!! #SchoolOfMorton @RealRickyMorton #GetSOM #goNINJAgo 💪🏼💚🙏🏼 Fs but 1. 📸 @EarlWGardner #NeonNinja #FsUp #dreadedandshredded #acidcup3 #TheCollective #goNINJAgo 💪🏼💚🙏🏼 the right thing when it’s hard. Keep a good attitude when people are not treating you right. Go the extra mile w…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja💪🏼💚🙏🏼
This is gonna feel real good #NeonDestroyer #DaniDestroyer #NeonBlondes #DaniMo #goNINJAgo @W_W_Unicorns @1FACADE
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaThe ACW Tag Team Champions @shanestormwv & Sensational Seth Martin issue an Open Challenge at #bww in #nitrowv
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaHere are current matches & card is subject to change. A Six Pack Scramble March for the ACW Super H Championship.…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaThis just in from @ACWWV2014 #acwwv a FREE NIGHT of #prowrestling action this Thursday in Nitro, WV! Featuring form…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaContinue... ?
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @apexofcombat @BAPEOFFICIAL @kikutarosan too, legit
Ive been watching and a fan of @1FACADE since i got back into wrestling and the fact im seeing them live in a week blows my god damn mind
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Tomorrow!!!! #ImperialProWrestling #CantTouchThis #DaniMo #NeonBlondes
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja the #NeonNinja about to break out my #MChammer #Sabu pants for the #NeonBlondes debut tomorrow at @IPW_Empire Make A Bet??? Just passed 400 followers, if yall get me passed 630 followers by 630pm I'll do a new kind of 6…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @1FACADE I kid I kid... you know I love you bro. 🤣
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @DannyMilesUSA Always the most amazing pictures. This one looks like I'm getting you back for Dani. Adorable @REALEthanHD @bosxe Unfollow on that, E 🤢 @Tony_Deppen One time I had scheduled a PTO day off for the return of ECW before SmackDown(SyFy days), & I was goin… @RealLadyFrost Icy no doubt @DannyMilesUSA 🤬 @BrettSix78 I would say yes. But there's a new leader of the Foot! @RealSamAdonis 💪🏼💚🙏🏼 @1FACADE Duuude what??? 🔥🔥🔥
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@Crabby_Fatty They stoled itYo I'm gonna fight #ShaneDouglas in the parking lot of a B-Dubs.. #ECW style, & I'm winning a title too come watch… @xShawnXphoenix Pay someone, but don't do it. You'll hate everyoneWhoa. Just found out a list who has me muted 🎯 These people are so NICE in person!It'd never happen, but Rob Van Dam doing a Bloodsport match would be perfect
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @THEonlyMVYoung FUCK EM @yeahgiancarlo Boy do I have something to show youOriginally took this weekend off to recover from Tampa etc. but I feel great & negative Covid tests, so this ninja…🚨 Attention Local Businesses 🚨 We have a few vendor spots and sponsorship possibilities available for our event on…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja9 days until PCP3
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @MrDariusCarter 🔥 @WCWMouse3911 @bountykeith A real one @TheEmilJay Long overdue 🙏🏼💚 @TheEmilJay I wish she was just generally around more often bro! He's doing good with his school right now too he said @TheEmilJay He's doing fine I saw him in a show way outside of Atlanta last month. Absolutely killed it and bumped…“The American 🐺” Davey Richards makes his NGW debut at The Party Bowl! June 27th from Jackson Terminal in Knoxvill…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaI know there’s some kid out there who was watching wrestling in between classes today, fantasizing about becoming a…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja#NeonNinja Tightrope phoenix...I mean triple jump blockbuster! @GCWrestling_ #acidcup3 #TheCollective on the @youngbucks waists, Diors on their feet 😤
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @KVR216 Bounced 🤢 @realdanimo @TitleMatchWN @domfabfav @Ale_TheLion 😳Wondering why I'm moving slow....😬😬 Thanks @domfabfav for clipping these!!! #ManiaWeek #LadiesNightOut
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If the flowers are blooming at PolyAm mansion we just may be looking at one of the most aesthetic live streams of all time
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @stickermule New wrestling gear!!!!!!
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja“The Blackanese Assassin” Menace makes his return from injury at The Party Bowl! June 27th from Jackson Terminal i…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaAbsolutely insane students at @cwepower @GreatKhaliWWE were always trying to find new creative ways to beat me up 😂 @paruldeshwal @thunderrosa22 @GiftKincaidWho is one talent that is not working TV anywhere , yet to be discovered that needs to be?
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaSummer 2014 the #NeonNinja had a series of crazy matches with @SuperChrisSabin! This one from @RemixPro now on… well soon @lancelude08 💚 discussions with his ambassador, the “Amish Sensation” Levi Everett makes his NGW debut at The Party Bowl! J…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaI Love you bro and you really never know if you're gonna see someone again 🤷💚
Not that Bar Wrestling, but bar wrestling you feel bad about yourself, you are blocking all the love and all the happiness that the Universe has for you.
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @CrimeStopperDan @WrestlersLab Call it Go!Who's the #1 wrestler that should have their own energy drink and what would it be called? 🥤⚡
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaWho's excited for #PolyAmCultParty3?
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @BrainbusterTees @THEonlyMVYoung @ThisIsJAIDEN @DontDieMiles @JoshFullerPW Bout to debut that Intercontinental Scra… @LWMaine Might be a bit bias but I thoroughly enjoyed watching @DaveyPainting vs @1FACADE
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @PhilUrich207 @LWMaine @DaveyPainting @DaveyPainting if you are defeating me at 40%, which is very close to 33⅓%, &… to our other reality this week. Didn’t have a chance to show off my art this weekend, so I’ve got a sale for a…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaWhatever you constantly think about, you will attract into your life.
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja#NeonNinja vs @DaveyPainting at @beyondwrestling #TimeCapsule replay now on @indiewrestling #goNINJAgo 💪🏼💚🙏🏼 @DaveyPainting @Tony_Deppen @ThatRoseTattoo @dashawns2cents 3 sides in a way. I saw all 3, all VERY much different @Tony_Deppen @ThatRoseTattoo @dashawns2cents If it’s gonna continue to happen then we at least have to be cool abou…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaThis may be a longshot, but is anyone still in tampa driving up towards NJ that has room in a vehicle for…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @Toms_Customs 😔 @epiphany_her @indiewrestling Thank you! & No sweat, hopefully we can show everyone how diverse this ninja can get 💪🏼💚🙏🏼
Ok this is really something special to me. When I first started my wrestling art, Hiroyuki was someone I really loo…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaSee you June 4th!!!
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaJUST ADDED TO! @PW_Conquest Episode 5! @JasonFnGory vs. @TheHuffmanly inside a Steel Cage…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaEasy does it. @OSCW29445 #RumbleAtTheBeach #WCW #bashatthebeach Smash!(TM)
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaYou gotta rewatch #TimeCapsule on @indiewrestling because everyone worked so frigging hard and the in-ring work is…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinjaI’ll never get used to seeing my older brother on WrestleMania! @WWEGraves makes the family proud every year!…
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja @ColeKarter1 @AEWonTNT Huge future for these guysMaking my @AEWonTNT debut tomorrow!
Retweeted by FACADE *ファサード* #NeonNinja