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Danny’d be wise to let this topic die. Be thankful people still care and give them reason to be positive. @Austin_Vols But it was entirely on-brand. He never hired well as a head coach, clearly lost touch with the sport… @davidubben Energy vampires? @Vol_Football Delay of game, Tennessee. Not a great start for the Josh Heupel offense. @nickmeals @8thMaxim You will embrace this hire. You will believe the Heup.When it’s last call on your coaching search, and they flash the lights, this is the 2 staring at you from the end o… for some gambling advice @GRITknox. Should I take the +225 on Coach Heupel breaking the ice with “I realiz… @8thMaxim How long into press conference before Heupel talks about how great Tennessee was back in his playing days… @nickmeals @TheVOLColonel Tennessee’s actual hire in 2025: Tippy McFlanderson, DC, UTEP. @nickmeals @TheVOLColonel Tennessee’s top 3 candidates for 2025: Jamey Chadwell Jerod Mayo Lane Kiffin @vo_ldemort He’s already under contract, 450k for 2 years if I’m not mistaken. Would expect him to be a position c… @nickmeals @ASmithVol Seemed like after Franklin it was all about risk mitigation, and Dr. Danny viewed Heupel as s… @ASmithVol “integri-T” @ASmithVol I don’t know if it’s really any more attractive a job in that scenario, or if the commitment to landing… @LostAccount41 @jabaridavis_VFL Back on a 12 game schedule, he ought to get 3 or 4 non-con wins. He should be abl… @ReedCarringer Cant credit Barry Odom with those stats. I’ll take any sunshine you’ve got, keep it coming. @jabaridavis_VFL This seems like the kind of guy who ought to be able to get this program back to consistently fini… @Brett_McMurphy TBS airing it?Y’all gotta stop tweeting all that shit talk at coach Heupel. None of this is his fault, and you can’t blame the g… @clemsontgr18 @PeteThamel @YahooSports That said, when you’re down 3 scores in the 4th quarter, you don’t punt. @Austin_Vols That number is about to skyrocket for Joshua. @clemsontgr18 @PeteThamel @YahooSports Its probably a C, given the circumstances. It’s effectively a punt.Guys we just hired the sitting head football coach from a program that has undisputed, undefeated national champion… @gentry_matt Franklin seemed to be the goal, but Heupel was always the fallback. @CoachHite22 @8thMaxim There’s no commitment to getting it back. They’d like to, I’m sure, but they’re not losing… @B_Ken63 @VOLbreaker @VolRumorMill I’m guessing he retains Steele, and that probably adds Garner. That would at least be a… @TheCoonskinCap He’ll double that number before the end of September. @8thMaxim The Heup is real! @VolRumorMill “Believe the Heup” is the new “Butch, Please” @PeteThamel @YahooSports This is the kind of hire that would have crushed me back when I had a soul and felt human emotions. @VolRumorMill welp... @zachTNT In fairness, that may have been the head coach’s decision. @VolRumorMill Our fanbase is the innocent man in the electric chair. Just flip the switch already and put us out of this misery. @Agee_Vols_82 @TonyBasilio @Vol_Football Because we keep getting it wrong. And appears we’ve done it again. @TonyBasilio @Vol_Football It’s almost like we have no choice but to lay up for 4 years, hope to clean up the NCAA… High school gym teacher arrested for texting nude photographs to students. cannot expect a Top 10 program, charge Top 10 prices & demand Top 10 loyalty, by hiring Top 100 coaches - and t…
Retweeted by Not Worth Following @Charlie_Burris @JustinG198 @Brad_Shepard And that, inevitably, is where Kevin Steele comes in.If the UCF job has him looking this broken, imagine what he’ll look like year 3 in Knoxville. @P_Fortenberry_ Why would any self-assured grown man give a damn what @asscrack1976 has to say about him on Twitter?Yves really hit his head on the backboard on this block. The bounce is so different. @Airpons (via @SECNetwork)
Retweeted by Not Worth FollowingImagine paying $100k to a search firm to hire a guy who already works for you. @TonyBasilio @Vol_Football Gonna be tough to watch Tennessee hire Huepel, only for UCF to turn around and replace h… @Jon__Reed UCF will hire Chadwell. @daydayvol Same, though we’d probably end up being stuck with Steele for 3 years, rather than an interim 1. I don’… tracking all these flights round the clock, only to hire Kevin Steele sleeping at his desk 50 feet down the hallway.
