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"Who am I....Who are you?...What other questions are there, really?" Art Director/Conceptual Artist.

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Paul Rudd being way too into "THE BLUE JEAN COMMITTEE" (SNL) is my favourite thing today. @VigMusic @dotscotregistry thanks Jesse! @gabymargall @sarahlow701 thanks Gabriela! no spoilers! 🙂 @ZuffeebokSucks @dotscotregistry Thank you!!!!!!!!! @GabrielCutrer @dotscotregistry Thank you!!!
@enragedvirgin @dotscotregistry Thank you!!!I am genuinely excited about the @NASA moon/water news, it's pretty cool and looking forward to updates, but I've a… @NorthernMapMan @dotscotregistry thanks Evan! @x_sunil thanks! @zlessly @sarahlow701 agreed, he has a lot of soul. @Nordryd @StAndrewToronto @HistoryVikings @ScotGovCanada @Scotland thank you Jacob!Tonight at 9pm (EDT) I will be joining the one and only @sarahlow701 and her twitch stream @UDrew1589 @dotscotregistry thank you! @redrumelm thanks Chloë! I miss Scotland very much! @brendan_fyfe @StAndrewToronto @HistoryVikings @ScotGovCanada @Scotland haha cheers Brendan! @ImperialMince @dotscotregistry thanks Gareth! @tat2kid714 @dotscotregistry thank you! @ScotGovCanada @StAndrewToronto @HistoryVikings @Scotland thanks so much! @dotscotregistry thank you!
@briannazigs adorable.
@KidTenjin of those real life moments that look like a painting, and I always feel the need to take a photo. @robinozard ☺️ @JeraWizard photo, taken 15 minutes ago. :)CLOUD CITY. Friday morning October 23rd, 2020. wish every time T@#$#@P opened his fucking mouth, it was replaced with Stephen Hawking talking about the beauty of the universe.
@ShoelessDave I'll get back to you! This is my third...Weekend movie viewing sorted out. @GordonGramsci yes.You see what happens when you find a Stranger in the Alps. @ChrisMcNally68 @QuickTake Maybe if it had wheels and I could drive it on the highway and game at the same time. That would be a deal.Just wish it was The Crimes of The Griswolds. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018). two word review "boring. pretty."
Somewhat cautiously excited about Nasa's 'exciting new discovery' about the Moon. Castle's Roman pool. Designed by architect Julia Morgan. @smegandtheheads yes.This moment in cinema history is so badass. I must have seen 3 seconds of this footage when I was young and locked… character animation is subtle and amazing in Whisper of the Heart (1995), but the background paintings of littl…
@MattMinerXVX @ChuckWendig Hey its Gary Oldman in Silence of the Lambs. @mallort1 also halloween mask. my spray-on skeleton costume for Halloween.
how it started/how its going @rob__mccallum @rob__mccallum yeah..the logic escapes me @alexbruns negatory.Is that Mike Love?
2020 on the voice cast, some of Lego Ninjago's characters sound like they once worked for Abercrombie & Fitch my second argument with my Dad about the same subject. He said Roy Orbison didn't sing on The Travelling Wilbur…
@SagnikLikesSF nah too many story is grounded in REALITY! @mistercecil @JFR3172 not sure....wouldn't be surprised if it says "INDISTINCT CHATTERING"Above "THE HUNGRY BUG" new Dorohedoro (2020) rough animated shorts on Netflix. #waitingforseason2 @gabymargall my favourite!"Salle ala Nabi. Wa heyla. Heyla. Salle ala Nabi. Ya m'ouwwe. Salle ala Nabi. Heyla. Heyla. Salle ala Nabi. Ya m'o… crossed his face as the two men burst through the doors in pursuit.As I ran, the band’s music shifted sickly behind me in Doppler Effect. I had always thought the lyrics were “so bri…“No! They’re real – there’s something wrong with these men!” The crowd laughed at me. I backed away just as the ban… old man shouted well, the table beside us has a werewolf and a ghost, but maybe these men at YOUR table can tak…“These men have tails! There’s something wrong with them!” I cried. The crowd looked at me with expectant smiles. I… you will do us the courtesy of returning our property. Here and now.” The men got up from their chairs. The…“We’ve watched you from afar, sir. You’ve cost us great expense having to follow you down here. So far from home. S… table was occupied. The reserved sign was gone. Two men in long black coats, too warm for the climate, sat with… an excerpt - TRANSIT by Jim Maxwell - (setting tropical island during Halloween, protagonist is on vacation, a…
@gabymargall I'll need a place to put it!I only recently learned about Reptilian conspiracy theory, and 5 years ago I wrote a short story about 'lizard peop… @LostNTechnicolr Javier Bardem's pretty great...and I'm not a fan of vfx overuse, but I love the treatment added to his characterI'm beginning to really like these movies. They're such a relief from stupid 2020 bullshit. favourite this week. Lutsko...with another soothing song!
Scientists finally admit Hadron Collider just abandoned Soviet car factory. @JohnWil58834501 that's what I said - fan fiction!!!Hadron Collider fan-fiction is so boring. @alexdm421 @punnathon in non-covid days YES! Can't wait to go back!North door of St. Edward’s Church, Stow on the Wold, Gloucestershire, England (photo credit: @punnathon Punnathon K… @ChrisMcNally68 Thanks Dad!
@joneal3480 nah photoshop's fine...I like pen and ink and conte too @jcoxwriter thanks James.Quick messy out-the-window sketch #PortfolioDay
@ChrisMcNally68 indeed. @HPA_StoicReaper Thanks. Love them. Hope we all get to see "How Do You Live?" Miyazaki/Hisashi some time in 2021.The english-cast voice for Jiji the cat in Kiki's Delivery Service (1989) sounds suspiciously like Troy McClure/Lio… long little Nokia. You did good. #goodbyeforeverflipphone @JanfransZuidema Most the trees by the river are over a hundred years old..mostly natural I imagine...Etienne Brulé Park, Toronto. @JRwasHere um....they look good...I like big ships...Stellan Skarsgård is my favourite character and the most visually interesting in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie… @AlexHassel87 all good thanks! Hope you're well too! @oconnor353 Thanks Ciarán ! I'll make it for you and Erin when I'm back in B.C. !!! @brandyesteele Those are amazing!!!!! @AlexHassel87 I can't even remember....but yes...I know I commented that one made specifically me feel like I had t…
Shrimp pasta with kalamata olives, and La Crema Chardonnay. #sundaynightdinner
"We didn't start the fire" by Billy Joel is discount "It's the End of the World as We Know It" (And I Feel Fine) by REM.Bowie's live performance of "Oh you Pretty Things" was filmed at BBC studios for the OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST in 1972.…
@GyaragaX I guess would have to have been in the works for a long time, so it's all pretty thrilling... @rob__mccallum ALL ON ONE FRAME!CG Joe Biden sounds fucking amazing. @rob__mccallum was thinking you would have lived close to the Duntiglennan, but then saw its about an hour's walk!