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Ive defo grown to appreciate those summer walker body type females.Niggas is cold but the chicks that cheat regular is KOLDDDDI never thought I'd be able to get into politics but as I get older I realise these guys just make stuff up on the…
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEThe Joe Rogan Spotify deal is a good example set for everyone. He did more than an episode a week for over 10 years…
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITE @Reezyduzit247 Ok thought so. Just wanted to be sure. Lol.Im prob the only brudda watching this Nicky Jam series. Im due a Reggaeton party summer 2021. There lyrics were FILTHHHHHH.Whats a karen.Some really sick people in the world.
@JahlaniArtist If its the carribean sun one which i see ere where. Im goin brum @MYSTRY0121 Oi u know whats madd i was gonna say i bet ima have to fly up brum for suttin. 😂. @IllyTweets Supposedly its a beat home girl has a song on. But she coulda been doing it on a homage one. And droppe… @IllyTweets Hows that a shot? @IllyTweets To what track? @IllyTweets Yeah but it gives Steff room to make a back 2 back. Cause it werent enough. It werent a killshot. She c… @IllyTweets Na she defo got busy. But not busy busy busy @IllyTweets @IllyTweets U disagree. So whos r top mainstream female rapper(s)What happenef to money and violence. That show was going places den shit just stopped. @IllyTweets If u comin at the queen u better not miss. Lol. I dont consider steff an Elite female lyricist however… aint feeling this alpro coconut milk. @IllyTweets She woulda sat ALOT better on a slower rap beat.Showing compassion to these sinister guys is wild. Sometimes they gotta get whats coming to them. U reap what u sowIs there still a seamoss drought? All da plug dem garn.The easiest thing to do is be negative - Swizz Beatz
Pink skyWoke up thinking about this part. Unbelievable
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEJust did a 5 hr bike ride. I defo need one of them cheatcode bikes now. wounded. @KingRicoFM Mad man.Last nights shellings was EPIC. Big up Bounty and Beenie. 🇯🇲 Stand Up.
@IllyTweets sarcasm luv @GaryLineker Hasnt been forever for the guys at the topTruth is clearly no longer important.
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEAlot of these peeps in high positions aint no where as smart as we think or give em credit. We just been rockef to… that joe biden charlamagne interview is sooo funny to take in. Bidens defo a racist man lol. He tried to stronga… @marvinjay Its hard to sleep.Sum badass aunties sliding on my IG timeline. These american only fans pages r out of control. U know blatantly the… kreme got that smell signal turnt up up up. Thinkin they slick.
If u know this cat u was a lil shit. Biden gives off deceitful vibes. He defo the type to remind u helped u out 1 time. @SheikhShaq @1iMediaGroup @quarantiain I don't know😂😂 it's like Coming to America, he's a prince with everything bu…
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEMy Debut Album ‘No Favours’ is OUT NOW!!! 😁 Stream like share and buy here: 🙌🏾👊🏾
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEMaybe im bugging but why have I just learnt from Vybz Kartel that Mary was 14.
2020 Punisher @IllyTweets Maybe the psychology behind it. But more time its the female requesting from what ive heard ,so 🤷🏾‍♂️ @IllyTweets Lol na its not a dominace ting. Its jus sum love 💓 connectivity freak shit in da moment. But again can depend.Failed on PPE. Failed on Testing. Failed on Care Homes. Failed on airport checks. Failed with 'herd immunity' st…
Gotta be H-Town vs Jodeci @djlogansama gyal jus got decades of mixup embedded in there face. U can spot it a mile off😆. Usually the approach is OVERLY nice. @IllyTweets If u asking. Na its closedIts too hot. Im shavingIve only jus clocked it’s Wednesday. Fuck timeTeachin a big person to ride a bike. Ima need a straight suttin on the rocks right after. really wanna know how much the JBP got for their Spotify deal. If they aint make atleast 7 figures each that 100m… a watford player and two staff have tested positive. Do we really need the season to resume. Jus leave it. @premierleagueWe don’t ask for much.... 😂
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEThe price of music is going down & the price of podcast is going up. I support it if the podcast is spilling knowledge.
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITETwitters the decoy @IllyTweets @Karneasy Whats really a wack beat ? U looking sumin to Harlem shake too or what. Its jus internet verbiage that na… @IllyTweets @IllyTweets U doing magic now i see.I need some summer mixes. Send me some dope mix links. Real vibes only please @TurkishLDN Tamam @TurkishLDN Whats tamam g?There’s a lot of good that’s come out of 2020 despite the circumstances !
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEIf ur take on Nas is he picks wack beats. We cant have a music conversation. And ur a internet clown. Good morning.Gan shop for some Sujuk.
@1iMediaGroup substances like these, when on em, remove things like ego, self doubt, worries, want etc - so yes i w…
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITESum of these yung brothers r trying extremely hard to appear road/street. Just be true to yourself. U aint gotta ov… man who does more then he is paid will soon be paid for more then he does
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEI defo agree with said substance allowing u to be a truer version of yourself especially after the high has gone. T… IS MELLOS DAY. @Se7venth 😆Allways look on the bright side of life 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙Kartel said “stop unna behaviour”
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEWe just some animals.
Would you agree a trip on Ecstasy/MDMA is a TRUER version of yourself?
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEHAPPY BDAY @MYSTRY0121 THE WORLDS MOST DANGEROUS DJ.Lock in at 10pm. A good brother is streaming for 24 hours to raise awareness for mental health/men's suicide, esp… @IllyTweets This Guy is Legendary wid it 😂😂😂😂😂
@MalikMrMR @quarantiain How u love Burger King like this and both ur parents are chefs. U crazy maaanLudacris’ Internet vs Nelly’s.
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEWest Londons therapeutic for me.Everytime my bro puts food up on his whatsapp status drum roll ...... prawns. I swear man thing der supreme level i… new no jumper interview wid them Treway bruddas is a good interview. Dude kept it seemingly real and honest.I feel like these Big Charitys pocket 99.999999% of the funds raised to help these poverty stricken countries. @IllyTweets Na let him speak up lol. 🍿STEWED @1iMediaGroup He comes off very snobby normally bit like dart adams.. both my generation but love that high horse like a hip hop overseer.
Retweeted by GODS FAVOURITEWho from the states would be a good match up for THE LANDLORD? @LillzTrackLife 🤣🤣🤣Na why Luda do Nelly like that wid the babyface expression 😂😆. U really cant turn up too much cause u just start mo… @Reezyduzit247 Think he got himself inna mix up last night. His views r funny tho. He jus luh di attention really.… snips brudda.Certain man were too gangsta for Nelly music.Listen Snow Budden-