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me: going negative on jett and trying not to tilt my ranked teammates: @watrdrp 30 hz, 800 dpiok i will be active on twitter but not val is what i meant lol @imozny demon time @veltqt mwahhhON TOP OF THAT, if u ever wanna study and call w me IM DOWN JUST LMK @aft6r elite gamer @aft6r i’ll be just like yousetup check read :) Read: @gabersenn :( @elluhval wtf @elluhval i be egoing my parents lol @bbylapras sup twin)=
Retweeted by hny @cloudyerin_ noti* @cloudyerin_ hnoyimy mom is swag TIL I DIE @1kotaaa @AspireUnit v @sundownswlrd @AspireUnit v @AeroValorant @AspireUnit v @AspireUnit yo @m1lf_lvvr yeah? @spitcey @m1lf_lvvr wait i didn’t even see this tweet LOL @shuuuuis u right @mistmie oh yeah oops @mistmie where mine @AeroValorant @builtbygamers @1kotaaa vthere’s a really pretty girl infront of me, i’m gonna show her my plat triangle @cloudyerin_ this ain’t directed towards uu short lemme put some inches in u @cloudyerin_ sry but i have to repost @ignOvercook MMMM @xxelitism typo man @cloudyerin_ bro LMFAO @xxelitism bad @xxelitism myWow - Post Malone (Valorant Montage) ♥️ + ♻️
Retweeted by hny @gabersenn vLFT - t2 scrim exp - can play ALL agents - pref controller/initiator - flexible schedule every day - dedicated to…
Retweeted by hny @cloudyerin_ @jellyfish_val fuck plats悲しみがとまらない I CAN'T STOP THE LONELINESS ♥️+♻️
Retweeted by hny @adderallaim STOP W THIS CRINGE EDATER SHIT @cloudyerin_ @jellyfish_val she’s d3?? i thought @adderallaim ben i’m going to block you @melissaaotto yayi think we can all agree that we hate plat players no matter if you’re in it or not @xefiyy ohhh okay @xefiyy wait why @Kezyyz 1nonly @cloudyerin_ LOL @imozny swag @cloudyerin_ look at the mirror LOLschool @adderallaim @joycieVAL that’s literally me @adderallaim @joycieVAL bro.. @adderallaim @joycieVAL u r still cringe @adderallaim @joycieVAL you should look at your page @adderallaim @joycieVAL you will stop being a cringe edater on my tl @adderallaim @joycieVAL STOP I DONT WANNA SEE THIS SHIT ON MY TL @xefiyy @uli4u @kayluvrr d13 @mistmie finally @xefiyy @uli4u @kayluvrr i literally q with u @xefiyy @uli4u @kayluvrr and u lost most of those shitter @xefiyy @uli4u @kayluvrr u got carried shitter @xefiyy @uli4u @kayluvrr you still don’t mvp gold lobbies xd @xefiyy @uli4u @kayluvrr you play in gold lobbies bozo @xefiyy @uli4u @kayluvrr your main i basically gold @ZD_Moonkiller get me a gf @ZD_Moonkiller novandal players run into each other
Retweeted by hny @sundownswlrd @julisann3 v @kayluvrr w @kayluvrr mif everything turns to shit, who got me @wahoooopunch @zekeiVAL don’t do him like thatwestfieldチャンスだけ ❤+♻ appreciated!
Retweeted by hny @shuuuuis i know a lil @1Hiakii mmmmM @wtficon bless @shuuuuis ong i’m stupid @yslnai @sundownswlrd sowwy @sundownswlrd @yslnai noti @1Hiakii LMAOAOAOAO @1Hiakii kill me instead @wtficon heyyyy @mintiikae i love kiddos @wtficon hey lolany1 wanna date as a joke haha… pls kill me @Ritsupeacemaker ily @181ANK preciate that familygive honest opinion on me pls :)smurfing just to feel smth @ainakimuu ? @yeniwnl sameuse this an “i stay in my room and queue ranked all day” button @lialovesyu basic @lialovesyu .INSANE 1V5 DEAGLE ACE CLUTCH ♥️ + ♻️
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