@Vol_Hoops Tennessee by fiddy @ZehDuck Hope they Barrett a bone. @AdamSchefter Have Tennessee Volunteers reached out, Adam? I’ll hang up and listen.This’ll teach ‘em to take you seriously. @SFY @BuckyBrooks Guy gets paid for that. Good for him. @roop_jason @VolsScotchGolf Moby-Dykes @zachTNT Looks promising. A lot of great coaches between Knoxville and the Pacific Ocean.If we hire Tony Elliot, he’d be a wise to send a fruit basket to Sonny Dykes. No one could have boosted Elliot’s a… @Jack_RG22 @Austin_Vols This looks fake. You can give a contact any name you want in your phone. Email address od… @magnumCJ This looks like a picture of the meat department manager at Food Lion. @lambo_raby10 I’m guessing that’s the only purpose for floating his name. While we can’t all agree on any one cand… @davidubben @TheAthleticCFB Devastating loss for Knoxville-area restaurants.
@ray_uga Massive news, and not at all surprising that you’re the first to break it Ray. Excellent work, as per usual. @VOLNUGS Uh, the lizard people were here long before we were... @Austin_Vols Parker Executive Search office is in Atlanta, if I’m not mistaken, so he may be meeting with them, or… @mtstevens55 @rivalsmike I’d rank it 6 in the SEC, but could see it as high as 5, or as low as 7. @rivalsmike Fiction. Probably in the 15 range.Hol’ up - the Super Bowl is in Tampa? So Tom Brady really just picked the Bucs solely because he didn’t feel like… @William24315262 @Lane_Kiffin @OleMissFB Sarcasm not your thing, huh. @jackson_vol He’d be a great hire. @BarstoolBigCat I’ll never forgive you for making me watch that. Never. @Newsweek God forbid. @A_kamara6 @Lane_Kiffin @OleMissFB Cleverly selected quote about advancement and good things coming to you. Congrats on accep… @AgentNicoleLynn Stealing this for any future bad first dates. @BradenGall @zachTNT Way too big a job for him, with way too many non-football related pitfalls, distractions, and dysfunctions. @BradenGall @zachTNT Probably right. Hiring a guy who just went 2-4 in CUSA would be entirely on brand. @vflgbo68 @briancrice @Charlie_Burris He should be the very worst case scenario for this search (and I like him).… @AllisonLHedges Credit where it’s due, CNN’s coverage has not shifted. Still as hard-hitting and critical of the Oval as ever.Big round of applause for Derek Dooley, Butch Jones, and Jeremy Pruitt keeping this legendary NFL factory humming i… @kekeysl @jobaee Gentlemen, let’s wait to see if she rules out 2-9. @briancrice @Charlie_Burris Dont know if we’ll love the hire, but gotta respect the confidentiality of White’s process. @zachTNT Welcome to Rocky Top, Coach Brady. @johncardillo Congrats to Gov Newsom and his team for vanquishing the virus. And big assist from President Biden. Made it look easy.So that took an unexpected turn... @MarkNagi For real. They said his name during the broadcast, and I legit thought to myself “wait...wasn’t he at UCLA with Cade McNown?” @Lane_Kiffin @OleMissFB Oh, I get it...diversion tactic. I read ya loud and clear. #GBO
@VolRumorMill *published author and world-renowned poetWe’re about to have one helluva 4th Quarter in Lambeau. #TBvsGB @nickmeals Insane how quickly it can get away in a span of 3 or 4 plays, and not a thing Rodgers can do about any of it. @Ran4UT That last 8 seconds from Green Bay felt painfully familiar to some closing moments in the Lyle Jones era.I’m not convinced Brady can’t play to 50. #TBvsGB @ClayTravis Have wondered if Fox is piping in noise. @clemsontgr18 Yet, some in academia will still dispute the overall value that athletics plays in the health and well-being of a university. @JustinG198 @MarcWYFFNews4 @pizzamon1 Yep - Butch Jones hadnt proven anything except that he could inherit and slow… @zachTNT Whole family sick of our shit already and went home. @barstoolsports @roughnrowdy Has this guy ever been in a real fight? @IWrestleMemes Rock v Brock @rivalsmike Tony get a raise yet this off-season? @MillerOfMemphis Yeah, odd way to acknowledge a guy’s death. Just came across as bitter. @MillerOfMemphis Which one? @SCompton72 Correct. Cant hire a coach from Cincinnati. Thems the rules. @Austin_Vols Fleck is paying the price for Butch Jones’ crimes. It’s not his fault necessarily, but we already had…